The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 451-460

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 451

The fierce nurse was counting on Steven to back her up. For that reason, she was not afraid of the director. Hence, the director lost his temper and gestured angrily with his hands. “From now on, you’re fired!”

Taken aback for a moment, the fierce nurse hurriedly glanced at Steven.

Steven coldly said, “Sir, Miss Evans was simply saying a few words against the injustice she faced. What right do you have to dismiss her for that? As the director of the hospital, not only did you not protect the medical staff working for your hospital, but you also work together with outsiders to harass us! Do you think that you’re doing your job competently?”

The director decided to stop arguing with them. Therefore, he simply waved his hand dismissively and said, “Enough, forget it. Go ahead and do whatever you want! From now on, both of you are no longer part of my hospital’s medical staff! As the director, I still have the power to decide on this!” This was a private hospital, so the director had the authority to dismiss anybody.

In response, Steven sneered, “Dismiss me? Do you think I want to be here? If it wasn’t because my father asked me to train myself for a period, I would have left a long time ago! Working in this lousy hospital of yours is my greatest humiliation!

Since you have dismissed me, I no longer need to come here. So, that works out for me. However, if my father questions you about it, you will have to explain this to him yourself!”

The director waved his hand weakly. “No worries; there’s no need to explain this. Starting right now, you are no longer affiliated to this hospital.”

Then, the fierce nurse panicked. “Young Master Steven, w-what do I do…” As Steven had various connections, as well as the backing of his family, he was not afraid of losing his job. On the contrary, it would be a great loss for her if she lost her job.

Steven smiled coldly. “It’s fine! So what if this place doesn’t want me? Others will! Miss Evans, I will see to it that you suffer no losses on account of how much help you’ve given me. Why don’t you come with me tomorrow? We’ll work at another hospital. I guarantee you that it will be better than here!”

All of a sudden, the fierce nurse brightened up. “Okay! Young Master Steven, I feel so reassured with you around.” After that, she turned toward Crystal and cursed, “You little slut! Do you think I’ll be afraid of you just because you hooked up with the director? I’m warning you: it doesn’t matter how many people you seduce. Today, I’m going to rip that little mouth of yours to shreds!”

While the fierce nurse was yelling, she tried to attack Crystal. However, she was caught by the security guards and forced to the ground where she was held securely.

When Steven saw that, he immediately roared in anger, “What are you doing?! What is this?! Do you think I can’t do anything to you?! I’m warning you: this is a private affair between Matthew and me! All of you, get lost! Otherwise, I won’t let you off!”

At this point, the director couldn’t stand it anymore. Furious, he yelled, “Steven, shut up right now! Do you know who this is?!”

Steven yelled back, “I don’t need to know who he is! How dare he hit me? Nothing can save his hide!”

Then, the director snapped, “This is Ted Harrison. And that man standing there is Eastcliff’s renowned genius doctor—Joseph Harrison! Even your father was nothing more than somebody who used to work for Mr. Harrison in the past!

Your father once wished to become an apprentice under Joseph Harrison, but he didn’t even qualify for that! Who do you think you are to be acting so arrogantly in front of Ted Harrison and Joseph Harrison?!”

Upon hearing those words, Steven froze in shock as he widened his eyes to stare at the people standing before him. Be it Ted Harrison or Joseph Harrison, he had heard of them before—his father had mentioned them to him countless times before. To summarize it, his father could only enjoy the status he had today because he used to work under Ted.

Moreover, the reason why his family could flourish was that they had ties to the Harrison Family. Other people might not understand the true power held by the Harrison Family, but he knew best. Even if his family’s influence was increased by a hundredfold, it would still be incomparable to that of the Harrison Family!

Are you saying that this man standing in front of me, that I have been pointing fingers at and yelling at, is Ted Harrison?! With a loud thump, he slumped to the ground. He finally understood why the director had kept trying to stop him. Unfortunately, it was all too late now!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 452

Steven slumped to the ground, shuddering uncontrollably and unable to say a single word. Similarly, the fierce nurse was frozen in shock too. As somebody working in the medical industry, who had not heard of Joseph Harrison before? Thus, she stuttered softly, “W-We were not trying to cause trouble for Mr. Joseph Harrison… W-We were looking for Matthew, as well as that wench, Crystal—”

Then, the director angrily snapped, “Crystal Harrison is the daughter of Ted Harrison and the granddaughter of Joseph Harrison!”

With those words, the fierce nurse slumped to the ground too. I kept pointing and cursing at Crystal just now. What is going to happen to me now?

After a while, Steven forced himself to his feet. Staggering to his feet with the help of a nearby table, he said in a trembling voice, “M-Mr. Ted, I didn’t know Crystal was your daughter… I-If I have offended you in any way, I-I would like to sincerely apologize to both you and Crystal. Crystal, I’m very sorry.

