The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 61-70

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 61

Demi suddenly said, “Sasha, just accept the flowers. It’s just Young Master Cooper’s small wish. You’re not going to leave him hanging, are you?”

James joined in, “She’s right. Young Master Cooper is your childhood sweetheart so there’s nothing wrong with accepting his flowers.”

Helen added, “Sasha, don’t be rude. Just accept the flowers!”

Sasha’s face turned red. How could I accept these flowers?

Just then, a hand appeared out of nowhere and took the bouquet of flowers from Francis’s hands. It was Matthew.

“Young Master Cooper, you come from a wealthy family so you should know politeness and ethics. Yet, you’re giving flowers to a married woman. Are all members of the Cooper family this shameless?” Matthew said with a chuckle.

The expression of everyone in the room changed. James angrily slammed his fist on the table and roared, “Matthew, what are you talking about? How could you insult Young Master Cooper like that?”

Helen joined in and yelled, “Hurry up and apologize to Young Master Cooper!”

Demi added, “Matthew, how dare you compare yourself with Young Master Cooper? A single strand of Young Master Cooper’s hair is even more valuable than you. Do you understand?!”

At first, Francis was a little furious, but after hearing what everyone said, a smile appeared on his face. He glanced sideways at Matthew and didn’t say anything. He was waiting for Matthew to apologize.

Just then, Sasha directly held onto Matthew’s arm and softly asked, “Young Master Cooper, is there a reason for your visit today?”

“Get Matthew to apologize first!” Demi yelled.

Sasha ignored her and continued, “If there’s nothing else you want to say, I have some business to deal with at my company. Matthew, send me to my office!”

Hearing this, Francis’s expression turned cold. She’s trying to chase me out of the house.

He glared angrily at Matthew before he forced a smile and said, “Sasha, a friend told me that you borrowed money from a loan shark today.”

Sasha instantly looked upset. With a solemn expression, she asked, “How did you find out?”

Francis replied, “The loan shark that you borrowed money from, Henry, is a blabbermouth and is notorious for his bad reputation. He spread word everywhere that the most beautiful woman of Eastcliff borrowed money from him. He even said that if you can’t pay him back in a month, he’ll force you to sleep with him. Everyone knows about this now!”

Sasha’s face turned dark. This is simply an insult!

Francis then sighed regretfully. “Sasha, if you’re facing any difficulties, you can just come to me. Why did you go to a loan shark? It’s just a small amount of money. How much do you need? I’ll transfer it to you and you can use it for turnover first. Don’t you know that you should never get involved with people like that?”

Hearing this, there was a gleam of hope in Helen’s eyes. “Young Master Cooper, a-are you sure?”

Francis replied, “Aunt Helen, I’ve already said that you shouldn’t treat me like an outsider. There’s nothing wrong with lending you money. Sasha, I can transfer 50 million to you first. How about it? Is it enough? If it’s not, I can transfer an additional 50 million to you within three days!”

James and Helen were overjoyed and they nodded vigorously. “That’ll be enough. Young Master Cooper, you really are a loyal friend. Sasha is really lucky to have a friend like you!”

As they spoke, the two of them even glanced at Matthew in disgust.

How can two people of the same age differ so much?

James said, “Young Master Cooper, we’ll pay you interest using the highest interest rate out of all banks currently. What do you think?”

“Uncle, are you kidding me?” Francis widened his eyes and stared at him. “I’m lending money to Sasha. Do you really think I will ask for interest? Are you trying to embarrass me so that I wouldn’t dare to step foot in your house anymore?”

“I…” James panicked.

Seeing this, Helen hurriedly said, “Young Master Cooper, I could tell that you were a kind man ever since you were young.”

Demi joined in and said, “Sasha, look how good Young Master Cooper treats you. You should stop worrying and treat Young Master Cooper to a meal later to express your gratitude!”

James and Helen chimed in, “She’s right. The two of you should go out and have dinner while we eat at home. Matthew will cook for us!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 62

Sasha looked distressed because she knew the price she had to pay after borrowing money from Francis, and she couldn’t accept it.

“Young Master Cooper, thank you for your offer but I don’t need money right now!”

Matthew immediately felt a warm feeling in his heart, and he was happy Sasha said that.

“Sasha!” James roared. “Do you not know the situation you’re in right now? What do you mean, you don’t need money?! The company’s bank account is already frozen, yet you say you don’t need it!”


“Shut your mouth. Are you planning to borrow money from a loan shark and let the whole family live in shame for the rest of our lives?”

