The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 611-620

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 611

Calmly, Matthew nodded while pointing at Master Hanson, who was standing a few steps away from them. “Dr. Ellis, that person claims that he’s your apprentice. Do you know him?”

After glancing at Master Hanson, Dr. Ellis shook his head. “I’ve never seen him before.”

A heated discussion started amongst the crowd.

Everyone stared unflinchingly at Master Hanson. Now, the truth was out and Master Hanson was proven to be a liar.

Even the expression of Leo and the others changed and Leo asked panickedly, “Elaine, what’s going on?”

Dumbfounded as well, Elaine asked anxiously, “Master Hanson, did Dr. Ellis make a mistake? Why doesn’t he know you?”

Master Hanson bowed his head without replying to her. Since he was a liar, it was only natural that Dr. Ellis didn’t know him.

Looking at Master Hanson’s expression, Elaine immediately understood the situation, which caused her face to turn pale at once.

She recalled how smug she had been lately because she thought that she carried on with a prominent figure. Unexpectedly, she had met a con man.

Most importantly, Master Hanson was already in his late forties and Elaine was only interested in his status.

To her dismay, not only did she lose her virginity, but she didn’t even gain anything.

Thinking of that, Elaine almost went crazy.

Desperately, she grabbed Master Hanson’s collar and shrieked, “Didn’t you say that you were a master? Didn’t you say that Dr. Ellis was your teacher? Liar! H-How dare you trick me?! I-I’ll sue you for raping me!”

Master Hanson panicked as well while he pushed Elaine away. “Don’t make things up! You’re the one who offered yourself to me all this while. You can only blame yourself for being brainless yet obsessed with vanity, who believes whatever anyone says. You deserve it!”

Furious, Elaine pounced on Master Hanson to hit him.

Matthew couldn’t help but feel speechless when he saw that so he waved his hand and said, “Throw them out. They’ll only make a fool of themselves if they stay here.”

Tiger and a few subordinates immediately rushed up to them and dragged them away.

Sighing, Jonathan said, “I truly didn’t expect that he was a con man. When he came, he claimed to be Master Herold’s apprentice and even posed to be Dr. Ellis’s apprentice. We were all deceived. Mr. Larson, if it wasn’t for you, we would’ve fallen for it. Please forgive me for offending you just now. I hope you’re magnanimous enough to brush it off.”

Matthew waved his hand since he didn’t mind it at all.

Reverently, Jonathan looked at Dr. Ellis. “It’s surprising that Mr. Larson and Dr. Ellis are close friends. In that case, our villagers will be saved. Dr. Ellis, can I ask for some of your time to diagnose and treat our villagers?”

Glancing at him, Dr. Ellis said coldly, “Jonathan, you’re as blind as a bat.”

Jonathan couldn’t help but stand in stupefaction. “Dr. Ellis, I don’t understand. Wh-What did I do wrong?”

Coldly, Dr. Ellis replied, “The best doctor in the six southern states is right in front of you but you asked for my help instead of him. Aren’t you as blind as a bat?”

Jonathan was dumbfounded. “The best doctor in the six southern states? Wh-Who?”

Looking at Matthew, Dr. Ellis reverently said, “Allow me to introduce Mr. Matthew Larson, the best doctor who is acknowledged and respected in the medical field of the six southern states.”

Jonathan widened his eyes in disbelief while staring at Matthew. “Dr. Ellis, you must have made a mistake. H-He’s so young!”

Dr. Ellis cut him short. “So what if he’s young? Whoever said that a young person can’t be an expert in medicine? Even my medical skills are hardly 1% of Mr. Larson’s medical skill, and Leonard the Acupuncturist from Mightwater has to pay a junior salute to Mr. Larson. All of you are as blind as a bat. This is unforgivable!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 612

Jonathan and the rest wouldn’t have believed it if someone else said that, but since it was said by Dr. Ellis himself, no one doubted it.

Widening his eyes, Jonathan said in a trembling voice, “Mr. Larson, I-I’m terribly sorry for being ignorant. Please accept my kowtow as an apology for offending you just now. I hope you will forgive me and save our villagers.”

While speaking, Jonathan knelt down on the ground and kowtowed.

