The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 541-550

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 541

After they had walked out of the Atkinsons’ house and were just getting into the car, Eddie burst into tears.

“Julian, Matthew, thank you!” Eddie said with a trembling voice, his face full of gratitude.

Julian and Matthew gave each other a look and laughed at the same time.

“Hey Ed, there’s no need for thanks between us,” Matthew told him. “Back when we were in school, if you didn’t always help me, I probably wouldn’t have lasted long. Now buck up because you’re getting married tomorrow. Stop crying.”

Eddie nodded vigorously. He wiped away the tears on his face but said in a worried voice, “Matt, how do you think Wendy will get along with her family after this debacle?”

“Do you still expect them to treat Wendy well when they’re this kind of person?” Matthew sternly said. “Didn’t you see what happened? Brandon and her elder siblings treated her as a commodity. For the sake of their own interests, they were even willing to marry her to an idiot. Would there be warmth in a family like this?”

Matthew continued, “If they really do manage to get along, then it will be troublesome in the future. Do you think you can handle it if they were to trouble you each and every day, wanting to borrow money or take things from you? I deliberately blew this up so that they wouldn’t look for you in the future, and also to let you and Wendy live your days in peace!”

Eddie nodded slowly. After today’s events, he really was disappointed with the Atkinson family.

In this family, except for Wendy’s mother, everyone else was really hateful.

When Julian and Matthew reached Eddie’s home, the yard was full of activity.

Dominic was sitting in the yard directing everyone, seeming to be even busier than Eddie’s parents.

He was working hard because after Matthew left, he found that the health of Eddie’s mother was getting better and better, which made him even more in awe of Matthew’s medical skills.

So, in order to become friends with Matthew, Dominic did his best to help him.

Just now when Matthew asked him to help stop Laura’s husband, he immediately asked his son to do it without a word.

Normally, he would not do such things that would offend people.

However, since Matthew had ordered him to do so, he did his best to accomplish it no matter what.

It had to be said that Dominic Garrison was indeed a very shrewd character.

At least he did his job beautifully this time, which made Matthew very satisfied.

Dennis was still in the yard helping with the arrangements.

He was much more docile now, and he did his work more seriously.

Moreover, he could also see that no one wanted him around.

However, he did not want to leave here just like that.

He could see that Matthew was not as simple as he seemed, so he planned to stay here to help until the end to see if he could get some benefits.

Just when he was busy, Dennis suddenly saw a Panamera pull up. He was instantly shocked.

Dennis hurriedly ran into the yard. “Aunt, come and take a look outside. Who is it? He’s driving an expensive luxury car!”

“Could it be one of Eddie’s classmates?”

“Eddie’s classmates sure are impressive!” Dennis said with a look of envy on his face.

Dominic and the others were also shocked when they saw the car outside.

Although Dominic was quite famous in this area, his family’s assets only amounted to tens of millions. They couldn’t afford to drive a luxury car like this as well.

Everyone was shocked. This family usually seemed very hopeless, but they actually knew such a rich person?

Eddie’s parents also came out to greet the arrivals. When they saw Julian, who was the first to get out of the car, they were taken aback.

They didn’t recognize this person.

“Um, Sir, did you maybe come to the wrong place?” Eddie’s father asked cautiously.

Everyone else breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that they didn’t know each other.

Julian gave a laugh. “Mr. Martinez, did you forget who I am?”

“It’s me, Julian Davis! I’m the Julian who always followed Eddie home and stayed for supper!”

Everyone was shocked when he said this.

Sure enough, this was another friend of Eddie’s!

How many big shots did Eddie know?

Before it was Matthew, and now it was Julian. Both of them were not simple men.

To think that Eddie, who he always thought was useless, actually had so many impressive friends!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 542

Eddie’s parents recovered and exclaimed, “You’re Julian? It’s been a few years and you sure have changed a lot! That’s why we couldn’t recognize you.”

Julian laughed loudly. Just then, Matthew and Eddie also got out of the car. It was only then that everyone realized that Julian had already gone over to help Eddie.

Denis quickly came forward and greeted Julian ingratiatingly. “Julian, it’s been a long time. It’s me, Dennis! Do you remember me?”

On the way here, Julian had heard what Dennis had done, so he shot him an unfriendly look.

“I do! Back when we were in school, you would always come to school and borrow money from Eddie. Now that your cousin is getting married, why did you get a Passat for him to pick up his wife? Don’t you think this will let your brother and Aunt down?” Julian said angrily.

