The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 71-80

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 71

Matthew secretly sneered. With one sentence, he managed to find out Mr. Jones’s secret.

Afterward, Mr. Jones stopped requesting Sasha to sit next to him. It was possible that he was panicking because Mr. Jenkins was mentioned. However, James and Helen didn’t notice and continued praising him.

After three rounds of wine, Mr. Jones suddenly gained courage and started bragging. He said that he could make billions from a single investment and that Cunningham Pharmaceuticals was nothing compared to his business.

He bragged about the big shots he knew and said even Billy Newman and his family had to treat him respectfully. In short, he bragged so hard that it was obvious he was lying, but James and Helen were convinced.

The main reason was because James and Helen were sure that it was Mr. Jones who helped solve the problem with Mr. Jenkins. Which was why, in their eyes, Mr. Jones was a big shot and it wasn’t surprising that he had so many achievements.

Matthew didn’t expose his lies either mainly because he couldn’t talk about Mr. Graham. Furthermore, it was obvious that James and Helen believed in Mr. Jones. If Matthew exposed Mr. Jones now, they definitely wouldn’t believe him. On the contrary, they would scold him, and it was not worth it. After eating for a while, Mr. Jones grabbed his wine glass and just walked up to Sasha.

“Miss Cunningham, this is the first time we’re meeting each other but I really do admire you. You’re an independent and strong woman and not many have such high achievements at a young age!”

Mr. Jones reeked of alcohol and he even reached over to pat Sasha’s shoulder, but he was stopped by Matthew calmly.

Mr. Jones was furious and he glared at Matthew. “What are you doing? I’m having a conversation with Miss Cunningham. Why are you disturbing us?”

Helen shrieked angrily, “Matthew, just eat your meal silently. Otherwise, get out of here. Meeting a big shot like Mr. Jones is an honor that you will never get to have again, but look at what you’re doing!”

Sasha was annoyed. “Mom, Matthew didn’t do anything!”

“Shut your mouth!” Helen scolded. Immediately after, she smiled and said, “Mr. Jones, I hope you’ll forgive them and don’t bother with a b*stard like him!”

Mr. Jones sneered and glowered at Matthew before placing his wine glass onto the table. “Since you’ve already apologized on their behalf, I will forgive them for your sake. However, Miss Cunningham, you have to finish up this glass of wine!”

Sasha instantly frowned. This is Mr. Jones’s glass. I can’t believe that he’s asking me to drink from his wine glass. Even though Sasha felt disgusted, to stop her parents from nagging her, she chose to compromise. She then picked up her wine glass and said, “Mr. Jones, I’ll drink this glass of wine to make amends on his behalf!”

However, Mr. Jones looked displeased and he coldly said, “I asked you to drink that glass of wine but you picked up your own glass. Are you looking down on me?”

“Sasha, how could you treat Mr. Jones like that?” Helen anxiously reprimanded. “Mr. Jones did us a great favor!”

“He had nothing to do with unfreezing our accounts!” Sasha was irritated. “It was my godmother who helped us solve the problem!”

Everyone in the room was dumbfounded. After a while, James hurriedly said, “Sasha, how could you say that? Hurry up and apologize to Mr. Jones!”

“Your father’s right. Mr. Jones did us a great favor but not only are you not thankful, but you even give credit to others. You are going too far!”

“According to you, Sasha, the person that solved the matter was Matthew’s friend?” Liam smiled insincerely. “Matthew, you really are a capable man. It seems like you’re even more capable than Mr. Jones!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 72

“Bragging is his greatest strength!” Demi said as she pouted.

Mr. Jones stayed silent and looked at Sasha with a sneer.

“I’m telling the truth!” Sasha was getting anxious. “It was Old Mrs. Graham…”

“Stop being impudent!” James slammed his palm on the table and scolded. “Sasha, why are you so rude? Do you even have a sense of gratitude?”

Helen flared up. “Matthew, how dare you trick my daughter?! You… You’ll go to hell!”

“Mr. Jones, please don’t be mad at my sister. She is just blinded by that loser’s lies!” Demi apologized repeatedly.

Hearing this, Sasha was irritated and wanted to explain further but Matthew pulled at the corner of her clothes lightly.

The other four people in the room were completely fooled by Mr. Jones so there was no use trying to explain to them. Furthermore, Matthew didn’t care for taking credit.

