The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 581-590

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 581

Unwilling to bear the debt, Liam lowered his head and argued, “E-Even so, I shouldn’t take on the debt alone. How could I afford to pay back such a huge sum of money?”

Helen suddenly jumped to her feet before pouncing on Liam and clawing him. “It was you who proposed investing in this development project and promised us that the investment was sure to make money! It was also you who transferred the money! Who else do you want to shift the debt to if you don’t want to take on the debt yourself? Give the 300 million back to me! Give the 300 million back to me…”

Stretching out her hands, Helen scratched Liam’s face hysterically.

Lian hurriedly covered his face and dodged Helen.

Demi stopped her mother. “Mom, d-don’t get so worked up. What’s the use of you doing so? Can’t we discuss the matter amicably?”

Helen snarled, “How should we discuss? What else should we discuss now that the 300 million is gone just like that? This matter will never be over if you don’t get the money back!”

Demi was irked. “Mom, what do you mean by saying that? Why should we be the ones who demand the money back? Are you putting all the blame on Liam for this? Don’t forget that we had made it clear back when we invested the money. If the investment makes money, you two will get 70 percent of the profit, whereas we’ll get only 30 percent. Now that we’ve lost the money we had invested, why should we take all the responsibility? Even if we really have to state who should bear how much responsibility, y-you two should bear 70 percent of the debt!”

Helen was stunned at once. Staring at Demi in disbelief, she asked, “W-What did you say?”

Unwilling to show the white feather, Demi shouted, “Was I wrong to say so? All investments are risky, so nobody can guarantee that an investment is sure to make money! Since you two wanted to get a bigger share of the profit, y-you two should take on a bigger share of the risks! Now that the investment has gone wrong, y-you two should assume a bigger responsibility!”

James trembled with rage. Pointing at Demi, he thundered, “W-What an unfilial daughter you are! How could you say such a thing? How could you want me and your Mom to take on the responsibility? Do you want both of us to go to prison?”

Demi went red in the face. “H-How could it be such a big deal? All we did was lose a little money. If worse comes to worst, w-we’ll just make the money back. Why would we go to prison for this?”

Helen screamed, “We just lost a little money? We lost a total of 300 million! C-Can you make so much money in your entire life?”

Demi wanted to refute her, but Liam quietly stopped her from doing so. He said, “Dad, Mom, I know that you two are angry, but please don’t get worked up first. None of us had expected our investment this time to end up like this; I didn’t want this to happen too. We weren’t defrauded by anyone this time; Young Master Lach really is the Lach Family’s heir, and the development project of the villa area is true. Nobody could have predicted that such a thing would happen to the Lach Family. Let me put it this way: we would have made a lot of money from this time’s investment if Young Master Lach’s father didn’t die and instead won the power struggle within the family. Investments are certainly risky; there can’t possibly be a perfectly safe investment. We can’t blame our investment this time on anyone; instead, we can only blame it on our bad luck. In my opinion, we’d better think of a way to solve this problem instead of accusing each other here.”

James and Helen exchanged glances. Both of them were furious, but they had to admit that Liam was right.

Helen asked angrily, “Then how do you think we should solve this problem? Do you have a way to recover the 300 million?”

Liam answered in a grim tone, “Now that things have come to this point, it’s certainly impossible to recover the 300 million. The only question right now is who should bear the responsibility for this matter.”

Helen glowered at him, saying, “Who else do you think should bear the responsibility? You should bear it, of course! This matter is the result of your doing, so who else do you want to shift the responsibility to?

Liam answered softly, “Perhaps Matthew is more suitable for bearing the responsibility than I am.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 582

Helen was involuntarily startled. “W-What does Matthew have to do with this? It was you who borrowed the money and invested it; it was your name that was signed on the contract. Not only does Matthew have no idea about this matter from start to finish, but he never took part in it! So why should he bear the responsibility for this matter? This doesn’t sound logical at all!”

Staring into Helen’s eyes, Liam explained softly, “Mom, don’t forget that Matthew’s shares in the construction company haven’t been transferred to Dad yet, so he is still one of the company’s shareholders right now. This time’s investment was a business collaboration between the construction company and a third party. Therefore, if someone really has to take responsibility for this matter, the company’s owner should be the one to do so.”

Helen’s eyes widened. “I-Is this true? The construction company is under your Dad’s name, s-so won’t your Dad be in greater danger? I’m warning you, Liam—you must bear the responsibility for this. If you dare to make your Dad go to prison, I-I’ll kill you!”

