The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 491-500

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 491

Matthew couldn’t help frowning. Argh, how disgusting! How could Grace point her finger at me just to attract people’s attention? Isn’t she trying to turn me into a joke? Because Elaine was instantly surrounded by the boys when she came in, she didn’t notice Matthew at all.

When she heard Grace’s statement, she looked over at once. In an instant, she was stunned and her expression turned cold. She remembered herself being embarrassed by Matthew at the Shanghai Nights restaurant. Back then, she thought that Matthew had succeeded in life.

After that, she found out from Charlie that Matthew had only inadvertently saved Billy’s daughter and that was why he had that Supreme Card. Moreover, the debt Billy owed to Matthew was already cleared now; the way Charlie talked about Matthew was full of disdain.

At that time, she was so furious and thought that Matthew was pretending to be wealthy so that he could humiliate her. She had been finding the opportunity to take revenge on him. Little did she know that she would be meeting him at the party tonight.

“Huh. Isn’t this the son-in-law of the Cunningham Family?”

“What’s the matter? Even after informing your family, you still dare to come to the reunion party?” Elaine sneered.

At that moment, everyone was surprised and started wondering what was happening right now. Immediately, Elaine told everyone about Matthew’s story. But, the story was an exaggerated version.

Once she finished the story, the crowd burst into laughter. Grace, in particular, was laughing so hard as she pointed at Matthew and said, “I didn’t expect you to be even more useless than I imagined, Matthew! Forget about being a toilet cleaner at a hospital.

How could you allow yourself to become a live-in son-in-law? Look at what age we’re in now. Are there still people willing to be a live-in son-in-law? Oh, dear. How ridiculous! Matthew, even if you don’t feel ashamed, you should at least think about your family, right? Your parents didn’t raise you for you to humiliate them like this.”

Instantly, Matthew’s expression went frigid and he spat, “Watch what you say, Grace! You can talk however you want to me, but don’t ever involve my parents! You better listen carefully. No matter what, you should respect other people’s parents. This is the basic quality of a human being!”

After being scolded by Matthew, Grace was frustrated. “How dare you speak about quality with me? Look at yourself! A live-in son-in-law who works in a hospital as a janitor. You’re simply discrediting all of us just by attending this reunion party! Respect? Quality? Look at your stupid face. Can you bear it if I were to respect you?”

At this moment, Ed could no longer stand her. “Grace, y-you’ve gone too far. You’ve got no say in how other people live their lives. It’s none of your business. How can you say that Matthew is embarrassing himself when he’s working to support himself with his own labor? H-How can you say something like that?”

Seeing Ed’s anger, Leo instantly stood out and comforted, “It’s just a joke between classmates. Why are you taking it to heart? Ed, you too. Stop frustrating yourself.

Matthew is a tough guy. He can take the joke! But speaking of that, Matthew, this is your fault. We’re classmates. If you have any difficulties, you should tell us. At least we can all help you to figure out a solution.”

Snorting at Leo’s remarks, Matthew was too lazy to bother with a hypocrite like him. He had put on a mask of pretense just to appease Ed. It wasn’t long ago that he was still worried that Matthew wouldn’t be able to afford tonight’s bill.

Humming in agreement to Leo, Grace suddenly let out a chuckle, “Oh right, Matthew. Why didn’t you bring your wife to meet us? There aren’t a lot of live-in son-in-laws these days. If it weren’t a special circumstance, why would anyone want a live-in son-in-law?

Is it because your wife is so ugly that no one wants to marry her and that’s why they had no choice but to get someone useless like you?”

Everyone couldn’t help but crack up again.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 492

As Matthew stared at Grace coldly, he said, “Are you looking for trouble?”

When Leo saw that something was off, he quickly came to mediate the dispute again. “Matthew, why are you so worked up? Grace is just joking. You’re a man; can’t you just take it as a joke? We’re old mates. Why are you so angry with her comments?”

The others nodded in agreement. “That’s right. It’s just a joke between us. You don’t have to act like that!”

“No wonder you’re only a janitor. Which company would dare to employ a petty man like you?”

“Listen to me, Matthew. Men shouldn’t be so petty. Or else, even if you’re already a live-in son-in-law, people would still kick you out!”


