The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 551-560

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 551

Laura had thought that with her husband’s capabilities, he would surely be able to deal with this matter with the 20 over men he had randomly picked.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect her husband to be overpowered by a random person from the other side.

Meanwhile, Max acted as if he had merely done an ordinary thing. Ignoring Mike and the others, he directly commanded his men to clear the place of people and other obstacles.

Max’s men went door to door to ask the residents to move away their cars and belongings downstairs.

At first, these people complained a little since they were reluctant to move their stuff away. However, Max was quick-witted enough. He directly told his men to bring cash with them and gave 1,000 right away to those who moved their stuff away.

With that, the entire neighborhood sprang into action; the residents scrambled to move away whatever was placed downstairs.

It took only less than half an hour before the roads in the neighborhood were all cleared up.

At the same time, all the neighborhood’s residents were shocked by the large amount of cash that Max had given out. Nearly everyone stood by the window and looked at the situation outside in surprise.

“What are these people doing here? They’re so liberal with money; they offered every family 1,000 to move some stuff away!”

“That’s right. There are over 200 residential units in our neighborhood, so they must have spent more than 200,000 just to move the stuff away!”

“Wow! Do they have to go so far just to clear up the road? Actually, they can get the stuff moved away by negotiating with the residents!”

“Hehe, you are too shallow-minded. An amount of over 200,000 is just pocket money to the riches!”

“I heard that Old Mr. Atkinson’s daughter is getting married today, so these men are here to pick up the bride.”

“Oh, my god. Is Old Mr. Atkinson’s daughter going to marry a billionaire? Just look at the cars downstairs—they are all luxury cars!”

Everyone had a look of envy on their faces as they discussed among themselves.

Laura’s wedding last time was quite grand. However, she wasn’t the person who had the grandest wedding in this neighborhood, for her wedding could only be considered above average.

However, the sight of the scene this time was shocking enough to everyone. In particular, the unmarried ladies secretly indulged in fantasies with looks of envy on their faces. If only they could also have such a stylish and extravagant wedding!

However, that wasn’t the end of the story.

Just when everyone was discussing the wedding convoy downstairs, something unexpected happened.

Max and his men drove out of the neighborhood right away after clearing up the scene.

Everyone was dumbfounded at the sight of the scene.

“What’s going on here?”

“Why would the convoy leave after the place has been cleared up?”

“Has the wedding been canceled?”

“As a matter of fact, that’s really possible. I heard that Old Mr. Atkinson had a heated fight with the groom’s family yesterday.”

“Is Old Mr. Atkinson crazy? Why would he fight with the groom’s family when his daughter is going to marry such a fine man?”

Just when everyone was discussing among themselves, the sound of firecrackers was suddenly heard outside.

Right after that, a convertible sports car vroomed into the neighborhood.

Sitting in the sports car was a man who was filming with a video camera that he was carrying on his shoulder.

Everyone’s eyes widened. They followed the sports car with their gazes, only to see a convoy slowly entering the neighborhood.

“Oh, my god. That’s a Rolls-Royce!”

“This wedding car is simply amazing!”

“What car is that? Why does it look so impressive?”

“It’s impressive, of course! It’s a Lamborghini—have you heard of it?”

“W-What kind of a convoy is this? Where did they get so many luxury cars from?”

“Could this be the actual wedding convoy? In that case, why was the previous motorcade here just now?”

“Do you even have to ask about it? The previous motorcade was here to clear up the place, and this convoy is here to pick up the bride!”

“Oh, my gosh. Even the motorcade that cleared up the place was so luxurious!”

The entire neighborhood boiled over with excitement as everyone was shocked at the magnificent sight.

Most of them had never seen any of the cars in this wedding convoy in their lives.

Right now, however, these cars were all gathered here. Everyone couldn’t even imagine how sumptuous this wedding was!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 552

Laura was stunned as she stood by the window and watched the motorcade coming and going downstairs.

She had thought that Max was here to pick up the bride. After all, he was a real bigwig.

However, who would have expected that Max was here only to clear up the place?

To put it bluntly, Max was like a mere nobody who came ahead of the wedding procession, and those who would come after him to pick up the bride were the actual bigwigs.

Laura was really on the verge of a breakdown. What kind of person would have a bigwig clear up a place?

She previously thought that there was no big deal about Ed, who merely knew a wealthy man like Julian. So what if Julian was rich? Her husband was the local leader of this area. Even if Julian was wealthy, he wouldn’t be able to crush a local bully!

It wasn’t until now that she realized that Julian wasn’t Ed’s only powerful connection.

