The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 471-480

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 471

Demi also had a fierce look on her face as she seethed, “Okay. Since Matt insists, let’s drink to our heart’s content tonight. Gather around. Cheers to Matt!”

In high spirits, everyone started to surround him. After getting reprimanded by Tiger, they were all feeling disgruntled and wanted to vent their anger through this.

Matthew smiled. “I drank my portion earlier. It should be that fellow’s turn now. We’ll continue once you’re done with yours!”

That man was looking grim. Matthew might have finished 2 liters at once, but he could not do that.

“Matthew, I… I really can’t drink that,” he stuttered.

Pointing at the man, Tiger fumed, “D*mn it! Mr. Larson already drank his. Are you disrespecting him by refusing to drink? Well, if you don’t want to drink, that’s fine. Let me break your legs, then you’ll be able to drink. It’s your choice!”

The man turned pale at that. In the end, he bit the bullet and lifted the pot full of liquor. Taking a deep breath, he started chugging down the whole pot with the hope of finishing it quickly. However, he had underestimated the strength of that liquor.

After just two mouthfuls, he was unable to take it anymore as he ran off to the side and started throwing up. Tiger had someone keep a close watch on him and bring him back once he was done throwing up. Eventually, Tiger’s men had to hold up the pot of liquor and force it all down his throat. The man then passed out on the ground and threw up even more severely than Dionysus did before.

The crowd had broken out into a cold sweat as they watched the whole thing unfold before them. It did not matter who it was—they would not be able to put up with drinking that much alcohol.

“Okay, next!”

Matthew swept his eyes over them, then pointed at one person. “You.”

That person almost peed himself. “Matthew, w-why me?”

Tiger rebuked, “If Mr. Larson picks you, that means he’s showing you respect. Come out here now!”

The person trembled as he stood out. With a shaky voice, he protested, “Matthew, I… I didn’t actually say I wanted to drink with you.”

As soon as he said that, Tiger hit him across the face. “I heard you say you wanted to drink with my own ears, but now you’re refusing to admit it? Are you trying to test my patience?”

He became too afraid to speak. Matthew then filled the pot up again and said, “Okay, let me do the honors!”

Tiger’s eyes widened. He did not think that Matthew would actually drink all of that. “Mr. Larson, that’s a bit too much. Can’t you just have one drink with them?” he exhorted.

Matthew waved his hand with a smile. “It’s fine. It’s only a bit of alcohol—nothing I can’t handle.” After he said that, he drank every last drop out of the pot again. Then, he got up to go to the bathroom, but nothing else happened.

Though, the same could not be said for the person across from him. Tiger had several of his underlings hold that man down in place. Opening his mouth with a pair of pliers, they shoved the whole pot of liquor down his throat.

When he started spitting it out, Tiger taught him a lesson by knocking one of his teeth out.

Everyone was trembling in fear at Tiger’s brutality. Moreover, they were unable to comprehend the situation. Matthew had consumed 6 liters by now, but he seemed indifferent. Didn’t he stagger earlier? Why did he look even more alert now?

It was simply because they did not know that his staggering was all a pretense to trick them. Did they think he was going to let them go after they tried to force Sasha to drink? Tonight, Matthew was determined to make them fear alcohol!

With that, he continued to drink. Regardless of whether it was a man or woman, he did not let any one of them off the hook. If he drank 2 liters, they had to drink 2 liters too. Everything that he consumed was immediately expelled by his internal energy. But the other party consumed all 2 liters of liquor. Who could handle that?

Alas, everyone passed out on the ground as no one managed to escape from him. On the other hand, Matthew was talking and laughing cheerfully—completely at ease and unscathed.

Both Demi and Liam were baffled. Didn’t he drink over 50 liters? Why does he look completely sober?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 472

Eventually, everyone in that house had to be sent to the hospital.

As Tiger had stood at the side and watched Matthew drink all that alcohol with his own eyes, he could not help but give him a thumbs-up. “You have my respect, Matthew! How did you drink over 50 liters of liquor? It’s hard enough to drink 50 liters of plain water!” he mused.

Matthew laughed. “Didn’t you see me go to the bathroom multiple times?”

Tiger waved his hand. “I go to the bathroom when I drink too, but I still get drunk.”

