The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 561-570

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 561

Max chuckled before he assured them. “It’s correct, Ed and Wendy. It’s really a total of 18.73 million. This is just the cash I’m talking about; I haven’t included the other gifts that some people sent over. I made a list of all the gifts collected; there were quite a number of people who brought gold jewelry and such—it took about six boxes to fit everything inside.

Wendy, perhaps you can take a look at these accessories soon. That way, you can keep those that you like and get rid of those that you don’t. Otherwise, having so much jewelry at home would be equivalent to inviting robbers into our house, and just keeping it around would be troublesome anyway.”

Ed and Wendy were still shocked by what they just heard. “H-How did things turn out this way? Where did all these gifts come from? Why would people give us jewelry? T-That’s such an expensive gift!” Wendy commented.

With a faint smile, Max explained, “Ed, Wendy, this is how things are done nowadays. Attending a wedding with just a cash offering would indicate that one only has a distant relationship with the couple, but sending in jewelry and accessories would show that one truly has a close relationship with them.

Since almost everyone brought jewelries and other gifts over today, it means that all of them wish to form tight relationships with you.

Even the amount of cash offerings were pretty much as expected. Master Burch alone had already contributed 888,888; the rest of them all paid a few hundred thousand each. Even without any contribution from your neighbors, we already have about 20 million.

Furthermore, these people all received personal invitations from Master Tiger; some of them who hadn’t been invited didn’t even get to enter once they arrived. If everyone actually entered, we might have had up to 30 million here.”

Both Ed and Wendy simply gaped at the man who just finished talking. A while ago, they were both getting concerned over a few hundred dollars. Who could’ve expected for them to become so rich right after they got married? “T-This is too much. We can’t take all of it. Mr. Mussolini, why don’t you… help us send all this money back?” Wendy waved and gestured for the money to be sent away.

What she got in return was a stunned expression from Max. This girl is truly impressive, he thought. There’s so much money here, and yet her first thought is to send it all back. This is a rare sight indeed. There are only a few people nowadays who aren’t greedy for money, let alone a family like theirs, who actually needed the money.

“You don’t have to call me that, Wendy. You can just call me Max in the future. Also, we can’t send the money back. They sent this over as a show of their respect for us; we’ll have to take it in order to acknowledge their kind intentions. If we send it back, it means that we’re rejecting their offerings; it’d be rude to do that!

Once Ed starts running the whole Wellness Herbary in the future, he’ll need to build relationships with a great number of people. Such traditions and etiquettes will have to be done right,” Max spoke.

Confused, Wendy said, “But this is such a huge sum of money. It’s too generous of them to do this. How can we ever repay such generosity?”

“Don’t worry about that, Wendy. Nothing’s impossible. I’m sure Ed’s income will be pretty high after he takes over Wellness Herbary. In the future, if any of these people host events of any sort, we can always attend and return their kindness. Furthermore, it really isn’t about the money right now; what matters is the relationships that you build with them.”

After that, Wendy simply fell silent as she accepted the new reality she was in. Max handed the list over to Ed as he said, “Take a look, Ed. If everything’s fine, we can pack up and leave. I’ve called for my men to come along, and they will help you to move your things later.”

“What? Move where?” Ed questioned him with a stunned look on his face.

“It was Master Tiger’s last orders before he left. He said that you’ll have to live in the worker’s dorm when you’re working at Wellness Herbary, so all your things will have to be moved over,” Max said with a smile.

After understanding the situation, Ed then uttered, “Well, you don’t need to ask for your men’s help. I can just pack a few clothes and leave.”

This time, with a quieter voice, Max muttered, “The worker’s dorm that Master Tiger gave you is a big bungalow with a size of nearly 300 square meters. What he’s trying to say is that your whole family might as well move over to live there instead.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 562

Ed and Wendy were dumbfounded once again. “W-What did you say? What sort of worker’s dorm is 300 square meters in size? A-Am I supposed to stay in the dorm all by myself?” Ed exclaimed in surprise. He had expected the dorm to be a single bedroom or even a double bunk bed sharing room.

He didn’t mind either of these—he had slept on nothing more than a thin mattress back when he worked at the construction site and wasn’t picky with where he slept.

However, based on what Max had just said, the dorm didn’t sound like the type of room that he had been expecting. Max grinned as he said, “You’ll be the CEO of the whole company—of course you can’t just stay at any usual worker’s dormitory. Master Tiger has a few bungalows at The Grand Pavilion, and he picked this one specially for you to stay in for the time being.

In other words, Master Tiger is suggesting you to get your parents to move in as well. After all, they are getting old and their health is deteriorating, but there isn’t anyone available to take good care of them if they continue staying in the village.”

Ed was still in shock. “I-Is this really a worker’s dorm? Why is it a bungalow?”