Even a big shot like Max could only be here to clear up the place, so what kind of big shots would come after him to pick up the bride?

At the same time, her heart was filled with regret. If they had approved of Wendy’s marriage with Ed back then, they would have been able to strike up an acquaintance with these bigwigs!

Her husband would definitely be able to do as he pleased if Max was willing to back them up, not to mention the other big shots.

Now that things had progressed to this point, she could put these ideas out of her mind for good.

It wasn’t until the wedding convoy stopped in the neighborhood at this moment that the neighborhood’s residents noticed that there were many cars in this convoy.

There were more than 50 cars that drove into the neighborhood. They were all luxury cars, and none of them were priced lower than 2 million.

The neighborhood’s residents were dazzled at the sight of the scene. The wedding convoy looked almost as impressive as a luxury car exhibition!

After the cars had stopped, Ed slowly stepped out of the Rolls-Royce that headed the convoy with a flower bouquet in his hand.

He looked thrilled, for he had never imagined such a wedding even in his wildest dreams.

He even had difficulty finding a BMW previously, yet he ended up having such a wedding convoy on this day.

Most importantly, aside from the wedding convoy, there were more than a hundred cars on the road blocking off the traffic.

The wedding convoy drew numerous people’s attention as it headed its way toward Wendy’s home. Nobody had seen a motorcade of such scale even in a large city like Eastcliff!

Ed walked to the door of Wendy’s house in Matthew and Julian’s company.

Laura and her two brothers had been huddling in their rooms long ago as they didn’t dare to come out, whereas Brandon had been dragged away by Max’s men. Therefore, nobody would interrupt the wedding right now.

Wendy’s mother opened the door and happily welcomed everyone into the house.

Everyone chatted for a while and observed some formalities. Then, Matthew gave Wendy’s mother a bank card.

There was a million in the bank card, which was the dowry that had been agreed upon earlier.

Wendy’s mother repeatedly refused to accept this money, but Matthew forcibly stuffed the bank card into her hand.

Matthew spent this money mainly to give himself peace of mind.

He could tell that Brandon, Laura, and Andrew were insatiably greedy. Even though the relationship between them and Ed was very strained right now, they would definitely try every means to gain something from Ed in the future.

Since that was the case, he’d better give the dowry of 1 million right away. That way, Ed would have the excuse to turn them down if they came back to him later.

Having taken care of everything, Ed got into the wedding car with Wendy.

However, the wedding cars didn’t leave the scene right away.

Tiger and his men had visited every family in this neighborhood to invite the residents to Ed’s wedding.

Many of these people knew Ed’s parents in person.

At first, they were unwilling to attend this wedding. After all, Ed’s parents were down-and-out.

However, everyone immediately wanted to attend the wedding when they saw the wedding convoy downstairs.

In any case, it would be more convenient for them to ask these bigwigs for help after getting acquainted with them.

Therefore, when Tiger and his men invited them to the wedding, these people immediately accepted their invitation.

Each family sent out at least a representative to attend the wedding.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 553

Wendy felt her eyes watering as she saw the familiar faces of all her neighbors from where she sat in the car. Her parents didn’t support her marriage with Ed, so she hadn’t even expected to have a wedding ceremony, let alone one where all her family and close friends were present to congratulate her.

She was surprised to see how grand and sensational the whole wedding ceremony turned out to be. More importantly, there were loads of people who appeared to congratulate her—the entire community had appeared to give their blessings, including those that she had never met before. How grand-scale is this wedding exactly?

However, in reality, the situation wasn’t as simple as Wendy had thought. As a lady got into the car, she casually questioned the driver, “Hey, do you know where the feast is going to be held in the evening? I heard that Ed’s parents hired someone to host it in their own house, right? It’s so hot today. I don’t think it’s suitable to host it in a house, is it?”

Without even turning his head around, the driver replied, “How could they possibly be hosting it at home? Our boss has already booked the whole Times Hotel for this! The wedding will be held over there; it’ll be the only event hosted at the Times Hotel today.”

The lady heaved a sigh of relief as she uttered, “That’s great. As long as it isn’t done in a house—look at this sun! How can anyone tolerate this heat!”

Right then, the man who sat beside the lady wore a look of surprise on his face as he quickly said, “Hold on, dude. W-What… did you say? Where did you say the feast is going to be hosted?”

“The Times Hotel!” The driver repeated himself.

The man’s eyes were bulging, and his jaw hanging in shock as he asked, “Times Hotel? Which Times Hotel?”

“How many Times Hotels are there at Eastcliff? Isn’t there only one?”

