The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 654

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 654

Zanya practically dragged Crystal and Matthew to a restaurant in Woodside. After they entered the place, Herman generously ordered a whole table of food. Now that he had lost money, he was determined to sleep with Crystal. Otherwise, it would be a huge loss for him. Zanya was even more straightforward, directly ordering two bottles of whiskey.

“Matthew, it’s been a long time since we last met and I really miss my days in Eastcliff. It’s a good thing to meet old friends in a foreign place so let’s get drunk tonight! This is good whiskey; you’d better not waste it.”

While Zanya spoke, she filled the glass in front of Matthew. Seeing this, Matthew frowned. He knew what this group of people were planning. He really didn’t want to bother with them but it seemed that it was impossible for him to leave, so he had no choice but to drink.

“Let’s have a toast.” Zanya raised her glass and gulped it’s contents down. Then, Don gave Matthew a sideways glance and said, “Hey, even the girl is drinking. It would be rude for you not to drink.”

The others started to chime in, forcing Matthew to drink. Without a word, Matthew raised his glass and drank it all.

Everyone immediately cheered for him. In fact, this was their tactic to encourage and force Matthew to continue drinking. Later, Zanya and the others started taking turns to make toasts with him.

When these bunch were in the city, they often hung out at nightclubs so they could drink very well, which was why they thought that it would be easy to make Matthew drunk now that they were working together. However, in the end, when everyone was pretty much drunk, Matthew was completely fine. This surprised them thoroughly. At that moment, they knew that if they continued to drink like this, they would definitely get drunk before Matthew did.

Everyone glanced at each other before Zanya smiled and said, “Matthew, we’ve already drank a lot of whiskey but we were the ones who keep giving toasts. Don’t you think you should return the favor and raise a toast to each of us?”

The others joined in and cheered. Matthew sighed and raised his glass as he said, “Fine. Here’s a toast to you guys.”

Herman directly took his glass away. “Matthew, don’t you think that it’s inappropriate? The most important thing about giving a toast is sincerity. We’ve toasted to you multiple times but now that it’s your turn, you’re only toasting us with one glass? That’s just rude!”

Hearing this, Matthew said impatiently, “Well then, you can drink two glasses and I’ll drink three. What do you think?”

Zanya immediately waved her hands in refusal and said, “Matthew, are you really a man? You have no guts at all! How can you not be ashamed to drink three small glasses of whiskey? We’ve toasted you at least a dozen times. Why are you so petty?”

At the same time, Herman schooled his features into an upset expression before he threw his glass on the table, acting as if he was about to throw a fit.

Don sneered, “Oh, are the people from Eastcliff such losers? Tsk, what a disgrace! How can you not know about the rules? I’m starting to wonder how you were brought up! Zanya, you were right to move to Eastshire. Look at us; look how generous we are!”

Matthew frowned. These people are just plain greedy. You want me to drink? Fine; I’ll drink!

Then, Matthew directly picked up the goblet on the table and said, “How about I drink three full goblets of whiskey while the rest of you drink two?”

Everyone immediately smiled as this was what they were waiting to hear.

Drinking three goblets of whiskey would mean drinking almost 500 milliliters. Matthew already had a lot to drink before and now that he was about to drink another 500 milliliters, he would definitely get drunk and their goal tonight would be achieved.

“No problem!” Everyone replied in unison. Without another word, Matthew raised the whiskey bottle and filled the goblet, but Crystal suddenly stopped him and said, “Let’s be clear—if Matthew drinks three goblets, the rest of you will have to drink too!”

“Don’t worry!” Herman sneered. “As long as he drinks, we’ll drink too!”

The others also nodded in agreement before they smiled deviously as they stared at Matthew.

Matthew will definitely get drunk after this so none of us will have to drink then!

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