Although the crowd looked like they were comforting Matthew, they were actually mocking him.

They knew the relationship between Grace and Leo, and so there was no way they wouldn’t help her.

With a grimace, Ed yelled, “Haven’t you guys had enough? Is this really just joking? How can someone insult others like that? Y-You guys are too much!”

Grace pouted in response. “Huh. He shouldn’t be afraid of other people’s comments if he dared to do something like that in the first place. A cleaner who cleans toilets. Look at today’s occasion. Is this some place you can come as you please?

You came here on your own and made a joke out of yourself, yet you don’t let people make jokes? What’s the logic behind that? What a ridiculous man you are. Perhaps only your wife could stand someone like you! From the looks of it, your wife is probably also garbage just like you…”

This time, Matthew was utterly worked up. Slapping the table, he stood up. “Don’t push your luck, Grace! I don’t want to get angry with you guys, but that doesn’t mean that you can insult my wife as you please. Apologize immediately; otherwise, I’ll never forgive you!”

Grace was startled. Instantly, her eyes turned scarlet. “W-Who are you trying to scare? Do you think I’m afraid of you?”

Even Leo’s expression turned frozen. “What are you doing, Matthew? We’re classmates. Why are you hitting the table and getting all worked up? And you’re even trying to bully a girl? Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Everyone else stared at Matthew, looking like they were going to hit him immediately if he were to make a move.

Elaine glared at Matthew with a cold grin. She was trying to take this opportunity to get even with him.

It was at this moment that the door was suddenly pushed ajar. It turned out to be Julian, who walked in with a little girl in his arms.

Instantly, Leo’s expression changed drastically; with a smile, he walked up. “President Davis. You’re finally here! Please come in and take a seat. Guys, please allow President Davis to have his seat. Oh, and also, someone please get a waiter over here! Please come in, President Davis.”

Leo bowed flatteringly as he ushered Julian inside.

Grace and the others also rose to their feet, looking at Julian with flattering expressions.

Elaine had even gone up and welcomed him. “Look at you, Julian. I haven’t seen you in so many years and you’ve become more handsome. Who is this cute little girl? Is this your daughter? Aww. How adorable. Come; let me hug you.”

Shrinking into Julian’s embrace, Nicole was too timid to let go of her father.

With a laugh, Elaine said, “She’s so shy! She’s too cute. I think I’m in love with her, Julian. Come on. Let me hug you.”

Burying her head into Julian’s arm, Nicole now refused to look at her anymore.

“I’m sorry. Nicole is a bit shy,” chuckled Julian.

However, Elaine wasn’t feeling embarrassed at all. Covering her mouth, she smiled, “Little girls are always like this. Just like how I always thought you were handsome back in school, but I was too shy to tell you.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 493

Everyone burst into laughter in an instant.

“It’s not too late to say it now,” chuckled Leo.

“Besides, you and Julian are both talented and good-looking. You guys would make a lovely couple! You two really have to catch up with each other tonight. Come on, Julian. You’ll take the main seat. Elaine, you sit on the right of Julian; Ed’s on the left. You guys have to keep Julian entertained tonight!”

Elaine continued to chuckle as she said, “Don’t worry. As long as Julian doesn’t mind it, I can accompany him all night.”

Since everyone understood what Elaine was trying to imply, they roared with laughter again.

Leaning closer to Julian, Elaine smiled. She did a background check on him and knew that he was still single.

And that was why she dressed herself up for she was determined to get him kneeling at her feet tonight.

However, Julian made a face in response. He knew Elaine quite well.

Back in the day, Matthew suffered a lot because of her.

“I’m sorry, but my daughter is going to sit beside me,” Julian answered.

Upon hearing that, Elaine’s expression changed slightly. Because of her beauty, no men had ever rejected her before.

Besides, she was so passionate and had dressed herself up tonight. She didn’t expect Julian to reject her so directly.

However, in just an instant, her smile quickly recovered. “That’s okay. She can sit on my lap during dinner. Little cutie pie, do you mind if I hold you?”

As she was saying that, she tried to reach out again to hold Nicole.