The man froze for a long while before he abruptly said, “Hey, man, can you wait for me for a minute? T-There’s something I forgot to grab. Please wait for me; I have to go up, but I’ll be down in two minutes!” Upon finishing his sentence, the man hopped out of the car and rushed upstairs.

“Ah, how typical of Nicholas. What does he have to grab? The cars are about to leave. Hmph. My guess is that he went to take a plastic bag so that he can use it to take away some dishes later. He has always been like this.” The woman pouted.

The driver didn’t seem to mind. After a while, Nicholas returned, panting heavily. Behind him was a woman and two children. The woman’s eyes widened at the sight of this. “Woah, Nicholas. What are you doing?”

He chuckled. “Today’s a weekend, isn’t it? I thought I’d bring my kids out for a ride; it’s hard for my wife to take care of the kids alone at home. So… I thought I’d bring all of them along,” he said while ushering for his wife and children to find themselves a car. He then addressed the driver by saying, “Sorry I kept you waiting, man.”

Fortunately, there were quite a number of cars around, so his wife and children quickly found a ride for themselves. Nicholas, on the other hand, returned to the car that he was first seated in.

The woman beside him glared directly at him as she whispered, “Tell me the truth, Nicholas. You weren’t planning to bring your children out in the evening, were you? You always attended these wedding feasts on your own; what’s up with you today?

How huge of a cash gift are you planning to give to the newly-weds if you’re going to feed your whole family at their feast?”

A rather awkward expression surfaced on Nicholas’s face as he glanced at the driver sneakily. The driver didn’t seem to be paying attention as Nicholas quickly whispered, “What do you know? The wedding’s going to be hosted in Times Hotel; do you even know where that is? It’s the hotel that the factory manager always bragged about; the one he said he had been to twice.

It’s the most exclusive hotel in the whole of Eastcliff. Even though the factory manager had been to it, he probably only went up to the second floor. Honestly speaking, people like us might never even get the chance to visit the place.

Since the married couple booked the entire place, I have to bring my wife and children over just to experience it. As for the cash gift? I don’t mind spending 10,000 on the gift if I could get the chance to visit this place!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 554

The woman was utterly stunned when she finally understood what Nicholas had intended to do all along. After a moment of silence, she jumped out of her seat as she said to the driver, “I’m sorry, sir; please wait for a moment. I left something as well. Don’t leave just yet; I’ll be back really soon!” The woman then ran up the stairs excitedly. “Nicholas, please keep an eye here; don’t let the car leave without me!” she shouted.

Once she got home, her husband was still lazing around on the couch, watching TV. “Hurry! Get yourself ready and attend a wedding with me!” the woman urged.

Her husband squinted at her as he asked, “What wedding are you talking about? Didn’t we already agree that you were gonna go yourself? It’s so rare for me to have a day off; I just want to stay home and watch TV without going anywhere. Furthermore, aren’t we only giving 200 as the cash gift? 200 won’t be enough if we’re going together, right?”

With a frown, the woman replied, “200? I thought about it; I’ve decided that we’ll be giving 1,000 this time!”

“Are you mad?” Her husband jumped out of his seat immediately. “1,000? Are you really close to these people? You only gave 600 when your cousin got married; why would you give 1,000 this time?” he protested.

“Stop talking nonsense. Go get yourself ready. Also, call the kids. Get them to come home and head over to the wedding later in the evening,” she ordered.

Her husband continued to stare at her as he said, “I want you to explain everything to me now! Why are you giving them 1,000? What sort of relationship do you have with them?”

The woman lost her temper as she shouted, “Stop asking stupid questions! Do you know where this wedding is being hosted?”

“Where?” her husband asked, stunned.

She continued to shout at him. “Times Hotel! The Times Hotel in Eastcliff; have you heard of it? It’s the one that your factory manager used to brag about whenever he got drunk; the one that he claimed to have visited twice!

Now, the whole place is booked just for this wedding. Nicholas brought his wife and children along already! He’s a smart man… He said he’d be willing to spend 10,000 just to visit the place! After all, most people won’t even get the chance to enter the Times Hotel in their whole life. It’s fine if you want to miss out on an opportunity like this, but I’m bringing the kids along!”

After seconds of being as still as a rock, her husband finally jumped up and said, “Wait for me. I’ll call the kids now. Should I wear a suit? I should be a little more formal since it’s a wedding, right? Find me my leather shoes and put some wax on it; make sure it shines!”

Their family got busy with the preparations. At the same time, more and more people in their community were starting to get the news, and hype was building up within their area as everyone began to take action. Times Hotel was indeed a household name that everyone living in Eastcliff knew of.

