The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 511-520

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 511

A Volkswagen Passat had stopped in front of Eddie’s residence. Just then, a young man dressed in baggy clothing stepped out of the car.

He had a mohawk and tattoos on his neck.

Holding a bag, he took each step with a swagger like a thug.

For a brief moment, the young man glanced at Matthew before spitting on the ground in disdain and sauntered into Ed’s residence.

Dismissing it, Matthew trailed behind him.

In their front yard, it was rather lively. There were a dozen people decorating and setting up the place for the wedding.

As soon as the young man walked in, he yelled, “Come on, Ed. This decoration is too shabby. This wedding has to look extravagant and this is just unpresentable! Are those artificial flowers? Don’t you think you should at least get some real ones? Also, did you make this paper decoration yourself? It’s horrible!”

Comments after comments, the young man was announcing his criticism to the entire town.

At once, everyone at the scene turned to look in his direction. Not only that, even Ed and his parents came out of the house.

“Dennis, you finally came. Come on in,” Ed’s mother breathlessly uttered as she mustered a smile.

Waving his hand, the young man rejected the invitation. “It’s alright, I’m good here.”

“Aunt, don’t take this to heart, but the smell of medicine is too strong in there. I can’t stand it.”

“Eddie, I’ve arranged the bridal car for you. The Volkswagen Passat will look decent and presentable.”

Instantly, Ed’s father was dazed. “Dennis, didn’t you… didn’t you say you would send a BMW? Why did you send a Passat instead?”

Upon hearing this, the young man glanced at Ed’s father scornfully. “Uncle, is a Passat not good enough? Do you have a problem with it? With this decoration, a Passat will be sufficient. You won’t need a BMW, not to mention that I was informed at the very last minute! If you had told me a couple days earlier, I would have sent a Rolls-Royce, let alone a BMW.”

Laughing forcefully, Ed’s mother expressed, “Dennis, I know you’re good at what you do. Ed is your cousin and you grew up together, so we really need your help with his wedding. The bride’s parents requested for a BMW as the bridal car and if that’s not possible, could you please help get a better car? Help us look more reputable, what do you say?”

The young man looked impatient. “Aunt, am I not helpful enough? Go and find out how much it costs to rent a Passat as a bridal car. I’m renting it to you for free, and I even picked it up and sent it here. This is all for the sake of our family relations. If it were anybody else, do you think they would even bother? It’s fine if you don’t want it. I’ll just take the car back!”

Embarrassed, Ed’s parents only nodded. “It’s okay, a Passat is good enough. Don’t be angry, Dennis. We were just asking. Come in and have a cup of tea. Ed, bring Dennis a pack of cigarettes.”

At once, Dennis waved his hand. “It’s fine, I have some other errands to run. I only came over to let you know.”

“We’ll be heading out to church at eight o’clock in the morning, right? I’ll come over at seven-fifty.”

Immediately, Ed’s mother asked, “Dennis, can’t you arrive earlier? We still need to decorate the bridal car, and we won’t have enough time if you’re late.”

Irritated, the young man grumbled, “How troublesome. I won’t be able to get up so early. How about we delay it a little? Let’s leave at eight-thirty.”

Helplessly, Ed’s mother said, “We’ve already agreed on eight o’clock. Dennis, please help Ed out and come earlier.”

The young man was irritated, but finally, he waved his hand. “Fine, fine. I’ll just sacrifice my sleep and come at seven-thirty. Are you happy now?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 512

Reluctantly, Ed’s mother agreed without another word.

“Alright, we’re done here. I have urgent things to do, so I’ll be heading off.” Dennis waved as he was about to leave.

At this moment, someone from the side called out, “Dennis, don’t leave yet. I bumped into Mr. Garrison this morning and he said he’ll be visiting.”

Upon hearing this, the young man beamed. “Mr. Garrison is coming? I must have a chat with him! Go get me a chair. I’ll wait for him here.”

At once, Ed brought a chair over for his cousin. Slouching, he sat with his legs parted. Meanwhile, Ed’s father served him a cup of tea while Ed’s mother brought him a pack of cigarettes.

Glancing at the pack of cigarettes as he took them, the young man scowled. “Aunt, don’t take this the wrong way, but a wedding is such a big event. How could you be so stingy? These are cheap cigarettes and you could at least get Davidoff!”