Immediately, Nicole dodged away. She didn’t want Elaine to touch her at all.

Elaine couldn’t help but felt embarrassed. “Haha. Your daughter is really shy, Julian. I think she usually only allows you to hold her, right?”

Just when Julian was about to say something, Nicole jumped off from his embrace suddenly.

Under everyone’s gaze, Nicole went straight to Matthew and hugged his leg in excitement.

“Hug me, Uncle Larson!”

Everyone was dumbstruck.

Didn’t Julian just say that his daughter is very shy and doesn’t like others to hold her? Why is she darting toward Matthew in just a blink of an eye?

Could it be that they are very familiar with each other?

With a soft chuckle, Matthew held Nicole up. “Have you been behaving yourself recently, Nicole?”

Julian was surrounded by the crowd and so he didn’t see Matthew earlier.

Now that he had seen him, he breathed a sigh of relief and walked over with a smile.

“Behaving? She’s very naughty! If you don’t listen to me, I’m not going to let you visit Uncle Larson anymore!”

Julian laughed.

Grabbing Matthew’s arm pitifully, Nicole whined, “Uncle Larson, will you let me come play at your house?”

With a laugh, Matthew said, “Of course, I would want you to visit me. Auntie Cunningham was talking about you not too long ago.”

Instantly, Nicole was overjoyed. As she made a face at Julian, she grabbed tightly onto Matthew’s neck.

“Uncle Larson is the best! Yay! I can go swimming again.”

The crowd was stunned by the situation. No one knew what was happening right now.

Leo couldn’t help but move closer. “President Davis, w-what is your relationship with Matthew?”

Giving him a side glance, Julian snorted, “Seems like our class monitor is quite forgetful! Don’t you remember the Powerful Trio from back in the days? Me, Matthew, and Ed. The three of us are very close.”

Leo and the others were startled as they exchanged glances in embarrassment.

To be honest, the three of them were ordinary students in school back then.

Their results and family backgrounds were average and they didn’t even know how to flatter the others. There was no way that they would have joined Leo’s squad.

Back then, the three of them were essentially transparent.

Usually, these types of people were the ones who would be forgotten after graduation.

It was only through Ed’s parents that Leo found out about Julian.

He honestly didn’t know that Matthew had such a good relationship with Julian.

Otherwise, how would he have dared to mock Matthew like that?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 494

Being someone who had seen much of life, Leo instantly snapped back after just a moment of embarrassment.

“Argh. Look at me. How did I forget about this? Oh, yeah. You guys were the closest back in the days. Hahaha. This is great. A reunion with our classmates. It’s good that we can all sit here and talk together like this. Come on, President Davis. Please take a seat. Matthew, Ed, you guys should sit with President Davis,” Leo said as he arranged the seating.

When the others glared at Matthew, reluctance and jealousy were visible in their gazes.

In their opinion, Matthew was just some useless toilet cleaner. How could he be so close with Julian?

Sitting still in his seat, Matthew said slowly, “Forget about the main seat. Didn’t you guys say that this is the most suitable place for me? Let’s just stay this way. It’s quite troublesome to switch seats. Otherwise, people would think that we’re part of your squad.”

Upon hearing Matthew’s mockery, Julian couldn’t help laughing.

Leo and the others were flushing. Matthew managed to scold all of them with just that one sentence.

However, because Julian was still sitting by the side, they didn’t dare to rebuke him.

“Since Matthew doesn’t want to, why don’t you come to sit over here, President Davis?” Leo said.

Waving his hand, Julian rejected. “It’s okay. I prefer to sit with Matthew and Ed. It’s just dinner. You can still eat no matter where you sit.”

After he finished talking, Julian went and sat beside Matthew.

Just like that, Julian and Ed were sitting on either side of Matthew.

The crowd was surprised by the situation.

No matter how close Julian was to Matthew and Ed, he should have been the one sitting in the middle.

But, what was happening now? Everyone couldn’t help but wonder why he gave the center seat to Matthew and sat beside him.

Why is Julian treating Matthew so nicely?

Although there were doubts, Leo had no choice but to get everyone back to their seats.

As for Elaine, she had gone and sat beside Julian shamelessly because Nicole was leaning on Matthew, refusing to leave him now.