Dennis looked embarrassed, but he didn’t dare to say anything. Discounting the fact that Dominic Garrison was here, just seeing Julian driving a Porsche made him realize that he was not someone he could provoke.

Dominic also greeted Julian and said with a smile, “This car is not bad. Eddie, now that you have this car, it seems like you don’t need my help borrowing a car anymore. Besides, my car wouldn’t have been able to compare with this one.”

Eddie blushed slightly. “Thanks for your help, Mr. Garrison,” he said softly.

Dominic hurriedly waved his hand. “Oh, this is just something that I should do! If you use this car as the lead car to pick up your wife tomorrow, it is sure to garner you a lot of respect. I’ll come here early tomorrow. We must be sure to make this a glorious wedding!”

Eddie’s parents were also happy. After all, they had done their very best to make this wedding a success. They didn’t have any money, so there was a lot of stuff they had to make do with. However, a wedding car concerned the two families’ reputation.

The two of them had begged Dennis for a long time before he finally agreed to help borrow a car. In the end, Dennis had gotten a Passat. Even so, they felt it too embarrassing to use it.

Now, everything was falling into place. They had a Porsche as the lead car, and Dominic had also agreed to help find a few Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs.

Now that they had finally arranged the motorcade, the two of them finally felt their worries flow away. But unexpectedly, Julian waved his hand. “This car can’t be used as the wedding car!”

When they heard this, everyone was taken aback. Dennis’ eyes also brightened. Could it be that Julian was just a driver who had driven his boss’s car over here, so he didn’t dare to use this car as the wedding car? Thinking of this, Dennis’ eyes suddenly blazed with resentment. You are just a driver. Why are you taking a dig at me?

“What’s wrong? Does your boss have business tomorrow and need to use the car?” Dennis immediately mocked Julian.

Everyone’s expression also changed as they looked at Julian. Was he just a driver? Wasn’t it vain of him to drive a luxury car here and pretend to be a big boss?

Julian ignored him and said directly, “How can Eddie get married so shabbily? I have already contacted the motorcade and they will probably be here soon. Mr. & Mrs. Martinez, both of you can relax. Just leave the wedding to me.”

Everyone was shocked. Wasn’t Julian going too far with his boast? You think a Porsche Panamera is not good enough as a wedding car? Then what kind of motorcade isn’t considered shabby?

Dennis looked dissatisfied. “Julian, if nothing else, your bragging seems to have improved a lot over the years. This is a Porsche Panamera.

It is the most expensive model and costs almost three million, yet you think a car like this isn’t good enough as a wedding car? Then what do you want to use as a wedding car? A Rolls-Royce?”

Everyone around them burst into laughter. How could a three-million luxury car be considered shabby? Julian really was good at bragging!

However, before Julian could speak, someone suddenly ran in from outside and started shouting after entering the door, “Eddie! Eddie, go out and have a look!

A motorcade came to the entrance of the village and said it was looking for your house. The roads in our village are all blocked! Hurry up and go take a look!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 543

“What?” Eddie exclaimed, his expression changing quickly.

Who could be coming at this time?

Dennis immediately became energetic. “How many people have come?” Dennis asked. “Did they say what they were here for? Eddie, did you offend some big shot outside and he’s now here for revenge?”

Eddie looked at Matthew and Julian blankly. “Could it be Laura’s husband?”

Dominic immediately ran over. “That couldn’t be it, could it? My son just said that that baldy was just a ruffian. There is no way he would be able to gather so many men. Don’t worry, I’ll go take a look first.”

“Mr. Garrison, I advise you not to interfere with these things,” Dennis sneered. “Maybe Eddie provoked some big shot and he’s now here looking for revenge. This has nothing to do with you, so why would you go and take a look? Don’t think that just because you are a little capable in this village that you’re amazing. If you really meet a big shot, they can crush you with just a finger!”

Dennis was usually extremely arrogant and domineering in front of his relatives.

Today, he originally wanted to put on an impressive show here, but he was ruthlessly taught a lesson by Matthew and he had long held a grudge against him.

Therefore, now that he heard that many people were looking for Eddie, he was gleeful at Eddie’s misfortune.

He wanted nothing more than for those people to teach Julian and Matthew a lesson as well and help him get revenge.

Dominic also wasn’t confident. He was a little capable in this village, but he was nothing compared to the big figures outside.

After hesitating for a while, Dominic resolved himself. “What is there to be afraid of? What can they do in broad daylight? Mr. Larson, you and your friends wait here for a bit. I’ll go outside and check the situation. I doubt that they will kill me just for asking a few questions.”

Matthew glanced at Dominic. This person is quite bold.

