The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 601-610

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 601

Matthew was speechless. “Mr. Cunningham, I’m really not interested in the company. The business matters that I just discussed with them are completely unrelated to this company.”

Hearing this, James scanned Matthew from head to toe before he solemnly said, “I don’t care what you discussed with them. From now on, please don’t interfere with Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary’s affairs!”

Matthew noddedly helplessly in response. “I understand.”

It was only then did James nod in satisfaction. “By the way, you solved the problem with the construction company wonderfully and I’m satisfied with the outcome. Since the problem has been solved, you can return my shares to me now. I’ll be following up the projects at the construction company personally to avoid any accidents.”

Upon hearing that, Matthew was stunned. He never thought that James would be so shameless. When they asked him to take responsibility for the problem yesterday, they wrote a guarantee saying that they wouldn’t interfere with the construction company’s affairs anymore. Now that the problem was solved, James immediately came over to take over the construction company.

With a frown, Matthew asked, “Mr. Cunningham, didn’t we agree that this construction company belongs to me now? You wrote a guarantee letter—”

“Do you know anything about the construction business?” James yelled angrily. “Do you know how to manage a company? Do you know how the company runs? Even though you got lucky and managed to solve the problem this time, that doesn’t mean that you’re capable. Do you think you’ll be able to afford to pay for the next mistake you make?”

Liam nodded and chimed in, “Matthew, Mr. Cunningham is doing this for your own good! I’ve looked through the projects at the construction company so I know that they are difficult to handle. Only Mr. Cunningham will know how to deal with those projects; you’re too young and need more practice. Besides, with your current capabilities, you’re far from being qualified to take control of a huge company. Just do what Mr. Cunningham says and transfer those shares to him, and the two of us can also learn a thing or two about company management from him.”

James nodded in satisfaction and commented, “Matthew, look how sensible Liam is. Both of you are my son-in-laws but why are you two so different? If only you were half as sensible as Liam, our family wouldn’t be what it is now.”

Brows knitted, Matthew thought to himself, These two are singing the same tune and it’s obvious they are just here to take the construction company back. If it was in the past, I wouldn’t care about it but now, Jefford and the others have invested in the construction company. If I hand the company to James right now, Jefford and the other shareholders’ investments will definitely go down the drain.

However, Matthew didn’t dare to refuse James outright as James was not a reasonable person. If Matthew refused him, he would definitely start a huge commotion that would be troublesome to deal with.

After giving it some thought, Matthew nodded and replied, “Okay. Since you’ve already asked for it, I’ll definitely agree to whatever you say. However, it’s too late to do it in the morning. Shall we go through everything this afternoon?”

Hearing this, James was overjoyed. He originally thought that Matthew would refuse him so it came as a surprise when Matthew readily agreed to his request. In that case, everything is going well! The problem at the construction company has been solved and the company is back under my control. Furthermore, there is more than 20 million in the company’s account. This is a windfall!

“I was right about you, Matthew. You really are a sensible man! Great; now that everything’s settled, let’s go home. I’ll ask my wife to cook something delicious for you this afternoon,” James said happily, showing a rare kindness to Matthew.

Liam hurried to follow them and casually asked, “Matthew, are you pushing back the transfer so you’ll have time to tell Sasha about this?”

Hearing this, James’ expression immediately turned cold. If Sasha finds out about this, how am I going to take the construction company back?

He glared at Matthew as he waited for a reply. However, Matthew only murmured, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell Sasha about this.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 602

Liam suddenly broke into a smile and said, “Oh Matthew, I was just joking. There’s no need to be so aggressive! What I’m trying to say is, it’s best that Sasha doesn’t find out about this because if she does, she might start a fight. Do you understand what I mean?”

Matthew completely ignored him. When the three of them returned home, Sasha was still trapped at home by Demi and Helen. Her phone was thrown away by Demi, so she couldn’t even receive a message the whole morning. When she saw Matthew and the others return, she rushed to greet them, “Matthew, how… how are you? Are you okay?”

Meanwhile, Demi walked over with a surprised expression. “Why have you returned? S-Shouldn’t you be under investigation?”

Matthew then proceeded to tell them everything that happened that morning.

Sasha was thrilled to hear the news and she excitedly said, “That’s great! Everything is great as long as you’re fine.”

Demi, on the other hand, was extremely disappointed. “How did that happen? H-How did the money return to the construction company? Are you mistaken, Liam?”

Hearing this, Sasha angrily yelled, “Demi, what is wrong with you? You’re upset to see that Matthew is fine, aren’t you? What’s the matter? Do you have to send Matthew to jail to be at ease?”

