The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 631-640

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 631

Matthew commented lightly, “Dad, I can help to put in a good word for Demi. However, it may not work out. You also know that Crystal is the only female descendant of the Harrison Family in three generations, so she is the apple of their eyes. Yet, Demi slapped her on the face. There’s no way that they won’t hold her accountable. I can only try to keep Demi from being put behind bars and not get a permanent criminal record.”

Upon hearing that, Helen was overjoyed. “Matthew, we’re willing to do anything as long as Demi can be released. We’re willing to apologize or compensate them. I-I would do it even if I was asked to kneel down and kowtow to her!”

Sasha was furious and distressed. “Mom, you are already so old. Can you stop getting involved in this? Demi is not a kid anymore. She was the one who got herself in trouble so she should apologize to Crystal by herself!”

Helen sighed. “Sasha, Demi is still young so she still has a bright future ahead of her. She has been very stubborn since she was a child, so… she definitely won’t want to apologize to others. I’m already so old… I no longer care about my pride. If I can do it in her stead, why should I let her apologize and embarrass herself?”

Sasha’s tears welled up.

Although Helen was a bitter and sordid woman, she was in fact a good mother.

She only wanted the best for Demi and Sasha.

She had dreams of becoming the wife of a wealthy man and she did not think things through before doing something, often pressuring Sasha for money.

However, these were all normal. Every human in this world was vain after all.

Early the next morning, James and the others went to the law firm again and transferred all the shares back to Matthew.

Between those few days, they had gone to the law firm countless times.

This time, James gave up completely, deciding to never try to snatch away ​​this construction company again.

After Matthew retrieved the shares, he called the Jackson Family, Jefford and the others.

Everyone was pressuring James previously and forced him to leave the construction company.

Now that their goal had been achieved, everything was back to normal and the construction company operated as usual.

Moreover, in the past two days, the project in the villa area had finally restarted.

Tiger left Wellness Herbary and went directly to the villa area to start the follow-up work for this project.

As for Julian, he still had to work in Wellness Herbary for a while as he had to help Ed get familiar with the ins and outs of the herbary.

It was only when Ed could work independently that Julian would enter the construction company, as this was the company that truly belonged to them.

As for Demi, she was indeed in trouble.

Although Mr. Harrison treated Matthew well, it was his granddaughter who was slapped this time.

Moreover, his granddaughter did nothing to deserve that slap.

Under such circumstances, how could Mr. Harrison just let Demi go?

Matthew then went to have a talk with Mr. Harrison and Crystal. After discussing it for a while, Crystal agreed to solve the matter privately.

However, the premise was that Demi had to apologize to her.

Matthew didn’t dare to make the decision by himself as he knew the Cunningham Family very well.

If he agreed to this matter, Demi would definitely say that he was the one who agreed, not her. Thus, she wouldn’t apologize.

Therefore, he had to make it clear to the Cunningham Family that they would have to make the decision on whether to agree or disagree to Crystal’s request. Then, Demi would have no choice at that time.

James and Helen were overjoyed after hearing Matthew’s words.

“Oh, this… this is really great! I thought it would be difficult to solve this matter, but surprisingly she just asked for an apology,” Helen said emotionally.

However, Sasha muttered nonchalantly, “Mom, do you really think it’s that simple? This time, Crystal didn’t pursue this matter because Matthew persuaded them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have let Demi off the hook so easily!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 632

Helen hurriedly laughed and said, “Yes, this is all thanks to Matthew. Matthew, let me thank you on behalf of Demi!”

Matthew waved his hand. “You’re welcome, Mom. I’m just conveying what the Harrison Family told me. It’s up to you guys whether to accept their request.”

“Of course we agree,” Helen hurriedly murmured. “I’m agreeing in Demi’s stead. We agree!”

Matthew nodded. Since Helen agreed, he could then let the Harrison Family know their answer.

That morning, Helen and the others immediately went to fetch Demi back the moment they heard that the Harrison Family agreed to reconcile. After being locked in jail for a day, Demi almost had a mental breakdown. The first thing she did after she was picked up was to shout furiously, “What the hell are you guys doing? I was in jail for one whole day. Didn’t you guys even think of saving me? Am I not important at all? Do you know how much I suffered every minute that I was in jail?”

They were dumbfounded upon hearing her complaint. With a cold expression, Sasha said furiously, “Demi, do you really think that we don’t want to save you? For your sake, Mom almost had to kowtow to the Harrison Family, but even then they didn’t agree to reconcile. What could we have done?”