I-I just like you far too much. T-That’s why I did something like that… Please give me another chance. P-Please, forgive me this once. I-I won’t dare to do this again…”

However, Crystal simply turned her head to the side, refusing to spare him a single glance. Throughout my life, many have tried to woo me. But, it’s my first time meeting people like Tristan and Steven. Tristan was over-confident, arrogant, and conceited, thinking that being with him was a step up the social ladder.

On the other hand, Steven is despicable and shameless. How dare he go so far as to kick an innocent patient out of the hospital just to force me to get together with him? How can I possibly forgive somebody like that?!

At the same time, Ted glanced at him and said coldly, “As a doctor, it is our duty to help those in need of medical care. It is not wrong of you to try and woo Crystal because of your feelings for her. However, you went so far as to deprive an innocent patient of a hospital bed in your attempt to court her. Moreover, you blatantly ignored the injured patient and failed to treat his wounds. As a doctor, that is something I cannot forgive!”

Steven tremblingly replied, “Mr. Ted, I have reflected on my mistakes. I won’t dare to do that again… Please, forgive me this once. Please, forgive me on account of my father…”

Ted waved his hand dismissively. “Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior. Therefore, your father is also at fault for failing to discipline you well. Perhaps your father has been getting ahead of himself in recent years due to his high position and has grown arrogant as a result. So, I’ve decided to let him start over from the beginning. It will also allow him to get to know himself again.”

With that, Steven completely went limp and sat blankly on the ground. In Eastcliff, a single word from Ted could determine the life or death of his father. In other words, his family was going to lose everything they had from now on, and his father was also going to lose his current position. All of that was what he had always taken pride in.

Yet, his actions had ultimately led to the downfall of his family, causing them to lose everything they had. He truly regretted his actions now, but it was too late for regrets. Besides, when he first arrived at this hospital, he had used similar methods to force other girls to submit to him too. Now, he was finally paying the price for everything he did so far.

As for that fierce nurse, she was sent to the police station. Based on the hospital’s surveillance cameras, they discovered that she was the one that pushed Mr. John to the ground. Therefore, she had no way of weaseling her way out of taking the blame.

In the end, not only did she lose her job, but she was also going to be locked up for a while. Most importantly, Steven could no longer help her secure another job anymore. Hence, she was now unemployed with no prospects.

Even if she were to remain in Eastcliff after this incident, she would never be able to find another suitable job—this was the price she had to pay for what she had done.

However, nobody sympathized with that fierce nurse. After all, she had been one of Steven’s cronies. She had harassed and picked on many people in the hospital. For that reason, everybody was already upset with her but simply did not dare to voice out their dissatisfactions.

Rather, they cheered at the fact that she was kicked out of the hospital. Meanwhile, the gazes that were directed at Matthew were even more envious than before—why did Crystal, the very example of a rich and beautiful woman, choose to work at Matthew’s department?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 453

Ted and Joseph left after everything was settled, and the director dispersed the crowd.

Naturally, this incident had a huge impact on the hospital. Now that everybody knew Crystal’s identity, there were even more people attracted to her. Her astonishing beauty was one thing, but her identity was even more attractive than that.

Whoever married her would never need to work hard for the rest of their lives! After all, even the director of the hospital had to bow his head to her!

Hence, many young men were constantly heading toward the Department of Chinese Medicine during working hours, intentionally or not, in hopes of being noticed by Crystal. Unfortunately, she did not even spare them a single glance. On the other hand, Matthew was the constant target of jealous stares ever since the incident. Thus, he was feeling rather exasperated by it.

When the workday finally ended, Matthew gathered up his stuff to leave. The moment he walked into the hospital yard, he saw Crystal waiting by the side of the Maserati she drove.

She was gorgeous, blessed with a beautiful figure, and drove a luxury car to boot. Therefore, she attracted the attention of countless people. Moreover, a group of guys fantasized about how great it would be if they had such a beautiful woman waiting for them. They were even willing to reduce their lifespans by ten years if they could marry her!

Crystal’s eyes brightened when she saw Matthew. Then, she immediately called out to him, “Matthew! I’ll give you a ride home!”

Upon hearing those words, everybody was taken aback. Crystal was aiming for Matthew all along? That thought left everybody feeling bitter. Why? Putting aside the fact that Matthew had married a stunning beauty like Sasha Cunningham, even Crystal is being so partial to him. Who can accept that?!

“That little boy toy sure is good at seducing women! I seriously don’t understand what these women see in him! He is nothing more than a janitor that was cleaning the toilets! So, why are Sasha and Crystal so attracted to him?” a male doctor said bitterly.

