The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 571-580

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 571

James pondered for a moment before he said, “Demi, can you really trust the person who’s doing this? We’re talking about 300 million here; it’ll be a huge problem if anything goes wrong with it! It could’ve been the end of us if we hadn’t managed to get our 300 million back the last time.”

With a smile, Demi replied, “Don’t worry, Dad—it’s different this time. The previous person was a scammer, but we’re partnering up with the Young Master of the Lach Family this time; they’re one of the Ten Greatest Families here!

He’s a really well-known individual in the whole of Eastcliff; loads of people want to partner up with him, but they’ve never gotten the opportunity to do so. If he hadn’t been lacking in liquidated assets recently, our 300 million probably means nothing to him. We simply cannot let go of such a great opportunity.”

Still worried, Helen then uttered, “How do you know that he’s actually Young Master Lach? We aren’t even close to the Lach Family ourselves.”

Liam spoke up. “Don’t worry, Mom—I’ve looked into this. The Jackson Family, yet another of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff, own some shares in the construction company as well; Young Master Lach was supposed to work with them on this. Even if a regular individual can’t recognize Young Master Lach, surely the Jackson Family would be able to do so. I’m certain of his identity!”

Helen nodded. “As long as you’re certain of it. Since we’re doing business with the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff, then I’m sure we won’t have to suffer any losses. I think we should do it, James.”

James was still deep in thought when Demi quietly said, “Stop hesitating, Dad! Once Young Master Lach succeeds in building this piece of real estate, our investments might double or triple in amount. More importantly, we’d be building a relationship with the Lach Family.

With their support, our construction company can definitely become a huge success and a leading business in the whole of Eastcliff. When that happens, even Cunningham Pharmaceuticals will be no match for our real estate agency. Furthermore, this will allow us to show Sasha our true capabilities; we can show her the sort of person Matthew actually is!”

Her speech had successfully convinced James as he slowly nodded his head while saying, “Alright—it’s set. I will transfer the 300 million to you and Liam once I get it. Do well, Liam! Don’t let me down!”

Joy spread across Liam’s face as he quickly replied, “Don’t worry, Dad. I won’t let you down.”

Demi was just as pleased as she added, “Dad, you don’t have to be worried when Liam’s the one in charge. My husband is much, much better than Matthew; he simply hadn’t had the chance to show himself.

Now that he has this opportunity, he’s really going to gain success overnight! When that happens, we can compare him to Matthew—Sasha will then realize how useless Matthew actually is.”

With a nod, Helen uttered, “That’s right; you’ll have to be better than Matthew, Liam. I feel disgusted whenever I look at that useless man who relies on his wife. Once he lets Sasha down, we can properly kick him out of the house. Honestly, I wish I could kick him out right now!”

“There’s no rush, Mom. We’re not done with all the procedures needed for the ownership transfer of this house; it wouldn’t be worth it if we kick him out now. He’s been staying at our house and eating our food for so many years; it’s his duty to give us a house at the very least.” Liam grinned slightly.

Helen burst into laughter. “That’s right. A drop of water should be reciprocated with a gushing spring, right? We helped him out when he was at his lowest, so I guess you could say that we saved his life. It’s only right for him to repay us with a house.”

The four of them chuckled happily, victory written all over their faces. None of them seemed to be even a little guilty or ashamed. Meanwhile, Sasha—who had heard the whole conversation from outside the room—clenched her fists tightly.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 572

Angered, Sasha wanted to push the door open and barge into the room, but Matthew stopped her before she could do so. After gesturing at her to keep silent, he dragged her upstairs.

As soon as they returned to their room, Sasha asked urgently, “What are you doing, Matthew? Why didn’t you let me go in to clear things up? I-I’d rather die than give them the 300 million!”

Matthew sighed. “Calm down, Sasha. Dad and Mom have been displeased with me for quite some time, so what’s the use of you going inside and arguing with them? It’s not like you don’t know what kind of people they are; they always stubbornly insist on their own ideas.

Even if you fuss with them, they will only make a bigger scene than you—they might even force you to hand over the money by threatening to hang themselves. Hence, what’s the point of arguing with them?”

Sasha argued desperately, “E-Even so, we can’t let them do whatever they please! They want to give Liam 300 million to invest in real estate! What does Liam know about investing? Also, this house is yours; what gives them the right to take it away from you? I must tell them that they should forget about changing the name on the title deed!”