Unconvinced, Demi said, “Why didn’t you guys think of other ways when they refused to reconcile? You could use your connections or give them money to save me. Sasha, you are also the chairman of a company now; can’t you even do such a simple thing? All I did was just slap her. How big of a deal can it be?”

Hearing that, even James was annoyed. “How big of a deal can it be? The Harrison Family has already asked everyone to stop cooperating with the Cunningham Family! Everyone Liam knows refused to invest in the villa area project and our company’s customers are all going to terminate their contract with us! Do you still think that it isn’t a big deal?”

Demi was dumbfounded. Scratching her head, she muttered, “Is it… Is it really that serious? I j-just slapped her lightly… They are obviously overreacting!”

Irritated by Demi’s words, Sasha countered furiously, “Bullsh*t! If someone slapped you now, you would have made a huge fuss over it! Regardless of whether they overreacted, it’s your fault for slapping Crystal! What’s wrong with them holding you accountable?”

Demi fell silent for a while. Initially, she thought that this was just a simple matter and didn’t expect it to turn into such a big deal. Now, she did not dare to continue being so bratty and stubborn anymore.

Helen hurried over and said, “Alright, that’s enough now. Fortunately, Demi was released. Demi, please don’t be angry. Come on; you must be starving. I’ll make you something delicious. You should take a bath and have a good meal. This matter is over now.”

“What do you mean that this incident is over?” Sasha repeated furiously. “Mom, have you forgotten that Demi has to apologize to Crystal?”

Demi was stunned. “Apologize? What are you talking about?”

Helen said awkwardly, “Oh right—you have to apologize. Demi, after you clean up and have something to eat, you need to apologize to Miss Harrison. Only then will this matter be over!”

Demi’s eyes widened in disbelief. “You want me to go and apologize to Crystal? Why should I? I have been imprisoned for a day, yet I still have to apologize to her? Doesn’t that mean that I was jailed in vain? Forget it; it will never happen!”

Helen panicked. “Demi, stop being stubborn. They only agreed to reconcile because we promised them you’d apologize. If you don’t want to apologize, then… Won’t we have to go back on our word?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 633

“This is what you agreed to, not me!” Demi immediately countered. “I didn’t agree to apologize! I have been imprisoned for a day and if I still have to apologize, then it would’ve all been in vain! It was just one slap, so why should I apologize?”

Liam also nodded and said, “Mom, I believe Demi is right. If they released her yesterday, then she should apologize because that’s the right thing to do. However, Demi has been locked up for a day, yet she still has to apologize. This is simply crossing the line. Crystal is indeed the young lady of the Harrison Family, but that doesn’t mean that Demi is lowly and unworthy. She was detained so why does she have to apologize now? They’re being too unreasonable!”

When Demi heard Liam speak up for her, her face was immediately filled with joy. “Exactly! They’re being unreasonable! I’ve already suffered immensely by being locked up for one day. There’s no way that I’ll apologize!” Demi said loudly.

“How can you say that?” Helen murmured anxiously. “We have already agreed that you would apologize, as their condition for letting you out.”

Liam then said slowly, “Mom, when you agreed to these conditions, you didn’t discuss it with Demi. How do you know if she is willing to do so? Besides, Matthew was the one who went to discuss this matter with them. Tell us Matthew, do you really think that this is the right thing to do? She has been detained for a day, yet she has to apologize as well. Do you think it is reasonable?”

Demi’s expression also changed and she glared at Matthew. “So you’re the one who went to talk with them! No wonder that they’re making me apologize. You just want to trick me, you evil b*stard! You know that Crystal is from the Harrison Family so you specifically asked her to stay in your office and deal with us, right? This matter was all planned by you. You deliberately harmed me and kept me locked up for a day. I… I’ll fight you with my life!” The more Demi talked, the more she became enraged. Suddenly, she rushed at Matthew with a roar.

Matthew frowned. Demi had indeed tried to make a scene, just as he thought. Furious, Sasha stood up straight and shouted, “Demi, enough is enough! Matthew saved you. Not only are you not grateful at all, you even said such ignorant things. How can you be so inhumane? Matthew, you shouldn’t have gotten involved in this matter. It’s not like you’re getting any benefits from it. Forget it! We should leave this matter to them!”

Helen hurriedly tugged at Sasha. “Sasha, ​​calm down! Oh Demi, you shouldn’t act like this. This time, if it wasn’t for Matthew speaking up for you… who knows how much longer you would be detained.”