At the moment, another male doctor beside him smilingly said, “You won’t understand it. He is a professional in his field! Some people are just experts at sucking up to women. Of course, you won’t be able to compete with him! It’s his specialty to mooch off women!”

Thus, they roared with laughter.

Then, the first male doctor curled his lips and said, “What bullsh*t! That sort of man is nothing but trash! In my opinion, he must have deceived Miss Harrison somehow. She probably doesn’t know that he is married. That’s why she was deceived. We should let her know, lest she gets deceived by him!”

The group of male doctors nodded fervently. They, too, felt that Crystal must have been deceived by Matthew.

Meanwhile, Matthew glanced sideways at Crystal and replied coldly, “No, thanks.”

Crystal looked slightly embarrassed. “Matthew, today was my first day at work. Thank you very much for taking care of me. For that reason, I would like to treat you to a meal. Also, I want to thank you for saving me last time while I’m at it.”

He waved his hand again. “That’s not necessary!”

After saying that, he ignored her, got onto his electric bike, and rode away.

Watching as his figure disappeared into the distance, she stomped her feet in anger. Still, there was nothing else she could do.

At that moment, one of the male doctors quietly approached her. “Hi, Miss Harrison.”

Glancing at him impatiently, she retorted, “What?”

The male doctor was taken aback by her response. Thus, he started to stutter, “I-I just want to let you know that Matthew is m-married… Besides, h-he is a live-in son-in-law. He mooches off his wife… So, he is not a good person. You must not be deceived by him…”

For a moment, Crystal looked annoyed. “That’s none of your business. I know he’s married, and I also know that his wife is Sasha Cunningham. But, so what? I like him. Those are my feelings. Married or not, I like him. Do you have a problem with that?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 454

After saying that, Crystal drove off in her Maserati.

The male doctor was left staring blankly where he stood. The words Crystal said had left him reeling in shock. To think that Crystal had bluntly claimed to like Matthew! Moreover, she also said she didn’t care if he is married! What’s going on? Are all women nowadays so straightforward?

Many people around them had heard the words she said too, and they felt their hearts bleeding in response. What kind of blessings did Matthew accumulate in his past life? First, it was a beautiful chairwoman. Then, it’s a rich daughter of a wealthy family. Why are they throwing themselves at him? They were extremely jealous of Matthew. At the same time, they thought to themselves, What a pity; have all the beautiful women gone blind? Why are they all attracted to Matthew?

Matthew rode his electric bike to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. When he arrived, Sasha was already waiting for him at the entrance. Smiling brightly, she said, “Leave your electric bike here. Let’s take the car and go out for dinner!”

Surprised, he asked, “Go out for dinner? What about the rest of the family? Mom and Dad are going to complain that I’m not cooking again….”

She smilingly replied, “Don’t worry. Mom and Dad have gone out. I think it’ll be two days before they return. Didn’t they say they wanted to open up a pharmacy? They went to hire some professionals from the province to help them watch the store.”

Upon hearing that, he felt elated too. It would be great if those two were not at home.

Driving the Maserati Quattroporte Tiger had given to Sasha, they went to the riverside for dinner. After that, they took a stroll by the river. As they were passing by the Lakeside Garden, Matthew noticed Sasha glancing upward. It was the best residential area in Eastcliff after all—anybody would long for a unit there.

Then, he smiled and said, “Sasha, why don’t we go inside and have a look?”

Instantly, she waved her hand dismissively. “Forget it. The property management at Lakeside Garden is very strict. The general public is not allowed to enter unless they were invited by one of the owners there—this place isn’t somewhere we can go. Besides, the Grand Garden where we live isn’t a bad place either.”

He smiled slightly. “It’s okay. If you want to go inside, I can bring you in at any time.”

Smiling, she playfully hit him. “I know you made some money recently. Is the money you’re making limitless now? Let me tell you now: you need to save up that money. In the future, it will be given to our children. So, don’t spend it recklessly. Do you understand?”

Upon hearing those words, he felt all warm and fuzzy inside. At first, he had wanted to bring her into Lakeside Garden. However, he suddenly remembered his sister, Natalie, who was still in a coma. Then, he decided to give up on his plans for now, lest Sasha blamed herself for the incident again. Once the black market at Woodside opens this month, I will go and purchase the pill furnace and cure my sister. It’s not too late to bring Sasha there after that.

After strolling for a while, they drove home. As soon as they arrived in the yard, they were stunned—there were tens of cars parked in the yard—the yard was so packed that their car could not even drive inside.

“W-Why are there so many cars?” Sasha asked in surprise.

Meanwhile, he looked at the villa inside and frowned deeply. The lights inside the villa were going on and off like flashing lights at a disco. Moreover, there were loud bursts of music booming from inside, similar to that of a concert.