Immediately, Matthew supported him up and said with a smile, “Director Redd, you don’t have to be so courteous. As a doctor, I care for everyone and definitely won’t turn a blind eye to this situation since I’m already here.”

Before this, Matthew didn’t like Jonathan but after he knelt and kowtowed, Matthew started to respect him.

Putting others aside, Jonathan was a responsible man.

For the sake of the villager’s lives, he was willing to kneel and apologize, which no ordinary man could do.

Overjoyed, Jonathan quickly replied, “Thank you, Mr. Larson. I’m truly grateful to you! One more thing, Mr. Larson. About my situation that you mentioned just now, a-am I really in danger?”

Smiling faintly, Matthew looked at Dr. Ellis. “Dr, Ellis, what do you think?”

After observing Jonathan carefully, Dr. Ellis furrowed his eyebrows. “You have excessive vigor and heat in your body. When the blood rushes to the brain, you’ll probably suffer from a headache.”

Everyone was shocked.

Earlier, Matthew did mention that Jonathan had headaches. To their surprise, Dr. Ellis gave the same diagnosis as Matthew.

However, Matthew’s diagnosis was even more accurate and detailed than Dr. Ellis’s diagnosis.

Trembling, Jonathan said, “To be honest, I indeed frequently have headaches lately and the symptoms are exactly the same as Mr. Larson says. I have headaches thrice a day: once each morning, noon and night. Mr. Larson and Dr. Ellis, wh-what’s wrong with me? Mr. Larson, you said that if I don’t get it treated, I’ll die within three days…”

Toward the end of the sentence, Jonathan’s lips trembled so hard that he couldn’t make out a word.

After all, who wasn’t afraid of death?

Meanwhile, the other villagers gathered around.

Since Matthew’s ability was proven, they started to panic. At once, everyone sought Matthew’s help to treat them.

Matthew said, “Don’t worry, everyone. As I said, although your conditions are different, the root cause is actually the same. Since I’m here, I’ll definitely treat you.”

It was only then did everyone feel relieved, especially Jonathan, who exclaimed emotionally, “Mr. Larson, you’re so kind! If you’re able to treat us, w-we’ll immediately agree to you developing this area.”

Matthew smiled faintly. “Thank you in advance. However, your illness is indeed related to this pond.”

Everyone turned pale and Jonathan asked in a trembling voice, “I-Is it true that the feng shui was disrupted? Mr. Larson, sh-should we restore the pond to its original state? ”

Matthew laughed. “It has nothing to do with feng shui. It’s our body that makes us sick, and only accidents are caused by feng shui. The water from the pond is indeed one of the causes for the illness in your villages while the other cause is your diet.”

Puzzled, the villagers looked at each other. “Mr. Larson, what’s wrong with the water from the pond? Professor Walter has taken samples and examined them countless times but he still couldn’t find anything wrong,” Jonathan said.

Beside them, Professor Walter nodded. “Yes, Mr. Larson. The quality of the water might not be the issue here. As for the diet, the villagers have been eating the same thing for generations but previously, no one fell sick. Why did they suddenly become sick now?”

With a faint smile, Matthew walked to the pond and suddenly immersed his hand under the water. Then, he pulled a fish that weighed almost 500 grams out of the water. “This is the root cause of the issue!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 613

Everyone looked at the fish in perplexity. What did this fish have to do with their illness?

Dr. Ellis came over to look at that fish and asked in curiosity, “Mr. Larson, is there anything wrong with this fish?”

Matthew chuckled. “Director Redd, have your villagers been fishing from this lake lately?”

Jonathan looked a bit embarrassed.

Initially, there was only a small pond on this mountain with fish in it. However, there were only a few fish in the pond so no one paid attention to it.

After the villa area went under development, the pond became a large lake. In addition, Young Master Lach introduced tanks of fries into the lake, which later grew into large fish.

Since no one was guarding this area, the villagers often caught fish from this lake to be cooked at home.

“Mr. Larson, although we do catch fish from this lake for food, I don’t think that there’s an issue with these fish. In the past, we often ate this kind of fish too!” Jonathan replied.

Matthew said, “There won’t be any problems if you eat this type of fish elsewhere, but eating fish from this lake will cause a huge issue.”

Jonathan was confused. “Why?”