James’ expression was also dark. “Demi, stop being stubborn. We have witnessed this matter unfold from beginning to end. If it weren’t for Matthew, it would be impossible for the Harrison Family to agree to let you go. You should thank him instead!”

Being reprimanded by her parents in this way, Demi’s arrogance suddenly disappeared. However, she still looked unconvinced. “I don’t care. I won’t apologize anyway. Matthew, you’re the one who agreed to this so you should go apologize instead!” Demi said and pursed her lips.

Matthew stared hard at Demi and said lightly, “So be it. It’s okay if you don’t apologize. However, let me give you a piece of friendly advice. They haven’t signed a letter of dispute settlement yet. If they want to hold you accountable again, they will be able to lock you back up any time. If the doctors verifies that Crystal suffered a minor injury or something… Hmph, the matter won’t be as simple as just imprisoning you for a few days anymore.”

Demi was dumbfounded to hear that. Then, she turned to look at Liam and asked, “I-Is this true?”

After all, Liam was knowledgeable. With an embarrassed look, he nodded slowly. “In theory, this is indeed the case.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 634

In the end, Demi submitted to their request and finally had to agree to apologize to Crystal. Matthew, on the other hand, was quite speechless. He guessed that Demi would stubbornly refuse, but he did not expect that she would refuse even what Helen promised. It seemed that he had to be more cautious of this woman in the future.

After dinner, Demi went to the Harrison Residence to apologize to Crystal. Helen wanted Matthew to go with them, but Sasha forcefully dragged him away. According to Sasha, ​​it was best for Matthew to not tag along and get involved with this kind of matter. Otherwise, if anything happened, Matthew would be the one blamed.

When the Cunningham Family members entered the Harrison Family compound and saw the luxurious decorations in the yard, James and the other three were shocked. Now, they understood just how big the gap between them and the Harrison Family was. And so, Demi’s initial arrogant and domineering attitude had decreased significantly.

Crystal was sitting in the living room as they entered. In the magnificent house, she looked like a princess, surrounded by people from the Harrison Family. Seeing the scene, James and Helen couldn’t help but swallow nervously. The Harrison Family was genuinely a big family with a respected heritage, a far cry from them!

Meanwhile, Crystal saw a trace of contempt on Demi’s face the moment she saw Demi. James then hurried forward and said some pleasantries politely before he dragged Demi over and asked her to apologize to Crystal.

Demi was still a little unconvinced. Tensing up, she said lightly, “I’m sorry.”

Crystal frowned. How could she accept Demi’s apology when the woman had such an attitude? “What did you say? I didn’t hear you!” Crystal said coldly.

Demi was furious and she argued, “Y-You didn’t hear? We are standing so close to each other so you definitely heard it.”

“I didn’t hear you,” Crystal repeated coldly. “You don’t believe me?”

Demi’s expression changed and she almost cursed in rage.

Trying to diffuse the situation, Helen hurriedly chimed in, “Miss Harrison, I’m sorry. I will ask her to apologize again. Demi!” Helen pulled at Demi’s clothes.

Demi gritted her teeth and shouted, “I’m sorry!”

Even the Harrison Family was extremely unhappy with her attitude, much less Crystal. Standing up, Crystal walked over slowly and stopped in front of Demi. Crystal looked at her before she suddenly raised her hand and slapped Demi across the face four times.

At that moment, everyone in the Cunningham Family was stunned. Crystal then went back to the sofa and sat down as she drawled, “Alright then; that’s the end of this matter. You guys can leave now!”

However, Demi was furious and shouted loudly, “H-How dare you hit me? I’ll make you pay for this! Mom, call the police! Call the police! I want to put her in jail! I want to put her in jail!” Demi’s face was twisted in rage as if she finally had something over Crystal.

Crystal, on the other hand, looked at Demi with an enigmatic smile. “Oh, so you’re burning bridges with me, eh? Very well then; call the police. I want to see what you will do to me!”

Demi gritted her teeth. “I’ll do to you what you did to me! I slapped you and was imprisoned for one day. You slapped me four times, so you’ll be imprisoned for a year!”

Crystal chuckled coldly. “Really? Then how do you prove that I slapped you?”

Demi said loudly, “Why do I need proof? Everyone witnessed you slapping me. They can all testify!”

Crystal laughed and turned to those around her. “Did you see me slap her?”

