The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 591-600

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 591

James’s eyes lit up in excitement as he said, “That’s a pretty good idea. It’s 300 million we’re talking about here; those shareholders will definitely make a huge fuss once they find out about it.

They’d probably send Matthew straight to jail when they find out, and we only have to keep an eye on Sasha to make sure that she doesn’t get herself involved in this. By the time Matthew’s in prison, it’d be too late for her to even try and sell her shares.”

“That’s precisely what I mean,” Liam uttered with a nod. “What do you think, Dad?”

As she clapped her hands enthusiastically, Demi grinned and exclaimed, “Dad, I think my husband’s idea is too amazing. We’d be able to finish off that Larson boy once and for all while also protecting our family’s funds—we’d be killing two birds with one stone!”

James nodded in satisfaction before he turned to ask Helen, “I think it’s a great plan. What about you, Helen?”

The woman who had been questioned hesitated for a moment before she said, “This… Isn’t this a little too immoral? Matthew has already agreed to take responsibility for all of this, yet we’re still doing this to him. This…”

Demi cut her off. “You’re getting confused, Mom. Matthew isn’t the decent man you think he is. He deluded Sasha in an attempt to steal all of our family’s inheritance; he’s nothing more than scum! Someone like him deserves to go to jail. Why do you have to be so nice to him?”

In a quiet voice, Helen replied, “But he’s already promised to take responsibility for this…”

Demi scoffed. “That’s because he’s dumb. He can’t blame anyone else other than himself for being incompetent. He must’ve thought that this was a simple matter and assumed that we’d be thankful toward him after taking responsibility for the incident; it’d make it easier for him to steal all of our family inheritance after that. Well, his calculations were wrong. Regardless of how things turn out in the end, everything serves him right!”

James quickly nodded. “Demi’s right—we shouldn’t feel any pity for a man like Matthew. He took it all upon himself, so no one else is to be blamed for all the bad things that’ll happen to him. Alright, it’s all set. Liam, I want you to give those shareholders a call right now. Inform them all about this!”

Liam nodded his head excitedly as he pulled his phone out and immediately gave a call to one of the shareholders that he was the closest to. He informed this shareholder of the whole incident surrounding the construction company and even exaggerated a few parts of his story just to spice things up. Of course, he didn’t emphasize on the mistakes he’d made. Instead, he placed all of the blame on Matthew by saying that the latter hadn’t listened to their advice; he had simply invested all 300 million borrowed from Wellness Herbary into a single project, which resulted in the construction company’s terrible losses. This was, in fact, the mistake that Liam had made, but he placed all of the blame onto Matthew instead.

Liam had expected for the shareholder to lose his temper and immediately rush over to give Matthew a good scolding. However, once Liam finished his story, the shareholder began to curse at him instead. “What is this, Liam? How dare you talk bad about someone else behind their back? This is our company’s matter; why does a piece of trash like you think that you have the right to comment on our matters?”

Liam was stunned. He had never expected himself to be the one receiving a scolding. “Mr. Monte, I-I’m doing it for your own good. You’re one of the shareholders of the company, so you own a part of the company’s funds. Matthew’s selfish and reckless acts resulted in the company’s loss of 300 million; some of that money being yours. I don’t want to see you being cheated by him like this, so that’s why I called to let you know about this. H-Have you misunderstood my intentions?” Liam quickly explained himself.

The shareholder started cursing again. “I didn’t misunderstand sh*t! Do you think that I can’t see through your malicious intentions? You’re simply trying to talk bad about him! Look, regardless of whether Mr. Larson actually did what you said, so what if he did it and lost 300 million of the company’s funds in the process? I don’t care what Mr. Larson does with my money. That’s because I have put my complete trust in him—he’d never cause the company to suffer any losses!”

Liam replied angrily, “But it’s now a fact that the company has already lost the money!”

“Even if the company has lost money, I’m willing to pay up. How is this any of your business?” The shareholder growled.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 592

Liam furiously ended the call before he frowned and complained, “Is Mr. Monte some sort of madman? I was kind enough to let him know about this, yet he talked to me so rudely. He’s such an idiot! People like him are definitely going to suffer huge losses eventually!”

Helen and James exchanged glances then. They both hadn’t expected Mr. Monte to trust Matthew so much. What’s going on? They’ve already lost a total of 300 million; why does he still insist on supporting Matthew? What sort of magical potion did Matthew feed these shareholders?