“Our bodies just function differently. I can get rid of all the alcohol from my system, so I can drink as much as I want. Even if I drink 50 liters at once, I would just have to make more trips to the bathroom.”

Tiger gaped at him. “That’s amazing. I have so much respect for you, Matthew!”

Demi and Liam, who had been listening in on their conversation, were beside themselves. They had just discovered that Matthew had come well-prepared.

Meanwhile, Sasha was able to smile now. She had been concerned that Matthew would be in danger after drinking that much alcohol.

“Well, it’s all done now. Thank you for your help tonight, Tiger,” Sasha said with a smile.

Tiger immediately waved his hand. “Please skip the formalities with me, President Cunningham. It’s my job. Oh, right. We should probably clean this house up a bit.”

Looking over the disorder in the house, Sasha suddenly glared at Demi. “You guys can clean up!”

Demi immediately protested, “Why should we? Hasn’t Matthew always been in charge of that?”

Sasha scolded, “You invited your friends over tonight, so that makes it your job to clean up! Also, what business does Matthew have to clean the house up for you two? You’re not three-year-old kids. Can’t you manage yourselves?”

Demi muttered, “Isn’t that what a live-in son-in-law is supposed to do? Weren’t women who married off into their husband’s family responsible for doing all the house chores?”

Tiger instantly rebuked, “Didn’t you marry into your husband’s family? Don’t you do the chores in your house?”

She was slightly flustered. In a low voice, she said, “This isn’t my house. If it were my house, I-I would definitely do it.”

His eyes widened. “If this isn’t your house, then why did you come here to throw a party? Why did you come to live here? If you’re not going to clean this house, then get out. I will clean it myself. How does that sound?”

Demi was at a loss for words. She murmured, “Okay, okay. We’ll clean up.”

After dragging her feet into the kitchen, she did not come back out again.

A frown appeared on Sasha’s forehead for she knew what Demi was planning.

With Tiger around, she did not dare to go up against him so she could only dawdle for now.

The moment he left, she was going to leave everything to Matthew.

However, Tiger caught on quickly. He ran into the kitchen and yelled, “What are you idling around for? Get on with it. I’m not going anywhere tonight. I’ll be right here keeping watch on you guys. I’ll only leave once you’re done cleaning up! But, I’m warning you; the later I go to bed, the worse my temper gets.”

Sasha was right. Demi had planned to dawdle until Tiger departed, then leave all this mess to Matthew.

But now, she couldn’t kill any more time with Tiger hard on her heels.

Left without a choice, she started cleaning the house obediently.

After having a party with more than thirty people in that huge villa, the amount of mess inside the house was unfathomable.

It took them more than three hours to finally finish cleaning up.

At this point, both of them were about to pass out from exhaustion. That was when they started to regret it. Why did we let them have a party at the house?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 473

Once Demi and Liam saw Tiger off, they immediately ran upstairs and started knocking on the door.

“Get out here right now, Matthew! I invited my friends over as guests. Why did you have to do that? Were you trying to bully them with your high alcohol tolerance? I always knew you harbored evil intentions, you b*stard! All along, you pretended that you couldn’t drink. Was it to fool us?

Well, you’ve exposed yourself tonight. Come out here and give me an explanation at once!” Demi shrieked at the top of her lungs.

However, there was no response.

Matthew had anticipated that Demi would come to even things out. Hence, while Sasha was asleep, he had performed acupressure on her to make her fall into a deep sleep.

As for himself, he did not mind the knocking from outside and was fast asleep.

Both Demi and Liam spent a while making a ruckus outside, but it was to no avail. Eventually, they were so exhausted that they had to take heavy steps back downstairs to go rest.

The next day, when they woke up, Matthew and Sasha had already gone off to work.

Anger was still bubbling inside them and they were beyond disgruntled.

Before they went off to look for Matthew, though, their phone started to buzz—it was their friends from last night.

After they had thrown up blood and were admitted into the hospital, they were now slowly regaining consciousness.

One by one, they started calling the pair to ask for compensation on their hospital bills since they were the ones that instigated them to challenge Matthew last night.

Because Demi and Liam were unable to shake that responsibility, they decided to head to the hospital first to settle with those people.

But, where were they going to find the money?

All they could do was apologize, but it was no use.