By now, she had also noticed the situation within the house, and her expression changed. “Demi is at home. What are they doing?!”

Then, they walked up to the house. Just as they were about to open the door, it was pulled open from the inside suddenly. A drunk man, who smelt strongly of alcohol, appeared at the doorway. He pulled down his pants and was about to urinate outside. Sasha jumped in fright and immediately backed away. On the other hand, Matthew’s expression changed. Grabbing the man, he threw the guy into the bushes nearby.

Inside the house, it was complete chaos. There were more than ten people in the living room, and the cacophonous music blared deafeningly. It was a scene of feasting and revelry—it looked like a huge party was going on and it was chaotic. Putting aside the fact that the house was a filthy mess, the behavior of the men and women was even more unsightly!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 455

Looking at the situation inside the house, Sasha instantly lost her temper. She shouted, “What are you doing here?!”

However, nobody paid any attention to her, mainly because the music was so loud that it had drowned out her voice. Entering the house, Matthew swiftly pulled out the speaker cable.

In that instant, the house fell back into silence. The people who were partying away turned around blankly. Then, one of the men yelled, “What’s going on?! Why did the music stop?!”

Only then did Sasha walk into the house. Furious, she yelled, “Who the hell are you all? Who allowed you in?!”

When the group of people laid their eyes on her, their eyes brightened up. One of the men staggered over, saying, “Hey, beautiful! Come; have a drink!”

As he spoke, he reached out to wrap his arm around her waist. In response, she backed away hurriedly. Then, another man tried to take advantage of the situation to touch her front behind.

At that moment, Matthew rushed over and kicked the man behind her to the ground. Immediately after that, he lunged forward and slammed his right elbow heavily into the chest of the man in front of her. With that, the man was sent flying backward and landed on the tables and chairs behind him. As a result, the tables and chairs were smashed to pieces. Despite struggling for a bit, the man couldn’t get to his feet again.

Following that spectacle, everybody sobered up instantly. A sturdy man stood up suddenly and yelled angrily, “What are you doing? How dare you hit my friend? Are you asking for death?”

Matthew replied in a low voice, “That’s what I should be asking you. What are you doing here? Who allowed you to throw a party in my house?”

The sturdy man widened his eyes slightly. “Your house? Look around carefully! Is this your house? This is the house of my friend, Liam Hayes!”

Matthew and Sasha exchanged glances. It was clear to see now—these men must have been sent by Liam.

Thus, Sasha flew into a rage. “Who told you that this is Liam’s house?! This is my husband’s house! What does it have to do with Liam?! Get out of here immediately! You are not welcomed here!”

The crowd inside the house glanced around at each other. Meanwhile, the sturdy man furiously shouted, “Bullsh*t! This is clearly my friend’s house! My friend is the husband of Demi Cunningham, the daughter of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals’ owner who runs a chain of pharmacies! Moreover, my friend runs a construction company himself! His family is wealthy! Besides, they recently bought this house! It cost 50 million! Do you even know what 50 million looks like?! How dare you say that this house is yours?!”

Sasha nearly went mad with rage. What the hell has Liam been bragging about outside?! “My name is Sasha Cunningham! Demi Cunningham is my sister! Also, the chairman of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is me! Furthermore, the chain of pharmacies was established by my parents! As for the construction company, that belongs to my husband. Liam is simply in charge of overseeing it,” she shouted.

Silence fell across the room. All of a sudden, the sturdy man burst into laughter. “So you’re Sasha Cunningham—the one who raises a little boy toy? Liam has mentioned you before. Tsk, tsk. You sure are pretty. No wonder Liam always talks about you. Still, the little boy toy you’re keeping is nothing special. He’s nothing but a useless good-for-nothing who smooches off his wife. Why would you like someone like that?”

As laughter rang out through the crowd, one of the men yelled out, “Hey, pretty! Why don’t you support me instead? I’m much better than that husband of yours! Look at my muscles! I guarantee you’ll love them!”

The rest of the guys started jeering too, “Pick me! Pick me! I’ll definitely make you feel good!”

“You won’t have a future with him. Why don’t you keep me instead? I come from a background in business administration. I can help make your company go public!”

“Why would she want somebody in business administration? A strong, independent woman like her would prefer somebody handsome like me. Pretty little thing, what do you think of me?”

“Stand aside, all of you. I’m the most suitable one of all…”

Everybody was busy yelling. They completely ignored Matthew, who stood by the side. Thus, nobody noticed that the look in his eyes had gone utterly frigid.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 456
The group of guys scrambled over themselves to rush over to Sasha’s side. Not expecting them to react in this manner, Sasha was so frightened that she retreated backward, again and again.

Then, Matthew stepped forward and stood in front of her. In a low voice, he said, “That’s enough! Get lost right now! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rough!”