Like what Nicholas said earlier, it was truly rare for anyone to even get the chance to set foot inside it. The chances got lower amongst people like them, who would most probably live their entire lives without ever setting foot in the place, so who would give up on an opportunity like this one? Crowds of people gathered their families and brought all of them along.

The initial plan was for the wedding convoy to leave by 9.30AM. However, the clock had abruptly struck 10.00AM while the housing community still had people hustling and bustling all over the place.

They eventually had no choice but to get the wedding convoy to leave first. Tiger brought his men to stay in the community; their job was to bring the remaining people over.

Matthew’s orders were clear—the most important thing he wanted was for this wedding to look good. He knew about the intentions of all the people in the community, but he didn’t really care about it. Ed and Wendy’s marriage didn’t receive any blessings previously, so it’d be great if the wedding could now be hosted in the most grand and beautiful way possible.

Additionally, Matthew also stated that it didn’t matter how many people came, and that people who came from this community didn’t need to provide any gifts or money to attend the wedding. Money didn’t matter; what mattered the most was Ed’s pride and dignity. Ed had been acting like a coward for years; this time, Matthew wanted him to shine with glory!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 555

Laura, Andrew, and the rest were upstairs overlooking the whole situation in the community.

“What are these people doing? Why do they all look like they’re rushing to go somewhere?” Andrew asked curiously.

“I heard that Ed invited every household in the area to attend his wedding,” Laura replied sourly. She was dissatisfied because her wedding wasn’t as grand as this.

“Ed’s really stingy, isn’t he? I thought he was being generous when he sent cars over to give each family 1,000, but now, he’s just inviting all of them to attend his wedding because he wants them to send more expensive cash and gifts over, right?

In other words, he’s just throwing some money out with hopes of getting more in return. Furthermore, he’d also get the glory from having so many people attend his wedding. How shameless of him to do so!” Andrew exclaimed resentfully.

“I know, right?” Laura nodded in agreement. “A man like him would never do anything that doesn’t end up being in his own favor! Wendy’s not going to benefit from getting married to a man like him!” Andrew and his younger brother both nodded in agreement, yet the looks on their faces were bitter as they did so. They both knew that they were just comforting themselves.

Right as they were ridiculing Ed’s gestures, a neighbor and his child, who lived upstairs, passed by their house.

“Hey, Mr. Zook. Didn’t you already get into the car earlier? Why are you bringing your kid along now?” Andrew asked with a confused expression.

Ronald responded with a laugh as he said, “I just thought I’d bring my kid to take a look!”

This only left Andrew more confused than ever. “Take a look at what? It’s just a wedding; hasn’t your kid seen a wedding before? What’s there to look at?”

“I’m not referring to the wedding; I’m talking about Times Hotel.”

Stunned, Andrew asked, “What has this got to do with Times Hotel?”

It was then Ronald’s turn to be confused. “Don’t you guys know? Your sister’s wedding is being hosted in Times Hotel. It’s the Times Hotel; I don’t think I’d ever get the chance to bring my kid in to look around if it weren’t for this event. Since we got such a great chance to do this today, I thought I’d bring my kid over to see a different side of the world.”

Andrew widened his eyes in shock as he uttered, “Mr. Zook… did you get it wrong? Did you say that they are hosting the wedding at Times Hotel? How could they afford to host it in Times Hotel? Just reserving the first floor itself would cost a lot of money!”

Ronald waved his hand around as he replied, “First floor? Please, they booked the entire hotel! Today, all nine floors of the Times Hotel will be open to all the wedding guests.”

With his jaw hanging, Andrew exclaimed, “They booked the entire hotel? H-How could that be possible? W-Who… could possibly book the whole Times Hotel? How much money do they need to even do that?”

Laura was just as shocked as she abruptly asked, “M-Mr. Zook, how much do you have to give them to attend the wedding, then? Don’t go; I’m sure it’s just a scam to get you to pay them money!”

This statement made Ronald a little angry. “Nonsense! They already told us that the people from our community won’t have to pay in money or gifts to attend their wedding. What matters most is that we’re there, and that we’re giving them our support and blessings. Furthermore, it’s Times Hotel. I’d be willing to pay 10,000 worth of gifts and money just to go there! Enough. I’m not going to stay and chat any longer. I want to bring my kid over to snap a few pictures at Times Hotel!” He lifted his kid into his arms and rushed off.

The three siblings were left in the house, where they exchanged stunned gazes with one another. The insults they had just made about the wedding earlier now came right back to them like a tight slap in their faces.