Demi objected hastily, “Why should he bear the responsibility for this matter alone? Matthew is also a shareholder of this company, so he must take responsibility for this matter too!”

Helen shot back angrily, “What about your Dad?”

Demi bowed her head and muttered to herself with a defiant expression.

Liam said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, Mom. I’m trying to explain to you the solution right now. As I said just now, I can’t take sole responsibility for this time’s investment even if I want to. The company’s owner certainly has to take responsibility too. Even if I really want to shoulder the responsibility for everything, I don’t have the capacity to do so. Dad won’t get away from this matter if the authorities look into it.”

Helen and James were shocked at his words. “Then what should we do?”

Liam clenched his teeth and answered with a ferocious expression, “The only solution right now is to find a shareholder and transfer all of Dad’s shares to him. That way, Dad will no longer be the company’s owner, so he won’t have to be responsible for these things and can avoid going to prison!”

Uplifted by his words, James immediately asked, “Do you mean transferring all my shares to Matthew to let him take responsibility for this matter? Liam, do you think he’ll agree to this? He isn’t a fool, so how could he possibly take responsibility for this when it’s obvious that he’ll go to prison for it? Not only will he disagree, even Sasha will also object to this.”

Liam suggested softly, “He will certainly turn us down if he learns about this, but it’ll be easy if he is unaware of this matter. He was unwilling to give the company to Dad earlier, which means he must have wanted to have the company to himself. Therefore, he’ll certainly be happy if we agree to give the shares back to him right now; even Sasha will be very happy about this. Let us keep this matter secret from him first. We’ll no longer have anything to do with this matter once all Dad’s shares in the company are transferred to him. By then, he’ll have to take responsibility even if he doesn’t want to, for he is a shareholder of the company!”

James and Helen looked at each other in hesitation.

Demi immediately urged, “Dad, Mom, what else are you thinking about? This is the best solution so that all of us don’t have to go to prison.”

Feeling embarrassed, Helen argued, “That being said, i-isn’t it a little too heartless of us to do so? Matthew has nothing to do with this, so wouldn’t we be going too far by luring him into a trap just like this? Liam, you are behind this matter, so you should bear the responsibility. Why don’t we let your Dad transfer his shares to your name? By then, we’ll hire the best attorney to help you by pushing for the lightest sentence for you. After you’re released from prison in a few years, we’ll transfer the drugstore chain to your name. How about that?”

Demi was displeased at once. “Mom, why should Liam be sentenced to prison? Why are you so kind to Matthew? He’s but a live-in son-in-law. Now that something has happened to our family, we’re giving him the opportunity to help out by asking him to bear the responsibility. What’s so heartless about that?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 583

James and Helen were still frowning.

They were very dissatisfied with Matthew, but as Helen had said, it would be too heartless of them to do such a thing. Therefore, they found Liam’s suggestion a little hard to accept.

Liam’s face darkened when he saw the expressions on their faces.

Gritting his teeth, he said in a low voice, “Mom, it isn’t that I don’t want to take responsibility for this matter, but I can’t do so! If I want to bear the responsibility, the company’s shares will have to be transferred to my name. Firstly, Matthew will certainly refuse to transfer his shares to me, so more trouble will follow by that time.

Secondly, I’m not a shareholder of this company. If all the company’s shares are suddenly transferred to me, even a fool will be able to tell that I’m being used as a scapegoat. Who knows what else will happen if the matter is investigated further?”

Helen panicked. “So… according to what you said, we can only let Matthew take responsibility for this matter, right?”

Liam nodded. “Mom, I know that it’s wrong to do this, but Dad can’t stand the suffering with his age. I also want to take responsibility in his place, but I really don’t have the capability to do so.”

Helen looked at James, who was silent for a long time with an ashen face. In the end, he gritted his teeth and nodded.

Helen sighed. “Alright, then. How exactly should we do that?”

A flicker of delight flashed across Liam’s eyes as he quickly explained his plan.

Before Matthew and Sasha finished work that evening, they received a phone call from Helen, telling them to come home for dinner that night.

They returned home to see that Helen had prepared a tableful of dishes; Demi and Liam were also waiting for them.

These people looked cheerful, which was rare. Demi even trotted over to help Sasha take her handbag, saying, “Sasha, Matthew, you two must be tired after working for a whole day. Hurry up and come over to have a seat; let’s have a taste of Mom’s cooking skills.”