With a cackle, Max said, “It really is a dorm. This is the same unit that Master Tiger had arranged for President Davis when he worked in the company.

Your daily living expenses are claimable from the company’s finance department; these go under regular expenses that the CEO will personally approve of. Since there aren’t many higher ups in Wellness Herbary, it isn’t that much of a surprise for you to be staying here. The company is a billion-dollar business, after all!”

With his hand scratching his own head, Ed simply flashed him a look of confusion as he didn’t know what else to do.

I was staying in a rundown, rented place this morning. Now, I’m going to move into a grand bungalow? They say that life is a roller-coaster, but I hadn’t expected it to go this fast!

Shortly after, Max brought his men to help with the shift from Ed’s old place to the bungalow at The Grand Pavilion. Meanwhile, Dominic personally sent them from the village back to their new place, claiming that he wanted to familiarize himself with the roads while also taking a short walk around.

This man was witty—he actually wanted to improve his relationship with Ed because he knew that the man was about to be extremely successful. He thought that his relationship with Ed might give himself greater opportunities.

Dominic’s house was a little villa located in the village itself; its glamorous design and unique structure made it the one place that he was most proud of. However, he nearly had a mental breakdown after he followed Ed and Wendy to their new bungalow at The Grand Pavilion. The villa that he had been so proud of was nothing compared to Ed’s bungalow.

The newly-weds sat in the living room, more cautious than ever as they looked around at the house they had never once dreamt of living in.

After everyone left, Ed’s family sat together as they all watched each other dazedly. They found it hard to even imagine the whole situation to be true. “Ed, is this… really your worker’s dorm? What sort of dorm is this? T-This is… this is a palace!” Ed’s mother spoke in a trembling voice.

He was just as shocked as he quietly replied, “Mom, Matthew and Julian were the ones who arranged all of this; I don’t know what’s going on either.”

She heaved a thankful sigh as she said, “You’ve really found yourself two great friends, Ed. You have to thank them in the future!”

“Don’t worry, Mom! I… I can drop everything else, but I’ll most definitely put all my heart into this job,” Ed declared as he nodded furiously.

“That’s good, that’s good.” Both his parents nodded along with him.

Right then, Max came back into the house. With an apologetic look on his face, he gave them a tiny smile as he said, “Excuse me, Ed. There’s something I forgot to tell you about just now. As Julian was leaving just now, he ordered me to let you know that you might have to cancel your honeymoon for now.

There are just too many things going on at the company recently, and we need more manpower. He wants you to immediately take over the upcoming tasks; that way, you can familiarize yourself with the job while helping him out at the same time. I think that you might have to start working from tomorrow onward.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 563

Ed didn’t seem too bothered after he heard what Max had to say, and he simply turned over to look at Wendy. She gave him a nod immediately and said, “That’s fine. We’ll both start work tomorrow.”

Max awkwardly uttered, “I’m so sorry, Wendy. You newly-wedded lovebirds should be on honeymoon, but I think President Davis is being too impatient with this whole issue, so…”

She beamed in return. “We’ve known each other for so long; we don’t really need to go on a honeymoon! I’m happy as long as the two of us are together. We can’t delay our work—especially not when Matthew and Julian have been so kind to us. We can’t hinder them from completing their tasks!”

“That’s right, Ed. You have to do your job well!” Both of his parents nodded in agreement.

Ed then nodded along as he said, “Don’t worry, I won’t let them down!”

Seeing this, Max flashed a grin as he offered, “If that’s the case, I will wait for the two of you at the entrance of your housing area at 8.00AM tomorrow morning.”

Ed wasn’t used to such treatment. “I-I don’t think you need to do that. We can just head over there ourselves.”

With a sigh, Max quickly replied, “Ed, both you and Wendy don’t have a driver’s license—it’ll be far for you to travel to work. From now on, I will be following you guys around for the most part; Master Tiger said that I’ll be your assistant-cum-driver now. In the future, you can just let me know when you’d like to go somewhere, regardless of whether it’s during or outside of office hours.”

“But this… I feel like I’d be troubling you all the time…” Ed felt a little embarrassed to do so. Max simply said, “Well, this is my job. Alright then; I won’t disturb you guys any longer. See you at 8.00AM tomorrow!” The man then left with a smile on his face.

Ed and Wendy exchanged gazes and heaved a sigh at the same time. What a drastic change to our lives.

Meanwhile, Matthew left for home after he had finished handling Ed’s wedding ceremony. The minute he got home, he saw James and Helen seated on the couch, their faces pale and grim. Conversely, Demi and Liam seemed to be gloating at the other two’s misery as they sat beside them. Matthew felt his heart thumping against his chest as he thought, what sort of tricks are these people trying to pull this time?

