The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 531-540

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 531

Brandon was furious. “Shut up!”

“That’s my condition. I want one million as my daughter’s betrothal gift. If you can give me one million, I’ll marry my daughter to him!”

“What do you think? Can you afford it?”

Laura looked at Matthew smugly, her face full of contempt. Even for her husband, forking out a million wouldn’t be easy.

Matthew wasn’t surprised and just gave a mirthless smile. “One million? Old man, is your daughter worth only one million in your eyes?”

Brandon sneered, “Why are you talking so much nonsense? Do you even have one million?”

Matthew looked at Eddie and smiled. “What do you think, Ed?”

Ed blushed out of embarrassment. “Matt, I-I really don’t have so much money.”

Matthew shook his head. “I’m not asking if you have that much money. What I’m asking is, do you think she’s worth only one million?”

Eddie grew anxious. “Matthew, wh-what are you trying to say? In my heart, Wendy is priceless! I’m even willing to give my life for her!”

Matthew nodded and glanced at Brandon. “Did you hear that? This is known as true love! He loves your daughter, so to him, your daughter is priceless. However, you only think of your daughter as a bargaining chip for your promotion, so you gave your daughter a price. This is the difference between the both of you!”

Wendy’s tears gushed out as she was very moved.

Brandon, however, didn’t care at all. “Cut the crap,” he said impatiently. “You asked me for my condition and I’ve told you. If you can get me one million, I’ll marry my daughter to him!”

Matthew replied, “One million, is it? Very well! But I have a request.”

Brandon was taken aback. Did Matthew really have a million?

Nonetheless, he brightened up quickly.

Having a million was better than being the assistant factory manager.

If he used 300,000 as a bribe, he would probably be able to get the position of assistant factory manager anyway, and he would have also earned 700,000 for himself.

“What’s your request?” Brandon asked quickly.

Matthew replied, “After I give you one million, you shall never bother them ever again. From then on, your daughter will have nothing to do with you.”

Brandon looked at Eddie and scoffed.“Deal! They will have nothing to do with my family anymore! Not only that, we will also not attend her wedding! I’ll just forget that I ever had Wendy as a daughter!”

The Atkinson brothers and Laura all nodded. “We will not attend such a tasteless wedding. It’s such a disgrace.”

In their eyes, Eddie was just a cripple from a poor family. If they got involved with him, he might borrow money from their family. Of course, they didn’t want to lend him even a single cent.

Matthew nodded, then took out his phone to ask someone to send the money.

It was then that he realized that his phone was broken.

He recalled carefully. Maybe he had broken his phone when he was fighting just now.

Seeing Matthew looking at his phone without speaking, Laura sneered, “What’s wrong? You don’t have the money?”

“Your bragging was almost believable. I almost fell for it.”

“Look at your broken phone. A million? I think you can’t even fork out a hundred!”

Matthew was still using an old phone from before, which he bought for eight hundred. It was indeed shabby.

Looking at the phone Matthew had in his hand, Brandon and his family showed their contempt.

Who was still using this kind of lousy phone in this day and age?

Moreover, Matthew had spoken so confidently just now and they really thought he could give them a million.

Now, it seemed like he was just a liar!

“You’re trash! What a waste of time!”

“Forget about it, let’s save the chatter with him.”

“We should call the police and have them apprehend him!” Andrew yelled loudly.

Brandon gritted his teeth and said, “Brat, looks like you really have a death wish. How dare you come to my house and act so shamelessly?”

“There’s no need to call the police. I’ll call the factory now and have someone from the Department of Safety and Security to deal with him!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 532

Andrew’s eyes lit up. “You’re right, Dad! Let’s get someone from the Department of Safety and Security to come over! This is the staff building of our factory.

Them coming here to cause trouble is the same as causing trouble in our factory. Having someone from the Department to come over is the best choice. Let’s break their hands, then send them to the police station. We can tell the police that they came to our factory to steal.”

“That’s right.” Laura laughed loudly.

“When the time comes, we may even be praised for being righteous and brave too!”

Matthew ignored them and turned toward Eddie. “Let me use your phone.”

Eddie searched his pockets but couldn’t find his phone too, causing him to look at Matthew helplessly. “I seem to have lost my phone too.”

Matthew was dispirited. The situation just now was very chaotic and Eddie probably lost his phone during the scuffle.