Dominic then headed straight out, while Dennis stayed where he was and sneered. “Old man, you can only blame yourself for not listening to me. I would like to see how you’ll deal with things when you get caught up with the situation!”

Everyone in the back looked terrified as such a big scene was not common in this village.

Many people were looking at Eddie. Did Eddie really provoke some big shot?

Before Dominic walked through the alley, a group of people approached them.

This group of people were all in suits and leather shoes, and they gave off an extraordinary presence.

When Dennis saw them, his face immediately changed.

He hurriedly came forward and greeted one of them. “Mr. Mussolini, why are you here? Is there something you need? Do you need my help? I know this village the best.”

One of the men with a flame tattoo on his neck glanced at Dennis. “Who are you?”

“Oh, my name is Dennis. I run errands for Tucker,” Dennis hurriedly said. “Tucker is a friend of your cousin. Some time ago, I followed Tucker to meet you.”

Mr. Mussolini was still at a loss. It was obvious that he still couldn’t remember who Dennis was.

However, he didn’t ask anymore questions and just nodded. “Oh, so you’re Tucker’s friend. Very well. Since you’re familiar with this place, you can help to show us the way.”

“Where does a man named Eddie live?”

Dennis was overjoyed. They really came here to find Eddie.

Dennis knew about Mussolini. His nickname was Thunderbolt, and he had a bad temper.

It definitely wasn’t good news for Eddie that Mussolini was looking for him.

“Mr. Mussolini, you’re asking the right person! He lives right over here. Let me take you to him!”

Dennis gave Mussolini a nod and a bow, then led the men to Eddie’s doorstep.

When Dennis reached the house, he glanced at Matthew and Julian smugly. “Matthew, Julian, allow me to introduce Mr. Mussolini, a well-known boss in Eastcliff. Compared with Mr. Mussolini, you two are nothing. Now hurry up and greet him.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 544

Matthew and Julian’s expressions were cold and they ignored Dennis.

Dennis couldn’t help but be annoyed. “Do you two have a death wish? I told you to greet Mr. Mussolini, you—”

Just then, Mussolini who was behind him suddenly pushed him aside.

Mussolini looked excited. “Are you Mr. Larson? It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Max Mussolini, and you can call me Max.”

Dennis was stunned.

What was going on with Mussolini? Why was he being so respectful to Matthew?

“Do I know you?” Matthew frowned.

“Oh, pardon me. It was Master Tiger who told us to come and help,” Mussolini hurriedly said. “Mr. Larson, I’ve brought over thirty cars with me. I heard that your friend is getting married?”

“Please take a look. If you see any you like, you can just tell me directly.”

As soon as he said that, the crowd was in an uproar.

Everyone was stunned.

They had initially thought that this group of people were here to make trouble.

But unexpectedly, they were here to help.

Moreover, their leader, Mr. Mussolini, was very respectful to Matthew. What was going on?

Didn’t Dennis say he was a big shot?

Dennis was also confused. “Mr. Mussolini, did you get the wrong person?” he asked blankly. “Matthew here is an old classmate of my cousin and is just a doctor. Did you mistake him for someone else?”

“He’s just a small fry. Why are you being so polite to him?” Dennis continued.

“Shut up!” Mussolini yelled angrily. “How dare you speak to Mr. Larson like this? Hurry up and apologize to Mr. Larson! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rough with you!”

Dennis was not willing to back down. “Mr. Mussolini, you must be mistaken. I’m very familiar with Matthew. His family was so poor that they couldn’t even afford to eat.”

“Later, I don’t know how he did it, but he went to a hospital and became a doctor, and he started misleading everyone outside. Perhaps you were fooled by him, Mr. Mussolini? I—”

Before Dennis finished speaking, Mussolini directly slapped his face.

“Damn it, I asked you to apologize to Mr. Larson, so why are you talking nonsense?”

“You guys, drag him away and beat him up till he is willing to apologize!” Mussolini said as he waved his hand. Several of his subordinates ran over immediately and dragged Dennis aside, then beat him up until he was crying in pain.

Everyone around was stunned. This man was indeed bad-tempered.

Mussolini gave Matthew a smile. “Mr. Larson, I’m sorry for that. I really don’t know this kid. Anyway, Master Tiger instructed us to come here and help. If you have anything you need, feel free to let us know. We will definitely do our best!”

Matthew nodded. “Very well. I will need to trouble you to stay here and help with wedding arrangements.”

Mussolini was overjoyed and nodded again and again. “Mr. Larson, there’s no need to be so polite. It would be our honor to do something for you and it’s no problem at all.”

