The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 621-630

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 621

James chuckled coldly, not wanting to back down. “Jason, your children have never respected their elders too. Besides, my daughter is right! Just because you’re incompetent, doesn’t mean everyone else is!”

Jason was enraged but there was nothing he could do; James had in fact took on this project.

At this moment, his son, Charlie, suddenly leaned over and drawled, “Uncle, did you really win this project? I heard it was Matthew who got it. Are you all depending on that worthless kept man now?

Upon hearing this, Jason guffawed. “Oh, James! And here I thought you were so capable. Turns out that the kept man is better than you! Tsk, we really can’t compare at this point. My daughter would never do a thing like keeping a boy toy!”

Upon hearing this, James was flustered and he was about to blow a gasket. “Nonsense! Matthew had nothing to do with this project; I did everything on my own! You give him too much credit! Did you really think that worthless loser could manage to get this project?” James berated.

Demi added in a cold voice, “Uncle Jason, don’t compare us to that trash. If that loser hadn’t been pestering my sister, our family would surely have become better. This project was almost messed up by that loser. If my father hadn’t personally managed this himself, there wouldn’t be such an opportunity. The lot of you only listen to rumors. Did you really think that loser was so capable? Don’t forget that Matthew and the Jackson Family are enemies so why would they work with him? Charlie, can you think before you speak?”

Charlie furrowed his eyebrows as he only made a relatively offhand comment. Deep down, he did not think Matthew was that capable anyway.

At that moment, several cars sped over and quickly pulled up in front of the crowd. All at once, a group of people came down from the car and the person leading the group was none other than Alaric Jackson.

Upon seeing Alaric, James immediately greeted him with a smile. “Mr. Jackson, did you come to inspect the site? Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything as long as I’m here!”

Instantly, Eric and the others’ expressions changed. Currently, Alaric was the key person responsible for many affairs of the Jackson Family. Eric and the others had met Alaric and knew his status in the Jackson Family. His appearance at this moment clearly indicated that this project was indeed co-developed by James and the Jackson Family!

Eric and the others reluctantly watched James, not understanding how James could have such good luck.

Meanwhile, Alaric had a cold expression as he glanced at James before he said in a low voice, “President Cunningham, I’m not here to inspect the site today. I’m here to tell you that from now on, the Jackson Family is withdrawing from this project! As for all of our investments and the money from the previous construction company, I want you to return them to us within three days.”

Bewildered, James stared blankly at Alaric. “Mr. Jackson, w-what are you talking about? This project will make a lot of money, w-why are you withdrawing all of a sudden? What happened?”

Coldly, Alaric commented, “We were cooperating with Mr. Matthew Larson in this project. Now that Mr. Larson is no longer in the construction company, there is no need for cooperation anymore!”

Upon hearing this, Eric and the others instantly burst out laughing.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 622

Charlie clutched his stomach as he laughed. “What did you just say? Uncle, didn’t you say that you negotiated this project with the Jackson Family? What’s going on now? Why is the Jackson Family denying this all of a sudden?”

Jason smiled and mocked, “Charlie, how can you talk to your uncle like this? You’re so rude. Don’t you know how to have respect for your elders? Please don’t be angry, James. This is just how young people are, straightforward and often saying everything that is on their mind. But what’s going on with your project? Didn’t you say that the people from the Cunningham Family won’t count on the worthless kept man? What’s going on now? That loser was the one who won this project?”

Eric glanced at James sideways with a look of contempt. “James, do you know why I insist on not letting you be in charge of the family’s business? You are incapable. Not only are you an idiot, you also like to do grandiose things to impress people, not to mention self-righteous too. If I let a person like you take charge of the family business, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals would have collapsed long ago! You’re saying that Matthew is a worthless kept man? Ha! You are even worse than that loser in my eyes!”

Everyone laughed again. It was natural for the Old Master to be extremely harsh.

On the other hand, James flushed red, not expecting this to be the case. Today, he called the Cunningham Family over to let them see his family’s business and make them regret the way they treated him previously. However, he had never imagined that such a situation would happen and that the Jackson Family would throw a wet blanket on him at his proudest moment. Just great! Now, all his previous prestige was gone and he was thoroughly embarrassed!