“Come here, Matthew!” Helen was the first to call out to him. He walked over to her confusedly as he asked, “What’s the matter, Mom?”

She scanned him from head to toe before she suddenly said, “It seems like you’re pretty capable nowadays, huh, Matthew? It’s fine if you order us around at home, but how dare you make your own decisions for such a huge issue at the company? F*ck! Are we all dead to you?”

Matthew frowned upon hearing this. “What are you talking about, Mom? When have I ordered you around; when have I made decisions on my own?”

At this point, Helen was fuming. “Do you think that we don’t know anything, Matthew? Let me ask you this—what is this whole thing with the new CEO at Wellness Herbary?”

His face fell just then as he wondered, I just announced it at the wedding earlier today; how have they found out about this already? He threw a glance toward Liam before he frowned. Haven’t I gotten rid of all the people that Liam had set up in Wellness Herbary? “Mom, it’s only normal for positions and roles to be shifted around in the company,” he explained.

“Are you saying that you’ve shifted your own friend into the company? Previously, you got your friend to become the CEO of the company. Now, you got another friend to be the general manager. I also heard that this friend, Ed, will soon be taking over the position of the CEO. Matthew, do you understand that Wellness Herbary belongs to the Cunningham Family?

Who are you to just insert a few of your own people into the company as you wish? Furthermore, you’re giving them so much power over the company; do you really think Wellness Herbary is yours?!” Helen cried in anger, her speech gradually turning into a shout.

Matthew said exasperatedly, “You’ve gotten it all wrong, Mom. I didn’t insert my own men into the company. All these shifts have been approved by the head office…”

This time, James was the one to shout in anger. “Are you saying that Sasha was the one who agreed to this? Is that kid crazy?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 564

Right then, Demi leaned over with a cold grin. “Dad, don’t you guys understand yet? Sasha isn’t crazy; she’s just utterly fooled by this man from the Larson Family! She’ll believe in whatever he says while she never trusts our words; she’ll do whatever he wants her to do.

Arranging for a few men to enter the company is no big deal, but sooner or later, the whole company’s probably going to turn into the Larson Group Wellness Herbary! When that happens, the rest of us will probably get kicked out and be left to fend for ourselves!”

Just then, Sasha pushed the door open just in time to hear the other girl’s words. “Who did you say is going to get kicked out?”

“Whoa, Sasha’s back! No—just pretend that I didn’t say anything. I don’t want others to start gossiping and talking bad about me behind my back.” Demi smirked.

With her eyebrows pressed together, Sasha glanced around the room before she asked in a deep voice, “What are you guys trying to do?”

James, who was still fuming, growled, “Sasha, you came back right in time. Tell me—were you the one that approved for Matthew’s friend to become the general manager of Wellness Herbary?”

She nodded. “Yes. What about it?”

In an outburst of anger, James slammed a hand against the table as he shouted, “What are you trying to do here, Sasha?”

“What is it, Dad? Why are you losing your temper?” Sasha was stunned to see this.

Helen interrupted. “What is it? When we were at Wellness Herbary, you kicked us out within days of us working there. Now, you’ve gotten one of Matthew’s friends to be the CEO and another to be the general manager; the entire company is filled with Matthew’s cronies. Sasha, you…

Do you know who you’re the closest to here? We are your biological parents and Demi is your biological sister, yet we aren’t allowed to be in the company. Why can Matthew’s friends overtake the CEO and general manager positions then?”

At this point, Sasha was starting to get frustrated. “Dad, Mom—is this what you guys are angry about? I didn’t make this decision alone. Wellness Herbary is the company with the greatest profits in all of Cunningham Pharmaceutical’s businesses; it earns even more than the head company itself.

Because of this, the Board of Directors place a lot of focus on Wellness Herbary; there have been times where several important meetings were hosted in the company itself. I wasn’t the only person who decided on the switching and shifting or appointment and dismissal of the workers; we all discussed it during our Board of Directors meeting. Similarly, this current shift of workers was decided during the meeting, so everyone agreed to it as well!”

James and Helen froze as they no longer knew what to say. However, Demi quickly grinned as she commented, “Hey, members of the Board of Directors must be pretty close to Matthew! How can the Board of Directors appoint someone who has never stepped foot into an office to become a general manager immediately upon entering? Sasha, is Matthew’s friend that amazing? Why haven’t I heard of him?”

By then, James and Helen had returned to their senses as they chimed in as well. “Who was the one that introduced this man to the company? Do the Board of Directors even know this man? Did you and Matthew pull some strings so that he could get in and become the general manager?”

With a rather frustrated look on her face, Sasha explained, “Julian and Tiger were the ones who introduced this man to the Board of Directors. His current role as the general manager serves as a probation period; the Board of Directors haven’t fully agreed for him to be the CEO. They’d have to observe his skills before agreeing to let him take over the whole company.”