Truth was, that was what Demi had been thinking but she didn’t dare to say it out loud.

“I-I was just asking! Why are you being so aggressive?” Demi argued as she pouted her lips. However, looking at her expression, it was obvious that she was disappointed. Liam quickly gave her a signal. motioning her not to say anything. Deep down, Demi was surprised but she didn’t ask him anything. It was only when Liam returned to their bedroom did she continue, “What the hell happened? Why isn’t Matthew in jail? This whole situation is so annoying!” Demi muttered, upset written all over her face.

However, Liam smiled and said, “It may not be a bad thing that he’s not in jail.”

Glaring at him, Demi asked, “How is it not a bad thing? Don’t forget that Matthew is a live-in son-in-law. Sooner or later, he and Sasha will own all the family fortune. The only solution is to kick him out and let my sister marry someone else. That is the only way me and my sister will be equals. When that happens, we’ll divide the family’s fortune equally, instead of letting my sister take all of it. Do you understand?”

The reason Demi kept targeting Matthew was because of the family’s fortune. After all, she had married into another family while Sasha found a live-in son-in-law. After hearing Demi’s complaints, Liam chuckled and said, “We’ll kick him out sooner or later. However, this incident is a blessing in disguise. Matthew already promised to give your father the construction company and your father agreed to let me be the general manager of the construction company. It is no longer a small company now; we even have hundreds of millions in cash.”

A glimmer of hope appeared in Demi’s eyes. “Really? Did… Did he really agree to return the company to my father? But how is that possible? Didn’t we sign a guarantee letter?”

Smirking, Liam drawled, “So what if we signed a guarantee letter? Do you think Matthew would dare to refuse your father? He’s just a live-in son-in-law and has no power in this family. When Mr. Cunningham personally asked for the company, Matthew had no choice but to agree. Besides, what else could he do?”

Upon hearing that, Demi was thrilled and she clapped her hands in excitement. “That’s great! We got the construction company back and even have so much funds. This time, we’ll finally make a fortune. Once we start making money, you better buy me a Maserati. I must not be inferior to Sasha!”

Hearing this, Liam burst out laughing and said, “Of course I’ll buy it for you! I’ll even buy you a Ferrari, which is much better than her car!”

Demi was delighted and she couldn’t stop smiling.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 603

Liam urged Demi to keep this a secret and forbid her to let Sasha find out about this. The biggest threat to this transaction is Sasha. As long as she doesn’t find out about this, everything will go really smoothly.

At the same time, Liam continuously kept an eye on Matthew to prevent him from secretly telling Sasha about the transaction. During the whole period, he acted as if he was preventing a thief. However, Matthew didn’t tell Sasha about this at all and it was as if he had accepted his fate.

Sasha went to the office for work that afternoon. Seeing this, Liam and James instantly ran up to Matthew to bring him to go through the shares transfer process before rushing to the law firm. Just as they were going through the procedures, Liam suddenly received a call from his friend.

“Liam, are you still at the construction company?”

“I’m about to head there soon,” Liam answered. “What’s the matter?”

Upon hearing that, his friend immediately warned, “Liam, it’s best that you don’t go back there.”

Liam was shocked to hear this. “Why?”

Agitated, his friend replied, “I just received news that the construction company is in trouble.”

Liam smiled and commented, “Are you talking about the 300 million investment? Don’t worry; it’s been settled. Everything is fine now. I have to say, the updates you receive are really slow.”

However, his friend was still panicking. “I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about something else. I know that the 300 million investment that you made has returned to the construction company! However, the money you used to return the loan from Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary is the same money!”

“That’s right,” Liam answered. “Is there a problem? The money still belongs to the construction company anyway.”

Liam’s friend hurriedly explained, “That’s the problem! The Jackson family owns some of the construction company’s shares. The money that was returned to the company is in fact money from the Jackson family’s previous project, which means some of that money belongs to the Jacksons. Yet, you used this money to pay off your loan from the Cunningham Group Wellness Herbary. This means that you’ve used the Jackson family’s money to pay off your debts. The Jackson family has already heard about the news and are going to the construction company to cause trouble!”

Liam was completely dumbfounded. “W-Which Jackson family are you talking about?”

“Which other Jackson family do you know? Of course I’m talking about the Jackson family that is one of the Ten Greatest Families in Eastcliff! There’s no need for me to be so panicked about the other Jacksons! This family we’re talking about is not easy to deal with, which is why I called to tell you to run away as fast as you can. It’s best if you directly leave the construction company and not get involved in this matter. I’m sure you’ve heard about the Jackson family before. If this matter turns serious, the Jacksons will definitely send you to jail for more than ten years. You might even lose your life!”