Laura burst into laughter instantly. “Two grown men and not one of you has a phone to make a call. Don’t you guys feel ashamed of yourself? You’re so poor, and you still wish to marry my sister?”

With a sneer, Brandon took out his phone and was about to make a call, but another call came in first. When he saw the phone number, Brandon was stunned.

“It’s Director Zook,” he quickly said. “Keep your voices down.” With that said, Brandon cleared his throat and answered the call carefully with a flattering smile. “Hello, Director Zook. Do you have any orders?”

An excited voice came from the other end of the phone. “Brandon, where are you?”

Brandon was surprised. Director Zook had never spoken to him so courteously.

“Oh, I’m at home. I had to deal with something at home today, so I took a leave. Did something happen in the factory? I’ll go back right away!” Brandon replied, feeling flattered.

Director Zook laughed. “It’s fine. I’m about to reach your house, and I have an honored guest with me. You should tidy up quickly and prepare some tea. Make sure you don’t mistreat our distinguished guest!”

Brandon was even more surprised. “Director Zook, who are you bringing along? Do I know that person?”

“Don’t be silly, of course you know him!” Director Zook laughed. “He came to our factory to look for you, and even asked me to bring him to your house. He was very polite when he spoke too.”

Brandon was confused. “Really? What is his name? Is he a real big shot?”

The factory manager chuckled. “I won’t tell you his name now. It’s a surprise, but let’s put it this way—he is a real big shot! Whether our factory can turn around or not depends on him. Brandon, you really hid this deep. Why didn’t you tell me earlier you knew such a big shot?

If I knew you had such a connection, I wouldn’t have approached those companies and cooperated with them! After this matter is settled, you will be the second-in-command in the factory!”

Brandon was overjoyed. He was only the head of the workshop and was not even an assistant factory manager. He had thought that it would be a lucky break if he could become an assistant factory manager in his lifetime. Who knew that he would suddenly be promoted to the second-in-command?

There were five or six assistant factory managers in the factory, but they didn’t have much authority. The person with the most authority would be the second-in-command. If he could become the second-in-command, it would be like a pauper becoming a prince.

But who was this big shot that he knew? How could such a good thing happen so unexpectedly? Was this pennies from heaven? While thinking about it, he hurriedly told his family what Director Zook had said.

Laura and the others were all overjoyed and excited.

“Dad, who’s this big shot? Was it an old classmate or old comrade who has earned a lot and came to look for you?” Andrew asked excitedly.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 533

Brandon couldn’t hide his smugness. “Oh, this is difficult to say. You guys know me, I’m a good and loyal friend. While I was in school and serving in the military, I had a lot of friends. A lot of those classmates and comrades of mine are now big shots.

I’m just keeping a low profile and did not want to contact them, but it seems these old friends of mine couldn’t forget about me! Alright, enough talking. All of you tidy up quickly. Clean up the house and take out my most precious tea!” Brandon commanded his children excitedly. Both of his sons and Laura started to get busy.

This was related to their future prospects, so each of them were giving their all.

“You two, why aren’t you leaving yet?” Laura said arrogantly to Matthew. “Didn’t you hear that we have guests coming? Do you still want to continue causing a scene in front of our guests?

Don’t say I didn’t remind you. Those people are big shots that you can’t afford to mess with. If you cause a scene in front of these big shots, it won’t be as simple as getting an arm or a leg broken. If you guys cause too much trouble, you might even get killed here!”

Andrew walked toward his mother and said with a dark face, “Mom, you bring Wendy back to her room first. We can talk after the guests leave.”

Wendy’s mom also knew how serious the matter was, so she said softly, “Eddie, could you come back in the afternoon?”

Eddie had deep respect for Wendy’s mom. He nodded and muttered, “Matthew, we can come back in the afternoon…”

“Wendy, don’t do anything silly! I’ll definitely marry you!”

Wendy nodded her head vigorously.

Matthew couldn’t get hold of Julian, so he couldn’t do anything before he found a phone.

After the two of them left, Brandon was in even higher spirits. “Those two scoundrels have finally left. Someone, quickly boil some water and prepare the tea. Also, get me my suit. I need to change my clothes quickly.”

The Atkinsons all busied themselves tidying up the house.

Just when they finished cleaning up, they heard a cry from outside.

