The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 501-510

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 501

Matthew was sitting in front of Julian. While he ate kebabs and drank beer, he also asked about Ed’s situation. He wanted to sit down and have a talk with Ed earlier, but there were a lot of people there which made it inconvenient to talk about some things. Then, Leanna suddenly came over and he lost the chance to talk to Ed.

Julian waved his hand. “Sigh. It’s not looking too good. His mother’s illness is a burden on the family. The hospital bills are piling up.

While Ed was working on his job, he ended up getting injured and isn’t able to do any heavy work now. He had no choice but to come back and open a small shop at the front of his house to make a living.”

Matthew did not know that Ed had reached the state that he was in. Throughout the whole dinner, Ed did not look for him nor mention the fifty thousand he owed even once. It was clear that he did not want Matthew to worry about him or feel guilty about that fifty thousand.

Pushing down the misery he was feeling, Matthew asked, “Where is he now?”

“He’s gone home. He’s getting married in two days. There’s still a lot that he needs to do.”

Matthew suddenly remembered the girl Ed brought over. “Is it the girl who ate with us tonight?”

Julian immediately nodded. “I heard she’s a neighbor he grew up with. They’re very close. They got engaged after Ed’s graduation. Due to the issue with Ed’s mother, though, the wedding kept getting delayed until now. I must say, that girl is a keeper.

When Ed got injured and thought of himself as useless, he was worried that he would be a burden on the girl, so he wrote a break-up letter to her. But the girl ran straight to his worksite and refused to break up with him. To tell you the truth, there aren’t that many girls who stay through thick and thin nowadays. Ed really found himself a good woman!”

Matthew nodded. When they were eating dinner tonight, the girl simply sat gracefully and quietly beside Ed without uttering a single word. Throughout the entire dinner, she also carefully placed food in his bowl.

Regardless of whether they were coming in or going out, she held onto his arm the whole time to give him support. A woman like that was surely hard to come by. Thus, Matthew decided that he was going to make Ed happy.

“Are you busy tomorrow? If you aren’t, let’s go and help out,” Matthew said.

Julian looked helpless. “Matt, I also thought of going to help, but things have been so hectic at work lately. After you won at that last conference, the company has just gotten so busy. Didn’t you hear last night? Our company is the biggest pharmaceutical company in Eastcliff right now.

A huge stock of supplies will be coming tomorrow. When I got off work today, President Cunningham specifically put me in charge of this. She wants the company to take off and potentially get listed on the market. This is our prime time. I-I’m afraid I won’t be able to leave my post.”

Matthew laughed. “Luckily, you’re the one who got chosen to be company president. If I had taken on this role, I would be the busy one now. In that case, I won’t take you with me tomorrow.”

Julian showed a look of disappointment. “I want to go too. When you got married, I couldn’t help you. When I got married, you weren’t there either. We’re brothers.

Now that Ed is getting married, it doesn’t seem right for either one of us to miss out. Okay, then. I’ll take a look at the situation tomorrow. Once I’m done with everything, I will head over right away. No matter what, I will definitely be at that wedding in two days!”

Matthew nodded. “It’s fine. It’s the same if I go.” They finished eating the kebabs and chatted a little more before going their own ways.

When Matthew arrived home, he saw Demi and Liam sitting on the living room sofa. Upon seeing Matthew, Demi looked conniving as if she was content that she had returned once again.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 502

Matthew ignored Demi. He knew James and Helen very well. Despite being selfish, those two doted on their children. The only eyesore for them was Matthew and because of him, they treated Sasha unfairly too.

Therefore, even if Demi and Liam got into trouble this time, James and Helen wouldn’t actually chase them out. Besides, they only said that out of anger and it was just a show. Even so, Matthew wasn’t frustrated by that because this house was just a temporary place to live in.

When he got back to the room, Sasha was sitting on the bed sulkily. Feeling helpless, Matthew sighed. “Did you argue with your parents again?”

Angrily, Sasha asked, “Matthew, what is Mom and Dad thinking? Why did they allow Demi and Liam to come back and stay here after what they did? Don’t they need to be punished after making such mistakes?”

With a faint smile, Matthew replied, “Sasha, don’t be mad at Mom and Dad. You know how they’re like. You should get used to it.”