Upon hearing that, Liam was shook to the core. A moment ago, he was thrilled and felt that everything was under his control. Who would’ve thought that the situation is so troublesome. I can’t believe that the Jackson family is involved in this. In that case, it’s a serious problem!

He hurriedly ran over and stopped James, who was about to sign the papers.

“Mr. Cunningham, we don’t want those shares anymore,” Liam quickly said.

James was confused. “Why? I’m about to sign the papers. What nonsense are you talking about?”

However, Liam couldn’t say it directly in front of Matthew so he snatched the pen in James’s hand and solemnly announced, “I think that Matthew has done a great job and we should give him a chance. Mr. Cunningham, you’re getting old so it’s best you don’t tire yourself with the company’s business. Let’s go!” As he spoke, he forcefully dragged James away.

James, on the other hand, was enraged. As soon as they walked out of the room, he slapped Liam hard on the face and yelled, “Have you lost your mind? I was about to sign the papers but you dragged me out of there. What are you trying to do? Are you planning to help Matthew take away all of my family’s fortune? What benefits did he promise you?”

Liam blushed in embarrassment. After he made sure Matthew did not follow them, he hurriedly whispered, “Mr. Cunningham, I did that for your own good.”

With that, Liam told him about the Jackson family and when James finished listening to his explanation, he was completely dumbfounded.

“Let’s go!” James immediately ran out of there and gave up on getting the construction company back.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 604

Standing at the doorway, Matthew watched the two of them leave and couldn’t help but break into a smile. Truth was, he actually arranged for it to happen. Liam’s friend was right; the Jackson family indeed had some shares in the construction company. However, they had complete trust in Matthew. How was it possible that they would cause trouble? The reason the Jackson family did it was to purposely scare Liam and James so that they wouldn’t dare to interfere with the construction company again.

As it turns out, this method worked well. As soon as the two of them heard of the Jackson family’s involvement, they scurried away in fear. In the end, Matthew got to keep control over the construction company. After Matthew walked out of the law firm, a man with tattoos drove over—it was Max.

Max had also joined the construction company and his main responsibility was to help Ed. Sometimes, he would help run errands. Even though he was in charge of minor things, Max was not who he used to be. Among other things, whenever those who ignored him in the past bumped into him, they treated him respectfully.

This is one of the advantages of being friends with a powerful man!

When Max saw Matthew, he immediately said respectfully, “Mr. Larson, Mr. Davis and Master Tiger have arrived at the construction company. Mr. Davis has ordered me to take you there!”

Matthew nodded in reply and walked over to the car. After he got seated, he casually asked, “How is Ed doing lately?”

With a polite smile, Max replied, “Eddie had just entered this industry so he’s still trying to figure it out. However, I really admire him. He really has great focus when dealing with things. He didn’t know much about herbology, so in the past few days, he personally followed the technicians to the factory area, researching the whole process from start to finish. Furthermore, he even bought many books about the field. Now, he either studies in the factory or reads in the office all day long.”

Matthew smiled and nodded. Even though Ed is a little cowardly, he is a serious person, which is the main reason I let him manage the wellness herbary.

“Mr. Mussolini, from now on, you will stick to Ed and help him a little bit more. I’m sure that you know Ed’s character—he doesn’t fight for anything. To put it bluntly, he’s weak. However, you can’t be weak when dealing with business affairs. Fortunately, you have a relatively strong personality that can make up for his shortcomings. With the two of you working together, I believe the Wellness Herbary will have a bright future!” Matthew murmured.

Upon hearing that, Max was shocked and he quickly replied, “Mr. Larson, you can just call me Max. Please don’t call me by my last name because it makes me feel burdened. Furthermore, it’s my honor to work beside Eddie and you, Mr. Larson. Eddie treats me really well too. You can be rest assured that I’ll definitely do everything I can to help Eddie and manage Wellness Herbary properly!”

Matthew nodded in satisfaction before he leaned against the car seat and took a nap. Not long after, they arrived at the construction company. Julian and Davis had already arrived. From now on, the construction company would be their main workplace so they came over to get acquainted with everything. Meanwhile, the Jackson family had also sent someone over. It was Connor’s confidant, Alaric Jackson. Matthew had met Alaric once when the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff publicly tried him.

Alaric was someone who was relatively humble. Under the circumstances at that time, he still treated Matthew politely, which was rare. This was the reason Connor sent him over. After all, the other Jackson family members weren’t that close to Matthew.

After Max sent Matthew over, he directly drove back to the Wellness Herbary to help Ed.