Matthew held Sasha by the arm and said, “Don’t worry; the problem can’t be solved like this. Besides, I’ve said it before that I don’t mind giving them the house. They’re your parents after all, and we certainly won’t be staying here in the future.”

Sasha continued desperately, “You’re always so good-natured, Matthew. You’re too kind to others, but other people might not be so kind to you. Just look at how they behave; they simply wish that you are dead! You… Why are you still so kind to them?”

Matthew chuckled. “They are your parents, Sasha. Since they were the ones who raised you up, I have to respect them. Moreover, what lies at the heart of this problem isn’t Dad and Mom—it’s mostly Liam. This man is malicious, so I think we must keep our guard up against him.”

Touched by his words, Sasha responded in a low voice, “Even so, you shouldn’t do such an injustice to yourself. What they’re doing is simply unreasonable; they will only go from bad to worse if you keep tolerating their behavior! Even if they are our parents, they shouldn’t do this, should they?”

Matthew advised softly, “Why should you be angry with them, Sasha? In any case, they still love you dearly and are just doing what they think is best for you. They might be doing it the wrong way, but they are much better than Wendy’s father in this aspect.”

Sasha gave a soft sigh, for she had heard from Matthew about Wendy’s father. Upon comparing Brandon with her parents, she realized that although her parents were being difficult on purpose, they only did so for her and her sister’s sake. On the contrary, Brandon treated his two daughters as bargaining chips to be exchanged for his benefits.

Come to think of it, I’m still considered lucky, she thought to herself.

Matthew then comforted her further, “Dad and Mom are old, so it’s normal for them to be a little old-fashioned. They’re being unreasonable right now in the same way as you were being unreasonable in front of them when you were young and immature. They still loved you no matter what tantrums you threw when you were little.”

Sasha looked up at Matthew with tears in her eyes; his words reminded her of how spoiled she had acted in her parents’ arms as a child.

When she recalled how dearly her parents loved her and her sister back then, her heart ached a little; she began to regret the words she had said to her parents earlier!

Feeling helpless, she then asked, “What should we do now, Matthew? My parents aren’t familiar with the real estate industry at all… How am I going to explain it to the Board of Directors if their 300 million investment ends in failure again?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 573

Matthew answered, “The key to this problem isn’t Dad and Mom—it’s Liam and Demi.”

Sasha nodded at once. “You’re right. They’re the ones stirring up trouble; Dad and Mom wouldn’t have made so much of a nuisance if it hadn’t been for the both of them. Matthew, I think that we shouldn’t let them stay with us. Why don’t we find a way to make them go back to stay at their home?”

Matthew shook his head and said, “I’m afraid that this won’t be easy. Demi is your younger sister, so Dad and Mom tend to spoil her more. Moreover, now that your parents are so guarded against me, they’ll think of whatever you say as the result of my instigation; they certainly won’t listen to you.”

Sasha asked helplessly, “What should we do then? When they’re here, they do nothing all day but come for you whenever they get a chance. I really can’t stand it anymore!”

Matthew assured with a smile, “It’s alright, I can just ignore them. Furthermore, we won’t be staying here for a long time; we won’t have to worry about these things when we move out and live on our own in the future.”

Sasha gave Matthew a thankful look. Matthew had her interests and feelings in mind at all times, which moved her deeply.

She whispered, “The most important thing right now is the 300 million worth of investment. Matthew, are we really going to give them the money?”

Matthew nodded. “Since we’ve already agreed to do so, we should give them the money. Otherwise, things will become even more troublesome later on.”

Sasha objected desperately, “But… Won’t we be in trouble if our investment ends in failure this time?”

Matthew assured with a chuckle. “Don’t worry—I’ll keep an eye on the investment. Besides, we can’t let them take the 300 million away so easily.”

Surprised, Sasha asked, “What do you mean?”

Matthew chuckled before slowly explaining his plan to her.

The next morning, Matthew met several of the board members in person to discuss the matter with them.

Truth be told, those shareholders were reluctant to transfer the money to James, but they agreed to do so in the end after Matthew had met them personally and gave his word on the investment.

After that, he met with Julian and told the latter to transfer the money. With that, the matter was settled.

However, Sasha waited until three days later to tell James and Helen about this to give them the impression that this wasn’t an easy job.

Knowing that the investment had been approved, James and Helen were overjoyed; they immediately asked Sasha to transfer the money into their bank account.