Sasha lashed out, “How can I get used to it? Mom and Dad are obviously biased! You’re innocent in that incident but they insisted that you did it and even tried to chase you out. Now that Demi and Liam are proven guilty, they only scolded them instead! That’s too outrageous!”

Matthew smiled and comforted her, “It’s fine, Sasha. As I said, this house is just a temporary place to live in so everything will be okay once we move into Lakeside Garden. It’ll only be the two of us living there.”

Sasha rolled her eyes at Matthew. “I got it. I know that you’re rich now so stop boasting about the house at Lakeside Garden. Even if we’re rich, we shouldn’t squander our money. Instead, we should save it and spend it wisely. Do you understand?”

Sasha’s words made Matthew smile because he felt like he was cared for whenever she nagged. While they were chatting leisurely, they suddenly heard someone thumping at the door.

When Matthew opened the door, Helen and Demi walked in together. Without saying a word, both of them walked straight to the bed.

Then, Helen walked a few rounds around the bed, looking everywhere in envy. At the same time, Demi followed Helen while describing the functions of this bed, causing Helen’s eyes to gleam even brighter.

“What a nice bed! If your dad and I can have such a bed, it would be wonderful. I’m sure you’re aware that your dad has cervical spondylosis and the doctor has advised us to get a better bed that can support his spine.

However, we didn’t have money to buy a nice bed back then because we had to pay for your tuition fees. Look at your dad now.

He’s hunching when he walks and that’s the consequence from sleeping in a poor bed in the past,” Helen jabbered while sitting on the bed.

Sasha was speechless because she obviously understood what Helen meant. Helen wanted this bed but she was too embarrassed to ask for it so she beat around the bush. If it was in the usual times, Sasha wouldn’t mind it but after the incident last night, she was already really angry.

Since Demi was the one who brought Helen up, she was undoubtedly the one who told Helen about this bed. The truth was, Demi longed for this bed too but she knew that she couldn’t get this bed with her rank in the family.

Yet, she wasn’t happy that Sasha and Matthew could sleep on such an expensive bed either so she called Helen over, hoping that Helen could take this bed away.

At that moment, Sasha was bubbling with anger. Ever since they were young, Demi would rather destroy whatever she couldn’t get than allow Sasha to have it, and this mentality had never changed.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 503

Sitting on the chair, Sasha pretended as if she didn’t hear what Helen said.

After jabbering for a long time, Helen started to feel angry since Sasha seemed unmoved.

“Sasha, didn’t you hear what I said? Aren’t you concerned about your dad’s health? Do you remember how he took care of you when you were young?

He brought you everywhere he went. If he hadn’t worked so hard to pay for your tuition fee, his health would not be in such poor condition.

You’re now the president of the company, who sleeps on a bed that costs a few million. What about your dad? Not a day has passed for him without suffering back pains. Even so, he feels too embarrassed to tell you about it. Don’t you feel guilty?” Helen scolded Sasha angrily.

Demi sneered, “Mom, what’s the point of telling her that?Sasha is no longer on our side. She only cares about her husband, not you or dad. Mom, when I become rich, I’ll buy a nice bed for dad. Even if I have to be stingy with myself, I won’t let you and dad suffer!”

Helen was moved to tears and she patted Demi’s shoulder. “You’re such a sensible child, Demi. You didn’t let your dad down, and I can see why he loves you so much. I truly didn’t expect that my eldest child, who was always obedient when she was a child, would grow up to be an unfilial daughter!”

Upon hearing their conversation that sounded like it came straight out of a drama, Sasha flew into rage. They were obviously forcing her to obey them!

The worst thing was, she couldn’t rebut them because she would be deemed as unfilial if she refused to give them the bed.

Right at that moment, Matthew said, “Mom, this bed is too soft, so it’s not suitable for Dad since he has a backache. Actually, I’ve instructed someone to change the mattress on the bed downstairs to one that will be more beneficial to dad’s spine.”

Helen’s anger instantly spiked. “What do you know? With your dad’s current health condition and his severe back problem, where he has a herniated intervertebral disc, he needs to sleep on a high-quality bed.

