The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 521-530

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 521

Since a professional team was hired, it was much easier for them to decorate the venue.

In less than an hour, the scene was set up.

Moreover, the decoration was extremely beautiful and much better than what Ed and the others had prepared before.

Alex came over, wiping his sweat. “Mr. Larson, Ed, what do you think? If there is anything you are dissatisfied with, just let me know and I will ask them to rectify it now!”

Matthew didn’t speak, but looked at Ed.

Feeling flattered, Ed said repeatedly, “I’m very, very satisfied. Thank you so much, Alex!”

Alex waved his hand quickly and said, “That’s what friends are for so you don’t have to thank me. If you feel satisfied, I will ask them to get going because they have another wedding venue to decorate. They’re only halfway done for that one.”

Ed’s eyes widened. “Huh? Th-They still have other jobs to do? Then aren’t we holding them up by asking them to come here?”

Alex smiled and said, “These are my friends, so it’s fine. Your wedding is more important, so I asked them to come here first. The most important thing is to not delay the decoration of your wedding venue.”

Ed was very grateful and thanked him again and again.

Matthew also nodded slowly. Alex did a good job and he’s almost as capable as Tiger, Matthew thought.

After Alex sent those people away, Ed entered the room and called his mother out.

Ed’s mother was limping before and needed others to support her, but now, she could walk like a normal person. Plus, she walked quite fast, making everyone around stunned.

Dominic’s eyes widened as well. His wife’s condition was much milder than that of Ed’s mother. In that case, wouldn’t his wife be able to completely recover from her illness?

Ed’s parents went outside and took a look, and they were very excited. Every parent wanted their children’s wedding to be beautiful, but they were really poor. Hence, they had no choice but to keep everything simple.

However, Alex’s team had put up luxurious decorations that were far beyond their imagination.

Ed’s parents thanked Alex again and again.

Alex accepted their thanks politely. His every move and actions were very well thought out.

When they were done setting up the venue, everyone sat down in the living room, drinking tea and chatting.

At this time, a man quietly came behind Matthew.

“Uhm, Mr. Larson, can I ask you something?”

Matthew glanced at the man. This was the person who said he was vain and mocked him the loudest just now.

Matthew frowned slightly. “What’s the matter?”

The man looked embarrassed. “Umm, m-my lungs are weak. I have been having difficulty breathing for more than ten years. C-Can you please treat me?”

Hearing this, Dominic frowned. You mocked Matthew the loudest just now, yet you’re asking Matthew to treat you now. Keep dreaming!

“Go away! Weren’t you mocking him just now? You said that Mr. Larson was vain and loves bragging! You didn’t believe that Mr. Larson was a doctor, right? How can you so shamelessly come to seek medical advice now?” Dominic said furiously.

The man was embarrassed and said in a low voice, “I-I really didn’t know… It was Dennis who said that he didn’t even graduate from a vocational school. I-I didn’t know that his medical skills were so good. Mr. Larson, doctors are all kind-hearted. P-Please help me…”

At this time, many people around were also watching Matthew.

These people were those who mocked Matthew just now. After seeing Matthew’s medical skills, they all wanted to seek medical advice from him.

However, when they thought about their behavior just now, they were all embarrassed to speak up.

Now, they were all staring at Matthew. As long as Matthew agreed to treat the man, they would all come to seek medical treatment from him.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 522

Matthew could naturally guess the thoughts of these people, and to be honest, he didn’t have a good impression of them. However, as a doctor, he still had basic professional ethics.

“I don’t mind treating you,” Matthew replied.

Dominic couldn’t help but be stunned. He’s even willing to treat this man? Why does my wife have to wait three days to receive treatment?

Everyone was overjoyed and immediately gathered around. Matthew answered calmly, “However, I already said that I’m only treating Mrs. Martinez and Mr. Garrison’s wife today, so I won’t be accepting any more patients today. If you want to get treated by me, you can go to the hospital to find me. Just make sure to make an appointment.”

These people were immediately stunned. Why did they still have to go to the hospital?

Dominic breathed a sigh of relief because Matthew was a fair person.

“Mr. Larson, c-can you please give me a brief check up now? It’ll only take a while. Wh-Why do I have to go to the hospital?” the man whimpered.