The most important thing was that he would face a serious problem if he screwed up the project. Before he could argue with the Cunningham Family, he hurriedly assured, “Mr. Jackson, it is the same for you to cooperate with me. The construction company originally belonged to our Cunningham Family and as I am the head of the Cunningham Family, the construction company should also be mine. I can do what Matthew can do. I-I’ll give you 30% more than the profit Matthew offered to share with you. How about it? Is this enough?”

Alaric glanced at him and said coldly, “No need for that! James, we don’t do business with a person who goes back on his own word and does not have any integrity! You are not qualified to cooperate with the Jackson Family! Now, I hope to see you returning us our money within three days! Otherwise, when the time comes, you won’t be able to afford to compensate us even if you sell the entire Cunningham Pharmaceuticals!” With that, Alaric spun around and left, not giving James a chance to speak.

James, on the other hand, staggered and almost collapsed to the ground. The Jackson Family’s divestment was no longer the main issue. The most critical question was, how could he get so much money to return to the Jackson Family? He had already spent all the money they invested previously.

If he wanted to refund the money, he had to transfer funds from Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. But the question was, would Cunningham Pharmaceuticals give him such a large sum of money? Even if Sasha agreed, would the board of directors agree?

Jason chuckled and said, “My brother, I always advocate taking on things within your capabilities. You haven’t even managed a commissary, so how dare you dream to be in charge of a construction company? Billions are involved in the construction of a villa area. Do you really think you can handle it? You have great ambition and little talent, not to mention self-righteous. The people of the Jackson Family are right. You are not qualified to cooperate with them at all!”

Charlie pursed his lips. “Dad, why are you telling him this? If he’s willing to listen to our advice, he wouldn’t be in this situation now. Well, it has nothing to do with our family anyway. Let’s just watch from the sidelines!”

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After the Cunningham Family mocked James, they left triumphantly.

James, on the other hand, couldn’t even say a word.

Deep down inside, he was panicking badly.

He came over here joyfully after he attended the celebration banquet today.

Who knew that they would get into such a huge conflict?

However, the matter was not over yet.

While he was standing there in a daze, his phone suddenly rang.

James took a look at it and found that it was Sasha who was calling.

He quickly answered the phone and said, “Sasha, ​​I have something to tell you. You—”

However, Sasha interrupted him furiously, “Tell me, Dad, what have you done?”

James was stunned for a moment. “W-What did I do? Why are you asking me such a nonsensical question?”

“Don’t act dumb!” Sasha countered furiously. “Jefford and the others just returned to the company. They were extremely furious and demanded to withdraw their investment from the company. Not only that, they also want you to return their investment in the construction company to them! Dad, what… what did you do? What happened at the construction company? Do you know with the company’s current situation, once Jefford and the others withdraw their investment, the company will collapse!”

Upon hearing that, James was stunned. He was already devastated by the Jackson Family wanting to withdraw their investments. He would have never imagined that something like this would happen to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

“They… Why would they want to withdraw their investments?” James questioned in a hurry, to which Sasha replied, “How would I know? They said that you know why they’re doing this! Dad, isn’t Matthew in charge of the construction company? Did you ask him to return the shares in the construction company without letting me know?”

It was only then that James realized, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the reason for Jefford’s withdrawal of investment was the same as the Jackson Family.

To put it bluntly, these people only invested because Matthew was in charge.

Now that someone else was in charge of the construction company, they immediately wanted to divest.

As he thought of this, James became enraged.

“They are f*cking stupid! I am the head of our family and I personally control the construction company. I’m of a much higher status than Matthew! Why do they want to withdraw their investments? Are they crazy?” James roared.

Sasha countered furiously, “I knew it! I knew it! You took away the shares in the construction company, right? Dad, can you please stop making me worry? Do you know how big the scale of the project that the construction company is doing now? This project was won by Matthew himself and these people trust him, so they cooperated with the company. Now that you have taken away Matthew’s shares, how can they continue to cooperate with the company if they don’t have anyone they trust? Dad, what are you trying to do? Are you glad to see our family completely ruined?”

James was dumbfounded and he trembled as he said, “H-How is this possible? Why do these people trust Matthew?”

Sasha countered furiously, “It doesn’t matter why they trust Matthew. Matthew was the one who negotiated the deal, so you have to let him be in charge. It’s normal that they want to withdraw their investments now that you have taken Matthew’s shares! Alright, I have nothing else to say to you. Quickly return the company’s shares to Matthew and I will try to persuade Jefford and the others. If we screw up this project, our family will have to bear billions in debt!”

