The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 641-650

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 641

Later in the office at the hospital, Matthew said in a helpless tone, “Enough; please stop crying. You’ve been crying for over an hour because of what happened in the restaurant and it’s getting annoying.”

Crystal rubbed her puffy eyes. “You knew about their situation back then but why didn’t you tell me? You… You just watched as I yelled at them and you didn’t even stop me. Now, I want to tell them I’m sorry but I can’t find them!”

Hearing this, Matthew replied, “I did stop you but you didn’t listen. Besides, you even threatened to cut ties with me because of this. What else could I do?”

Crystal immediately blushed as she recalled what she said to Matthew a while ago, feeling extremely embarrassed. “How could I have known his situation? I saw that he swindled money so… so I tried to stop him! Should I have turned a blind eye after watching someone swindle?”

Matthew shook his head and said, “I didn’t say that you shouldn’t interfere. However, you’re from the Harrisons. Whatever you do in public affects the Harrison Family’s reputation. No matter what you do, it’s best to consider it wisely. Otherwise, you won’t only embarrass yourself, you’ll damage the Harrison Family’s reputation!”

After hearing this, Crystal gave it some thought before she nodded seriously and said, “Matthew, you’re right. I was impulsive and didn’t consider the consequences. I promise that from now on, I’ll never act like that again!”

Matthew smiled and nodded in response. In fact, the reason Joseph arranged for Crystal to work with Matthew was because he hoped that Matthew would train her.

When Crystal was younger, she was spoiled and had a bad temper. Moreover, she hung around a group of wealthy second generations and became arrogant and defiant. As such, her haughty character made Joseph worried. She doesn’t have a bad nature. With a little teaching, she can still be brought up in the right way.

Looking at Matthew, Crystal suddenly chuckled and said, “Matthew, after what happened today, I realize that I admire you and like you even more. What should I do?”

Matthew was instantly rendered speechless. Why is this girl always teasing people?

“You can admire me but don’t fall for me. I’m married!” Matthew commented breezily.

Crystal pouted her lips and said, “I don’t care about that so why should you? So what if you’re married? I can be your lover!”

Matthew was dumbfounded. Do all youngsters these days have such outrageous thoughts?

Clearing his throat, Matthew replied, “You… You better worry about today’s matter first. You’ve scolded someone rudely. Don’t you want to apologize?”

Matthew hurriedly changed the subject because he felt he would be in danger if they continued the previous topic. After hearing Matthew’s question, Crystal hurriedly nodded and said, “You’re right; I want to apologize to him. Why don’t I apologize to him by helping him find a suitable kidney source? My family is quite well-connected in this respect.”

Upon hearing that, Matthew murmured, “Let’s not discuss this first. Do you know where to find him?”

Crystal thought about this for a moment before she replied, “He’s going to have a kidney transplant so he’ll definitely go to a hospital in the city. I’ll just ask my father to search around.”

Matthew shook his head. “You won’t be able to find him.”

Shocked, Crystal asked, “Why? My dad is well-connected with the hospitals in the city. How is it possible that I won’t be able to find him?”

“You assume that he’s staying in hospitals,” Matthew commented. “However, do you think that they will be at the hospital?”

Crystal was confused. “If they’re not in the hospital, where else can they be?”

Matthew signed helplessly and said, “You’re usually pretty clever. Why are your thoughts suddenly so muddled? Think about it. The man has only one kidney left. Which hospital will be willing to conduct the transplant? What’s the difference between doing that and murder? He’ll definitely not go through legal hospital procedures. Instead, he’ll go to an illegal clinic.”

After hearing this, Crystal had a sudden realization. “Oh my! I almost forgot about that. Then… Then how do I find them?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 642

Matthew waved his hands and said, “Don’t ask me—ask your father. He knows these things much better than me.”

Without any hesitation, Crystal immediately called her father. Her father knew many people that worked in the medical field in Eastcliff, not only the official hospitals, but also those who worked in illegal clinics. In less than an hour, Crystal received a message from her father.

Just like what Matthew had predicted, the man and his father indeed found an illegal clinic to do the transplant. The money that the man had put together was to pay for the medical fees at this illegal clinic. Furthermore, it was the same clinic that helped him sell his kidney. Truth was, it would be a difficult task for others to find out about this but it was relatively easy for the Harrison family.

After Crystal received the news, she instantly dragged Matthew along and rushed to the illegal clinic to get the man and his father out of there. Then, Crystal solemnly apologized to the man and at the same time, she expressed her intentions.