Everyone present shook their heads. Demi was anxious and said quickly, “My parents and my husband saw it. They can all testify!”

Mr. Harrison slowly murmured, “These are all your close relatives, so they can’t be asked to testify.”

Upon hearing that, Demi was dumbfounded and realized that she was probably going to have to suffer in silence this time.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 635

Reacting fast, Liam quickly grabbed Demi and he whispered, “Demi, stop making trouble because we can’t win against the Harrison Family. Let’s go home first!”

However, Demi’s face was full of unwillingness. She apologized and was even slapped a few times by Crystal. How could she be willing to go back like this? That being said, the Harrison Family might not agree to let her leave even if she wanted to.

“I’m afraid you can’t leave!” Crystal announced coldly. “Your apology is not sincere enough and now that I think of it, I believe there’s no need for us to reconcile. Grandpa, I want to call the police. I want to put her in jail!”

Mr. Harrison nodded calmly. “No problem!”

Upon hearing that, Demi was dumbfounded. She had apologized and was even slapped four times. How could they choose to forget about that?

“Hey, d-don’t keep pushing my buttons. I have already apologized so what more do you want? You can’t go back on your word like that!” Demi argued anxiously.

However, Crystal only chuckled coldly. “How can you call that an apology? Since you are not sincere, then there’s no need for me to reconcile with you! Forget it. I don’t want to waste time talking with someone like you who has no integrity. Get ready to go to jail!”

Seeing Mr. Harrison taking out his mobile phone, Helen quickly said, “Miss Harrison, I-I beg you. Please give her a chance. She’s still young… I-If she goes to jail, her whole life will be ruined. H-How about I apologize to you? I’m really sorry…”

Crystal glanced at Helen in disdain. “The person who slapped me should be the one apologizing! If your daughter is unwilling to apologize, then I will put her in jail! As for you, you are not qualified to speak here!”

Helen looked at Demi helplessly, knowing that Crystal was deliberately making things difficult for Demi. Demi’s complexion flushed red. Finally, she gave in and said, “Miss Harrison, I’m sorry. I know I was in the wrong. P-Please give me a chance…”

Demi was so frustrated as she was slapped four times and still had to apologize in the end. Truth was, she had never been embarrassed like this before. However, in front of the Harrison Family, she could only hold it in.

Crystal glanced at her and said coldly, “You’re just a nobody. I can’t be bothered with such an insignificant person like you. You’d better take this as a lesson. Remember, the next time you see me, don’t even think about doing anything to me. Otherwise, you won’t be so lucky again!” With that, Crystal waved her hand. “Get out!”

James and the others ran out from the Harrison Family compound in a panic. Demi was extremely furious, but in the end she dared not say anything. What happened this time made her fear Crystal deep down and she wouldn’t dare to be disrespectful to her anymore.

In fact, this matter was not significant enough for the Harrison Family to deal with them. This time, Crystal actually wanted to vent her frustration for Matthew’s sake. She felt that Matthew was too tolerant to the Cunningham Family, so she took this opportunity to teach the Cunningham Family a lesson.

Of course, James and the others would never expect that Crystal avenging Matthew was the reason. When they walked out of the Harrison Residence, they were all rejoicing at the fact that Crystal chose not to pursue the matter further. Otherwise, they would surely run into trouble.

“No matter what, the matter is finally resolved. Demi, you should forget about this. Take this incident as a lesson and you should never hit others at will again,” Helen gave a heartfelt piece of advice.

Demi’s face turned pale. She was very furious, but she was powerless to do anything.

“Dad, what about the construction company? Are we really going to let Matthew be in charge of it? That’s a billion-dollar business; it can’t be handed over to Matthew!” Demi murmured in a low voice.

James waved his hand. “Stop talking about this. I’ve decided that I’ll let Matthew be in charge of the construction company. Let’s not get into trouble anymore because I really can’t afford to get into any trouble again.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 636

After the recent events, James realized that the Jackson Family, Jefford and the others trusted Matthew only. If James caused a scene again, the result would still be the same as before. These people would continue to withdraw their investments and Cunningham Pharmaceuticals would be completely done for. Therefore, he had no choice but to let Matthew take charge of the construction company now. Thus, he stopped scheming this matter.

Unconvinced, Demi continued, “Dad, this is tens of billions we’re talking about. Why don’t we fight for it again? At the very least, we should let Liam be the general manager and take care of the money, right?”

Liam had secretly discussed this with Demi as he had always been unwilling to give up on the construction company. What he wanted was to work in the company and make a fortune.