Later, Matthew gathered everyone to the office and briefed them about the villa area project.

“This is our first project after taking over the construction company and it’s a really big one. Because of Young Master Lach, they are selling this project at a very cheap price, which is why our expenses this time are not high. If this project is done well, our investment will at least be tripled. Do any of you have any ideas?” Matthew asked.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 605

Julian laughed and said, “Matt, this really isn’t my forte. We’ll do whatever you ask us to and I’ll definitely support you.”

Tiger nodded repeatedly in agreement as well. “I’ll definitely support you too, Mr. Larson. That won’t be an issue.”

“How about you, Alaric?”

Alaric chuckled. “Mr. Larson, I came just to relay my Old Master’s message. He has made himself clear that he’ll support you in everything you do.”

Upon hearing that, Tiger grinned and announced, “That’s great! Since everyone agrees, there’s nothing else to say so we’ll just go ahead with this project.”

Matthew nodded in delight while looking at Tiger. “Tiger, I’ve asked you to find out the reason that this project was called to an end. Have you found anything?”

Tiger nodded in reply. “I’ve investigated and it seems like it’s related to the two villages nearby. According to the rumors, the villa area occupied a pond on the mountain. In order to build a man-made lake, they dredged the pond and expanded to make it a dozen times bigger. Not long after, the villagers living on the foot of the mountain got a strange illness, causing three fatalities while over ten villagers collapsed from the illness. The worst part is, there is no cure. The villagers say that the disaster is caused by the disrupted Feng Shui due to the expansion of the pond. On the other hand, the official research explains that the strange illness appeared due to the contaminated water at the lower areas that is caused by the construction of the villa. Hence, the villa project was halted.”

Julian frowned. “People still believe in Feng Shui in this era? These people are obviously spewing nonsense!”

Meanwhile, Matthew kept quiet. After he inherited the jade pendant, he gained some insights of these incidents such as what had happened to Timothy, which was similar to this incident. Then, Matthew said, “Since we’re all here now, let’s check on the situation.”

With Tiger as the driver, the few of them rushed to the villa area. Located at the South Suburb of Eastcliff, it was a place surrounded by mountains and rivers. This area hadn’t been developed but it would be the focus of Eastcliff development in the future.

Receiving the news beforehand, the Lach Family bought this land to develop it into a high-end villa area. Not only that, there was a large piece of land in the front which would be developed into a housing estate in the future.

Someone predicted that once this villa area was developed and the nearby facilities were furnished, this place would definitely surpass the luxury houses in Eastcliff. Perhaps it would rank just below Lakeside Garden and because of that, the investment of this villa area was extremely huge back then. Unfortunately, the Lach Family almost shattered after Young Master Lach was sent to jail. Now, these investments were nothing but a fantasy. Therefore, it was a great bargain for Matthew to own it for a billion.

Meanwhile, the few of them made a round around the villa area and the man-made lake that was located right at the center. According to Tiger’s introduction, this man-made lake was actually a pond in the beginning, spanning over ten meters wide. But now, it had been expanded into a lake that had a width of a few hundred meters. This man-made lake had indeed made the villas grander.

As soon as they arrived at the lakeside, they spotted a large crowd standing beside the lake while discussing and pointing at something. Those people wore suits and leather shoes, looking like significant figures.

When Tiger drove the car over there, he recognized a few familiar faces from afar, namely Leo, Grace and Elaine. Since the last student reunion, Leo’s company and their Wellness Herbary’s business were ruined. On top of that, rumor had it that Leo was fired as well and no one knew where he went after that. No one expected that they would bump into them at this place.

Elaine was standing beside a man in his forties and snuggling against him, seemingly intimate with him. On the other side, Leo walked in front of them and was introducing something to everyone.

When Matthew and the rest approached him, Leo could be heard saying, “To be honest, all of you are very lucky because Master Hanson seldom appears in public. Therefore, it’s your greatest honor to be able to meet him today!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 606

Everyone looked at the man beside Elaine. Needless to think, he must be Master Hanson. Among the crowd, a short man, Jonathan Redd, was the leader of this place. He looked to an elder who was wearing glasses beside him and asked in a low voice, “Professor Walter, what do you think?”

Professor Walter was a lecturer in University of Eastcliff who enjoyed high prestige and was universally respected due to his extraordinarily high academic level. However, he looked extremely embarrassed at the moment while replying softly, “Well, we don’t know about this yet. I believe you’re aware that we’ve tested the water samples for over ten times but the results are the same. We didn’t find any contamination in the water. Perhaps this incident can’t be explained by science at all.”