Sasha was puzzled. Demi used to always glare at them with a hostile expression when they came home, so what was going on this day? Why would she suddenly warm up to them?

She couldn’t help but ask, “Demi, is there anything that you want to tell us?”

Demi replied, “Nope.”

Looking at the tableful of dishes in surprise, Sasha asked, “T-Then what’s going on?”

Helen rarely cooked ever since Sasha and Matthew got married, nor had she ever prepared such a tableful of dishes. Therefore, what she and Demi did on this day was really too abnormal.

Demi immediately answered with a laugh, “Oh, Dad and Mom just wanted to reward you two with some nice food because they think you two have been working very hard.”

Sasha frowned. She wasn’t dumb, so she could sense that there was something fishy behind this.

Just then, Helen came over and said with a wave of her hand, “Alright, let’s stop talking and have a seat quickly. Matthew, come and sit over here.”

Matthew looked dumbfounded as Helen invited him to sit next to James.

Liam had been the only person who could sit next to James in the past, so what was going on on this day?

Feeling a little uncomfortable, he replied, “Mom, I’m fine with sitting here.”

“It’s alright; just come over and have a seat.” Helen was all smiles as she almost dragged Matthew over.

Matthew sat beside James in resignation. As they seated themselves, Helen, Demi, and the others laughed and chatted with him and Sasha, as if they really were happy.

On the contrary, Sasha and Matthew were on edge since this scene felt too strange.

Feeling that it was just about time to start the conversation, Helen finally came to the point, saying, “Sasha, we made a few trips these days and found that there are quite a lot of things to do to open a drugstore. Your Dad and I have been busy like hell these days. It really is difficult to do business!”

Sasha glanced at Helen in surprise. Have Dad and Mom finally become sensible?

She responded, “Mom, nothing is easy, but you can relax a little when your business is on the right track later.”

Helen nodded. “You’re right, but then again, it’s not suitable for your Dad and me to go through so many hassles with our age. So I’m wondering if we should stop troubling ourselves with the construction company’s affairs.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 584

Sasha was surprised. “Mom, wasn’t Liam the one who has been concerned with the construction company the whole time?”

Helen explained, “You didn’t understand what I meant. Your Dad is the construction company’s largest shareholder, and thus, its owner. As you know, your Dad always keeps himself busy, so it’s too tiring for him to keep an eye on the construction company’s affairs every day. That’s why I wonder if we can simply leave the whole construction company to Matthew. After all, he is young, so it won’t be a problem for him to take up more burden. Isn’t it so?”

Sasha looked confused as she couldn’t figure out what was happening right now.

Helen and James had wanted to have the whole construction company to themselves before, and they even kicked up a fuss about this. Moreover, just three days ago, they forced Matthew to hand over his shares in the construction company, and the procedure for transferring these shares was nearly completed.

Why would Helen suddenly suggest that they leave the whole construction company in Matthew’s hands at this time?

Demi chimed in with a broad smile, “Mom, it goes without saying that Matthew must have no problem with this! He should take over the construction company since it was originally a gift from Stanley to him. You and Dad are so old, so you two should actually relax instead of burdening yourselves with so many responsibilities. Matthew, why don’t you quit your job at the hospital and concentrate on managing the construction company? You’ll certainly make more money from real estate than from working at the hospital.”

Sasha frowned. She asked directly, “Mom, did something happen? W-What exactly do you all want to do?”

Helen and the other avoided her gaze upon hearing her questions.

Helen snapped impatiently, “What else could have happened? It’s just that I don’t want your Dad to work so hard since he’s getting old. Why would you suspect us? We’re your parents, so we won’t harm you.”

The furrows in Sasha’s brow deepened; she could tell by instinct that there must be something fishy behind this. Suddenly, she asked, “Could you all be deliberately trying to make Matthew a scapegoat after getting into some trouble?”

Helen and the others turned pale at her words.

Seeing their expressions, Sasha blew up at once and yelled, “As expected, this was what happened! W-What have you all done this time?”

Helen, James, Liam, and Demi looked embarrassed. Demi muttered in a low voice, “What could we have done? Stop being skeptical of other people’s sincerity, Sasha. Dad and Mom just want Matthew to strive for the better by giving him some opportunities—”

Sasha interrupted her right away, “You’re not going to tell me the truth, are you? Alright, then. Just wait while I send someone to the construction company right now to find it out!”

As she spoke, she took out her cell phone to make a phone call.

The few others were shocked; the matter would definitely come to light if Sasha really sent someone to look into it!