James frowned and said solemnly, “Demi, have I not been clear enough? Let’s not get involved with the construction company. The Cunningham Family is already very fortunate to be able to keep our fortune this time but if you continue to make trouble, the Cunningham Family’s wealth will be gone. By then, how are we going to pay back our debts and continue living our lives?”

Demi huffed. “Dad, I didn’t ask you to let Liam be the chairman. I just asked you to make Liam the general manager. The chairman will still be Matthew and those people still cooperate with him. What’s the problem, then? Even if they want to make trouble, they can’t find an excuse. Besides, so much money is involved in the company. Aren’t you worried that Matthew will embezzle all the funds? This way, Liam can go in the company and keep a close eye on Matthew. Plus, he can make sure that Matthew doesn’t embezzle any money. This is killing two birds with one stone!”

James hesitated slightly. This proposal was not bad indeed. However, Helen murmured in a low voice, “Oh—I think we should stop getting involved in this. The recent events have left me horrified. James, let’s just concentrate on running our pharmacy. If something happens again, we probably won’t be able to bear the consequences!”

Upon hearing that, Demi countered furiously, “Mom, how can you say that? This is the Cunningham Family’s property. If we don’t fight for it, are we really going to hand it over just like that? Dad, Matthew has long wanted to snatch away our family’s assets so don’t you want to keep an eye on him? Let’s give it another shot. At least we’ll get information about the company and know where our money is!”

James was silent for a long time before he slowly nodded. “You’re right. Even if we don’t get involved with the operations of the construction company, we have to keep an eye on the company accounts. Right then; let’s go directly to the construction company!”

Liam was overjoyed and immediately turned around to go straight to the construction company.

Meanwhile, Matthew was having a meeting with several shareholders in the construction company. Once he came to know that James and the rest had come over, Matthew frowned immediately. He knew that Demi would definitely come and cause trouble for him after she was released from jail. She must have come to the construction company at this time because she suddenly came up with a plan.

After Matthew received James and the others, James asked him to arrange for Liam to be the general manager of the company so that he would be in charge of the company’s finances. His statement implied that Matthew was not given a chance to refuse at all.

Upon hearing that, Matthew felt impatient as he knew clearly that James sent Liam over to monitor the company’s capital flow. If he refused, James would only think that he had ulterior intentions and start to kick up a fuss again. With no other choice, Matthew could only agree to arrange for Liam to be the general manager of the company.

Of course, Liam was overjoyed. He immediately packed up his things and came to the company to take up the post.

As for James, after he arranged for Liam to work in the company, it felt as if a heavy burden in his heart was lifted. In his opinion, with Liam supervising the finances, he didn’t need to worry about Matthew embezzling money. When the time came for the project in the villa area to be completed and the company made major profits, he planned to transfer the money to his account. In this way, this asset would always be in his hands and would not be snatched away by Matthew.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 637

In less than three days, the project in the villa area was restarted. The construction of said area was basically completed, and now there was some post construction work left. After the post construction work, they could start selling the villa area.

Matthew originally planned to let Tiger take charge of these things but after Liam became general manager, he took control of everything, wanting to personally oversee the remaining work. Matthew knew very well that Liam wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to make a fortune. However, he didn’t bother calling him out. As long as Liam didn’t cross the line, he would let him be. Of course, he also told Tiger not to get involved in this, in case Liam pushed responsibility to Tiger again if something happened in the future.

After the construction company’s work got back on track, Matthew went back to the hospital. Meanwhile, Crystal also came back to work and Matthew couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed when the two met.

“Miss Harrison, i-is your face okay?”

Crystal glanced at Matthew while thinking, This guy is so bad at holding a conversation!

“Of course it’s very painful!” Crystal pouted and said.

However, Matthew commented, “Are you certain? She only slapped you once. How can it hurt for so many days?”

“If you already know this, then why did you have to ask me such a redundant question?” Crystal retorted.

Matthew was speechless as he thought to himself, A woman’s heart is truly elusive.

Crystal, on the other hand, couldn’t help but feel even more annoyed when Matthew kept quiet. She stood up suddenly and announced loudly, “This time, I spared the Cunningham woman for your sake. Tell me; how will you repay me?”

Matthew was taken aback. “What do you want?”

Crystal sneered, “Why are you so afraid? Do you think that I’ll devour you? Well, I’ll give you a chance—treat me to lunch at noon.”

