The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 657

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 657

With that one greeting, everyone in the room was stunned. The restaurant owner’s eyes almost popped out of its sockets and he stared at Crystal in panic. Horton had just greeted her respectfully so it was obvious that she was a person of great power. Fortunately I was polite to her just now. If I had said anything rude, I would probably be a dead man!

As for Zanya and the others, they were dumbfounded. What is happening? Crystal knows Horton? That can’t be true… Judging from Horton’s attitude, I’m afraid that it’s not that simple.

Matthew also glanced at Crystal in surprise. I didn’t expect Crystal to have such prestige in Woodside. However, now that I think about it, it’s actually normal. If Crystal didn’t have this kind of connection in Woodside, how can Joseph be rest assured enough to let her come to such a dangerous place?

Crystal waved her hand and said, “Ambrose always does the same three things. He just brings me for a meal, watches the scenery, gives me some gifts, and then sends me home. I’m not looking for him this time; I want to shop around myself.”

Zanya and the others stared at Crystal in shock. Judging from her posture, it seems that Ambrose has to personally accompany her every time she comes to Woodside.

With a smile, Horton replied, “Miss Harrison, Mr. Arnold does it because he adores you. Besides, this place is dangerous. If you come alone and get hurt, how will Mr. Arnold explain it to his godfather?”

However, Crystal only commented, “How he explains to my grandfather is his own business.”

Everyone was dumbfounded. Ambrose is Crystal’s grandfather’s godson? No wonder Crystal can order Ambrose around. They have a special relationship!

Horton laughed awkwardly. “Miss Harrison, Mr. Arnold is accompanying some guests right now. He doesn’t know that you’re here so he sent me here to solve this matter. Please wait for a moment; I’ll call Mr. Arnold now and ask him to come over.”

Everyone was shocked once again. The guests that Ambrose were entertaining were definitely those big shots they saw at the opening ceremony. However, Crystal’s arrival was important enough for Ambrose to leave those guests and directly come over to greet her. It was obvious that she was really important to him.

“There’s no need.” Crystal waved her hands. “I just have a small problem to solve and you can help me.”

Horton quickly replied, “Oh? Miss, if there’s anything you need, just let me know!”

At that moment, Crystal turned to look at Zanya and the others. Seeing her stare, they were so scared they almost collapsed to the ground, because they knew what was about to happen.

“These few people lost in a bet to me but they don’t want to admit it and then, they forced us to drink whiskey. I drank, but they didn’t. I just have one question—are the rules of Woodside so loose?” Crystal asked.

A cold expression instantly appeared on Horton’s face and he replied sullenly, “I can’t believe that happened. F*ck! I hate those who don’t keep their promises the most! Go and take these few idiots to the headquarters. Then, cut them into pieces and feed them to the dogs in the compound!”

When Zanya and the others heard this, they were so scared they almost peed their pants. In a panicked tone, Zanya said, “Miss Harrsion, please forgive me… I-I really didn’t know that you and Mr. Arnold know each other. W-We made a mistake and I’ll drink the whiskey I promised. Please give me another chance…”

The others also pleaded and begged for mercy. Even Morin, who kept boasting about his martial arts skills, was terrified. However, Crystal waved her hands impatiently and said, “I asked you to drink just now but you refused! Now that Hort’s here, you change your mind and say you want to drink. Are you fooling around? Do you think that Hort has so much free time that he can come here to watch you drink?”

Horton suddenly looked embarrassed. After all, he was a dangerous figure in Woodside but Crystal just called him by his nickname, Hort.

Zanya and the others burst into tears. At that moment, they truly felt like dying. They never thought that Crystal, who followed Matthew around, had such a powerful identity. They thought that she was just an ordinary university student and even assumed that she was poor. After all, she was dressed in sportswear and didn’t even look like she was rich.

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