Demi grabbed Liam’s arm in excitement. Now that they had the money, they could invest in real estate together with Young Master Lach. Real estate was a lucrative business, so they would probably have more assets than Sasha very soon!

Demi already had everything thought out. Once they had more assets than Sasha, she would find a way to acquire Cunningham Pharmaceuticals to put everything under her control. She wanted Sasha to know that she was much superior than the latter despite not having attended university!

Just then, Sasha said, “Dad, the investment has been approved, but there’s an issue that needs to be solved.”

James asked with a frown, “Why is there a problem now? It’s already been approved, right?”

Sasha explained, “The money is from Wellness Herbary, so Julian made a request.”

Demi immediately chimed in, “Well, this Julian is really cocky; he actually thinks that Wellness Herbary is his property. How could he make these demands when we, the Cunninghams, want some money from the company? What is going on? Did he or Matthew take over Wellness Herbary’s ownership?”

Helen scoffed, “Who does Julian think he is? What gives him the right to make such demands? He is but someone who works for the Cunninghams. In other words, he’s merely a lackey. Since the Board of Directors have agreed to transfer the money, he should obediently transfer the money to us—how dare he make demands?

Has he grown tired of working for us? Tell him to pack up his stuff and get lost right away if he doesn’t want to work for us anymore! The Cunningham Family’s pharmaceutical companies never had to worry about hiring talents.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 574

Sasha frowned. “Mom, can’t you be more polite when you speak? How much money and contributions has Julian made while in charge of Wellness Herbary? He has done so much for the company, yet you aren’t grateful to him—you even insulted him like that! D-Don’t you think that you’re going too far?”

Demi curled her lips. She said, “Did you get it backward, Sasha? He has everything he possesses right now only because we took him in and let him work at Wellness Herbary when he was at the lowest point in his life. If it hadn’t been for us, he would have died long ago; how else could he afford to live in a luxury house, drive luxury cars, and get such a high salary?

We provided him with food, accommodation and such a high salary, but he’s making demands when we want to transfer our money out of Wellness Herbary now? Honestly, even a stray dog would be grateful to us if we feed it what we had provided Julian with.”

Sasha’s face went livid at Demi’s words. She scolded, “How could you speak like that, Demi? Wellness Herbary had nearly collapsed back then; would it have come this far if it hadn’t been for him? One must be grateful…”

Demi interrupted with a sneer, “You’re right—one should be grateful. Sasha, do you really think that Julian should get the credit for Wellness Herbary’s turnaround? If he really is such a capable person, he wouldn’t have ended up in that state several years ago. Let me put it this way: I would have certainly done a much better job than he did if you had put me in charge of Wellness Herbary back then, so don’t tell me to be grateful to him anymore. He should be grateful to the Cunninghams instead!”

James and Helen nodded repeatedly in approval of Demi’s words.

Sasha gnashed her teeth. “Since all of you are so capable of managing a company, how did you guys bring Wellness Herbary to the verge of collapsing back then?”

Demi and the rest were silenced at once.

Looking embarrassed, James said in a grim tone, “What do you mean by that, Sasha? Is it so difficult for you to transfer the money to us? Let’s not talk about the past or the issue of who should be grateful to whom. Tell Julian that Wellness Herbary belongs to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. He can leave Wellness Herbary if he’s unwilling to listen to us Cunninghams; we’ll never urge him to stay!”

Demi nodded repeatedly. “That’s right. He can get lost immediately right now! There’s absolutely no problem for me to be Wellness Herbary’s CEO. That way, the pharmaceuticals can remain in the hands of our own instead of being usurped by someone else.”

Sasha glared at Demi angrily. “Don’t you ever think about it! The Board of Directors made it clear that the few of you must not be allowed to work in Wellness Herbary anymore. Otherwise, they’ll investigate the previous incident thoroughly until the few of you are sent to prison!”

Demi opened her mouth but didn’t dare to say anything in the end.

James said in a grim tone, “Why are you talking so much? What’s wrong with me asking you to fire him? In the worst case scenario, we’ll find someone else to be in charge of Wellness Herbary instead of working in it ourselves. Hmph, it might not be easy to find a talented person to manage the company, but does the company have to be so dependent on him?”

Sasha warned seriously, “Dad, it’s not that easy for you to fire Julian. Firstly, the Board of Directors will surely object to that. After all, he could make a lot of money for the company. Secondly, most of Wellness Herbary’s resources and clients are all in his hands.