Only then can his back be protected. What are you trying to say now? Are you afraid that we’ll take this bed away? Matthew, how can you think so lowly of us? In your eyes, are we this kind of people?!”

Matthew was rendered speechless.

Sasha couldn’t help but explain, “Mom, Matthew was merely analysing it from a medical perspective. He’s just doing what’s best for dad.”

Helen retorted in rage, “He’s analysing it from a medical perspective? How hilarious! He should know his own academic background better. Matthew, do you think that you were promoted to the position of department director because of your ability?

Have you forgotten that I helped you by spending our money to buy gifts for others? If we hadn’t helped you, you would still be working as a janitor in the hospital! Who are you to give medical advice? I know much more than you so stop teaching a fish how to swim!”

Helpless, Sasha waved her hand and said, “Alright, alright. We should’ve kept our mouth shut. Matthew, don’t say something like that in the future.”

Matthew was helpless too, and he shut his mouth.

Glancing at Matthew, Demi provoked, “Matthew, you don’t seem too happy. Do you think that mom is wrong? Fine, why don’t we do an experiment to find out the condition of dad’s health by moving this bed downstairs for dad to sleep on it? ”

Matthew was at a loss for words again. How am I unhappy? Plus, your excuse sounds far-fetched!

Meanwhile, Helen’s eyes brightened. “Demi has a point! We shall do that. This time, I’ll prove to you who’s right and who’s wrong with facts. Demi, call Liam up to move this bed downstairs.”

Excitedly, Demi rushed down the stairs.

On the other hand, Sasha was dumbfounded. “Mom, how can you do that? This is our bed!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 504

Helen glared at her. “I know that this is your bed! I’m just moving it down for an experiment to prove Matthew wrong. Look at how anxious you are. I’m your mother after all, so why would I take your things?”

Sasha was rendered speechless by Helen. When a parent decided to be unreasonable, you just couldn’t do anything about that.

Soon, Liam dashed up excitedly.

He knew that he definitely wouldn’t have the chance to sleep on this bed but as long as Matthew couldn’t enjoy the bed either, he felt satisfied.

Meanwhile, James came up too and while he walked around the bed, he nodded in satisfaction.

“Nice! Alright, move it downstairs then. We’ll move our bed up after this,” smiling, James said.

Helen was standing at the side, commanding Liam and Matthew to move the bedside cupboard first.

Despite feeling helpless, Matthew had no choice but to do as Helen instructed.

Unexpectedly, they realized that the bedside cupboard was actually connected to the bed when they started to move it.

Most importantly, they couldn’t figure out how the cupboard was connected to the bed so they couldn’t dismantle it either.

Even worse, when they tried to lift the bed, both of them found that the bed was attached to the wall so they couldn’t move it.

Helen and James’ initial happiness disappeared into thin air upon seeing this situation, and they were stunned.

“What bed is this? Why is it attached to the wall? Liam, try to find out how to dismantle the bed so that we can move it downstairs,” Helen instructed.

After inspecting the bed for a long time, Liam shook his head helplessly. “Mom, I honestly can’t figure out how this works. Why don’t you and dad sleep without it for tonight? I’ll ask a few of my friends over tomorrow to move this bed downstairs.”

Despite feeling reluctant, Helen had no choice but to agree. “Fine. We’ll sleep on our current bed tonight, but you must call your friends over first thing in the morning tomorrow.”

Liam nodded repeatedly.

After that, Helen reluctantly went downstairs.

Closing the door, Sasha almost exploded in anger.

“I can’t let this happen. I need to find a way to stop them from taking this bed for themselves!” Sasha said angrily.

Softly, Matthew said, “Sasha, calm down. They’re your parents, so what’s the big deal if we give them this bed?”

Anxiously, Sasha rebutted, “How am I supposed to be calm? Matthew, I know what you think and I know I should be filial to my parents, but I just can’t stand the way they treat you! You’ve always been kind to them, but what did you get in return?

Although they’re my parents, I still feel that they’re too outrageous. In fact, they’re ungrateful and heartless! You can’t compromise and tolerate them all the time because they’ll only become insatiable. You have to let them know that your patience isn’t boundless.”

Matthew replied, “I understand but, they haven’t stepped on my bottom line yet.”