Instantly, Ed’s mother was puzzled. “What’s Davidoff?”

Glaring at her, the young man snapped, “The Swiss cigarettes!”

Shocked, Ed’s mother stuttered, “T-Those are really expensive! Dennis, you know our situation well. We can’t possibly afford that brand of cigarettes.”

At that point, the young man had grown impatient and he waved his hand. “Alright, stop whining. I’m just saying that you have to see the bigger picture in life. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so you can’t be penny-pinching like this. Don’t you feel embarrassed? Do you expect Mr. Garrison to take these cheap cigarettes? The lot of you are so small-minded. No wonder you’re all good-for-nothing losers who won’t achieve anything in life!”

Ed’s parents were embarrassed by the criticism but they just stood by with a smile as they did not want to offend him.

Upon witnessing these events, Matthew furrowed his eyebrows. In fact, he knew Dennis. He was Ed’s younger cousin brother as their mothers were sisters. During their earlier years, Dennis’s family were not well-to-do. As such, they had lots of financial help from Ed’s family. Dennis would always loiter outside school and often asked Ed for money. Without hesitation, Ed would always lend him money, and he treated Dennis as his own brother. Who would have known that Dennis would turn out this way after a few years of not seeing each other? Bossing Ed’s parents around, he had no respect for them at all. It was all very infuriating to watch.

At this moment, Matthew caught Ed’s attention, and the latter was instantly delighted. “Matt, you’re here! Come in!” Ed greeted warmly.

“Oh my, it’s Matthew!” Ed’s parents were over the moon to see Matthew too.

“Long time no see.”

“You’re all grown up!”

“Come in, come in.”

With a smile, Matthew greeted Ed’s parents. “Hello, Mr. & Mrs. Martinez. It’s been a long time. My apologies for not visiting you sooner because I didn’t know you had moved here.”

As they greeted each other, Dennis came over and looked him up and down.

“Turns out it’s you, Matthew. I was wondering who you were back in the alley, riding a rusty electric bike and blocking the way. So, Matthew, what kind of work do you do? You’re not young anymore, and you still can’t afford a car?” Playing with the car key in his hand, Dennis taunted with a smug expression on his face.

At once, Matthew frowned as he recalled how Dennis used to follow them around like a lost puppy. Now, he was deliberately showing off in front of him.

“Nothing significant. I just work at the hospital.” Casually, Matthew answered his question.

Upon hearing this, Dennis froze while Ed’s parents were overjoyed. “Oh, my. You work at the hospital? What a promising young man. This kid is a doctor now. It’s fantastic.”

Ed’s parents were kind-hearted, and Matthew could tell that they were genuinely happy for him. On the other hand, Dennis looked disgruntled. Ever since he achieved some accomplishments, he had always looked down on Ed and his family. As such, the fact that Matthew was a doctor drove Dennis up the wall.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 513

“Is it true? Matthew, if I remember correctly, you did not even graduate from vocational school. How are you working at a hospital without an educational background? You’re bullshitting, aren’t you?” Dennis sneered.

Upon hearing that, everyone at the scene turned to look at them, and they all had the same suspicious look on their faces.

It was unbelievable, indeed. How could one work at a hospital without any educational background?

Upon seeing this, Ed’s parents quickly tried to smooth things over. “Oh, a diploma isn’t necessary to work at a hospital! Matthew may be in the administrative department, which is good enough.

The most important thing for a young man is to be down-to-earth, and it’s fantastic that Matthew has a stable job. Matthew, you must have taken a day off today, so come in and make yourself at home.”

At once, the couple ushered Matthew into the house.

Unwilling to end the conversation, Dennis pursued them.

“So, Matthew, which hospital are you working at? I know a lot of friends who work in the hospital, and they’re all in the higher ranks. Go on, tell me which hospital you work at. I might even be friends with your leader!” Dennis said smugly.

Instantly, Matthew grimaced. He was unhappy with Dennis’s tone that was full of mockery.

“What does my workplace have to do with you?” Matthew retorted.

Taken aback, Dennis did not expect that Matthew would dare to talk back to him.

“How dare you talk to me that way? What’s wrong with asking about your job? You could just answer the question if you really worked at the hospital. Are you feeling guilty now?

Are you worried I’ll expose you for lying? Huh, I’ve met tons of people just like you. You may be able to deceive others with your tricks, but you won’t fool me!” Coldly, Dennis sneered.