“That’s not what I meant…”

“If that’s not what you intend to do, do what Young Master Cooper says. Go out right now and treat Young Master Cooper to dinner to express your gratitude!”

Tears welled up in Sasha’s eyes. Her parents had always been compelling and there was nothing she could do but feel aggrieved.

Just then, Matthew spoke up. “Sasha is right. We don’t need his money!”

“Why would you say that?” Helen was infuriated. “Matthew, do you know the company’s current situation? Are you trying to kill Sasha?”

James was also furious. “Matthew, not only are you a loser, but you are also extremely selfish. Do you know that Sasha borrowed money from a loan shark? Do you know the consequences of borrowing money from them?”

Demi yelled, “You have no abilities, yet you’re jealous of others. I’ve never met such a loser like you before!”

Matthew ignored them and looked at Sasha calmly. “Sasha, trust me. The company bank account will definitely be unfrozen tomorrow!”

Looking at Matthew’s sincere gaze, Sasha felt safe.

However, James shouted, “Trust you? Did you just say that the company bank account will be unfrozen tomorrow? Matthew, you really know how to brag. Are you still daydreaming?”

Helen chimed in, “Matthew, are you planning to ask Billy Newman for help? Do you know that Billy Newman said that he has repaid all his debt to you and doesn’t owe you anything? We met Mr. Newman yesterday and he told us exactly that. Do you understand?”

Sasha spoke up at this moment. “Dad, Mom, I trust Matthew!”


“Stop talking!” Sasha waved her hand and said, “Young Master Cooper, thank you for the kind offer but we really don’t need your money! Demi, return all the gifts to Young Master Cooper. I’m sorry Young Master Cooper, we don’t cook much for dinner so I’m afraid that you can’t stay and eat with us!”

Francis looked upset. Sasha has given the order to chase me out of the house.

Helen immediately roared, “Sasha, don’t be capricious!”

However, Sasha didn’t even say a word and went straight to her room. Then, she closed the door loudly to show her stance. James and Helen looked at each other in dismay because they knew that once Sasha made a decision, they couldn’t change her mind.

Francis looked grim. After a while, he forced a smile and said, “Uncle, Aunty, it’s okay. Save the gifts. If Sasha can’t solve this problem by tomorrow, let me know!”

After he left Cunningham residence, a sinister grin instantly appeared on Francis’s face and he gritted his teeth.

“Sasha, you b*tch. How dare you treat me like this? I’ll just wait and see how you’ll unfreeze the bank account. If you can’t solve this, you’ll have to kneel before me. When that happens, you’ll find out how I’m going to make you pay!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 63

“Matthew!” Helen was infuriated. “You said that the company’s bank account can be unfrozen. Tell me, how are you planning to do that?”

Matthew replied, “The person in charge of this is a manager called Bart. We’ll invite him to join us for lunch tomorrow and the problem will be solved.”

James and Helen were immediately disappointed. “Nonsense. If it could be solved so easily, we would have done it! Bart is obviously targeting us. Do you really think that having a meal with him will solve the problem?”

Demi glared at Matthew with deep hatred. “Matthew, let me explain it to you simply. Bart is doing this because he wants Sasha, but you’re asking her to treat him to a meal? Are you planning to let Sasha sleep with him?”

James was furious as well. “Matthew, you really are a worthless loser! You just pushed Sasha into a fire pit!”

Helen joined in, “Young Master Cooper was kind enough to lend money to Sasha without any conditions but you rejected him. Instead, you’re asking Sasha to treat an old man with bad intentions to a meal. Matthew, I believe that no loser is as worthless as you are!”

Demi yelled, “He just hates to see us happy!”

Sasha, who was in her room, was also disappointed. I thought Matthew had a good solution. I didn’t expect him to suggest this. Bart is not a good person, and treating him to a meal would basically put me in a position that lets him insult me as much as he wants. Matthew, you disappoint me!

“Enough. Matthew, you should prepare a divorce with Sasha.” James waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry. After you get a divorce, we’ll give you 500,000 as compensation. It should last you for a long time!”

Matthew sighed and said, “Please believe in me. Inviting him to lunch tomorrow will definitely solve this problem!”

Hearing this, Helen yelled, “Why should we trust you?”

Matthew instantly replied, “I will guarantee it with my life!”

“You…” Helen was suddenly at a loss for words.

After a while, Helen muttered in a low voice, “How much do you think your useless life is worth?!”