“Rest assured, we will definitely assist you to the best of our abilities!”

Meanwhile, Dennis finally admitted defeat and begged with a trembling voice, “Mr. Mussolini, please forgive me! I won’t do it ever again!”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Mussolini said angrily.

“Apologize to Mr. Larson. If he forgives you, I’ll let you off, but if he doesn’t, I’ll knock out all of your teeth today!”

Dennis finally understood that Matthew was now completely different from before. He was no longer that same vocational school student from years ago.

So, he hurriedly begged Matthew for mercy.

Matthew couldn’t be bothered about him at all, but in the end, he had Mussolini let him go for Eddie’s sake.

After Dennis was let go, he immediately slipped away as he didn’t dare to stay here anymore.

As soon as he reached the entrance of the village, he saw another convoy approaching, and one of the drivers just so happened to be Tucker.

When Tucker saw him, he immediately asked, “Dennis, why are you here? Are you familiar with this place? Do you know a guy named Eddie?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 545

Dennis looked dumbfounded. Why was his brother here as well? Behaving himself much better this time, he ventured first by asking, “W-Why are you looking for Ed, Tucker?”

Tucker replied, “Well, Master Burch told us to come and deliver a car to Ed. We heard that Ed is getting married tomorrow and might need a wedding car, so we’re all here; even Master Burch is in the car at the back. Alright, let’s cut the crap. Do you know where Ed lives?”

Dennis nearly spat blood upon hearing Tucker’s reply. He knew that Master Burch was a big shot who was even more powerful than Mr. Mussolini. Why would such a powerful figure deliver a wedding car to Ed as well? What exactly was going on?

Unwilling to reconcile himself to the fact, he asked, “Does Master Burch know Ed in person, Tucker? Why would he come in person to deliver a wedding car to Ed?”

Tucker answered, “I heard that he was instructed to do so by Master Tiger of South Street, one of the big shots in the city. Not only that, Stanley personally made the arrangements himself. Just think about it—even Master Tiger commands great respect in Eastcliff, not to mention Stanley. As a result, half of Eastcliff’s gangsters sprang into action upon their instructions.”

Dennis was flabbergasted. Both Master Tiger and Stanley were powerful figures whom he would never come into contact with. Stanley wasn’t a big deal; he existed more in legend than in reality since he had been concentrating on his business these years and rarely appeared in public. On the contrary, Master Tiger of South Street was truly formidable, for he was the real bigwig right now.

Apparently, many things credited under Billy’s name were actually Master Tiger’s work. What exactly gave Ed the honor to have these bigwigs ordering people to deliver wedding cars to him? Dennis couldn’t help but ask, “Ed is my cousin. W-Why am I not aware that he’s actually acquainted with so many big shots?”

Tucker’s eyes widened. “Really? You are a man of substance who never shows off, you brat! Is Ed really your cousin?”

Dennis nodded. “That’s right. His mother is my third eldest aunt!”

Tucker immediately gave Dennis a punch. “F*ck—you are going to get rich, brat! I heard that the matter this time was arranged by someone named Mr. Larson, who is Ed’s best friend. Tiger is mainly doing things for Mr. Larson right now. Now that your cousin knows such a bigwig in person, you will surely have a meteoric rise in the future, brat! Don’t forget about me by then!” Tucker was so excited that his voice quavered as he spoke. He could never get in touch with these bigwigs even in his wildest dreams!

Dennis was on the verge of tears right now. Had he known earlier that Matthew possessed such a great ability, he would have sucked up to the latter just now! Now that he had offended Matthew, he couldn’t go back and apologize to Matthew even if he wanted to. He wished he could kill himself on the spot right now. If he could get himself acquainted with Matthew, his connection with Ed alone would make him fare much better than Tucker in the future!

Dennis felt like crying, but he couldn’t shed a tear. He had forcibly made a mess of the golden opportunity just now! Just then, Tucker urged, “What are you waiting for, you brat? Hurry up and take us to meet your cousin.”

Dennis forcibly suppressed his heartache while telling Tucker where Ed lived. “You guys go ahead, Tucker. M-My stomach is upset, so I have to take some medicine.”

Tucker looked puzzled. He muttered, “Is your stomach upset? Are you suffering from appendicitis? Hurry up and come over later, you brat. You must introduce Mr. Larson to me; at the very least, you must introduce me to your cousin. I’ve helped you so many times in the past, so don’t forget about me now that there is an opportunity!”