Professor Walter and his team had been investigating this issue for some time but they still could not determine the root cause of the illness no matter how many investigations they carried out. Yet, the villagers from these few villages kept pressing them for an explanation so they had no choice but to temporarily announce to the public that it was due to contamination. But the actual cause of this incident was still unknown and the hidden danger remained.

Jonathan and the others had run out of ideas so they had no choice but to seek other solutions. Therefore, they tried to find a few feng shui masters to check if the incident was a supernatural one. As for Elaine, she failed to seduce Julian previously but she was lucky to carry on with Master Hanson later on.

On the other hand, Leo became a vagrant after he was fired from the company. When he heard about this incident, he immediately brought Master Hanson to this place, trying to make money out of this.

Upon hearing Professor Walter’s words, Leo immediately said, “The issue is extremely clear now—the strange illness is undoubtedly caused by the feng shui that is disrupted due to the dredging of the man-made lake. Contaminated water? Bullsh*t! Professor Walter, have you found any contamination after you carried out countless research on the water samples that you brought back? Let me tell you, don’t regard traditional methods as rubbish because you might stumble upon situations that can only be explained with that.”

Jonathan was still hesitating. Seeing that, Leo immediately explained, “This is Master Hanson, the famous feng shui master in Eastshire. His teacher is the late Master Herold and he’s a close friend with Dr. Ellis of Eastshire, who is also well-known. On top of that, Master Hanson learned a number of medical skills from Dr. Ellis, so he’s kind of Dr. Ellis’s apprentice. He seldom undertakes such tasks but he can’t bear to leave these villagers in misery, so he came to help all of you out.”

Upon hearing that, the people around him gazed at Master Hanson in reverence. They hadn’t heard of Master Hanson but they had heard of Master Herold and Dr. Ellis. Since Master Hanson was related to those significant figures, he must be someone eminent too. Meanwhile, Master Hanson remained haughty and didn’t even spare a glance at these people.

Right at that moment, Matthew and the others came. As soon as Leo and the others saw them, their faces instantly darkened, especially Grace who clenched her teeth and sneered, “Oh look, isn’t this our king of losers? What’s the matter? Why did you come here too? Did you come to visit Master Hanson after getting the news that he’s here? Matthew, please don’t waste your time. It’s a humiliation for Master Hanson to even take a glance at you, who’s a loser that lives off women. Don’t make a fool of yourself here!”

Matthew knitted his eyebrows, disappointed at Grace who hadn’t changed a bit after what happened previously. In fact, she was as sarcastic and mean as usual.

“Why are you guys here? You’re not welcomed here so get lost!” Matthew said in a cold voice.

After Grace was stunned for a second, she burst out laughing. “Matthew, what are you talking about? What rights do you have to ask us to leave? You’re the one who should get lost! Can’t you see that we’re here with Master Hanson? If you ask us to leave, it means you’re asking Master Hanson to leave too!”

Master Hanson coldly glanced at Matthew while his eyes were filled with contempt. “Who are these people and why are they making noise? Tell them to get lost so that they won’t affect my judgement!” said Master Hanson coldly.

Jonathan immediately nodded but just before he said anything, he suddenly noticed Alaric, causing his expression to change abruptly. “A-Are you Alaric Jackson?”

Grace was astonished. “Do you know each other?”

Instantly, Jonathan nodded. “I’m lucky enough to have met him once. Speaking of which, they’re the developers of this project. Mr. Jackson, it’s been a long time since we met. Are you here today to inspect the construction site?”

Alaric nodded calmly. “You’re being too courteous. This project belongs to Mr. Larson now and I’m here today to accompany him for the inspection.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 607

Upon hearing that, everyone was shocked.

This villa area needed a lot of funding and it was developed under the collaboration between two of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff back then.

There were only a few people who could afford to take over this project, which led them to wonder how much funds Matthew really had.

Leo and the two others were especially dumbfounded and their eyes almost popped out.

As for Grace, she finally understood why Matthew had told her to get lost after she recovered from her shock.

It turned out that this villa area belonged to Matthew so naturally, he had the right to chase them out!

Even so, she refused to resign herself to defeat so she taunted in jealousy, “Matthew, you truly are successful in living off a woman! This project must be sponsored by your wife, isn’t it? That’s why I’ve always said that no matter how hard you study, it’s better to marry a wealthy spouse. Look at our class monitor, who still has to rush off his feet for a living no matter how hardworking he is, and compare him to Matthew, who rose meteorically right after getting married. Sigh! In the future, all the men in the world won’t bother working hard since they can succeed in life by living off women.”