“Try calling someone else! Even though Mr. Monte is an idiot, I don’t think all of the other shareholders are as dumb as him, right?” James grumbled. As per his orders, Liam nodded and quickly phoned the second shareholder. However, this shareholder—like the previous one—gave the same response; he chose to trust Matthew. Liam doggedly phoned the third, fourth and fifth shareholders only to receive the exact same answer.

Ever since the previous incident, there were only a few shareholders left in the company. These remaining shareholders had earned a huge sum of money after they followed Matthew’s investments in a medical conference. Therefore, they were extremely thankful toward Matthew and trusted him a lot. Liam’s attempts to talk bad about Matthew did not work out with them. The shareholders barely cared about their losses; all of them were cursing at Liam instead.

Furious, Liam felt like he was about to lose his temper. The same angry look surfaced on Demi’s face as she cried, “Are all of them idiots? They trust Matthew so much even after they’ve suffered huge losses; is there something wrong with their minds?”

After scratching her head, Helen quietly said, “I guess this works too. Since they are all so supportive of him and dismissive of the whole incident, we don’t have to worry about it any longer!”

“Mom, it isn’t about whether these shareholders want to look into this matter right now; the most crucial task we have here is to lock Matthew up in prison!” Demi uttered worriedly.

Helen was stunned. “Demi, you… Why do you want this to happen so badly? We’re the ones who created this whole issue, after all. We were already going slightly overboard by asking Matthew to take the blame. Since these people don’t wish to look into it now, this is the most ideal outcome for the current situation. W-Why do you still insist on sending him to prison?” James nodded in response to his wife’s words as it made sense to him.

However, Demi cried, “Are you crazy, Mom? How is Sasha going to get remarried if Matthew doesn’t go to prison? This man is always trying to steal our inheritance; how can we keep a scmbag like him in our family? This is the best chance to convince Sasha to get divorce with him. Once that bstard goes into prison, his marriage with Sasha will be over. By then, Sasha can get married to a rich man; she’d definitely enjoy it a lot more than spending her life with this b*stard!”

Helen and James looked at one another, their eyes filled with a hint of doubt. Right then, Liam quietly added, “Mom, Dad—the most successful people are the ones who don’t get bothered about the little details! One who is too kind and soft-hearted will only hurt themselves more than anyone else.”

James’s eyes glinted when he heard this. With his teeth gritted, he growled, “That’s correct! The success of an individual requires the sacrifice of thousands of men; we have to be harsh and cruel if we want to be at the top of the ladder! Matthew, that b*stard, must’ve given Sasha some sort of magical potion—look at how she’s totally fooled by him right now. She can even shout at us for the sake of him! A person like him cannot stay with Sasha; he’s only going to bring her down!”

As she recalled how she recently had a huge fight with Sasha, a malicious, frightful look gradually spread across Helen’s face as well. “We have to find a way to send that b*stard to prison! It’s a shame that we don’t have any shares with us. Otherwise, he’d never be able to get away!” Helen hissed.

All of a sudden, Liam thought of something. “I’ve just remembered something, Mom and Dad. Jason and the rest still have shares with them. Although they sold most of the shares back then, they kept small amounts of it so that they could still be considered minor shareholders of the company. If they’re willing to show up, the outcome would be the same!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 593

Confused, James asked, “Is that so? Didn’t they sell all of their shares to Stanley previously?”

With a grin, Liam replied, “They only sold the shares that Eric owned, but those in Jason’s hands weren’t sold entirely. Don’t you remember something about Jason’s shares being used as a mortgage for something else? That was why he couldn’t sell it.”

James nodded. “I do recall hearing something along those lines. Nonetheless, wouldn’t it be a little inappropriate for us to ask for their help? You know how much Jason hates us, right?!”

“We’ll need a plan for this, Dad. We can’t just tell them everything in such a direct and simple manner. But if they get the news from somewhere else, they might feel like they just found an opportunity to threaten us. They’d then take the chance to put an article up about it,” Liam said with a slight grin.

Overjoyed, James quickly nodded and uttered, “That’s a great idea. Well, you can take care of this, Liam—don’t let me down!” Liam nodded furiously.

Right then, Demi broke into a laugh as she offered, “I’ll keep an eye on Sasha tomorrow; I’ll make sure she doesn’t go back to the company or transfer any shares to anyone. Once the rest of the Cunninghams make a fuss out of this and Matthew fails to resolve this issue, he’ll be dead meat. Mom, help me keep an eye on Sasha tomorrow!”

Helen nodded with all her might as she excitedly said, “Don’t worry, I won’t let her take a single step out of the house tomorrow!”