Dennis nearly fled the scene as he didn’t dare to say a word. All he wanted right now was to find somewhere to hide—it’d be even better if he could leave this city. Tucker would probably kill him before doing anything else if he learned that he had offended Matthew!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 546

Before Dennis could walk out of the village, he ran into another two motorcades in succession.

He had met some of the members of these motorcades before. They were leaders of some local gangs, but they were now reduced to being drivers for somebody else.

All these people asked Dennis for directions to Ed’s place.

Dennis felt like he was being tortured on his way out of the village. The more people came and the tougher they were, the more upset he was.

What evil had he done to mock Matthew just because he had nothing else to do? These people were so powerful that he couldn’t latch onto any of them, yet they willingly placed themselves at Matthew’s disposal and spoke of him in a reverent tone.

Had he sucked up to Matthew back then, he would probably have benefited a little from the fact that he and Matthew had known each other since their early years. However, everything was too late right now, and it was too late for him to regret it.

In the end, Dennis slipped out of the village and went straight home. After packing his bags, he left home and hired himself out to work right away.

Meanwhile, the village where Ed’s home was situated was now closely surrounded by cars.

The village was in a state of disrepair, and its roads were still the type that had four lanes, which were wide enough for the villagers since they traveled using motor scooters and motorcycles.

Right now, however, so many cars came to the village at once and surrounded it.

Luckily, this village was located in the countryside, so there were plenty of spaces everywhere to park the cars. Otherwise, it would have been a problem to even park so many cars.

The sudden appearance of these cars also attracted all the villagers to Ed’s home.

Since Matthew was unwilling to attract too much publicity, he left matters of the outside world in Julian’s hands.

Julian could now handle these matters with much ease. After all, even Tiger was working under him right now.

Moreover, he was now a famous entrepreneur in Eastcliff who often appeared alongside Stanley Carlson, so it was only natural that he enjoyed a much higher status than before.

Max, Master Burch, and the like always threw their weight around in front of other people, but they all bowed and scraped to Julian without looking the least bit like bigwigs.

However, this couldn’t be helped, for Master Tiger had a high standing in Eastcliff.

Master Tiger hadn’t been so powerful in the past, but his influence grew sharply after he stuck with Matthew.

In particular, he made a lot of money by closely following in Matthew’s footsteps during the exchange conference, enabling him to expand his sphere of influence.

Because of that, Master Tiger was now basically one of the three most influential figures in Eastcliff. With that, he reached the same height of success that Stanley used to have.

Now that both Stanley and Master Tiger had personally given the word, how many people in Eastcliff would have the nerve not to do them a favor?

However, Ed’s parents were totally stupefied by the situation.

They were having trouble finding a BMW to head the wedding convoy earlier. Who would have thought that hundreds of luxury cars would suddenly appear in front of their house for them to choose from?

All the villagers gathered around Ed’s home while discussing among themselves.

As a matter of fact, Ed’s family’s house was rented. His family was poor, and his parents were simple-minded, so everyone in this village looked down on them.

Almost nobody in the village helped Ed’s family with his wedding this time. Those who came to Ed’s home to help his family were some of his relatives and the remaining few villagers who were on good terms with his family.

Other villagers would rather watch TV and play cards at home than to come over to take a look.

It wasn’t until so many luxury cars arrived at Ed’s home right now that the villagers learned about his family being so well-connected.

In an instant, many villagers volunteered to help Ed’s family with his wedding.

However, they were no longer needed at this time. Max, Master Burch, and the rest brought not only drivers with them, but also helpers.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 547

The villagers offered to enter Ed’s house and help him with his wedding, but Julian stopped them right away.

He didn’t even let these philistines in. They didn’t come over back when they were needed; now that they were no longer needed, they scrambled to volunteer instead. Do they actually think that other people are fools?

Of course, Julian also took note of those who had come over in advance to offer help. It wasn’t easy for these people to come over and help Ed’s family at their most difficult time, so they had to be thanked in the future.

Out of the villagers who came to help Ed’s family, the happiest was none other than Dominic Garrison. Being a local leader in this village, he was a nice person who liked to help others.

However, he wasn’t on familiar terms with Ed’s family. He merely came over to Ed’s house back then as a mere formality to ask the latter if there was anything that he could help with.

At first, he planned to help them only if the help they asked for was easy. If the help they asked for was troublesome, he would ignore them instead.

However, he never expected to meet Matthew when he came over. Smart as he was, he immediately told his son to bring some helpers over.

It could be said that the wedding decorations inside Ed’s house were all done by Mr. Garrison’s son and his men.