After dinner, James and Helen went downstairs for a walk. Not long after, they saw Liam running toward them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham!” Liam called out anxiously. “I have something to discuss with you.”

“What is it?” the two of them asked in surprise.

Liam mysteriously said, “When I was working, I got to know a big shot that is really powerful. I told him about the problem with the company’s bank account today and he said that he could easily solve it just by talking to someone.”

“What?” James and Helen said impatiently, “Then can we ask him for help?”

“Of course. Otherwise, I wouldn’t come to tell you!” Liam said with a smile. “Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham, coincidentally, this big shot is free tonight so I asked him to come over. Why don’t you two come with me and meet him so that we can discuss it?”

James lowered his voice and replied, “We’re meeting him now? We didn’t prepare anything. Why don’t I go and buy some gifts for him first?”

Hearing this, Liam pursed his lips and said, “Don’t worry about it. A big shot like him earns over 100,000 in a minute. Do you really think he cares about gifts?”

“You’re right!” James was overjoyed. “Liam, we’re lucky to have you. Let’s go and meet this big shot right now!”

When James and Helen returned home, they looked delighted.

“Sasha, you don’t have to worry about the company’s bank account anymore!” James waved his arms in excitement. “You can be rest assured that it will be unfrozen soon!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 64

“What?” Sasha was dumbfounded. She wondered why her parents suddenly became so confident after coming back from their walk.

James said, “One more thing. From tomorrow onward, Liam will be your personal secretary and driver!”

“No!” Sasha instantly refused.

“You have to agree no matter what!” Helen said angrily. “Sasha, Liam is thoughtful and detailed and he’s part of our family. We feel rest assured with him staying by your side to help. How could you manage such a big company by yourself?”

Sasha was infuriated. “I’ve already told you no. If he must come to the company, I’ll sell the company tomorrow!”

“You…” Helen was stunned as she never thought Sasha would resist so strongly. “Enough. It’s just a small matter,” James said as he waved his hand. “Will you agree to give Liam some company projects?”

Hearing this, Sasha turned to look at Matthew. After seeing that he didn’t object, she let out a sigh of relief and said, “Only small projects.”

With that, James and Helen muttered to themselves as they returned to their room.

After they left, Matthew walked over and hugged Sasha from behind. Then, he whispered, “Thank you, Sasha!”

When Sasha felt the warmth from Matthew’s body, she felt her body relax.

“You really are fearless! Who allowed you to hug me, huh?”

Sasha glared at Matthew but she was the first to burst into laughter.

That night, Matthew continued to sleep on his small bed. However, he had a feeling that it shouldn’t take long before he could sleep with Sasha.

The next morning, Matthew received a call from Mr. Harrison and heard that Mr. Graham had recovered.

Specifically, Mr. Graham was able to have sex with his wife last night. After Mr. Graham came back from Orleans, he hadn’t been able to do so for a long time. Even though his wound had not healed yet, his body had a reaction last night and he was so overjoyed, he almost passed out.

However, Matthew already guessed Mr. Graham would have this result.

He asked Mr. Harrison to come retrieve a mini Rejuvenating pill from him to hand to Mr. Graham. At the same time, he also asked Mr. Harrison to tell Mr. Graham there was a banquet at noon that he needed to attend.

Matthew remembered that Mr. Harrison mentioned that Graham had tremendous power in the banking industry in Eastcliff, and even the whole Eastshire.

Would Bart’s power be able to compare with Mr. Graham’s?

Meanwhile, Francis was sitting in Bart’s office at the bank.

“It seems that the b*tch’s loser husband is planning to come to you for help.”

Bart sneered, “He’s planning to treat me to a meal? Do I look like the kind person that will easily accept invitations? If I agree to have a meal with that loser, my reputation will be ruined!”

Francis smiled and waved his hand. “Uncle Bart, you should at least give people a chance. Since they invited you to a meal, you should accept it. You can also grab the opportunity to make them completely give up. Am I right?”

There was a flicker in Bart’s eyes. “Are you saying that I should accept his invitation and embarrass him in front of everyone?”

“Yes!” Francis nodded and said. “That b*tch Sasha is still hopeful. This time, I want her to feel complete despair and let her know that no one else in the world can help her except me! This way, she will kneel before me obediently!”

Hearing this, Bart burst into laughter. “Francis, you really have a lot of devilish ideas. Fine, I’ll do as you say. This afternoon, I will completely humiliate Matthew!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 65

James and Helen both walked up to the entrance of Crowne Plaza at noon.