Dennis spoke so loudly, everyone had turned their focus on them. At that moment, they all looked at Matthew with ridicule because the truth was, most people did not believe him.

You would have had to possess specific skills to be able to work at a hospital and Matthew did not graduate from vocational school. Hence, he did not have a diploma, so how was it possible for him to work at the hospital?

“The younger generation these days are too boastful. They would spread lies just to look good.”

“What is the point of lying about this? We’re not stupid. Who is he fooling?”

“I agree, he looks like a lively young man. Yet, he is full of lies.”

“He’s a fool who doesn’t even think logically before lying. He doesn’t even have any educational background or diploma, and yet he works at the hospital? What a joke!”

“Why is Ed friends with this trash?”

At once, everyone spoke out. Proudly, Dennis took pleasure in the way everyone was making snarky remarks at Matthew.

Meanwhile, Ed’s parents were embarrassed. As a matter of fact, it did not matter to them where Matthew worked. They were just happy that Matthew had come to attend Ed’s wedding.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. Ed, take Matthew to the bridal room. We need to decorate it.” Hastily, Ed’s father tried to mediate.

However, Dennis stopped him. “Uncle, there’s no rush and let Matthew speak. Matthew, everyone is still waiting to know which hospital you work at.”

Ed’s mother became anxious. “Dennis, we’re busy right now. You can ask him again later.”

“No!” Dennis scowled. “Ever since Matthew arrived, he had everyone licking his boots. He’s not allowed to leave until he clears things up. I wouldn’t want to associate myself with a liar!”

At that moment, everyone started talking all at once. They were all convinced that Matthew was a liar.

Grimacing, Matthew did not even intend to acknowledge Dennis. But now, it did not seem like Dennis was going to let him off easily.

Just then, someone walked into the residence.

Ed’s father glanced at the new visitor before swiftly going to greet him. “Mr. Garrison, you’re here. You didn’t have to come because we’re just having a small gathering.”

Arrogantly, Dominic Garrison slowly walked over. “I just came to take a look. Please let me know if you need help with anything.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 514

At once, everyone nodded and bowed slightly to greet Dominic. In their village, he had status and power that were greater than the chief of the village.

Glancing at the new visitor, Matthew couldn’t help but smile as he turned out to be one of the patients he had treated.

Hurriedly, Dennis rushed to greet Dominic. “Mr. Garrison, you’re finally here. Come in and have a seat. I’ll have a few drinks with you today, what do you say?”

Without sparing him a glance, Dominic arrogantly walked in.

At once, Ed’s mother carried over a chair with great struggle. “Mr. Harrison, please take a seat.”

Nodding, Dominic was about to sit when he saw Matthew. Instantly, he was stunned and his expression quickly changed.

Astonished, everyone watched as Dominic rushed toward Matthew. “Director Larson, wh-what are you doing here?” his voice quavered. “I didn’t know you were coming. If I had known, I would’ve arrived earlier.”

At that moment, everyone was dumbfounded, and even Dennis was confused. “Mr. Garrison, do you know him?”

Immediately, Dominic glared at him. “Why wouldn’t I know him? This is Director Larson of the North District Hospital. He is in charge of the hospital’s Emergency Department. I almost died from alcohol poisoning one time, and it was Director Larson who saved my life. He’s my savior, so how could I not know him?”

Upon hearing this, everyone was astonished. Meanwhile, Dennis was at a loss of words. “You’re not joking? He-He really is a doctor? How is that possible? There is no way.”

At that moment, everyone was mortified, especially those who had made snarky remarks about Matthew. They all had their heads lowered in embarrassment.

This turn of events was like a slap in the face for them.

Meanwhile, Ed’s parents were shocked too. They believed that Matthew was working at the hospital, but they just assumed that he was working in the Administrative Department.

After all, with his educational background, it was impossible for him to be a doctor. Who would have thought that Matthew was not only a doctor, but also a director?

If it were anyone else who had said this, no one would believe them, but now, this came from Mr. Garrison. As such, no one dared to doubt him.

Ignoring everyone else, he grabbed Matthew’s hand in excitement. “Director Larson, you saved my life. The medicine you prescribed for me worked so well that it cured my other illnesses too. You’re a genius! I went to the hospital several times after that, but I didn’t see you and it was such a shame. Who would’ve known I would bump into you here? This is fate!”