Over thirty people were still lying on hospital beds. Their family members, on the other hand, surrounded Demi and Liam, nearly beating them up.

After they barely managed to free themselves from that situation, they became infuriated.

They stormed into Cunningham Pharmaceuticals but were abruptly blocked off by security.

Earlier on, Sasha had informed the people at her company to not let those two up.

Thus, the two ran to the hospital only to find that Matthew was not at work that day.

Out of anger, they almost destroyed all of Matthew’s belongings, but Crystal quickly called security to drag them out of there.

Alas, they were unable to locate Sasha or Matthew, so they could only return home with pent-up anger.

“Matthew, that b*stard. He knew we would look for him so he intentionally hid from us. I’ll be waiting at home today. When he comes back, I’m going to go all out on him!” Demi fumed.

With a frown, Liam said, “It’s pointless for us to be mad like this, Demi. Sasha doesn’t see you as her own sister. She only cares about Matthew. Even when Matthew returns later, she is still going to protect him. Larson thinks he has people to back him up. He even dared to hit me. Do you think he’ll be afraid of you?”

Her expression turned bitter. “Now that you’ve brought it up; don’t you think Sasha has lost her mind? I’m her biological sister! How can she help an outsider?”

Liam waved his hand. “There’s no point in saying all that. I think we should let Dad and Mom solve this. Only they can stand up to Sasha and deal with Matthew!”

Her eyes lit up in an instant. “That’s right! How did I forget that? Hold on. I’ll call my parents right now. This time, I’ll kick Matthew Larson out of the house for good!”

When she was about to make the call, Liam suddenly stopped her. “Don’t be in such a rush to call them. You have to think through it carefully. How are you going to tell them about this?”

She was taken aback. “What more is there to think about? I’ll just tell them that he bullied me.”

Liam shook his head. “There’s no use. If Dad and Mom find out that we had a party in the house, they would not help us either. Why don’t you tell them that the people who came were all partners from our pharmaceutical business?

Dad and Mom have the pharmacy as their top priority at the moment. If we tell them about how Matthew treated our business partners, how do you think they will deal with Matthew?”

Demi’s eyes lit up again. “That’s a good idea. I’ll tell them that.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 474

After Matthew and Sasha came home in the evening, they saw the peeved faces of James and Helen.

“Dad, Mom, why are you guys home? Aren’t you supposed to be away for two to three days?” Sasha asked, feeling surprised.

Helen responded angrily, “For what? This place has already been turned upside down after we’ve been away for just one day. What’s going to happen if we were gone for three days?”

Sasha frowned as she was caught off guard by how cranky Helen was.

Meanwhile, Demi was relaxedly sitting on the couch.

Without a doubt, Sasha reckoned that this had to be Demi’s doing.

So, Sasha quickly explained, “Mom, did Demi tell you about it? Listen, whatever she said is not true. You have no idea what happened here. I—”

Helen pounded the table. “Shut up! Matthew, get over here!”

Sasha panicked. “Mom, can you please at least listen to me? Demi brought some shady people to the house and made a mess—”

Helen yelped, “What shady people? They are all our business partners and will be the future customers of our pharmacy. We permitted them to come over!”

Hearing this confused Sasha. How could those people be their customers?

Meanwhile, Helen angrily stared at Matthew, stating, “Matthew, what do you think you’re doing? Do you think it makes you look good when you force others to drink until they throw up just because you’re a heavyweight?

Are you out of your mind? Is this how your family treats customers? Now that you’ve offended all of them, do you have any idea how much loss we’ve suffered?

I forgive you for not contributing anything financially to this family, but what do you think you’re doing when you destroy our business like this? You’ve been living with us and using our resources for the past three years, but what did we do to you for you to do this to us?”

Sasha yelled, “Mom, how can you say that? Those people were gangsters. What kind of customers are they? They came here as if there was a birthday party and turned the entire house upside down.

Besides, it wasn’t Matthew who forced them to drink; they were the ones who forced Matthew to drink. Who can you blame when those thirty-odd people got into a drinking competition with Matthew and lost?

Hearing that, Helen howled, “Shut up! The only thing you do best is protect him; look at what he’s turned into? And, did you hit Liam last night? Where did you get the courage to hit my son-in-law?