The man didn’t expect Crystal to be so powerful. When he heard that his father would be saved and he wouldn’t have to sacrifice his life for it, he immediately burst into tears of joy. He even knelt down and bowed to thank Crystal. Meanwhile, the man’s father was at a loss. He didn’t know what his son did.

After he heard Crystal explain everything, he burst into tears and hugged his son, crying like a child. There aren’t many parents who don’t love their children! However, how many children can be so filial to their parents? Looking at them, Crystal was full of emotion. The people she usually met were the rich second-generation who had never experienced life as the bottom chain of society, which was why she was really touched to see what the man did. She had really learnt a lot from this whole fiasco.

When she returned home that night, she told her grandfather about it. At the same time, she proposed to Joseph that she wanted to set up a fund to raise money for the poor who needed help. After Joseph heard this, he was a little surprised as he never thought that his granddaughter would have such a great realization. After all, Crystal used to be really arrogant. She usually spent her days wasting money and living a luxurious lifestyle with the other rich kids. Usually, she wasn’t even willing to take another look at the people who were from the bottom of society.

Joseph was a kind-hearted man so it upset him to see his granddaughter like this. However, he couldn’t change his granddaughter’s mind so he could only let her be, which was why Joseph was extremely excited to see her have a great realization.

That night, he called Matthew and thanked him excitedly. Matthew didn’t expect Crystal to change so drastically over today’s incident and at that moment, his view on Crystal changed a little.

To be honest, I really hated Crystal at the beginning. I wasn’t even willing to let her be in my office but I couldn’t chase her away for Joseph’s sake. I never thought that Crystal would have such a change. I’m really impressed.

At the same time, Matthew was a little relieved. If Crystal sincerely wants to start a fund to help the poor, I’m willing to help her. After all, I came from the bottom of society and I know the feeling of despair of watching someone close suffer, but having no money to treat their illness! If Crystal can really do such a good deed, it will show that she has inherited the will of the Harrison family and is sentient of others.

The next day, Crystal didn’t come to work. Instead, she was busy inquiring major hospitals to find a suitable kidney source for the man’s father. Meanwhile, Matthew sat alone in the office, feeling a little bored. It was afternoon that Crystal returned to the office with a sullen look on her face.

“What’s wrong? Who made you angry?” Matthew asked curiously.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 643

“Matthew, why is it so hard to find a suitable kidney source?” Crystal moaned. “I’ve searched around all morning but I couldn’t find anything. I promised that man and his father that I’ll help them. I-If I can’t find it, I’ll feel ashamed!”

Hearing this, Matthew laughed and said, “I thought something serious had happened. Finding a suitable kidney source is all up to luck; it can’t be helped.”

Anxious, Crystal continued, “But it’s urgent! His father is about to die. If we can’t find a suitable kidney source, he will have to get on the operating table himself! Matthew, do you have any solutions?”

Matthew glanced sideways at her in contempt. “If you want my help, just ask me. There’s no need to build tension. In the future, just get straight to the point instead of going round in circles.”

Crystal chuckled and said, “I’m begging for your help because I know that you have great medical skills! If you help me, I’ll willingly pledge myself to you. What do you think?”

Matthew immediately waved his hands in rejection. “Please don’t. If you want my help, just tell me. Don’t scare me like that!”

After hearing this, Crystal cursed him under her breath before she said, “Judging by your reaction, you seem to think you’re a rare treasure. If I really want to have you, you won’t be able to escape from me!”

When Matthew heard this, he felt a chill run down his spine. What are her true intentions?

“Alright; that’s enough of joking around. Do you really have a solution?” Crystal asked.

Matthew gave it some thought before he said, “This disease can be cured but the drug they need is relatively rare. I’ll go to Woodside in two days to see if they have this drug.”

A glimmer of hope appeared in Crystal’s eyes. “You’re going to Woodside? Why are you going there? I’ve been to that place before. To be honest, it’s a little dangerous and it’s not fun there.”

“I have some serious matters to attend to,” Matthew commented. “I’ll spend some time helping you find the drug.”

“Have you been to Woodside before?” Crystal asked, to which Matthew shook his head and replied, “No, but your grandfather has been there. He’ll be joining me and showing me the way.”

Crystal was in deep thought for a moment before she secretly grinned. Then, she turned around and left. That night, Matthew told Sasha that he would be heading to Woodside in two days. The Woodside black market only opens once a month. I have to buy a pill furnace to refine the medicine. Sasha didn’t stop him either because she knew that Matthew had serious matters to attend to.