After having several drinks, Leo lifted his wine glass and went to Julian to start flattering him.

However, Julian didn’t pay attention to him but continued to talk to Matthew and Ed.

In the meantime, Nicole was lying in Matthew’s arms. From time to time, she asked, “Uncle Larson, when is Auntie Cunningham on leave? She promised to take me to swim!”

“Uncle Larson, can my puppy swim with me too?”

“Uncle Larson, does Auntie Cunningham know how to plait me a braid?”

Looking at the situation, Grace was extremely envious. Isn’t the little girl being too kind to Matthew?

With Julian’s current net worth, it might not be easy for me to please him.

However, if I can please his daughter, I might be able to earn some benefits in the future.

At the opportune time, Grace leaned over. “Do you like to swim, Nicole? Why don’t you follow me? I can bring you to swim anytime you want. I know the staff from a water park. You can play whatever you want.”

Glancing at Grace, Nicole shook her head. “No. Daddy says I cannot go to crowded places. I cannot run around since my body hasn’t recovered yet.”

Grace was surprised. “When Matthew brought you swimming, wasn’t it a crowded place too?”

“Who said that?” Nicole instantly protested. “No one uses the swimming pool at Uncle Larson’s house! It’s just me and Auntie Cunningham. It’s fun.”

Everyone at the scene was shocked. Leo then said in bewilderment, “W-What swimming pool in the house? He has a swimming pool at home?”

How many people can afford a swimming pool at home, especially in a place like Eastcliff?

A person like that is definitely wealthy!

“Nicole, did you make a mistake?” Grace looked incredulous.

“It’s just a bathtub in his house, right?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 495

Nicole shook her head. “I know what a bathtub is. I have a bathtub in my house. The one at Uncle Larson’s house is a real swimming pool. A really, really big swimming pool. He even has two of them. One in the front yard and one inside his house. It’s so much fun! Daddy says we can even go swimming in the indoor one during winter!”

Everyone was stunned. Not only did he have a swimming pool, but he even had two of them.

How could he live in such luxury?

Unable to resist, Grace looked at Matthew and asked, “Matthew, is that true? Y-You have two swimming pools in your house?”

Matthew simply smiled and did not answer.

They were all flabbergasted. Nicole did not seem to be lying.

Could it be that Matthew was really that rich?

But if that were true, then what was he doing as a janitor at the hospital?

After falling silent for a moment, Leo could not resist anymore.

He seized the opportunity and walked over to Julian with a wine glass in his hand.

“President Davis, a toast to you. It’s been a while since we last saw each other. Ever since we went to school together, I knew that you were going to be someone great. Indeed, you’ve become the top of our class. You’re making us feel so ashamed of ourselves. We can’t catch up to you!” Leo gave out a hearty laugh.

Julian felt a bit disgusted, but he still drank with him out of courtesy.

After they had a glass together, Leo continued to sit there and engage in small talk with him.

Julian was getting annoyed now. “Leo, can you get to the point?”

Leo smiled awkwardly then said in a low voice, “Well, our companies have had some business together lately, President Davis. But when we issued an invitation to tender, the department manager at your company seemed a bit biased against our company. As old classmates, we have a trustworthy relationship. So, I was thinking, President Davis, if you can help…”

Julian chuckled and shot Leo a glance. “So you wanted to talk about business. I was wondering why you were so friendly when we haven’t seen each other in years. Sorry, but the head office has procedures to follow in work-related matters. If you were disqualified, then that’s that, unless the head office changes their rules.”

There was a change in Leo’s expression. He quickly added, “President Davis, rules are not alive, but people are. We go way back. Think of our friendship. As long as I get the raw materials for you, the rules are not important. Don’t you think so?”

Julian burst into laughter. “Oh, Leo. You sure are opportunistic. But, if you tell me to break the rules in front of the leader at my head office, what do you expect me to do?”

Leo stammered, “W-What leader at your head office?”

Everyone else was also astonished. Grace murmured, “You don’t have to worry, President Davis. We’re all old classmates here. You can trust us. Apart from us, no one will know about this. There’s no way the people at the head office will find out!”