However, Helen was quick to catch onto something that Sasha had said. “So Julian was the one who’d introduced him, huh? I’m sure Matthew’s somehow involved in this, then. In the end, Matthew is just trying to get the whole of Wellness Herbary to fall under his control, am I right?”

With his cold glare fixated on Matthew, James then growled, “I’m warning you right now, Matthew. Don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you know a few men here and there. I am going to give it my all and go against you should you ever plan to claim the Cunningham Group’s company for yourself!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 565

Huh, James’s thought process is quite interesting, thought Matthew to himself as he fell speechless. On the other hand, Sasha was furious as she shouted, “Can’t you be a little more rational, Dad? Who’s planning to steal our company? Isn’t Matthew part of our family too?”

James shouted in return, “How is he part of our family? Is his surname Cunningham? Does he have any blood relations to our family? He’s just a live-in son-in-law—do you really think he’s one of us?”

Stunned, Sasha fell silent for a moment before she quickly defended Matthew. “Dad… how could you say something like that? What’s wrong with being a live-in son-in-law? Has he done anything wrong to our family’s name? Has he treated any of you badly? Where did you get the house that you’re currently living in?

Who sacrificed everything to solve all the previous issues in the company? Back when our company was on the brink of falling apart, who was the one that helped to deal with everything?” Her words got James tongue-tied as he didn’t know how to answer her.

However, Helen replied quietly, “Why are you bringing up the past? It’s true that Matthew has done a lot for Wellness Herbary, but isn’t it only right for him to do something for the company when he has been living in our home and feeding off our meals everyday for the past few years? It’s the same if I own a dog…”

Sasha completely lost it at this point. “Enough! I’ll say this again—Matthew is my husband! I love him, and I will not allow any of you to insult him! If you guys continue to humiliate him, I… We’ll both leave Eastcliff together and we will never come back!”

Her words came as a shock to Helen, who then fell silent for a while as she was too stunned to speak. She knew how rash and stubborn her daughter could be—Sasha might actually stick to her words if she was forced to do so. Meanwhile, Demi stepped in to mediate the situation once she noticed how tensed everyone was. “Sasha, we have no intentions of humiliating Matthew.

I just think that it’s a little too biased of you to make such decisions, don’t you think so? Matthew’s friend gets to take control of Wellness Herbary while we—your direct family members—can’t even work in the company. Don’t you think it’s quite unfair to us?”

Angrily, Sasha replied, “Don’t you guys know why you were chased out of Wellness Herbary? What did you guys do in the company previously? Don’t you remember the time when Wellness Herbary encountered that huge incident where we nearly lost investments worth tens of millions?

Back then, the Board of Directors wanted to find the real culprit and send all of you to prison; who was the one who solved this whole matter for you guys? Demi, don’t you remember that time you transferred 300 million out of the company’s account?

Mom, Dad—the two of you got scammed by that boss and you nearly lost the whole company. I’m sure you guys haven’t forgotten about that, right? Who was the one who got the money back? Who was the one who saved you guys from getting into prison? Who was the one who rescued the company when it was at the brink of bankruptcy?”

The people in the house all looked at one another, all of them too embarrassed to speak. After a long period of silence, Helen finally heaved a sigh before she said, “Sasha, it’s true that we’ve made a few mistakes in the past. I know that you’ve always felt displeased with us; both your dad and I never got to study much, and your sister quit her studies to work so that she could pay for your school fees.

It’s true that we’re dumb, and we certainly deserve to be scammed because we don’t have the knowledge and awareness needed to run a business. Whatever you say is true… We’re nothing more than a bunch of good-for-nothings!”

Sasha was infuriated. How dare this woman use such tactics just to gain my sympathy at this point in time? “Mom, do you really want me to put everything out there? Sure—you and dad never got to study much since everyone was poor during your generation.

However, what about Demi? Are you sure that she really dropped out just to pay for my school fees? Do you really want me to bring up everything about her past?” she uttered.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 566

The look on Demi’s face darkened the minute she heard this. Back then, she dropped out of school because she had fallen in love with a thug that wasn’t studying and often skipped classes to be with him. The thug got arrested and was brought to prison later on, but Demi could no longer return to classes.

She was the only one to blame for not completing her studies; it wasn’t anyone else’s fault. Liam didn’t know about this, and it’d be difficult for her to explain herself if the truth came to light.

James and Helen glanced at each other awkwardly. Finally, Helen waved her hand dismissively as she casually said, “Fine, I’m done talking nonsense to you. Sasha, if you really think of us as your parents, you should be a little more fair with your decisions.