They quickly ran to the window to have a look and saw a beautiful luxurious car parked in the courtyard.

There was a group of people surrounding the car, pointing at it.

This was a relatively old staff building, so there were not many people who bought cars here.

Most of them had never seen such a luxurious car before, so it was quite novel for them.

Most importantly, they could tell that this car was definitely worth a lot.

Brandon was stunned. “Wow, that’s a nice car. It should be very expensive, right?”

Laura glanced at it and exclaimed, “Oh my god, it’s a Porsche Panamera! Dad, calling it expensive wouldn’t be enough! A car like this costs at least two million! When I got married, the lead car I used was a Porsche, but that one is far inferior to this one. This is definitely the highest end model! It’s gorgeous!”

Brandon’s eyes widened. To think that this car was actually that expensive.

Andrew and his brother also leaned against the window, their faces filled with envy.

There were few young people who didn’t like cars, let alone a luxurious car like this.

“Could it be owned by someone from our factory?” Andrew couldn’t help but ask.

Brandon shook his head. “Are you kidding? All of the residents here are old employees. Even Director Zook’s old Mercedes only cost 600,000. Who could afford a car that costs 2 million?”

Andrew was stunned. “Then why is this car here?”

Laura’s eyes lit up and she said, “Dad, is this your old friend’s car?”

Brandon’s heart gave a wild thump. If that was the case, he would really make his mark this time.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 534

Brandon hurriedly looked outside and saw a few people getting out of the car.

Among them, a bald and obese man, was Director Zook.

Director Zook was following a man with a flattering smile on his face. Apparently, this man was the owner of the car.

If Matthew was there, he would have recognised him right away, because that man was Julian.

After Julian dealt with his work at the company, he immediately got ready to go and help Eddie at his house.

When he was on his way, he called Matthew and learned that they were already helping out at Wendy’s house.

So, he immediately turned around and came here and didn’t make a stop at Eddie’s house.

However, he didn’t know where Brandon’s house was.

When he was nearby, he called both Matthew and Eddie but they didn’t answer his calls. At that time, both of them had no phones.

In the end, he had no choice but to head to the factory and find a way to get someone from the factory to bring him over to Brandon’s place.

He had vaguely heard Eddie talk about Brandon, so when he arrived at the factory, he directly said he was looking for Brandon.

Because Brandon was going to be Eddie’s father-in-law and was considered to be his elder, so when Julian mentioned Brandon, he was respectful.

As a result, Director Zook thought Julian was Brandon’s junior.

When he learned of Julian’s identity, he immediately brought Julian over to Brandon’s home personally.

Of course, the Atkinsons didn’t know what was going on. When they saw Director Zook, they were all excited.

“It is them!”

“Look, Director Zook is with him! They’re definitely coming to our house!”

Brandon was taken aback because he didn’t know Julian.

Julian appeared to be around twenty to thirty years old, so he couldn’t be an old friend of his.

Laura was confused. “Dad, do you know him?”

Brandon shook his head blankly. “I have never seen him before.”

“What’s going on?” Laura asked. “Why would he come to our house?”

The family looked at each other, all of them confused.

“Dad, could he be the son of an old friend of yours?” Andrew suddenly asked.

Brandon froze for a while then suddenly cheered up. “You know, that might just be possible. He looks around the same age as all of you. Maybe he really is the son of one of my old friends coming over for a visit. Quickly, tidy up and bring our guest upstairs!”

After floundering in the house for a bit, Brandon and his family waited respectfully at the door.

Not long after, Director Zook and Julian approached them.

Julian was still making calls as he walked. He was trying to contact Matthew and Eddie.

Just when they arrived, Director Zook immediately announced, “President Davis, we’re here. This is Brandon Atkinson, the man you are looking for.”

Brandon greeted him with a big grin on his face. “Greetings, President Davis. Your presence really makes this humble house of mine shine!”

Julian quickly jogged over and reached out to shake Brandon’s hand with both hands.

“Mr. Atkinson, sorry I’m late. How is it going? Is there anything I can help with at home?”

When Brandon heard how respectful Julian was, he got even more excited.

It seemed like Julian really was the son of an old friend of his. Otherwise, why would he be so reverent? He even asked if there was anything he could help with! This old friend really cared about him a lot!

“Oh, it’s already great that you could come, and there’s really nothing much to do,” Brandon exclaimed. “Please, come and take a seat inside.”

