The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 652

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 652

Matthew glanced at Crystal helplessly as he thought, This girl is really not afraid of anything.

However, Crystal had already agreed to the bet so he couldn’t say anything about it. Soon, the fight in the ring began. This round of competition was stale right from the very start, as the two opponents had equal strength and it was hard to see who was winning. This lasted for nearly twenty minutes before Scarface was finally out of breath and was knocked off the ring by the ring player so hard that he fell unconscious.

Seeing that, Morin almost lost his temper. He had made a wrong prediction the second time, causing them to lose another three million.

Crystal, on the other hand, screamed in excitement, “We won! Hey, your watch belongs to me now!”

Herman forced a smile. He had lost over a million from placing bets on the tournament and now he had even lost his watch. It was a double loss.

Don was slightly annoyed. “Morin, there’s something wrong with your analysis! Both of your predictions were wrong!”

In an angry tone, Morin retorted, “There is definitely something wrong with the tournament. F*ck! Something’s strange about this ring player. If none of my predictions are right, I’ll personally go up there and beat him to death later!”

Don curled his lips and replied, “You said it yourself. No matter how much I lose, you’ll have to get on stage and get it back for me.”

Morin nodded proudly. After all, he was really confident in his own strength. Just then, the third opponent entered the ring. When Morin saw who it was, he immediately became excited. “Place a bet on him! We have to place a bet on him! I won’t be wrong this time! Place five million!”

Don was surprised by his reaction. “Who is that? Are you sure?”

“This man is the runner-up of the national taekwondo competition and is considered my senior,” Morin replied excitedly. “He has great strength. I know this because I fought with him before. With my current strength, I probably will be defeated by him in less than five minutes. He’s a national-level martial arts master so defeating the ring player will definitely be a piece of cake for him.”

Hearing this, Don immediately got excited. “Really? That’s great! Let’s place our bets on him!”

Herman nodded in excitement too. It seems that we’ll get all of the money we lost in this round. We will even earn a huge profit! Then, he looked at Matthew again and asked, “Hey, what is your analysis this time?”

Matthew shook his head in response, too lazy to bother speaking to them. Seeing this, Zanya was angry. “Stop pretending, Matthew. Are you not interested in playing after winning a watch? There’s no one as shameless as you. Come to think of it, are you here because of this watch?”

Crystal pursed her lips and said, “Hey, we never said that we wanted to bet with you. You were the ones who insisted on betting with this watch. How is that our fault?”

Zanya was instantly rendered speechless. Furious, she yelled, “Stop with this nonsense! Matthew, since you agreed to place a bet, you’ll have to keep betting till the end! What is your opinion about the opponents for this round?”

Matthew frowned and glanced at Zanya coldly before he replied solemnly, “I told you that I don’t like this kind of thing. However, if you insist on knowing my opinion, I’ll tell you. The ring player will win this round. Moreover, he’ll defeat his opponent easily.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the others were stunned. Then, they burst into laughter. Morin pointed at Matthew’s face and roared, “Hey b*stard, is there something wrong with your brain? Didn’t you hear what I said just now? He’s the national runner-up. He even participated in international tournaments and the foreign skilled masters are no match for him. It is easy for him to win a competition like this!”

Matthew shook his head and murmured, “Even if he’s the national champion, taekwondo is more of a performance. Fighting in this ring is a matter of life and death. You have to remember that martial arts is not for performance, but a killing technique!”

Morin was stunned for a moment before he yelled angrily, “Are you looking down on taekwondo? You better remember what you said because once my senior wins later, I want you to get on your knees and apologize for what you said!”

Zanya pursed her lips and chimed in, “Matthew, you really are pretentious. Do you think that we believe what you said? Let me be clear, we won’t! Herman, place another bet with him!”

Herman grinned deviously and nodded. “Okay; I’ll bet with you again. If I lose, I’ll give you a million! If you lose, you’ll have to give me back my watch and Miss Harrison will have to accompany me for the next few days.”

Before Matthew had the chance to speak, Crystal hurriedly said, “It’s a deal!”

Hearing this, Matthew felt relatively helpless. Did Crystal come here to earn money?

Meanwhile, Herman was overjoyed. If he won this round, not only would he get back all the money he lost, he would even have Crystal accompany him. It was a great deal!

Together, the three men each placed a bet of five million, which was a considerate amount of money. Soon, the fight in the ring began.

Herman smiled as he looked at Crystal and whispered, “Hey gorgeous, once this round ends, follow me. Don’t worry; I won’t treat you badly. Ha…”

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