Julian smirked. “The leader of our head office is sitting right here, and you say he won’t find out?”

They were all in shock. “Who? Who is the leader of your head office?”

Julian pointed to Matthew. “Don’t any of you know? Matthew is the leader of our head office. His wife is our president!”

The room went silent.

They all stared blankly at Matthew.

Who could have imagined that was who he really was?

Grace immediately asked, “President Davis, are you mistaken? Isn’t he a janitor at a hospital?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 496

Leo stared at Matthew. “No way. Matthew, y-your wife is the president? Then, why were you cleaning the toilets at the hospital?”

Julian scoffed. “Who said that? He’s a department director at the hospital! He’s also responsible for a lot of projects at the company, including appointing the company president.

Leo, if you want to work with our company, shouldn’t you have a good understanding of the situation in our company first? It’s because of this half-hearted attitude of yours that the department manager doesn’t want to work with you!”

They all fell into dead silence as they kept their eyes trained on Leo.

He was the one who told them that Matthew was the janitor at the hospital, so that was why they ridiculed Matthew.

Who would have expected things to turn out this way?

Leo also looked disorientated. At the time, he had seen Matthew clean the toilets with his own eyes. How did this happen?

After a brief silence, Leo quickly tried to justify himself, “Matthew, the truth is—”

Matthew brushed him off. “Let’s eat. I don’t want to talk about work.”

Leo was so flustered that he was unable to say a word. Feeling out of place, his face also turned sour.

He was certain that the project was a failure now.

Matthew was surely going to give those who mocked him tonight a hard time.

With a bitter look on his face, Leo went back to his place and sat down. His whole table was silent, except for Matthew, Julian, and Ed, who were still engaged in conversation with each other.

Grace and a few others thought about going over countless times to say a few words, but no one paid any attention to them, leaving them feeling awkward.

Elaine wanted to join in with Julian, but seeing how things were going, she knew that it was hopeless now and gave up.

She could not help but feel enraged as she watched Matthew talking and laughing cheerfully.

People were strange animals. She never hoped that a man whom she had rejected in the past would do better than her.

Otherwise, wouldn’t that prove that she made the wrong choice?

Suddenly, she said, “What is he trying to show off? Even if you’re rich, you still live under someone else’s roof. That shows that some people are good at just that. Someone else’s company; someone else’s business. Does it have anything to do with him? He’s pretending to be successful with someone else’s assets. Bah! The sight of him disgusts me!”

Because the others were also discontented, they started to echo her words.

With a fierce look on her face, Grace scoffed, “Marrying well can save a person many years of struggle. Look at Matthew. He married into such a good family that made him into a member of the upper-class. Who would have thought that back in our school days, he was an unqualified piece of trash?”

Everyone started laughing.

The expression on Julian’s face changed. “What did you say, Grace?”

She had a slight fear for Julian before, but that was because they were trying to curry favor with him.

Now that that was out of the picture, she did not care anymore.

Without backing down, she continued, “What? Am I wrong? Out of so many people in our class, no, out of so many people in our school, he was the first person I heard of that became a live-in son-in-law. What century are we living in now?

How can there still be someone who does such undignified things? However, if he intends on throwing his pride away, he would be able to succeed very easily. There’s just one thing that I don’t get. Matthew, is your wife so ugly that nobody wants her, or is she blind? Why would she marry someone like you?”

There was an uproar of laughter. Leo glanced at Matthew. “Do you even need to ask? She’s definitely ugly! Otherwise, out of all the people who would be lining up to be her live-in son-in-law, how was he chosen?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 497

Julian scolded, “You’re a bunch of fools! Didn’t you bother to ask around? The president of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, Sasha Cunningham, is the most beautiful woman in Eastcliff! She is Matthew’s wife! Ugly? Blind? I think you people are the ones who are blind!”

They were stunned. One of them blurted, “That can’t be. His wife is Sasha Cunningham? Are you pulling our leg?”

Another person asked, “Why? Do you know her?”

The first person shook his head. “No, but I’ve heard of her before. According to rumors, she really is the most beautiful woman in Eastcliff. Growing up, she was always the campus belle.”

Once again, they were astonished. They looked at Matthew with only resentment in their eyes.