How much money would they need to be able to invite the entire community over without asking for any money or gifts in return? More importantly, it’s an unbelievable act to be able to even book the whole Times Hotel! Times Hotel was the place that their factory manager had mentioned during countless occasions; it was the grandest place in the whole of Eastcliff.

Laura and her siblings were close to tears. If they had been supportive of the wedding from the start, perhaps they’d now be standing at the Times Hotel’s rooftop, sharing the glory of this whole event!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 556

Brandon was only released after all of the people in the community left. He nearly had a mental breakdown as he witnessed the entire process of people getting into the wedding convoy and leaving for the wedding. Like Laura, he simply thought that Julian was just a rich man; he had never expected for Ed’s friend to make the entire wedding such a huge deal.

Even if they disregarded the wedding convoy that was sent over, just the fact that he had booked the entire Times Hotel made it clear that he wasn’t your average Joe. Anyone would be able to tell that Ed’s friend was a bigshot in the whole of Eastcliff. Yet, they had offended a man of such status—Brandon felt like crying everytime he thought about it. This could’ve been his ultimate chance to find success easily, yet he ruined it all for himself. Anyone in his position wouldn’t be able to accept it.

He no longer had the energy to start a fight once he got home; he simply slumped onto the sofa with a gloomy expression. Laura and her siblings sat around him, each of them sighing frustratedly. They had utterly ruined everything this time.

Andrew, who stood beside them, sighed and mumbled, “If only we had supported Wendy and Ed’s marriage! Dad, do you think they’d let us enter if we go to Times Hotel right now?”

Although Brandon didn’t say anything, he had the same thought in his mind. However, he eventually gave up on this idea. Everyone else in our community has already left for the wedding; how could we shamelessly head over to Times Hotel right now? If they kick us out of the wedding, we’d probably be too ashamed to even continue living in this area.

Right then, someone flung the door open. Mike ran into the room, his body covered in blood as he immediately pointed toward Laura. “Are you f*ckers sick in the head? W-Why would you tell us to start a fight with them; do you think my life is too easy? Are you trying to make me die earlier?”

With a rather embarrassed look on her face, Laura quietly uttered, “Mike, I… I didn’t know either.”

He continued cursing. “Don’t you think I know you well enough, you b*tch? You must’ve looked down on them; you thought that they were no big deals, right? A dumb woman like you will be poor for the rest of your life. Forget it. Every word I say to you right now is just a waste of my saliva. Bring our wedding certificate to me tomorrow; I want to get a divorce!”

Laura panicked upon hearing this. Her wishes to avoid any laborious chores and to live leisurely had indeed been granted once she got married to Mike. Being with him allowed her to stay home and enjoy her life while he went out to work for money.

She was extremely satisfied with her marriage, and she often bragged about her husband in front of her friends. If they actually got a divorce, she’d be left with nothing. The same applied to Brandon as well—he had lost his job, so what would he do if he lost the son-in-law that he was so proud of as well?

“Mike… do you have to do this? This is just a minor setback you guys have encountered; you guys can talk it out, and it’ll all be fine. Why do you want to get a divorce? This isn’t entirely Laura’s fault either. Why don’t you guys talk things out once you guys are home? There’s no need to get a divorce, is there?” Brandon quickly chimed in with a smile.

Mike furiously shouted, “What’s there to talk about here? Do you even know what sort of people they are? Let me tell you guys—any one of these people could’ve easily crushed me to death. Even people like them were respectful and polite to Ed’s friends, yet you guys dared to judge them? Aren’t you guys just morons? I’d get myself killed sooner or later if I continued spending time with idiots like you guys!” Once Mike finished talking, he stormed out angrily with his men following behind him.

Laura collapsed onto the ground and began to wail. She hadn’t expected to fail in both her plot to get revenge and her marriage. After they sat around in the house for a while, a colleague that Brandon had never been too friendly with gave him a call. In a peculiar tone, he said, “Brandon, why didn’t you attend the wedding? Your daughter’s wedding ceremony was marvellous; I’d never seen anything as grand as this. Also, Julian, the CEO, just announced that your son-in-law, Ed, will be taking over his position as the CEO! Brandon, your son-in-law will be in charge of the entire Wellness Herbary in the future…”

Brandon felt his entire body trembling as his phone fell onto the ground. He was utterly dumbfounded.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 557

Meanwhile, the wedding hosted at the Times Hotel had just ended with a blast. This time, it wasn’t just Wendy’s neighbors from her community that had attended the wedding; even the people from Ed’s village all showed up. Matthew didn’t accept any of their gifts or cash offerings for the wedding.