Wellness Herbary is worth billions now; you should either get us into the company or at least provide us with the funds to start a new retail pharmacy chain. We’re your parents, so the funds you’ll provide for our retail outlets shouldn’t be less than the amount needed to start a pharmaceutical company, right?”

Sasha froze for a moment as she finally realized why her parents had bothered to start this fight in the first place. It’s all about money in the end, huh. Not only that, she’s being so greedy about it—how can she compare the amount of funds needed to establish several retail pharmacy outlets and those required to start an entire pharmaceutical company?

The pharmaceutical company is now worth billions of dollars; does she need billions to start a retail pharmacy chain as well? “What are you talking about, Mom? How much money do you need to start these retail pharmacies? You’re asking for a few billion here… Are you planning to fill the entire province with your retail pharmacies?” Sasha asked impatiently.

The other woman’s eyes lit up as she said, “That’s not impossible! We should make it a big thing if we are to start it. We can fill the province with our pharmacies, and Cunningham Pharmaceuticals would have two profiting companies. By then, our pharmacies will definitely earn a lot more than Wellness Herbary!”

Annoyed, Sasha muttered, “You’re also aware of the situation at the company right now, Mom. How can we provide you with so much money? Furthermore, this is the first time you guys are starting such a business; why do you want to make it such a huge thing?

Billions of dollars invested into a single project—won’t Wellness Herbary collapse along with you guys if the project fails?”

“What are you trying to say right now? Are you saying that we will fail in whatever business we start?” Helen was starting to get annoyed as well.

Her daughter quickly clarified herself and said, “That’s not what I meant; I’m just saying that you’ll definitely win some and lose some when starting a business. However, I think you shouldn’t invest too much into a single business—especially when this is the first time you guys are using such a business model.”

At this point, Helen simply held a palm in front of her face as she said, “You don’t have to say anything more; I understand what you mean. You just think we’re useless people after all. Fine, I’ll admit it—we are pretty useless.

We’ve never been to school and we don’t have the level of education you do, but know this, Sasha—your Dad and I were the ones who worked hard to bring you up and pay for your school fees. You don’t have to respect us, but you can’t look down on us!”

Sasha’s frustration was reaching its peak as she uttered, “Mom, when have I looked down on you guys? I-I’m just telling you guys to take it slow! That’s the way businesses should be operated—you start small and gain experiences along the way before expanding it. There isn’t anyone who’d invest such a huge sum all at once!’’

With a bone-chilling voice, Helen responded to her and said, “I get what you mean although you’re not saying it out loud.”

“W-What do I mean, Mom?” Sasha was confused.

Her mother glared at her. “Let me ask you this—starting a pharmacy is a simple business, so why would we incur any losses? You say that we need to gain experience, but what experience is there to gain? You’re simply looking down on us; you just think that we’ll lose money because we’re incapable of doing anything.”

“That’s not what I meant at all, Mom!” Sasha was completely and utterly speechless at this point.

Demi then piped up and said, “If that’s not what you mean, you should invest more into Dad and Mom’s pharmacies. If you trust them, you should help them expand their pharmacies!”

Sasha was about to lose her mind. This whole conversation keeps going back to the topic of them wanting money!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 567

After Sasha and Demi argued for a while longer, James finally landed both his palms on the table with a loud thud before he roared, “Shut up, both of you! I’m not going to make it hard for you, Sasha; we don’t need billions of dollars. You can just invest 300 million into the pharmacies.”

Her face fell as she thought, even 300 million is an outrageous amount!

On the other hand, Demi looked rather annoyed as she said, “You’re being too nice to her, Dad. Why is it hard for her at all? She’s the chairman of the board; she gets to decide how the funds are allocated across the whole company, right? Why does an outsider’s pharmacy get up to a billion while we are only given 300 million?”

With a wave of his hand, James showed his disagreement toward Demi’s words. “The company can’t place all of their funds into our pharmacy; what would the headquarters do if they need money to expand the business? On the other hand, 300 million isn’t significant enough to affect any business expansions, and it’d make things easier for your sister as well.”

As Demi nodded, she turned and side-eyed Sasha as she said, “Did you hear that, Sasha? Dad and Mom are always so thoughtful, but what have you ever done for them in return? You’d be an inhumane creature if you don’t provide them with 300 million at the very least!”

Sasha became nervous upon hearing this. “The company doesn’t have 300 million at the moment, Dad! It’s currently focused on expanding itself and there are loads of orders that haven’t been completed; all of our funds have been invested into other items.”

Her dad’s face turned stone cold as he replied, “Sasha, the company previously received a deposit of billions of dollars; don’t tell me that’s all gone. Furthermore, Wellness Herbary has been earning quite a bit recently—I even heard that profits have gone up to billions as well.