That night, Liam got a few of his friends to pass the news to the Cunningham Family. Once Jason heard about this, he immediately went over to look for Eric. Eric was extremely excited to hear the news, and he quickly called several key members of their family over for a meeting. All of them were gearing up to punish James’s entire family.

The next morning, Matthew was the first to leave the house. Sasha was getting ready to go out herself when Demi stopped her. “Sasha, go take a look at Mom. She’s been feeling dizzy ever since she woke up this morning, and she can’t even get out of bed. I think she might be sick!”

Shocked, Sasha immediately rushed over to her mother’s bedroom. She saw Helen on her bed, moaning in discomfort. “What happened, Mom? Are you sick? Let’s get you to a hospital!” Sasha was about to phone for an ambulance as she spoke. However, Helen quickly stopped her as she weakly said, “I-It’s fine—I’m just a little dizzy. I just want to rest for a bit. There’s no need to go to the hospital; that’s way too troublesome.”

The daughter looked at her mother for a moment before she said, “Mom, it looks like you’re pretty sick. Perhaps it’d be better if we got it checked. You’re not young anymore, and we can’t be careless about these things!”

Helen waved her hands to signal her refusal. After all, she was faking it; she just wanted to drag it longer so that Sasha wouldn’t be able to go to the company. Demi came beside her as she uttered, “I’m not sure what’s going on with Mom, Sasha. I think we should stay home with her for a while. Perhaps you shouldn’t go to work today. That way, we’d be able to help her immediately if anything happens.”

Sasha hesitated a little, but she eventually nodded in agreement when she realized that she didn’t have much to do at the company anyway. However, after sitting around at home for a while, her phone rang. It was her secretary. “President Cunningham, you have to come to the office now! Something’s happened!”

Sasha’s face fell. “What is it?” she asked anxiously.

“People from the Cunningham Family came to start a riot at the office; they said that you privately transferred some funds to Mr. Larson’s construction company and that these funds are no longer recoverable. Jason still has shares in the company, and he’s requested for an investigation to be done on this. Furthermore, he even called the police; things are a mess at the office right now.”

Upon hearing this, a stone-cold look surfaced on Sasha’s face. How did the Cunningham Family find out about this?

She immediately stood up. “Demi, you take care of mom. I have to go back to the office. If anything happens, just call for an ambulance.” Sasha was about to leave when Demi held onto her and wailed, “You can’t leave, Sasha. If you leave, I-I… I can’t handle this by myself!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 594

At the exact same moment, Helen began to groan. To play along with Demi, she acted as if her illness had just gotten worse. Sasha frowned. Everything’s a mess at the company, and someone in the family is suffering from a sudden illness at the exact same time? “Mom, are you feeling really unwell? Why don’t I send you to the hospital? I’m going to call the ambulance right now!” Sasha pulled her phone out.

“No, no—I just need to rest. I don’t want too much trouble; it’s not any serious illness after all…” Helen quickly reached out to stop her daughter.

However, Sasha didn’t listen to her orders as she quietly insisted, “Your condition seems pretty serious. I have to send you over to the hospital…”

Seeing this, Demi quickly ran over to snatch the phone out of Sasha’s hand before she could dial the number. “Sasha, didn’t you hear what Mom said? She doesn’t want to go to the hospital; she just wants you to be with her for a while! What sort of daughter are you? You don’t even know your parents well,” said Demi furiously.

Stunned, Sasha asked, “What’s the purpose of me spending time with Mom when she’s sick? She needs to go to a hospital.”

“Is Mom really sick? I think she’s only showing psychosomatic symptoms because you spend too little time with her. You didn’t even try to stay around and talk to her; instead, all you tried to do was rush her off to a hospital so that you can be free of her burden. What sort of daughter are you, Sasha? How did Mom take care of you when you were sick as a child? Is this all you’re doing to repay our parents?”

The look on Sasha’s face was one of confusion. She couldn’t help but feel like Demi’s reactions were a little odd. Right then, Sasha’s phone rang again. She was about to pick it up when Demi stopped her. “What are you doing?” Demi asked.

“I have to pick the phone up. It’s from the company!” Sasha replied impatiently.

“Why do you need to pick the phone up?” Demi hid the phone behind her back. “Who’s more important to you right now—your Mom, or the company? Look at yourself, Sasha—Mom’s so ill, yet you care for your company more than you care about her. Is money the only thing that you care about now?” Demi cried angrily.