If he leaves the company, these resources and clients will be gone; it’s even likely that the orders placed with the company prior will be canceled. By then, Wellness Herbary will suffer immeasurable losses. Once such a situation happens, nobody will be able to bear the responsibility when the Board of Directors pursue the matter!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 575

James and the others were stunned. Perplexed, Helen asked, “Is that true? I-Is it really that difficult for us to fire a mere employee from our family’s company?”

Demi chipped in with a frown, “Are you exaggerating things just to scare us, Sasha? How could the consequences of firing him be so serious? He’s just an employee who works in the branch office—those clients signed contracts with our company, not him. What’s the big deal in firing him?”

Sasha replied coldly, “Those clients are now on good terms with Julian. They acknowledge him, not Wellness Herbary. Don’t forget that there are no less than dozens of pharmaceutical companies in Eastcliff. Why do all these clients work exclusively with us? That’s because Julian put in a lot of effort behind the scenes! If Julian leaves, these clients will surely leave along with him.”

Suddenly, Liam cut in and said, “Stop scaring us, Sasha. These words of yours may fool Dad and Mom, but you can’t fool a lot of people with what you’ve said.”

Helen immediately asked, “What do you mean? Is Sasha fooling us?”

Liam nodded. “Dad, Mom—these clients work with us all because of Stanley, who is currently in charge of allocating Eastcliff’s medical resources. Stanley was the one who persuaded those clients to work with our pharmaceutical company. Who does Julian think he is? Does anyone know him? Even if he leaves the company, Wellness Herbary won’t lose any of its clients as long as Stanley is still here to back us up!”

James’s face darkened as he glared furiously at Sasha. “Sasha, are you unwilling to transfer the 300 million to us? Just tell us if you don’t want to transfer the money. Why are you talking so much nonsense to fool us?”

Sasha retorted angrily, “In what way have I fooled you, Dad? Let me ask you then—why did Stanley get those clients to work with our pharmaceutical company?”

James was stunned. He wanted to say that it was because of Matthew, but he and the others were unwilling to admit that Matthew had such great abilities. Furthermore, they didn’t believe that Matthew was truly capable of doing so.

Not reconciling herself to what Sasha had said, Demi asked, “Do tell us why. Could it be because of Julian?”

Sasha reminded, “Don’t forget that Tiger is Stanley’s younger cousin.”

James, Helen, Demi, and Liam nodded repeatedly at the realization. “You’re right—that is because of Tiger.”

“D*mn, I would have forgotten about it if you didn’t bring this up.”

“We should invite Tiger over for dinner someday. Wellness Herbary wouldn’t have made so much money if it hadn’t been for him.”

“Julian is nothing but a small potato. Tiger’s feelings are the most important thing here!”

Ignoring their words, Sasha continued coldly, “Tiger came to work in Wellness Herbary because he’s friends with Julian. Tiger said that he will leave at once if Julian is no longer working in the pharmaceutical company. Is there anything else you all would like to say right now?”

James and the others fell silent. If Tiger left, Stanley would certainly withdraw all the resources. If Wellness Herbary really collapsed by then, they would lose more than 1 billion! Who could possibly bear the responsibility of the losses?

Helen couldn’t help but suggest, “Is Tiger out of his mind? We pay him so much to work in Wellness Herbary. Why would he want to leave the company when he earns so much money every month? Why don’t you tell him that we’ll double—no, triple—his salary as long as he stays in the company?”

Sasha shot back icily, “Mom, Tiger wouldn’t be working at our company if he’s just doing it for the salary. Can’t he make enough money by starting a pharmaceutical company himself? The only reason he’s working here is because of his friendship with Julian, don’t you all understand?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 576

Helen and the others were dumbfounded at once.

Just as Sasha had said, how could Tiger possibly care about that bit of a salary? Why didn’t he choose to make money with Stanley’s current capabilities and resources? Why did he have to work at Wellness Herbary?

Tiger could definitely take all their clients and resources away if he started a pharmaceutical company himself. Not only would Wellness Herbary collapse, but even Cunningham Pharmaceuticals would be in trouble by then.

After thinking about it for a long time, Demi had no choice but to ask, “Forget it. Just say it out then… What exactly does Julian want?”

Since they couldn’t get rid of Julian, they could only compromise.