However, when James and Helen heard about this news, they repeatedly asked how many days he would be gone. Woodside was located far away from Eastcliff. Moreover, the black market would be open for three days. After giving it some thought, Matthew told them that he would be gone for about three to four days.

Upon hearing his answer, James and Helen exchanged glances as if they were planning something, but Matthew didn’t care. After all, those two often had evil plans so he was already used to it.

The next morning, Matthew packed up his things and stood in front of his residential area, waiting for Joseph to pick him up. After waiting for more than ten minutes, a black Volkswagen Tiguan stopped in front of him. Then, the window was rolled down and Crystal, who was wearing a pair of black sunglasses, popped her head out.

“Matthew, let’s go!”

Matthew was stunned. “Why are you here? Where’s Mr. Harrison?”

Crystal replied, “Oh, my grandfather asked me to pick you up. Hurry up and get in!”

Matthew suddenly realized that Joseph was probably waiting for him at the airport. With that, he got into the car. Then, he noticed that Crystal was wearing sportswear, which showed off her curves even more beautifully.

“What’s with the outfit?” Matthew asked curiously. After all, Crystal never wore clothes like this before. However, she only smiled in reply and said nothing. After half an hour, Matthew had a feeling that something was wrong.

They had driven out of Eastcliff and were about to enter the highway.

“Where are you taking me? Where’s Mr. Harrison? Aren’t we supposed to be heading to the airport?” Matthew asked in surprise.

Crystal pursed her lips and replied, “Who said that we’re heading to the airport? We’re heading straight to Woodside! It’s more convenient to drive there, especially in an SUV.”

Hearing this, Matthew was completely dumbfounded. “Y-You’re going to Woodside with me? Are you serious?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 644

“Why? Can’t I go with you?” Crystal immediately questioned. “Can you not look down on me? I’m really familiar with Woodside as I’ve been there several times with my grandfather!”

Matthew scratched his head. “That’s not what I meant. I agreed to go with your grandfather; did he ask you to pick me up?”

Crystal nodded and said, “Yes. My grandfather asked me to pick you up and take you to Woodside! He has some business to attend to so he asked me to replace him.”

Eyes widened, Matthew shouted, “Are you joking? Mr. Harrison would never do something like that! Give me a moment; I’ll call Mr. Harrison right now.”

Matthew pulled out his phone and hurriedly made a call to Joseph. However, nobody answered the phone even after he called multiple times and by then, the car had entered the highway.

With a smile, Crystal suddenly commented, “Stop wasting your time. I’ve set my grandfather’s phone to forward all your calls to me. You won’t be able to contact him.”

Hearing this, Matthew was dumbfounded. “Miss Harrison, what… what are you trying to do? Your grandfather and I have some serious matters to attend to in Woodside. What will you do when you get there? Stop fooling around because we’re not going there to play.”

Crystal hurriedly countered, “Who said that I’m fooling around? I have some serious matters to do too. Don’t forget that I have to help that man and his father. I have to go there and buy medicine!”

Matthew yelled, “Didn’t I tell you that I’ll help you purchase the medicine they need?”

Crystal immediately yelled back at him, “I want to do it myself!”

Matthew was rendered speechless. In short, you just want to go to Woodside with me. Seeing that he wasn’t talking anymore, Crystal smiled slyly. “What’s wrong, Matthew? Are you afraid that I might eat you alive? Ha! We’re already on the highway so it’s too late for you to be afraid now! You know what they say—if you can’t resist it, just enjoy it!”

Matthew felt extremely helpless as he thought to himself, Once Crystal starts acting strange, nobody can stop her. It was after the car drove onto the highway and they went further and further from Eastcliff only did he force himself to accept this reality.

Crystal had made plenty of preparations. They had drinks and food in the car, as if they were going for a picnic.

Glancing around the car interior, Matthew felt confused so he asked, “Why are you driving this car? Aren’t you persistent in only driving luxury cars?”

Hearing this, Crystal pursed her lips and replied, “That’s the old me. Now, I’m ready to turn over a new leaf and start from the bottom.”

“If you want to start from the bottom, you should’ve bought two train tickets and head to Woodside by train,” Matthew muttered, to which Crystal waved her hand and countered, “You’re trying to start an argument just for the sake of it. When I said that I’m starting from the bottom, it doesn’t mean that I want to be a beggar, but to start with life with only the basic necessities. Furthermore, there’s a reason I chose to drive this car. Woodside is a complicated place and there are many different kinds of people. If you’re heading there to shop, you must not drive a luxury car. Otherwise, once people think you’re rich, they’ll swindle and trick you. However, that’s not the most scary scenario. The scariest scenario is if you’re not capable enough you may not be able to leave Woodside, which is why it’s very important to stay low-key!”