The others nodded in succession.

Dominic was immediately annoyed. “Go away! Don’t be shameless! Just now you ridiculed Mr. Larson, yet he still agreed to treat you. He’s already being very kind and generous. You shouldn’t be so greedy!”

Everyone couldn’t help being embarrassed. They didn’t have the guts to say anything else, so they left silently. However, the eyes of these people, which were looking at Dennis, were full of anger. If it wasn’t for Dennis, they wouldn’t have mocked Matthew. In the eyes of everyone, it was Dennis who had made them unable to seek medical treatment today, so they felt very frustrated.

Ed’s father, who was with Matthew, wanted to speak but said nothing in the end. Halfway through, when Matthew entered the room to help Ed move things, Ed’s father followed him and said in a low voice, “Matthew, c-can you give Ed a check up? You have also seen that Ed is not in good health now. We have looked for a lot of doctors, but they couldn’t treat him. We’re poor, so we’ve delayed seeking treatment for Ed’s illness. Matthew, Ed is very bashful, so he is too shy to ask for your help. C-Can you help him?”

With that, Ed’s father’s eyes started welling up with tears. He was an honest man, and seeing his son like this made him really sad.

Matthew said, “Mr. Martinez, you don’t have to say these things to me at all. Ed is like my brother, so I’ll help him for sure. It’s not that I don’t want to help him, but I really can’t treat him today.”

Ed’s father breathed a sigh of relief and then wondered, “Why not?”

Matthew smiled and said softly, “Sir, let’s talk about this tomorrow. Also, I should inform you that Ed is not sick.”

Ed’s father was surprised. “He’s not sick? No way! His body is already in such bad condition, so it’s impossible that he isn’t sick.”

Matthew shook his head, his face turning slightly cold. “Ed’s organs are all injured. This is definitely not caused by illness and most probably caused by an external impact.”

Ed’s father widened his eyes. “What? External impact? You mean… something hit him? Could he have had an accident at the construction site, and he dared not tell us?”

Matthew shook his head. “It doesn’t seem like he suffered an injury at the construction site. I think he was beaten up by someone!”

Ed’s father was dumbfounded. “B-Beaten up? Who did it? How could it be? Ed is a good kid. W-Why would he get into a fight? Matthew, are you mistaken? Ed would never get into a fight!”

Matthew said softly, “I also hope that I’m mistaken, but I’m very sure of this. However, don’t worry because I can definitely treat Ed, and I will never let the person who injured Ed off the hook!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 523

It was almost ten o’clock and after all the matters here were handled, Ed cleaned up and went straight to his fiancée’s house.

Today, Ed’s family was mainly responsible for decorating the wedding venue, and his fiancée’s family were responsible for entertaining guests.

Matthew followed Ed there so that he could also help if Ed encountered any issues.

Ed and the others used to live in a house allocated by the factory. At that time, he was neighbors with his fiancée, and their families were relatively close.

Later on, Ed’s mother fell ill and his father was also fired from the factory, so he moved out of the factory-allocated house and lived in the suburbs.

On the way, Matthew learned about Ed’s fiancée.

His fiancée’s name was Wendy, and she had two older brothers and one older sister.

In the past, their family was very poor. At that time, Ed’s parents only needed to support one child, so the family was still doing relatively well.

Ed’s parents were generous and often helped Wendy’s family, so the relationship between the two families were very good.

Later on, Ed’s parents lost their jobs, but Wendy’s father, Brandon, was promoted and became the head of the workshop at the factory.

Now, Brandon could be regarded as a bigwig in the factory.

The house he lived in had also changed from the previous two-bedroom house to the current four-bedroom house.

His two sons were hired by the factory one after another, and they were all given high positions.

Brandon was now considered to be well-known in this field.

Wendy’s older sister married the son of a nearby village chief two years ago, and their wedding venue was gorgeous.

There were also many people who proposed to Wendy, but they were all rejected by her.

Although Ed didn’t tell Matthew, Matthew could read between the lines and knew that only Wendy agreed to this marriage.

As for Wendy’s parents, her two brothers, sister, and even her brother-in-law, they all disagreed with this marriage.

After all, Ed’s family had become poor.