Sasha answered, “Julian said that the 300 million came from Wellness Herbary; you guys can’t take the money away just like that. Moreover, he isn’t optimistic about your project, so you can only get the money by borrowing it from the company. Of course, the company is not asking you to pay any interest fees—you guys just have to write an IOU and borrow the money according to standard procedure.”

James, Helen, and the others looked at each other in dismay. Helen then argued desperately, “Sasha, do we seriously need to write an IOU to borrow money from our own family company? Is it even necessary to go through so much trouble?”

Sasha insisted in a grim tone, “Mom, that was what Julian requested. He won’t give the money if you all don’t write the IOU.”

Helen turned to look at Demi and Liam in resignation.

Demi knitted her brows before suddenly asking, “Matthew, are you playing tricks behind this? Julian is your friend—you must’ve told him to do so, am I right? What a despicable person you are! You deliberately laid a trap for us behind our backs, didn’t you?”

Upon hearing her words, James and Helen glared at Matthew angrily.

Sasha immediately refuted, “Don’t blame everything on Matthew! The Board of Directors wouldn’t have approved the investment this time had he not helped me to convince the shareholders. As for Julian’s request, the Board of Directors have agreed to that as well, so Matthew has nothing to do with it!”

Demi sneered. “You don’t have to speak up for him, Sasha! We aren’t fools. Would he really have nothing to do with this just because you said so? This son of a b*tch is a bad guy. How could he possibly be so kind-hearted as to help us? He must have pulled some tricks behind all of this!”

Helen also shouted abuse at Matthew, whereas James glared at him threateningly. It seemed like they were ready to start a fight again.

Matthew spoke softly with a sigh. “Dad, Mom, I know that you two won’t believe me, so I’m not going to explain anything. All I want to say is this: why do you have to care whether this money is borrowed or invested if you are confident in your investment? Even if the money is invested, you’d still have to give the money back to Wellness Herbary by then.”

Demi immediately argued, “How are both situations the same? They’re different in nature! We’d have to write an IOU if the money is borrowed, but we won’t have to do so if the money is invested!”

Matthew said softly, “What’s wrong with writing an IOU since Julian doesn’t need you all to pay the interest? Are you guys concerned about writing an IOU because you’re not confident in this investment? If that’s the case, you’d better not invest the money. After all, 300 million isn’t a small amount!”

Demi’s face flushed crimson at once. She and Liam wanted to invest the money in real estate this time, so how could she put up with what Matthew had said?

She shouted, “That’s sheer nonsense! Dad and Mom are surely confident of the investment this time round!”

Sasha immediately urged, “Since all of you have the confidence in it, there’s no need to care about such minute details. Write an IOU, and the 300 million will be transferred to your bank account today.”

Having no other alternative, Demi turned to look at James with an embarrassed look. “Dad, w-why don’t you write the IOU?”

James furrowed his brows. Such a situation made him feel uncomfortable; he did not expect that he’d have to write an IOU.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 577

Seeing that James was silent, Demi became desperate. “Dad, this project will definitely make a lot of money. They’re looking down on us and asking to draw up an IOU right now, but it’ll be a slap in their faces when we make money later. Nobody would dare to look down on us in the future!”

James took a deep breath before slowly nodding his head in agreement. “Alright, I’ll write an IOU.”

Sasha said softly, “Since that’s the case, let’s write the IOU right now. However, I still have to remind you that 300 million isn’t a small amount, so whoever writes the IOU will be registered as the borrower of this money.

If the capital is found to be misappropriated by then, the head office has the right to recall the money anytime and will take the borrower to court. Let me ask you again, Dad—is this money really being used for our drugstore chain?”

James was dumbstruck.

In reality, this money was intended for Liam to invest in real estate. If he transferred the money to Liam and the Board of Directors sued him for it, he would be finished!

“Well… I…” James lost his tongue; he had no idea what to do.

Sasha then explained softly, “The person who wants the money should write the IOU, Dad. I can withdraw the 300 million, and I don’t care what you all want to do with it.

However, I hope that the person who will be using this money can come forward and bear the responsibility instead of burdening his or her aged parents down with such heavy debt and high risks.”

In fact, her speech was actually directed at Demi.

Helen and James immediately looked toward Demi; the both of them were unwilling to take on such risks.

Demi went red in the face as she accused angrily, “What exactly do you mean by that, Sasha? Y-You simply don’t want to transfer the money to us, do you? Who are you trying to scare by pulling so many tricks? I’m telling you—if worst comes to worst, we won’t need this money!”

