The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 481-490

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 481

Sasha responded, “Dad, Mom, I’m being serious. Those people are rascals. Can they even be considered friends? You’ll know what I mean if you saw them. They aren’t proper.”

Upon hearing that, James became agitated. “Shut up! You’re too much! Do you think only you can have friends from the upper-class?”

Sasha was completely rendered speechless by her parents. She no longer had the mood to debate this with her parents. After breakfast, a number of them left the house for the hospital.

Before departing, Demi was beaming with joy when she gave her friends a call, telling them to get ready because Matthew was on his way to the hospital to apologize to them.

Since Demi had completely lost her face in front of those people two nights ago, she tried her best to force Matthew into apologizing to them so that she could look good.

However, before they arrived at the hospital, Matthew received a call from Stanley informing him that he had already located the watch. Since this watch meant a lot to James, the moment he heard about that, he quickly turned the car back to find his watch.

Eventually, they came to a shop where Tiger and his lackeys were already squatting outside. Then, Tiger stated, “Mr. Larson, Stanley asked me to come here.

This shop is where the watch has been located. We’ve done some homework and found that this shop is a fence for expensive stolen goods. Looks like the watch was stolen by some thieves and then sold to this shop.”

Helen’s face dropped after hearing that. She asked, “Does it mean our house was broken into?”

Tiger replied, “I can’t be sure at the moment. Let’s go in and find out. We’ll be able to find out when we know who sold it to them.”

Hearing that, Helen quickly stated, “Let’s go in then.” Upon entering, they noticed that the owner looked to be a man in his thirties or forties.

Feeling that something was not right, the shop owner was preparing to run away from them, but Tiger’s lackeys managed to stop him. The moment the shop owner heard that he was Master Tiger of South Street, he was persuaded and immediately took out the watch.

“Master Tiger, I didn’t steal this watch—someone sold it to me. T-This is only my side business, and I had no idea that it belonged to you. Had I known that it belonged to you, I would never have bought it!” the shop owner said, crying and begging for mercy.

After seeing his watch, James was overjoyed. He then held it tightly in his hand. Meanwhile, Helen yelled angrily, “Tell me; who sold this watch to you?”

In between her words, Helen purposely gave Matthew a look, hinting at the shop owner to also look at him. The sight of this annoyed Sasha as it was obvious that Helen still thought that it was Matthew who did it.

Looking befuddled, the shop owner glanced at Matthew and said, “Madam, I don’t know how to describe that person’s appearance. I have a surveillance camera installed in this shop.

Let me pull out the footage.” Then, the shop owner proceeded to work on getting the relevant footage, which clearly showed a man in his twenties coming to the shop with the watch.

Seeing that man, Liam and Demi began to feel uneasy. Right away, Matthew was able to capture the uneasiness on their faces. He quickly said, “Liam, do you know this man?”

Liam’s face instantly turned red, and he began to stammer, “I-I… d-don’t…”

Meanwhile, Tiger piped in, “Liam, please think carefully before you respond. It’s easy for me to find out who this person is. If by then he says that he knows you but you say otherwise… Hmph!”

Liam was frightened after hearing this. Then, he responded softly, “I-I know him…”

James and Helen were instantly stunned, scolding, “Liam, y-you did it?”

Liam quickly defended himself, “Dad, Mom, I-I didn’t do it… I know this person, but that doesn’t mean I did it! In fact, Demi knows him too.”

At this point, Helen angrily turned to Demi and asked, “What’s going on?”

Demi became flustered. “Mom, I have no idea. H-He’s my best friend’s boyfriend, but he didn’t show up at our house the other day…”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 482

Hearing that, Tiger asked, “Was that best friend of yours at your house that day?”

Demi responded embarrassingly, “S-She was… She was at the party we threw at the house the other night…”

Tiger sneered and said, “I guess we’ve just solved the mystery. It must be your best friend who stole the watch and asked her boyfriend to sell it here. Demi Cunningham, you have such good friends!”

Demi instantly looked embarrassed as she did not expect this to happen.

Now that all the evidence was right before their eyes, she had no way of talking herself out of it.

At this moment, James and Helen became infuriated. “Demi, t-these are the clients that you talked about? Who are these people, really? Why did they come to our house to steal? Who from the upper-class society would do such things?”