Moreover, Ed’s body was in such bad condition, which meant he could no longer do labor-intensive work.

Wendy would have to suffer from poverty if she married him.

Thus, it was evident that Ed was both grateful and guilty toward Wendy.

He was grateful to Wendy for staying by his side, and guilty for being unable to give her a good life.

When they arrived at Atkinson Residence, it was not as lively as they had expected it to be.

On the contrary, it was quiet and it didn’t seem like someone was getting married at all.

They went up the stairs at the front porch and knocked on the door several times before it was opened.

A man with a sour complexion stood at the door and glanced at Ed. “What are you doing here?”

Ed said with a smile, “Mr. Atkinson, my house has been decorated. I came over to see if there is anything I can help with here.”

This man was Wendy’s eldest brother, who was glancing at Ed contemptuously. “What do you mean, help? You’re as good as crippled. What can you do to help?”

Ed looked embarrassed, but he still responded politely. “Mr. Atkinson, I can’t help with labor-intensive work, but I can still help with other work. If there’s anything you need me to do, just let me know.”

Wendy’s brother waved his hand disdainfully. “Stop talking nonsense. My family has nothing going on today and we don’t need any help. Please go back!”

Ed’s expression changed. “Mr. Atkinson, tomorrow, Wendy and I are getting married. Shouldn’t your family be hosting the banquet today? What do you mean by nothing is going on?”

Wendy’s brother sneered, “Get married tomorrow? No one agreed to that. No one promised you, and no one wants to marry you.”

Ed was stunned. “D-Didn’t we already discuss this? Tomorrow, Wendy and I will get married!”

Wendy’s brother sneered again. “Who did you discuss with? Did you discuss it with me? Or did you discuss it with my parents? It doesn’t count if you just discuss it with my sister.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 524

Ed was anxious. “Mr. Atkinson, we talked about this before and you all agreed back then. Why did you go back on your words?”

At this moment, another woman walked to the door. “Why are you wasting your time talking with him? Ed, you came at the right time and saved us a trip. Please go back. There’ll be no wedding tomorrow!”

This woman was Laura, Wendy’s sister.

Ed’s expression changed sharply. “Why? We’ve already talked about this, and my house is all set up. Why aren’t we getting married tomorrow?”

Laura sneered, “You’re asking why? So you insist on embarrassing yourself, huh?”

Ed’s face turned pale as he gritted his teeth, “Even if we don’t get married, I-I still have to know why. Ask Wendy to come out and I will ask her personally!”

Laura waved her hand. “You don’t need to ask her because this is the conclusion of our family’s discussion. Do you want to know why? Fine! Let me tell you this. We are sisters, but when I got married, my husband came to pick me up in a Porsche, and many Mercedes-Benzes followed behind. What about you? What cars will you come to pick up Wendy in?”

Ed was startled. He wanted to rent a BMW, but his cousin had gotten him a Volkswagen Passat. It was not comparable to Laura’s husband’s car at all.

Laura snickered. “Also, when I got married, my husband gave us a bride price of 300,000. What about you? From the beginning to now, what else did you give us except for 1,000 bucks? When I got married, my husband rented the entire Heavens Hotel and hosted more than one hundred tables, while you just hired a few rural women to host dinner at home. The guests don’t even have a place to sit at. What kind of a banquet is this?”

“After I got married, I lived in my husband’s villa. After Wendy marries you, she has to live in the dilapidated rural house that your family rented. My husband is the son of the village chief, and he runs a contracting company that makes millions a year. What about you? With two sick people, your dad has to work on the construction site to buy medicine. My sister has to work to support you, let alone receive any allowance from you! My dad is the head of the workshop at the factory and will soon be promoted to assistant manager of the factory. One of his daughters married into a well-off family, while the other married into such a poor family. If others found out, wouldn’t it embarrass my dad?”

Every word of Laura was like an awl, piercing Ed’s heart.

Ed gritted his teeth and clenched his hands, his nails digging into his flesh.

After a long silence, he nodded slowly. “I understand now. Sorry to interrupt!”

Laura sneered, “At least you’re self-aware. Let me tell you, the son of the director, who works at the factory my dad is working at, has fallen in love with my sister. They’re well-matched in social and economic status for marriage, and their marriage also helps my dad’s future. Ed, you know how bad your situation is. You should just live your life quietly by yourself. Don’t drag others down.”