Sasha anxiously questioned, “They haven’t stepped on your bottom line even after what they did? Matthew, d-do you actually have a bottom line?”

Looking at Sasha, Matthew softly replied, “You are my bottom line.”

Upon hearing that, Sasha was instantly stunned.

Matthew added softly, “I don’t mind how they treat me, and I know that they dislike me and are biased. Therefore, I’ll turn a deaf ear to them. The only thing that I can’t stand is them mistreating you. I honestly don’t mind how they treat me, but no one can bully you! That’s my bottom line!”

Looking at Matthew, Sasha’s eyes turned red. Then, she suddenly threw herself into Matthew’s arms and wept.

“You’re a fool, a big fool! How many good deeds did I do in my past life to be able to meet a fool like you?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 505

The next morning, Matthew and Sasha were brushing their teeth when Liam barged in with a few men.

“Over here. This is it. Try to dismantle it and move it downstairs,” Liam instructed them.

The few of them immediately gathered around while one of them suggested, “Why don’t we tidy up the bed first?”

Demi walked up from behind and directly yanked off the covers along with everything on top, then tossed all of it to the floor.

“That’ll do. Now, start dismantling it. The floor is clean since it’s swept every day,” Demi said.

Right at that moment, Sasha walked out of the bathroom and immediately flew into rage when she saw that scene. “Demi, what are you doing? Those are the beddings that we sleep on! How can you throw them onto the floor?”

Glancing at Sasha, Demi replied, “Mom and dad will be going out soon and we have to switch the beds before they leave. We can’t care much about anything else since we don’t have much time. Can’t you just clean it up later on by yourself? Since Matthew worked as a janitor at the hospital in the past, I bet he’s an expert in cleaning.”

Overcome with fury, Sasha wanted to rebut Demi but Matthew stopped her.

“Let her be. If you argue with her now, mom and dad will only think that you’re unwilling to let them move this bed. Anyway, we’ve decided to give it to them so why bother stirring up trouble?” Matthew gently said.

Yet, Sasha still couldn’t let it go. “I’m not mad that mom and dad want this bed, but her attitude! How can she throw our things onto the floor? If I did that to her, she would have made a huge fuss!”

Listening to Sasha’s complaints, Demi only smiled smugly and didn’t bother to help them.

Meanwhile, the few men had removed the mattress. When one of them inspected it, he frowned and said, “Mr. Hayes, I’m afraid that it’ll be difficult to dismantle this bed because its instalment method is quite special.”

Liam asked in astonishment, “Isn’t this just a bed? What do you mean, difficult? You dismantle furniture frequently so this should be easy for you.”

The man felt awkward. “We only dismantle common furniture and this bed is obviously expensive. Naturally, the instalment method is extremely special too. Without a blueprint, we won’t be able to dismantle it correctly and it’ll be damaged.”

Liam was stunned. He didn’t expect that moving a bed would be so troublesome.

On the contrary, Matthew smiled because he had anticipated this situation.

If a bed that cost 2 million could be easily dismantled, it would not be worth that price in the first place.

Looking at Demi, Liam asked, “What should we do now?”

Knitting her brows, Demi clenched her teeth and replied, “I don’t care. Just dismantle it! It’s just a bed anyway. If we truly can’t dismantle it, we’ll just reinstall it.”

The few men looked at each other. At last, the leader asked, “Well, if you insist. I need to declare beforehand that if anything happens during the process of dismantling it, we’ll not be held accountable.”

Sasha couldn’t help but say, “If you can’t do it, I think it’s better to get the professionals. What if something happens during the process of dismantling it?”

In a huff, Demi chided, “Sasha, are you trying to buy time? Let me get this straight. I must and will send this bed to mom and dad today! Guys, go ahead and dismantle it. I’ll bear the responsibility if anything happens.”

Upon hearing that, the few men stopped hesitating and immediately grabbed their tools to get to work.

Standing beside them, Sasha couldn’t help but feel dejected while looking at them slowly dismantling the bed.

On the contrary, Demi was delighted because Sasha wouldn’t be able to sleep on such a nice bed anymore.

In the midst of working, a man suddenly gasped, “Oh no! How did this plank snap?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 506

At once, everyone gathered around, only to find a plank that was snapped in two in the man’s hand.