Sasha then hung up the phone furiously and James froze in place.

Meanwhile, Helen and the others were curious and asked in a low voice what had happened.

James explained the situation and everyone was dumbfounded after listening to him.

“D-Does Matthew really have that much influence? Why is the Jackson Family also on his side?” Liam muttered, unconvinced.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 624

Demi gritted her teeth and said, “What influence? This kept loser only knows to lie and deceive people. Look at my elder sister—she was deceived by him. Jefford, his men and those from the Jackson Family are all idiots. They were also deceived by him! Otherwise, who would cooperate with this boy toy?”

Helen whispered, “Then what should we do now? W-Why don’t we return the shares to Matthew?”

Demi said immediately, “No, absolutely not! I’m telling you, this time, Matthew must be the one causing trouble behind the scenes. On the outside, he promised to give his shares to Dad, but he actually contacted these people secretly and asked them to divest as a threat. In fact, he wants to force Dad to return the shares to him. Hmph, I think these people are just putting up a show to scare us. How could they give up on such a lucrative project? If we insist on not returning the shares to Matthew, or even act like we want to return the funds to them, these people will immediately be frightened and back off.”

Helen was at a loss. “Is that really the case?”

Liam nodded. “Demi is right. This kind of thing is very common in business; joining forces with outsiders to intimidate us is such an underhanded trick. However, if we have a tough attitude, these people will still prioritize their interests in the end, so the most important thing now is our attitude! As long as we do not give in, they will eventually compromise. No one will give up on such a lucrative project.”

James nodded slowly. “Yes! Profit is paramount to businessmen. As long as we have a tough attitude, they won’t give up these billions of profit just for Matthew, right?”

Helen, however, was still a little worried. “But what if they insist? W-We can’t afford for this matter to blow up!”

“Mom, don’t worry.” Liam chuckled. “So what if they insist? No big deal. We can find other investors! Why are you worried about finding investors for such a good and profitable project? Let me tell you this, as long as I spread the news about this project, countless people will immediately come to us for investment. When the time comes, we can use the money of these investors to return the funds of those people before. Problem solved!”

James suddenly smiled. “What a great idea! Liam, you’re so clever. Let’s do as you say. Demi, call Sasha and tell her to prepare to let Jefford and the others divest. Also, ask her to tell Jefford and the others that Cunningham Pharmaceuticals will not accept their investment for any future projects as well. The Cunningham Family won’t have any cooperation with them ever again! Tell them that this is what I said!”

James had on an arrogant expression, as if he was already a man at the pinnacle of his success.

Demi nodded excitedly. “Dad, I agree with what you said. We must have a tough attitude, otherwise, they will think we are pushovers and threaten us at will! Just give me a moment to call my sister.”

With that, Demi happily called Sasha and told what James said to her with great exaggeration.

After hearing this, Sasha was furious and immediately called James.

However, he didn’t answer his phone at all and instead made Liam drive faster to catch up with Alaric.

When James managed to stop Alaric, he announced with an arrogant expression, “Mr. Jackson, I’ve considered what you said just now. Since you don’t want to cooperate with the Cunningham Family, then I won’t force you. Don’t worry; I will definitely return the funds to the Jackson Family!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 625

Alaric took a long look at James. Instead of being furious, he smiled and slowly nodded. “It seems like the Cunningham Family is preparing to raise funds again, eh? Ha! How interesting. I look forward to hearing good news from you soon!”

And with that, the Jackson Family left.

James was stunned. He didn’t expect Alaric to be able to see through his intentions so quickly. However, since things had already reached this point, he wasn’t too bothered by it.

“Liam, can you contact a few rich people? I am going to invite them over for dinner in the evening and discuss the project together!” James said.

Liam nodded immediately. “Don’t worry, Dad. When I was still an engineer, I got to know many rich bosses. However, if I want to invite them to dinner, I’m guessing that I’ll have to invite them in the name of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. Otherwise, it’s hard to get these rich bosses to accept our invitation.”

James nodded. “Okay then; invite them in the name of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.”

Liam was overjoyed and immediately took out his mobile phone to make arrangements for the dinner.

Meanwhile, James was left with nothing to do. Feeling quite upset, he suddenly said, “Come on. Let’s go to the hospital! Matthew, this b*stard, must have planned all these behind our backs. If I don’t teach him a lesson today, I won’t be able to breathe easy!”