He wasn’t bothered by how badly James and Helen treated him and was satisfied as long as Sasha was kind to him.

Even though Sasha was unwilling to give up, she knew that continuing to argue with them would be meaningless.

With a smile, James said, “Mr. Jones, please don’t get mad. My daughter is really naive so she gets fooled easily. I’ll ask her to apologize to you!”

Mr. Jones slowly replied, “Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham, since you two are so sincere, I’ll forgive her for your sake.”

“Mr. Jones, you really are a kind and generous person!” Helen was relieved and she hurriedly yelled, “Sasha, hurry up and apologize to Mr. Jones!”

Sasha gritted her teeth and said nothing. Seeing this, Mr. Jones chuckled and said, “There is no need for an apology. Miss Cunningham is a young woman after all. There’s no need to make things difficult for her. Miss Cunningham, why don’t we settle this with a toast?”

Sasha let out a sigh of relief because it was a suggestion that she could accept.

She lifted her wine glass and just when she was about to drink, Mr. Jones smiled and said, “Miss Cunningham, there’s no sincerity in drinking like that.”

Feeling strange, Sasha asked, “Then how should I drink it?”

With a smile, Mr. Jones said, “Even though this is the first time we’ve met, I have a feeling that we can be good friends. In order to get closer with each other, why don’t we drink cross-cupped?”

As soon as he finished his sentence, everyone was dumbfounded. His request was overboard.

Matthew was instantly irritated. I can let you go for fooling everyone but how dare you ask my wife to drink cross-cupped with you?! Are you seeking death?!

“F*ck you!” Matthew slammed his palm on the table before he grabbed Mr. Jones by the collar and lifted him up. Then, he roared angrily, “Are you trying to seek death?!”

Mr. Jones was stunned. Matthew didn’t dare to say a word after James and Helen cursed him just now so he thought Matthew was a coward, which was why he dared to be so aggressive and insulted Sasha. He never thought that Matthew had a bad temper and he didn’t expect him to suddenly fly into a rage. He didn’t know that anyone who touched the forbidden lamella of a dragon would die, and Sasha was Matthew’s forbidden lamella!

“Matthew, what are you doing?!” Liam yelled angrily. “Let go of Mr. Jones this instant!”

“Matthew, let go of him right now!” James shouted as well.

Hearing this, Mr. Jones sneered. No matter how bad your temper is, the people in this room are all on my side. In the end, you’ll have to obediently follow their orders. However, this time, Matthew didn’t compromise.

He directly grabbed the corner of the table and flipped it as he roared, “All of you better f*cking shut up!”

The whole table of dishes fell onto Liam. Then, Matthew raised his hand and slapped Mr. Jones so hard on the cheek, Mr. Jones directly fell to the ground.

“That’s what you get for disrespecting my wife!” Matthew scolded coldly. With that, he turned around, held Sasha’s hand, and left without looking back.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 73

Sasha’s hand was held by Matthew and she could feel her heart racing. In the past, Matthew had always been conscientious in front of them and she always thought that he was weak.

However, Matthew’s actions today changed the way she thought about him. Matthew wasn’t weak, he was just really tolerant toward some people.

Sasha felt a fuzzy feeling. This is how Matthew expresses his unconditional love for me!

Standing in front of the hotel entrance, Matthew asked, “Where should we go now?”

“We’ll go wherever you want to go,” Sasha replied softly like a loving wife.

Matthew was shocked. Is this the same strong business woman that I’ve always known?

“You didn’t eat much just now. Let’s go home and I’ll cook you something,” Matthew said with a smile.

“Can we not go home?” Sasha held onto Matthew’s arm and said, “The night is beautiful. Walk around with me.”

“Where should we go?”

Sasha replied, “Why don’t you suggest a place?”

Feeling Sasha’s soft body rubbing against his arm, Matthew felt his heart skip a beat.

He held Sasha’s hand and thought about it for a moment before he smiled and said, “I’ll take you somewhere that I’m sure you’ve never been to.”

Sasha asked, “Where?”

“The place I grew up.”

Sasha immediately felt interested. “Really? Take me there!”

With that, they got on the electric bike. Matthew drove Sasha around the streets and in the end, they stopped at an old street near the outskirts of the city.