“Do you think Mr. Jones is reliable?” Helen said softly. “He said that he’ll handle the problem for us. Is that possible?”

Mr. Jones was the big shot that Liam introduced to them the night before.

James told Mr. Jones about the company’s frozen bank account last night and he agreed to help him handle it.

However, James was still worried. “Let’s just wait and see. Besides, we have nothing to lose. It’ll be great if he can help us solve the problem. If he can’t, at least Sasha will give up hope and ask Young Master Cooper for help!”

Helen nodded and said, “You’re right. Solving the company’s problem is not the key to the meeting. The most important thing is to make Sasha give up hope! In my opinion, Young Master Cooper is the best partner for Sasha. After all, he is worth several hundred millions and he is from a powerful family. If Sasha marries him, her business will be much smoother. When that happens, we would be able to be one of the wealthy families in Eastcliff that Eric Cunningham and the others wouldn’t be able to compare.”

There was a gleam of hope in James’s eyes. He felt extremely humiliated to be controlled by Eric Cunningham. Now that he had the chance to retaliate, he naturally wouldn’t want to miss it.

“The most important thing is to ask Matthew to divorce Sasha!” James said through gritted teeth. “If it weren’t for him dragging Sasha down, Sasha would’ve married into a wealthy family long ago!”

“You’re right!” Helen was angry too. “We’ll use the lunch meeting today as an excuse. If Matthew can’t solve the problem, we’ll force him to divorce Sasha!”

The two of them arrived at the VIP room that Matthew mentioned. After they pushed the door open and entered the room, they noticed that there were already five people sitting inside.

Matthew and Sasha had arrived long ago. The other three people were Old Mrs. Graham, Mr. Graham and Mr. Graham’s wife.

Mr. Graham’s wife was called Alice Buckner. At that moment, she was snuggling up to Mr. Graham like a newlywed.

As for Mr. Graham, he was full of vigor and looked energetic, completely different from his decadent past.

The revival of his manly power last night made him feel like he was reborn. This morning, he received a mini Rejuvenating pill from Mr. Harrison again. After swallowing it, not only did his injury fully recover, but he also felt extremely energetic.

Mr. Graham was almost 40 years old but at that instant, he felt so lively, he felt like he wasn’t even 30. All of these were all thanks to Matthew’s help, which was why Mr. Graham was extremely grateful toward him. Naturally, even Sasha didn’t know about Mr. Graham’s identity. When James and Helen saw these three people, they looked confused.

Matthew hurriedly got up to introduce them and Mr. Graham even stretched out his hand and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham, nice to meet you. I’m a friend of Matthew’s!”

James and Helen glanced at each other. A friend of Matthew’s? He’s probably on the same level as him.

They didn’t even reach out to shake Mr. Graham’s hand. Instead, they directly sat down and said, “Matthew, the lunch banquet today is to deal with official business. Do you think it’s suitable to choose this time to treat your friend?”

Mr. Graham looked embarrassed. Seeing this, Sasha hurriedly said, “Dad, Mom, Mr. Graham is here to join the meeting.”

“Join the meeting?” Helen sneered. “Do you know who we are meeting this noon? We’re meeting with Mr. Jenkins, a senior manager in charge of most of the bank’s business. Not everybody can join the meeting.”

Sasha also felt embarrassed. “Mom, don’t… Stop talking nonsense! Mr. Graham, I’m sorry. My mother is just joking around!”

Mr. Graham could tell Matthew’s position in the Cunningham family and felt curious, but he wasn’t really bothered by it. From the beginning to the end, James and Helen looked at Mr. Graham and his family in disgust. During their conversation, it was obvious that they were mocking them, but fortunately, Mr. Graham and his family were in a good mood today. Furthermore, for Matthew’s sake, they didn’t rebuke them.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 66
It was past 12pm but Bart still hadn’t arrived yet.

“Matthew, did you manage to invite Mr. Jenkins?” Helen couldn’t help but ask angrily.

Matthew hurriedly replied, “Yes, I did. He told me that he would come.”

Helen glared at him and yelled, “Don’t ruin this meeting! If something goes wrong, I’ll never forgive you.”

It was after 12.30pm when the door was suddenly kicked open. Then, Bart, who was dressed in a suit, strode in.

“F*ck! You people invited me to lunch but didn’t even greet me at the entrance. If you’re so insincere, why the hell did you even invite me?!”

Bart started cursing as soon as he entered the room.