Demi lowered her head and did not respond.

Tiger curled his lips and jumped in, “You’re kidding me, right? How can these people be your clients? President Cunningham, my men know at least half of those people, and most of them don’t even hold proper jobs. They’re frequently seen stealing and conning people. Some of them even tried working for me before, but they aren’t honest, so I didn’t want them. What kind of business do you have that you’re working with them?”

Hearing this, James and Helen were even more enraged.

James asked angrily, “Demi, is what Tiger said true?”

Still having her head down, Demi remained silent.

Then, James turned to Liam and yelled, “Tell me; are they really our clients?”

As Liam would not dare to lie in front of Tiger, he responded, “N-No…”

Helen roared, “So you’ve been lying to us, haven’t you? These people are really rascals, aren’t they? Why did you invite them to our house? You guys invited trash into our mansion?! How dare you accuse Matthew of bullying our clients? He was right about chasing them out of the house. Tell me—what else have you two been hiding from us?”

Liam looked downcast as he lowered his head, not saying a word.

Meanwhile, Sasha felt relieved.

Since last night, she had been choked with resentment, especially by how biased her parents were toward Matthew; she just could not get over it.

She had been trying to defend Matthew, but it was to no avail.

However, much to her surprise, this matter resolved itself just like this. She finally had closure.

After telling off Demi and Liam, James and Helen angrily left the shop with the watch while Matthew no longer needed to go to the hospital to apologize.

Feeling elated, Sasha left for work with Matthew.

Meanwhile, Demi and Liam were frustrated and downcast as their plans for Matthew to apologize and take care of this matter had crumbled and fallen back on them. Not only that but even James and Helen were now prejudiced against them.

“What should we do? They are so mad at us. Do you think we can still live at The Grand Garden?” Liam asked softly. He really loved that house, and even though they occupied only a bedroom on the first floor that was not a master bedroom, that room was nonetheless much bigger than their own living room.

The luxurious mansion at The Grand Garden coupled with its beautiful surroundings made him unwilling to move out.

Meanwhile, Demi responded, “Not now, of course. Let’s go back to our place and spend the night there. We’ll go back to Dad and Mom tomorrow to ask for forgiveness. Sigh. Matthew, that son of a b*tch. It’s all his fault. I have to get my name on the land title so no one can ever kick me out of that house!”

Liam’s eyes lit up. So long as Demi managed to get her name on the land title, that house would also belong to him.

Owning a luxurious mansion like that was a dream come true for Liam.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 483

The next day, Demi went to buy a shirt that Helen liked while asking Liam to get a few bottles of wine.

Then, they went back to convince James and Helen to let them move back. Alas, they succeeded.

For the next couple of days, Demi and Liam had been quiet and proper. After what happened, they no longer dared to float the idea of getting the house from Matthew.

Seeing this, Sasha was surprised. Has Demi finally changed?

It’d be great if she has!

As for Matthew, he still went to the hospital to work as usual.

In the past, he was by himself in his office, so he could always enjoy peace and tranquility.

Now that Crystal was there, for reasons unbeknownst to him, more patients showed up, but they were all not of any serious illnesses, so Matthew was able to treat them easily.

Eventually, Matthew found out that these patients did not come here for him—they all came for Crystal.

They were all youngsters, and to them, seeing Crystal, rather than getting treated, was the main purpose of their visits.

Matthew found it amusing but was not too bothered by it.

Even though he did not really like Crystal, her work performance in recent days had improved considerably.

Matthew reckoned that he would be happy for her if she could tone down completely and marry a nice guy.

In the afternoon, when Matthew had just arrived at Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, Julian was seen standing at the entrance.

“Julian, what’s going on?” Matthew asked curiously.

Looking temperamental, Julian responded, “Matthew, are you coming to the alumni dinner tonight?”

Matthew frowned when he recalled the time when he was in elementary school. He was a nobody in his class because of how poor his family was, and he was often bullied.

As such, Matthew had never participated in the alumni dinners that took place every year.

“Julian, I’m not going…” Matthew waved his hand.

Julian quickly responded, “Don’t jump the gun first. I wouldn’t be bothered to ask you if it was just a regular alumni dinner. Ed is coming this time around!”

Matthew’s eyes widened in shock. “What? Ed? I-Is he really going to be there? Are you sure?”