Just then, Matthew chuckled as he nodded. “It’s no surprise that you couldn’t find me as I’m no longer under the Emergency Department.”

“Really?” Dominic said in surprise. “You left the Emergency Department? Which department are you under now?”

“I’m currently in charge of the Department of Chinese Medicine. If you’d like to see me, you can find me there.”

Dominic seemed genuinely sad. “You’ve changed departments? Oh, this is such a huge loss for the Emergency Department. Mr. Larson, among so many doctors that I’ve met, you are the one with the best medical skills. On another note, I’d like to come and see you at the Department of Chinese Medicine. My wife hasn’t been feeling too well these days and I’ve been wanting to bring her to you.”

“No problem.” Matthew nodded with a smile. “You may bring her anytime.”

At once, Mr. Garrison thanked Matthew over and over. Without acknowledging the people around him, he moved his chair to sit next to Matthew.

On the other hand, Dennis stood at the side feeling humiliated as he couldn’t even get a word in. In Mr. Garrison’s eyes, he was just a nobody. On top of that, Mr. Garrison’s show of respect toward Matthew made him nervous.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 515

Upon seeing this, everyone had shock written all over their face. At the same time, they stared at Matthew with admiration and respect.

This was a real big shot who kept a low profile unlike Dennis, who had bossed everyone around the moment he came in. It was as if he wanted everyone to remember him. Comparing the two, everyone had more respect for Matthew.

As for Ed’s parents, they were over the moon. As a matter of fact, Matthew and Julian were Ed’s closest friends.

Many years ago, Matthew’s family used to be poor while Ed’s parents did fairly well when they were still working at the factory. During those trying times, Matthew always came over for dinner.

In fact, Ed’s parents were down-to-earth. Whenever Matthew came to visit, they would always prepare hearty meals for him, and they treated him like their own son. Now that they knew Matthew was successful, they were genuinely happy for him.

At this moment, Ed’s mother had brought over the teapot. She was about to pour some tea for them before Matthew swiftly took the teapot. “Mrs. Martinez, you’re not feeling well so please rest. I’ll do the work.”

“No, no. You’re our guest today. This is a big event for my family and it’s my job to be a host. This is for you, Mr. Garrison. Have some tea,” she said with a big smile.

Upon seeing Matthew’s respectful attitude toward Ed’s mother, Dominic did not dare to accept the cup of tea. Instead, he quickly stood up and helped pour the tea as he grinned. “Mrs. Martinez, please rest. This is such a small matter so don’t worry. Ed, help your parents to their seats.”

At once, Ed’s father quickly said, “It’s alright, Mr. Garrison. We still have to decorate for the wedding. Please, make yourselves at home.”

Dominic waved. “At this age, you really shouldn’t be moving around so much. Please, have a seat. I’ll have my son bring some men over and you can leave everything to us.”

Immediately, Dominic made a phone call to his son, Alex Garrison.

Not long after, Alex brought over a group of men and they all started setting up the place.

Meanwhile, Dennis was at a loss as he stood at the side. As a matter of fact, Alex was someone who was more powerful than Tucker and Dennis was nobody to him. Not only that, he was also no match for any one of the men that Alex had brought over.

Now, it did not seem appropriate for him to just stand around while Mr. Garrison’s son and the group of men were busy making preparations for the bridal room.

Flustered, Dennis stammered, “Ed, h-help your mom to her seat. Don’t worry about the work outside as I’ll settle it.”

As soon as he said this, he hurriedly went out of the house to help.

At once, Ed’s parents looked at each other in shock. Before this, Dennis always bummed around, yet he was volunteering to help now. What a rare occurrence.

Seeing this, Matthew was delighted.

Ushering Ed’s parents to their seats, he chuckled, “Mrs. Martinez, Ed and I spoke about you during dinner last night. It just so happens that my medical skills are on par. Would you like me to do a checkup?”

Hearing this, Dominic was full of envy. “Oh, Mrs. Martinez! Do you know how lucky you are to be in this position? With Director Larson’s medical skills, your illness will be cured.”

Sitting before Matthew, Ed’s mother timidly uttered, “Matthew, I’m afraid you won’t be able to cure my illness. Not only do I have a heart disease and diabetes, but I have other complications too. Also, we found out I had cerebral haemorrhage.