As Brandon welcomed Julian into his house, he ignored Director Zook who was at the back.

Normally, he wouldn’t have the guts to do so, but it was different today.

Director Zook didn’t feel that there was anything wrong too and followed them into the house heartily.

After exchanging greetings, everyone sat down.

Julian looked around confusedly. Weren’t Matthew and Eddie supposed to already be here? Where were they?

Right at that moment, Laura carried a teacup over to serve him tea, and at the same time winked at him.

Julian frowned a little, but he didn’t bother to say anything.

After chatting a bit, Brandon asked while chuckling, “President Davis, how is your father doing? Speaking of him, we haven’t seen each other in years! Is he doing fine?”

Julian was stunned. You know my dad?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 535

“Mr. Atkinson, you know my dad?” Julian asked carefully.

Brandon was caught off guard. What did he mean?

If I don’t know your dad, why are you looking for me? Could he be the son of a female friend of his? God, that would be awkward.

After hesitating for a moment, Brandon said to salvage the situation, “Oh, then how is your mother doing?”

Julian was even more puzzled. You know both of my parents?

“Mr. Atkinson, so you know my mom too?” Julian asked curiously.

The scene became completely awkward.

Brandon was dumbfounded. I don’t know your father, and I don’t know your mother either, so who should I know? Your grandpa?

After another moment of silence, Brandon couldn’t stand it anymore. “President Davis, th-then why did you come to my house?” he asked.

“Oh, pardon me, I forgot to tell you. I’m Eddie’s friend. Eddie’s wedding is tomorrow, and I thought that you must be busy, so I came to help,” Julian explained quickly. “Oh, that’s right. Mr. Atkinson, shouldn’t Matthew and Eddie already be here? Why don’t I see them?”

After Julian finished speaking, everyone in the house went silent. Brandon and the others were totally dumbfounded.

The room plunged into silence once again and after some time, Laura couldn’t hold back anymore. “Are you really Eddie’s friend?”

Julian nodded immediately. “Of course. Well, we’re not exactly friends. You can say we’re more like brothers. While we were still studying in school, the three of us always stuck together. I’m an only child, so I see them as my brothers!”

Everyone in the house looked at each other again, all of them panicking inside.

Who would expect Eddie to know such a big shot?

Brandon took a deep breath and asked carefully, “President Davis, do you mind if I ask which industry you work in?”

Director Zook hurriedly laughed and said, “Brandon, you didn’t know?”

“President Julian Davis is the president of Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary. Currently, seventy percent of the herbary business in Eastcliff has to go through his company. You could say that President Davis is the king of herbs in Eastcliff!”

When he heard Julian’s name, Brandon was dumbfounded.

Julian Davis was a big deal in Eastcliff today, especially after the medical conference. Matthew had won a big victory, and Stanley had handed over all of the herbary trading in Eastcliff to Julian.

Now, Julian was really a successful entrepreneur. His status and reputation were not inferior to Sasha.

The herbary company he was managing now could be said to be the most profitable company of the Cunningham Group, and he was highly valued by the company’s board of directors.

The Porsche Panamera was the one Helen had bought previously, but after James and Helen were expelled from the company, the Panamera was left behind.

Originally, Julian also didn’t have the right to drive this car, and most of the seniors in the company were fighting over it.

However, Julian later expanded the herbary company and earned a huge amount of money.

The board of directors instantly gave this car to Julian as his ride after seeing this.

There were too many companies that wanted to join hands with Julian in Eastcliff, including the factory Brandon was working in. They had always wanted to cooperate with Julian’s company, but their factory was too small. They couldn’t even meet with the department manager of Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary, let alone Julian.

So, when Director Zook heard that Julian was personally coming, he had rushed over to receive him personally.

If they could build a good relationship with Julian and successfully sign a contract with Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary, their factory could earn a lot!

However, Director Zook didn’t know that Brandon and the others were all secretly breaking out in cold sweat.

If they had known that Eddie knew a big shot like Julian, they would never have treated him badly.

But at that moment, the whole situation was extremely awkward. How should they answer him?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 536

Seeing Brandon and the others keeping quiet, Julian couldn’t help but find the situation strange. “Mr. Atkinson, did something happen? Haven’t they arrived yet?”

Brandon was feeling extremely awkward and he didn’t know how to explain.