It was only after hearing this that Matthew realized, I didn’t expect Crystal to be so familiar with the situation in Woodside.

They drove all the way without stopping and it was four in the afternoon when they arrived at Woodside. Although the place seemed remote, Woodside was really prosperous. The town was full of motels and hotels, with various recreational venues. Even though it was not as prosperous as Eastcliff, it was definitely more prosperous than the average city.

Meanwhile, Crystal directly drove to a hotel and led Matthew to the front desk. Then, she announced in a domineering tone, “Hello, I want an executive king room.”

Matthew was startled and he hurriedly pulled out a wad of cash. “Two executive king rooms! Two! Two!”

The receptionist was taken aback by his reaction. Then, he glanced at Crystal and Matthew before he lowered his head and discreetly muttered, “Idiot.”

How can you ask for two rooms when there’s a gorgeous woman next to you? Is there something wrong with you?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 645

In the end, the two checked into two different hotel rooms. With an upset look on her face, Crystal complained, “Aren’t we supposed to save money now that we’re away from home? One hotel room costs hundreds. We can just pay for one room so why pay for two?”

Matthew was at a loss for words. All of a sudden, he realized that it was not a good thing to come to Woodside with Crystal.

After having dinner at the hotel, Crystal briefly introduced Woodside’s situation to Matthew. This place didn’t only have a black market, it gathered all kinds of people from the three states. Those people would bring goods to Woodside that couldn’t be sold legally and sell them, but there were also a lot of fakes, which was why those who dared to buy things here were not ordinary people.

People who dared to shop here either had great power or came from powerful families, and they usually brought knowledgeable people along in order to avoid making mistakes. Plus, the security in Woodside was not good for the past few years and there were often murders and robberies. Later on, a man called Ambrose Arnold appeared from nowhere. This man had great fighting skills and was ruthless. After several fights, he defeated all opposing forces and established rules for Woodside. He announced that Woodside was only a market and no conflict was allowed in the market, and those who disobeyed would be dealt with Woodside rules!

It was precisely because of the establishment of these rules that made the security in Woodside better. From then on, there were no more murders and robberies. Furthermore, the black market got better. Woodside, a remote village, slowly became prosperous and wealthy and this was closely related to the appearance of Ambrose.

Ambrose had a great business mind. At first, Woodside was just a black market where people simply set up stalls and sold goods on the streets.

Later, he unified the whole underground market, and Woodside would only open their black market three days every month. Within these three days, everything would be sold in Ambrose’s underground market. At the same time, in order to attract more people, there was exciting entertainment in the underground market—horse racing, dog fighting, and boxing were all available, which was why Woodside was no longer a simple black market.

The underground boxing competition alone attracted many big shots from all over the world every month. After hearing Crystal’s explanation, Matthew had a better understanding of Woodside.

“Shouldn’t someone from Woodside be in control of this place? Why did they let an outsider take control?” Matthew asked curiously.

“It is true that Ambrose Arnold is not from Woodside,” Crystal murmured. “He came from somewhere else and married a girl from a local wealthy family. Step by step, he slowly rose to the top.”

Upon hearing that, Matthew was surprised. “It must’ve been difficult for an outsider to take control of a place like Woodside!”

When Crystal heard this, she pursed her lips and said, “This is a small and remote place, so it shouldn’t be difficult.”

Matthew ignored her comment. Girls don’t know about these kinds of things, he thought. However, he knew very well that there must be many big shots who would want to take over a profiting place like Woodside. It is definitely not easy for an outsider like Ambrose to take control of Woodside.

After dinner, Matthew asked Crystal to take him to the market. Although the black market opened the next day, some people were already there to show their goods. As they walked out of the hotel, Crystal naturally held onto Matthew’s hand, much like a couple. Matthew, on the other hand, was instantly taken aback. He hurriedly pulled his hand away and stuffed it into his pocket, as if he had an electric shock.

Crystal rolled her eyes at him and asked, “What are you afraid of? Your wife won’t follow you all the way here so what’s wrong with holding hands? It’s not like I’ll get pregnant! What’s the matter? Are you feeling guilty? Are you starting to have feelings for me?”

Upon hearing that, Matthew was speechless. She’s getting worse.