Upon inspecting it, the leader wore a long face while saying, “We dismantled it in the wrong order. This plank can’t bear weight so we should’ve removed another component before dismantling it. Otherwise, this plank will snap from the weight.”

The man was anxious. “What should we do now?”

Helpless, the leader looked at Demi. “Miss Cunningham, you promised that you’ll bear the responsibility if anything goes wrong.”

Demi knitted her brows. “Don’t worry, I’ll bear the responsibility. Continue dismantling it. It’s just a plank anyway. What’s the big deal? Even if all of it is broken, we’ll just replace everything. Go ahead with your job. Don’t bother about these things.”

It was only then did the few people feel relieved and continued to dismantle the bed.

However, as they progressed, more problems arose.

Firstly, it was the plank but later on, other parts started to have problems.

In the end, they had to stop their actions, and the room was a mess.

The leader was in a quandary. “Mr. Hayes, Miss Cunningham, we truly can’t do it. This bed is too sophisticated and I’ve never seen such an expensive bed. Only professionals can dismantle this bed. We honestly can’t do it.”

Demi and Liam seemed confused. “Isn’t it just a bed? How complicated can it be?”

The leader replied, “If I’m not mistaken, this bed cost at least 500 thousand. A bed with this price is like a sophisticated instrument, and it’s not as simple as removing a few screws.

Other than hiring professionals, no one will be able to dismantle it. Miss Cunningham, please find someone who is better qualified to perform the job. We honestly can’t carry on.”

After he said that, the leader and his men left hurriedly.

Demi didn’t give up and asked Liam to call other people over.

Even Helen and James purposely came upstairs to monitor the situation.

As the morning went on, three batches of people came but all of them shook their heads and left.

They were professionals so they knew that this bed wasn’t any other bed with just a glance.

How were they able to clean up this kind of mess?

Even worse, when the last batch of people arrived and saw the situation, they immediately turned and left.

The leader was actually Liam’s friend and before he left, he grumbled, “Liam, are you trying to get me into trouble? Why did you call me over to dismantle a bed that is in such a condition? Are you trying to kill me?”

Confused, Liam asked him back, “What’s wrong? I’m just giving you a job!”

He replied angrily, “What kind of job is this? In such a condition, this bed is basically gone. If I take up this job, who’s going to bear the loss? Can I even earn from this job? Do you know how much I would have to pay for the damage?”

Shocked, Demi replied, “How is this a loss? It’s just a few planks and parts that are damaged. Can’t we just buy and replace them?”

Liam’s friend glanced at her and smiled bitterly. “Easier said than done! Look closely at those planks. I’ve never seen this material even when I’ve worked in this industry for many years.

Besides, those parts are custom-made so you can’t buy it from retailers. Do you know how much these custom-made parts cost?

Take my advice. Immediately find that person who dismantled this bed and ask him for compensation because the damages cost at least 6 figures!”

At once, Demi and Liam were stupefied. They didn’t expect that they would get into such huge trouble by merely dismantling a bed.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 507

Demi exclaimed in disbelief, “A-Are you serious? How could a few pieces of planks and parts cost a few hundred thousand?”

He said in a serious tone, “I’m not joking. This bed is basically half-damaged in its current state and just like an expensive car, it can cost an arm and a leg to repair it. Anyway, you should find whoever dismantled it. Otherwise, no one can afford to bear this responsibility.”

After that, Liam’s friend left hastily with his men because he didn’t want to be involved in this issue at all.

Looking at each other, Demi and Liam seemed to be at a loss.

After a moment of silence, Liam secretly gave Demi a glance.

Upon receiving Liam’s hint, Demi immediately looked at Helen. “Mom, why don’t we ask Matthew to call the seller so that they can settle this?”

Helen nodded. “That seems like the only solution.” Then, she added, “Matthew, call the seller and ask them to send professionals over to repair this bed.”

Immediately, Sasha asked, “Sure, we can ask them to repair the bed, but who’s paying the fee?”

Helen was stunned before she knitted her brows and asked, “There’s a repair cost for such a small matter?”

Sasha replied, “You heard it too just now, Mom. They told us that repairing the bed costs at least a few hundred thousand so why wouldn’t the seller charge us?”