At that moment, a voice suddenly came from the door. “We arrived a long time ago.”

Julian turned around and was overjoyed when he saw Matthew and Eddie standing at the door. He quickly rushed over and said, “Oh, I finally found both of you. What happened to you two? My calls weren’t getting through, and I have been circling around here a few times. So how is it? Did everything go well?” Julian laughed.

“It went extremely well!” Matthew sneered. “They promised to completely cut ties with their daughter for one million dollar as her betrothal gift!”

When he heard this, Julian frowned instantly. “What do you mean?”

Director Zook looked at Brandon quickly. His instincts were telling him sh*t was about to hit the fan.

Brandon’s face turned red from shock and anger.

Matthew then told Julian what had happened earlier.

After hearing what he said, Julian was furious.

He turned to look at Brandon and asked angrily, “Did you really say all this?”

Brandon smiled awkwardly. “Ah, all of this is just a misunderstanding. Um, let’s… let’s take a seat first and talk about it. Laura, go make some tea.”

Laura came over with a tea cup, but Julian stopped her. “One million, right? Very well. I’ll have someone send the money over now!”

Julian took out his phone and ordered someone to send one million over immediately.

Brandon and the rest panicked. Even if he was a fool, he knew that he couldn’t take the one million. If he really took the one million, he would completely offend Julian.

By then, if Julian decided to target them, they would be finished. They would probably even lose their jobs.

On the contrary, if they established a relationship with Julian, they could enjoy a lot of benefits in the future!

“Ah, I-I was just kidding. Eddie, hurry up and ask your friend to come and sit. Oh my, I’m really sorry for showing such poor hospitality.” Brandon put up a smile as he said this.

Eddie lowered his head, not saying anything.

Julian waved his hand directly. “Don’t bother, the money will be here soon. We’ll come and pick up Wendy tomorrow.”

Brandon was embarrassed and said quickly, “Since you’re already here, you’re our guest. Come, have a seat. Let’s discuss the details of the wedding.”

They ignored him, and both Matthew and Julian didn’t go inside and take a seat.

Laura couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “Hey, why are you being so arrogant? So what if you drive a Porsche? Who do you think you are to come to my house and act so arrogantly? What’s so great about a Porsche? My husband also has a Porsche, but why don’t I see him behaving so pompously?”

Brandon also looked at Matthew and Julian coldly. He was also furious inside as he felt that both Matthew and Julian were looking down on him.

“Who’s being arrogant?” Julian sneered. “You guys were the one who asked for one million as a betrothal gift, like this is all your daughter is worth. Since this is just a transaction, why do we need to build a relationship with each other? When the money’s here, we will take Wendy with us. It’s that simple. What’s with all the nonsense?”

Brandon’s expression darkened considerably.

He could see that Julian was really mad and judging from the current situation, it was highly unlikely that they could have a good relationship with him.

He thought about it for a while and resolved himself. “It won’t be that simple!” he said behind clenched teeth.

“We’ve now changed our minds and one million is not enough! We want ten million!”

With that one sentence, everyone in the house turned to look at him at the same time.

Director Zook panicked. “Brandon, have you gone mad? Have you ever heard of anyone asking for ten million as a betrothal gift? Even in Eastcliff, I haven’t heard of a betrothal gift this expensive!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 537

Brandon’s face became as red as a tomato. Steeling himself, he said, “Director Zook, this is my family’s affair, so please don’t interfere!”

In the past, he would not dare to talk to Director Zook like this.

However, since things had developed to this point, he knew that he was finished.

Now that he had offended Julian, the factory was sure to fire him.

Therefore, he didn’t need to give face to Director Zook anymore.

He was now sure that Eddie would marry his daughter by hook or by crook, so he planned to make a fortune using his daughter.

With this ten million, even if he couldn’t be the assistant factory manager or was fired, so what?

Director Zook was trembling with anger, but there was nothing he could do.

If Brandon had made up his mind not to work in the factory, there was nothing he could do to him.

Wendy grew anxious. “Dad, wh-what are you saying? How can you ask for such a big sum of money? Are you marrying me off or selling me? “

“What’s wrong?” Brandon sneered. “They’re rich, aren’t they? So let’s have them spend some cash! Ten million! If you can give us ten million, you can take Wendy away with you!