The doctor said that this cannot be cured, and the only thing we can do is to control it. Oh, Matthew, if it wasn’t for Ed, I would’ve chosen death. Right now, I’m alive but I am only burdening my family!” She started to weep.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 516

Upon hearing this, Ed’s eyes turned red immediately. “Mom, what are you talking about? You’re still alive, aren’t you? Please don’t think that way and don’t say silly things. Besides, Matthew is a doctor. He can definitely help you.”

Just then, Ed’s father sighed helplessly. They could not possibly afford medical treatments anymore.

Meanwhile, Ed’s mother waved her hand. “Oh, Ed, let’s not burden Matthew. I know very well about the severity of my illness. At this point, I’m just buying time by eating these medicines. This illness is impossible to cure.”

At once, everyone around nodded in unison. Her illnesses could only be controlled and there was no way it could be cured.

On the other hand, Matthew calmly gazed at Ed’s mother for a moment before checking her pulse.

Ed became nervous. “Matt, what is it?”

“They’re just minor illnesses, and it can easily be treated,” Matthew chuckled. “However, I don’t have my acupuncture needles with me at the moment, so I can’t do anything right now. How about this? I’ll prescribe some medicine for the time being, and you bring her to me at the hospital. Her illness should be cured after three sessions of treatment.”

Upon hearing this, Ed was overjoyed. “Really? Th-That’s fantastic!”

Meanwhile, everyone else was shocked. How was it possible to cure the illnesses Ed’s mother had?

Just then, someone couldn’t help but question Matthew, “Dr. Larson, what did you mean when you said ‘cured’? Do you mean it gets better, or will Mrs. Martinez be completely cured?”

At once, everyone turned their attention toward Matthew. How could these illnesses be completely cured?

“Completely cured, of course,” Matthew chuckled once again.

All of a sudden, a commotion broke out amongst the crowd, and even Dominic questioned him. “Director Larson, is it true? Can she really be completely cured?”

“Of course.” Matthew nodded.

Upon hearing this, Dominic rejoiced. “My wife’s situation is similar to that of Ed’s mother. Does that mean she can be completely cured too?”

Matthew calmly replied, “This can only be confirmed through consultations.”

Anxiously, Dominic said, “I’ll bring her over now. Will you please take a look at her?”

Pondering for a moment, Matthew wondered how he had ended up working instead of helping out for Ed’s wedding.

“Please, Director Larson. I beg you,” Dominic pleaded with Matthew. “This illness has tormented my wife for years, so please help her.”

Ed’s father tried to convince Matthew as well. “Matt, please help Mr. Garrison. He has taken good care of us in this village and his family has always been good to us.”

Upon hearing this, Matthew nodded. “Since Mr. Martinez has already said so, please bring her over. However, I don’t have my acupuncture needles with me today. I can only prescribe some medicine instead of directly treating her.”

At once, Dominic cheered. “Don’t worry about it. Thank you so much, Mr. Larson!”

Over the moon, Dominic got his son and they rushed home.

At this moment, Dennis quietly approached.

Grudgingly, Dennis muttered, “Matthew, are you bullsh*tting? Aunt has a heart disease, diabetes, and other medical complications.

No one in this world can possibly completely cure an illness this severe. The most that can be done is to control the symptoms, and you claim that you can completely cure it? Do you think we’re all fools? Did you bullsh*t your way into becoming the Department Director?”

Everyone looked at Matthew suspiciously. At first, they were impressed and admired him for saving Mr. Garrison, but upon hearing his claims that he could cure terminal illnesses, they started to doubt him and thought he was a fraud.

This was because the things that he had claimed were unbelievable indeed. They thought Mr. Garrison had been tricked as well.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 517

Calmly, Matthew said, “Why would I lie about this? If I say it can be cured, then it will be cured.”

Dennis scoffed. “It’s easy to say when you have no proof. Didn’t you say you could proceed with treatment if you had acupuncture needles?”

Matthew nodded.

Immediately, Dennis challenged him. “Good. I’ll go get some acupuncture needles right away, and you can treat them in front of everyone. Listen here, Matthew. If you fail to treat them, you must admit you’re a fraud. Understand?”

At once, Ed panicked. “Dennis, what are you doing? The results are not immediate with this type of treatment. It’s not possible to see immediate results.”