Liam softly said, “It’s been just a few days since you bought this bed so it’s probably still within the warranty period. Therefore, the seller is obliged to repair it!”

Immediately, Helen nodded. “Liam is right! Since the bed is still within the warranty period, how can they charge us? Stop wasting time and call the seller.”

Sasha didn’t know what to say to that and could only ask Matthew to make a call.

Soon enough, the maintenance staff arrived and they were none other than the men who had installed the bed that night.

When they saw the bed’s condition, the maintenance staff immediately exclaimed, “Wh-What’s going on?! How did the bed end up in this condition and why did you dismantle it? You can’t simply dismantle it!”

Looking embarrassed, Liam and Demi bowed their heads in silence.

Helen started to be annoyed. “It’s none of your business. We asked someone to dismantle it because we wanted to move the bed. What’s the big deal? We called you here to repair and move it afterward, so stop talking nonsense!”

The maintenance staff furrowed his brows. “We’re able to repair it but judging from the current condition, repairing this bed will cost you at least 500 thousand.”

Demi was so shocked that she jumped. “What did you say? 500 thousand? Why don’t you rob us instead?!”

The maintenance staff explained, “I’m sorry but I’m not the one who determines the repair cost. Plus, 500 thousand is just a conservative estimation.

Since this bed is limited, where there are only less than 1000 in this world, all the parts are custom-made. If you want to order the parts, the manufacturer will have to stop the production line in order to produce them. The loss of suspending production is the hardest to estimate.”

Everyone was stunned. Even Matthew and Sasha seemed dumbfounded.

Who would’ve thought that repairing this bed could be so complicated?

Flustered, Demi asked panickedly, “But this bed has only arrived the night before yesterday. By right, it’s still within the warranty period so shouldn’t you be responsible for it?”

The maintenance staff glanced at her before replying, “If the issue comes from the bed’s quality, we’re indeed responsible. Besides, this bed enjoys a lifetime warranty.

However, this isn’t the issue of its quality but it’s a damage that you caused due to dismantling it on your own. Man-made damage is not covered by the warranty and this applies to products across all industries.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 508

Demi opened her mouth but she couldn’t say a word because the maintenance staff was right that man-made damages weren’t covered by warranty.

Anxious, Helen asked, “Th-Then what should we do now?”

The maintenance staff shrugged. “We can’t repair it at the moment but I can assess the damage and report it to the manufacturer so that they can custom-make the parts. However, you’ll need to bear the expenses and pay them first in order for them to take orders.”

Helen stuttered, “I-It really cost 500 thousand?”

The maintenance staff replied, “Estimating it conservatively, it costs 500 thousand, but it might go higher than that.”

Finally, Helen panicked completely. “Wh-What should we do? Who dismantled the bed just now? Liam, call them back now! They have to bear the repair cost.”

Looking awkward, Liam bowed his head without saying a word.

Helen became like an ant on hot bricks. “Why aren’t you responding? Demi, call them and ask them to come back now!”

However, Demi lowered her head without making a sound as well.

Sasha couldn’t stand it anymore and lashed out, “Mom, you don’t have to pressure them for answers. They told the workers just now that they’ll bear the responsibility if anything goes wrong. Therefore, they ought to bear the repair cost themselves!”

Helen gaped in disbelief. “Is that true? Demi, h-how could you promise them about that? The repair cost is 500 thousand! How are you going to pay for it?”

With a red face, Demi suddenly shouted, “Sasha, stop making up stories! When did I say that I’ll bear the responsibility? ”

Sasha couldn’t help but be stunned at Demi’s words. She didn’t expect that Demi would deny what she said previously.

Right at that moment, Matthew fished out his phone and said softly, “Luckily, I recorded what you said just now. Demi, do you want to listen to your own words?”

Demi was dumbfounded as she was indeed trying to get away with it.

Unexpectedly, Matthew had recorded her voice beforehand.

A smile bloomed on Sasha’s face while she patted Matthew’s back. At the same time, she said in a low voice, “You truly considered every detail!”

Matthew chuckled. “It’s not rare for them to play it off so naturally, I have to plan ahead.”