Julian nodded repeatedly, saying, “I’m very sure. Leo called earlier and informed me about it. Besides, Ed’s getting married, so his fiancée might also be there! Matthew, I feel like the two of us should definitely be there this time!”

Matthew nodded hard while his eyes turned slightly red.

He still remembered that back in school, he, Julian, and Ed were the ‘Powerful Trio’.

They lived in the same dorm and even sat next to each other in class.

While Ed was slightly shy, which was completely opposite of Julian, if he treated you as a friend, he would go all out for you.

Back in the days, Matthew was poor and many times he would not have food to eat.

As both of Ed’s parents worked, his family was in a better financial situation, so he would buy Matthew meals at least twice a week.

Later, after something happened to Matthew’s family, Ed, who had just started working, forked up his hard-earned fifty thousand and gave it all to Matthew. At that time, he didn’t even ask for a receipt.

If it were not for the fifty thousand, Natalie would have died.

As such, Matthew had always felt indebted to him. However, it was a shame that Ed was sent abroad for work and had not been back for the past three years.

At that time, Matthew did not even own a mobile phone. So, gradually, the two lost contact with each other.

As for that fifty thousand, Matthew had not been able to repay Ed. This had become one of Matthew’s biggest regrets.

Now that Ed was back, Matthew would definitely make it to the alumni dinner this year.

“When is it? And where?” Matthew asked immediately.

Julian chuckled and responded, “Tonight. It may start at 6 PM, but I’ll have to get some supplies at that time, so I’ll only be there after seven. It’s at Prosperous Hotel. I’ll see you there then!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 484

By 5:30 PM, Matthew had already made it to the Prosperous Hotel.

He was excited because he would be able to meet Ed very soon.

Initially, Matthew planned to ask Sasha to come along with him. However, there was a board meeting in the company tonight, so Sasha couldn’t make it.

The Prosperous Hotel was considered a pretty decent hotel in Eastcliff.

Matthew found out that this class reunion was organized by his class monitor, Leo Ziegler.

Leo was a native of Eastcliff and he was from a decently well-off family.

Although they took the vocational pathway, Leo still looked down on the other students who went to the same school.

It was mainly because of his parents’ help that he later got into an undergraduate course and got himself a certificate.

Coupled with some of the wealth from his family, after graduation, he worked at his relatives’ company for two years.

When he was promoted to deputy manager, he became even more arrogant.

He only befriended those who did well in life.

As for people like Matthew, the two never contacted one another.

There was even one time when Leo visited the hospital and saw Matthew there. When he noticed that Matthew was doing the janitor there, he pretended to not see him and simply bypassed him.

And that was why, even though Leo had organized several reunion parties every year, he had never contacted nor invited Matthew.

Today, when Matthew had arrived earlier, Leo was hanging out with some of the classmates inside the room.

Seeing Matthew, Leo was bewildered. “W-Why are you here, Matthew?”

“Isn’t it our class reunion dinner tonight?” questioned Matthew.

“So, I came.”

Instantly, Leo looked at the others. “Which one of you contacted Matthew?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Wouldn’t the room become crowded now?”

At that moment, the others glared at Matthew as if they were blaming him for showing up so suddenly.

This group of people was Leo’s followers back in their schooling days.

After graduating, they were still close with him.

Besides, Matthew was considered an outcast back when he was in school, so these people weren’t really fond of him.

In their eyes, Matthew was just a freeloader trying to get himself a free meal today.

However, Matthew didn’t care about what they were thinking. He knew they didn’t treat him as a friend, and so he didn’t take them seriously either.

“I’m sorry for coming without informing you. Perhaps we can change to a larger room?” Matthew grinned as he said.

A girl from the group glared at Matthew. “Do you know how much it costs for a dinner at Prosperous Hotel, Matthew? The minimum expenditure for this room alone is three thousand. And it was because of Leo that the hotel offered us three thousand. If it was someone else, they have to spend at least three and a half thousand. Move to a larger room? Will you pay for the extra expenditure?”

This woman was Grace Smith. She used to be Leo’s lover when they were in school.

She was once famous for being mean. He didn’t expect that she remained the same even after high school.

Letting out a chuckle, Matthew said, “So it’s just a money issue? It’s okay. This is a happy event. I’ll pay.”