After a chuckle, Matthew suddenly extended his hand and pressed on Jonathan’s stomach.

At once, Jonathan felt his stomach churn. The next second, he opened his mouth and vomited.

“Look at that!” Matthew shouted.

Jonathan took a glance at the pool of liquid that he vomited only to see a small loach-like creature wriggling in it. It was a terrifying sight.

Jonathan paled in fright. “H-How did this happen? Why do I have a living thing in my stomach?”

Dr. Ellis widened his eyes and gasped, “Mr. Larson, c-could it be that he’s infected by worms? This is a worm, isn’t it?”

Matthew nodded. “This is a kind of worm. However, it’s a wild worm and wasn’t deliberately put into the lake by anyone. They are a kind of parasite that is persistent in surviving and all the fish in this lake carry the eggs of this parasite. In addition, the eggs of this parasite can’t be killed by heat and once it enters the human body, it will slowly incubate and live in the body. In fact, this parasite is so compatible with the human body that it’s undetectable during the usual examination. Therefore, many people don’t even know the cause of their own deaths!”

The face of the villagers around him turned pale while they gasped, “Mr. Larson, we ate this fish too. D-Do we have this parasite in our stomach as well?”

“But I’m not suffering from a headache. I can’t possibly have that thing inside me.”

“I don’t feel sick either. Could it be that I hadn’t ingested this parasite?”

“Mr. Larson, can we still be treated?”

Matthew waved his hand. “Don’t worry. This isn’t a severe illness and can be easily cured.”

Hearing that, everyone sighed in relief.

With a face as white as a sheet, Jonathan implored, “Mr. Larson, please save us!”

Matthew smiled and said, “I’ll prescribe a medicine for you. After taking it for three days, you will have diarrhea but after that, you’ll be fine. However, you must stop eating the fish from this lake for now.”

Jonathan immediately said, “Thank you, Mr. Larson. Don’t worry, I won’t eat any fish from now on, not to mention the fish from this lake.”

Matthew laughed. “I didn’t mean that you couldn’t eat fish. What I mean is you can’t eat the fish from this lake for some time because I’ll need to exterminate the parasites in this lake. After the parasite is gone, these fish will be safe to consume.”

Everyone finally understood the situation and they were relieved at the same time.

They didn’t care if the fish from this lake was edible or not. What mattered the most was their lives!

Right at that moment, Professor Walter asked in perplexity, “Mr. Larson, why would this kind of parasite appear suddenly? We’ve tested the water before this and we didn’t find any issue!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 614

Matthew nodded. “The water is indeed clean because this kind of parasite doesn’t live in water. Instead, they live on the lake bed. The eggs of the parasite are all at the bottom of the lake and once the fish eats the eggs, it will carry the egg of this parasite in its body. Therefore, you won’t find anything by solely testing the quality of the water.”

Professor Walter was surprised. “So that’s why! Oh my, I would never have thought of that! Enough said. I must collect some samples to study it.”

Leading his students, Professor Walter started to collect samples.

Matthew didn’t stop them since this kind of parasite wasn’t too dangerous.

Even so, he gave his contact to Professor Walter.

If someone was accidentally infected with this parasite, they could seek Matthew to treat them.

Jonathan then approached Matthew. “Mr. Larson, I have a question but I’m not sure if I should ask it.”

Matthew smiled. “Are you wondering why all of you have different conditions?”

Embarrassed because he was seen through, Jonathan replied with a chuckle, “Y-Yes, that’s what I’m curious about. Why do we have different conditions when we’re all infected with the same parasite?”

Matthew answered, “After the eggs of this parasite enter our body, not only is the hatching time different, its location in our body is different too. Therefore, you’ll get different conditions since the parasite is located in different parts of your body.”

Jonathan was surprised. “B-But why did I vomit parasites when my issue is having a headache?”

Matthew nodded. “It’s because the parasite that’s inside your body is on the wall of the blood vessel near your organs. Every morning, noon and night when you take your meal, this parasite will absorb nutrients as well. At that time, the parasites will move around, stressing the blood vessels, which in turn causes a decrease of blood supply to the brain. Therefore, you have a headache. In the usual times, the existence of the parasite will accelerate your blood flow, causing you to look full of vigor.”