Sasha nodded. “It’s completely fine if you don’t want to use the money. If there’s nothing else, we’ll be going to work.”

Then, she acted like she wanted to leave right away.

In a panic, Liam promptly shot Demi a glance. This time’s investment was very important, so he desperately needed the 300 million.

Demi’s face went red; she was also unwilling to miss such an opportunity. After being silent for a while, she gritted her teeth and agreed, “Alright, we’ll write the IOU since we’re going to invest this money. Are you fine with that now?”

Sasha glanced at her. “Yeah, no problem.”

Demi uttered between clenched teeth, “You’d better remember this, Sasha. Cunningham Pharmaceuticals has nothing to do with this time’s investment because we’re borrowing money from you for the investment. Don’t be envious of us when we make more money by then!”

Sasha nodded calmly. “Don’t worry, we just want the 300 million back no matter how much money you make later on; we won’t even ask you for one cent more.”

Demi sneered. “I hope that you can keep your words in mind! Let’s go to write the IOU right now. I want the 300 million to be in place today!”

With that, they rushed to Wellness Herbary and wrote the IOU as arranged by the corporate lawyers.

Julian also kept his promise and had the 300 million transferred into Demi’s bank account on the spot.

Having gotten the money, Demi left Wellness Herbary with a livid face without even saying thank you.

Seething with anger, she and Liam rushed to a detached villa in North Suburb right away.

Being quite familiar with this place, Liam knocked on the door and went inside. They waited for a while before Young Master Lach came downstairs with sleepy eyes.

Upon seeing Young Master Lach, Liam immediately sat up straight and said, “We have already gotten the 300 million, Young Master Lach. When will the project begin?”

Young Master Lach ignored them. Instead, he sat on the sofa and rubbed his eyes for a long time.

Liam and Demi sat there with ingratiating smiles as their admiration for Young Master Lach grew.

As expected, Young Master Lach is a bigwig—he doesn’t even care about the 300 million. We really found the right partner this time!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 578

Young Master Lach drank a cup of tea and ate his breakfast before returning to the side of the sofa. Meanwhile, Liam and Demi were still sitting reverently with embarrassed smiles.

Young Master Lach said slowly, “300 million isn’t quite enough. Didn’t I say that the funding gap here is 500 million?”

Liam and Demi looked embarrassed. “Young Master Lach, t-this is all we have for now. Can’t we put in the money first and find a way to cover the remainder of the funding gap later on?”

Young Master Lach shot them a glance and said, “Never mind—what solution can you two possibly think of? Worst comes to worst, I’ll just go back and plead with my Dad a little; the 300 to 500 million will soon be available at any time. Actually, your investment is of little significance to me.”

Liam quickly responded, “I understand that, of course. Young Master Lach, please take it as you’re guiding us. Feel free to tell us if there’s anything you’d like us to do in the future. We won’t hesitate to do whatever you want under any circumstances!”

It was only then did Young Master Lach’s expression ease slightly. With a wave of his hand, he said, “Alright, I’ll just consider this as becoming friends with you two. Just look for Miss Hill—my secretary—and tell her to arrange for the money to be transferred. The project will officially start three days later. Do come over to cut the opening ceremony ribbon with me!”

Overjoyed, Liam and Demi thanked Young Master Lach repeatedly in excitement.

They then followed a woman to have the 300 million transferred. While they were transferring the money, Liam glanced at the laptop screen out of curiosity. “Miss Hill, s-shouldn’t the money be transferred into Young Master Lach’s bank account?”

Miss Hill was quite pretty, but it was obvious from her cold expression that she looked down on both Liam and Demi.

She responded icily, “This money goes directly to the engineering department since some of the previous advances on the account need to be paid right now. As you have seen, the development project of our villa area is already coming to an end; the villas can be officially put up for sale once the remaining balance is settled. You two have chosen the right time to invest the money; it was most difficult to draw investments back when the project was proposed to develop the area. Rather than investing at that time, you two chose to invest when it’s time to gain profits from the project. Hmph, you two should count yourselves lucky that Young Master Lach is suggestible. Who else would accept an investment at such a time?”

Liam and Demi smiled with embarrassment, but their hearts were bursting with joy.

Soon after that, the 300 million was transferred; the two of them then left in exultation after getting the investment contract.

Meanwhile, James and Helen were waiting anxiously when they reached home.

Both of them looked excited when Demi told them what had happened just now with lots of embellishments added to the story.