Sasha looked at her sister before glancing at her mother; she finally understood what was going on. Her face turned stone cold as she asked, “Demi, you guys were the ones that arranged for this, right?”

Although Demi’s expression faltered a little, she quickly straightened herself as she said, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand!”

“Stop pretending!” Sasha cried. “How did the Cunningham Family find out about the construction company? You guys must have been the ones who put the news out there. You all are truly evil, Demi. First, you guys got Matthew to be a scapegoat for an issue that you guys created. Then, you backstabbed him yet another time without even thanking him for all that he has done. What is this? Are you guys trying to make sure that Matthew gets into prison? Are you guys even human? Do you think anyone humane would do such a thing?”

With a look of dissatisfaction on her face, Demi said, “Stop talking nonsense, Sasha! I have no idea what you’re talking about at all. I’ve never done anything like that!”

“I’m sure you’re well-aware of all the things you’ve done. Look at the two of you—feigning an illness at home just to stop me from going to the company. You guys are afraid that I might help Matthew out, right? Pfft. You guys are really the most absurd people I’ve ever met!” After she finished her sentence, Sasha reached forward to grab onto her phone behind Demi’s back.

In a swift gesture, Demi avoided her while she gave her mother a look. As if on cue, Helen quickly began to cry and wail in bed, as if she was in a lot of pain. Sasha didn’t seem bothered by this—she could already tell that Helen was just faking it.

Once Demi saw this, she furiously shouted, “Are you even human, Sasha? Mom’s so ill and all you care about is still your company and Matthew. Let me ask you this—is Matthew more important to you or are your birth parents more important?!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 595

“Don’t use that excuse on me! What kind of question is that?” Sasha yelled angrily. “Are you forcing me to make a choice? I’ll have you know that this is moral blackmail! Let me be clear, even though parents are important, we must be reasonable and have a conscience when we do things. The things that you two have done make me feel ashamed!”

With that, she grabbed the phone from Demi’s hand and roared, “You’re sick, aren’t you? Fine, I’ll call the ambulance right now and ask them to take you to the hospital for a thorough examination.”

Sasha dialed for an ambulance as she spoke. Seeing this, Helen immediately jumped out of bed and argued, “Sasha, what are you trying to do? I’m just a little sick so is it really necessary to go to such lengths? All I want is for you to accompany me at home. What’s wrong with that?”

Upon hearing this, Sasha coldly replied, “You’ve never asked for my company when I’m usually at home but now that something has happened at the company, you force me to accompany you! Hmph! Do you really think I’m a fool? I don’t care if you’re not willing to go to the hospital. I have no time to talk nonsense with you.”

As Sasha spoke, she directly ran outside. When Helen saw this, she and Demi glanced at each other before they both rushed after Sasha and forcefully dragged her back.

“No matter what, don’t even think about going to the company today!” Demi said through gritted teeth.

Sasha struggled desperately but Demi and Helen held her down with all their might. Then, Helen whispered, “Don’t blame me, Sasha. I’m doing this for your own good! Matthew is not a good match for you. After today, your relationship with him will be finished. You’ll definitely be able to find another man a thousand times better than him in the future!”

Sasha was so enraged she was about to lose her mind, but she couldn’t break free and was forced to stay at home. At the same time in Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary, most of the Cunningham family members had arrived and were clamoring for Sasha to give an explanation. James and Liam hid in a corner and watched quietly with triumphant grins on their faces.

“They’ve caused such a commotion, even the police are here. Looks like Matthew is definitely doomed this time!” Liam whispered.

James nodded his head in satisfiction. “That’d be great. Once we finish dealing with that b*stard, our family will finally be on the right path.”

Just when Eric and the others were yelling, a group of people arrived. They were the shareholders of Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary, with Jefford and Monte among them.

As soon as these people arrived at the scene, they immediately announced that they supported Matthew and even said that they wouldn’t hold him accountable for the money. This situation made Eric and the others look weak. However, in the end, Eric stubbornly raised his voice and said, “I don’t care what you people think. If you don’t want to hold him accountable, that’s your business. However, I’m going to get my money back! I have three percent of shares of the company, which means that part of 300 million belongs to me. Sasha and Matthew worked together and lost my money. I must have an explanation!”

Hearing this, Jefford roared, “You only have three percent of the company’s shares, which means that you only own three percent of the 300 million. Three percent of 300 million is nine million! I’ll give you the nine million so get out of here now!” Monte and the others also chimed in that they would pay Eric and the rest nine million and asked them to leave.