This wedding was no longer about the money; after all, how could they even put a price on all the wedding convoy and the booking fees for the whole Times Hotel? Matthew and Julian simply wanted to thank Ed for the kindness he showed them in the past.

Of course, Wendy and Ed’s neighbors were extremely pleased by the whole situation. They had actually discussed the matter as they were on the way to the hotel—they all agreed that they’d be willing to pay up to 10,000 just to enter Times Hotel. This place wasn’t somewhere that you’d be able to enter any day even with 10,000 in your pocket; that was why they were all willing to offer such great amounts.

However, what Matthew did came as a pleasant surprise to all of them. They were naturally overjoyed when they heard that he refused to take any wedding offerings. Since they were all working-class people, a few thousand meant quite a lot to them. All of these people were also envious of Ed. If only we had two rich friends like he does, they thought.

Ed’s parents were especially proud during the wedding. Throughout the night, there were people who still rushed to enter the hotel even halfway through the dinner. Some of these were distant relatives of either Ed or Wendy. They hadn’t planned on attending initially, but once the word spread that the wedding was to be hosted in Times Hotel, all of them rushed over immediately.

Even some of their classmates hurried over after they heard the news. This included people like Leo, Grace, Elaine, and so on; all of them were seated within the crowd after they rushed over. They, too, hadn’t planned on attending Ed’s wedding, but they couldn’t stop themselves from going after they heard that the wedding was hosted in Times Hotel. They had never gotten the chance to enter before this, after all. More importantly, they wanted to take a look at how impressive Matthew and Julian were and how grand of a wedding they could manage to host.

Fortunately, Times Hotel was big enough to fit everyone comfortably despite the large number of attendees. Everyone in the crowd hung their mouths open in surprise after the majestic wedding ended. The wedding wasn’t just an extremely luxurious one; they also had a good number of celebrities who appeared as guest performers. Some of them were extremely well-known, which only further heightened the overall standards of this wedding.

Leo, Grace, and Elaine’s eyes nearly turned dry from staring at the whole wedding in shock. Although they knew that Matthew and Julian were no longer the people they used to be, they were still stunned to witness the entire wedding happening before their eyes. How much power do Matthew and Julian have? How could it be possible for them to host a wedding of this scale? This isn’t something that can be done with just money; how many connections and people do they need to make this work?

Just as the wedding was about to come to an end, Julian got up on stage. With a loud voice, he announced, “From now on, Ed will be the managing director of Cunningham Group’s Wellness Herbary. Three months from now, I will quit my position in Cunningham Group’s Wellness Herbary, and Ed will be the one that will take over my role as the CEO!”

Excitement filled the crowd the minute they heard the news. After all, it was just supposed to be a wedding; who among the guests would’ve expected to become a witness of Ed’s road to success?

Cunningham Group’s Wellness Herbary was one of the largest companies in the whole of Eastcliff; it was hard for people to even get a job there. Who would’ve thought that Ed would get to take full control over the entire business?!

Even Ed was dumbfounded by this sudden statement. “W-What are you talking about, Julian? Cunningham Group’s Wellness Herbary belongs to you; w-what are you trying to do?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 558

The uneasiness was evident on Wendy’s face. “D-Don’t do this, Julian. You’ve invested so much of your time and effort into Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary, and its business is expanding so well right now; you can’t do this! We’d be thankful if you just offered Ed a job there.

I’m sure you’re well-aware of his situation; if he could have a simple job that could provide him with the money to care for our family, that would be enough. W-We can’t drag the company’s progress down…”

Julian and Matthew exchanged glances and smiled as they both thought, This girl, Wendy, seems like a pretty decent girl. She’s kind, pure, and not the slightest bit greedy; how rare it is to be able to find a woman with such qualities!

Everyone else, conversely, stared at Wendy like she was an idiot. Why would she reject such a great opportunity? But what the majority of the people couldn’t comprehend was this—Julian had worked so hard to get the Wellness Herbary to the peak of its performance; anyone who heard his name would identify him as the king of herbs in Eastcliff. The company’s income was high and business was good, so why would Julian want to hand his position as the CEO over right now? Could he bear to just let go of such a huge company?

With a laugh, Julian replied, “Don’t worry about Ed’s illness; he’ll be healed soon. Furthermore, I’ll have other things to focus on in the upcoming days, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to cope with all the things going on at the Wellness Herbary.

Even before Ed returned, I’d already had plans to let go of the company in three months’ time; the difference is just who I’m handing the company to. Since Ed’s back, I’d feel the safest if he were to take over the company.”

Once the crowd heard this, they finally understood why Julian had to do that. A man in the crowd chuckled and asked, “Does that mean you’ll be starting a new company soon, President Davis? Can I invest in your company?” This man was one of Julian’s partners and had a pretty good relationship with him, which explained why he dared to be so straightforward with his words.