Hearing this, James hurriedly got up and said, “Mr. Jenkins, we’re really sorry that we neglected this. Please forgive us. Come, take a seat!”

Helen smiled ingratiatingly and said, “Mr. Jenkins, please forgive us for our mistakes. It’s because of that b*stard Matthew who isn’t good at handling things. We’ll teach him a lesson later!”

“If he’s not good at handling things, then don’t do anything at all!” Bart cursed. “I’m already here, so why should you wait till later to teach him a lesson?!”

Helen looked embarrassed. Then, she glared at Matthew and yelled, “Matthew, hurry up and apologize to Mr. Jenkins!”

All of a sudden, Bart burst into laughter. “Why don’t you kneel down and crawl over here?”

Sasha was instantly infuriated. However, just when she was about to speak, Mr. Graham, who was sitting in the seat furthest away from the door suddenly said, “Mr. Jenkins, we’re all friends here. Why don’t you sit down and eat with us for my sake?”

Bart immediately looked up and scolded, “I gave you a chance but you f*cking…”

His voice stopped abruptly. Bart looked at Mr. Graham dumbfoundedly and it was as if somebody had suddenly stole his soul as he stood completely still.

Helen was surprised. “You… You know Mr. Jenkins?”

“We met a few times.” Mr. Graham smiled faintly and asked, “Isn’t that right, Mr. Jenkins?”

At that instant, Bart’s face turned red and he was sweating from head to toe.

“Mr. Gra… Gra…” Bart was trembling so hard, he couldn’t even finish his sentence.

“There’s no need to waste time. Take a seat!” Mr. Graham calmly said. “It’s getting late. Why don’t we start eating?”

Bart was trembling and didn’t dare to say a word. He quickly sat down in panic, but he only rested half of his bottom on the chair as if he was ready to stand up at any moment.

James and Helen didn’t notice the horror in Bart’s eyes. After seeing Bart sit down, Helen hurriedly picked up the menu and said, “Mr. Jenkins, please take a look at the menu.”

Bart stuttered, “I-I shouldn’t be the one ordering… Give it to Mr. Graham…”

However, Mr. Graham directly said, “Mr. Jenkins, why don’t you help us order some dishes?”

Bart’s hands were shaking as he picked up the menu, and his finger pointed on the menu a few times. “Let’s eat this… and this one…”

Helen was at a loss and said softly, “Mr. Jenkins, you’re pointing at the restaurant’s contact number, not a dish…”

“Oh… really?” Bart was shivering in fear and he simply ordered a few dishes.

Helen didn’t know what was wrong with Bart. She then picked up the menu and ordered a few more.

It was after the dishes were served that Bart stopped trembling. However, he was even more frightened because Mr. Graham kept calling Matthew and Sasha his friend. Even Mr. Graham’s mother, Old Mrs. Graham, looked at Matthew as if she was looking at her own child. Why is Mr. Graham, the person who controls the lifeblood of all the banks in Eastcliff and can decide the life and death of our president with one sentence, friends with a loser like Matthew?

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 67

For the whole course of the meal, they didn’t talk much about the frozen account. To be exact, Bart was trembling so hard, he didn’t even say much.

James and Helen kept finding opportunities to discuss the frozen bank account with Bart but he wasn’t speaking, so they didn’t know what to do.

As for Mr. Graham, he only spoke to Matthew since the beginning and ignored Bart. Seeing this, James and Helen were furious. At first, they thought that since Mr. Graham was friends with Bart, he would be able to help solve the problem.

However, in the end, he didn’t say a word to Bart. What’s the point of this lunch meeting?

After they finished lunch, Old Mrs. Graham held Sasha’s hand and smiled as she said, “This lady is really pretty. Matthew, you have a beautiful wife!”

Matthew chuckled happily and Sasha blushed. “Old Mrs. Graham, you’re too kind!”

“The biggest regret I have is not having a daughter.” Old Mrs. Graham smiled and asked, “Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham, can I have Sasha as my goddaughter?”

James instantly frowned and Helen forced a smile as she said, “Old Mrs. Graham, my daughter is the president of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals…”

However, Sasha interrupted her and said, “Old Mrs. Graham, it’s an honor that you’re willing to be my godmother. From now on, I’ll be your goddaughter!”

Old Mrs. Graham was overjoyed and she chuckled happily. Then, she removed a jade bracelet from her wrist and said, “I finally have a goddaughter. My mother gave this jade bracelet to me a long time ago and asked me to pass this heirloom to my daughter. Unfortunately, I don’t have a daughter and I thought that I would have to wear it to my grave. However, now that I have a goddaughter, this jade bracelet will have a successor!”