In response, those people became frightened. They had witnessed that sturdy man being beaten up after all. Exchanging glances all around, one of the men stood out as the leader, saying, “We’re talking to this beautiful woman here. What has that got to do with you?”

Matthew furiously replied, “I’m her husband! Are you saying I’m unrelated to this matter?”

Upon hearing that, they immediately burst into laughter. The leader said loudly, “Can a live-in son-in-law be considered as her husband? You’re nothing but a good-for-nothing mooching off her. As long as she finds somebody better, she’ll kick you to the curb. Take a good look in the mirror, you good-for-nothing! How dare you tell us to get lost?! D*mn it. I bet you we’ll kill you first!”

Matthew smiled derisively. “With your abilities? I’ll warn you once. Don’t make any reckless moves. Otherwise, I might kill you!”

These people immediately flew into a rage, and the leader roared, “You sure know how to f*cking brag! Get him!”

After that, the group of people rushed toward Matthew aggressively, and the one standing closest to Matthew kicked out at him.

Thus, Matthew did not hesitate to grab that man by the ankles and slammed his fist down on that man’s kneecap. Following that, a resounding crack rang out through the air—his leg was broken—and that man screamed in pain from where he lay on the ground. Hence, everybody was shocked by what had just happened. Who could have expected Matthew to attack so ruthlessly?

The leader yelled furiously, “You d*mn—”

Before he could finish speaking, Matthew stepped forward and grabbed him by the neck. Then, he lifted the man above his head. Everybody froze in shock at the sight. That man weighed over 80 kg! Even so, Matthew held him up effortlessly as if he were holding up a doll! What strength! For that reason, they didn’t dare to attack him anymore. If they really started fighting, none of them were his opponents!

A shriek sounded from upstairs. “Matthew, what are you doing?! Put my friend down immediately!”

Demi ran down the stairs in a rage.

Ignoring her, Matthew threw the man to the ground next to him. That man fell to the ground heavily and a trickle of blood flowed out of his mouth. Despite his struggles to get up, he couldn’t get up again.

Demi asked, “Are you alright? Were you hurt? Rest assured, I’ll make him pay for this!” After saying that, she stood up furiously, stepped forward, and slapped Matthew. “Who are you to hit my friend?!”

In response, Mathew countered, grabbed her by the shoulders, and threw her down on the sofa. Getting up from the sofa, she screamed like a crazed banshee, “How dare you hit me, Matthew?!”

Then, Sasha said in a cold voice, “That’s enough, Demi. If you had not made a move first, why would Matthew retaliate?”

Demi retorted furiously, “Why did I hit him in the first place?! My friend is a guest here! How can you treat a guest in this manner?! It’s bad enough you didn’t entertain our guests. How could you hit them?! Matthew, have you gone insane?! Don’t you know the principle of welcoming guests into your home?”

Instead, Sasha angrily replied, “Demi, you better explain this clearly. How can these people be considered guests? Putting aside the mess the house has been turned into, they were being vulgar and insulted me! Moreover, they tried to harass me! Matthew couldn’t bear to watch any longer, so he stopped them! What’s wrong with that?!”

Momentarily stunned, Demi immediately snapped, “Hmph; how could my friends possibly do something like that? Sasha, I know you’re protecting Mathew and deliberately twisting the truth around. However, there are so many people here! They can all be witnesses. Let me ask them who on earth was in the wrong?”

Everybody immediately started yelling, “It was that Larson guy who started hitting us! We didn’t even do anything! As soon as they came in, they tried to chase us out! Despite telling them that we were invited by you and Liam, they didn’t care and started getting violent with us!”

Demi sneered, “Well, Sasha, what else do you have to say? Did you think that you can turn everything on its head with your words alone? I’m telling you; it’s useless! So many people are watching and they can all testify! Matthew, explain yourself now!”

Sasha was completely incensed. It was blatant to see that Demi was forcibly turning the truth on its head. Besides, these people were all her friends. Would they be honest if she asked them to testify?!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 457

Sasha said angrily, “Demi, don’t you pull this trick on me. Asking them to testify… How could they possibly be honest?”

Liam leaned over and said in dissatisfaction, “Sasha, are you saying that my friends are all liars?”

Then, the crowd clamored suddenly, expressing their dissatisfaction toward her.

Demi yelled furiously, “Sasha, don’t think that just because you became the chairman of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, you’re better than everybody else. I’m telling you; one must always act with dignity. Matthew is in the wrong for hitting others!

If he apologizes to my friends right now, I’ll let this matter pass peacefully. Otherwise, I’m going to report this to the police. We’ll see how he ends up when that happens!”