Matthew was quite speechless. She was speaking as if he was desperate to treat her to a meal! However, Sasha was coincidentally busy that afternoon and couldn’t have lunch with him.

“Fine. However, I prefer to eat simple meals. If it doesn’t suit your taste…”

Crystal waved her hand. “I will eat whatever you eat. You’d better not look down on me. Do you really think that I’m a spoiled rich lady? Since I came here to be a nurse, I’m prepared to endure hardships!”

Upon hearing that, Matthew gave her a thumbs up. “I admire your aspirations. Then, let’s go to eat sliced ​​noodles together at noon.”

Crystal was stunned for a moment. “W-What noodles?”

Jack Woods Sliced Noodle Restaurant was near the hospital. Back then, Matthew often came here to eat when he was busy at work. This place was cheap and affordable. Plus, their food was quite good. However, the cleanliness of such a small shop was naturally very mediocre.

When Crystal, who was wearing a long fairy-like dress, walked into this small shop, she seemed completely out of place with the shop’s environment. Those who ate here were usually people who worked nearby. People sat together in groups of three to five, smoking and drinking beer while swearing. All in all, it was very noisy.

As Crystal walked in, the scene suddenly became silent. These people had never seen such a beautiful girl before. Moreover, Crystal came from a family of medical background and she gave off a noble air. Seeing her, these people at the scene felt ashamed of themselves and no one dared to make a sound anymore. Meanwhile, Crystal frowned, for she had never been to such a place!

Matthew, who was already familiar with this place, sat down directly at a table. “Mr. Woods, please give us two big bowls of sliced noodles. By the way, we want the beef sliced noodles to be fried. I’m treating my friend to a meal so please put in more beef for me.”

The boss looked confused. His mouth opened wide and he couldn’t recover from his shock for a long while. He couldn’t understand how the cleaner, who used to clean toilets in the hospital, could possibly bring such a beautiful woman for a meal here.

The most important thing was that this beauty was by no means an ordinary person. Judging from her appearance, she was undoubtedly a rich lady. How could she be so blind to fall in love with Matthew?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 638

Not long after, two bowls of noodles were served. Staring at the bowl of noodles, Crystal was at a loss and did not know how to eat it. Since young, she had only eaten Western food like an elegant lady and had never eaten noodles before. Matthew, on the other hand, gobbled up the noodles.

Crystal was furious but she couldn’t say anything. After all, it was her own fault for claiming that she could eat anything. Holding the chopsticks, she barely ate two bites before she couldn’t eat anymore. Feeling bored, she looked around and spotted a thin, dark-skinned man who looked like he hadn’t showered in days sneaking into the restaurant. The man glanced around and when he saw a customer get up and leave, he immediately ran over and sat in that customer’s seat.

The previous customer’s bowl hadn’t been taken away yet, so the man picked up the chopsticks and pretended to eat although there wasn’t anything left in the bowl. Seeing this, Crystal felt disgusted. Why would anyone eat other people’s leftovers?

Just then, a few people entered the restaurant. When the man saw this, he picked up his bowl and walked toward the exit. As he passed by the group of people, he purposely bumped into one of them. The bowl in his hand fell to the ground with a crash, noodles and soup spilling everywhere.

The man immediately threw a fit and yelled, “Watch where you’re going! Are you blind? You made me spill my food so you’d better pay up!”

The customer who just entered was dumbfounded and thought it was his own fault so he hurriedly said, “Sir, please calm down. How much is this bowl of noodles? I’ll pay you.”

The man raised his voice and said, “I ordered extra meat, so it’s 20!”

The customer didn’t really care so he handed the man 20. After the man received the money, he ran off happily.

Meanwhile, Crystal watched the whole thing and she was furious. Lowering her voice to a whisper, she said, “Matthew, did you see that? That man just now was evil! He just tricked someone with an empty bowl!”

“Just eat your food,” Matthew commented lightly as he glanced at her. “Don’t be so nosy.”

However, Crystal was unwilling to give up. “Why can’t I be nosy? Don’t you know that we should help those who are treated unfairly? That man just bullied the customer. If I see him later, I’ll expose his lies! I’m not like you guys. Even though you don’t care about things that do not matter to you, I can’t bear to see others get tricked!”

Matthew grinned helplessly as he thought, Crystal really is quite enthusiastic sometimes.

However, before the two of them finished their meal, they saw the same man carry an old man on his back and enter the restaurant. “Excuse me, I’ll have two bowls of noodles please!” the man shouted.