Meanwhile, James’ and Liam’s faces had turned pale as they didn’t expect those shareholders to be so supportive of Matthew. They lost 300 million but not only did they didn’t hold Matthew accountable, they were even willing to pay nine million to settle the problem.

Eric was also shocked. After a moment of hesitation, he hurriedly countered, “It’s not about the nine million! Sasha transferred 300 million to Matthew which violates the regulations, and Matthew made illegal investments. 300 million is gone and this series of actions are all illegal. I don’t want the nine million anymore. No matter what, I will hold them legally accountable!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 596

Upon hearing that, Jefford and the others were instantly speechless. If the problem could be solved with money, it would be the best solution. However, now that they wanted to pursue legal responsibility, things could get complicated. As for James, he was starting to panic. Doesn’t this mean that Sasha will get in trouble too?

“President Cunningham transferred the money to Matthew in the name of a loan, so she didn’t go against the law,” Sasha’s secretary whispered. The others nodded in agreement because the board also knew about this.

Hearing this, James broke out into a smile. Everything is well as long as my daughter is out of trouble.

Eric was stunned. However, after a moment of silence, he angrily yelled, “Well… Matthew made illegal investments and lost all 300 million… T-That is indisputable…”

In a calm tone, Jefford replied, “How Matthew makes investments is his own business. Since the construction company is not Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary’s branch company, we can’t interfere with other’s affairs!”

Eric scratched his head and muttered, “But his investments have failed and he can’t repay the 300 million… A-As his creditor, I-I can hold him accountable… right?”

All of a sudden, everybody fell into silence. Seeing this, Eric immediately felt triumphant.

“I’ve come here today as a creditor to collect the debt. If you are not willing to collect debts, that’s your business. However, I’m a very stingy person and I must get my money back! Naturally, it’ll be great if he could pay me back. But if he can’t… Well, I’ll make sure he gets sent to jail!”

Jefford instantly frowned and yelled, “Eric, you’ve gone too far!”

“Too far?” Eric sneered, “You group of b*stards! All of you used to work with me. Now that you’ve become wealthy, you look down on me. What right do you have to say that I’ve gone too far?”

Jefford and the others were furious but there was nothing they could do. At the same time, Liam, who was in the room, smiled and commented, “Mr. Cunningham, it seems that Matthew is doomed this time. It may be easy for them to pay nine million but now that there is a shortfall of 300 million, who would be able to make up that amount of money for him?”

Hearing this, James laughed coldly. Well, it seems that we’ll have a happy ending this time.

Just then, Matthew arrived at the company and as soon as he stepped in, he was surrounded by the Cunningham family who were yelling at him to return their money.

Jefford and the others rushed toward Matthew and whispered, “Mr. Larson, is the 300 million really gone? If it’s really gone, just let us know. The… The few of us have some money in our hands right now and can collect 200 million for you to fill the shortfall first. We’ll discuss the rest in the future!”

Matthew immediately glanced at Jefford and the others with a grateful expression before he nodded and said, “Thank you, but this matter is not that complicated.”

In the face of Matthew’s confidence, Jefford and the others let out a sigh of relief. “No matter what, if you need money, just let us know!” Jefford said, to which Matthew nodded in reply.

Then, he turned toward Eric and murmured softly, “Old Master Cunningham, according to our loan contract, you can only ask me to return the money a year from now. It’s only been a few days but you’re already asking me to repay the loan; this is non-compliant. Asking me to repay the loan in advance is a violation to the contract and you’ll have to pay the penalty!”

Looking at Matthew, Eric suddenly felt like he was looking into the eyes of an enemy. He instantly gritted his teeth and sneered, “A penalty is nothing. As long as you can afford to repay the loan, I’ll pay you the penalty right now!”

Matthew chuckled. “Well then, you have to think wisely. The penalty is 10% of the loan, meaning that if I can repay the loan, you’ll have to pay me the 30 million penalty!”

A shocked expression immediately appeared on Eric’s face. 30 million is not a small amount of money.

At that moment, Jefford instantly spoke up, “I didn’t say that I want Matthew to repay the loan in advance so I won’t take responsibility for the penalty. Eric, if you want him to repay the loan in advance, I’m afraid you’ll have to be responsible for the penalty alone!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 597

One after another, other shareholders also spoke up and said that they wouldn’t bear the penalty. All of a sudden, everyone’s gaze was focused on Eric and he instantly blushed in embarrassment. At first, he thought he had grasped Sasha and Matthew’s weakness. Never in a million years did he expect things to become so troublesome.