Julian laughed heartily as he asked, “Hamilton, are you asking to invest in my company when you don’t even know what sort of business I’m planning to work on?”

The man laughed along with him as he replied, “I’ll definitely support and invest in anything that you do in the future, President Davis. I’m not investing in your projects; I’m investing in you as an individual! I trust you!”

Once he said this, there were loads of nods and murmurs of agreement coming from the crowd. Everyone had witnessed Julian’s capabilities with their own eyes; they also recognized how popular he was through the wedding they attended today. A man like him would definitely succeed regardless of the sort of field or career that he decided to dabble in!

Soon enough, more people in the crowd began to voice out their wishes of investing in the new company. With a faint nod, Julian uttered, “Alright. I want to thank all of you for your support. All of you are welcome to come over and visit once my new project is more stable. You guys can invest in it if you’re interested then.

Throughout my years of working with Wellness Herbary, I only managed to bring the company to where it is today because of the support of all my friends. Ed is a friend of mine too, so I hope everyone here would extend your grace to him once he takes over the company. Thank you, everyone!” He placed his hands against his chest and bowed to them.

Everyone smiled and nodded. Since the Wellness Herbary was already doing so well, anyone who formed partnerships with the company would definitely earn good money. In that case, who wouldn’t want to become partners with them?

Leo and the rest who stood at the back were filled with envy the minute they heard Julian’s speech. How did Ed just end up taking control over such a huge company like Wellness Herbary? Perhaps we’d be able to get a few benefits if we had been closer to Matthew and Julian in the past.

The business is worth a few billion dollars; any position in the company would probably supply us with a yearly income of a few hundred thousand dollars. Leo and the rest blamed themselves for lacking the foresightedness to have expected this. How did we miss this opportunity during our schooling days?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 559

Both Julian and Matthew went into a private room after Julian got off the stage. Ed and Wendy followed them into the room soon after. Ed was clearly panicking when he confronted them. “Julian, w-what are you guys doing?

I really can’t do this; I-I’ve never handled a company. Why would you switch careers when your Wellness Herbary is doing so well? I-If it’s because of me… I won’t allow that. We’re brothers, and I feel truly thankful for all your help, but I can’t ask you to do so much for me!”

Julian chuckled as he said, “You don’t have to say this to me, Ed. I’m just working for my investor! The investor’s right here; you can talk to him instead.” Julian pointed toward Matthew.

With a faintly annoyed look on his face, Matthew then uttered, “Stop fooling around. Don’t listen to him, Ed. The Wellness Herbary belongs to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, which belongs to my wife. I’m handing it over to you because I trust you. Next, Julian and I are going to start a new company to focus on new projects.

Both Julian and Tiger will be leaving the company. You can take a few months to get used to the general flow of the company’s working styles, and Julian and Tiger will be able to hand it all over to you once you’re comfortable with it. They’ll then focus on their new project.”

Ed seemed to only understand the situation then. “Are you… for real?”

“Of course,” Matthew answered with a soft smile. “Julian, Tiger, and I will each invest a sum of money into the new project, so it’ll be a business that belongs to all three of us. We’ll all be shareholders of the company then. I’ll see if someone will still dare to call me a capitalist when that happens!”

Julian chuckled as he replied, “Well, if we go according to what you say, then I guess I’ve leveled-up into becoming a capitalist myself, huh?”

“That’s great! That’s amazing!” Ed was overjoyed by this, and his words were sincere and warm.

Julian patted him on the back as he said, “Do well, Ed. After this year, perhaps you can come out and start another new project with us. You guys are my brothers from another mother, and I hope the three of us can work as brothers!” Ed nodded furiously at his speech.

On the other hand, Wendy felt herself getting emotional as she saw how great her husband’s relationship was with his friends. She was extremely proud! All of a sudden, Matthew said, “By the way, Wendy, you’ll have to go to the office too!”

She was stunned to hear this. “Me? I-I don’t know how to do anything there. I’m doing pretty well in the textile factory; I d-don’t need to work somewhere else…” She had actually had a pretty rough and tiring time working at the textile factory for the past few years, but she was a simple woman who was easily satisfied, and she was indeed happy with her present life.

Julian raised his hands up as he exclaimed, “What do you mean? You’re our best friend’s wife; how could we have you working at a textile factory?”

She still hesitated a little as she spoke, “But… I-I don’t know how to do anything else. I’m only familiar with the work at the textile factory; what can I do in Wellness Herbary?”