Then, Ed turned and left silently without another word.

Matthew grabbed him and said softly, “Ed, shouldn’t you at least ask your fiancée about her opinion? The opinion of the bride is the most important! It doesn’t matter what other people say. The most crucial thing is how she feels about you!”

With tears in his eyes, Ed slowly shook his head. “No need. Matt, she’s right. If I marry Wendy in such a condition, I will only drag her down. I-I can’t be so selfish…”

Matthew said, “But you haven’t even spoken to her about this. How do you know what she thinks? You should at least—”

Before he finished speaking, there was a sudden exclamation from inside the house. “Wendy, what are you doing?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 525

The few people at the door ran in immediately.

On the other hand, Ed’s expression changed, and he ran into the house as well.

Everyone rushed into one of the bedrooms and saw a woman standing on the window sill, yelling, “Wendy, climb back up. Don’t scare me like this!”

Ed rushed to the window, only to see that the window shutter had been damaged.

A cloth strip, which was made from the bed sheet, was tied to the window shutter.

He then looked down and saw a woman climbing down the rope connected to the cloth. It was none other than Wendy!

After taking a glance, Ed almost fainted.

This was the ninth floor!

“Wendy, come up now! Don’t endanger yourself!” Wendy’s father, Brandon, also ran over and shouted nervously.

However, Wendy did not answer him and instead clutched the rope tightly with both hands. Sweating profusely, she continued climbing down.

She was a girl after all and she was not very strong, so it was evident that she was struggling to hold on.

She had just reached the fifth floor, and if something went wrong, she would be killed for sure.

Several people in the house were in a panic, but they didn’t know what to do.

Wendy’s mother started to cry due to her anxiety. “I-I already advised you guys not to do this, yet you insisted on locking her in the house. Now, we’re caught in this mess. Wh-What should we do? If something happens to Wendy, how am I supposed to continue living?”

Brandon’s expression souref and he said furiously, “Shut up! Hurry up and think of a way to save our child! Wh-Why are you guys just standing around in a daze? Hurry up and get a quilt. Go down to catch her if she falls!”

The two brothers of Wendy hurried downstairs with the quilt.

Ed ran to the window and said anxiously, “Wendy, you shouldn’t act so rashly!”

Wendy finally raised her head. When she saw Ed, a gleam of joy flashed in her eyes.

“Eddie, let’s go home. I want to marry you!”

Hearing this, the tears that Ed was holding back finally came out.

All his pretense was completely destroyed by her gentle sentence.

The cloth strip above suddenly tore apart, and Wendy fell straight down.


Ed screamed and slumped onto the ground as his knees had turned to jelly.

Matthew’s expression changed, but it was too late to do anything now.

After Wendy fell, her clothes caught the edges of an opened window guard when she reached the third floor. Thankfully, she didn’t fall straight to the ground.

Everyone in the house was paralyzed with fright.

“What do we do now? Please save my daughter!”

Wendy’s mother sat on the ground and cried.

Ed leaned on the wall, panicking and at a loss.

At this time, Matthew ran to the next room, grabbed a few sheets and ran over.

He quickly tore the sheets into long strips and tied them tightly together.

Then, he tied one end to the window guard and the other end to his waist.

Taking a deep breath, Matthew jumped out of the window.

He gripped the sheets tightly, stepped on the wall with his feet, and headed down quickly.

Under the shocked gazes of everyone, Matthew reached Wendy.

He stepped on the window guard and after he steadied himself, he pulled the bed sheet that he was using hard with one hand, ripping it.

He then tied its end to the window guard he was standing on, removed the other end from his waist and tied it around Wendy’s waist.

“Miss, don’t be afraid. I will send you down.”

With a soft grunt, Matthew lowered Wendy to the ground.

The moment Wendy landed, everyone breathed a sigh of relief and Ed burst into tears.

Wendy’s mother even looked at the window and cried, “Oh, our savior, thank you. You saved my daughter. You saved my daughter!”

Matthew then grabbed the sheets and landed easily.

At this moment, thunderous applause erupted from all around.