A 30 million penalty! If Matthew can really repay the loan, I’ll have to bear the 30 million myself!

Although the Cunningham Family’s assets were worth more than 100 million, that was just the sum of their assets. It would be impossible for them to gather 30 million in cash over a short period of time.

More importantly, even if they managed to amass that amount of money, the Cunningham Family could hardly afford it.

Seeing Eric’s reaction, Liam pouted and said, “Eric Cunningham really is stupid. Matthew is only scaring him so what’s there to be afraid of? I don’t believe that Matthew can repay the 300 million. What is Eric afraid of?”

After a moment of silence, Eric finally made a decision and he gritted his teeth as he said, “Fine; I’ll take responsibility for the penalty myself! However, I have a request. The 300 million must be transferred to the company account today! Otherwise, I won’t pay a penny of the penalty.”

Hearing this, Jefford started to panic. “How can you make such a request? Even if you want him to repay the loan, you have to give him at least some time to gather the money. How can you ask him to transfer 300 million within a day? You’re purposely making things difficult for him!”

Eric instantly sneered, “Stop with the nonsense! I’m only giving him a day! All of you are not taking responsibility to pay the penalty so I’m bearing the burden alone. What right do you have to criticize me?”

Jefford was enraged. Then, he turned to look at Matthew and said, “Mr. Larson, I have 30 million in cash. If you need it, I can transfer it to you anytime.”

Monte quickly chimed in too, “I have 20 million. If need be, I can transfer it to you immediately.”

The other shareholders also joined in and expressed their support for Matthew.

On the other hand, Eric looked extremely embarrassed. He never thought that those shareholders would treat Matthew so well. They are willing to pool money together to pay off his debts. Do they really trust Matthew that much?

Matthew grinned and said, “Thank you, everyone. It just so happens that I need 50 million. Why don’t you pool 50 million for me and think of it as an investment for the new project in my construction company? What do you say?”

Everyone glanced at each other. After a while, Jefford asked in surprise, “50 million? Mr. Larson, have you already collected the remaining 250 million?”

Hearing this, Eric smirked and said, “The construction company suffered a 300 million loss because of the previous project but you’re already starting a new one? Jefford and Monte, don’t be fooled by him. Investing in his project is the same as throwing money into the ocean. Only a fool would invest in him!”

However, Matthew ignored Eric and replied with a grin, “I didn’t collect any money. There’s still 250 million in the construction company account.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Liam and James, who were hiding in the room, were both dumbfounded.

“Does the construction company account really have that amount of money?” James asked.

With a stunned expression, Liam replied, “I don’t think so. I’ve seen the accounts when I was at the construction company and there’s only a few million in it. Where did all the money come from? I’m sure Matthew is just spouting lies!”

Meanwhile, outside the room, Jefford also asked in surprise, “Mr. Larson, why is there so much money in the construction company’s account? Didn’t they say that you’ve invested all 300 million into a villa area? Could it be that those rumors were false?”

With a smile, Matthew replied, “The rumors were right. However, most of the investment has already returned to the construction company.”

Every single person at the scene was stunned. “How is that possible?”

Matthew then explained everything that happened and after the crowd heard his explanation, everyone was thrilled. However, inside the office, James and Liam almost broke down after hearing his story.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 598

“H-How is that possible? The money has already returned to the construction company? Don’t you know about this?” James scolded Liam, who looked equally lost. “Mr. Cunningham, I… I didn’t know either. The last time I checked, there were only a few million in the company account.”

James roared angrily, “When was the last time you checked? Have you checked the company accounts after the 300 million was transferred?”

After hearing this, Liam was instantly at a loss for words. Since they transferred 300 million to Young Master Lach, he shifted his attention to the villa area and stopped bothering about the construction company’s affairs.

Moreover, after Liam saw that there wasn’t much money in the construction company’s account, he was no longer interested in it. After that, he never really checked the company’s account so he naturally didn’t know about the latest situation in the construction company. It was only after he heard Matthew’s explanation did he realize what he had missed out on. At that moment, Liam was so heartbroken he almost passed out. If he had known that most of the money was returned to the construction company, there wouldn’t be a reason to panic at all. Because of his actions, the construction company completely belonged to Matthew and it was impossible for them to take it back.

To top it off, the current matter didn’t cause Matthew to go to jail. This was what upsetted Liam the most.