Wanting to stir up trouble, Demi said excitedly, “Yes, you must teach him a lesson! He eats and lives in our house, yet has the guts to go against our family all day long. If you don’t teach him a lesson, he’ll continue to cross the line!”

With that, a group of people went straight to the hospital, expressions fierce.

After entering the department, they found that Matthew was not in the office and only Crystal was present.

Looking furious, Demi shouted angrily, “Where is Matthew? Ask him to come out here this instant!”

Demi was already annoyed because she hadn’t seen Matthew for the whole day.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 626

Unconvinced, Demi said, “She is just a lowly nurse, yet she dared to pick fault with us just now. What’s wrong with me slapping her? Director, I’m warning you, the Cunningham Pharmaceuticals are not pushovers. You’d better not make a big deal out of this, otherwise you’ll get into trouble too!”

Upon hearing that, the director laughed. “Cunningham Pharmaceuticals? Who cares? Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is not as powerful as you think. Do you know who she is? Let me enlighten you; her name is Crystal Harrison and she is the granddaughter of Joseph Harrison! I’m sure you guys have heard of Mr. Harrison? He’s a leading figure in the medical field of Eastcliff, yet you have the guts to slap his granddaughter. I’m starting to think you have a death wish!”

When his voice trailed off, everyone from the Cunningham Family was stunned.

Demi slapped Crystal just now because she thought that Crystal was just from a normal family.

Never in a million years would she have imagined that Crystal had such a high status.

Of course they have heard of Mr. Harrison before.

He was a leading figure in the medical industry in Eastcliff and he had a lot of connections. In fact, many dignitaries were old friends of Mr. Harrison.

When Eric wanted to see Mr. Harrison last time, he had to make an appointment in advance.

And now, Demi had actually slapped Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter. She truly had opened a can of worms this time!

“S-She’s the granddaughter of Mr. Harrison? Then… w-why is she here? Helen asked incredulously.

Crystal was Joseph’s granddaughter so she could have gone to any hospital she wanted.

Why did she come to this small hospital? Plus, she even came specifically to Matthew’s department.

However, no one paid any attention to Helen. The director looked at Crystal respectfully and said, “Miss Harison, how do you want to solve this? Your wish is our command and we will do anything you want, whether it’s calling the police or slapping her back!”

Crystal’s expression turned cold and she stared straight at Demi.“How do you want me to solve this?”

Demi shivered in fright.

Lately, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals had climbed up the ranks so Demi was also extremely arrogant and was used to being arrogant and domineering to outsiders. Thus, she had directly slapped Crystal the moment she came over.

However, she didn’t expect that she would get into this kind of trouble.

“Miss Harison, I’m sorry, I-I really did not know who you are. Please have mercy and spare me this once. I won’t dare to act like this anymore…” Demi stuttered.

Crystal countered coldly, “Judging by your words, you’re only apologizing because you found out who I am. If I wasn’t from the Harrison Family and was from an ordinary family instead, you wouldn’t have apologized, eh?”

Demi trembled and said, “I-I didn’t mean that… Miss Harison, I’m really sorry. I’ll never act like this again…”

“Your apology is not enough!” Crystal snapped coldly. “Forget it. I can’t be bothered to hear your apologies. Director, call the police!”

Hearing this, Demi was frightened while James and Helen quickly said, “Miss Harrison, please calm down. Cunningham Pharmaceuticals has a good relationship with the Carlson Group. Why do you want to make such a big deal out of such a trivial matter? Miss Harison, if you do this, our two companies may not be able to cooperate in the future anymore!”

Crystal laughed coldly. “Really? I hope you don’t forget what you just said. I will call Mr. Carlson now and tell him that Cunningham Pharmaceuticals wants to stop cooperating with the Carlson Group!”

Upon hearing that, James and Helen almost peed themselves in fright.

Stanley was now in charge of the distribution of medical resources in Eastcliff and Cunningham Pharmaceuticals relied entirely on him.

James only said that just now to scare Crystal.

He didn’t expect her to contact Stanley directly.

If Stanley really got involved in this matter and stopped cooperating with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, then Cunningham Pharmaceuticals would surely be finished.