Immediately, Leo twitched his mouth. “Forget it. It’s not like we don’t know about your situation, Matthew. The minimum expenditure for the largest room here is five thousand. You’re only the janitor in the hospital. How many months of salary do you need just to have a meal here?”

The group of people beside him went into an uproar in an instant. “Seriously? Matthew is the janitor in a hospital?”

“Which hospital is that?”

“I thought this kind of job is reserved for elderly women only.”

“You guys didn’t know about that, right?” sneered Leo. “Our handsome Matthew is just a cleaner! It’s not just any floors that he cleans. He cleans the toilet floors!

I saw it with my own eyes the last time I went to the hospital. And I was with a client at that time. When I saw him, I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t even tell anyone that he was my classmate. So, I could only walk past him.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 485

Everyone burst into laughter at once.

Throwing Matthew a single glance, Grace inquired, “Is our class monitor telling the truth, Matthew? Are you really a janitor? We’re all classmates from the same batch. Why is your life so tough? It’s one thing to be a janitor, but how did you end up cleaning toilets? Can you please save face for your classmates?”

Knitting his brows, Matthew muttered, “It’s still a job though. I didn’t steal or rob and made money with my own two hands. Is that something I should be ashamed of?”

“If you’re going to live like this, it would be better if you steal or rob!” snorted Grace.

“A young man in his twenties with healthy limbs can make a pretty decent amount moving bricks at construction sites. But you’re cleaning toilets instead of that. How ridiculous!”

Another male classmate instantly mocked, “Hey! What happens if Elaine finds out that Matthew is cleaning toilets at a hospital now? Do you guys remember? Back in the days, Matthew had a crush on our class belle, Elaine.

There was once when Matthew posted the love letter he wrote to her on the blackboard. It was so funny! But, look at him now. Fortunately, Elaine isn’t blind when it comes to men.”

With a hearty laugh, Grace went on, “Seriously, Elaine is very unfortunate though. As the class belle, she was fancied by someone like Matthew. Imagine how disgusting it would have been for her.”

The crowd cracked up again.

His expression turning cloudy, Matthew said in a solemn tone, “Guys, I’m just here to attend the reunion dinner. Do you guys really have to taunt me like that?”

“Hey, Matthew. We’re classmates. Can’t you see that we’re just joking? Why are you getting anxious?” Leo waved his hand dismissively.

“Well. Since you’re here already, just take a seat first. It isn’t a big deal if we have to squeeze with each other. But, I need to tell you in advance. We will be sharing the expenses equally tonight. No matter how much we spend tonight, you’ll need to contribute equally. Do you understand?”

Glaring at Matthew, Grace warned, “You better think carefully, Matthew. Our class monitor is entertaining a guest tonight and he purposely bought a few bottles of good wine. The drinks alone cost more than one thousand. Everyone will have to pay at least a thousand in total. You cannot ask us to back you up if you find yourself short of money!”

Matthew scowled in response. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure I pay every cent I owe!”

“That’s more like it!” sneered Leo.

“Come and take a seat then.”

Marching inside, Matthew prepared to move to the innermost side of the room.

However, Leo beckoned at him and demanded, “Where are you going? Go sit by the door! These seats are reserved. Find your own place!”

Matthew’s brows knitted upon hearing that. In the end, instead of saying something, he went and took a seat by the door.

Honestly, a seat like this was usually intended for someone who was paying the bill, or someone with the lowest status in the group.

And it was obvious that in the eyes of Leo, Matthew was that someone with the lowest status.

Instead of bothering with Matthew, Leo and the others continued to talk.

“Leo, I heard that you’re now the managing director in the company?”

“Wow! You got promoted really quickly!”

“When do you think I can join you? The company I’m working for has got no future at all!” Leaning against Leo, Grace said sweetly.

Wrapping his hand around her, Leo guffawed. “No problem. Tell you what. If tonight’s reunion party is successful, don’t mention joining my company—I can promote you to be a manager right away!”

Everyone was shocked. “What’s happening?”

“What are you trying to do, Leo?”

With a superior smile, Leo continued, “I have invited a VIP guest tonight. Our company wants to cooperate with this guest, and if I can seal the deal, huh, it would be a project of tens of millions. By then, I’ll become the most powerful person in the company!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 486

Now the group was even more surprised. “Who is that VIP guest?”