As Old Mrs. Graham spoke, she placed the jade bracelet into Sasha’s hands. “Oh, my darling Sasha. From now on, this bracelet belongs to you. When you and Matthew have a daughter and she gets married, you have to pass this down to her!”

Sasha was blushing as she muttered, “Old Mrs. Graham, I-I don’t think this is appropriate… It’s too valuable…”

“Why isn’t it appropriate? To me, having a goddaughter is more important than anything else!”

With that, Old Mrs. Graham forcefully stuffed the jade bracelet into Sasha’s hand. Then, she smiled and said, “I think it’s time for us to leave. Matthew, treat my goddaughter nicely, and you’re not allowed to bully her!”

Matthew smiled and replied, “Don’t worry. In this life, she will be the only one bullying me because I will never bully her!”

“That’s a manly thing to say!” Old Mrs. Graham nodded satisfyingly. With that, she bid farewell and left.

After seeing Old Mrs. Graham leave, Helen’s face darkened. “Sasha, have you gone mad? That old hag appeared from nowhere and you just took her as your godmother?”

“Mom, I’m just taking her as my godmother. What’s wrong with that?” Sasha replied. “Besides, she treats me well!”

Helen immediately scolded her. “She treats you well because she is eyeing the wealth that comes with your position as the president of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. She knows that you are worth hundreds of millions so she wants to take advantage of you and us!”

James was also annoyed. “Sasha, you’re a president of a company. You should be able to tell what purpose she has for getting close to you. The Graham family came here just to have a free meal and didn’t solve anything at all. All they did was have a chat. Do you really think they’re worth your time?”

Sasha felt embarrassed. “Dad, Old Mrs. Graham and her family are good people!”

“Enough! Stop talking!” Helen yelled angrily. “Matthew, what’s your reason for inviting them to lunch today? Did you solve the problem? Is the bank account already unfrozen?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 68

With a calm expression, Matthew said, “Helen, don’t worry. The problem has been settled and the bank account will be unfrozen soon.”

Helen shot daggers at Matthew and replied, “Matthew, are you so skilled at lying that you don’t even have to think before you speak anymore? Well then, let’s see whether the account will be unfrozen today! I’m warning you in advance. If the bank account isn’t unfrozen by the end of the day, you better be prepared to divorce Sasha!”

“Mom!” Sasha was starting to get anxious. “What are you talking about? I will never divorce Matthew!”

Helen glared at her and asked, “You don’t want to get a divorce? Well then, ask him to unfreeze the bank account. As long as you can prove that he is not lying, I won’t force you to have a divorce!”

Sasha turned to look at Matthew and saw that Matthew was calm, as if he was confident that everything would go well. Helen and James glared at him again before they strode away angrily. As soon as they arrived at the entrance of the company building, they saw Bart wandering around in a distance.

“Mr. Jenkins, why are you here?” Helen hurriedly went up to him and greeted him. “You should have told us you were coming beforehand so that I can arrange someone to welcome you in. Come in and let’s go upstairs!”

Bart lowered his head and followed the two of them upstairs. After they entered the office, Helen was about to make some tea when Bart suddenly dropped to his knees.

“Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham, I-I understand the mistake I made. I’ve already unfrozen Cunningham Pharmaceuticals’s bank account. I p-promise that something like this will never happen again. Furthermore, as long as Cunningham Pharmaceuticals needs money, I-I will make sure to fulfil your requests at once and without any hesitation. I h-hope that you will forgive me…”

James and Helen were flabbergasted. What’s happening? Why is Bart, the man who treated us rudely, suddenly kneeling before us? What the hell happened?

“Mr. Jenkins, what exactly happened?” James asked in a low voice.

Bart kept his head lowered and replied, “N-Nothing. Mr. Cunningham, can you please forgive me?”

“I…” James was at a loss and he carefully recalled their lunch at noon.

Could it be that the Graham family that Matthew invited helped us? But the Graham family didn’t even mention the bank account throughout the whole meal. Furthermore, they looked ordinary and didn’t seem to be people with power. Besides, how much power can a friend of Matthew’s have? It’s impossible that Bart is doing this for their sake.

Just then, Helen leaned close to James’s ear and whispered, “Darling, is it possible that Mr. Jones helped us?”