At that moment, Sasha’s expression shifted in horror. Matthew had beaten somebody after all. If this matter were to be reported to the police, he would be in serious trouble. Thus, she hurriedly said, “Demi, y-you’re going overboard! He is your brother-in-law! How can you do something like that?!”

Meanwhile, Demi was delighted. She felt as if she had found Matthew’s weakness as she gloated, “Brother-in-law? Pfft. Who does he think he is to become my brother-in-law? He’s just a good-for-nothing mooching off his wife! I feel ashamed to know him!

Sasha, I gave him a chance to apologize on account of us being sisters. Otherwise, I’d make him face the music for his actions!”

Just then, the crowd began yelling, “Demi, call the police!”

“Look at the sturdy guy! He still can’t get up! He probably needs to be hospitalized.”

“He will go to jail if he’s convicted of battery and causing grievous bodily harm!”

“Report it! We have to report it to the police! People like him should die!”

Looking at Sasha smugly, Demi said, “Matt, it’s not like I didn’t give you a chance. I gave you a chance just now; if you had apologized to them, then this matter would have passed peacefully. But, you and your stupid pride would rather suffer miserably than apologize. Now that they’ve decided to report this matter to the police, you’re on your own. It has nothing to do with me anymore!”

Upon hearing those words, Sasha became anxious. If things got out of hand, Matthew would be in trouble. Thus, she nervously said, “Demi, Matthew didn’t act out on purpose. Those people were getting handsy with me just now, and he couldn’t bear watching them any longer. That’s why he stopped them. It’s just a trivial matter; is there a need to report this to the police?”

Waving dismissively, Demi replied, “Don’t waste your breath on that nonsense. He attacked somebody, and they want to report him to the police. Is there anything wrong with that? Also, you better watch what you say, Sasha. Which friend of mine was getting handsy with you? They are all gentlemen; how could they possibly do something like that? On the other hand, Matthew is such a savage! Uncivilized, uneducated, and quick to resort to violence. People like him would never learn their place unless they are properly taught a lesson!”

Then, Sasha became exasperated. “Your friends got all handsy with me! What the hell are you going on about?! Besides, Matthew is family! Not only that, but he also saved you last time! How can you do this to him?!”

Demi furiously said, “Don’t you dare bring up that matter again! If our parents didn’t stop me, I would never have let that matter slide! And now, he dares to hit my friends?! Do you think I’m a pushover?! Liam, don’t waste any more time on them. Call the police immediately!”

Liam immediately took out his phone to call the police. Meanwhile, Sasha was so anxious that she was spinning around in circles. However, she was unable to stop them.

At that moment, Matthew spoke up, “Sure! Go ahead and call the police then! As these people trespassed into our house, I didn’t know whether they were here to rob us. I attacked them because I thought they were robbers. So, it counts as legitimate self-defense.

On the other hand, these people came into the house to steal and even tried to attack the house owner… That already constitutes a robbery. I can hire the best lawyer in Eastcliff, and I promise you that every single person in this house will go to jail.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 458

With just a few words, everybody was completely taken aback. Then, they looked toward Demi and Liam in unison.

In response, Demi immediately retorted furiously, “Larson, you b*stard! Who do you think you’re trying to scare?! What do you mean by trespassing? Do you think this house belongs to you? This house belongs to my parents! What has that got to do with you?!

You’re nothing but a live-in son-in-law, living off my family. How dare you act as if this house belongs to you?! I’m telling you; you have no right to interfere in the matters of our home! Besides, these friends of mine came here upon my invitation! How does that count as trespassing?!”

The others began to laugh, and one of the girls mocked, “Wow; are all the leeches nowadays so shameless? After living off your wife for a bit, you’re trying to take over the place now?

You’re nothing but a live-in son-in-law! How dare you claim that this house is yours?! Demi, it looks like the live-in son-in-law your family took in is itching to be taught a lesson!”

She sneeringly replied, “Rest assured. This time around, I’m going to make him understand just who the real master of this house is!”

Upon hearing those words, the others roared with laughter as they glanced at Matthew condescendingly.

On the other hand, Matthew seemed rather calm. Glancing at Demi, he lightly said, “Do you want to know who owns this house? Fine, I’ll tell you! The names written on the title deed for this house are mine and Sasha’s. Strictly speaking, this house belongs to Sasha and me.

It has nothing to do with anybody else. Even Demi and Liam have no right to stay here. So, even Demi and Liam can be considered trespassers. As for the rest of you, whom I don’t even know, entering my house can be considered a robbery attempt.”

Upon hearing those words, Demi and Liam’s expressions changed drastically. The names written on the title deed of this house were indeed Matthew and Sasha. Thus, they had no right to this house at all, legally speaking. If they were called to account for their behavior, even their presence could be deemed illegal entry.

