The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 655

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 655

Crystal glanced at Matthew before she smiled and said, “Matthew, since they were generous enough to toast you, we shouldn’t put Eastcliff citizens to shame either. Come; let’s have a toast!”

Crystal had heard Tiger mention Matthew’s alcohol tolerance so she knew that Matthew would never get drunk. I can’t believe these people choose to have a drinking competition with Matthew of all people. They are such fools!

Matthew didn’t want to entertain Zanya and her friends anymore, so he directly started drinking. It wasn’t until he drank all three goblets that he came up for breath.

After drinking the first goblet, Herman and the others were still feeling triumphant. When they saw Matthew drink the second goblet, they started to worry, and when he finished the third goblet, their expressions changed completely. Just one goblet of whiskey could knock a person down yet Matthew had drunk almost one litre of whiskey earlier, and now he had continuously drunk three goblets without stopping, but still looked calm and awake. His alcohol tolerance is absolutely terrifying.

Smiling, Crystal looked at them and announced, “Well, Matthew has finished drinking. Now it’s your turn. Who wants to go first?”

All of them glanced at each other in panic because they knew that they wouldn’t be able to finish one goblet of whiskey without getting knocked out.

Zanya chuckled awkwardly and murmured, “Oh, I suddenly remembered that we have some matters to deal with later on. If we drink too much, we won’t be able to do business. Why don’t we owe you this drink? Matthew, we’ll drink double this amount the next time we meet!”

The rest of the group nodded repeatedly and it was clear that they were making excuses. Seeing this, Crystal chuckled coldly. “This is the first time I’ve heard of owing drinks till the next meeting. What’s the matter? The people from Eastcliff have accepted your toast. Don’t you people from Eastshire feel embarrassed? Tsk, luckily I didn’t marry and move to Eastshire. I really can’t bear to feel ashamed because of something like this!”

Crystal’s words were directed at the bunch of them. After hearing this, Herman couldn’t help but feel furious and he yelled, “Why do you have to include the people from Eastshire into this? It’s just a few drinks and there’s nothing difficult about it! I’ll drink first!”

As soon as Herman finished speaking, he picked up the small shot glass in front of him and finished it in one gulp. “That’s the first glass!” he announced loudly.

When the others saw this, their lips curled into smiles before each of them picked up their shot glasses and started drinking. This shot glass was much smaller than the goblet so it was obvious they were cheating.

Upon seeing that, Crystal was annoyed. “What are you doing? Matthew drank from a goblet. How can you use a shot glass?”

Herman sneered, “He said that he’ll drink three goblets while we drink two, but he never said from which glass. We like to drink from shot glasses. Do you have a problem with that?”

The others burst into laughter. “He’s right. Matthew was stupid enough to not state it clearly. Who else can he blame? We never asked him to drink from a goblet either. He insisted on drinking that much like a fool so that’s not our fault. Are all people from Eastcliff stupid?”

Everyone ridiculed them constantly. Hearing their mockery, Crystal was so furious that her face flushed red with anger. It was the first time she saw such shameless people.

“No, that doesn’t count! You must drink with the goblet!” Crystal refuted.

Zanya glanced at her disdainfully. “Little girl, you better watch your mouth. Do you know who you are talking to? How dare you talk to us so rudely? Do you think that Matthew has so much power that you can do whatever you want? He’s just a live-in son-in-law. Moreover, even his in-laws are not as wealthy as any of us. What qualifications do you have to order us around?”

The rest of the group also looked at Crystal arrogantly and Herman even laughed, as if Crystal had told a joke.

With a cold expression, Crystal solemnly said, “You’re asking me what qualifications I have? Well, let me show you what qualifications I have right now!”

Then, Crystal suddenly opened the door and shouted, “Go summon Ambrose and tell him that someone is looking for him!”

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