The Atkinson brothers were also very excited. If they really gave their father 10 million, they could also have a piece of the cake.

Wendy completely broke down. She could see that her family only regarded her as a commodity!

The faces of Matthew and Julian had both turned cold. This family was really taking an inch and asking for a mile.

“Atkinson, you said one million just now!” Matthew solemnly reminded him.

“Can’t I change my mind?” Brandon sniggered. “Aren’t you rich? Come on! Give me ten million and I will sell my daughter to you! You can do whatever you want with her!”

Wendy’s mother couldn’t stand it any longer and spoke up. “Brandon, how could you say that? Wendy’s your daughter!”

“You shut up!” Brandon yelled at her angrily. “You’re just a woman, so what do you know?”

Tears flowed down Wendy’s face as she was really disappointed in her father.

Matthew slowly nodded then pointed at Brandon. “I have made up my mind. I’ve decided that I won’t give you even a single penny.”

Brandon became furious. “Then you can forget about my daughter marrying him! Tomorrow, I will have her marry that fool!”

“Your daughter is still going to marry my brother!” Matthew sneered.

Brandon flew into a rage. “So, you want to take her away?” he seethed. “Come on then! I’m telling you, even if I have to sacrifice this old life of mine today, you can forget about taking her!”

Matthew didn’t speak but waved his hand at Julian.

Julian got the message, thereafter he walked outside to make a call.

A short while later, he came back again. “It’s done.”

Matthew nodded.

The Atkinsons were all confused. What did Julian do?

“What the hell are you guys doing? Did you call some local thugs to frighten me? You should know that I’m not afraid of you!” Brandon said angrily.

Brandon and Julian both wore a cold smile on their faces but didn’t speak.

Wendy’s mother wept. “Brandon, can’t you think about your daughter? With such a disturbance today, Wendy won’t be able to marry in the future! This is related to your daughter’s happiness, so how can you be so selfish?”

Brandon was annoyed. “Shut your trap! If you say another word, you can get out of here!”

Wendy’s mother wiped away her tears and dared not to speak again. She was always at a disadvantage at home.

After about half an hour, when she saw that nothing had happened, Laura couldn’t help but sneer.

“Hey, how much longer do we have to wait? If your people aren’t coming, we’re going to eat. Looks like the big boss only knows how to brag!”

Brandon also scoffed. “There’s no need to be afraid of them. There’s nothing they can do to us in broad daylight. Let me get this straight—if I don’t get 10 million for Wendy’s betrothal gift, you can forget about taking away my daughter! I would rather she die here at home than allow her to marry a useless person like him!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 538

Wendy was trembling with rage, and she was now completely let down by her father.

She never expected that her father would do such a thing.

To think he would say such heartless words and do such a brutal thing for his own benefit!

Matthew looked calm. “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you.”

“But your daughter will marry Ed, and there won’t be a betrothal gift, not even a single penny!”

“Cut the crap!” Brandon growled. “If I don’t receive ten million, even if I die, I won’t marry her to this trash!”

Matthew just smiled coldly and didn’t say anything.

At this moment, a man in a suit and leather shoes arrived at the door.

After he entered the house, the man greeted Matthew and Julian respectfully.

“Mr. Larson, President Davis, I have the information you wanted. Would the two of you like to take a look?” the man asked.

Matthew shook his head. “No, just show it to him.”

The man nodded and his gaze swept across the crowd. “Which one of you is Mr. Brandon Atkinson?”

Everyone in the Atkinson Family was surprised, and Brandon frowned. “That would be me. What do you want?”

The man glanced at him and then nodded. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am from the Carlson Law Firm, and we found that you had taken kickbacks on three equipment purchases, Mr. Atkinson. These data are the evidence. Would you care to have a look, Mr. Atkinson?”

Brandon was shocked. As the workshop director, sometimes he was indeed responsible for purchasing equipment.

Moreover, he really did receive kickbacks on the purchase of equipment.

In fact, it was common for people like him to take kickbacks. However, no one would look into these matters in general.

However, if someone really did look into it, it would not be a trivial matter, especially if they had evidence proving his guilt. In addition, Brandon had also gotten into an unpleasant fight with Director Zook just now. Once he was investigated, it would be enough for him to go to jail.

Brandon felt numb. He really couldn’t understand how Julian got the evidence with just a single call.