“A business of tens of millions all of a sudden?”

“Y-You must be kidding me… right, Leo?”

“I didn’t know we have someone like that amongst our classmates!”

With a smug, Leo said, “You guys didn’t know about this, right? Haha. Let me tell you. We do have someone like this in our class! He’s not only in charge of a big company now, but he’s also particularly influential among the big shots in the industry.

If I can build a good relationship with him, there would be a lot more business opportunities with him in the future, let alone the business worth tens of millions.”

While everyone was bewildered, Grace asked anxiously, “Who are you talking about, Leo?”

“Stop beating around the bush. Say it!”

The others stared straight at Leo.

With a cheerful laugh, Leo said, “You guys know about him too. Although he hasn’t been in our class for too long, he’s still considered one of our classmates.”

“He didn’t stay for too long in our class?” echoed Grace.

“Who is that? How come I’ve got no memory of him at all?”

Taking a deep breath, Leo continued, “Julian Davis. Do you guys remember him?”

Upon hearing that, Matthew spat out a mouthful of tea. The VIP guest they’re talking about is Julian?

Taken aback by Matthew’s reaction, Leo glared and uttered, “What’s wrong with you, Matthew?”

Holding back his laughter, Matthew apologized, “I’m sorry. The tea is too hot.”

Everyone pouted at his answer and Grace inquired, “Julian Davis? This name sounds familiar. But why don’t I remember anything about him?”

“Hey. I think I know him. He’s really one of our classmates,” said one of the men.

“But he hasn’t joined any of the reunion parties so far, right?”

“How did you contact him, Leo?”

Grinning, Leo told them, “Julian is in charge of Wellness Herbary now! Do you guys know? 70% of the raw materials to produce medicine in Eastcliff come from his company.

You can say that Julian is the largest supplier of medical materials in Eastcliff. The working capital of the company can be counted in the hundreds of millions! My uncle is also working in the same industry.

I once went to Julian’s company to negotiate a business, and alas, I met him right there. At that time, the one who was serving me was just one of the managers from a minor department.

However, Julian is the boss of the company. Everyone in the company treats him with respect. Even the department manager who was ordering my uncle around had to bow in front of Julian!”

Everyone was bewildered by his statements and Grace exclaimed, “Is that true? Do we really have a big shot like that amongst our classmates? Oh my god! Why haven’t I heard of that?”

“Seriously, if I hadn’t seen it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it too.” Leo sighed.

“Back then, I had only found him to be familiar. I couldn’t remember who he was at all. So, I didn’t dare to greet him. After I went home, I contacted some of our classmates and finally found out who he is.”

Everyone nodded in realization. “Will a big shot like him really attend our class reunion?” exclaimed Grace.

“Leo, how did you manage to invite him?”

Waving his hand, Leo said, “Although we were classmates, we weren’t close at all. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to ask him out if I were to go straight to him. But, I heard from one of our classmates that Julian was very close with Ed back in the days.

It just so happened that my parents knew Ed’s parents and he came back some time ago. So, with Ed’s name, I organized this party and called Julian.

As soon as he heard that Ed was coming, he agreed to come immediately. So, you guys have to entertain him well later. If he’s satisfied, hehe, every one of us will be able to ride his tailwinds. Do you understand?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 487

Everyone was overjoyed. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

They had never come into contact with a wealthy person worth hundreds of millions, not to mention the fact that he was their classmate.

If they could ride his coattails, even if he were to just show them the smallest bit of kindness, they might get to be successful in the future.

“Wow! I really didn’t know we had a hidden talent amongst our classmates. How did our class come out with someone like Julian?” Grace lamented.

The others nodded in agreement. “That’s right! No one could’ve imagined.”

“But then again, I already felt that Julian was not that simple back in those days. And look at him now—he’s rich!”

“Yeah. I remember I used to sit behind him.”

“Really? Then you guys must have been very close, right?”

“Haha. Of course. We were deskmates!”

While everyone was chatting away, Matthew sat by the side. He listened to them as they boasted about their relationships with Julian.

Gazing at Matthew, a trace of contempt appeared at the edge of Grace’s mouth.

“Why don’t you go back first, Matthew? It seems like the reunion party tonight isn’t for you.”

“Why is that so?” Matthew frowned in response.