Jonathan was enlightened. At the same time, he was blown away with admiration and respect for Matthew.

“Mr. Larson, you are truly our life savior. I guarantee that there will be no issues with the development project,” Jonathan said reverently.

Matthew nodded with a smile. “Thank you. I’ll pass the prescription to Dr. Ellis in a while. Dr. Ellis, I’m afraid I have to trouble you to stay in the village for a few days.”

Dr. Ellis was overjoyed.

Actually, he had already decided to stay in the village for a few days even if Matthew didn’t ask him to.

He was crazy about medical knowledge and this was the first time he saw this kind of parasite. Therefore, he was eager to stay here and study about it.

Now that Matthew had passed the prescription to him, it was equivalent to passing him the method of treatment.

It could be said that he had learnt a new method of treatment from Matthew.

“Mr, Larson, don’t worry. You can count on me to settle the issues here,” said Dr. Ellis with deep reverence.

Matthew nodded with a smile but the next second, he knitted his eyebrows while looking at the lake. “By right, this kind of parasite should have long disappeared. Unexpectedly, there are still eggs of this parasite in this lake. I’m glad we found out about it early. Otherwise, once this parasite reproduces in mass, the situation will be out of control!”

Dr. Ellis immediately asked, “Mr. Larson, do you mean that there’s something fishy about this parasite?”

Matthew shook his head. “I’m not sure now but I feel that something’s not right. This parasite brings great harm and it has been completely exterminated since a long time ago. The only places that these parasites might exist are deep mountains and forests, which are off the beaten tracks. Therefore, it’s strange that these parasites exist in a lake that is located near the city.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 615

After Matthew wrote a prescription, he passed it to Dr. Ellis so that he could bring it to the villages and treat the villagers.

Then, Matthew instructed Julian to bring a batch of medicine from Wellness Herbary.

Julian brought a few staff from Wellness Herbary along and according to Matthew’s instruction, they made a batch of medicine and sprinkled it into the lake.

Dr. Ellis watched from the side while asking in a low voice, “Mr. Larson, will this small amount of medicine be sufficient for such a large lake?”

Matthew chuckled while replying, “It’s sufficient. The eggs of this parasite will melt when they react with this medicine. Actually, a few dozen kilograms of this medicine is more than enough for this lake but in order to completely exterminate the parasite so that there won’t be any future trouble, I put ten times the amount.”

“Tiger, this process requires around twelve hours so I need you to instruct the men to guard this lake carefully. No one is allowed to enter or leave this place. Most importantly, the water from this lake must not leak or flow out. After twelve hours, everything will be fine.”

Tiger immediately replied, “Mr. Larson, don’t worry. In these 12 hours, I’ll personally guard this place with the others. No one can enter or leave this place.”

Jonathan nodded repeatedly as well. “Mr. Larson, I’ll get a few villagers to guard this place too. I guarantee that not a single soul can get near to this place.”

Matthew nodded. With the double protection by these people, there wouldn’t be any problem.

As for the rest of the work, Dr. Ellis would take care of it.

On another note, Matthew told the Wellness Herbary to sponsor the medicine for the lake.

After all, the villa area that Matthew would be developing was located near here so he would have to deal with people from the villages nearby.

Sponsoring some medicine wouldn’t cost much but it would earn their gratitude.

As expected, when the villagers heard that Matthew would be sponsoring those medicines, they were overwhelmed with gratitude toward him.

After giving some instructions to the others, Matthew left.

Alaric stayed behind and he would be in charge of discussing with Jonathan on the issues of resuming the project.

Actually, Young Master Lach had completed the procedures previously but due to the strange illness, which broke out in the village, the project was halted.

Since the strange illness was settled now, there wouldn’t be a problem resuming this project.

With the full cooperation that was given by Jonathan and the help from the Jackson Family, resuming this project would be as easy as rolling off the log.

As soon as Matthew returned to the city, he received a call from Crystal.

“Matthew, will you be coming to work today? An old man with the surname Garrison has been looking for you for the past two days and he has waited for you for two hours since noon. If you won’t be coming, I’ll tell him to go back first.”

It was only then did Matthew recall he promised Dominic that he would treat his wife.

These few days, Matthew had been terribly busy and he wasn’t at the hospital most of the time so he almost forgot about this incident.