Looking at his reaction, Crystal was delighted. It was as if she felt joy from teasing Matthew.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 646

Five minutes later, the two of them arrived at Ambrose’s market. This market was an open-air venue surrounded by fences which was pretty crude but at that moment, it was already filled with people. There were lone travelers who looked sneaky, couples, friends, and even some rich businessmen with big bellies who were surrounded by glamorous women and several muscular bodyguards.

“Other than buyers and sellers, most of them here are tourists,” Crystal explained. Hearing this, Matthew asked in surprise, “There are tourists here?”

Crystal nodded. “Of course there are. As I mentioned earlier, after Ambrose established rules for this place, many people come here to bet on dog races and boxing matches. Nowadays, the rich like excitement. With these competitions going on, the market naturally attracts many tourists. Otherwise, how are the people here going to make money?”

Matthew frowned; he wasn’t interested in dog races and boxing matches at all. Judging from his expression, Crystal knew that something was wrong so she didn’t continue to elaborate. In fact, she had been here several times before, two of which were not with her grandfather. Back then, she came in search of excitement. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so familiar with this place.

The two of them continued walking forward and Matthew constantly paid attention to the people around him. Even though the market started the next day, many sellers had already started to put their goods on display, in hopes that their goods would be sold more quickly tomorrow. Along the way, Matthew saw many good items and he made a mental note of those stalls, planning to buy those items once the market opened the next day. On their way back to the hotel, they passed by a group of people when one of the girls let out a cry. Turning around, she asked in amusement, “Matthew?”

Matthew stopped in his tracks and turned to glance at her. Looking at him, the girl repeated, “You’re Matthew, right?”

Matthew nodded in reply; he recognized the girl too. Her name was Zanya Simmons and she was Sasha’s classmate in university. When Sasha was in university, she was roommates with Zanya. Matthew then recalled that Zanya’s family was pretty wealthy, not to mention she was Francis’ cousin!

The reason Sasha and Francis met each other was because of Zanya’s attempt at matchmaking. Back when Sasha was about to get married to Matthew, Zanya repeatedly tried to persuade Sasha to break up with Matthew and marry Francis.

However, Zanya’s plan didn’t succeed. Even though she attended their wedding, she never looked at Matthew kindly since the beginning. In the past few years, Zanya even started most of the teasing and mocking of Matthew in Sasha’s friend group. It was said that Zanya moved to Eastshire after she got married and since then, Matthew never saw her again. Who would’ve thought that I would meet her here?

There were three men and another woman who stood next to Zanya and they couldn’t hide their surprise when they saw Crystal. One of the men immediately leaned closer and asked, “Zanya, are these two friends of yours?”

Zanya chuckled coldly in response. “Friends? I’m not qualified to be friends with Matthew! Come; let me introduce you to him. This is the man that I told you about. He is the man who married the most beautiful woman in Eastshire, Sasha Cunningham, without spending any money—his name is Matthew.”

After hearing this, realization dawned on Zanya’s friends and they looked at Matthew with disdain. It was obvious that even though Zanya moved to Eastshire, she never stopped talking about Matthew behind his back.

Then, Zanya glanced at Crystal and said contemptuously, “Matthew, what are you doing? Did you find another target? Tsk, did Sasha break up with you?”

Matthew frowned and chose not to reply because he was too lazy to be bothered. Crystal, on the other hand, was furious. Glaring at Zanya, she shouted, “Watch your mouth! Mr. Larson is a good friend of my grandfather’s and I’m here as his guide!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 647

Crystal was clever. She could tell that Zanya and Sasha knew each other, so she didn’t joke around. After hearing Crystal’s comment, Zanya pursed her lips and said, “If you’re not familiar with this place, you shouldn’t have come. Why find a guide? Matthew, this place is not for people like you. Let me give you a piece of advice—you should leave immediately. The outside world is filled with danger and a pampered man who lives a luxurious life like you shouldn’t leave the house.”

Zanya’s friends who were standing behind her burst into laughter.

Matthew frowned slightly and just as he was about to speak, the man next to Zanya walked over with a smile on his face. “Zanya, meeting an acquaintance is fate. Matthew, it just so happens that I have a few tickets for the opening ceremony. Would you like to join us?”

The man seemed to be talking to Matthew but his eyes kept glancing at Crystal. It was obvious that his goal was not to invite Matthew, but Crystal. Just as Matthew was about to refuse, Crystal directly agreed to his offer. “Okay, we’ll see you at the opening ceremony later.” As soon as she finished speaking, Crystal took Matthew’s arm and left.