Helen said excitedly, “We’d be able to make at least three times the money we’ve invested this time, right? Soon, we’ll earn 900 million! Hahaha! We can definitely expand and strengthen the construction company by putting the 900 million toward our start-up capital plus Young Master Lach’s connections. You have done a great job this time, Liam. Your Dad and I will buy you a nice car when we get our money back later!”

Liam looked smug as he responded with a smile, “Mom, please be rest assured about the way I do things. Most importantly, we must make Matthew go through all the proper procedures within the construction company. When the construction company makes money later on, wouldn’t we have to pay him his dividends since he still holds some shares here?”

Stanley had transferred the construction company to James’s name previously, but he gave Matthew some shares to keep James in check.

Helen nodded repeatedly. “You’re right. James, remember to tell Sasha that the company’s shares must be transferred to our names later.”

James nodded in agreement.

Matthew had just come home from work that afternoon when James and Helen approached him.

It was obvious that their purpose of meeting Matthew was to get him to transfer the construction company to James’s name.

Moreover, they had deliberately approached him when Sasha was absent; James and Helen could force Matthew into doing so while he was alone to prevent Sasha from stopping them.

Having no other alternative, Matthew could only agree to this.

That afternoon, James and Helen marched him off specifically to get his shares in the company transferred. Once the procedures were completed, Matthew would no longer have anything to do with the construction company.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 579

Three days then passed in a flash.

On this day, Demi and Liam woke up early in the morning and dressed themselves to the nines by putting on their best clothes.

Meanwhile, James and Helen also dressed up formally.

This day was the day of the ribbon-cutting ceremony, so they tidied themselves up to get ready to attend the ceremony.

Having had their breakfast, the four of them waited at home, but they didn’t receive any phone calls from Young Master Lach after waiting for a long time.

Feeling anxious, Helen suggested, “Why hasn’t he notified us yet? It’ll be too late if he still doesn’t tell us to attend the ceremony. Liam, why don’t you give him a call and ask him about it?”

Also brimming with anxiety, Liam dialed Young Master Lach’s phone number, but nobody answered the phone.

Liam’s heart fell at once.

“What’s wrong?” asked Helen anxiously.

Liam answered with embarrassment, “N-Nobody answered the call.”

Helen became edgy. “Why didn’t anyone answer the call? Liam, d-did you make a mistake? Is the person really the Young Master of the Lach Family?”

Liam hastily responded, “I couldn’t have made a mistake, Mom. He really is the Young Master of the Lach Family; I saw his picture before. Moreover, this man is the Lach Family’s heir, and his photos were published in newspapers, so there could be no mistake about it!”

Helen was a bit relieved upon hearing his words. “T-Then why didn’t he answer your phone call?”

Lian scratched his head. “He’s probably occupied with something else. Today is the day of the ribbon-cutting ceremony, so a lot of people must be busy. H-How about I call his secretary?”

Helen urged immediately, “Hurry up and make the call, then.”

Lian quickly dialed Miss Hill’s phone number. After a few rings, the call was finally put through.

Miss Hill’s icy voice could be heard over the phone. “What’s the matter?”

Liam smiled with embarrassment. “Miss Hill, isn’t the ribbon-cutting ceremony held today? W-When should we arrive at the ceremony?”

Miss Hill answered, “You all don’t have to come anymore; the ribbon-cutting ceremony was canceled.”

Liam was dumbstruck. “What? W-What happened? Why was the ceremony canceled on the day it was scheduled to be held?”

Miss Hill explained, “The development project is halted indefinitely by the government because of some special circumstances.”

Liam was stunned at once. “Why would this happen, Miss Hill? Wasn’t it said that all the necessary procedures were completed? Why was the project halted so suddenly?”

Miss Hill’s voice turned cold. “How would I know that? Even Young Master Lach has been taken away for investigation. How am I supposed to know the answer to your question?”

Liam’s eyes widened. “Even Young Master Lach is under investigation? How could that be possible? He is the Young Master and the heir of the Lach Family!”

Miss Hill said, “You should ask them directly instead of asking me. I’m hanging up if there’s nothing else.”

Liam hastily said, “Just a moment, please. Miss Hill, l-let me ask you something. Now that the development project has stopped, w-what about the 300 million that I invested in the project? Can the money be transferred back?”