Helen hastily said, “Don’t make the call, Sasha.”

Holding her cell phone, Sasha barked, “Then tell me what exactly has happened!”

Helen looked embarrassed as she didn’t know how she should say it.

Just then, Liam spoke softly, “It’s nothing, actually. The construction company invested in a new development project recently, but the project is a little troublesome. Dad has negotiated about it several times, but he really can’t fix the trouble. Since Matthew has a wide range of contacts, we thought it’d be better to transfer the shares to him and let him deal with this matter. Firstly, we can get the development project done; secondly, Matthew can train himself; thirdly, our investment won’t go down the drain this way!”

Helen and Demi nodded repeatedly. “That’s right, that’s right! That’s exactly what happened!”

Sasha still frowned. “Really? Is the matter really that simple?”

Demi immediately asked, “Sasha, are you even suspicious of your family members? Do you think that I will harm you as your younger sister?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 585

Sasha’s expression was cold. “You know very well in your heart whether or not you’re trying to harm me!”

Demi looked embarrassed at once, for she had nearly gotten Sasha killed during the previous incident with Young Master Hughes. Just then, James—who had been silent the whole time—finally spoke, “I just want to ask you a question, Matthew. Are you willing to solve the problem about the construction company for me? If you’re unwilling to do so, I’ll find a way to solve it myself, but I’ll no longer acknowledge you as my son-in-law!”

Sasha immediately objected, “Dad, how could you ask Matthew to solve a problem without explaining what it is? Matthew doesn’t even know what exactly has happened, nor does he know how serious the problem is, so how could he know if he can solve it?”

James barked, “Shut up! Did I ask you the question? I’m asking Matthew right now! Matthew, answer it yourself!”

Demi curled her lips, saying, “What else is there to hesitate about? My husband would have agreed to it without the slightest hesitation. Since you’ve married into our family, you should treat my parents like they’re your parents, yet you look so hesitant when Dad and Mom asked you for a little help. Oh, dear! This guy really has not the slightest bit of conscience right now!”

Sasha was burning with indignation. What kind of talk is that? How could it be reasonable to demand that someone solve your problem right now when he doesn’t even know what exactly you have done? She still wanted to make her utmost efforts to argue with them, but Matthew answered right away, “Since you’ve said so, Dad and Mom, leave the problem to me.”

Upon hearing his words, the four of them instantly felt like a huge weight had been lifted off their shoulders. They would have been in deep trouble if Matthew had turned them down!

“Alright! As expected, I didn’t misjudge you; you’re worthy of being my son-in-law! Matthew, I’ll support you no matter how you deal with the problem this time!” said James while patting Matthew on the shoulder like a kind elder.

Sasha could only glance at Matthew silently with a helpless expression. She knew that Matthew would never turn down her parents’ requests, which was exactly why James and Helen made demands on him over and over again. After thinking for a while, she suddenly asked, “Dad, if you transfer the company to Matthew’s name, the construction company will be entirely his, right?”

James nodded. “That’s of course. After I transfer all my shares to him, the construction company will be entirely his, and we’ll never interfere in the company’s affairs again!”

Sasha nodded. “Alright. If that’s the case, I’d like to make a request too.”

James said, “Just say it!”

Sasha then glanced at Liam before saying in a grim tone, “He must be transferred away from the company first! He and Matthew aren’t on good terms, so I worry that Matthew’s work will be affected if he stays there!”

Liam almost laughed. How he wished he could leave the construction company right now to stay away from the bad debt! He promised smilingly, “No problem! Matthew, I’ll resign tomorrow and leave all the construction company’s matters in your hands! Work hard; I’m sure that you’ll do a better job than I did!”

Sasha nodded. “Secondly, you all will no longer have anything to do with the construction company from now on. However much money the construction company makes in the future will have nothing to do with you all. What do you think?”

James and the others wished it were so, so they nodded repeatedly and agreed to Sasha’s demands for fear that she might go back on her word. After they agreed on everything, Sasha nodded. “It’s useless to make promises by word of mouth. I think that we should write a letter of guarantee about this lest you all go back on your word in the future.”

Helen was annoyed. “Sasha, are you suspicious of us? I—”

Before she could finish her sentence, Liam suddenly cut in with a laugh, “No problem. Mom, Sasha is doing so for the sake of Matthew’s interests. Let’s write a letter of guarantee so that Matthew won’t have misgivings while doing things in the future.” As he spoke, he gave Helen a meaningful glance.