At once, the villagers burst into laughter while Leo said in contempt, “A real man should have high integrity and be dauntless. We should never live off charity. No matter how challenging things get, I’ll only spend the money that I earn. Even if I die of starvation, I’ll never ask a woman to pay for my food!”

His words were instantly approved by many and the contempt in the crowd’s eyes could almost bury Matthew.

Julian couldn’t hold it in any longer and mocked, “You wish to spend women’s money but sadly, you can’t. Have you forgotten about Leanna?”

At once, embarrassment overtook Leo’s face while he recalled how he boasted about his relationship with Leanna in public previously.

Yet, Leanna went to fetch Matthew that very night and completely proved him wrong, which utterly humiliated him in front of all his classmates.

“I have no time to waste with you! Director Redd, what do you think?” Leo asked.

In a low voice, Jonathan asked, “Master Hanson, what do you think the cause of this issue is?”

Looking arrogant, Master Hanson glanced at Matthew from the corner of his eyes and replied, “Since the person-in-charge is here, I’ll save my words.”

He was keeping Matthew in suspense as he wanted Matthew to beg him.

Yet, Matthew sneered and said, “You’re right. Since I’m here, you should stop teaching a fish how to swim so that you won’t make a fool of yourself.”

Master Hanson’s expression instantly changed and he flew into rage. “Arrogant brat! Fine, I’ll show you the real deal today. Later on, don’t beg for my help!”

Sneering, Leo mocked, “Matthew, you should be humble since you’re doing business. How dare you offend Master Hanson? You must have given up in developing this villa area! Without the pointers from Master Hanson, this land is just a piece of trash!”

Matthew just smiled without speaking. After all, they were nothing to him.

Master Hanson got even more furious at his attitude. He then took out his compass and walked back and forth the lakeside, seemingly doing some calculation. After that, he looked around before walking back to them.

“Were there two big rocks near the pond in the past?” Master Hanson asked sternly.

Jonathan immediately nodded. “Yes, there were. Master Hanson, how did you know?”

Master Hanson sneered. “You might not know, but the name of this pond was Dragon Pearl. The two big rocks represented the dragon’s horns and the pond represented the dragon’s mouth. When a dragon spits out water, it helps to protect the people. This pond was initially extremely beneficial for human’s health but now that the dragon’s horns are removed, the dragon has become a snake. On top of that, the pond was expanded, turning it into a situation representing a snake swallowing a whale. Snakes are venomous so what do you think will happen when the water is spit out by a snake?”

The villagers that followed around him were shocked.

Then, they started to grind their teeth. “I’ve known from the beginning that we mustn’t alter this pond because it protects the villages.”

“These heartless developers! They put all of us in danger because they insisted on dredging this pond!”

“My poor uncle! His death was unjust!”

“Not only is your uncle a victim, my father is sick in bed too!”

“These b*stards are too cruel!”

Hearing the villagers’ comments, Leo immediately scoffed and chided, “Matthew, as a developer, shouldn’t you consider the life and well-being of the villagers? In order to earn money, you’re willing to do anything and even disrupt the feng shui of the village, which ruined so many families and took so many lives. Do you still have a conscience? Did you feed your conscience to the dog and trade it for money?”

He was putting all the blame on Matthew.

It was only then did the villagers recall Matthew was the developer of this place.

At once, all the villagers charged toward Matthew and surrounded him while cursing him.

“You heartless bast*rd!”

“Give me back my uncle’s life!”

“Compensate us! You have to compensate us with money!”

“If you don’t give us an explanation for this incident, don’t ever dream of leaving here!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 608

Leo watched the scene smugly. He had deliberately put the blame on Matthew just to make things difficult for him.

Tiger immediately led his men to shield Matthew in the middle.

At the same time, the villagers who were pushed away from Matthew got even angrier as they cursed. It looked like a fight was about to break out.

At that moment, Julian helplessly explained, “Everyone, you should find fault with the right person. The previous developer of this project is the Lach Family and we’re not involved in this at all. We only took over this project a few days ago so what happened earlier has nothing to do with us. What’s the point of finding fault with us?”

Those villagers couldn’t help but look at each other.

Grace sneered and said, “Why should we bother about that? Since you’ve taken over this project, it’s only natural for us to come to you for a solution. Look at the damage you’ve done to the villages! Yet, you’re passing the buck right now? You and the other developers must have lost all your conscience. How can you risk others’ lives to make money?”

These few sentences stirred the anger in the villagers’ hearts again.

Fiercely, they charged at Matthew while one of them shouted, “Hit him, hit them! Hit them to death!”

Just before the clash began, Matthew suddenly said, “You guys surely deserve to die.”