Dominic Garrison’s son, Alex, was a little reluctant at first. He felt that Mr. Garrison was too respectful toward Matthew, who was merely a doctor.

However, he was filled with admiration upon seeing the scene before his eyes. How could Matthew possibly be just a doctor?

All the visitors outside were more prestigious and powerful than he was, yet these men came over personally to help with Ed’s wedding. What else could he say?

Besides, he was glad that he was the first to offer help to Ed’s family this time. Now that he and his father had done the family a favor, they might have better opportunities for a brighter future!

Upon seeing the situation, Alex immediately followed Ed around, becoming the latter’s staunchest lackey by helping him out with miscellaneous things.

Alex was very clever. He knew that he wasn’t qualified enough to curry favor with bigwigs like Matthew and Julian, but he wouldn’t have to worry about not having such opportunities in the future as long as he stuck with Ed.

Of course, Dennis would have passed out from crying if he saw this. As Ed’s cousin, he should have been the one who bustled about to help Ed. However, due to his arrogance and self-conceit, Alex became the one to help out here. In other words, he had given up such a golden opportunity to Alex!

As for Dominic, he happily followed Ed’s parents around and helped them pick the wedding car, as if he was their longtime friend.

Ed’s parents knew little about cars, so they were stressed out when they saw the hundreds of cars that filled the village.

Dominic followed beside them, saying, “A wedding is a serious event, so it must be done nicely. You have to choose the right cars for the wedding convoy, especially the car that will head the convoy. Just have a look to see if you take a fancy to any of these cars, George. Would you like me to give you some advice?”

Ed’s parents blushed scarlet as they looked at one car after another. They had no idea about choosing cars for a wedding convoy!

They exchanged glances after a long silence. Then, mustering up his courage, George asked, “Well, i-is there a BMW? Back when we talked to Brandon about this, he said that BMW will be good as a wedding car.”

Dominic laughed at once. “What are you thinking about, George? Just take a look at these cars. Is there a BMW among them?”

Ed’s father was stunned. Isn’t there even a BMW among these many cars?

Dominic then explained, “Let me put it this way, George—any of these cars is much better than the BMW that you talked about. As you can see, the most second-rate car among them is the Porsche over there, and there are at least five Rolls-Royce behind it. Also, look at the rows of Lamborghini and Ferrari at the back. You’d be giving Mr. Larson a slap in the face if you ask for a BMW instead!”

Ed’s parents’ eyes widened. They never expected these cars to be so luxurious!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 548

Ed’s mother couldn’t help but ask, “A-Are these cars that incredible, Dominic?”

Dominic responded, “Of course they are. Let me put it this way: I could be considered a well-known person who has seen the world, but I had never seen so many luxury cars gathered together in my life. Many of these cars are the kind that ordinary people won’t get a chance to see in their lives. I basically didn’t see any car here that is priced lower than 2 million.”

Ed’s parents were stunned. They honestly couldn’t figure out what exactly gave Matthew the ability to round up so many luxury cars together.

After a long silence, Ed’s father asked in a quavering voice, “Mr. Garrison, w-would you like to help us pick the wedding cars? We really have no idea about this kind of thing.”

Dominic nodded without refusing their request. After circling the cars several times, he picked some cars as parts of the wedding convoy.

However, the other cars remained here instead of being driven away. According to those who brought these cars over, they wouldn’t leave that day. The chosen wedding cars would be used to pick up the bride on the next day’s wedding, whereas other cars would be used to block off the roads to prevent the wedding convoy from being affected by the traffic.

Dominic was shocked to hear these domineering words. These men really are domineering in doing things. They’d even go so far as to block off the roads for a wedding! But to think about it, only such a wedding is mighty and impressive enough!

It wasn’t until that afternoon that Tiger came over with his men. As soon as he came in, he yelled, “Julian, you really are not being a good friend. How could you let me inspect so many goods alone? I’m so tired out.”

Tiger had wanted to come over that morning, but several batches of goods would be arriving at the time, and either he or Julian must be there to watch over the goods.

Since Julian would certainly have to come, Tiger was assigned to the task; he stayed there and spent a day watching as the goods arrived.

Julian laughed. “Don’t complain to me about this. Just tell the bride and groom to make a few more toasts to you later.”

Tiger immediately responded, “That will be great. The more toasts the bride and groom makes, the merrier!”

Everyone burst into laughter upon hearing his words.

Now that Tiger was present, Max, Master Burch, and the rest were extremely well-behaved.

Under Tiger’s command, everyone had had everything necessary prepared so that they could pick up the bride the next day.