Helen instantly figured out Liam’s intention. With the letter of guarantee, Matthew wouldn’t be able to go back on his word the next day even if he wanted to do so!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 586

With that thought in mind, Helen immediately nodded. “Sure! Since you’ve made these requests, let’s write a letter of guarantee. Let me write it so that each of you will only have to sign your name on it.”

Then, she returned to her bedroom and spent some time writing a letter of guarantee before leaving the room with it.

She stated clearly in the letter that they would no longer have anything to do with the construction company. Therefore, they wouldn’t say another word no matter if the company made or lost money.

Of course, Helen added another clause to the letter, whereby Matthew must take over all of the construction company’s shares. This way, once he signed the letter, he would have to take over the construction company’s shares even if he didn’t want to.

After reading the letter, Matthew signed his name on it.

James, Helen, Demi, and Liam also signed their names on it.

Demi and Liam looked delighted upon seeing that the letter was signed. The problem was considered solved, and they had finally succeeded in fooling Matthew.

Of course, they weren’t explicit about this, though they couldn’t help laughing to themselves.

Having returned to her room after dinner, Sasha immediately suggested, “Matthew, I can’t help feeling that there’s something wrong with the construction company’s development project. Would you like me to have someone investigate it?”

Matthew waved his hand. “There’s no need for that.”

Sasha glanced at him in surprise. “Why? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll be made a scapegoat for some sort of mess that the construction company has gotten into? It’s not that you don’t know what kind of people Dad, Mom, Demi, and Liam are. If there really was a good thing, they wouldn’t have given it up to you. How could they possibly give you all the company’s shares unless they’ve gotten into big trouble and had to find someone to take the blame?”

Matthew chuckled. “It’s okay. I’m clear about what’s going on with the construction company. As it happens, I’m planning to expand the construction company and treat it as part of my career later.”

Sasha was still a little worried. “Matthew, a-are you really confident of that? Why don’t we find out what’s the situation first?”

Matthew waved his hand. “There’s no need for that. I know what I’m doing.”

James and Helen knocked on Matthew and Sasha’s door early in the next morning.

“Matthew, let’s go to the office right and get the procedures done,” urged Helen hurriedly. She was worried that there would be trouble if Matthew changed his mind after finding out what had happened to the construction company.

Matthew tidied himself up before going downstairs with the two of them.

Liam and Demi had been waiting downstairs; they even considerately bought Matthew breakfast.

“Eat this while you’re on the way, Matthew. Let’s have a feast when the matter is done!” said Demi with a smile while winking at Liam.

Liam laughed to himself. We should have a feast indeed, for one would have a good last meal before being guillotined in ancient times. Matthew will be going to prison after having this meal. Hmph! By that time, the Cunningham Family’s assets will be mine!

Matthew looked calm, as if he was totally unaware of these people’s sinister motives.

After they reached the place, Liam even asked an acquaintance to expedite the transfer of these shares.

The procedure went without a hitch this time. It took less than a day before everything was done, and all the company’s shares were transferred to Matthew’s name.

After everything was finally settled, even James and Helen broke into smiles. Now that everything was done, they would no longer have to worry about this time’s failed investment.

The few of them went home and entered the door to see Sasha sitting in the room with a livid face.

Sasha asked anxiously, “Matthew, why didn’t you answer the phone when I called you?”

Matthew answered, “My cell phone ran out of battery. What’s wrong?”

Glancing at the other four people, Sasha clenched her teeth and responded, “Have the shares been transferred to your name? If the procedure isn’t completed yet, pause it and stop transferring the shares right away!”

Surprised, Matthew asked, “What happened?”

Sasha explained anxiously, “Do you know that they invested the 300 million they had previously borrowed in a suspended development project? Whoever takes over the construction company right now will have to be liable for the debt of 300 million!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 587

Matthew turned his head to glance at James and the other three.

Feeling a little embarrassed, James and Helen avoided meeting his gaze.

On the other hand, Demi said with a sneer, “Wow, you’re quite well-informed. You learned about this so quickly, but it’s too late already. The construction company’s shares have all been transferred to Matthew’s name; as the company’s President, he’ll have to solve whatever problems the company has!”

Sasha asked desperately, “H-How did you all get the procedure done so quickly?”

Matthew explained helplessly, “They dragged me out and started the process early in the morning; they even contacted an acquaintance specifically to handle this thing. We were busy all day just to get it done.”

Sasha was furious. “All of you were impatient just because you guys feared that Matthew would go back on his word. Is that why you all desperately had everything done within a day? Why are you all so sinister?”