As soon as he said that, everyone was stunned.

They didn’t expect Matthew to have the guts to say that in such a situation. Wouldn’t that be adding fuel to the flame?

Even Julian was stunned because this wasn’t the usual Matthew.

On the contrary, Leo was overjoyed and he seized an opportunity to shout, “Matthew, you bast*rd! You’re such an evil person. Look at what you did to the villagers in order to make money! Yet, not only are you completely unrepentant, but you even cursed them. Are you still a human? A person like you should go to the depths of hell after you die!”

Those villagers were infuriated while they clamored to hit Matthew.

Being rational, Jonathan walked over and stopped the villagers while glaring angrily at Matthew.

“Matthew, I don’t care who you are but I want you to get lost right now! A person like you is not welcomed here. Plus, don’t ever dream of developing this place. No matter how much you spend, I’ll make it a waste!” Jonathan chided coldly.

Leo was delighted upon hearing that. It was indeed great news if Matthew could lose money in this incident.

Julian and the others started to panic.

They came today to find a solution but if Matthew continued with the fuss, this project would be halted forever.

“Matthew, let’s not fight against them.” Julian tried to convince Matthew.

Looking calm, Matthew replied slowly, “I’m willing to leave but I hope that you won’t beg for my help in the future.”

Jonathan burst out laughing. “Who do you think you are? Do you feel terrific just because you’re rich? Let me tell you, I’m not the least bit interested in your money so begging you will only happen in your dreams!”

Matthew chuckled. “You don’t even know what disaster awaits you. How pathetic.”

Jonathan was annoyed and immediately rebutted, “What do you mean? What disaster? Are you threatening me? I’m not afraid of you at all! Come at me as you wish and if I flinch, I’ll honor your last name!”

Knitting his eyebrows, Matthew advised sternly, “I won’t argue with you since you won’t have long to live. However, as a doctor, I ought to remind you that suffering from headaches thrice a day—in the morning, noon and at night—isn’t a good sign. If you don’t visit a doctor in time, you’ll be dead in three days.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 609

Upon hearing that, Jonathan was stunned.

Grace sneered, “Matthew, stop acting like an expert. We studied in the same vocational school and you didn’t even graduate. How dare you claim to be a doctor? You make yourself sound impressive but the truth is, you’re just trash! As a loser, you should’ve stayed humble and continue living off women. Why are you going around deceiving others? You­—”

Suddenly, Jonathan shouted angrily, “Shut up!”

Grace was stupefied, wondering what had gotten into Jonathan.

Nervously, Jonathan looked at Matthew. “M-Mr. Larson, h-how did you know about my condition?”

Matthew sniggered. “Not only do I know your condition, but I also know the condition of everyone here.”

Jonathan was stunned “Huh? Wh-What do you mean by everyone?”

Matthew replied, “I mean everyone in your village.”

Jonathan widened his eyes. “Mr. Larson, y-you must be kidding. Wh-What do you know about us?”

Matthew casually extended his arm and pointed at one of the villagers. “You’ll feel bloated at 7 to 8 a.m. every day and after 9 p.m., you can’t sleep due to hunger. No matter how much you eat that night, you’ll still have supper.”

That villager widened his eyes. “H-How did you know that?”

Without answering him, Matthew pointed at another villager. “Your appetite doubled compared to the past but you’re getting skinnier. Although you won’t notice it from the outside, you’re actually losing weight.”

That villager was stunned. “Who told you that?”

Matthew replied coldly, “I don’t need to ask anyone because I can see it with just a glance. All of you are ill and although everyone’s condition is different, the cause is the same. If you don’t get treated in time, every one of you will die within a year.”

Everyone widened their eyes while staring at Matthew in disbelief.

Right at that moment, Master Hanson suddenly said, “Young man, stop making up nonsense to frighten them. I know you’re rich so you must have enquired about the situation of everyone here before you came, haven’t you? Then, you gathered all their information and told them their condition based on the information you received just to fool these honest villagers. Let me tell you, none of us is a fool so don’t think you can trick us!”

At once, the villagers’ expressions changed. Could it be that Matthew had indeed received their information beforehand and deliberately used it to deceive them?

After glancing at Master Hanson, Matthew sneered, “Jonathan, didn’t you ask me why I said that all of you deserve to die? I’ll answer that now. It’s because you trusted this con man who will lead all of you to your demise!”

Upon hearing that, everyone at the scene burst into an uproar.

Master Hanson immediately blew his top. He pointed at Matthew and shouted, “What did you say? My teacher is Master Herold and I’m considered Dr. Ellis’s apprentice. Do you know that I’m a distinguished guest for countless nobles and eminent high officials in Eastcliff, and even the entire Eastshire? Who do you think you are to talk to me so rudely?!”