Meanwhile, Zanya was relatively upset. “What are you doing? It’s really hard to get a ticket to the opening ceremony so why did you invite that b*stard? I feel nauseated just by looking at him. Why did you invite him?”

The man chuckled and said, “Zanya, even if you don’t think about yourself, you have to think about your friends. Young Master Herman’s partner did something wrong so he kicked her out a moment ago. Right now, he is lonely so you have to consider his happiness. The girl next to that b*stard is quite a beauty and it would be great to let Young Master Herman have some fun with her for a few days.”

Hearing this, the young man behind him smiled and nodded in satisfaction. Even though Crystal was not as beautiful as Sasha and Leanna, she was still stunning and gorgeous enough to be the most beautiful girl in school. This young man already had many thoughts in mind for Crystal.

Zanya instantly curled her lips into a smile. “Oh—I see. In that case, you should’ve told me earlier. No problem! Even though she’s from the slums, it’ll be fun to play with her. Young Master Herman, I’m looking forward to your performance tonight.”

With a delighted smile, Young Master Herman replied, “Don’t worry. Luring an innocent girl like her into my trap will be a piece of cake.”

Crystal had on sportswear that day and looked pure and innocent, which was why they thought that she was just a little girl who didn’t know the dangers of the world.

Meanwhile, Matthew asked in confusion, “Miss Harrison, why did you accept their invitation? Those people definitely don’t have good intentions.”

Crystal chuckled. “Matthew, that’s because you don’t know how exciting the opening ceremony is. Big shots from all over the world will be gathered here and most importantly, some of the rare treasures in the black market will be displayed in advance. If you’re looking for something, it’s best to look for it at the opening ceremony. However, the ceremony is really difficult to enter. If my grandfather was here, we’d definitely be able to get tickets but I myself don’t have that power. Since those fools are willing to give us an invitation, there’s no reason not to go.”

After hearing this, Matthew finally understood but he quickly frowned and commented, “If I had known earlier on, I would’ve insisted on coming with your grandfather. Come to think of it, I almost missed this opening ceremony.”

Crystal chuckled, not feeling embarrassed at all. Later, Matthew glanced at her and solemnly said, “You have to be extra careful tonight. Those men are up to no good.”

Crystal smiled. “Matthew, do you think I’ll be afraid of them when I have you by my side?”

Matthew was immediately rendered speechless as he thought, Crystal really likes to joke around.

Before long, it was time for the opening ceremony and Crystal led Matthew to the only low-rise building in the market. When they arrived, the place was already crowded as the opening ceremony of the black market was a great attraction and entrance tickets were hard to come by.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 648

Not long after, they found Zanya and her group of friends in the crowd, whereby she briefly introduced her friends to Matthew and Crystal. The man next to her was Don Thompson, her husband. As for the other two men, they were Herman Wayne and Morin Page. When Zanya introduced them, she emphasized on Herman and said that he was a relative of the Wayne family, which was one of the Ten Greatest Families in Eastshire.

She even mentioned that he had a really high social status in Eastshire, having three companies and billions of wealth to his name. Meanwhile, Herman acted politely, as if he was a gentleman. After Zanya finished the introductions, Herman immediately reached out his hand to Crystal. “Miss Harrison, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Crystal completely ignored him. Instead, she craned her neck to look at the venue. “I think it’s about to start. Let’s not waste anymore time and go in quickly.”

Herman instantly looked embarrassed and he quickly withdrew his hand. Although Zanya’s introduction made him seem really powerful, after they entered the venue, they realized that their seating was relatively far away from the stage.

They couldn’t get tickets for the front row because only the real big shots could get those. Matthew and the others sat in the third row from the back, and those who sat around them were mostly tourists. Not long after they took their seats, Matthew saw someone familiar. It was Leonard from Mightwater and as he was one of the real big shots, he sat in the front row.

This didn’t come as a surprise. After all, only the family head of each Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire could be equals with Leonard, which was why it was not unusual for him to be sitting in the front row in Woodside’s market. In addition, there were only three people who could sit with him. In order to boast his intelligence, Herman started to comment on people one by one.

“Do you see those men? The person on the left is a powerful man from Jersey and rumor has it that his powers are enough to compete with Billy Newman from Eastshire. The person sitting next to Norris is the young master from the Burns Family, one of the ten greatest families of Stonedale. The person in the center is Leonard the acupuncturist from Mightwater; that man is a true big shot and everyone from the six southern states have to treat him with respect. The person on the far right is Roman Chambers from Eastshire and he is actually related to my family. His family started to gain power after his daughter married into the Wayne family!”