Isn’t that considered money? I didn’t even ask for a billion; all I need is 300 million. What’s so hard about that? Are you treating us as parents or do you see us as beggars right now?”

Impatiently, Sasha uttered, “The deposit we received was used to purchase equipment, land and raw materials while the rest of it was used to pay the workers; all of these ate into a good part of our money. We’d only be able to get an income once we complete the orders, and everything before that is just an investment. Wellness Herbary is indeed earning, but that money belongs to that branch itself…”

“Who cares if it’s the branch’s money? Isn’t the branch’s money also the headquarters’s money? You’re the chairman of the board, so Julian would have to hand all the money over to you if you ask for it, right?” Demi sneered.

“You’ve worked in the finance department previously, Demi—you should know all about this. Usually, the headquarters does not get involved with each branch’s operations and financial issues. I don’t have that much power even though I’m the chairman of the board. If you want to use that money, you’ll… You’ll need approval from both the board and the branch itself!” Sasha exclaimed exasperatedly.

James threw his hands up as he said, “I don’t care about all that! I just want to know one thing, Sasha. 300 million—can you or can you not give it to us? If you can’t, then it just shows how useless you are as the chairman of the board.

Since you’re so useless, there’s no reason for you to continue as chairman; you can just hand all your shares over to me tomorrow. I can show you what it truly means to be a powerful and bold chairman!”

Demi was the first to clap her hands as she beamed and said, “I think you’d make the perfect chairman, Dad. You’re the head of our family, after all! Furthermore, you’re well-organized with your work and you’re much better than Sasha.

If you’re the head of both our family and the board, you can make sure that our family’s property doesn’t get stolen by some outsider!” Her words were an indirect insult toward Matthew.

Feeling extremely angry, Sasha felt tears welling up in her eyes. What is my father thinking?! “You’re forcing me into a corner here, Dad! The company’s shares are mine, so h-how can you ask me to just transfer them to you?” she shouted angrily.

James smacked the table as he stood upright and bellowed, “Just the fact that I am your father alone gives me the right to do so! The fact that I was the one who brought you up! The fact that I gave you so many opportunities to grow into a person capable of being a chairman on the board!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 568

James had a hideous, seething look on his face as he glared at Sasha. On the other hand, the latter staggered backward in fear. Her father used to have a really bad temper when they were younger, and he would sometimes lay his hands on both Sasha and Demi.

Therefore, Sasha had fear instilled deep within her even after all these years—she was traumatized by her experiences with a father who had once lashed out at her. Despite this, she refused to settle with his terms and said through gritted teeth, “I’m really thankful for all the care that you’ve provided throughout the years, Dad.

Naturally, I will fulfill my duties as a daughter to you, but work and family are two separate things to me. You can be the head of our family at home, but you can’t meddle with my work. I’m sorry, I-I can’t transfer the shares to you!”

Her words made James infuriated as he stuck a finger out in front of her face while he shouted, “Say that again! Who are you going to transfer your shares to, if not me? Are you going to transfer it to this b*stard?!” As he spoke, James grabbed a cup of tea on the table and hurled it directly toward Matthew with all his might.

Matthew frowned a little, but he managed to avoid the cup with ease. Sasha was shocked to see this happen, and she quickly stood herself in front of Matthew. “What are you trying to do, Dad? W-What are you doing?! I’m the one handling the company—what has this got to do with Matthew?”

With his finger pointed toward the man, James bellowed, “You wouldn’t have become the person you are today if it hadn’t been for him! Look at what he’s doing now—he’s a live-in son-in-law who’s swallowing all of our family’s inheritance for himself. What do you think I’m trying to do?

Today, I’m going to bring him down with me even if I have to sacrifice my own life! I will never allow the Cunningham Family’s belongings to be stolen by an outsider!” James reached his arms outward and began to throw himself onto Matthew.

Sasha tried her best to stop her father, but Helen quickly ran over to stop Sasha from doing so. That way, James could beat Matthew up. Matthew frowned as he felt anger building up within his chest. Nonetheless, they are Sasha’s parents; I can’t beat them up, can I? He decided to quietly avoid every punch thrown toward him without attacking James in return.

James launched a few consecutive attacks, but none of them connected with Matthew successfully. This only provoked James even more as he yelled, “How dare you avoid me? Demi, go to the kitchen and get me the knife! I’m going to risk my life with this man today!”

Demi immediately rushed toward the kitchen with an evil smirk on her face. Sasha couldn’t help but shriek as she saw what was going on. “Dad, a-are y-you crazy?”

“Shut up!” he howled. “I’m going to kill him today—even if it means that I’ll have to sacrifice my life in order to do so! At the very least, the Cunningham Family’s inheritance would not be stolen by an ungrateful, heartless b*stard like him if we both die together!”