Sasha widened her eyes and responded, “Mom, w-what does that mean? Is Liam your only son-in-law now?”

Demi sneered, “What kind of son-in-law lives with his wife’s parents?”

At this moment, Sasha lost it. “What’s wrong with that? Again, let me say this to you; if you aren’t happy, just take it that I’ve already left the house. We can move out right now!”

Helen was extremely upset when she heard this. She proceeded to grab the mug on the table and smashed it on the floor, howling, “Am I dead to you now? When I asked you to find a husband who’s willing to live with us, that was so that you guys could take care of us two in the future.

We aren’t even that old yet and you’re already talking to us about moving out. Can we still expect you to take care of us in the future? Did you never have the intention of taking care of us when we get older?’

Sasha’s eyes turned red from anger. “Mom, that’s not what I meant… What I mean is that they’re both your sons-in-law. Y-You can’t be biased!”

Helen shouted, “Me? Biased? What happened was that Matthew beat Liam up, not the other way around. Should I just let this pass without even finding out why? I’d actually be biased if I chose to remain silent!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 475

Sasha continued, “Shouldn’t you at least ask why Matthew hit him?”

Helen responded angrily, “Why should I still ask that? It’s his fault for hitting him! Besides, what did Liam do wrong when he tried to stop Matthew from forcing his friends to drink? What gave you the right to hit Liam with the beer bottle?

You might as well stab Liam with a knife, and perhaps kill all of us, so you can be the head of this house. In that case, everything will be yours. That does sound like a dream come true, doesn’t it?”

Peeved, Sasha replied, “You don’t know what actually happened, yet you’re already lashing out at Matthew. It was those guys who forced us to drink, not the other way round!”

At this point, Helen waved her hand. “Stop saying this nonsense to me. Matthew hit Liam—did this happen or not?”

Meanwhile, Sasha was so angry that she could not say anything in response.

Helen proceeded to command, “Matthew, go and apologize to Liam right now!”

Demi piped in rather whimsically, “Look at that. We’d never dare to ask Matthew to apologize to us. Just last night he was telling us that this house belonged to him and that his name was on the land title.

He even threatened to kick us out of the property! Right now, we are just like parasites. How would we dare to ask the owner of this property to apologize to us?”

Hearing this, Helen’s countenance dropped further, yelping, “Oh right, I’ve completely forgotten about the land title. Sasha, please go and change the name on the land title tomorrow to my and your father’s names.”

Hearing this, Sasha panicked and refuted, “On what basis? This house was a gift to Matthew from Jefford and the others, so it belongs to Matthew legally. Why should he transfer it to you?”

Helen yelled, “Sasha, do you even hear yourself? What do you mean this house belongs to Matthew and you? Are you really trying to make us leave? Sure then. If you’re really reluctant to take care of us in the future, just tell us. Your father and I would rather be out there begging for money than come here and disturb your life. How does that sound?”

Sasha responded, “S-Since when did I say I didn’t want to take care of you both? Now I’m talking to you about the property. Can you please be rational?”

Meanwhile, James jumped in in his cold voice, “You want us to be rational, don’t you? Sure, let’s do it. Is it true that Matthew moved into the house with us after marrying you? As a member of this family, what is his is also ours. As the head of this family, why can’t these assets be under my name?

Besides, if you two really take care of us in the future, when we grow old, this house would still return to you. Why do you refuse to transfer it to us now? Are you hiding something as you know how unfilial you two are and fear that we won’t leave anything to you?”

Helen nodded and responded, “Your father is absolutely right. Sasha, I’m just going to put these words out here today: if the both of you really respect us, then transfer the property to us.

If not, your father and I are going out there to be beggars. By then, we won’t trouble you anymore. Please make your choice!”

Her words rendered Sasha speechless.

At this point, Demi sneered and interrupted, “Sasha, it’s fine if you really don’t want to take care of Mom and Dad. Worst case scenario, I’ll take care of them. Just tell it to my face that you no longer want to take care of them and I’ll bring them back right away. How does that sound? Just say the word.”

Sasha responded, “S-Since when did I say anything about not wanting to take care of Mom and Dad? Right now, I’m talking about this property!”