Therefore, Matthew would go scot-free if this matter were to be escalated. However, the same could not be said for the others—they would be in deep trouble instead.

After a moment of silence, Demi hurriedly forced a smile on her face and said “O-Oh, my. Matt, why would you need to do that? We’re family, aren’t we? Besides, these are my friends. We were simply holding a birthday party for my best friend. It’s her birthday today. Must you be such a party pooper on such a joyous occasion?”

Similarly, Liam hurriedly added, “Yeah, it’s just a simple misunderstanding. Matt, those brats often don’t watch what they say. In light of what you’ve taught them, I’m sure they’ll pay more attention to their behavior from now on.”

When everybody saw what was going on, they immediately understood that the owners of the house were Matthew and Sasha. Hence, they quietened down instantly.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, Sasha glanced at Matthew delightedly. She had not imagined that he would solve such a troublesome matter so easily.

Meanwhile, Matthew calmly said, “I’m sorry. We’re not that close to each other. If you refuse to leave, I can only choose to report this to the police. When that time comes, it’ll depend on your luck whether it’ll be considered robbery or burglary.”

Upon hearing those words, the crowd became unsettled. Then, Demi hurriedly came over to Sasha and whispered, “Sasha, please give me some face. So many of my friends are here right now, so don’t embarrass me too much, okay? Besides, we have such a lovely home. What’s wrong with bringing some friends over to visit?”

Sasha furiously retorted, “Give you face?! Who was it that was going to report Matthew to the police just now?! Now you want me to give you face?! Why should I?!”

Demi’s expression changed immediately when she heard those words. Incensed, she snarled, “Sasha Cunningham, do you think that I’m a pushover just because I spoke to you so nicely?!

I’m telling you; these people will be working with our pharmacy and the construction company in the future. If you chase them off, it will greatly impact our family business. I’m going to call our parents later, and I’ll see how you intend to explain this to them!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 459

Sasha was livid as she furiously said, “H-How insolent of you to complain to our parents about this! If our parents find out what a mess you made the house into, you’ll see how they will scold you for it!”

Demi smirked. “What a coincidence. It just so happened that I told them I was going to hold a party here tonight and they were very supportive. They told me that networking is very important in business. These are all connections for our future endeavors.

If you chase them out of the house, it will negatively impact our parents’ business. Hmph; you can’t be thinking of making our parents return home this instant to solve this matter, right Sasha?”

In response, Sasha was so mad that she couldn’t say anything. Right now, her parents were upset with Matthew. If this matter were to blow up, Matthew would be the one suffering the brunt of it. In the end, she had no choice but to back down.

Then, she glanced at Matthew helplessly. Sighing, Matthew calmly nodded at her. He did not want to put her in a difficult position. Thus, she gritted her teeth and said, “Fine! I’ll allow you to continue partying here tonight! But, it will not happen again!”

Feeling cocky, Demi replied, “Sasha Cunningham, your words hold no weight in this house! I’m telling you; once our parents return, I’ll have them change the names on the title deed of this house immediately, lest you keep reminding me that I’m staying in your house!

Let me tell you this again: this house belongs to the Cunninghams; it does not belong to the Larsons!” After saying that, she waved triumphantly. “Guys, let’s get this party rolling! Bring on the drinks! Bring on the music! Whoo-hoo!”

Everybody cheered, and the music started blasting again.

Meanwhile, Sasha was still so furious that she couldn’t speak. She decided to adopt the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude and went upstairs with Matthew as she was left with no other choice. However, when she arrived outside their bedroom, she found that the door was locked.

“What’s going on? I didn’t lock the door when I left!” she murmured to herself. Upon opening the door, they saw a man and a woman lying on the bed, half-naked. “W-What are you doing?!”

As those two rushed to get up, the man agitatedly said, “Hey, don’t you know how to knock before you enter? We agreed that it’s our turn to use this room! So, can’t you follow the rules of first come, first serve?!”

Sasha was beside herself with rage. This room belongs to Matthew and me! How could these people just barge into my room and perform such vulgar acts inside?! Thus, she roared in anger, “Get out of here right now!”

Then, the woman stuck her head out suddenly and yelled back, “Why are you yelling at us?! Is this your room! It’s not your turn!”

Sasha raged. “This is my room! I’m the owner of this room! What do you think?!”

Both the man and the woman seemed taken aback. After a moment, the woman murmured, “Seriously? But, Demi said we could use this room as we pleased just now! What’s going on?!”

Upon hearing those words, Sasha felt faint with anger. Turning around, she screamed in fury, “Demi Cunningham, come up here right now!”

Thus, Demi came running upstairs. “What’s going on? What do you want with me again?”

Pointing into the room, Sasha yelled, “Explain this! What the hell is going on?!”