They just could not understand—what dumb luck did he stumble upon?

Not only did he marry someone wealthy, but she was also beautiful.

The most beautiful woman in Eastcliff married Matthew Larson?

On what grounds?

Grace was relentless. “D-Did you get it wrong? They might just have the same name.”

That person shook his head. “If we’re talking about Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, there’s only one Sasha Cunningham. The Cunninghams were the founders of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, but somehow it fell into Sasha’s hands. People in the medical field know that the company’s president is a beauty. She’s well-known throughout the whole province!”

The people there looked at one another. All that information was a big blow to them.

Julian scoffed, “I don’t suppose you still have more to say? Grace, ugly creatures like you shouldn’t be making a spectacle of yourself. And you, Elaine, stay further away. I feel nauseated whenever I see your face. You mingled with a bunch of slackers in school, and now you want to act all innocent in front of me? You’re fooling yourself!”

Elaine’s face turned a bright red. She stomped her foot in anger but was unable to refute since everyone knew about her schooling days.

Seeing that the crowd had been rendered speechless, Leo suddenly seethed, “People these days are so good with empty talk. They’re brave enough to pull such pranks. The most beautiful woman in Eastcliff? Hmph! I’ll have you know that the true beauty in Eastcliff can only be that one person. Sasha isn’t even worthy enough to fawn over her.”

Grace immediately turned toward him. “Who is it?”

In a boastful manner, Leo announced, “Leanna Sandel of the Sandel Family from the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff!”

There was an uproar. Leanna’s name carried more weight than Sasha’s did.

After all, Leanna already had a very high status.

“I’ve heard of Leanna Sandel. She’s almost ethereal.”

“Didn’t they say that she was so beautiful that she attracted several heirs from great families in Bainbridge? They rushed over here just to fight for her hand in marriage.”

“Her own capabilities are also outstanding. She has her own assets that have apparently surpassed the Sandel Family’s.”

“A beauty like her is truly deserving of the title of the most beautiful woman in Eastcliff. Sasha can’t compare to her!”

Everyone pitched in their opinions.

Grace had a look of yearning. “Leanna Sandel. My aunt has met her once before. She’s just breathtaking. It’s a pity I never had the chance to meet her!”

Leo looked proud of himself. “Then you really have terrible luck.”

She glared at him. “What are you boasting about? Have you met her before?”

He scoffed. “Not just that. I’ve also had a conversation and exchanged contact details with her!”

All of a sudden, they started to surround him while making a lot of noise.

“Is that true?”

“You have a means of contacting Leanna?”

“Can you give me her number?’

“Show me! Do you have a picture?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 498

The group of people had lost all self-control.

With a proud look on his face, Leo waved his hand and said, “Sit down, everyone. Sit down. Why are you all so excited? As for her contact details, I can’t give that to you since it’s very personal. But the next time I see President Sandel, I’ll take a picture with her. I’ll open your eyes to a whole new world!”

They shrieked.

“You’re amazing, Leo!”

“Oh my gosh. Leanna Sandel! She is the woman of all Eastcliff men’s dreams!”

“Leo, I heard that Leanna is single now. If you manage to win her heart, that would be out of this world!”

“Whether it’s looks or assets, Leanna Sandel far surpasses Sasha Cunningham. Aren’t you envious, Matthew?”

They kept making a racket as if being acquainted with Leanna was a matter worth flaunting about.

Meanwhile, Matthew did not have much to say and was not bothered to talk to them either.

Leo bragging that he knew Leanna was also a way for him to gain back some of his pride.

Currently, it did not seem like they would be able to have any fruitful conversations about business at that dinner and he was also uninterested in letting the night drag on. Thus, he called the waiter over to get the check.

The waiter said with respect, “Ladies and gentlemen, your check has been paid for.”

They were astonished. Grace was the first one to look at Leo. “Leo, did you pay beforehand? It’s fine. We’re going Dutch, so we’ll transfer you the money. How much was the total?”

Leo felt perplexed. I didn’t get the check beforehand.

At that moment, the waiter interrupted, “Oh, my apologies; I forgot to tell you. Leanna Sandel was the one who paid for it. She paid beforehand because her friend was going to eat here.”