Displeased, Helen reproached in a grim tone, “How could you speak like that, Sasha? We’re your parents and relatives no matter what…”

Sasha interrupted her angrily, “Don’t bring this up to me! Parents? Relatives? Are there parents and relatives who treat their family like this? You guys transferred all the shares to Matthew’s name so urgently because you wanted him to take the blame! D-Do you still call yourselves human? How could you all do such a heartless thing?”

James and Helen flushed scarlet. “Sasha, watch who you’re talking to! We are your parents…”

Sasha cut in furiously, “I’ll say it again—Don’t bring this up to me!”

James was enraged. “Do you want to rebel against us? What now? Can’t I even say a word to you as your father?”

Sasha was infuriated. “You can! You can speak to me, of course—you can say whatever you want, and I’ll never stop you from doing so! But I’m telling you all what happened this time has made me see your true colors! I have to make myself clear even though you two are my parents! Y-You all are a bunch of heartless, ungrateful, and inhumane…”

Sasha dissolved into tears as she spoke. She didn’t want to say something so cruel to her parents, but what happened this time had made her incredibly angry.

Flying into a rage, James pointed at Sasha and growled, “What did you say? Who is heartless and ungrateful? Who are you calling inhumane? Say it again!”

Helen’s face was also drenched in tears. “How could you speak to us like that, Sasha? Is that how you’re treating us after we took so much trouble to bring you up? Oh no, what a sin we have committed! How did we teach you to behave like this…”

Demi said coldly, “Sasha, it’s okay if you don’t want to be filial to Dad and Mom, but how could you be so unfilial as to insult your parents? Are you still human?”

Sasha couldn’t help crying bitterly as she came over and grabbed Matthew’s arm. After gritting her teeth, she said, “Don’t worry, Matthew. No matter what, I’ll help you with this problem. I-I’ll sell off all the shares I have under Cunningham Pharmaceuticals tomorrow to help you make up for the 300 million. I’ll never let you go to prison!”

Everyone else panicked upon hearing her words.

James scolded, “Sasha, who is letting you sell off Cunningham Pharmaceuticals’ shares? The shares are the Cunningham Family’s property, s-so you have no right to sell it! I want to take back these shares and all the Cunningham Family’s property right now in my capacity as the head of the family!”

Demi also yelled angrily, “Do you still have a sense of shame, Sasha? Everyone in Eastcliff says that you’re keeping a gigolo, and they’re actually right! Wouldn’t it be disgraceful when people hear that you sold off your family’s property for the sake of a good-for-nothing who relies on you? We aren’t as shameless as you are!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 588

Angrily, Sasha cried, “How dare you say anything about me? You guys are the ones who’ve refused to solve your own problems; are you proud of the fact that you guys lied to someone just so they’d be your scapegoat? Furthermore, Matthew is my husband and we’re married. As a married couple, we share our money as well as our debts. His debts are my debts, so there’s nothing wrong with me paying for his debts, right?”

“What kind of money do you have? Do you think all the funds and properties of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals belong to you? It belongs to the Cunningham Family! You have no right to manage any of those funds!” James shouted back at her.

To this, Sasha said, “Dad, I hope you understand that the Cunningham Pharmaceuticals has nothing to do with the Cunningham Family. Do I have to remind you that Stanley previously transferred the Cunningham Pharmaceuticals’ shares to me, and not the Cunningham Family? Whichever way I handle Cunningham Pharmaceuticals’ funds has nothing to do with the Cunningham Family!”

This left James tongue-tied for a moment before he hissed, “Y-You’re my daughter. You wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for me, so nothing in this house actually belongs to you! I am the head of the family; you have to give me these shares now that I’m asking for it!”

Sasha’s voice was icy cold as she replied, “You can sue me if you really want these shares. We can resolve this issue in court! If the law agrees that you have the right to take these shares from me, I’ll give it all to you immediately!”

With his entire body trembling, James lifted his hand up and smacked Sasha right on her cheek. “How dare you talk back at me?!”

Seeing this, Matthew quickly rushed over and grabbed onto James’s hand before shoving him away. This triggered Helen as she cried, “What are you doing? How dare you get aggressive with your own father-in-law?!”

Demi was even more furious as she cried, “You’ve lost it, huh, Matthew? That man is your father-in-law; how could you do that to him? Beat him up, Liam!”