As Herman talked about this, his face was filled with pride, as if he had single-handedly made Roman’s power increase. After hearing this, Zanya instantly asked in awe, “Really? Young Master Herman, does that mean that you’re really close with Roman? I heard that he’s a really powerful figure. In the past when Billy Newman entered the city of Eastshire, he left obediently after Roman asked him to leave. Are these rumors true?”

“Billy Newman is nothing compared to him!” Herman sneered. “Billy is just a relatively powerful man that only has territories in Eastcliff. If he left Eastcliff, there are more than ten big shots from Eastshire that could stomp on him like trash. You people from Eastcliff praise and admire Billy because you haven’t seen the rest of the world. Once you leave Eastcliff, you’ll realize that the outside world is not as simple as you think!”

As Herman said this, he glanced discreetly at Crystal. He thought that men were most attractive when they talked about knowledge of the world. He even spoke passionately, hoping to attract Crystal’s attention. Unfortunately, she kept her head lowered and played with her phone, as if she didn’t hear him talking. This in turn made Herman really upset.

Seeing this, Zanya immediately spoke up, “Hey Matthew, come on over; I have something to ask you. I haven’t been to Eastcliff in a long time and there’s a lot of things that I don’t know. Young Master Herman, can you please switch seats with Matthew?”

At that moment, Matthew was sitting next to Crystal. The reason Zanya asked Herman to switch seats with Matthew was so that Herman could sit next to Crystal. Herman naturally was very willing to fulfill her request and he instantly nodded. “Sure. There’s nothing wrong with letting you catch up with your old friend.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 649

Matthew immediately frowned. Zanya and I have nothing to catch up on. Even a fool can tell what she’s planning.

However, Herman had already stood up and directly went up to Matthew. “Go ahead, Matthew.”

Matthew frowned and just as he was thinking of an excuse to refuse him, Crystal stood up and suggested, “Okay then. Matthew, let’s go over together. Miss Simmons, I know Eastcliff’s situation better than him. With Matthew and I explaining things together, I’m sure that we’ll be able to give you a clearer understanding. If you would please move two seats over?”

Hearing that, Zanya and her friends were dumbfounded. She was trying to create an opportunity for Herman to spend some time alone with Crystal. Now that Crystal had switched seats, it was pointless for Herman to move over. However, she had already spoken so it was too late to change anything now.

In the end, Crystal and Matthew sat next to Zanya while Herman sat alone in the furthest seat, feeling extremely frustrated. Fortunately, the opening ceremony officially began.

The ceremony began with a song and dance performance, which everyone was tired of watching. Truth was, it was just to warm up the crowd. Soon, a large ring was set up on the stage. A glint of excitement appeared in Don’s eyes and he yelled, “Here’s the highlight of the ceremony!”

Everyone watched carefully and saw that after the ring was set up, a huge man walked straight up to it.

“That’s the champion of the last tournament. This time, he’s the ring player who will accept any challenge. Whoever defeats him will get five million in cash! However, if he wins three rounds, he’ll be rewarded with ten million!” Don explained excitedly.

Hearing this, Zanya was shocked and she asked, “You can get five million just by defeating him? Isn’t that easy money?”

With a smile, Don replied, “Not necessarily. The boxing tournament in Woodside is not the same as the other tournaments that you usually see. Over here, people die fighting! After entering the ring, the player has to be responsible for his own life—this is Woodside’s rule. Ring players are extra ruthless because they don’t want people to challenge them and this ring player killed at least seven of his opponents in this ring. If you want the reward, you must first consider whether it’s worth risking your life for it!”

Zanya was stunned as she didn’t know that underground boxing tournaments were so brutal. At that moment, Herman turned to look at Morin, who was sitting beside him. With a smile, he asked, “Morin, why don’t you go and give it a try? You’re the taekwondo champion of Eastshire. Shouldn’t it be easy for you to defeat that wild man?”

With an arrogant expression, Morin boasted, “Of course. I’ve participated in national competitions, which are not comparable to underground boxing between countrymen. However, you know that the martial arts team has strict rules. If the team finds out that I participated in illegal boxing tournaments, I’ll be in big trouble. Besides, five million is not worth it for me to join the fight!”