Immediately, he asked Crystal to tell Dominic that he would be going to the hospital right away.

Half an hour later, Matthew arrived at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Dominic and a scrawny woman were sitting in Matthew’s office.

Crystal served them tea while the two of them looked rather reserved.

As soon as they saw Matthew, they immediately stood up. With reverence, Dominic said, “Dr. Larson, you’re back. I’m sorry to make Crystal call you. Actually, our issue isn’t urgent and you don’t have to rush back on purpose.”

Matthew replied with a smile, “Mr. Garrison, please don’t say that. It’s my fault for forgetting that I told you to visit the hospital. I’m truly sorry for that.”

Dominic immediately said, “Dr. Larson, please don’t apologize. We’re the one who’s troubling you so we should be apologizing instead. ”

While smiling, Matthew walked to the table and sat behind it. “Mr. Garrison, I heard from Ed that you’ve taken care of them back in the village. Ed is my brother so helping him is equivalent to helping me. Therefore, how would it be troublesome to help you?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 616

At once, Dominic was emotional. Who knew that he would be rewarded when he lent a hand to Ed?

Virtue really did have its reward.

After some small talk, Matthew began to diagnose Dominic’s wife.

In fact, his wife’s illness was not severe, and her health had improved significantly after a session of acupuncture treatment with Matthew previously.

Matthew then prescribed some medicine and Crystal went to get the drugs.

“Mrs. Garrison’s illness will be completely cured after two weeks of taking this medicine. Then, you can come back for a follow up visit. ” Matthew smiled.

Upon hearing this, Dominic was ecstatic. “Thank you so much, Dr. Larson!”

“This illness has been torturing my wife for a long time. Now, she’s finally well again. You’re truly our savior!”

Matthew chuckled. “You’re most welcome, Mr. Garrison. We’re friends after all.”

Dominic responded enthusiastically and as he watched Crystal leave to get the medicine, he said softly, “Mr. Larson, is that Joseph Harrison’s precious granddaughter, Miss Harrison?”

“You know her?” Matthew sounded surprised.

At that moment, Dominic whispered, “I-I used to work for a big boss, and I’ve met Mr. Harrison once. At that time, Miss Harrison was there as well, so I guess I could say I’ve met her once too. I-Is that really Joseph Harrison’s granddaughter?”

Nodding, Matthew said, “Yes.”

Dominic was amazed. “Mrs. Larson, you’re really capable. Even Joseph Harrison’s granddaughter wants to be your assistant.”

For Dominic, Joseph was a big shot that he would never get to know in his life.

Yet, Joseph’s granddaughter was willing to work for Matthew, which just further proved Matthew’s status.

Matthew smiled but in fact, he did not want Crystal there.

Before she came, he would sit in his office and relax all day long.

He would come to work when he felt like it, and leave whenever he wanted to.

Ever since Crystal started working here, she would call him every day asking if he would be going to work.

It was as if she was his supervisor, but Matthew was helpless.

Moreover, a number of male doctors who would often come by his office ever since Crystal came.

They claimed they had come to see Matthew, but in fact, they just wanted to flirt with Crystal.

Not long after, Crystal had returned and handed over a few packets of medicine to Dominic.

After thanking them, Mr. Garrison went home with his wife.

Looking at the time, Matthew realized it was almost time to leave work.

While he was packing up, Crystal suddenly appeared before him.

“Director Larson, you’re a department director. Can’t you take your job a little bit more seriously? You come and go whenever you like. How can someone like you be so unorganized and undisciplined?” Crystal sulked.

Upon hearing this, Matthew was puzzled. “Crystal, what’s gotten into you?”

“Did the president say something? Are they dissatisfied with my work?”

Crystal shook her head. “It’s not them that are dissatisfied with you, it’s me!”

Matthew grew even more perplexed. “You? Why are you dissatisfied with me? You wouldn’t be as busy if I’m not here. Isn’t that better?”

Crystal glared at him. “Then I’ll just not come at all!”

Nodding, Matthew said, “Yes, you don’t have to come if I’m not here. There aren’t many people in this department anyway, and no one cares about our attendance. After all, your family is a shareholder of this hospital. Why are you so hardworking?”