In other words, this comment of theirs could ruin their family business and if that really happened, it would be a huge disaster!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 627

“Miss Harison, we didn’t mean that,” James explained anxiously. “W-What I meant was… there’s no need for that. Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is very happy to cooperate with the Carlson Group. There is no need to make such a big deal out of such a trivial matter…”

Upon hearing that, Crystal’s expression turned to ice. “I was slapped by your daughter, yet you’re saying that it was a trivial matter?”

James panicked. He only made an offhand remark and did not expect Crystal to hold him accountable.

“T-That wasn’t what I meant…” James said in a hurry.

“Stop with this nonsense!” Crystal shouted. “She must be held accountable! Director, call the police!”

With that, the director immediately called the police without another word.

Before long, Demi was taken away by the police.

As for James and the other two, they were lucky that they did not slap Crystal.

However, it was uncertain how Demi would be able to get out of jail.

The key aspect for this kind of issue was to see whether the parties involved were willing to settle it privately.

If Crystal didn’t forgive Demi, then Demi might have to be locked in jail for a few days.

After that, James and the rest walked out of the hospital dejectedly.

They originally came to make trouble for Matthew but unexpectedly, they got themselves into trouble instead.

“What should I do now? D-Demi won’t be detained, right? James, you’d better think of a way to save her!” Helen sobbed.

With a cold look, James muttered furiously, “I told you a long time ago that you shouldn’t spoil our daughter too much. Look at how she has turned out! She hits anyone who doesn’t agree with her and she even slapped Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter. How can I save her now?”

Angry, Helen countered, “You’re saying that I spoil her? Don’t you spoil her too? Also, this isn’t the time to discuss this! She’s in the police station now so the most important thing for you to do now is to find a way to rescue her!”

“Do you think I don’t want to save her?” James roared. “It’s just that I don’t have the ability to do so! That woman is Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter. How can I save Demi?”

Helen suddenly became speechless as that was indeed true.

If Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter wanted Demi to be held accountable, who could save her?

Liam then whispered, “Dad, Mom, we should solve the immediate problem first, right? I have made appointments with several rich bosses to have dinner together tonight. The project in the villa area is now the most critical matter. If this project is completed, we won’t have to be intimidated by Mr. Harrison anymore in the future. When the time comes, it’ll be their turn to apologize!”

James nodded slowly. “That’s right! One’s capability is the most important thing in life! When we are capable, others will then beg us for forgiveness, instead of the other way round!”

With that, the three of them temporarily set aside Demi’s affairs and rushed to the banquet.

Liam had found three bosses, all of whom were in the real estate business.

After they arrived at the banquet and exchanged pleasantries, Liam got straight to the point and told them his true purpose of inviting everyone here.

James also brought the information of the villa area project. After Liam finished speaking, he passed the information over to the bosses.

“Everyone, this is the information of the villa area project. Please go through it. This project will definitely make a lot of money and we’ll surely earn a lot by working together!” said James as he grinned ear to ear.

The three bosses glanced at each other, but no one took the information.

James was a little confused. What is the meaning of this?

Liam then said in a low voice, “Everyone, why don’t you guys take a look at this project? I’ve overseen the progress of this project myself many times and it’s absolutely worth it! As long as you invest, we are willing to give you another 30% of the profits as dividend. Don’t miss the opportunity!”

It was only then that one of the men said lightly, “Liam, we knew about this project a long time ago. You’re right; this project is indeed worthwhile and will be profitable. However, the problem is we can’t invest now!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 628

Upon hearing that, Liam was dumbfounded and questioned, “Why not?”

The man glanced at James and said lightly, “You’re James Cunningham, right?”

James was at a loss. “You know me?”

The man sneered, “I initially didn’t know you, but I heard of your name before I came here. I heard that you brought your family to the hospital to make trouble today, and that you even slapped Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter.”

James’ expression changed. News about this matter has spread out so quickly?

“Oh. This is all a misunderstanding. Actually—” James hurriedly tried to explain but the man threw up his hands and interrupted, “You don’t need to explain. Regardless of the reason, the fact is that you slapped Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter. Mr. Harrison has already stated publicly that no one can invest in your project and he even wants everyone to cut off any business ties they have with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. James, let me give you a piece of advice—stop thinking about getting rich. Instead, you should think about how to continue surviving in the future. With Mr. Harrison’s contacts, he can easily destroy the entire Cunningham Pharmaceuticals!”