Herman nodded and said, “You’re right. You might become the national champion in the future. Five million is not worth ruining your career and buying a car would easily cost more than that. By the way, I bought a Ferrari last month that’s worth 13 million and it’s pretty smooth to drive. Do you want to test it out?”

As Herman spoke, he discreetly glanced at Crystal again. It was obvious that he was saying this for her benefit. However, she acted as if she didn’t hear him. After all, she was not a fool and had seen tactics like this many times. Furthermore, Crystal was not from a family that lacked money.

The sum of the wealth of the whole group wasn’t comparable to the wealth her family had, which was why Herman showing off his riches was just downright embarrassing. Just then, they heard a commotion near the stage. Everyone hurriedly looked over and saw a tall man jump into the ring.

At that moment, the crowd screamed as the boxing tournament was the highlight of the opening ceremony. Now that someone finally got on stage to challenge the ring player, the atmosphere immediately became lively.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 650

The ring player was a man of medium build and was well-proportioned but other than that, he looked pretty ordinary. Meanwhile, the challenger was a tall, muscular man and even after he entered the ring, the fight didn’t start immediately. Instead, the big screen above them displayed the challenger’s identity.

The content on the screen showed that the challenger was a retired mercenary who had performed many missions in war-torn areas and killed countless people. Furthermore, judging from his muscular figure, it was obvious he was not a man to mess with.

All of a sudden, Don murmured, “The bet has started. If the challenger wins, people that bet on him will have a return of 1.5 times; if the ring player wins, those that bet on him will have a return of 0.8. Morin, what do you think?”

Looking like a professional, Morin replied, “It seems that the dealer is quite confident in the ring player. However, I prefer the challenger. Look at his background; he’s a retired mercenary who has killed countless people. People like him who are used to dead bodies and blood everywhere are the most dangerous kind. The dealer doesn’t know about this and I can’t believe that he dares to look down on the challenger. He’ll definitely regret it later because the challenger will probably beat the ring player to death in one round!”

Hearing this, Don instantly got excited. “Should we place a bet?”

Herman chuckled and replied, “Sure. Let’s treat this round as a warm up and place a smaller bet—five hundred thousand.”

Herman had casually spent 500,000 and with a delighted smile, he looked at Crystal once again. Unfortunately, she didn’t even spare him a glance, which made him feel quite annoyed.

“Mr. Larson, since you’re here, why don’t you place a bet? Morin is a professional in this kind of thing and his guesses are never wrong. You should buy-in because you’ll definitely make a profit,” Herman commented with a smile.

Matthew, however, shook his head. “I don’t like this kind of thing. Also, I advise you not to place such a big bet. The chances of the challenger winning are pretty low.”

When Morin heard this, his expression turned sullen and he asked in a solemn voice, “What are you saying? Are you saying that you think the ring player will win? Pampered people like you have only lived a luxurious life. You have no idea how dangerous the battlefield can be and will never know how terrifying a king of the battlefield is!”

Zanya sneered and chimed in, “Matthew, don’t act like an amateur in front of a professional. Morin is the taekwondo champion of Eastshire and one of the best fighters in the country, so his analysis can’t be wrong! Just admit it, do you dislike the game or have no money to place a bet? Oh right—I almost forgot that everything you have right now belongs to the Cunningham family so you yourself definitely don’t have much money!”

Upon hearing that, Matthew frowned slightly. Zanya’s words are really bitter and mean.

With a smile, Herman then said, “Hey, since we’re here to have fun, money is not important. Mr. Larson, if you don’t have money, I can lend you some. It’s a steady profit anyway!”

Matthew shook his head in response. He would not have bothered with these people if he wasn’t curious to come in to take a look. Seeing this, Herman ignored Matthew and turned to Crystal. “Miss Harrison, why don’t I place a 100,000 bet for you? If he wins, you’ll get the winnings but if he loses, I won’t ask you to return the money.”

If it was any other girl who heard this, she would definitely be shocked. However, Crystal was not an average girl. She glanced sideways at Herman and replied, “No thanks. The challenger looks silly. He’ll definitely lose.”

Herman couldn’t help but feel furious and he glared at Matthew angrily, but there was nothing he could do. He could only secretly hope that the challenger would quickly defeat the ring player, which would be a slap in Matthew’s face. In less than ten minutes, the tournament began. At first, everyone thought that the challenger would easily defeat the ring player.

However, the situation in the ring went completely beyond their expectations. Although the ring player looked ordinary, his skills were absolutely terrifying. In less than three minutes, the challenger fell on the ground covered in blood, and the crowd couldn’t tell whether he was dead or alive.

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