Upon hearing this, Crystal’s eyes welled up with tears as she glared at Matthew. “Dummy, if you’re so smart, why didn’t you ask me why I’m working here? Did you really think I care about the job and money? I came here to work just for you!”

After saying that, Crystal turned around and ran, leaving Matthew stunned.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 617

What Crystal said overwhelmed Matthew, but he did not take it seriously in the end. Regardless of Crystal’s attitude toward him, he did not have any feelings for her.

When he got home, James, Helen, Demi, and Liam were in the middle of an inaudible discussion. Without acknowledging or greeting them, he went straight into the kitchen to prepare their meals.

While he was busy, Helen came in. “Matt, how are things with the construction company?” Helen pretended to be indifferent and asked while her eyes were fixed on Matthew.

Matthew chuckled under his breath. They still won’t give up on the construction company! Casually, he replied, “Things are good.”

“Good?” Helen was baffled.

“Aren’t the Jacksons stepping in? They have a share in that 300 million that you returned. Didn’t they come and ask for it?”

“Oh, they did, but the company had no money in the account. So, I had a discussion with the Jackson Family and we agreed to treat that money as the Jackson Family’s investment in the previous villa project we’re co-developing.”

Helen’s eyes widened. “W-What? The Jackson Family agreed to work together with you? Wasn’t that project stopped?”

Matthew chuckled. “A huge project is now sold at such a low price, so of course they would be willing to work together. Even though it was stopped, they are still trying to come up with ways to restart the project. I reckon this project will be able to restart within a few days!”

Thunderstruck, Helen hurriedly left the kitchen. Meanwhile, the others were waiting anxiously outside. Seeing Helen, James impatiently asked, “Well? How did he deal with the Jackson Family? Don’t tell me he asked Sasha for money to pay off the debt?”

As Helen sighed, she jealously told them what Matthew had just told her. After hearing what Helen said, they were all dumbfounded. Before this, they all assumed Matthew would not be able to handle the Jackson Family when they came to ask for money. By then, Matthew would be sent to prison because of it. However, no one could have guessed that the Jackson Family would work together with Matthew. What was going on here?

After pondering for a moment, Liam murmured, “If the Jackson Family steps in, this project could really be restarted. If it does, it will make a lot of money! That b*stard is lucky. How did he manage to convince the Jackson Family to cooperate with him?”

Anxiously, James asked, “How much do you think this project will make if it is restarted?”

In a low voice, Liam answered after pondering for a moment, “At least by threefold.”

James gaped. “That much money? Then why did you stop me in the first place? If I had the shares and discussed it with the Jackson Family, that money would have been ours! Why did you stop me?”

Instantly, Liam looked embarrassed. “I didn’t know. At that time, the Jackson Family was breaking in in full fury, and I was worried we would not be able to handle it. I didn’t know Matthew would be able to convince them to work with him.”

At once, James was frustrated. “This is all your fault. We lost the chance to make so much money because of you!”

Dissatisfied, Demi berated him, “Father, how could you say that? Liam only did that for your own good. Anyway, does it make any difference? The shares are in Matthew’s hands, which means you could just demand it from him.”

James glared at her. “Easier said than done. After all we’ve done, do you still have the nerve to demand company shares from Matthew? Besides, this project is about to make a lot of money soon. Do you think he will give it to me?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 618

Demi curled her lips. “So what? What’s wrong with taking back what’s ours? Don’t forget, the three hundred million was borrowed from our company. To put it bluntly, all of this belonged to us. Besides, Matthew is just a live-in son-in-law. If you demand for the shares, he has no choice but to give it to you.”

Now, Liam was nodding too. “The company shares aren’t the issue; it’s all about our family property! Larson isn’t a good person at all. Look at what he has done—he and his sister have complete control of Wellness Herbary. Now, we’re struggling even if we just want to spend some money. Not to mention, the board of directors of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals are supporting him. If he has control over the construction company, then our family property will all belong to him. We can’t condone this!”

However, James was still a little hesitant. “Would that be appropriate? Actually, Matthew has done quite well…”

“It doesn’t matter,” Liam said in a low voice. “What’s important is that you’re the head of the family, so you’re the one who should be in charge of the family’s future! After all, he is an outsider in this household. If he has any ill intentions, it will be over for us!”