A while later, two bowls of noodles were served to their table. Then, the man handed the waiter a 20 before digging in together with the old man.

Crystal saw clearly that it was the 20 that he got from tricking a customer a while ago. After a while, she couldn’t hold back anymore. “I can’t help it; I have to expose him.”

Hearing this, Matthew said in a low voice, “Stop it. Don’t interfere with other people’s business.”

Crystal immediately glared at him and argued, “How is this interfering? I’m stopping someone from doing a bad deed!”

With that, she stood up and ran to the man’s table. “Hey, how can you not feel ashamed? You tricked someone else out of their money but you seem comfortable spending it. Why does a fully capable man with perfect working hands and legs like you, who could’ve done any work, choose to trick people out of their money? Aren’t you embarrassed of yourself?”

Looking upset, the man was angry and embarrassed. “You… Who said that I tricked someone?”

The old man, who was sitting opposite of the man, was also stunned. “W-What’s the matter? Miss, what did my son do?”

Crystal glanced at the old man and said, “You don’t know yet, do you? Your son grabbed someone else’s empty bowl and purposely dropped it to trick someone to pay up. The 20 that he just used to pay for this meal is the money he got from cheating. Do you feel at ease eating a meal paid with dirty money?”

After hearing this, the old man’s expression instantly turned worried. Trembling with anger, he slammed his fist on the table. “How could you do something like that? Since you were young, I’ve taught you to never steal, snatch or lie. How… How could you do that? Miss, I’m very sorry. I’ll… I’ll give you back the money…”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 639

After the old man finished speaking, his trembling hands slowly pulled out a wad of money from his pocket. When Crystal saw this, she immediately frowned. The old man has a lot of money. The fact that these two people choose to swindle money from others even though they are not completely desperate makes me despise this man even more.

Suddenly, the man reached out and stopped the old man. “Dad, what are you doing? Why are you paying her? W-What did I do? Do you believe that I swindled money from others just because she said so?” the man yelled.

Crystal was enraged. “How dare you say that you didn’t swindle money from others? This restaurant has surveillance cameras. Why don’t we ask the owner to let us take a look? Or perhaps I should directly call the police and let them handle it?”

The man was at a loss for words so he lowered his head and said nothing. When the old man saw this, he immediately understood that what Crystal said was true. Heartbroken, he pointed at the man and said, “Y-You really let me down! Is this how I raised you? Miss, I’m really sorry; this is all my fault. I have money so I’ll pay you back. I’ll pay you back on his behalf…”

With that, the old man trembled as he pulled out his money again, but he was stopped by his son. “Dad, you can’t give her your money! It’s money to save your life!”

Upon hearing that, the old man was infuriated. “If this money is collected by you swindling others bit by bit, I… I’d rather die!”

After the old man finished speaking, he threw the wad of money and ran away angrily. Seeing this, the man quickly picked up the money that was scattered on the ground in panic.

Crystal looked at the man in contempt and said, “Do you even have a conscience? Look how angry your father is, yet you choose to pick up money from the ground rather than chasing after him!”

The man said nothing as he silently picked up all of the money. Then, he sat back down and continued to eat his meal. Seeing this, Crystal was even more frustrated and she pointed at the man and scolded him. It wasn’t until she said that she was about to call the police that Matthew finally came over to stop her.

“Enough. Is it necessary to call the police over a small matter like this?” Matthew said softly.

After Crystal heard this, she was even more agitated. “What’s the matter with you, Matthew? This is what you call a small matter? You… You weren’t like this before! Oh—you only take care of things when it involves people you know, but you don’t care when it has nothing to do with anyone you know! I was really wrong to think that you’re a righteous hero. How can you be so selfish?”

The people around them started whispering in low voices, “This girl is really a heroine!”

“I agree. Not many girls would dare do what she did.”

“That man called Matthew is no match for her at all! He has no sense of responsibility and can’t even be considered as a real man!”

The people in the restaurant kept ridiculing them, hoping that Crystal would directly give up on Matthew. However, Matthew didn’t care. Instead, he waved his hand and commented, “Enough. Are you done with your meal? If you’re done, let’s get back to work!”

Looking at the man who was still slurping mouthful after mouthful of noodles in front of her, Crystal felt even more furious. “No. No matter what, I will solve this matter today! Your father has already left so why are you still here? Don’t you feel ashamed at all? People like you should be sent to jail! I’ll call the police right now!”