A flicker appeared in James’s eyes. That’s right! We asked Mr. Jones to help us last night. It seems like Mr. Jones is so powerful that Bart actually ran over here in fear and kneeled before us.

After Sasha returned to the office, she saw James and Helen smiling delightedly in the office. Helen hurriedly said, “Sasha, the company bank account is unfrozen!”

“What?” Sasha was overjoyed. “It’s really unfrozen? That’s great! I knew that Matthew would never lie to us.”

Hearing this, Helen muttered, “Do you really think it’s because of the lunch meeting that Matthew arranged? If it weren’t for me and your father worrying and finding ways to solve the problem since the beginning, the account would still be frozen.”

Sasha looked like she was at a loss so James told her about their encounter with Mr. Jones.

“Sasha, Liam really made a lot of effort to solve the problem,” Helen said. “Now you know who is the one who truly worries for our family and makes decisions that benefit us. Matthew is a complete loser. He even invited his friend to eat for free at the lunch meeting this noon. In the end, he did nothing. As for Liam, even though you don’t like him, he has done a lot for the company and our family. If Liam didn’t ask Mr. Jones for help, our company would have been doomed. Understand?”

With a frown, Sasha said, “Mom, I think you’ve made a mistake. I’m sure it was my godmother who helped us!”

Helen immediately glared at her and yelled, “Bullsh*t! Do you really think that godmother of yours has the ability to do so? They didn’t even mention our company during lunch, so what did they do to help? Why are you stupid enough to be fooled by them?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 69

Not long after Bart returned to his office at the bank, Francis walked in.

“Uncle, how did it go?” Francis asked with a look of anticipation on his face. “Did Matthew kneel before you?”

Hearing this, Bart directly grabbed a file from the table and threw it at Francis.

“Bstard! Fck you!” Bart cursed. “Francis, are you trying to ruin me?”

“What’s wrong?” Francis was at a loss.

Bart was furious. “What happened?! Do you know who Matthew invited to the lunch meeting today?”

Curious, Francis asked, “Who did he invite?”

Bart took a deep breath before he gritted his teeth and yelled, “Patrick Graham!”

“P-Patrick Graham?!” Francis shouted in surprise. “Which Patrick Graham?”

Infuriated, Bart roared, “How many Patrick Grahams have you heard of? I’m talking about the Patrick Graham that controls the bloodline of every bank in Eastcliff! His grandfather used to be the head of the Eastshire Bank Association, and the presidents of every bank in Eastshire has to treat him respectfully!”

Francis gasped. “That’s impossible. Uncle, are you mistaken? How is it possible that Matthew was able to invite Patrick Graham?”

Hearing this, Bart shouted angrily, “Do you really think that I don’t know what Patrick Graham looks like? Furthermore, Old Mrs. Graham and Patrick Graham’s wife, Alice Buckner, were also there. Do you think that I will mistake a whole family for the Grahams?”

Francis was stunned. “Wh-What is their relationship with each other?”

“How would I know? All I know is they seem to be really close friends!” Bart paused for a moment before he gritted his teeth and said, “Old Mrs. Graham even asked Sasha to be her goddaughter. Not only that, she even gave Sasha the jade bracelet that she always wears on her wrist!”

“What?” Francis shouted in shock. “Old Mrs. Graham’s jade bracelet? Are you sure?”

“I saw it with my own eyes!” Bart glared at him. “It’s the jade bracelet that someone once offered 300 million to buy but couldn’t get—the jade bracelet that belonged to the Queen of the Ming Dynasty!”

“Oh m-my God…” Francis slumped to the ground.

Bart continued to yell. “I’m warning you, stop disturbing Sasha Cunningham! Even though the Cooper family has power in Eastcliff, there are many more families that are more powerful than you. One word from Old Mrs. Graham could make the Cooper family lose everything!”

After work hours at night, Matthew walked out of the hospital and saw Sasha standing at the door, smiling. Many people around Sasha were looking at her, amazed by her beauty. After all, she was the most beautiful woman in Eastcliff.

Matthew walked over and asked, “Why did you come here?”

“I came because there isn’t much to do in the company.” Sasha then took Matthew’s arm and said, “You are always the one who picks me up after work. This time, it’s my turn!”

Matthew felt warm and with a soft smile, he said, “Thank you, my beautiful wife!”

Sasha mumbled to herself for a moment but her face was already as red as a tomato.

“We’re not going home yet. My parents said that we’re treating someone to dinner so let’s go and join them.”

“Who are we eating with?” Matthew asked curiously.