Upon hearing this, Helen growled, “Right now, I’m talking to you about your duty as a daughter toward your parents! Sasha, let me ask you: who’s more important? Your parents or your husband? I just need your answer. Just tell me. If you choose Matthew, we’ll leave right now. We won’t stay here for any extra minute to annoy you.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 476

After these exchanges, Sasha almost broke down. There was no way she could reason with her parents.

Meanwhile, Matthew sighed and jumped in, “Sasha, let’s transfer the property to your parents tomorrow then.”

Hearing this worried Sasha. “How can we do that? This house belongs to you. No one’s taking it away from you!”

However, this news was music to Helen’s ears. She then proceeded to say, “Look at that. Matthew is indeed the most understanding one. Since you’re being so considerate, Matthew, I won’t drill you on the incident with Liam. Please get along well with others going forward since we are one family.”

These words agitated Sasha so much that she began to quiver. Just as she was about to talk back to Helen, Matthew stopped her as he knew well that there was no point in arguing with them at this moment.

After all, this house did not matter too much to him.

Right at this moment, Demi leaned in and said, “Mom, I’ll just let the incident with Liam pass. But what about those friends of mine? Right now, they’re asking us to apologize to them and pay for their medical expenses. Let’s have Matthew handle it, shall we?

Helen felt slightly embarrassed as she had already obtained the property. She reckoned that it would be difficult for her to ask Matthew to fork out the money for the medical expenses of those people.

James piped in, “He should be held accountable for what he did. Matthew, since you caused this, you should take care of it. Buy some gifts tomorrow, bring them to the hospital, and apologize to them. Saying some nice words to them will go a long way.”

Sasha was extremely flustered. “Dad, w-why should Matthew go and apologize? He’s already given you this property. He’s done his best. D-Don’t be too much!”

James gave Sasha a stare and refuted, “Who’s being too much now? This property is only temporarily being transferred to us. By the time we age, this property will go back to you again. Do you think we really want to take this property from you?

We’re just worried you’re too young and are unable to safeguard your possession, so we thought we should help you safeguard it. This property and the apology are two separate matters. If you think that we are after your property, then don’t transfer it to us. From now on, we’ll live our own lives. How does that sound?”

Again, Sasha was trembling with anger. “Dad, can you please make some sense? Whenever I try to reason with you, you respond by telling me how unfilial I am.

When have I ever been unfilial? I feel that you two are absolutely wrong in this incident. Those people are at fault, so why should Matthew go and apologize?”

Upon hearing this, James growled, “Those are our customers. Even if they aren’t entirely right, we can’t leave them like that. We’re still planning on running our business—do you want my pharmacy business to fail?”

Sasha responded, “They aren’t our customers. Demi was lying to you! Why not try asking around to see if any of them is in the pharmaceutical industry?”

Hearing that, Demi immediately rebutted, “The fact that they aren’t in this business right now doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future. After hearing that we’re planning on opening a pharmacy, they thought about investing in our business as our business partners.”

Not expecting to hear this rebuttal from Demi, Sasha was stunned and did not know how to rebuke.

James then jumped in in his deep voice, “Let’s do it this way. Matthew, go and visit them at the hospital tomorrow morning to apologize. Remember; if you don’t take care of this well, don’t come back!”

Following that, James went back to his room while Helen gave Matthew a look and commented, “Matthew, you’re truly a considerate person. I trust that you know what to do.

We think this is for your own good. Alas, it’s better to have more friends than enemies. Since this matter relates to our pharmacy business, please don’t disappoint us.”

Meanwhile, Demi looked all delighted and full of herself when she stated, “Did you hear that, Matthew? Please be proactive tomorrow morning, and remember to be nice. If they don’t accept your apology, don’t come back!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 477

After being back in their bedroom, out of anger, Sasha tossed her bag to the floor and yelled, “They were too much! It was those people’s fault. Why should you go and apologize? Matthew, I forbid you to go and apologize tomorrow. Also, you aren’t allowed to transfer the property to my parents!”

Hearing this, Matthew chuckled, “Don’t worry. I won’t show up to apologize, but I feel we should just let your parents have their names registered on the land title. This property is only for you to rest when you’re at work. We won’t be living here in the future.”

Feeling nonplussed, Sasha looked at Matthew and asked, “W-Where are we going to live? I quite like this place. Why don’t we live here? This property costs over fifty million. A-Are you sure you want to give it to them? Don’t you already know what kind of people my parents are?