“What do you think?” scoffed Grace. “Those in attendance today are on their way up in life. Didn’t you hear? Leo is the managing director of his company. As for me, I’m in charge of our company’s finance. The rest of them are either senior white-collar workers in companies or entrepreneurs.”

Everyone in the room gazed at Matthew with a smug and disdainful look on their faces.

Grace went on, “Besides, Julian is a big boss with a net worth of hundreds of millions. But look at you. You’re just a janitor. What do you have in common with any of us? Matthew, I know what you’re thinking. You wanted to find yourself an opportunity and ask us to help you, right?

We understand. If there’s another chance, we’ll help you to find a decent job. But, you can’t be here to ruin the reunion party tonight. Once Julian gets here, it isn’t just eating that we’ll be doing. We’ll have to go to a karaoke bar with him and maybe something else too.

By then, it’ll be hard to tell how much we’ll be spending. Do you know it’s normal to spend tens of thousands just for one night at a karaoke bar? And when we have to share thousands worth of expenses, would you be able to afford it?”

Upon hearing that, Matthew’s brows knitted. Why is she acting like a snob?

Just when he was about to explode, Leo suddenly waved his hand. “Hey, Grace. We’re classmates. How can you say something like that? Matthew, don’t take her words seriously. What she said is for your own good. But, the way she worded it was wrong.

Everyone should know what they’re capable of and recognize their abilities. It’s not that we don’t treat you as our classmate. But the expenditure tonight will be too high.

We shouldn’t torment you with the burden. How about this. I can ask the kitchen to make you some dishes and you can bring them home. We can share your bill amongst us!”

The crowd laughed secretly and Grace instantly praised, “Leo, you’re so good to your friends. Hurry up and thank Leo, Matthew! The dishes at Prosperous Hotel aren’t bad. Just a few of them would cost a few hundred!”

However, with an icy expression, Matthew said in a flat tone, “There’s no need. It’s just a meal. I can still afford it. Everyone, I’m still going to repeat the same thing. I’ll make sure I return every cent that I owe.”

Everyone’s expression went cold at once. Furiously, Grace yelled, “Don’t be stupid, Matthew! This is for your own good. How can you be so ungrateful? Are you sure that you will be paying us back?

Huh. When it’s time to pay the bill, I’m sure you’ll come crying to us saying that you don’t have the money. I’ve met a lot of people like you. You’re simply the lowest class of men!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 488

Staring at Grace, Matthew said coldly, “You’ve indeed met a lot of men! I’m sure there’s no surprise there!”

When Grace was in school, she wasn’t only with Leo. She also had many other boyfriends during their schooling days and was therefore once the talk of the school.

The moment Grace heard that, her expression turned cloudy.

With a slap on the table, she yelled, “What are you saying, Matthew? Say it again if you dare!”

Even Leo fixed his gaze on Matthew fiercely. After all, he was still hooking up with Grace.

“Matthew, how can you say something like that? We’re classmates and what we’re doing is for your own good. How can you bully a girl like that? Is there still anyone like you? A man bullying a girl like that! Are you still a man?” Leo shouted.

However, the others were actually laughing silently in their heart. All of them knew about Grace’s love affairs.

But, now that Leo was the best among them and they wanted to flatter him, of course, they had to support him.

“You’ve gone overboard, Matthew!”

“How can a man insult a girl like that? Why are you so shameless?”

“Get out! People like you don’t have the right to join our reunion party!”

“Garbage! Shut your mouth if you don’t know how to speak properly!”

Everyone kept yelling at Matthew. They looked like they were about to beat him up in the next second.

When Grace noticed the situation, she instantly put on a pitiful expression and pointed at Matthew as she yelled, “You better make it clear now, Larson. How have I met a lot of men?If you don’t explain it, I won’t let you off the hook!”

With an impatient expression, Matthew said, “Shouldn’t you be clear about that? I don’t want to talk nonsense with you anymore. After all, I didn’t come because of you. And you guys shouldn’t be worried about me. I’ll be able to afford the expenses for the class reunion tonight.”

As he was saying that, he slammed a wad of cash on the table.

If one were to skim through it, there seemed to be almost two thousand there.

Instantly, everyone present at the scene quietened down. They threw a glance at one another. None of them expected Matthew to carry such a huge amount of cash with him.