Helen snatched the phone and played the recording, and they could clearly hear what Demi said previously.

Listening to that recording, Demi’s face went deathly pale.

This time, they wouldn’t be able to get away with it.

Simmering with rage, Helen chided, “Demi, how could you be so stupid to let them simply dismantle such an expensive bed? Besides, they are the ones who damaged the bed so they should be responsible for it! H-How can you promise that you’ll bear the responsibility instead? Can you afford it?!”

Demi looked like she was about to burst into tears. “Mom, I-I didn’t know that it would turn out this way. I just wanted to dismantle the bed. Who would’ve anticipated this situation? B-Besides, I only did that so that you and dad can sleep on this bed as soon as possible…”

Helen was speechless. “So what should we do now? It’s 500 thousand! Can you afford it?”

Bowing her head, Demi didn’t say a word and just wiped away her tears.

Looking at her, Helen couldn’t help but pity her so she sighed and averted her gaze to Sasha.

At once, Sasha’s expression changed while she anxiously said, “Mom, I have nothing to do with this! It’s her problem so she should fix it herself. I’m not cleaning up the mess for her!”

Helen flew into rage instantly. “Sasha, how can you say that? She’s your sister after all, and sisters should help each other. If you don’t help your own family, who’s going to help her? Outsiders?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 509

Sasha felt extremely helpless. “Mom, why are you pushing the blame on me? I told Demi to call the professionals before she dismantled it but she refused to listen to me and insisted on doing it her way.

Now that something has gone wrong, I’m supposed to settle it instead? Mom, this isn’t a small amount of money. It’s 500 thousand! Besides, she’s not a child anymore so why can’t she bear the responsibility of her own wrongdoings?”

James furrowed his eyebrows. “What’s done is done. Why do you keep bringing up the past? The most important thing now is how to settle this. Sasha, I know what you mean and Demi was indeed too reckless.

However, you’re her sister and who will help her if you don’t? Besides, you’re the president of the company whereas Demi doesn’t even have a job. How is she supposed to fork out 500 thousand?”

Sasha started to be anxious. “Dad, what do you mean? Just because I’m rich, I’m obliged to settle her problems?

It’s just 500 thousand this time but what if she has to pay 5 million, 50 million or even 500 million next time? Should I sell my company to clean up her mess too then?”

James could feel his blood boiling and he chided, “Why do you have to exaggerate? It’s 500 thousand now, not 500 million. I’m not telling you to sell your company!

Besides, do you think that Demi is stupid? We all learn from mistakes and she’ll definitely learn her lesson and become wiser the next time.”

Helen nodded repeatedly. “Your dad is right. Demi, you must be careful next time and don’t ever repeat this mistake again.”

Looking obedient, Demi nodded. “Yes, I will remember this lesson. Actually, I only acted recklessly because I want dad to sleep on this bed as soon as possible so that he can recover soon. Dad, I’ll be more careful next time.”

Upon hearing that, James was touched. He then glanced at Sasha and scolded, “Look at how sensible your sister is. Ever since you became a president, you’ve slowly outgrown your kindness. Your sister only did that out of filial piety, so how can you blame her?

On the contrary, not only are you unfilial to me, but you’re also trying to stop your sister from taking care of me. How can you be so evil?”

Sasha almost erupted in anger. “When did I stop her from taking care of you? I was just talking about the mistake that she made—”

James cut her off angrily, “She didn’t do anything wrong! In fact, you should’ve told her beforehand. You knew that this bed would be hard to dismantle, but all you did was stand idly by. Therefore, you’re actually the one to blame for this incident!”

At once, Sasha was stupefied at her father’s logic.

“Dad, didn’t you hear what I said? I reminded her to call the professionals but she refused to listen and insisted on doing it her own way. Why am I the one to blame?” Sasha asked anxiously.

James retorted in fury, “But your sister didn’t understand the whole situation. Besides, she only made a mistake because she was rushing to move the bed downstairs as soon as possible so that I can have a good rest.

Since you understand the situation, you should’ve hired the professionals beforehand. Then, these troubles wouldn’t have happened! Yet, you did nothing other than making sarcastic remarks. How can you shamelessly blame her when you didn’t even help?”