Helen still had her arms around Sasha as she began to wail, “What have we done in our past lives to deserve such an ungrateful man in our lives? Don’t stop your father, Sasha; he’s doing it for your own good. Don’t you worry, James. I’ll follow you into the afterlife if anything happens to you.”

Sasha was panicking at this point. “Dad, can’t we just sit down and talk things out? Matthew didn’t do anything at all—why are you doing this to him?!”

James roared, “He’s practically stealing all of our family’s business for himself; what do you mean ‘he didn’t do anything’?! You’re such a silly girl, Sasha! Forget it—I’ll sacrifice my own life to protect our family’s inheritance now!”

As if on cue, Demi then appeared with a large chopping knife. Sasha’s face turned as pale as a sheet the moment she saw this. She grinded her teeth in fear before she finally screamed, “Stop this, Dad! I’ll give you the money you need! That’s all that you want, right?!”

James, who already had the chopping knife in his hands, stopped in his tracks immediately after he heard his daughter’s words.

He turned around and stared at her. Excitement quickly filled his gaze as he asked, “Are you for real? How long will it take you to transfer the 300 million to me?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 569

Sasha felt extremely tired and helpless when she saw the excitement in James’s eyes. She could tell that he had made such a huge fuss just to force her to hand the money over. He hadn’t actually planned to start a fight with Matthew; his intention was just to get her to provide him with the funds.

However, she had no other choice but to give him the money at this point. If she refused to do it, he might actually use the knife to threaten Matthew.

“Put the knife down for now. Since I’ve already promised to give you the money, I’ll definitely stick to my words,” she said quietly.

Demi sneered. “Sasha, you haven’t even provided us with a proper deadline; how can we just believe your words? What if you end up delaying the fund transfer? What will happen to Mom and Dad’s pharmacy then?”

“She’s right.” Helen nodded in agreement and added, “Sasha, if you really want to invest your funds, you have to give us a proper deadline.”

Sasha was trembling with anger at this point. She hissed through gritted teeth, “How can I give you a proper deadline? I have to request 300 million from the Board of Directors first. Then, I’ll need to host a meeting at Wellness Herbary to discuss our investment into your pharmacy—this process will take a month at the very least.”

James immediately shook his head and said, “One month is too long. I’ve already had discussions about renting a location with several landlords; we’re planning to sign the agreement by next week. I can only give you a week at most!”

Sasha got a little anxious upon hearing this. “Dad, how can we possibly have this settled within a week? It’s 300 million we’re talking about; that’s not a small sum. Even if the Board of Directors fully agree to this, we’d still have to go through a bunch of procedures.”

“I don’t care about all of that. I just want you to tell me right now—can you transfer the money over in a week’s time?” James growled.

Tears were forming in Sasha’s eyes as she thought, They’re just forcing me to agree with their request!

Matthew finally spoke up and said, “It’s impossible for this to be carried out in one week, Dad. Even the company’s bank transfer will…”

“F*ck off! This is none of your business. Who are you to speak up right now?” James shouted at him.

Meanwhile, Demi pouted as she said, “Who do you think you are, Matthew? This is the Cunningham Family’s own company and it’s our own money; we can do whatever we want with it. You’re speaking out of turn, aren’t you? Pfft! Your mother really didn’t teach you anything, you uneducated piece of trash…”

Her last sentence triggered Matthew to lose his temper; he reached a hand out and slapped Demi right across the face, and everyone was utterly shocked when this happened.

After a moment, Demi finally came back to her senses as she mumbled, “H-How dare y-you hit me…”

James screamed as he lifted the chopping knife once again. “How dare you slap my daughter! I’m going to end you right now!” However, Matthew’s gaze was cold and fearless as he glared directly at Demi. “I’ve said this before; you can scold me all you want, but you’re not allowed to speak of my mother that way!

Demi, I’ve been tolerating you for a long time. Now that you’ve insulted my mother, you can either apologize to me or we can fight until one of us dies today!”

There was a drastic change in Demi’s expression as fear crept into her chest once she saw the cold, hideous expression on Matthew’s face. Helen also seemed rather stunned as she quickly said, “What Demi said was just a slip of the tongue, Matthew. You’re in the wrong because you hit her first…”

Smack! Matthew struck his hand against the table as he howled, “You can call the police to arrest me, then!”

Helen froze for a moment before she furiously cried, “You’re getting out of hand, Matthew. I’m still your senior after all…”

“Sure, you’re my senior; but my mother’s from the same generation as you. I’ve shown you respect, yet you don’t show my mother any? What sort of logic is that? It makes no sense!” Matthew interrupted her words.