If Demi decides to persuade them to transfer it to her, they might end up doing it. When that happens… aren’t we essentially letting Liam take this house away from us?”

Matthew whispered, “Don’t worry. It’s just a house! We’ll be living in Lakeside Garden in the future.”

Sasha gave Matthew a look and responded, “You aren’t being serious, are you? I know that you’ve made some money from the investment, but we have to spend that money wisely.

The properties in Lakeside Garden are too expensive. I’ll be happy to live in a much smaller house. Anyway, no matter what sort of house we live in, I’ll be willing to live there as long as I’m with you.”

Sasha’s words brought light to his heart. He then gently held her in his arms.

What else would a man ask for if he had a wife like Sasha?

Early morning the following day, the moment Matthew and Sasha got up, they heard James shouting downstairs.

“Come out! Everyone come out!”

Matthew and Sasha quickly ran down only to see James and Helen in the living room, angrily standing there.

“Dad, what happened?” Sasha asked.

James responded vexedly, “Who among you took my watch?”

Looking confused, Matthew asked, “What watch?”

Helen responded, “That Rolex; the one that belongs to James. It’s always in the bedroom closet. James found out that it was gone when he wanted to wear it to meet a client earlier today. Who took it?”

The rest of them finally recalled that it was the Rolex that Billy gave to Matthew.

However, James took it later on and treated it as his ever since.

Demi then commented, “Do we still have to ask? We don’t need to guess who took it whenever something goes missing in this house. Don’t forget; that person has already claimed previously that the watch belongs to him!”

Right away, James and Helen angrily turned to Matthew as this watch did indeed belong to him previously.

Did Matthew really take it?

Sasha quickly jumped in, “Demi, please watch your words. Matthew has never entered that room before. How could he possibly take it? Besides, Matthew’s not that kind of person.”

Demi sneered, “How do you know that? Would he tell you if he’s a bad guy? Don’t you already know his family situation? He was willing to move into our house to live with us for that one hundred thousand. That watch costs a few hundred thousand. What makes you think he won’t take it?”

Demi’s words caused James and Helen to become even more suspicious of Matthew.

Hearing this, Sasha was agitated. She then responded, “Demi Cunningham, what’s wrong with you? Matthew agreed to transfer the property to Dad and Mom.

What makes you think he would want this few hundred thousand when he’s willing to let go of a house that costs tens of millions? Do you even hear yourself?”

Sasha’s words slightly calmed down James and Helen.

At this point, Demi felt somewhat embarrassed but decided to still fight back. “There are only a few of us living here. Dad and Mom are clear, and if it’s not Matthew or you, are you saying that Liam and I took it?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 478

Meanwhile, Helen frowned and commented, “Sasha, please watch your words. How could Demi and Liam take that watch? They aren’t thieves!”

Upon hearing this, Sasha became agitated. “Mom, what do you mean? Are you trying to say that I stole it?”

James became unsettled as he heard that, so he jumped in, “Who says you stole it? We’re just trying to find out what happened. Can’t your mother and I ask about where the missing watch went?”

Sasha responded angrily, “It’s only us living here. If you don’t think that Demi and Liam took it, that would mean that we were the ones who took it. Is this really you trying to find out the truth?

You have already come to the conclusion that we took it! I just want to reiterate this: what makes you think that we took the watch that’s worth a few hundred thousand when Matthew is willing to transfer to you a house that’s worth tens of millions?”

Then, James and Helen slowly nodded. “Sasha’s right. Matthew would never do this. But where did the watch go?”

Looking peeved, Demi responded, “We have to make things clear today! It’s only us living here, so if you didn’t take it, the finger would be pointed at us. Liam, let’s swear. If we took the watch, we’ll be struck by lightning and instantly killed by a car when we leave the house. How’s that? Sasha Cunningham, Matthew Larson, do you dare to swear like this?”

Sasha responded angrily, “Why wouldn’t I dare to swear like that? I—”

At this point, James pounded the table and yelled, “That’s enough! Both of you, shut up! Isn’t this embarrassing? Why would you two sisters make a stupid oath like that because of a watch? People are going to make you a laughing stock if they hear about this.”