After a moment of silence, Leo said nonchalantly, “Seems like you came prepared, Matthew. Is that necessary for a reunion party? What? Did you go to the bank and draw two thousand just so you could show off tonight? It’s okay. Everyone knows about your situation. There’s no need for you to put on a pretense!”

The others nodded. “Is that money you’ve saved up for years? Did you bring all of it just to boast in front of us?”

“It’s already so difficult to support your own living. How can you bring all of your money here just to show off? How ridiculous.”

“As a man myself, Matthew, I really need to give you a word of caution. You must always put your family first. You cannot be swayed by your emotions and act so recklessly. You should’ve kept this money to buy something good for your wife and kids!”

Matthew looked helpless upon hearing that. These guys sure have a rich imagination.

“Don’t worry so much. I just need you to tell me; is this money enough for tonight’s expenses?” Matthew said solemnly.

Glancing at each other, Leo waved his hand and said, “Forget it! If you’re so determined, join us then. But, I really need to tell you, Matthew. The main guest tonight is Julian. You better watch what you say later. We don’t care if you continue to talk to us like that, but Julian is a big boss now. If you offend him, even if he doesn’t want to do anything to you, I won’t let you off easily. Do you get me?”

Pursing his lips, Matthew replied, “Don’t worry; I won’t offend him!”

“You’re only capable of bullying girls like me. Would you dare to offend Julian? Pfft!” sneered Grace.

“You better stay away from Julian later. A janitor like you shouldn’t get close to him!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 489

Matthew ignored the ridicule of the people and he didn’t want to explain further.

The group continued to talk about their relationships with Julian while Matthew sat alone and sipped his tea.

Suddenly, a message came in.

Taking a glance, Matthew saw that it was Leanna who texted him. ‘Mr. Larson, I have made an appointment with that person. When is it convenient for you to come?”

After giving it some thought, he replied, ‘I’m attending a reunion party right now. I’ll go after the party.’

After putting his phone away, a man and a woman appeared by the door.

The man was slender; there was a lot of white hair on his temples and he looked rather old.

As for the woman, she was holding onto his arm tightly as she smiled gently.

Looking at the man, Matthew immediately grinned.

That man was Ed.

When Matthew stood up and was about to talk to him, Leo went one step ahead of him.

“Hey, Ed. You’re finally here. I was just saying that if you weren’t here yet, I would go and pick you up. Come over here. Please have a seat.”

As Leo was saying this, he pulled Ed to the chair right next to the main seat.

The others also rose to their feet and greeted Ed warmly.

However, back when they were in school, Ed didn’t actually have such popularity in the class.

It was mainly because Ed was an introvert. Besides, he was a little cowardly. So, not to mention making friends, he was often bullied by his classmates.

The reason he was very close with Matthew and Julian was that they had helped him before.

However, Matthew didn’t expect Ed to turn out like this after not seeing him in a few years.

Looking at the white hair on the temples, Matthew could imagine how difficult Ed’s life had been in the past few years. In fact, it must have been tough!

Ed was at a loss. He wasn’t very close with Leo and the others and their relationship wasn’t good either.

Most of these people didn’t even know what his name was. They were just following the way Leo had addressed him.

However, this did not prevent them from chatting with him enthusiastically. After all, Ed had a good relationship with Julian.

If they could get close to Ed now, they would have more topics to talk to Julian about when the time came!

When Ed was finally done dealing with everyone’s greetings, he looked toward Matthew.


Ed’s eyes went teary. It’s my best friend!

Matthew was similarly excited. He nodded and said, “It’s been a while.”

Everyone was shocked; Leo inquired, “Ed, y-you can still remember Matthew?”

Giving him a single glance, Ed said, “We were deskmates; of course, I remember him.”

The crowd was baffled again. Everyone looked at Matthew enviously.

If Ed were to compliment Matthew in front of Julian, wouldn’t Julian come helping Matthew for his sake?

Everyone was unsatisfied in an instant.

“We’re all classmates. What’s the difference even if we’re not deskmates? Speaking of which, our families are friends too. Hahaha. Come on. Take a seat!”

Leo laughed as he appointed the seats.

After a moment of hesitation, Ed whispered, “Leo, I… better go sit with Matthew. We haven’t seen each other for such a long time. I want to chat with him.”