Upon hearing this, James was successfully convinced and nodded. “Go get Matthew.”

Overjoyed, Demi immediately went to the kitchen and arrogantly called out for Matthew. Walking into the living room, Matthew asked, “You called for me?”

James nodded and said seriously, “Matthew, I’ve been thinking and I feel that you have too much on your plate. Your job at the hospital is important and you need to be focused. As for the construction company, you should leave it to me. Let’s go to the construction company for the handover of the shares.”

All at once, Matthew was stunned. “But didn’t you say that you didn’t want it anymore? Why do you suddenly want it back?”

Furrowing his brows, James retorted, “I can change my mind, can’t I? What is the meaning of this? Are you questioning me now?”

“I didn’t mean it that way,” Matthew hurriedly explained. “However, I’m afraid the Jackson Family will be unhappy if I returned the shares to you.”

Angrily, James snapped, “What does this have to do with the Jackson Family? The shares belong to us so they have no say in what we do with it.”

Then, Matthew said, “Even so, this project is a huge one and the Jackson Family invested a large sum of money in it. As such, this is extremely important to them and they would not allow any errors. If I returned the shares to you now, the Jackson Family will think that I’m trying to get off the hook. By then, things would get really messy!”

Upon hearing this, James was taken aback for a moment before he berated, “Nonsense! You’re handing the shares to me, not anyone else. I’m the head of this family and we own Cunningham Pharmaceuticals as well as Wellness Herbary. Is me personally taking charge of Wellness Herbary not enough? Why would the Jackson Family think that way?”

Instantly, Demi snickered. “Matthew, you overestimate yourself. Do you think the Jackson Family actually cares about you? They need someone influential to run the construction company! No matter how you look at it, Dad is far more suitable than you!”

At that moment, Liam curled his lips. “Oh, Matthew. Do you really think you can personally take on this company with that lame excuse? You underestimate our intelligence.”

Helplessly, Matthew shrugged. “Since you have said so, we’ll go to the office tomorrow and get everything sorted out.”

Satisfied, James nodded. “Good. Don’t worry, Matthew. You successfully negotiated this deal so I will definitely repay you when the time comes. When the project is done, you can take my BMW.”

Upon hearing this, Matthew was speechless. In fact, this BMW was gifted to him by Billy. Later, Tiger also gifted him a Mercedes-Benz, which was then taken away by James. Meanwhile, the BMW had become Helen’s car. Now, James was acting as if he was very generous but in reality, he was just giving Matthew a second hand car.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 619

After Matthew returned to the kitchen, Demi immediately asked, “Dad, why are you giving him the BMW? Didn’t you say you would give it to me?”

Upon hearing that, James chuckled. “Silly girl, this project will make us hundreds of millions. When the time comes, I’ll buy each of you a new car. Why would you still want the BMW?”

Ecstatic, Demi chirped, “You’re the best, Dad!”

At that moment, Liam was excited too. “Demi, Dad did the right thing by sweetening the deal in order for Matthew to return the shares. It’s just an old BMW; what’s wrong with giving it to Matthew? When the time comes, each of us will have a new car that will be more expensive than his. By then, you wouldn’t think the BMW is any good!”

Demi nodded profusely, looking forward to it.

Early the next morning, James and the rest of the family had gone to the office along with Matthew to transfer shares. Matthew did not refuse. In fact, he was very cooperative in transferring all the shares to James.

As soon as everything was done, James and the others were thrilled and at noon, they went to have a celebration banquet at a high-class restaurant—without Matthew, of course. Once the shares were transferred, Matthew was no use to them anymore.

After three rounds of drinks, Liam started buttering up to James. “Once this project is completed, you’ll be a real estate giant of Eastcliff! By then, Eric and Jason Cunningham would be no match for you and soon, you’ll be on the same level as the powerful people of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff. Who knows, maybe we’ll be one of the Greatest Families too! When the time comes, we’ll show Eric and the others who will truly bring the Cunningham Family glory and carry the family forward!”

At that moment, James was glowing as he triumphantly praised, “Ha! Liam, you’ve also contributed a lot. We’ll go to the construction company this afternoon and appoint you as the general manager. Then, you’ll be in charge of the villa project. You’d better not let me down!”