Dennis snickered. “He claims to be able to do the impossible, so of course he will have to prove it. Matthew, do you accept this challenge? Everyone’s waiting. If you decline, then just admit you’re nothing but a fraud. We’re not fools. You may be able to deceive Mr. Garrison, but you can’t lie to all of us!”

At once, everyone agreed. It was obvious that they were all doubting Matthew.

Staring at Dennis, Matthew uttered, “No problem, but on one condition—I will only be treating two patients today. Once they’re cured, no one is allowed to come and pester me anymore! I will only accept your challenge if everyone agrees. Otherwise, forget it!”

Upon hearing this, Dennis guffawed. “Matthew, do you really think you’re a holy doctor and everyone will beg you to treat them? I’ll accept your condition on behalf of everyone here.”

Slowly, Matthew nodded. “Great. Go get the needles, then.”

Dennis smirked. “You really don’t know when to give up! Fine, prepare to be humiliated!”

Not long after, Dennis brought back a set of acupuncture needles.

At this moment, Dominic arrived with his wife.

“Director Larson, please consult my wife. Can you cure her illness?” nervously, Dominic asked.

Glancing at Dominic’s wife, Matthew beamed. “Your wife’s illness isn’t difficult to treat. Here, I will insert the needles now.”

Upon hearing this, Dominic was ecstatic. “Thank you so much, Director Larson!”

Dominic then brought his wife to Matthew.

At that moment, Alex looked worried. “Dad, will this work? We’ve been to so many hospitals, and all the doctors have said that her illness can only be controlled. This man hasn’t even seen her medical records, and he claims to be able to cure her with just acupuncture? Is this legitimate?”

Angered, Dominic glared at Alex. “What do you know? Director Larson saved my life, so I have complete trust in his medical skills. Stop talking nonsense and stand aside!”

Alex tried to explain himself albeit feeling slightly annoyed. “Dad, I’m just worried about mom’s health! Her illness is a big deal and we can’t be too careful.”

At this moment, Dennis came over. “Alex, I know Matthew. He’s just a slacker who did not even graduate from vocational school. How could he be a doctor without any educational background? Back then, he would bullsh*t his way through school as well. He can’t be trusted and treating this illness is a big deal. If he’s not careful, he could cause irreversible trauma.”

Upon hearing this, Alex nodded in agreement. “He’s right, Dad. We can’t let him treat mom without thinking it through. How about we consult another doctor?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 518

Annoyed, Dominic snapped, “What do you know? I trust Director Larson!”

Alex was similarly determined. “Dad, I don’t trust him! We’re at the age of modern medical treatments, and they’re all westernized. No one uses acupuncture anymore! Mom’s health is at risk, so I won’t let you mess around!!”

This angered Dominic. “You—”

At once, Dennis tried to calm them down. “Mr. Garrison, Alex, how about this? My aunt will receive the treatment first, and we’ll see how it goes from there. If he fails, then he should not be treating Mrs. Garrison. Don’t you agree this is a good idea?”

Hearing this, everyone looked at Dennis in disdain. He was such a terrible person that he would risk his aunt’s health without hesitation just to curry favor with Mr. Garrison and his family.

How could he say such a thing? It was despicable.

At once, Dominic grimaced. On one hand, he had complete trust in Matthew but on the other hand, he was unable to change Alex’s mind.

“My apologies, Director Larson. Please forgive my son’s rudeness and stubbornness. Why don’t you treat Mrs. Martinez first?” Dominic uttered in embarrassment.

Nodding calmly, Matthew could clearly tell that Alex distrusted him.

Turning toward Ed’s mother, he began, “Mrs. Martinez, let us proceed with the treatment.”

She walked over rather decisively. “Sure. Sorry for the trouble, Matthew.”

Just as Matthew was about to begin, Dennis loudly declared, “Watch closely, everyone. My aunt is fine now. If something goes wrong after the treatment, he won’t be able to deny anything! Everyone can testify to that.”

Everyone then nodded.

Upon hearing this, Ed’s mother helplessly questioned, “Dennis, how could you say this? Matthew is doing me a favor, so how could you treat him this way? Don’t mind him, Matthew!”

Matthew chuckled, “Mrs. Martinez, you don’t have to be so formal with me. Alright, please lie down and don’t talk.”