After the man finished speaking, he got up and murmured, “Apologies, I have to leave now. Do excuse me!”

The other two bosses also got up unceremoniously and left.

James and the other two were left in the house, sitting rooted to the spot in a daze.

They never dreamed that things would develop to such a state.

They were so close to getting the investments, yet such a thing happened.

Demi had just slapped Crystal in the afternoon and by evening, they had immediately gotten their retribution.

After a long silence, Helen stuttered with tears streaming down her face, “W-What should we do? If these people don’t invest, w-we’re done for!”

James’ face was also flushed. He thought he would get the investments for sure, which was why he said so many harsh words to Alaric.

However, things had now escalated to this point, leaving him completely screwed.

“Liam, d-do you still know other bosses? Tell them about the project and ask them to invest. As long as they invest, I-I am willing to give them 70% of the profit!” James gushed in a panic. He now felt like he had reached a dead end.

Liam also took out his cell phone and called the bosses he knew one by one to enquire about the investment. However, everyone said the same thing.

None of them would invest in this project.

After calling every number in his contacts list, Liam slumped into the chair.

“Dad, I-I think no one will invest in us anymore…” Liam said in a trembling voice. This was something he never expected.

Meanwhile, James was completely dumbfounded. His lips trembled and he was at a loss for words.

No one was willing to invest in their project and they had to pay back so much money at once. This time, it was not just bankruptcy that greeted them.

When the time came, they might have to bear countless debts and they would have to work for the rest of their lives to repay these debts.

They would then be the people at the bottom of the society and anyone could step on them as they wish, not to mention their dream of entering the upper-class society of Eastcliff would go up in smoke!

Helen sat down on the chair and cried bitterly. “How did things turn out this way? I already warned you guys to not cross the line, lest karma bites us in our *ss! Yet, you guys refused to listen to me! Now, our family is done for. James, you crook, you’re already so old. Why did you have to go stir up so much trouble? What’s wrong with letting Matthew continue this project? You have a house and a car and you can have everything you want. Why did you have to go looking for trouble? Now look at what you’ve done! I think you will only be satisfied when your entire family is completely done for!”

James sat on the sofa in a daze, unable to utter a word.

Usually, the two would immediately start arguing if Helen said this to him but this time, James didn’t even have the strength, nor was he shameless enough to refute her.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 629

Liam stayed silent for a long time before he finally whispered, “Dad, why don’t we return the company shares to Matthew?”

James sighed sadly and nodded his head helplessly.

Now, this was the only way to save his family.

They initially expected to be able to get investment from other people, but now it seemed that this was impossible.

If they didn’t return the construction company to Matthew, they would basically be done for.

After that, the three of them got up and went home. Meanwhile, Matthew had returned home long ago.

Sasha was sitting in the living room with a cold expression. Seeing the three of them return, Sasha turned her head to the side in anger, not wanting to look at them at all.

The three of them knew that they were in the wrong so they didn’t dare to speak up.

Helen then walked over to Matthew and whispered, “Matthew, let’s go to the law firm tomorrow and transfer the company’s shares back to you. You can ask the Jackson Family, Jefford and the others not to withdraw their investment.”

Angry, Sasha commented, “Why don’t you guys go and talk to them by yourselves? You are so capable and are the head of the family. Plus, you’re the most important people in the Cunningham Family. Why don’t you guys go negotiate the cooperation by yourselves?”

In the past, Sasha’s words would have definitely started a quarrel.

However, the three now had no strength to quarrel anymore.

It was because of them that things had reached this point. They had caused a major disaster and were also in the wrong. Thus, they had no right to argue with Sasha.

Helen sighed heavily. “Matthew, what happened today is indeed our fault and for that, I apologize. Tomorrow, we will return the shares to you. Don’t worry, we will never ask you for these shares again in the future so please ​​go talk to them for Sasha’s sake!”

However, Sasha said furiously, “Mom, what you said is so incredulous that I’m sure even you yourself don’t believe it! Your assurance letter is still in my hands. It was written in black and white that you will never ask for these shares again in the future. But what did you guys do? You even disregarded the assurance letter, so why should Matthew believe your words now? You went back on your word and you have no credibility at all. Who would possibly want to cooperate with you in business in the future?”

James and Helen lowered their heads, looking extremely embarrassed.

What happened this time had completely ruined their credibility and what Sasha said was indeed true.