Liam menacingly stormed over, but he didn’t dare to get too close to Matthew. Instead, he stood beside James as he bellowed, “Matthew, do you have a death wish? If you dare lay another finger on my father-in-law, I’ll kill you!”

Matthew seemed rather unfazed by his threats as he quietly said, “I do respect you, Dad. However, I hope that you can also respect us. Sasha’s a woman now; she’s no longer a child. I hope you can talk things out—whatever the issue may be—without getting violent with her.”

James scowled. “I’m teaching my daughter a lesson here; what has this got to do with you? Who do you think you are, Matthew? You’re nothing but a weak man who depends on his wife; who are you to even tell me what to do?!”

“Like I said, Dad—I do respect you as a person. However, that doesn’t mean that you can get violent with Sasha. I can tolerate everything else, including this whole incident with the construction company, but I will not tolerate you hitting Sasha!” Matthew uttered coldly.

James was extremely furious at this point. He was about to continue his argument when Helen quietly held onto him. “Matthew, are you saying that you aren’t against the whole issue with the construction company?” she asked gently.

Sasha then held onto Matthew’s arm in an attempt to stop him from speaking. Matthew simply patted her hand gently as he said, “Let me handle the issue with the construction company.”

The minute he said this, all four of their faces—Helen, James, Demi and Liam—glowed with joy. Sasha’s face, however, darkened. “H-How could you say that, Matthew? They’re clearly getting you to be their scapegoat for this issue with the construction company. You… How can you agree to that? I know all the shareholders at the company are extremely supportive of you, but this is 300 million we’re talking about; it’s not a small sum. Do you think they wouldn’t look into this issue just because they respect you? Once they actually investigate it, what are you going to do?” Sasha asked anxiously.

Matthew simply gestured for her to calm down as he gently said, “I’ll find a way to deal with it.”

Demi chuckled. “This is what I respect the most about you, Matthew. You’re always calm in the face of adversity! You’re never flustered, and you’re always cool and composed; this is what a man should look like! I trust you, Matthew. I’m sure you can get this issue resolved!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 589

Demi’s words didn’t sound like she was praising Matthew at all; it sounded like she was just being sarcastic. Sasha was infuriated, but what else could she do at this point? The shares had already been transferred, and nothing else could be done even if Matthew didn’t agree to it.

With a chuckle, Helen sighed gladly before she said, “You haven’t let us down, Matthew. Although you can be a little insensitive and awkward sometimes, you are a responsible person! Responsibility is the most important trait in every good man. Alright. We trust you, Matthew; you can definitely do it. James, you should stop arguing with Sasha now. She was just worried about Matthew. We’re a family after all; why do we need to do this?”

James nodded without saying anything more. He had been terrified when he first heard that Sasha wanted to sell the company’s shares off, and he only relaxed once he knew that Matthew was willing to take full responsibility for this.

Their dreams of living the rich life would be ruined if the company shares were gone—this was the least desirable outcome to James. Now that Matthew had agreed to take full responsibility, this might just be the best outcome for James.

Once they returned to the house, Helen and Demi continued to shower Matthew with praises as they both talked about preparing a nice meal for him. Sasha was in no mood to deal with this, so she quickly pulled Matthew upstairs. “What were you thinking, Matthew? T-This… They’re obviously getting you to take the fall. W-Why did you agree to it?” Sasha asked anxiously.

With a smile, Matthew said, “I’ve seen the project that you’re talking about, Sasha. That’s Young Master Lach’s project; it’s the development with the villas, right?

Shocked, Sasha asked, “Y-You knew about it?”

“I have shares in the construction company. I saw several of the listed projects in the company previously, and this was one of them.” He nodded.

She immediately asked, “In that case, you know that this project has been placed on hold, right? They invested 300 million into this project, but Young Master Lach embezzled all of the money. Not only can they never get the money back, the project—which has been put on hold—is probably never going to happen now. All of the money is basically gone, so how are you going to fix such a huge problem?”

“It’s not that complicated. The money isn’t actually gone,” he uttered.

“It’s not?” She was confused. “Didn’t Young Master Lach embezzle the money?”

“No. If I’m not mistaken, the money should’ve gone into paying for the construction fees.” He shook his head as he spoke.

She was shocked to hear this. “How do you know?”

With a faint smile, he said, “Because a portion of that money has been directly returned to the construction company.”

“The construction company? What?”

He chuckled. “The construction company happens to be the one handling the construction for this project. The development belongs to the Jackson Family, and the area with villas was a collaborative project with the Jacksons from the start. Our construction company is responsible for 70% of the whole area’s construction work, so whatever the Lach Family owes in construction fees, they owe it to the construction company itself. Hence, most of the 300 million was transferred back to the construction company.”