It was far less splendid than Eastcliff city center but it was lively all the same. There were vendors selling all kinds of things at the market, and there were even some food stalls. It was crowded.

“You grew up here?” Sasha asked in shock.

“Yes!” Matthew nodded and replied, “When my mother was still alive, she used to set up a stall here so Natalie and I usually played here.”

Looking at the old and shabby streets, Sasha felt distressed.

Growing up here… It’s not hard to imagine how much Matthew endured when he was a child!

Matthew walked around with Sasha for a while and they stopped in front of an old food stall.

“Hello, Mr. John!” Matthew greeted the chef.

“Oh, Matthew! Why are you here?!” Mr. John looked overjoyed. “Why did you stop coming here to eat? Is it because my skills are not as good as before?!”

“Of course not, Mr. John!” Matthew burst into laughter and said, “Look! I brought my wife to eat your delicious food!”

It was only then did Mr. John notice Sasha who was standing next to Matthew, and he instantly became happier. “Oh, you’re married! This young lady is really pretty. You really are a lucky guy.”

“Anyway, I’m glad you’re here. Go and take a seat and I’ll cook two of my specialities for you.”

Sasha smiled and replied, “Thank you, Mr. John.”

“Oh, there’s no need to be so formal. Take a seat.”

After Mr. John took the two of them to a table, he cooked a few dishes and served it to them.

Sasha looked around curiously. She had never visited a place like this before, let alone eat here.

However, after taking a bite, her eyes shone.

Mr. John’s cooking skills are amazing.

“Matthew, why didn’t you take me to such an amazing place earlier?” Sasha mumbled.

Matthew forced a smile and felt bitter.

I’ve always been inferior in the Cunningham family. Everybody looks down on me, and you’re cold to me sometimes too. How would I dare to bring you here?

The two of them continued eating when suddenly, they heard the roar of locomotives on the street.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 74
Six or seven modified locomotives drove over with a roar and a dozen young men in strange outfits were sitting on them.

Wherever they went, stall owners evaded them as if they were a plague. Soon, those locomotives arrived in front of Mr. John’s food stall.

“Hey, old man! It’s time to pay up this month’s cleaning fees!” A blond young man shouted triumphantly.

With fear written on his face, Mr. John mumbled, “Mr. Lowe, m-my wife is in the hospital and there are a lot of expenses I need to pay for. D-Do you think you can wait for a few more days…”

Mr. Lowe yelled angrily, “F*ck! I don’t give a shit whether your wife is hospitalized. If you don’t pay the cleaning fees, you can’t set up your stall here!”

“I…” Mr. John looked distressed. “Mr. Lowe, c-can you give me two more days? Give me some time to…”

Mr. Lowe just kicked the table in front of him and roared, “F*ck! I’ve already given you a few days to raise the money. Do you think that I’m an easy target to bully?”

Mr. John shivered in fear and said, “Mr. Lowe, I-I really don’t have the money right now. I’ll definitely hand you the money tomorrow!”

“Fine, I’ll give you one last chance. If I don’t receive the money by tomorrow, you’ll be hospitalized just like your wife!” Mr. Lowe scolded. Just when he was about to leave, he suddenly saw Sasha, who was sitting not far away from him.

Amazed by Sasha’s beauty, he hurriedly gestured to the men around him and said, “Look! What a beauty!”

The other men turned to look at Sasha and they were all infatuated.

“Oh my! Where did this pretty lady come from? She’s even prettier than movie stars!”

“She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in my life!”

“We’re lucky tonight! Let’s go!”

The dozen young men rubbed their palms together in anticipation. However, Mr. Lowe waved his hand and said, “Don’t be impulsive! Let me handle her!”

“Mr. Lowe is going to handle her! This should be interesting!”

“Mr. Lowe will definitely win her heart!”

“Is there any woman who would dare to reject Mr. Lowe?”

Mr. Lowe ran his fingers through his hair and put on a smile that he thought was charming before walking up to Matthew’s table.

He put his elbows on the table and rested his chin on his palms as he looked at Sasha affectionately.

“Honey, I made a bet with my friends and they say that you’ll never give me your Whatsapp number. However, I don’t believe them. What do you think?”