Overjoyed, Liam nodded. “Don’t worry; there won’t be any problems as long as I’m there.”

At once, Demi was ecstatic too. “Unlike Dame Judi Dench’s career who took off in her sixties, my father has already risen at the age of fifty! Father, I always knew you weren’t incapable, you just lack the opportunity. Now that the opportunity is here, no one will look down on us anymore! When you make a lot of money, we’ll buy Cunningham Residence and then we’ll chase them out the way they did us!”

Remembering that incident, James was filled with anger. When they were kicked out of Cunningham Residence, it was the greatest shame they experienced and because of this, James was constantly thinking of revenge!

Gritting her teeth, Helen nodded too. “That’s right, it’s time to show them our achievements! James, how about this? You go pick Eric and Jason up and we’ll drop by to inspect the villa area this afternoon. I want them to see with their own eyes how big this project is!”

Upon hearing this, James’ eyes lit up. “That’s a good idea. Liam, you will go and pick them up this afternoon, alright?”

Immediately, Liam nodded in agreement. “No problem. Leave it to me!”

With that, they ate their meal happily before rushing to the construction company.

After triumphantly showing off to a few departments, James wanted to go to the villa area for inspection immediately. And so, Liam went to the Cunningham Residence to pick up Eric, Jason and the others while a few people from the construction company brought James to the villa area.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 620

At half past three in the afternoon, James arrived at the villa area. Before this, he had already visited once but at that time, Young Master Lach was still leading the project. However, James’ mood was different now that he was here.

This project was co-developed by the construction company, the Jackson Family, and several other shareholders. In fact, the construction company accounted for a large part. In other words, James had a large share in this project. Standing there, he was full of excitement as he never dreamed that he would ever be able to manage such a big project.

Not long after, Liam also rushed over with most of the Cunningham Family in tow. The main reason many Cunninghams tagged along was because they did not believe James would be able to win such a big project.

Upon seeing Eric, James immediately approached him gleefully. “Dad, you’re here! Come take a look around; what do you think of my project? This entire villa area belongs to me and I’m co-developing it with the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff. Soon, the villas will be on sale. Ha! By that time, don’t forget to introduce some of your friends to me!”

Eric, however, was doubtful. “James, stop with the bullsh*t. I know you very well and I know Cunningham Pharmaceuticals has made some money recently. Has the pride gone to your head with that small amount of money? This is such a large villa area. It would be impossible for you to have bought it, even if with the entire Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. So tell me, who exactly are you lying to?”

The rest of the Cunninghams were also wearing similar expressions of disdain. Indeed, this villa area was huge so no one believed James at all.

Immediately, James countered anxiously, “Didn’t I just say that I’m co-developing this project with the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff? Besides, the project was previously stopped so we bought it at a low price. Just because you couldn’t do it, doesn’t mean I can’t. You always said I was useless compared to Jason. Now look who’s the useless one now?”

Jason curled his lips and drawled, “James, you don’t have to brag to this extent just to compete with me. The Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff? Why didn’t you say you were working with Billy Newman? Ha! I think that’s enough of your performance. Dad, let’s go home. We don’t have to stay here and embarrass ourselves while he continues bragging.”

Nodding, Eric glanced at James in disdain.

At that moment, James grew anxious and he snapped, “You don’t believe me? Alright; I’ll show you!” After that, James took out a portfolio and said loudly, “Take a look at this! This is the transfer contract for this project that is now under our construction company and this is my share certificate for this company. Take a look at it yourself!”

Upon seeing that, Eric and the others were taken aback. Jason was still doubtful but after he took the portfolio and examined it carefully, he was instantly dumbfounded.

“Well?” Eric asked anxiously.

Reluctantly, Jason nodded. Meanwhile, Eric’s expression had also changed. He never thought that his eldest son was capable of taking on such a big project.

Standing off to the side, Demi snickered. “Don’t have anything to say? Who’s embarrassing now, Uncle Jason? Did you really think others won’t be able to do it just because you couldn’t? Did you really think everyone is as incompetent as you?”

Upon hearing that, Jason berated, “What are you implying? Is this how you speak to your elders? James, is this how you teach your daughter to respect your elders?”

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