Demi replied, “They are lovers looking for a place to talk. What’s wrong with that? Besides, your room is so big and quiet. It’s the perfect spot!”

In response, Sasha was so livid that she couldn’t say anything else. This is my favorite room! But now, the very sight of it disgusts me!

Finally, Matthew couldn’t help it anymore. “Is this called looking for a place to talk? If they wanted to talk, why didn’t they go to your room?

Demi Cunningham, even my patience has its limits! Get them out of my room immediately! Also, don’t let anybody inside again! Otherwise, I will cripple them all!”

Then, Demi replied, “Go on and try, Matthew! I’m warning you: if you dare to touch a single hair on their heads, I’ll call my parents right now!”

As a result, Matthew slammed his hands against the table and roared furiously, “Call them right now! Demi Cunningham, I dare you to make that call! Do it, and I’ll call the police immediately! Everybody in this house will go to jail! If you don’t believe me, try me!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 460

Demi never imagined that Matthew would be so angry. Thus, she panicked for a moment. She could use her parents to threaten him, but she had not realized that he had his limits too. There were some things he couldn’t care much for and could tolerate. However, he could never condone their behavior once they crossed the line!

Just as she was standing there with her mouth agape and at a loss for what to do, Liam came over. “Come on; we’re family! Why do you need to make such a fuss? It’s fine; it’s fine!

There are many rooms in the house. It’s the same even if they went to another room. Don’t get mad, Matt. I’ll ask them to go downstairs. Come on; let’s go. We’ll go to another room.”

Afterward, the couple left reluctantly.

Then, Demi angrily snapped, “There; we’ve returned your room to you! Why don’t you go inside? Petty little things; it’s just a room! It’s not like it’ll be broken! In all my life, I’ve never seen people as stingy as the two of you!”

Meanwhile, Sasha was livid. If you’re so generous, why don’t you loan your room out for these trysts?! Shutting the door behind her, she glanced at the messy bed and muttered angrily, “H-How are we going to sleep on that?! God knows how many people have slept on that bed. W-Who are these people?!”

Matthew replied gently, “It’s no big deal. We’ll get rid of this bed. I’ll ask Tiger to send a new bed over later.”

She said anxiously, “What? Matthew, it’s so late! You don’t need to trouble Tiger for this. Besides, this bed was rather expensive. I-If we just threw it away, w-won’t it be such a waste…”

He said, “Sasha, this is the place you sleep on. I won’t allow anybody to dirty it. Don’t worry; Tiger doesn’t go to bed so early. Rather, he’s the most energetic at night.”

After listening to his words, she felt a warm and fuzzy feeling in her heart. No matter what other people said, he truly loved her and spoiled her very much. “Let’s not trouble Tiger after all.

Why don’t we make do on the sofa for tonight? We’ll go and pick out a nice bed tomorrow. Besides, where would he get a bed this late at night?”

Smiling, he said, “Don’t worry. Tiger will find a way to deal with something like that.”

After saying that, he immediately sent a message to Tiger. As expected, Tiger replied instantly, ‘No problem! I’ll have it delivered in half an hour!’

Glancing at the message, Sasha felt astonished. “Half an hour? Where is he going to find a bed? He can’t be planning to send his own bed over, right?”

Matthew shook his head in response. “Rest assured. Tiger might look a little burly and rough, but there are no problems with the way he works!”

On the other side, Demi was furiously saying, “Honey, has Matthew gone mad? How could he yell at me over something as trivial as that? I was so tempted to fight him just now! Who does he think he is?! How dare he speak to me in that manner?!”

Liam smiled. “That’s enough, Demi. What’s the point of arguing with him? The title deed is in his name. Of course, he’ll try to lord over us! Once your parents return and change the names on the title deed, he won’t be able to act so arrogantly anymore!”

She gritted her teeth and said, “We need to change the names on the title deed. Otherwise, I won’t be able to get over my anger! Who does he think he is?! He’s just a good-for-nothing that lives off my family! How dare he yell at me?!”

Glancing at Demi, he whispered, “Demi, why don’t I help you get your revenge on him?”

In response, she looked surprised. “How will we get revenge on him? Gather some people to beat him up? That won’t work, right? Besides, that Tiger guy seems to be on quite good terms with him…”

Liam smiled. “Don’t worry; there won’t be a need to fight him. I’ll gather up some of my friends later and go upstairs to toast him with a few drinks. That small fry doesn’t drink.

So, you just need to persuade him to drink some later. Hmph; we’ll teach him a lesson once he’s drunk. Won’t that work out well?”

Demi’s eyes lit up in response and she nodded immediately. “That’s a great idea! Let’s do that then! Once he’s drunk, I’ll punch him until he’s swollen in the face!”

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