He originally thought the man was just shooting in the dark, but when he took the file and read it, he almost fell to the ground.

The information recorded here was all true. Moreover, the evidence that was provided by the supplier was solid.

In other words, all of this was enough to put him in jail.

Director Zook, who was standing at the side, looked really angry. “You sure have guts, Atkinson. I asked you to purchase equipment for the factory but you took kickbacks? No wonder all of the expensive equipment we bought for the factory broke so quickly! Just you wait, Atkinson! I’m not through with you with this matter!”

Brandon’s face reddened and he gritted his teeth as he said, “Director Zook, I-I only took less than 50,000. It’s not a big deal. I-I will pay back the factory. That should do, right?”

“Do you think this is just a simple case of losing money? Let me tell you, this incident has a huge impact on our factory. I will definitely see you sent to jail!” Director Zook growled.

Brandon grew anxious. “Director Zook, it was just a few ten thousand. It isn’t enough to have me sent to jail, is it? Moreover, this is common practice. I don’t believe that I’ll have to stay in jail for a long time for such a small amount of money!”

He then turned to Brandon and Julian once more. You ba*tards, you think you can scare me with something like this? It’s useless! Even if I go to jail, I will never let my daughter marry you! At most, I will go to jail for a few months and then come out. When the time comes, even if I have to give up everything, I will fight you to the end!”

Just then, the lawyer smiled. “Mr. Atkinson, I’m afraid the matter is not so simple. In this matter, if it was someone ordinary who sued you, you would indeed only need to go to jail for a few months. However, if our firm takes over the case, I guarantee with my reputation that you will have to go to jail for at least ten years!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 539

Brandon was dumbfounded and looked at the lawyer blankly. “Wh-Who are you trying to scare? For just a small sum of fifty thousand, you want to put me in jail for ten years? Don’t think just because you’re from a law firm that you can say whatever you like. I’m not afraid of you!”

The lawyer gave him a faint smile. “Mr. Atkinson, three years ago, there was a machine operator in your workshop who was involved in an accident. He was sucked into the machine and died on the spot. We have enough reasons to suspect that this accident was related to the substandard quality of these equipment.”

“Coincidentally, this batch of equipment was purchased by you, and it was also the batch you received a kickback on. If you see it this way, Mr. Atkinson, you taking a kickback and causing the death of a worker would be a huge matter!”

Brandon’s expression changed drastically. “That’s slander!” he said anxiously.

“The accident happened because the worker started work when he was drunk and operated the equipment improperly. What does it have to do with the quality of the equipment?”

Still wearing a faint smile, the lawyer said, “Mr. Atkinson, the worker may be responsible, but there were also problems with the quality of the equipment. When the time comes, if you really go to court, both of you will probably be punished. Even if you are only taking secondary responsibility, it is also not a trivial matter.”

Brandon felt his body go weak and slumped directly on the sofa.

At this moment, he really was in a panic.

He wouldn’t care if it was just a few months in jail.

However, he wouldn’t be able to stand it if he really had to go to jail for ten years!

Laura gritted her teeth angrily. “D-Don’t try to scare us with your nonsense here! You think you’re the only ones who can hire lawyers? We can hire our own lawyers as well! I’m telling you, my husband—”

Before she could finish speaking, the lawyer interrupted her, “Your husband is Mike, correct? We’ve already investigated him. He has been cutting corners for several of the projects that he’s doing recently, and we have already asked the quality inspection department to inspect his projects. If they really find evidence of him cutting corners, your husband will face more than just penalties.”

“I checked his family’s situation. If these claims are verified, my guess is that even if he sold everything he owned, it won’t be enough to compensate. At that time, as his wife and as a joint creditor, you will have to bear at least five million in debt!”

Laura was dumbfounded. Marrying into such a family had always been something she was proud of.

Now she was suddenly told that everything in the family might be gone, and even she herself would have to bear millions in debt. How could she accept it?

“Y-You’re lying…” Laura said anxiously, her voice trembling. It was obvious she was panicking inside.

The lawyer chuckled, “Evidence and facts do not lie! If you don’t believe me, I can show you the investigation results.”

Laura’s face went as pale as a sheet, and she looked at Brandon helplessly.

Brandon was still sitting on the sofa motionlessly, and his eyes had become hollow.

He never expected that things would develop to this point.