Feeling rather offended, Demi replied, “So tell me; what should I do? Sasha Cunningham owns that huge company, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, and claims that she wouldn’t be interested in taking that watch. Is she trying to say that Liam and I took it? If I don’t defend myself, we would be labeled as thieves.”

Her words annoyed Sasha, who responded, “Who says that you are thieves? I was just trying to say that we didn’t take it. Demi, can you please be a little more reasonable?

You didn’t seem to hesitate when you accused Matthew of taking it. If I didn’t help clarify it, Matthew would be saddled with this infamy.”

Demi froze when Liam jumped in, “Dad, Mom, I need to say something here. The reason we moved back is so that we can be closer to you to fulfill our filial duties, and also so that we can spend more time with you in order to help you build the pharmacy business.

We would never go after anything in this house nor even have the thought of doing so. I hope that Matthew can let his guard down toward us, and there’s absolutely no need to play any tricks.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the people were stunned. Matthew immediately frowned and asked, “What do you mean? What tricks am I playing?”

Demi’s eyes lit up and she piped in, “Well, you know what you did. I feel that someone intentionally took the watch away and is trying to pin it on us so that we would move out. This is such a dirty trick: stealing and then pinning it on someone. So shameless!”

Upon hearing this, James and Helen immediately became wary while Sasha was agitated by Demi’s words. So, she rebutted, “Please explain to me what you mean by that. Are you saying that Matthew took the watch and pinned it on you?”

Demi chuckled and responded, “I never said that. You said it yourself. However, Dad, Mom, you really can’t judge a book by its cover. Matthew has been unhappy with us and he even hit Liam last night. Who knows if he actually did that to get us kicked out!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 479

At this point, Sasha felt extremely flustered by Demi’s annoying insinuations.

“Demi Cunningham, what are you trying to say? Who pinned it on you? Show us the proof then!” yelled Sasha.

Hearing that, Demi chuckled and did not say a word. At this moment, James waved his hand and said, “Forget it. Can you two please stop fighting? If no one wants to admit it, let’s forget it. It’s just a watch, isn’t it?

But Matthew, I hope you can remember that we permitted Demi and Liam to live here with us. If you try to drive them out of this house again, I’ll make sure that you move out first.”

Sasha was stunned by James’ words, which implied that his conclusion was that Matthew took the watch and tried to pin it on Demi and Liam.

Meanwhile, Demi grinned while happily glancing at Sasha and saying, “Dad, I knew you would make the right conclusion.”

At this point, Sasha had lost it. “Dad, you have to tell me what you’re trying to get at by saying that.”

Hearing that, James was provoked. “How is it your turn to question me? Who do you think you are? Let me tell you; as long as I’m still alive, I’m still the head of this house. It’s not up to you to decide things here, especially you, Matthew Larson. Don’t let me find any evidence. Otherwise, I’ll make you pay for it!”

Sasha became furious after hearing his words. “Dad, h-how could you be so sure that it was Matthew who did it?”

Helen jumped in unemotionally, “Did we say that Matthew did it? He was just warning Matthew to behave. What’s wrong with that?”

Sasha responded, “Why didn’t he give Liam any warning?”

Helen replied angrily, “Liam didn’t do anything wrong. Why should he be warned?”

Sasha was infuriated while being on the verge of breaking down. “So what did Matthew do wrong then?”

Hearing that, Helen yelped, “Are you trying to reason with me? Isn’t it clear already? What’s there for you to argue about?”

Sasha was so upset that she began to quiver. She reckoned that her parents’ bias toward Matthew was way too serious.

At this point, even Matthew could no longer hold it in. He then commented gently, “Mom, have you ever thought about the possibility that it was taken by those people who came to our place two nights ago?”

Sasha’s eyes lit up as she heard this, responding immediately, “He has a point. Mom, there were so many people here that night. They had even gone into every room and messed with things. One of them might have taken it!”

Demi then yelled, “Sasha Cunningham, what are you trying to say? Those people are my friends, who are also our future clients. Who do you think you are to suspect that my friends stole it? What evidence do you have?”

Meanwhile, Helen frowned and asked, “Sasha, you can’t simply say things like that. Those people are Demi and Liam’s trusted friends, and that was why they were invited to our house.