Meanwhile, Eric was also panicking. At first, he thought it would be impossible for Matthew to collect 300 million in a day so he bravely asked him to pay off his debts. However, it seemed that it was easy for Matthew to gather 300 million. If he can pay off his loan, I’m doomed! How am I supposed to bear the burden of paying the 30 million penalty?

After a moment of silence, Eric sneakily took a few steps back, hoping to leave when nobody was watching. However, Jefford soon noticed his intention and stopped him. “Eric, don’t be in a hurry to leave. Didn’t you ask Mr. Larson to pay off his debts? Come on, the money is going to be here soon. As for the penalty, how are you planning to pay for it?” Jefford questioned with a grin.

Eric immediately turned pale and was no longer as aggressive as before. Then, he embarrassedly stuttered, “I-I suddenly think that it’s okay if you don’t pay off your debts now. W-Why don’t you pay it off right before the deadline?”

Hearing this, Jefford chuckled coldly. “Why would you say that? You’ve caused a huge commotion and even called the police. However, right now you’re telling him that he doesn’t need to pay off his debts. Who are you trying to fool? Truth is, I’ve recorded everything that you’ve said just now and this time, it’s impossible for you to go back on your word!”

Eric was about to break out in tears. He initially came to the company to grasp Sasha’s and Matthew’s weaknesses so that he could teach them a lesson. Who would have thought that he would actually bring harm upon himself?

Looking at Matthew, he whispered, “Matthew, you don’t need to pay me back the money now. I’m sure that the construction company needs the money—”

However, Matthew interrupted him, “The construction company doesn’t need money for the time being. Since you asked me to pay back my debt, I’ll definitely pay you back so you’d better prepare to pay the penalty!”

After hearing this, Eric felt as if he was about to burst into tears. Where am I going to find the money to pay the penalty?

“I-I don’t have that much cash on me… Why don’t you not pay it back first?” Eric pleaded. However, from the way the others were looking at him, it was obvious that nobody pitied him.

You were the one who aggressively forced Matthew to pay back the loan and you were completely merciless. Who will sympathize with you right now?

Matthew glanced at Eric before he softly said, “Old Master Cunningham, I have a solution that can help you avoid paying the penalty, but I’m not sure whether you’re willing to do it.”

When Eric heard this, he was overjoyed as he blurted, “What’s the solution? Tell me; I’ll do anything you ask!”

“Sell all of the Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary shares that you have,” Matthew murmured. “From now on, you’ll have nothing to do with Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary at all. If you agree to do so, I can pretend that all of this never happened!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 599

Stunned, Eric stood rooted to the spot. Matthew was trying to make him completely cut ties with the Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary. In that case, Eric would not have the qualifications to interfere with any of Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary’s affairs. The reason he held on to his shares was so that he could get revenge on Sasha at a crucial moment but Matthew knew this, so he asked him to give up all his shares.

Eric was unwilling but in the end, he had no choice but to sell his shares reluctantly. Matthew borrowed some money from Jefford and bought all of Eric’s shares before transferring it under Sasha’s name. With that, Eric no longer had anything to do with Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary and after he sold his shares, Eric and his family left with their tails between their legs.

As for Jefford and the others, they were thrilled as they surrounded Matthew and congratulated him one after another. Without the disturbance of Eric and his family, the development of Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary would be much smoother.

Matthew smiled lightly and exchanged pleasantries with everyone, leading them to the conference room to start discussing matters of the construction company. At first, Matthew had planned to deal with the villa area investment himself.

However, he felt really grateful when he saw Jefford and the others give him their full support today, which was why he decided to let them in on his plan so that they could earn some money from it.

Meanwhile in the office, James and Liam were sitting on the ground feeling desperate; the development of the situation was completely different from what they expected.

Matthew had easily solved the problem and even helped Sasha take full control of Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary. Most importantly, the construction company now completely belonged to Matthew and they couldn’t interfere with it at all.

At that moment, James felt as if he was about to have a breakdown. After putting in effort for so long, I didn’t manage to harm Matthew at all. Instead, I handed him the construction company that fell into my hands. What the hell am I doing?

“W-What just happened?” Liam gritted out, devastation written all over his face. At the beginning, he planned to use this opportunity to send Matthew to jail. After that, he would stay in James’ house and think of ways to gradually take over the Cunningham family’s fortune. Once I take control of the Cunningham family’s fortune, Sasha will belong to me and I’ll be a big shot in Eastcliff. However, I never thought that my great plans would end like this.

Matthew had easily solved the problem and destroyed all of Liam’s plans.