Sasha’s eyes reddened out of anger. James was just full of heresies and sophistries. On top of that, he was obviously biased!

The truth was, James was indeed annoyed at Sasha because he had wanted to move the bed downstairs since last night. However, she had disagreed, which made him mad.

Now that Demi took the initiative to move the bed for him, he felt that his younger daughter was truly filial.

Therefore, he gave Demi full support in this matter.

Helen waved her hand. “Enough. Let’s do as your dad says. You and Matthew should settle the cost of repairing the bed on your own. Demi, Liam, send us to work now.”

After that, James and the three others strode out, leaving Sasha stupefied in the room.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 510

Looking at the mess, rage churned inside of Sasha.

“Did they really just walk away and leave the mess to us? No, I can’t let this slide. I have to go and reason with them!”

Matthew quickly stopped Sasha, who was about to stomp off.

“Now, now, don’t get angry at them. Since Demi claims that she was doing it for mom and dad, they’ll definitely take her side so regardless of what you say, it’ll be pointless,” Matthew said.

Sasha replied anxiously, “B-But they shouldn’t be so unreasonable. How can they ask us to repair the bed when they’re the ones who destroyed it? How is that fine? That’s so unfair!”

Matthew chuckled before comforting Sasha, “Demi has always been honey-tongued toward mom and dad so naturally, they favor her more. Alright, Sasha. You’re the president of the company so you mustn’t quibble over trivial matters with her.”

Frustrated, Sasha said, “So I deserve to be treated unfairly just because I’m a president? We’re not talking about hundreds or thousands, but 500 thousand! If we don’t teach her a lesson this time, she’ll get us into more trouble in the future!”

Matthew waved his hand. “I know that you can’t let it slide but arguing with her is equivalent to arguing with mom and dad. In the end, you’ll be the one suffering. So forget it and let it be. I’ll repair the bed on my own.”

Then, Matthew looked at the maintenance staff. “Sir, can you assess how much I need to pay for the repair?”

Looking at Matthew, the maintenance staff smiled. “It’s free.”

Sasha was stunned. “I-It’s free? Didn’t you say that it costs at least 500 thousand?”

The maintenance staff chuckled. “I was just scaring your sister. Before I came here, Master Tiger instructed me to put the wind up her. There are actually stocks for these parts in the shop and I’ve brought it all here so we can install the bed anytime. Within 30 minutes, I can repair the bed to its original condition.”

Sasha couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh, I see. You scared me!”

The maintenance staff smiled. “President Cunningham, I bet she won’t ever dare to scheme for this bed again. Without our help to dismantle the bed, she won’t dare to hire someone else to do it. Besides, Master Tiger says that this bed is a gift for you and Mr. Larson, so no one can take it away from you.”

Sasha burst out laughing. Tiger was indeed attentive and thought of every detail.

“However, this plan might not work with my parents’ character. If they ask me to call you later on, it’ll be very troublesome,” Sasha said helplessly.

The maintenance staff shook his head. “Don’t worry, I’ll fix the bed for you first. After this, just tell your parents that it requires half a year to replace all the parts of this bed. During this period of time, the bed shouldn’t be moved to prevent being damaged the second time. I bet that they’ll forget about this bed after half a year.”

Finally, Sasha smiled and nodded. “Brilliant idea! This will make sure they won’t want it anymore.”

After that, the maintenance staff called the other workers in and 30 minutes later, the bed was indeed restored to its original state.

Sasha was overjoyed because she sincerely loved this bed.

Especially because it went with the design of this house, which made her dream life come true.

After cleaning up everything else, Sasha went out to work.

Meanwhile, Matthew headed straight to Eddie’s house on his electric bike.

Today, the marriage room would be decorated in Eddie’s house and Matthew had wanted to go over early.

Unfortunately, he was caught up in that mess at home, which had held him back until now.

When he arrived at Eddie’s house, it was already noon.

Eddie lived in a village in the outskirts of Eastcliff, which was not too far from the city.

Even so, this place was rather run-down since it wasn’t the focus of the city’s development. In fact, it seemed to have been abandoned by the city.

As soon as Matthew parked his electric bike, a Volkswagen Passat suddenly came from behind and grazed Matthew as it drove past him, almost toppling him over.

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