The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 651

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 651

There was an uproar at the venue; nobody expected that the muscular challenger would be defeated so quickly. Meanwhile, Don and the others were dumbfounded. After all, the four of them had placed a total bet of one and a half million and it was all gone in an instant.

“Are… Are they faking it? How is it possible that a man who is used to killing and war fails to defeat an ordinary boxer?” Morin asked anxiously, to which Don hurriedly replied, “Watch your mouth! Nobody would dare to do fake boxing in Ambrose’s territory.”

At that moment, they heard a commotion near the stage. It turned out that the challenger was dead! Seeing this, Morrin instantly stopped talking. The challenger was dead so it was definitely not fake boxing! Who would be willing to sacrifice his life just to earn that bit of money?

With a smile, Crystal said, “See, what did I tell you? I knew that the challenger would definitely lose! 1.5 million… Ha! It’s enough to buy a car.”

Her words were like rubbing salt on a wound. At that instant, Don and the others turned pale, especially Morin. This time, they failed to slap Matthew in the face and instead, they had humiliated themselves. Not long after, the second challenger went onto the stage. It was an extremely strong man with a scar on his face and he looked really fierce. The introduction on the screen was relatively simple—this man was the previous ring player and was skilled in the eight trigrams arts.

Don looked at Morin and asked, “Morin, who should we place a bet this time?”

Morin took a deep breath and solemnly replied, “Since this man was a ring player, he would definitely have great skills that are comparable to this ring player. Look at the betting odds; they are almost the same, which means that they are equally strong opponents. The ring player had just fought a round that consumed a lot of his energy and I think we should bet on Scarface.”

Hearing this, Herman and Don glanced at each other before they gritted their teeth and said, “This time, I’ll place a bet of one million. We’ll win back what we lost before!”

Together, the three of them placed another three million bet. After that, Morin looked at Matthew and said, “Hey, why don’t you analyze this round too?”

Zanya immediately sneered, “That’s enough! Stop bullying him. What does a loser like him know? He just got lucky in the last round. Do you really think he can analyze the fighters this time?”

Matthew frowned. At first, he didn’t want to say anything, but Zanya’s words infuriated him. “Judging by the skills the ring player showed in the last round, he’s probably well-versed in the eight fists and eight trigrams arts, which are extremely tough martial arts. Under normal circumstances, the eight fists skill is strong in the early stage while the eight trigrams is strong in the later stage. These two people are in the early stage so the ring player has a better chance at winning,” Matthew murmured.

Upon hearing this, the people next to him were confused. “Hey, are you trying to give us a lecture?” Morin sneered. “The eight fists and eight trigrams arts? Why don’t you say that he knows the eight dragon-subduing palms skill?”

Zanya pursed her lips and commented, “Can’t you tell that he just wants to go against you? Whoever you bet on, he’ll say the opponent will win. Matthew, what you’re doing is obviously out of jealousy. You can’t bear to let other people be better than you!”

Crystal instantly yelled, “If you’re not willing to listen, then don’t ask for Matthew’s analysis!”

Hearing this, Zanya was furious. “You—”

However, Herman quickly interrupted her and he said with a smile, “Matthew, let’s have a bet! If the ring player wins, I’ll give you my watch. If Scarface wins, Miss Harrison will have to have dinner with me tonight. What do you say?”

“Young Master Herman, your watch is a Rolex!” Zanya immediately exclaimed. “It costs hundreds of thousands!”

Herman only smiled casually and replied, “A few hundred thousand is nothing if I can make a pretty girl smile.” After he finished speaking, he smiled at Crystal; it was obvious that his words were meant for her.

Just when Matthew was about to refuse him, Crystal replied, “Okay.”

Hearing this, Herman grinned, thinking that she had finally fallen for his riches.

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