Sasha became more furious the more she spoke. “By the way, why did you go to the hospital today? I heard that Demi even slapped Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter; what were you guys doing? Do you think that you can run wild just because you’re rich? How bold of Demi to slap Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter. Do you know how furious the Harrison Family was today? Do you know how many people want to terminate their contracts with our family? Do you know how much damage this caused to our company? If the board of directors pursues this matter, who will pay for the loss? Shall we sell the house to pay for it?”

Helen’s face was filled with tears. “Sasha, that’s enough. It was all our fault. Who would have thought that she was Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter? Your sister is still locked up now! Sasha, ​​she is your sister, after all. Y-You have to find a way to save her! Sasha, I-​​I’ll kneel down…”

As Helen spoke, she kneeled down with a thud.

Enraged, Sasha immediately helped Helen up. “Mom, stop this! So what if she is my sister? Did Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter deserve to be slapped by her? She’s the only female descendent in the Harrison Family for several generations so she’s the apple of their eyes. Even people from the Ten Greatest Families wouldn’t dare lay a finger on her, yet, Demi slapped her. How can I save her now? You want me to ask the Harrison Family to not hold Demi accountable? Why would they do so?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 630

Helen was at a loss for words so she could only mutter in a low voice, “But she is your sister. Do you really have the heart to… watch her suffer? If this matter is not resolved and she gets a permanent criminal record… her entire life will be ruined… Sasha, ​​she is your sister…”

Sasha gritted her teeth and said. “Mom, stop it! I know she is my sister, but so what? Can she slap others at will just because she’s my sister? I can’t save her now. If you want to save her, go do it yourself! You can save her as long as you can persuade the Harrison Family to not pursue this matter!”

Helen remained slumped on the ground as she knew it was impossible.

Now, the only person who was to blame was Demi herself for not being able to control her temper.

It was fine if she slapped a nobody. However, she slapped Crystal Harrison. She must have had a death wish!

James sighed. “Sasha, ​​now is not the time to talk about accountability. At this point, we should first think about how to solve this matter! What’s the use of being furious? Don’t we still need to solve this matter in the end?”

“I can’t solve this matter.” Sasha shrugged. “You guys were the ones who caused this, so you guys should be the ones solving this!”

Upon hearing that, James shouted furiously, “Sasha… What kind of attitude is this? This matter concerns our family and everyone in our family has a responsibility to deal with it. You are now the chairman of the company. If you don’t solve it, who will?”

Sasha commented coldly, “Aren’t you the head of the family? Since you are so capable and have such a high status, you can handle it yourself!”

James stuttered, “Y-You…”

He was dumbfounded and was so furious that he was at a loss for words, not knowing how to refute her.

In desperation, Helen looked at Matthew. “Please, Matthew. We will return the company’s shares, this I guarantee with my life. In the future, we will never try to snatch away the construction company again. This construction company will belong to you completely in the future. Please help us; go to them and tell them not to divest. How about it?”

Matthew glanced at Sasha and nodded slowly. “I’ll give it a try, Mom.”

Liam hurriedly chimed in, “Matthew, don’t forget about Demi… Please help her too.”

Upon hearing that, Sasha immediately refuted, “She’s your wife! Since you’re so capable, you can solve the matter yourself!”

Liam looked embarrassed but James asked furiously, “Sasha, what’s the meaning of this? She’s your sister. Do you want her to be behind bars? If Matthew can solve this matter, let him handle it. It’s not a big deal. H-How can you take pleasure in Demi’s misfortune?”

Meanwhile, Sasha was furious. “Dad, I’m not taking pleasure in her misfortune. I just want to tell you guys that the troublemakers themselves should be the ones solving it.

Also, don’t think I don’t know what you were planning to do when you went to the hospital today! Miss Harrison told me that you guys wanted to make trouble for Matthew.

Hmph, if Matthew was in the hospital, would you guys have beaten him up? Oh—you guys are asking Matthew for help now that you guys are in trouble. How can you guys so shamelessly ask him for help? Do you really have no shame at all?”

Sasha’s words were very harsh, but the three couldn’t refute her at all.

They indeed wanted to cause trouble with Matthew today. However, Matthew was not there at the time, which was why Demi slapped Crystal.

If Matthew was there, they would have definitely beat Matthew up instead.

Therefore, it was indeed very embarrassing for them to ask Matthew for help now.

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