Meanwhile, back in Brandon’s place, Brandon smashed nearly all the bowls and plates in his house to pieces after Matthew had left.

Even though he was furious, he didn’t dare to force Wendy not to marry Ed. He had no other alternative since Matthew had something on him!

That night, a bald man entered Brandon’s house; he was none other than Mike, Laura’s husband.

As soon as he entered the door, he immediately asked with a darkened expression, “What the hell is going on? Who the f*ck said that I did shoddy work and used substandard materials for the building project?”

Upon seeing Mike, Brandon felt like he had met his savior. He immediately told Mike what had happened earlier. In particular, he exaggerated the story about Matthew.

However, he purposely chose not to reveal Julian’s identity, for Mike might not have the courage to give Julian a hard time if he learned that the latter was that wealthy. The most important thing right now was to trick Mike into getting those evidence back first.

Mike flew into a rage after listening to Brandon’s story. “Damn that son of a btch! That ashole has got some nerve. How dare he mess with me! He should go outside and ask around about who exactly I am! F*ck! He would think that I’m easy to pick on if I don’t teach him a lesson this time!”

Brandon was overjoyed upon hearing Mike’s curses. He said in a whisper, “Mike, the most important thing right now is to make these people shut up and get those evidence back. Otherwise, you’ll be in trouble if they find out that there is something wrong with your project and stab you in the back!”

Mike nodded repeatedly. “You’re right. Okay, since they are coming tomorrow to pick up the bride, I’ll gather up all my men and have them wait here. I’ll let that son of a b*tch in, but not out!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 549

The next morning, Mike came to Brandon’s house with more than 20 of his men.

Brandon woke up early that morning as well. Seeing that Wendy was packing up her belongings, he angrily went up to her and threw all her stuff away. “You don’t have to pack up your stuff anymore. Don’t ever think of marrying yourself off today!

I brought you up until you’re an adult, yet you have no filial piety to me and even sided with the outsiders to harm me! I’m telling you—just look at how I’m going to teach you a lesson once I finish dealing with the matter about that good-for-nothing!”

Having given Wendy an angry dressing-down and thrown her stuff all over the floor, he walked away with his head held high.

After taking a few packs of cigarettes, he ran up to Mike and gave the cigarettes to Mike’s men with an embarrassed smile. “Sorry for troubling you guys today, brothers. Those b*stards really went too far! Not only did they hit me, they also hit Laura! Please don’t let them off today no matter what!”

Mike’s brothers immediately growled, “F*ck. How dare they hit Laura! Are they tired of living?”

“Kill them!”

“I’d like to see who the f*ck has got such a nerve.”

“Guard the neighborhood’s exit later, and don’t let them run away!”

Everyone was swollen with arrogance as they yelled one after another.

Laura stood at one side with a smug expression. “How could Ed’s good-for-nothing friends fight with my husband? Hmph, they will be fighting a losing battle by going beyond their depths!”

Then, at about 9.00AM, a few sedans drove into the neighborhood.

These sedans seemed to be here to pick up the bride since balloons were hanging above them.

Mike stood upstairs and was a little surprised after glancing at the sedans. “Ha! They found a few Mercedes-Benz to use as wedding cars.”

Brandon didn’t say a word. He didn’t dare to tell Mike about Julian for fear that Mike would refuse to help him.

Laura waved her hand dismissively right away. “It doesn’t matter whether these cars are Mercedes-Benz or BMW since they can’t be compared to the cars we had back then. Hubby, you must take revenge for me later no matter what!”

Mike nodded. “Don’t worry. Now that I’m here, they won’t be able to run away today. Let’s go, brothers! Go downstairs with me!”

With that, the crowd stormed downstairs with Mike.

Brandon followed behind them with a smug expression.

Right after the few Mercedes-Benz drove into the neighborhood, several people got out of the cars and discussed something.

Mike rushed to the scene with his men in a threatening manner and kicked the frontmost car right away while swearing, “Fck, whose car is this? Who the fck allowed you to park your car here?”

The drivers were dumbfounded. One of them asked, “What’s the matter, buddy? We have a buddy who is getting married today, so we’re here to help him. Is there a problem with us parking our cars here?”

Mike glared at them. “There’s a problem, of course! I’m telling you that today’s wedding is canceled. Come and crouch down by the side of the road. Who the f*ck is Matthew Larson? Step forward! You have got quite some nerve since you even dare to meddle in my affairs. Are you tired of living?”

Only then did the drivers realize that Mike and his men were here to kick up a fuss.