“A man called Mr. Jones.” Sasha lowered her voice and said, “My parents say that it was Mr. Jones who helped our company solve the problem with our bank account so we have to express our gratitude. However, I don’t believe them. Matthew, the Graham family look like influential people. I’m sure it was them who helped us, right?”

Matthew smiled in reply. He couldn’t reveal his medical skills so he had asked the Graham family to help keep it a secret. He didn’t care what James and Helen thought of him; as long as he could help Sasha solve problems and not trouble her, it was enough.

“You have to ask your parents to be careful of Mr. Jones. He might be a fraudster!” Matthew said with a laugh.

Sasha glanced at Matthew and she smiled too. Even though Matthew didn’t mention Mr. Graham, his reply had implied that Mr. Jones had nothing to do with their company’s bank account being unfrozen.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 70

All of a sudden, Sasha asked, “By the way, how did you meet Mr. Graham?”

Matthew couldn’t think of an answer because he couldn’t tell Sasha about his matter. He knew that letting Sasha know about his secrets might not be a good thing. Instead, it might even cause her trouble.

Sasha lowered her voice and said, “Matthew, I don’t know how you met Mr. Graham, but I hope that you will stop troubling Mr. Newman!”

“Sasha, I didn’t trouble Mr. Newman!” Matthew softly said. “I met Mr. Graham because of an accident. I did him a great favor and they are very grateful to me.”

Sasha asked, “What did you help them with?”

“Erm…” Matthew whispered, “Old Mrs. Graham almost got hit by a car and I pulled her away just in time…”

“Oh I see!” Sasha replied before she burst into laughter and said, “Matthew, I didn’t know that you were such a kind and nice person!”

Matthew smiled. “Of course. Your husband has a lot of great virtues!”

“Stop being so narcissistic!”

The two of them walked away in laughter and the people that were staring envied Matthew.

“It’s like a beautiful flower on a heap of cow dung!”

“Why did the most beautiful woman in Eastcliff decide to marry a loser like him?”

“In what way am I not better than Matthew?”

Everybody murmured in low voices and all of them were filled with jealousy and hatred.

The dinner meeting was arranged to be held at Crowne Plaza. After they entered the VIP room, they saw that James, Helen, Liam, and Demi had already arrived.

The person sitting at the main seat was a man in his fifties. He was fair and chubby and he was wearing glasses, a branded suit and a shiny gold watch.

James and the others surrounded this man and praised him nonstop, but the man looked arrogant and only occasionally replied. As for Liam, he looked smug as he sat next to the man because he thought he had contributed a great deal to the company.

After Liam saw Matthew and Sasha enter the room, he didn’t even get up to greet them. “Sasha, welcome. Hurry up and sit next to Mr. Jones!”

The man looked at Sasha eagerly with an amazed expression on his face. He even specially moved to the side. It was obvious that he wanted Sasha to sit next to him.

However, Sasha didn’t walk over there. Instead, she and Matthew sat down at the side.

“Sasha!” James scolded. “How can you be so rude? Don’t you know how to treat guests?”

“Hello, Mr. Jones!” Sasha casually exchanged pleasantries.

Mr. Jones looked slightly annoyed and sneered, “As expected, Miss Cunningham really is a big shot. How can a commoner like me even talk to a big shot like her? Since Miss Cunningham is not interested in making friends, I think I should go!”

“Mr. Jones, please don’t be mad!” James hurriedly said with an apologetic smile. “She’s just an ignorant child. I’ll teach her a lesson later!”

Helen glared at Sasha and yelled, “Sasha, what are you doing? Mr. Jones did us a great favor. Hurry up and thank him!”

Sasha was furious because she knew that it was the Graham family who helped solve the problem, and Mr. Jones had nothing to do with it. She had no intention to thank him and furthermore, he was staring at her creepily, which annoyed her.

While she was hesitating, Matthew suddenly said, “Mr. Jones, I saw Mr. Jenkins eating at a restaurant nearby on my way here. Why don’t we go and say hello to Mr. Jenkins first?”

A look of panic appeared on Mr. Jones’s face. Then, he chuckled and replied, “Oh, really? He’s having dinner here too? What a coincidence. However, we don’t need to go and say hello to him. I’m worried that he’ll be too pressured to eat once he sees me. There’s no need to disturb him. I’ll just ask him to come over for a toast after we finish our meal.”

James and Helen glanced at each other before they looked at Mr. Jones in admiration.

He really is a big shot. One word from him and Mr. Jenkins would come running for a toast.

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