“I see.” Sasha finally understood the situation. “But doesn’t Liam know about this?”

Quietly, Matthew replied, “Liam’s someone who’s laid-back and lazy; he isn’t serious when it comes to his work. Although he is the general manager of the construction company, he doesn’t actually understand much about the company itself. Take this project for example—he only glanced through it without fully understanding the details and what is actually happening.”

Sasha nodded as she fully agreed with what he said. Liam was the reason why James and the rest had lost 300 million to a scam previously. He often liked to boast about how capable he was, but he was really nothing more than a pretentious, useless individual. The one thing he was good at was sweet-talking and flattering both Helen and James, which made him the family favorite. It was annoying to watch it happen.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 590

“In that case, there shouldn’t be much of a gap in the amount lost by the construction company. How much do you need, Matthew? You can tell me, and I can transfer some funds to you just to fill the gap up for now,” Sasha said.

Matthew responded with a gentle smile. “It’s fine. Although the 300 million made a whole round and came right back to the construction company, the company still suffered a loss of 300 million in construction labor fees. Now, I have to find a way to earn this 300 million back with the use of this villa area that’s involved in the project.”

Sasha was stunned to hear this. “But the whole project is halted now. How are you going to earn anything from it? Young Master Lach’s in jail, and the Lach Family refuses to admit their faults. There’s nowhere else you can get this money.”

“It’s possible for the project to be continued if all procedures related to the villa area can be completed accordingly. Since Young Master Lach is in jail, we have the right to directly handle the villa’s development since we are the investors. Once we manage to sell these villas off, we’ll get the money back in our pockets, right?” Matthew suggested.

The woman’s eyes widened upon hearing this. “C-Can we do that? However, I heard that procedures for this housing area are pretty complicated. Young Master Lach struggled to deal with these procedures back when his old man was still around. Now that the entire city has their eyes on this area, it’s going to be even harder to get the procedures done, right?”

“That depends on how hard we try! I think we should give it a try regardless.” He grinned.

She gradually nodded as she uttered, “Okay. You go ahead then; just know that I will support you no matter what!” She felt a lot more relaxed after all the matters were cleared up. At the same time, she felt extremely glad—if Matthew really managed to handle the issues with the villa area, he’d definitely make a huge sum of money. Furthermore, they had already signed an agreement saying that James and Helen weren’t allowed to meddle with the construction company’s businesses anymore. In other words, the huge sum of money would belong to Matthew himself and have nothing to do with Helen and James.

Meanwhile, the other four of them were gathered in the room downstairs.

“What is up with Sasha? Why does she care so much about a useless man who barely works and has to depend on her? She even considered selling her company shares just to help him—is she crazy?” Helen complained.

“Well, what’s the point of saying this now? I told you from the start; having this man under our roof is equivalent to having a hidden disorder. Regardless, he has already agreed to take responsibility for this whole issue, so I think we should seize this opportunity to throw him into jail. That way, we can find a better husband for Sasha too,” James said as he emphasized his point with hand gestures.

“Do you guys think that Sasha might secretly sell off some of her company shares just to fill in the missing money for Matthew?” Demi asked worriedly.

Both James and Helen’s faces changed the minute they heard this; this was what they were the most worried about. With his eyebrows furrowed, James said in a deep voice, “Don’t jinx it! However, based on the Sasha I know—it really is possible! No, we cannot let her sell the shares off, and we cannot let her give Matthew her money to cover things up. How about this? We can keep an eye on Sasha from tomorrow onward. Once she shows any intention of selling the company’s shares, we’ll stop her from doing so! Also, we’ll have to monitor the funds in the company to make sure that she doesn’t transfer any money to Matthew, alright?”

Demi nodded furiously. “I will do my best to keep an eye on them, Dad!” However, Liam piped up at that moment and said, “Dad, there’s no use for us to monitor them like that. If Sasha really wants to transfer her money or sell her shares, we wouldn’t be able to stop her. In my opinion, we should approach this from a different angle. We have to make it such that she would have no chance to even do any of these things.”

James froze for a second before he asked, “What sort of method are you thinking of?”

With a faint grin, Liam replied, “We can tell the company’s shareholders about the lost 300 million; they’ll definitely disturb and trouble Matthew. In that case, Sasha wouldn’t even be able to sell her shares to help Matthew even if she wanted to!”

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