He originally thought he could make a fortune from his daughter’s marriage, but he didn’t expect that he would end up in this situation.

At his current age, if he were to go to prison for a few years, he would be a useless old man when he came out.

After a long silence, he raised his head and said bitterly, “Eddie, do you really want to marry my daughter? But you’re clearly threatening us! This is daylight robbery! Even if Wendy marries you, she will feel guilty for the rest of her life if you do this!”

“Wendy, can you really bear to see me go to jail?”

“You really are shameless, you old fart,” Julian mocked Brandon.

“Just now, you were saying it would be better if she was to die, and now you’re blackmailing her emotionally?”

“So which is it? Do you want your daughter to die, or do you want her to be happy?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 540

That one sentence made Brandon speechless. He was a standard snob and was extremely patriarchal.

He didn’t care about his daughter’s happiness at all. He just wanted to use his daughter to exchange for better conditions for himself and his two sons.

In the past, Eddie’s family had good conditions, so of course he was eager for his daughter to marry him.

But later, when the prospects of Eddie’s family fell, he wasn’t willing to let Eddie marry Wendy. He wanted to marry his daughter to that idiot in exchange for the opportunity to climb up the career ladder.

However, he never thought that Eddie’s two friends would be so capable.

He looked piteously at Wendy, but she turned her head to the side and didn’t want to meet his eyes.

When Brandon had asked her to die before, she was already in despair for having such a father.

Now, she just wanted to leave this cold family and so-called home.

As for Laura, she was in a panic herself and couldn’t be bothered about other things.

Brandon became completely docile and he asked pitifully, “Then… what do you want?”

“Your daughter and Eddie are truly in love with each other, and I hope that they can get married smoothly,” Matthew calmly said.

Brandon nodded repeatedly. “Okay, no problem.”

“Wendy, Eddie is a nice kid. If you marry him, I won’t have to worry!”

The few people nearby were about to throw up. This person was really shameless.

“We will still give you the betrothal gift,” Matthew said coldly. “I have already checked and people usually give 100,000. However, we will still give you one million!”

Brandon was overjoyed. He originally thought he wouldn’t even be able to get a dime this time, but he didn’t expect that he could still get such a large sum of money.

“Okay, no problem! No problem at all!” Brandon replied repeatedly. “Don’t worry, we will make all the necessary preparations and ensure that Wendy marries Eddie without a hitch.”

The opportunistic face he wore made people think that he was not marrying off his daughter, but selling her instead.

“This one million is not only a betrothal gift, but also the money that she will give you for your retirement. I hope that in the future, you won’t disturb your daughter’s life.”

Brandon was stunned for a moment. This meant that in the future, he could forget about getting any benefits from Eddie.

He didn’t want to accept this.

With how close Julian was to Eddie, Eddie would make it big with just a little help.

His son-in-law would make it big, but he wouldn’t be able to get any benefits. How could he accept this?

Seeing Brandon remaining silent, Julian immediately said, “What’s wrong? Are you not willing to accept this arrangement? If you really don’t want to, that’s okay. We can put you in jail first, then let Wendy marry Eddie. As for your eldest daughter, she’ll probably join you in prison too by then!”

Laura instantly became anxious. “Dad, what should we do? How about we agree to what they say?”

Brandon was very unwilling to accept this, but in the end he didn’t dare to disagree.

He gritted his teeth and nodded vigorously. “Okay, I agree!”

Matthew nodded calmly. “Very good. If that’s the case, then this matter is decided. The wedding will proceed according to our initial schedule tomorrow.”

“Remember, the evidence is still with us,” Julian sneered. “If you go against our agreement, we can send you to jail anytime we like.”

At once, the color drained from Brandon’s face. He watched as Matthew and the three of them left, and he directly sat on the ground. He knew that he had really failed this time.

Originally, he held hope to agree to this matter temporarily, and then go against it later.

However, looking at this situation now, if he really did go against their agreement, he would definitely go to jail.

Moreover, he really was regretting what he had done right now.

If he had known that Eddie had such friends, it would have been better to just agree to let him marry his daughter.

With Julian’s wealth and status, just giving Eddie some help would allow him to start up his own company.

By then, if Brandon played his cards right, he might even be able to become the factory director, which would have been much better than being the head of a workshop.

However, he had thrown away such a good opportunity to make it big. He wanted to cry, but no amount of tears could change this.

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