As Ed’s mother closed her eyes, Matthew took out seven needles. He paused for a moment before swiftly inserting the needles into various points on her.

Instantly, everyone was bewildered. Matthew had inserted all seven needles in one breath, and it had happened so quickly that everyone could not keep up.

It didn’t matter whether he was able to cure the illness as everyone was amazed just from this alone.

He had pierced Ed’s Mother’s face with the seven needles. At once, everyone could see Ed’s mother’s complexion turning red, as if all her blood had rushed up to her head.

At this moment, Matthew took out the thickest needle before gently piercing the tip of her nose with it.

Then, Ed’s mother started to bleed excessively through her nose.

This shocked Ed and his father. “Wh-Why is she bleeding?”

Using this opportunity, Dennis shouted, “Matthew, what have you done to my aunt? She’s bleeding non stop! What bullsh*t medical skills is this? This is the first time I’ve heard of bleeding from acupuncture. You’re indeed a fraud! Someone call the cops and get him arrested!”

Meanwhile, Alex looked like his suspicions were confirmed.

“Look, Dad. I told you acupuncture is an outdated form of treatment and illegitimate. How could acupuncture cure any illness?” Alex said while pursing his lips.

“This is impossible.” Dominic had a look of utter confusion.

“Director Larson’s medical skills are impeccable. Wh-What happened?”

As everyone was in a state of panic, Ed’s mother suddenly waved her hand. “Don’t worry, I’m fine. Oh, I don’t feel light-headed anymore.”

Upon hearing this, Ed’s eyes widened. Ever since his mother had cerebral hemorrhage, she had constantly complained of light-headedness. But now, she’s fine?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 519

Everyone stared at Ed’s mother and one of them said anxiously, “Mrs. Martinez, are you telling the truth?”

“You’re feeling fine now?”

“This is impossible!”

“The doctor said that the cerebral hemorrhage in your brain has not been completely cleared, and you might fall into a coma at any time.”

“A-Are you sure you’re fine?”

Ed’s mother waved her hand again. “Of course I am. I feel totally fine now. I don’t feel dizzy, and I can think clearly. Oh, this feels great.”

Hearing this, everyone was shocked. Ed said in surprise, “Matthew, what’s going on?”

Matthew said softly, “I used acupuncture to guide her the clotted blood here first. Then, I pierced the epidermis and let the blood flow out, so of courses he won’t feel dizzy anymore.”

Everyone exclaimed almost in unison, “How is this possible?”

Ed also widened his eyes. “Y-You can even do something like that?”

Matthew chuckled, but he did not answer Ed.

This process may seem simple, but in fact, it was a very complicated procedure.

He must first block the other blood vessels of Ed’s mother with a silver needle, leaving only the one that needed to be dredged unblocked.

Moreover, the most important thing was that he had to use his internal force to push out the bleeding, which was something that modern medicine simply couldn’t do.

Therefore, the reason why Ed’s mother could be successfully cured was not only due to acupuncture, but also the power of Matthew’s Divine Skill.

Before long, Matthew pulled out all the silver needles.

Ed’s mother immediately sat up, jumped to the ground, and walked back and forth several times.

She limped previously, but now she walked smoothly just like a normal person.

Everyone around was stunned and exclamations could be heard.

Dominic looked stunned as well. “He’s a miracle doctor! He’s truly a miracle doctor!”

The eyes of Alex widened in utter shock. He only knew now how insanely talented the man in front of him was.

Alex then quickly said, “Director Larson… Is it my mother’s turn now?”

Matthew ignored him and said calmly, “I have to cure Ed’s mother first.”

Alex nodded repeatedly. “Of course. It’s okay, Director Larson. We can wait a while.”

Matthew said slowly, “You’ll have to wait more than a while. Ed’s mother’s condition is more complicated, so I probably can only treat one person today.”

Alex was dumbfounded. “Huh? Will it really take that long?”

Matthew said, “I already told you just now that your mother’s illness is very simple to treat, so I can cure her very soon. Originally, I wanted to treat her first, and then only treat Ed’s mother. However, you insisted that I treat Ed’s mother first. Since her illness has not been completely cured, of course I can’t treat your mother yet!”

Hearing this, Alex was flabbergasted. He finally knew that he had missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Moreover, he also realized that Matthew was deliberately making things difficult for them, but there was nothing he could do.