Miss Hill snapped, “Are you out of your mind? How could the money possibly be transferred back to you? You even signed the contract, so your 300 million was transferred to the engineering department to pay off all the remaining balance. Since you invested in the project, you have to share the risks as one of the project’s copartners. Now that the project has stopped, all the copartners will lose money, so what gives you the right to have your money back?”

Liam was stupefied. “B-But I just transferred the money to you guys three days ago! W-Why can’t the money be given back to me?”

Miss Hill retorted, “So what if you transferred the money just three days ago? If the project wasn’t called to a halt, you might have started to make money today. What, now? Are you willing to make money but unwilling to lose money? How could there possibly be such a one-sided deal? Tell me if there’s one so that I can invest in it! People like you always want to take advantage of other people. How could there be so many things for you to take advantage of? What an idiot you are!”

Having finished her speech, she hung up right away before Liam could say anything.

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Liam had put the phone call on speaker, so everyone in the room heard the conversation just now.

Upon hearing Miss Hill’s words, the four people in the room fell dead silent.

They had been waiting here to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony with their hearts full of joy. Who would have expected such a serious thing to happen? Their 300-million worth of investment had gone down the drain within just three days!

Helen was so panic-stricken that her face was streaming with sweat. “W-Why would this happen? Didn’t you say that this investment was sure to make money? Why was the project suddenly halted? Liam, y-you must explain to me what exactly is going on here!”

This was 300 million that they were talking about! She already had a lingering fear after they were swindled out of money last time. Now that such a thing happened to them again, she was really driven to the verge of madness.

Lian was sweating profusely as well. “Mom, I-I also have no idea what is going on. This investment is backed by the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff, so… how could it have failed? There must be something wrong with this. Just stay calm while I call somebody to ask about it. The Lach Family is tremendously powerful as it’s one of the Ten Greatest Families, so how could such a thing possibly happen to it?”

Helen urged desperately, “Hurry up and make the call, then!”

Liam took out his cell phone and asked around anxiously. Finally, he got the news from a friend of his.

As it turned out, the Lach Family had been caught in an internal struggle ever since Old Mr. Lach passed away half a month ago.

Being ganged up against by his siblings, Young Master Lach’s father was in danger of losing his position as the current head of the Lach Family. Such circumstances had caused Young Master Lach to be short of capital.

Wanting to help his father strengthen his position and take control of the Lach Family, Young Master Lach raised funds everywhere. However, just two days ago, his father died unexpectedly in a car accident on his way home from a business trip.

With that, his father lost the internal struggle completely, causing Young Master Lach to be regarded by his uncles as an enemy due to his status as the Lach Family’s heir.

This development project of his was problematic in the first place. Seizing the opportunity, Young Master Lach’s uncles launched an attack on him, causing the development project to be halted. As a result, Young Master Lach was arrested.

In other words, the Lach Family certainly wouldn’t care about Young Master Lach at this point, and this development project of his was definitely finished. This development project was what the Lach Family was using against him, so how could the Lach Family possibly resume it?

Having heard the news, Liam slumped to the floor right away.

He knew that the 300 million he had invested was considered to be lost. Young Master Lach misappropriated the money and would surely be sentenced to prison for it. Having made a clean break with him, the Lach Family definitely wouldn’t take on his debts.

In other words, he didn’t even know who he could ask to get the transferred money back!

James and the other two were stupefied as well. Sitting beside Liam on the sofa in a daze, they didn’t come to their senses for a long time.

“W-What should we do now?” asked Demi in a trembling voice.

Liam hung his head without saying a word.

Flopping onto the floor with a plop, Helen wailed, “Oh, no. We’re doomed this time! So we lost the 300 million just like that? Why am I subjected to such misfortune? Why would I have a worthless son-in-law like you? Just look at what you have done! G-Give the 300 million back to me…”

Feeling embarrassed, Liam replied, “Mom, t-this can’t be blamed solely on me. I didn’t know that such a thing would happen. Young Master Lach did this. Besides, who would have known that such a thing would happen to the Lach Family? I-I’m also a victim!”

James scolded, “Stop talking rubbish! It was you who assured us back then that this investment would absolutely make a lot of money, so you must bear the responsibility for it right now!”

Liam panicked upon hearing his words. “Dad, t-this is 300 million we’re talking about! How am I going to bear the debt? It wasn’t my sole decision to invest the money. We decided together to make the investment, so how could you let me bear the debt alone?”

James rebutted, “What do you mean by saying so? Do you want me and your Mom to share the debt with you?”

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