The onlookers nearby were all in awe of Matthew’s heroic act, and they all expressed their respect to him from the bottom of their hearts!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 526

Everyone also ran down from upstairs and gathered around to check on Wendy.

Ed ran down while supporting himself against the wall. Feeling grateful, he clutched Matthew’s arm tightly while his tears fell incessantly.

Matthew knew what he was thinking and patted his shoulder lightly.

“Ed, she’s a great woman. From now on, she is your wife. I’ll treat her as if she’s my sister and my family! No one is allowed to stop you from marrying her!” Matthew said sincerely.

Ed suppressed his sobs and said, “Matt, as long as she is okay, nothing else matters. I know how she feels, but I can’t be selfish…”

Matthew chuckled and shook his head. “You are not selfish. Have you forgotten how generous you were back in school?”

Ed smiled bitterly. “Things were different back then. Now, my parents are unemployed, and two of my family members are sick. Plus, my body is in such a bad condition…”

Matthew interrupted him, “Yes, things were different, but you and I are also different now. Remember, you are my good buddy. I’ll absolutely support you in whatever you want to do!”

Ed whispered, “Matthew, I don’t want to drag you guys down too…”

Matthew chuckled, “I’m asking you to work for me. You’re not dragging me down.”

Ed said, “But my body…”

Matthew replied, “Don’t worry. I can cure your mother’s disease, so I can cure your illness too! Okay, let’s not talk about this first. I hope you don’t miss out on such a great woman.”

Looking at Matthew’s firm gaze, Ed could not help but nod slowly.

He walked over and wanted to see how Wendy was, but was pushed away by Laura. “Why are you still here? Look at what you did to my sister! Are you trying to kill her?”

Ed was so weak that he fell directly onto the ground due to the push.

Wendy hurried over and tried to help Ed up, but was immediately stopped by her sister.

“Wendy, don’t go there. We are doing this for your own good. You won’t be happy if you marry him!” Laura said anxiously.

Wendy said furiously, “How do you know that I won’t be happy?”

Laura sneered, “Do I really need to explain? Look at the situation his family is in. They have two sick people in the family, and their medicine must cost a fortune every month. Plus, he has such a frail body that he can’t even do work. After you marry him, you still have to work to support their family. Why would you willingly suffer?”

Wendy said furiously, “Laura, I’m different from you. Money doesn’t make me happy, so don’t impose your values on me. I’m only happy I’m with him!”

Exasperated at her stubbornness, Laura said, “How can you be so ignorant? I know that you are still young so love is everything to you, but I hope you know that love and marriage are not the same. If you marry him, it’ll be too late if you regret it in the future!”

Wendy’s eyes were firm. “I will never regret the decisions I make. Dad, Mom, I beg you. Please let me marry Eddie. He’s the only person I’ll marry in my life. If you make me marry someone else, you might as well kill me!”

Hearing this, Brandon stood beside her with a sour expression.

Wendy’s mother wiped away her tears and whispered, “Brandon, m-maybe we should just let Wendy marry Ed. Ed is a great kid. Remember how nice his parents were to us last time?”

Brandon’s face soured even more and he said furiously, “Shut up! Spoil the rod and spare the child. Look at how spoiled she is now! I’d rather she have fallen to death just now rather than marry into this kind of family and suffer!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 527

Wendy’s mother said, “H-How can you be so cruel? She’s your daughter. Don’t you feel sorry for her at all?”

Brandon said furiously, “What do you mean, I don’t feel sorry for her? I feel sorry for her, so I don’t want her to marry into such a family to suffer! I found such a good husband for her, yet she doesn’t want to marry that man but a piece of trash! She brought this onto herself!”

Wendy’s mother was frustrated. “A-Are you sure you found a good husband for her? Do you really think I don’t know what you’re scheming?

You just want the position of assistant factory manager for the sake of your own future, so you tried to curry favor with the director. His son is an idiot! Do you think Wendy will be happy if she marries him?”

Her words immediately caused a commotion amongst the onlookers.

Many people didn’t understand what was going on. After hearing this, they saw Brandon’s expression darkening.

Matthew also frowned. He thought that the family just disliked the poor and loved the rich, so he didn’t think too deeply into it.