Quietly, Matthew said, “I trust Ed’s ability to work and handle the company, but I’m afraid that he’s a little too kind sometimes. It’d be easy for others to scam him. You can go over and keep an eye on him to make sure that others don’t take advantage of him!”

It was then that Wendy understood what the other man meant. She glanced at Ed while nodding. It’s true—everything about Ed is perfect except for the fact that he can be a little too kind. If he were to handle a company by himself, he’d really get scammed by others!

Once the wedding was over, Matthew ordered for the motorcade to send the people home. Ed and Wendy stood at the front entrance where they sent the guests off with smiles on their faces. Nearly everyone had left when a few figures gradually made their way out from behind them. When they squinted to take a better look, they then saw Brandon, Laura, and the rest.

Shocked, Wendy asked, “W-What are you guys doing here?”

All of them wore embarrassed looks on their faces. They had sneaked in earlier as they simply couldn’t bear the thought of not coming to Times Hotel. If anything, they only felt more regret after they witnessed the entire wedding. This time, they truly understood the extent of Matthew and Julian’s powers!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 560

Laura scooted over to where Wendy stood as she whispered, “I’m sorry, Wendy. I-I shouldn’t have stopped you from getting married to Ed. I’m here to apologize. Ed, you… you aren’t angry at me, are you?”

Ed lowered his head without saying anything. Wendy, on the other hand, wore a crossed expression on her face as she said, “You don’t have to apologize to me. I’ll never forgive you for what you’ve done!”

This got Laura anxious as she quickly replied, “H-How could you be so heartless, Wendy? I’m your elder sister!”

“Oh, so you know that you’re my elder sister? Yet you forced me to marry some dumba*s just for the sake of your own benefits! Have you ever treated me as your own younger sister?” Wendy cried angrily. She then turned to look at Brandon as she continued shouting, “Didn’t you wish for me to die?

I already died once when I fell from the building. We’ve already given you the betrothal gift of one million that you’ve asked for. I hope you’ll never disrupt our lives from now onward!” With that, Wendy held onto Ed’s arm and pulled him along as she stormed off.

Brandon and the rest were about to go after her, but they were stopped by the men around them. Max stood beside them as he pointed at Brandon and said, “I want you gone now, you old b*stard. I’ll be working with Ed from today onward, and I’ll make sure to break all your legs if you ever appear in front of him again! Throw them out of the place!” With a wave of his hand, Max’s men immediately dragged Brandon and the rest out of the hotel. Max himself then hurried after Ed.

This time around, Max had benefited quite a bit from the whole situation with Ed. Being one of the first batches of people to have arrived at Ed’s house, Max was extremely helpful and good at whatever he did.

He somehow managed to form tight relationships with Ed’s family, resulting in their tight-knit bond, where he would talk to even Ed’s distant relatives as if they were his own. Furthermore, Matthew also took note of how Max seemed like a hardworking man that could get the job done, so he ordered him to help Ed out.

Max nearly cried because he was so touched to hear this. At this point, being with Ed was equivalent to being with bigshots like Matthew and Julian. Although Max was a local bully, his family background was average; they probably only had about 20 million worth of assets.

If he could stick around people like Matthew and Julian, he might be able to find a chance to achieve greater success like Tiger did! He therefore treated Ed like his own boss now, and was extremely respectful toward him!

Both Matthew and Julian left after all the guests went back home, while Max and his men stayed back to help out. Ed and Wendy were exhausted from the long day, and they finally got a chance to sit down in their room and pour themselves some tea.

Being the thoughtful man he was, Max had already arranged for the kitchen to prepare a few dishes for the newly-wedded couple—they had been busy greeting and drinking with everyone throughout the evening and hadn’t gotten a chance to eat dinner at all. Both of them were tired and hungry right then, so Max’s arrangements were perfect.

The two of them sat in the penthouse suite of Times Hotel, where they enjoyed the most delicious meal they had ever eaten in their lives. Max stood beside them as he reported the incidents of the day. “Ed, I calculated the sum of all the wedding offerings we received today; it’s a total of 18.73 million…”

Water burst out of both Wendy and Ed’s mouths once they heard the number. This surprised Max for he quickly asked, “What is it, Ed? Wendy? Is there something wrong with the food?”

“N-No… W-What did you say earlier? H-How much is the sum of all the wedding offerings?” Ed asked.

“Did you get it wrong?” Wendy added anxiously. “How could there be more than 10 million in there? The difference shouldn’t be so huge even if you made a mistake with the calculation!”

This was when Max finally understood what was going on. The two of them are shocked by the large amounts of wedding offerings.

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