Your words are somewhat harsh, aren’t they? If one of them heard it and wasn’t happy with that insinuation, you might get sued for defamation.”

Sasha was rendered speechless. She responded, “Mom, so how do you want me to put it? All of you accused Matthew right away, and you’d rather trust Demi’s friends than Matthew. Can you tell me why?”

Helen puckered up her lips, not saying anything else, but the look on her face had said it all—she did not trust Matthew.

Demi sneered and said, “Who would believe someone who lives off a woman? Why don’t you find someone and ask if they’d rather trust my upper-class friends or a useless man who lives off a woman?”

Sasha could no longer put up with Demi’s insults toward Matthew. Matthew just sighed helplessly and said, “Forget it, Sasha; we don’t have to argue about meaningless things. Dad, Mom, all I was trying to get at was, why don’t we just find who took the watch?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 480

James and Helen were stunned by those words.

“Are we able to find out who the perpetrator is?” asked Helen, although she was sure that it was Matthew who stole it.

Puckering up her lips, Demi jumped in, “Hmph. It would be a miracle if he could. Are you trying to let the thief catch the thief? Will that even work?”

Sasha heard that and refuted, “Shut up. Can you please let Matthew finish what he has to say?”

Waving his hand, James inquired, “Matthew, what do you have in mind to help me find my watch?”

Matthew responded gently, “Dad, I heard from Mr. Newman before that there’s a tracker installed on that watch specifically to prevent it from being stolen. So, as long as you get in touch with their headquarters, you’ll be able to locate the watch. As such, I don’t think it’s going to be difficult to locate it.”

Hearing that, James’ eyes widened in shock. “Really? T-Then help me locate it now. Let’s get it back…”

Matthew nodded. “Let me contact the store and ask them to help locate it. It may take some time though.”

Feeling delighted, James responded, “No worries. They can take as long as they want, as long as they can get it back.”

Then, Matthew went to his room to give Stanley a call and asked him to take care of it.

Meanwhile, Sasha felt somewhat proud as she yelled, “Demi, do you have anything else to say? I already told you that it wasn’t Matthew who took it.”

Curling her lips in disapproval, Demi stammered, “We don’t know about that yet! He might have stored it somewhere else and then pretend to locate it. Dad, Mom, I don’t care what he says, but I’m going to put it out there first that Liam and I didn’t take that watch. Even if the watch is located in our room, we had nothing to do with it.”

Sasha stated angrily, “How is it that you two have nothing to do with it if it’s found in your room? Who does it have something to do with then?”

Demi responded coldly, “Perhaps someone hid it in our room to pin it on us!”

At this point, Sasha was rendered completely speechless by how crafty Demi was.

Not long after, Matthew came out of his room. “I’ve already contacted them to have them locate the watch. They’ll get back to us once they find something.”

James beamed. “That’s great. Do whatever it takes as long as we can get the watch back.”

Helen nodded and stated, “Alright. Demi and Sasha, please stop fighting. Come and have some breakfast. After this, you still have to visit the hospital to apologize to those people. Matthew, I’m telling you; after you get there, properly apologize to them, alright?”

Sasha was cross, but she did not choose to say anything at this moment.

Last night, Matthew had already told her that he would not apologize to those people, so she was sure Matthew had something else planned.

Meanwhile, Demi looked pleased as she jumped in, “Matthew, did you hear that? Please apologize sincerely. Also, please pay for their medical expenses. When you see them, remember to first bow to them. Hmph. Please keep your rude attitude from that night away when you see them. I won’t let you have it easy if my friends decide to not forgive you!”

Finally, Sasha could no longer hold it in. She then yelled, “Enough! Do you really think those rascals who have nothing better to do are elites of society?”

Hearing that, Demi became upset. She responded, “What did you just say? H-How dare you refer to my friends as rascals? Mom, did you hear that? That’s how she insults our customers!”

Helen frowned and responded unhappily, “Sasha, it’s time that you control your temper. Please don’t talk like this when you get there later.”

James nodded in agreement. “Sasha, Demi’s been working extremely hard for the pharmacy, so perhaps you can try to understand where she’s coming from. As an older sister, how could you insult Demi’s friends like that? If they heard it, wouldn’t they choose to not be friends with Demi anymore?”

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