James glared at him angrily. “How is it that you still dare to ask me what happened? This is all because of you! You were the one who made the investment but you didn’t check on it’s development. You didn’t even know that the money was returned to the company. Instead, you did everything you can to shove the construction company back into Matthew’s hands. Oh Liam, you are the dumbest person I’ve ever met!”

With an embarrassed expression, Liam said, “Mr. Cunningham, I… At that time, I focused most of my attention on the villa area and didn’t have the energy to care about the company’s affairs. Why don’t we ask Matthew to give us back the construction company? This time, I’ll definitely work hard and help you earn a lot of money!”

After James heard this, he yelled angrily, “Shut up! Do you still have the courage to ask for the construction company? Have you forgotten that we wrote a guarantee?”

Liam immediately looked ashamed. Then, he whispered, “Mr. Cunningham, the guarantee is not legally valid. Besides, you are the head of the family. If you want the construction company, Matthew wouldn’t dare to not give it to you.”

“Nonsense!” James roared. “Even though I’m the head of the family, I’m not shameless! How can I pretend that whatever I’ve said doesn’t count?”

However, Liam countered, “Mr. Cunningham, shame is not an issue. The most important thing we have to consider is to not let Matthew own such a profitable company.”

Hearing this, James frowned lightly as Liam’s words managed to successfully arouse his worries. Now that things have reached this point, is it really suitable for me to ask Matthew to give me the construction company?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 600

In the conference room, Matthew told the shareholders about the villa area project.

“I’ve already asked someone to summarize everything. Those who cooperated with Young Master Lach are in trouble and owe a lot of money because of the suspension of the project. If no one can restart this project, the money they had invested in it would all go to waste, which is why we can buy this project at a low price at a time like this. Once the project launches, we’ll be able to make a lot of money,” Matthew said.

The people around him glanced at each other. At first, they thought Matthew was talking but a small project and had never expected it to be such a big one.

Then, Jefford asked, “Mr. Larson, this project needs a lot of money, right? I don’t think the funds we have is enough.”

Hearing this, Matthew chuckled and reassured, “Don’t worry, this project doesn’t require much funding in the future. I estimate that it’ll need about one billion. The construction company has 250 million and I’ve also found some other investments, so money isn’t a problem. You can invest as much as you want, depending on your situation of course.”

Everyone immediately breathed a sigh of relief. They weren’t worried about whether the investment would lose money; what they were worried about was whether they had the money to invest! Upon hearing that, Jefford hurriedly said, “Mr. Larson, I have 20 million in my hands and I have a few shares that I can sell. Once I sell all of those, I can probably raise 10 million from there. Is it alright if I invest 30 million?”

Matthew glanced at him and asked with a smile, “Jefford, aren’t you afraid that this investment might fail? This villa area project is under suspension right now.”

However, Jefford only smiled and replied, “Mr. Larson, you’ve already invested so much money yourself. My 30 million is nothing compared to yours. No matter what happens to the project, as long as it’s a project that you’ve invested in, I’ll follow and invest in it too. After all, I trust you completely!”

Matthew smiled and nodded in reply. Those shareholders who stayed indeed had great trust in him. Monte, too, invested 30 million. As for the other shareholders, they each invested a smaller sum. After combining everything, the total of their investments reached 200 million. This was beyond Matthew’s expectations as he originally thought that they would only invest around 100 million. After all, the villa area project was under suspension so it would be pretty difficult for them to relaunch the project.

If they spent the money but in the end failed to restart the project, the money would go to waste and they would never get any of it back. Under such circumstances, there weren’t many people who dared to invest.

Who would have thought that these people would have so much confidence in him that they were willing to invest all their additional funds?

Matthew nodded and murmured, “Thank you for your support. Since you believe in me, I’ll definitely not let you down!” The group of people then continued to chat for a while before the shareholders got up and left.

When Matthew walked out of the conference room, he saw James and Liam approaching him with angry expressions. These two had specially come over today to watch Matthew embarrass himself but unexpectedly, he managed to solve everything easily. Plus, he didn’t lose anything and instead bought Eric’s shares on Sasha’s behalf.

James went straight up to Matthew and in a solemn voice, he asked, “Matthew, what did you discuss with them just now?”

“Some business affairs,” Matthew calmly replied.

Hearing this, James frowned and asked, “What business affairs do you have with them? Matthew, I’m warning you, don’t have bad intentions and try to trick me! Don’t think that having a close relationship with these shareholders will help you take over the Cunningham family’s business! It’ll do you well to remember that this company belongs to the Cunningham family and no one can take it away from us!”

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