After all, this was his daughter, and it was normal for parents to want their daughter to marry into a good family. What they were doing was the same as James and Helen, who had wanted Sasha to marry Young Master Cooper. This did not mean that they did not love their daughter.

However, what Brandon was doing now had crossed the line.

He selfishly asked his daughter to marry an idiot for the sake of his own future and disregarded his daughter’s happiness!

Exposed by his wife, Brandon couldn’t help being furious.

He slapped his wife’s face abruptly and yelled, “Bullsh*t! I’m doing this for her good. What do you know?”

Wendy’s mother wanted to refute him, but her two sons had rushed over and helped her upstairs.

“Mom, let’s talk at home. Wendy just went through something traumatising and we should get her into the house first.”

To avoid the embarrassment of a public fight, the two sons forced their mother upstairs.

As for Wendy, she was also dragged upstairs by Laura.

Ed followed behind but was directly stopped by Brandon. “Who allowed you to go upstairs? Scram!”

With his face flushed red, Ed gritted his teeth and shouted, “I won’t leave! I’m going to marry Wendy whether you agree or not!”

Ed’s reaction stunned Brandon as Ed had always been relatively cowardly.

Usually, Ed would never resist no matter how badly they treated him.

What was going on with him today?

Brandon was furious. “What did you say? Keep dreaming! My daughter won’t marry you even if she dies!”

Ed also stubbornly said, “Mr. Atkinson, I know you look down on me, but I love Wendy and I will do my best to give her a good life.”

Brandon sneered, “You? What kind of life can you give her? You want her to marry you and serve you and your sick mother? You want her to earn money to feed your family? Ed, do you know the situation you’re in? You are as good as crippled because you can’t even do labor-intensive work. How are you going to feed her?”

Ed gritted his teeth without speaking, and his eyes turned red. Brandon had touched his sore spot.

At this moment, Matthew came over and said softly, “Ed’s illness can be cured, but have you ever seen an idiot being cured?”

Brandon was infuriated. “Who do you think you are? It’s not your place to speak. This is my family’s matter, do you understand?”

Matthew said casually, “I just saved your daughter!”

Brandon was suddenly at a loss for words. Then, he immediately said furiously, “So what? She wants to marry this trash! It’d be better if she just died. Who asked you to save her? Why didn’t you just let her die?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 528

As soon as Brandon finished speaking, everyone around him clamored.

“Old Mr. Atkinson, how can you say such things? She’s your daughter after all!”

“How can you ask your own child to die? Can’t you discuss it with her properly?”

“This is your daughter’s savior. How can you speak so rudely to him?”

“Someone like this wants to be the assistant factory manager? I disagree!”

“I also don’t agree. If he becomes the assistant factory manager, I will start a demonstration outside the factory!”

“I’ll go too…”

The crowd kept clamoring, disgusted at what Brandon just said.

Brandon’s complexion turned red. The period now was the critical moment for him to be promoted to an assistant factory manager.

It would not be worth it if he failed to get promoted because of this incident.

So, he glared at Matthew fiercely, gritted his teeth and said, “Fine. Ed, since you want to marry my daughter, we can discuss it at home! I’m not narrow-minded, but I can’t hastily approve of this marriage either!”

Ed breathed a sigh of relief and nodded quickly. “Thank you, Mr. Atkinson.”

Without another word, Brandon went upstairs with his jaw clenched. Meanwhile, Ed followed behind him.

Matthew was the last to leave. Before walking away, he cupped his fist at the people around him, smiled and said, “Thank you for your help. This time, I must make sure Ed marries Wendy. We have a wedding banquet tomorrow. If you are free, do come over to have a drink.”

Everyone laughed and an old man said loudly, “Young man, I watched Ed grow up. He and Wendy are really a good match. If they get married, I’ll definitely attend their wedding!”

The others nodded one after another. Ed’s parents had a reputation for being kind, and they were very popular in this area. This was why everyone was willing to speak for him.

Matthew nodded with a smile, and followed them upstairs.

In the room, Wendy and her mother were sitting on the sofa with tears constantly down their faces.

Meanwhile, Laura and her two elder brothers stood beside them to prevent them from going out.

“Wendy, don’t even think about it. There’s no way that I’ll let you marry that piece of trash! Just give up this idea and marry Director Zook’s son. If you dare to run away again, I will break your f*cking legs!”