The driver who led the others advised with a frown, “Buddy, please do us a favor. We have a wedding today, which is a happy event. You—”

Mike slapped the driver across the face. “Are you qualified enough for me to do you a favor?”

The driver was dumbfounded upon being slapped, whereas the other drivers next to him immediately charged toward Mike and his men furiously.

“What are you doing? Do you want to have a fight?”

Mike sneered. “How could you bunch of ignorant fools think of resisting? Do you guys think that I am that big-hearted? F*ck this. Beat them up!”

The men next to Mike immediately surrounded the drivers.

Just then, another motorcade of more than ten cars drove into the neighborhood through the entrance.

A tattooed man then stepped out of the car that led the motorcade. He yelled, “What are you guys doing? Haven’t you guys finished doing the trivial things that I told you guys to do? The wedding convoy will be here in a minute. How is the convoy going to come in now that you guys haven’t cleared up the place yet?”

Mike’s expression changed involuntarily when he glanced at the man. He greeted in a quavering voice, “M-Mr. Mussolini?!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 550

The tattooed man was none other than Max. He glanced at Mike and found that the latter looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen him.

However, instead of caring about that, he snarled, “What are you guys waiting for? Hurry up and get things done!”

Just then, the driver who headed the others looked back and explained in a grim tone, “Mr. Mussolini, we have arrived long ago, but these people beat us up right away and stopped us from doing our stuff. They even said that the wedding today was canceled. What’s more, they made impertinent remarks about Mr. Larson!”

Mike was stunned. He stammered, “A-Are you guys working for Mr. Mussolini?”

The driver ignored him.

Max was enraged, though. Slamming the car door shut right away, he strode up to Mike threateningly and growled, “F*ck, who the hell was so bold as to make impertinent remarks about Mr. Larson?”

Seeing that Max walked up to him, Mike trembled out of fright. He said tremblingly, “Mr. Mussolini, t-this was all a misunderstanding. I-I didn’t know that you were involved in this matter. I-I’m sorry, Mr. Mussolini. Please give me a chance—”

However, Max slapped Mike across the face before the latter could finish his sentence. “Step aside! Who do you think you are? And how dare you ask me to give you another chance! Fck, I didn’t want to get angry today for the wedding’s sake, yet you wanted to make me angry, didn’t you? You even had the audacity to insult Mr. Larson, so how am I going to explain myself to him if I don’t teach you a lesson today? Everyone, beat up these bstards today, and don’t let any one of them escape! I’ll have it out with you guys if any of them can still stand up today!”

Max’s men didn’t dare to hesitate, of course; they hurried over and surrounded Mike and his men right away.

Just then, Brandon arrived here in time and was stupefied at the sight of the situation. He asked in a whisper, “W-What happened, Mike?”

Mike nearly cried. He asked in a quavering voice, “W-Who exactly have you offended? Why would Mr. Mussolini even be here?”

Brandon was puzzled. “Mr. Mussolini? Who are you talking about?”

Mike nearly went insane. “Don’t you even know Mr. Mussolini? He’s a well-known figure in Eastcliff; even my dad has to treat him with reverence. W-Who the hell have you messed with?”

Brandon was stunned. He had thought that Julian was only capable of doing business and would definitely be no match for Mike when it came to gangs. Who would have thought that he would end up messing with such a prominent figure?

Being too scared to speak, he hung his head and even quietly stepped back to try to stay away from trouble.

However, he had barely walked a few steps before Max’s men stopped him.

Brandon quickly pleaded, “Brother, I-I have nothing to do with this…”

Mike was infuriated at once. “That’s nonsense! You were the one who told me to come, you old brute! Mr. Mussolini, I really have nothing to do with this. I don’t even know what is going on. This old man told me to come here with my men. I-I really didn’t mean to set myself against you!”

Max waved his hand impatiently. “Beat them up!”

Before Max’s men hit Brandon, Brandon immediately blurted, “Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me! I-I am Ed’s father-in-law. He’s here today to marry my daughter!”

Max was startled as he didn’t know what had happened here. After thinking for a while, he ordered with a wave of his hand, “Take this old man aside first and check him out later. Let him go if he is truly Ed’s father-in-law. If he isn’t, break his f*cking leg and knock out all his teeth!”

With that, several men rushed over and dragged Brandon away directly without allowing him to explain himself.

As for Mike and his men, they begged tearfully for mercy to no avail. Max’s men dragged them to the alley at the back and beat the hell out of them.

Laura trembled out of fright when she saw the scene from upstairs.

All her arrogance was overtaken by fear at this moment.

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