Leo immediately chimed in, “Matthew, how dare you?! Do you think that you can do as you please because your wife is from a rich family? Your assets are just a drop in the ocean in Master Hanson’s eyes. How dare you talk rudely to Master Hanson? You’re digging your own grave! Now, kneel and kowtow to Master Hanson to apologize. Perhaps he’ll spare your life. Otherwise, even your wife and her family will pay for this!”

Grace scoffed as well. “Matthew, it’s up to you now. This is the time for you to repay your wife after living off of her for years. By kneeling and kowtowing, you can save her and her family. Isn’t that a bargain?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 610

Matthew glanced at both of them contemptuously while mocking, “One of you is a clown and the other is a con man, so how dare you act so arrogantly? Dragon Pearl? A snake swallowing a whale? Bullshit! You really are an expert in making up terms to deceive people!”

Master Hanso’s blood boiled. “Ignorant brat! What do you know? What rights do you have to say that I’m deceiving them?”

Matthew sneered, “You want rights? Fine, I’ll tell you what rights I have.”

After that, Matthew directly told Tiger, “Fetch Dr. Ellis here and tell him that I have something to discuss with him!”

Tiger immediately nodded and left with the car.

Meanwhile, the people around them were stunned, especially Jonathan, who stared at Matthew in astonishment. “Mr. Larson, d-do you know Dr. Ellis?”

Jonathan even changed the way he addressed Matthew and that couldn’t be helped because Dr. Ellis had a great reputation.

In fact, everyone in Eastshire had heard of Dr. Ellis.

On the contrary, Master Hanson started to panic.

After all, his titles were all fake and he was indeed a con man.

As for his relationship with Master Herold and Dr. Ellis, he had made them up in order to boost his prestige.

Unexpectedly, he met someone who truly knew Dr. Ellis today and it seemed like he would be in trouble.

Yet, Leo didn’t know about the truth so he immediately scoffed when he heard that. “Matthew, stop being pretentious. How would someone like you know Dr. Ellis? You must have asked someone to pose as Dr. Ellis to deceive us, haven’t you? Let me tell you, Master Hanson is the apprentice of Dr. Ellis so your trick is useless!”

Furrowing his eyebrows, Jonathan glanced at Matthew while saying coldly, “I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Ellis once and he’s a god-like figure in my heart. If anyone dares to pose as Dr. Ellis, don’t blame me for coming after you.”

He went out of his way to make a point because he somehow felt that Matthew was a con man.

Without speaking, Matthew smiled confidently.

Meanwhile, Master Hanson, who was standing opposite them, was on tenterhooks. Since he was lying, he was genuinely afraid that Matthew would bring Dr. Ellis here.

At the same time, he couldn’t flee now so he could only hope for the best.

If Matthew was lying, he would be safe.

In less than half an hour, Tiger came back.

Everyone stared at Tiger without blinking while he opened the car door, and an elder got out of the car.

Upon seeing that elder, Jonathan was first stunned. Then, his expression changed while he immediately rushed to greet him.

Jonathan was over ten meters away from Dr. Ellis but he had already bowed and cupped his hand while greeting, “Dr. Ellis, I hope everything’s well for you.”

As soon as he said that, the entire scene went into an uproar.

Undoubtedly, this person was Dr. Ellis.

At once, Master Hanson’s face turned pale and he almost slumped to the ground.

Now that the real Dr. Ellis was here, he was doomed.

The villagers gathered around Dr. Ellis immediately. After all, he was a legendary figure.

Many had heard of his legends but they had never seen him.

Shockingly, he had come here today and everyone felt like they were meeting a celebrity.

Jonathan tried to stop the excited crowd from getting too near to Dr. Ellis.

As for himself, he reverently stood beside Dr. Ellis.

Yet, Dr. Ellis didn’t even bother to look at Jonathan.

Instead, he walked toward Matthew under everyone’s gaze and cupped his hand while saying, “Mr. Larson, how can I help you? Don’t hesitate to tell me if you need my help.”

Everyone was shocked once again.

As a divine existence, why did Dr. Ellis talk to Matthew in this manner? He wasn’t just polite but reverent!

Little did they know that after the Six Southern States Medical Conference, Dr. Ellis had started regarding Matthew as god.

Whenever he met Matthew, he would behave as if he was Matthew’s junior and respected him.

According to Dr. Ellis, anyone who had greater expertise would be his teacher.

Since Matthew’s medical skills surpassed his, he should be reverent to him!

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