Matthew’s medical skills were indeed impressive, and they had no choice but to rely on him. They could only blame themselves for looking down on him just now.

Dominic glared at his son angrily. “You useless bungler! I already told you that Director Larson is a miracle doctor, but you didn’t want to believe me. H-Hurry up and apologize to Director Larson!”

Being the filial child he was, Alex immediately said, “Director Larson, I apologize for looking down on you and failing to recognise how talented you are. This is all my fault. Please give me a chance, sir. My mother is truly suffering due to her illness… C-Can you please treat her?”

Matthew glanced at him and said softly, “Seeing how filial you are, I’ll consider it. Come to the hospital to find me in three days.”

Alex heaved a sigh of relief and quickly said, “Thank you, Director Larson. Thank you!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 520

Dominic also felt relieved.

He then glared at his son furiously while saying, “I hope you remember the lessons learned today. A wise head makes a close mouth, and there is always someone who is better than us. If you act arrogantly, you’ll be the one to suffer a loss!”

Alex nodded repeatedly. It was obvious that this kid was very filial.

Next, Dominic glared at Dennis. “I heard that you made a bet with Director Larson just now? What are you going to do now that Director Larson has proven his ability?”

Dennis was dumbfounded by Matthew’s medical skills and he couldn’t help but shudder when he heard what Dominic said.

He had been urging Mr. Garrison and Alex just now to not trust Matthew, and he almost delayed the treatment of Mrs. Garrison.

Alex was also staring at him viciously.

Drawing a long face, Dennis said, “Mr. Garrison, I-I really didn’t know that he was so talented. At that time, h-he was only attending a vocational school, and he didn’t even graduate from there. I didn’t know that he actually had medicinal skills!”

Dominic said furiously, “If you don’t know, then why did you talk nonsense? How dare you insult Mr. Larson at will? You’re trash!”

Alex asked frankly, “Mr. Larson, what should I do with this kid? Just let me know, and I will definitely do my best to fulfil your order!”

The men brought over by Alex instantly surrounded Dennis.

Judging from their attitudes, these people would beat up Dennis the moment Matthew ordered them to do so.

Dennis was trembling with fright. Although he liked to show off in front of Ed’s family, he was nobody compared to Mr. Garrison’s son.

If Alex really roughed him up, he wouldn’t dare to complain at all.

Dennis quickly said, “Mr. Larson, we grew up together after all. I-I really didn’t know that you were so capable. I hope you’ll be the bigger person and spare me once. Ed, we’re cousins. Please put in a good word for me!”

Edyi said helplessly, “Matthew, why don’t you… give him a chance?”

Matthew glanced at Dennis. “Since Ed stood up for you, then I will give face to Ed.”

Dennis quickly said, “Thank you, Mr. Larson. Thank you so much!”

Matthew said coldly, “What are you thanking me for? You should thank Ed instead.”

Dennis turned to Ed and thanked him again and again.

Seeing this, Ed was at a loss as his cousin had always acted arrogantly in front of him.

Yet, Dennis was thanking him so respectfully now, which made him feel really uncomfortable.

Matthew then asked Ed to help his mother back to rest in her room and sat down to drink some tea.

Dominic, who sat next to him, hesitated to speak and finally decided to stay silent.

Matthew said that he would heal his wife three days later, so Matthew might just ignore him even if he pleaded with him now.

What happened this time was really their fault. After all, it was his son who had offended Matthew first.

Alex also knew that he had wronged Matthew, so he worked extra hard when decorating the courtyard for the wedding.

Not only did he bring over a few of his men, but later also called a professional team to help clean up.

Thus, Ed and the others were now idle as they didn’t have to work on these things at all.

Feeling grateful and embarrassed at the same time, Ed and his father thanked Dominic and Alex again and again.

Hiring a professional team to set up the wedding venue was the best option, but Ed’s family did not have the money to do so. Now, Alex had hired a team for them.

In fact, Dominic had done it on purpose to curry favor with Matthew. He wouldn’t have spent the money just because of the relationship between their family and Ed’s family.

But since Ed was Matthew’s friend, things were different.

Dominic was a smart person. He knew very well that being able to get acquainted with such a miracle doctor would bring him more benefits than just curing his wife’s disease and saving her life.

Every miracle doctor was bound to have an extensive network.

So, making friends with Matthew was also an investment in personal connections!

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