Once again, there was a ruckus inside the room.

“What? Leanna Sandel—President Sandel—paid for our bill?”

“For a friend? Then, it’s definitely for Leo!”

“T-That can’t be!”

“You’re a champ, Leo!”

“The great Leo!”

They were all cheering in high spirits while Leo was dumbfounded.

He was simply talking big earlier, but in reality, he and Leanna had only met once before.

At the time, he participated in a meeting in place of his uncle. A few minutes after Leanna arrived, she gave a speech then proceeded to leave.

As for her contact details, it was just her office number.

Moreover, he could only reach her secretary through that number. If it was unimportant, the call would not get transferred to Leanna.

In other words, she was unaware of his existence. Why would she pay the bill for him?

Nonetheless, he had come to this point, so he could only go with it shamelessly.

“As long as everyone is happy. Okay, we’ve had plenty to eat and drink tonight. It’s time to go home now. Let’s gather again some other time.” He laughed.

They continued to curry favor with him as they walked him all the way to the main entrance.

As soon as he stepped out, they all saw a Lamborghini parked at the front.

“F*ck! That’s a sleek car!” They were in awe.

Elaine was even more shocked. One of her friends sat in a Lamborghini once, and she could not stop bragging about it.

Elaine had also wondered when she would be able to sit in a car like that. At least, she would not have lived for nothing all this time.

Pulling up her skirt slightly to reveal more of her legs, she started striding toward the car. If I can get the person in the car, I’d have gained something tonight!

Before she could get close to it, however, the door of the Lamborghini opened.

Under everyone’s attentive watch, a pair of straight and beautiful legs stretched out of the car.

Then, a woman of unrivaled beauty stepped out.

Seeing that woman made them feel like they were struggling for air and even made them shy away.

She was so beautiful that people did not even dare to make eye contact with her.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 499

There was only one thought in their minds when they saw that beautiful woman.

“A woman with such unrivaled beauty existed in this world?”

They were all in a daze.

Meanwhile, this beautiful woman started walking toward them with a smile.

Their breaths quickened as they began to wonder, Is she interested in me?

The most excited person there was Leo because that beautiful woman was walking straight toward him.

The closer she got to him, the higher he felt his heart rise in his throat.

When she arrived right in front of him, he flaunted a smile at her and was about to speak when she went right past him.

His face stiffened.

To everyone’s surprise, she headed toward Matthew and smiled. “Mr. Larson, please excuse me. Did I interrupt your dinner? I have everything prepared. Is it convenient for you to head over there now?”

Everyone was in disbelief. Is the beautiful woman talking to Matthew?

Why is she inviting him?

How did Matthew even get to know such a beautiful woman?

He smiled. “You look like you’re in a bit of a rush. No worries. I happen to have time now. Let’s go.”

Handing Nicole back to Julian, he followed the beautiful woman back into that Lamborghini and drove off with everyone’s eyes on them.

It was silent. Leo and the others were standing like statues—frozen in place.

Just then, Julian walked over and smirked. “Leo, aren’t you friends with that beauty?”

He stammered, “H-How would I know her?”

Julian scoffed. “No way. Didn’t you say you two were really close earlier?”

“W-When did I say that?”

“Didn’t you? Didn’t you say you were really close to Leanna?”

Leo insisted, “That’s Leanna. I wasn’t talking about this…”

Suddenly, his eyes widened.

Everyone also turned to look at him simultaneously. Grace questioned, “Are you bluffing? That’s Leanna Sandel?”

Julian smirked. “What do you think?”

They looked at each other. Leanna paid for their bill earlier, so it seemed like that beautiful woman was really Leanna. She was not paying for Leo, but Matthew!

Grace felt disconcerted. “Leo, aren’t you and Leanna close? That woman earlier didn’t even know you. She can’t be Leanna, right?”

Leo’s face turned red. He kept his head lowered and did not speak.

Julian mocked, “Whether they’re close or not, he himself knows the truth.”

Seeing the look on Leo’s face, however, they could guess what was happening.

Even his underlings were now contemptuously glaring at him.

After showing off earlier, he was exposed on the spot. How embarrassing was that?