It was Andrew, Wendy’s eldest brother, who spoke with an angry and distorted expression on his face.

Wendy’s mother was furious. “Andrew, how can you talk like this? She’s your sister!”

Andrew retorted furiously, “Mom, what’s wrong with what I said? I’m doing this for her sake—”

Wendy’s mother interrupted him directly, “For her sake? Do you think I don’t know that Director Zook has promised you that as long as Wendy marries his stupid son, he will let you and your younger brother’s wife work in the factory? Do you really think I don’t know what you two are scheming?”

Andrew and his brother looked embarrassed at once. The reason they cared so much about Wendy’s marriage was indeed because of this.

Laura came over and said, “Mom, I have nothing to do with Director Zook and I’m not biased. Does it really matter who a woman marries? The most important thing is the woman’s life after marriage. Director Zook’s son is stupid, but his family is not poor. If Wendy marries him, she’ll live in wealth for a lifetime. But, what if she marries that piece of trash? By then, our family may have to support his family. Why should she marry him?”

Her mother said, “Laura, getting married is the most important event in one’s lifetime. What’s the use of marrying someone rich that you have no feelings for? Moreover, that person is a fool!”

Laura was still not convinced. “Don’t we all live for money anyway?”

The mother sighed. She really couldn’t persuade her daughter.

At this moment, Brandon walked in with Ed.

As soon as he entered the house, he rushed forward and slapped Wendy’s face.

‘How dare you jump off the building? Come on, let me see you jump down again now! No one is allowed to stop her this time! Die, b*tch!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 529

Everyone in the house, including Wendy, was stunned.

Ed said anxiously, “Mr. Atkinson, wh-what are you doing?”

Brandon turned around and slapped Ed’s face again before saying furiously, “Get out of here! I was just giving you face when we were downstairs just now. Do you really think I’m afraid of you? Who do you think you are? If you still refuse to leave, I’ll beat you to death!”

Wendy hurried over. “Eddie, how are you—”

Brandon grabbed Wendy’s arm and said furiously, “Drag her back to the room and lock the door securely this time! Don’t close the windows. If she wants to jump, let her jump! I’ll just take it as I don’t have a daughter anymore!”

Wendy’s two brothers exchanged glances before they ran over and dragged Wendy, who was crying, to the room.

Her mother hurried over. “What are you doing? Let her go!”

Brandon slapped his wife’s face again. “You scram too! If you speak up for her again, I’ll make you jump down with her.”

Seeing that her mother was knocked to the ground, Laura quickly helped her mother up. “Mom, stop arguing with dad. He’s just doing this for Wendy’s sake”

At this moment, Matthew walked in from the entrance.

Seeing the situation in the house, his face suddenly turned cold.

“You two, let go of her!” Matthew shouted in a deep voice.

Brandon was furious when he saw Matthew and tried to kick him. “Who the hell do you think you are? I’ve already tolerated you just now, yet you still dare to come to my house to make trouble. I’ll kill you, b*stard!”

Matthew stepped aside, grabbed Brandon’s shirt collar, and threw him directly onto the sofa.

Wendy’s brothers were immediately furious when they saw their father being beaten, and they rushed over with a roar.

Matthew was not so polite to them and kicked them all to the ground.

Seeing that the three men in the house were all knocked down, everyone was shocked.

Brandon was furious. “H-How dare you hit us? I’m telling you, don’t even think of leaving today! Call for backup now! Hurry up!”

Laura took out her phone fiercely and made a call. “Hello, dear! Bring your men to my house. Someone is trying to kill us!”

Matthew didn’t stop them at all. He looked at Brandon coldly and said, “Old geezer, I’ve also had it with you. Who do you think you are? No one will hurt their own children. How inhumane can you be? You caused your daughter to jump off the building yet you’re still not repenting, and you’re willing to go to extreme lengths just to be promoted. Are you still human?”

Brandon’s complexion flushed red and he roared, “This is my family affair. Stop getting involved!”

Matthew yelled, “I can’t get involved with your affairs, but Ed is my friend and I have the right to get involved with his affairs. You slapped my friend twice just now, didn’t you? How are you going to settle this account?”