With that, Crystal angrily dialed the number and prepared to report the matter to the police. Seeing this, Matthew finally lost his patience and snatched away her phone. “Stop fooling around!”

Crystal was provoked by his actions and she yelled, “Matthew, why are you acting like this? You don’t care about it and force others to stop caring. Do you even have a sense of civism?”

Matthew glared at her and replied in a solemn tone, “Crystal, do you really think what you see is always correct? Things that happen in this world can’t always be defined as right or wrong. There are reasons behind some things that you don’t know, so you have no right to judge others!”

However, Crystal was unconvinced. “Matthew, you’re saying that I might’ve understood him. Tell me then; what have I done wrong? I don’t believe that I’ve done anything wrong by catching a swindler.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 640

Matthew glanced at Crystal and sat down next to the man. Despite being insulted by the people around him, the man turned a deaf ear toward everybody. Instead, he held his bowl and gulped down all of the soup. Seeing this, Crystal felt even more angry and thought that this swindler was too arrogant.

“Matthew, if you can’t tell me what I’ve done wrong, I’ll call the police right now!” Crystal yelled furiously. Deep down, she secretly vowed to never meet Matthew again. The reason she asked to meet Matthew was because she admired him deeply. However, what Matthew did today really made her look down on him.

Then, Matthew patted the man’s shoulder and suddenly asked, “When’s the operation?”

Hearing this, the man was stunned for a moment and his expression instantly changed. Looking at Matthew in disbelief, he asked, “H-How did you know?”

In a soft voice, Matthew replied, “I could tell at one glance as soon as you and your father entered the restaurant.”

The man immediately lowered his head and with tears in his eyes, he murmured, “Soon. The operation will be done in a few days once we collect enough money.”

When Matthew heard this, he sighed and said, “Do you know as soon as the operation is done, you’ll lose your life?”

The man gritted his teeth and said nothing.

Meanwhile, Crystal was a little shocked. With her voice lowered, she asked, “W-What operation? Are you sick? The reason you tricked people out of their money… is to cure your illness?”

At that moment, she panicked. If she had treated a patient rudely, she would feel apologetic. However, the man shook his head and replied, “No. I’m not sick.”

Crystal immediately blushed in embarrassment. “If you’re not sick, why are you swindling? You… You…”

The man solemnly replied, “But my dad is!”

After saying this, the man burst into tears. “He has uremia. We couldn’t find a suitable kidney source, so we can only use mine. I can’t skip meals and I have to make sure I have enough nutrition. I-I have to save him!”

After Crystal heard this, she was completely dumbfounded. The statement shocked her so much that her mind went blank completely. Meanwhile, the onlookers also became silent. Nobody had imagined that this would be the case.

After a while, a man from the crowd said, “Oh, this man is really filial! However, it’s just a kidney transplant. It’s not something serious. Sir, I know a friend who had one of his kidneys cut off and he’s living well right now, so be a little more optimistic. There’s no challenge in this world that you can’t overcome.”

Crystal nodded in agreement. However, Matthew sighed and said softly, “If he has two kidneys, he can still live after giving one up for transplant. But what if he only has one kidney?”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone in the room was stunned. Then, Crystal shouted in surprise, “How does he only have one kidney?”

Matthew turned to look at the man, who was clenching his fists so tightly that his fingers cut into his palms. After gritting his teeth for a while, he whispered, “In order to pay for his bills for the past few years, I… I sold one of my kidneys a long time ago.”

At that instant, there was a commotion in the restaurant. No one had thought that it would be such a situation.

Crystal anxiously said, “You only have one kidney left but you’re planning to give your father a kidney transplant. Doesn’t that mean that you’ll definitely die? H-How can you do that?”

The man glanced at Crystal before looking at the street outside the restaurant. Then, in a whisper, he replied, “He has always taught me to be honest and down-to-earth. It doesn’t seem like I can be honest in this life so I can only repay what I owe him! I was born into this world because of him so there is nothing wrong for me to leave this place for him! I’m sorry, everyone!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he rushed out of the restaurant in tears. Crystal, on the other hand, slumped onto a chair and was completely dumbfounded. It was only then that she understood what Matthew meant when he said not all things can be defined as right or wrong. At that moment, Crystal suddenly recalled how the man carried his father into the restaurant a while ago.

Perhaps his father used to carry him like that when he was young. There is a saying, ‘You raised me up so I’ll take care of you when you’re old. The biggest regret in this life is that I can’t stay by your side forever.’

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