There was a subtle change of expression on Leo’s face. Embarrassment was visible in his tone. “The seating arrangement tonight has its purpose, Ed. Why don’t you sit over here first? You guys can chat after dinner.”

“What’s so special with the seating arrangement?” exclaimed Ed.

“Why can’t I sit with Matthew?”

Helplessly, Leo said, “Don’t you know, Ed? You need to sit with the big boss of our class later. He’s here for you. So it would be best if you’re the one that entertains him tonight. How can you sit beside Matthew?”

Ed was stunned. “W-What big boss?”

“You’ll know after a while.” Leo beamed.

“Just sit like this for now.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 490

Ed was utterly confused. After a moment of hesitation, he whispered, “Leo, I-I’m not very good at talking. I might not be the most suitable one to entertain him. Why don’t you just let me sit beside Matthew? You guys can entertain him on your own. I… I really can’t do it…”

Drawing her brows together, Grace said, “Ed, Leo has made the arrangements. Just listen to him. Besides, the boss is a good friend of yours. How can you not entertain him?”

“Good friend?” Ed was astonished.

Laughing slyly, Grace continued, “Do you remember Julian Davis?”

Instantly, Ed’s eyes widened. “J-Julian? He’s a big boss now?”

“Yeah! He’s the most successful person in our class,” said Grace proudly.

“He’s worth hundreds of millions now. How incredible. You guys were the closest back then; of course, you should be entertaining him!”

For a while, Ed was stunned. But then he said, “But back then, I was actually the closest with Matthew—”

Leo was a little annoyed and he interrupted, “Whatever. Just sit here. Ed, a guest should do as the host thinks fit. Besides, I’m the one who organized today’s reunion party. So, you should stop messing things around.”

Scratching his head, Ed then asked, “O-Or you can let me and Matthew sit on either side of Julian?”

“What right does he have to sit beside Julian?” Grace pouted.

“We’ve arranged for Elaine to sit on Julian’s right side! Do you know Elaine? Our class belle—the one Matthew had a crush on. Tell you what. Elaine and Julian are a perfect match!”

Everyone laughed upon hearing that. Of course, they knew why Leo had arranged for Elaine to sit beside Julian.

However, Ed’s expression changed. Aren’t they trying to annoy Matthew on purpose?

Just when he was about to say something, Matthew spoke up at once, “It’s okay, Ed. Just sit there first. Since we’re already met, we still have the time to talk later.”

Upon hearing Matthew’s advice, Ed finally sat down and said nothing.

The crowd surrounded Ed, asking him about his current situation.

From the chatter, Matthew learned about Ed’s situation.

He was originally arranged to work in his family’s factory after graduation.

However, his mother fell ill. Their family spent all of their savings to save her life.

Even the money they had saved for Ed to get married was used up.

Besides, the factory was retrenching workers at the time, so Ed had no choice but to go out on his own.

After a few years, due to Ed’s introverted and weak personality, he suffered a lot in society.

Looking at Ed, Matthew’s eyes turned wet.

He didn’t know things like that had happened to Ed’s family.

Besides, when he was at his lowest, he didn’t even come to Matthew to ask for money. For him, this was the most touching part of the story.

Not long after the talk, another person walked through the door. It was Elaine.

Elaine had dolled herself up for today. Her clothes were quite risqué. It seemed like she had prepared herself on purpose for tonight.

Elaine and Leo were distant relatives. And when she got the news about Julian from Leo, she was very attentive about it.

Her current boyfriend, Logan, was just a pretty vase.

Although he looked fancy on the surface, he actually didn’t have much money.

When she found out that Julian was worth hundreds of millions, she rushed over immediately.

If she could hook up with him, she could live a prosperous life.

To become a rich lady who didn’t have to worry about her living was a lot better than keeping up with someone like Logan.

When Leo saw Elaine, instantly, he laughed and said, “Hahaha. Our pretty lady is here!”

“Wow! I haven’t seen you for so long and yet you still look so beautiful!”

Every guy in the room looked eager. After all, she was the class belle.

Besides, Elaine had been keeping up with the fashion trends all these years. That was why she was still so captivating.

Grace had on a sour expression as she was irritated because everyone started ignoring her the moment Elaine came in.

Glancing at Matthew, she suddenly had an idea. Immediately, she chuckled, “Elaine, look who’s here.”

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