Leo turned pale with anger. He seethed, “This can’t be! How… How does Matthew know Leanna? There’s definitely something wrong here!”

Julian retorted, “Why wouldn’t he know her? Leo, do you think that just because you were the class monitor in school that everyone is inferior to you? Just because we’re all old classmates, we won’t get back at you for what happened in school? But your present actions show that you don’t see us as your classmates at all. Don’t blame us when we don’t see you as one, either. After all, you’re not even worth calling a friend!”

With Nicole in his arms, Julian brought Ed and her away from the place.

Leo and the others were left at the scene and they all looked infuriated.

Throughout the whole evening, they had mocked Matthew continuously.

Who would have imagined that, out of the lot of them, the one who turned out the best was, in fact, Matthew?

If they had known, they would have treated him better. Wouldn’t they be able to gain something good out of it too?

But now, it was too late to start regretting it.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 500

Leanna brought Matthew back to her villa where everything had already been pre-arranged.

The Clemantis Grass was prepared under Matthew’s orders.

She had also found the person he had requested for—a young woman in her twenties.

The young woman looked nervous as she did not know what was going to happen.

“Mr. Larson, is this everything you need?”

Leanna looked nervous. This was a matter of life and death for her best friend and daughter.

After taking a quick look at her, he knew how she was feeling.

Nodding, he said, “Yes. You don’t have to be nervous. It’s a small matter.”

She started to feel a bit more assured, but her face was still tensed.

Throughout all those years, she had even dreamed of finding a cure for her best friend and daughter.

Now that it was finally happening, how could she not feel nervous?

Matthew had the young woman lie down, then he performed acupuncture on her through her clothes.

The Divine Acupuncture Skill produced sublime results.

Initially, the young woman was very nervous, especially when he took out the needles, so she started sweating profusely.

She thought that it would hurt, but when the needle poked into her skin, she did not feel a thing.

Moreover, she started to feel drowsy and slowly fell asleep.

While she was asleep, Matthew brought the Clemantis Grass over.

At first, the leaves were all dried up. But, under Matthew’s instructions, Leanna was able to bring it back to life.

Just that alone was enough for her to put her faith in him.

With the emerald green Clemantis Grass in his hand, he slowly moved closer to the young woman’s face.

Then, he poked a silver needle into an area in her cheek, which made her mouth open.

After placing the grass in her mouth, he pulled out a small porcelain bottle and poured two drops of liquid onto the Clemantis Grass.

With the naked eye, one was able to see how fast the grass melted. Not long after, the grass disappeared.

He gently checked on the young woman’s breathing and took a look into her eyes, then he nodded. “All good.”

Leanna was astonished. “Is it done?”

“This is just the first step. We have to let the heart grow for now. After some time has passed and the heart has grown successfully, we can transplant it. Oh, right. During this time, she might feel a bit uncomfortable. The most important thing is that her energy has to be strong. Everything else can be done normally. You can let her exercise; it will be beneficial in this situation. I’ll come back again in ten days. By then, we will probably be able to save them.”

Leanna kept nodding as she kept every word he said in mind.

After that, she personally drove him back to The Grand Garden.

When he got out of the car, she was looking at him in a hesitant manner.

She wanted to ask him how he really felt about Sasha or even ask him if she still stood a chance.

Alas, she did not have the courage to say anything.

Even though she was like a goddess to another person, she did not have that confidence in front of Matthew.

Instead of going back to The Grand Garden, Matthew went across to The Grand Pavilion and arrived at Julian’s place.

Julian was sitting in the living room eating barbecued meat while Nicole was fast asleep.

Seeing Matthew come over, he quickly grabbed a stool and pushed it over.

“Come! The food just arrived. Eat while it’s still hot. Dmn it. What sort of reunion was that? I barely ate anything. That bstard Leo is so stingy. What did he even order?” Julian ranted.

Matthew chuckled. Leo had been that way since they were in school.

If he felt like someone was of use to him, he would immediately run over and fawn over them.

However, if he did not think that they were of any use, he would stay far, far away from them.

It did not seem like Julian was going to help him tonight, so he secretly canceled many of the dishes he ordered. Hence, no one felt satiated after that dinner.

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