Brandon was stunned for a moment before yelling, “You also hit me and my son! How are you going to settle this account?”

Matthew sneered, “Who do you think you are? How can you compare with my friend?”

Andrew was furious. “Boy, don’t be so arrogant. When my brother-in-law comes, you’ll be cowering in fear. Damn it, when he arrives, I’ll break you f*cking legs first and then slowly settle the account with you!”

Matthew sneered, “Your brother-in-law will not come!”

Laura was immediately annoyed. “Nonsense! I just called my husband and he’s coming! Do you know who my husband is? His name is Mike and everyone in this area knows him!”

Matthew sneered, “I don’t need to know who your husband is. I already told you that he won’t come! Let’s discuss our matters first!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 530

Matthew’s self-confidence left everyone in the house at a loss.

Feeling unconvinced, Laura immediately took out her mobile phone to call her husband.

It took a while before the call was connected.

“Hubby, where are you now?” Laura said anxiously while looking at Matthew provocatively.

A depressed voice sounded, “Laura, I can’t go help you anymore.”

Everyone was immediately stunned.

Laura couldn’t believe it. “Wh-Why can’t you come? I was bullied, and my whole family was bullied!”

Mike said, “I know, but I have something to handle here. I don’t know what’s going on. Alex suddenly brought his men over to cause trouble, and I’m surrounded by them now. I can’t leave, but you don’t have to worry because I will ask my friend to come and help you.”

Laura was even more stunned. She looked at Matthew blankly and said, “What did you do?”

Matthew sneered. In fact, when he was walking upstairs just now, he was already ready to shed all pretences of cordiality with the family.

He first called Mr. Garrison and asked his son to help deal with the matter first.

He didn’t ask Tiger to do it because he didn’t want the Atkinson family to know his true capabilities for the time being.

He would make sure Ed married Wendy and he didn’t want to show off his strength yet because he wanted to find out who else in the Atkinson family opposed this marriage!

Once he showed his capabilities, he wouldn’t be able to see the true colors of these people.

Matthew moved a chair, sat down casually, and said coldly, “Okay, we can finally have a talk now.”

Brandon also stopped causing a ruckus.

He knew how capable his son-in-law was. If even his son-in-law was stopped, it showed that Matthew was quite powerful.

“Wh-What do you want? Let me tell you, our society is under the rule of law. Are you trying to intimidate us?”

Brandon’s voice was trembling a little as he spoke.

Matthew sneered, “So you also know that our society is under the rule of law? In a society ruled by law, your children are free to marry anyone they wish. It is not something you can interfere with. Also, you locked your daughter in the room. This is considered kidnapping. You also forced her to jump off the building, which is tantamount to murder!”

Brandon looked like he was at a loss. “S-She’s my daughter, so I can do whatever I want. D-Don’t try to scare me…”

Matthew scoffed. “It looks like you really know nothing about the law. Well, I don’t want to waste my time telling you all these. I’m going to say it again—my friend will marry your daughter. If you agree, this matter can be easily solved. If you don’t agree, then let’s go through legal means and we’ll see who wins the case!”

Brandon looked at his two sons blankly. He really didn’t know anything about law.

The younger son, who had some legal knowledge, nodded helplessly, indicating that Matthew was right.

Brandon started to panic. He took a deep breath, gritted his teeth and said, “D-Don’t scare me. I don’t believe that my daughter will sue me! If she sues me, I-I will commit suicide!”

This old guy was indeed cruel as he was even blackmailing his daughter emotionally.

Matthew smiled faintly. “Don’t worry, you will get your wish soon. Don’t be so impatient. I’m not trying to scare you, but persuade you. Tell me, what can I do to make you agree to your daughter’s marriage to my friend?”

Just as Brandon wanted to refuse, Laura moved closer to him and whispered in his ear.

Brandon’s eyes lit up and he immediately said, “Well, I’m not an unreasonable person. I have two daughters. When my eldest daughter got married, her husband gave us 300,000. As for my youngest daughter, I don’t want her to be mistreated too. If you give a million in bride price, I will agree to this marriage!”

Ed’s eyes widened. “One million!? Wh-Where would I get a million?!”

Wendy also became anxious. “Dad, what are you talking about? Are you selling your daughter or marrying off your daughter?”

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