Helen’s face was blushing red by then as she scowled. “Well, what’s said has been said! What do you want us to do? I’m telling you—this is my house…”

In a cold voice, Matthew uttered, “I’ll make sure she’s the first to leave if she doesn’t apologize right now! I’m sure all of you know who owns the rights to this property. Also, you guys can forget about starting a pharmacy; I’m taking all the money back.

All the cars, watches, clothes and everything in the house—I want it all back! Furthermore, I’ll also make a police report regarding all the things that she has done in the company. I’m going to make sure that she goes to jail!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 570

Everyone was dumbstruck; they had never seen Matthew this angry before. With a slight tremble in her voice, Helen mumbled, “D-Don’t you dare go overboard, Matthew. This is my family’s matters, you…”

“I support Matthew this time, Mom!” Sasha cried. “Don’t give me that nonsense about how it’s our family’s matters; the company is under my name and the house is under Matthew’s. I can financially provide for you and Dad, but I don’t have the duty to provide for Demi and Liam!”

Matthew shot a glance toward Sasha. She chose to stand by my side at the most critical moment, he thought to himself.

The look on Helen’s face changed immediately as she shouted angrily, “How could you choose an outsider over your own family, Sasha? Fine. I’ll… I’ll die in front of you right now. I’ll kill myself right here…” She snatched the knife over from James and placed it at her own neck, threatening to harm herself. Sasha had tears in her eyes, but she bit onto the inside of her cheek and forced herself not to stop her own mother. I refuse to make any compromises when it comes to things related to Matthew!

Matthew simply pulled his phone out and made a call. “Tiger, I want you to collect all proof of transactions related to the 300 million that had been transferred out of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals previously. Also, I need you to hire the best lawyer in town; I want Liam and Demi to go to prison!”

In the end, Helen didn’t actually dare to cut herself. She was just scaring Sasha, and the former completely froze once she saw Matthew making the call. “Matthew, y-you really made the call. Are you crazy? Look at him, S-Sasha; that’s your biological sister we’re talking about…”

Sasha kept quiet with an icy, emotionless look on her face. As James watched all of this happening, he knew that Matthew had really lost it this time. He swiftly gave Helen a look before he then bellowed, “You’re too much, Demi! How could you insult his mother? You… Hurry up and apologize to Matthew!”

Demi’s face was as pale as a sheet. She could tell that both her parents were no longer able to save her this time. With an uncertain, fearful gaze, she looked up at Matthew as she whispered, “I-I’m sorry, M-Matthew…”

“Is that how you give a sincere apology?” Matthew spoke without even looking at her.

“I-I’ve already apologized; what more do you want me to do?” Demi was starting to get anxious.

“You can choose not to apologize!” Matthew said with a frown.

James then interrupted and shouted, “You should speak a little more properly, Demi!”

Eventually, Demi gritted her teeth and lowered her head before she said, in a much clearer tone this time, “I’m sorry, Matthew—I’ve made a mistake! I’ll never do such a thing again in the future, so please forgive me!”

Matthew side-eyed her before he shifted his gaze to Matthew and Helen. “We can give you 300 million. But I still stick to my words—it’s impossible for things to be done in one week!”

The husband and wife simply nodded in agreement; they didn’t dare to go against Matthew when he was so furious!

Once Matthew and Sasha went up to their room, James and Helen quickly pulled Demi and Liam into theirs. Shortly after they went in, both Matthew and Sasha came back down and quietly stopped right outside James and Helen’s room. They wanted to figure out why the older couple needed the 300 million so badly and what they were going to do with it.

In the room, Demi was still sobbing as she said, “Is Matthew crazy? How dare he hit me?! Mom, Dad—you guys… didn’t even stop him…”

James gave her a long sigh. “Demi, I’m not trying to lecture you, but you really went overboard with your words this time! You know what sort of person Matthew is; he doesn’t get angry often, but he really loses it once he does. His mother passed away at a young age and she took care of her kids all by herself, so it must’ve been tough for her; that’s why she’s the single person he respects the most. Anyway, why did you have to insult his mother? Aren’t you just creating problems for yourself here?”

Demi was fuming when she replied, “Well… I wasn’t doing it intentionally. How could he hit me?”

“Alright, that’s enough. I don’t want to hear this nonsense anymore! Just watch it when you speak in the future!” James raised his hands and gestured for her to stop.

With a sigh, Helen added, “Sasha has really gotten fooled by this man, huh? How could she help him go against her own family? Do we even have any say when we’re in this house?”

James squeezed his brows together. He had an uneasy feeling about this whole situation. The three of them spoke for a while longer before Demi finally calmed down and asked, “Dad, we’re getting the 300 million soon. What should I do with that thing I told you previously?”

Sasha’s heart nearly leaped out of her chest. Demi is the one who wants this 300 million? What are they trying to do with it?

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