Matthew immediately frowned. He was already annoyed when he saw Mr. Lowe and his friends bully Mr. John, and now he was blatantly trying to hook up with his wife. It seems that he doesn’t take me seriously.

Sasha coldly replied, “I’m sorry but I don’t use Whatsapp.”

Hearing this, Mr. Lowe looked angry but he quickly smiled again and said, “It’s okay. If you don’t have Whatsapp, let’s follow each other on Facebook then.”

“I’m sorry but I don’t want to.”

In a deep voice, he growled, “Darling, you’re being really rude!”

Matthew instantly interrupted and said, “Whether she wants to give her contact to you is her choice. Don’t you think that you’re being a disturbance?”

A cold expression appeared on Mr. Lowe’s face at once and he shouted, “I’m asking for her number. What does that have to do with you? You’re not qualified to speak to me! F*ck off or I’ll beat you up!”

Mr. Lowe’s group of friends also started yelling at Matthew to ask him to leave.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 75

In a serious tone, Sasha yelled, “He’s my husband!”

Mr. Lowe was momentarily stunned but he swiftly pouted and said, “So what if he’s your husband? Can he stop you from forming friendships?

I’m only asking for your contact information and I didn’t do anything else. What can your husband do? Hey, mister, don’t be too anxious. The two of us haven’t even started developing a relationship yet. It won’t be too late for you to interfere after we start dating!”

The other young men behind them instantly burst into laughter. “He’s right! They haven’t even started dating yet, so why are you so anxious?”

A cold expression immediately appeared on Matthew’s face and he yelled, “Watch your mouth!”

“F*ck you!” Mr. Lowe roared angrily. “Hey, pretty lady, just tell me whether you want to give me your contact or not!”

Sasha immediately flushed red. It was her first time meeting someone as shameless as Mr. Lowe.

“I-I don’t know you. Please leave!”

“We can start by adding each other’s Whatsapp and slowly get to know each other!” Mr. Lowe said with a grin.

“He’s right. The both of you will have fun with each other and maybe even get together!” The other young men laughed and teased.

“You…” Sasha was extremely furious because these men spoke too frivolously.

Matthew got up and shouted, “You want to have fun? I’ll accompany you!”

“You? What makes you qualified to play with me?!” Mr. Lowe yelled as he flipped the table.

Sasha immediately screamed in shock and staggered back a few steps. “Wh-Why are you so rude?!”

“Who the f*ck are you calling rude?!” The young men behind him all stepped forward and surrounded them fiercely.

Matthew stood in front of Sasha to protect her and coldly said, “Sasha, get in the shop.”

Sasha anxiously replied, “Let’s leave together!”

“Who said that you could leave?” Mr. Lowe grabbed a beer bottle and said smugly, “You can leave but this woman has to stay and play with us for a while!”

A murderous gleam appeared in Matthew’s eyes as he growled, “Don’t push me!”

Mr. Lowe grinned and said, “Why can’t I? Do you know what place this is? Do you know who I am? F*ck! I asked for her number because I think highly of her. Let me put this straight. Either she stays and plays with us, or I’ll hit you in the head and let you watch how we play with her!”

Mr. Lowe’s friends immediately guffawed and they looked delighted, as if Sasha was already their prey.

Matthew coldly said, “Young man, no matter what you do, you should always leave some room to maneuver lest you regret later!”

“Do you think I’ll have regrets? Keep dreaming!” Mr. Lowe yelled. “It seems like you’re not planning to leave. Fine, I’ll smash you in the head then, you f*cking…”

Before Mr. Lowe finished his sentence, Matthew already grabbed the beer bottle at the side and smashed it onto his head.

There was an instant silence. Nobody expected that the first one to make a move would be Matthew.

Even Sasha was completely dumbfounded and she looked at Matthew in a daze. Is this really the weak and useless Matthew I know?

“Mr. John, take Sasha into the shop!” Matthew coldly ordered.

“Darling, don’t do anything stupid…” Sasha said worriedly.

“I’ll be fine.” Matthew smiled and said, “Don’t worry.”

Mr. John hurriedly led Sasha into the shop.

“You b*stard! How dare you hit me?!” Mr. Lowe looked sinister. “If I don’t beat you up and cripple you today, I’ll change my last name to yours! Brothers, get him!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 76

Matthew seemed calm as he said, “If you want to fight, let’s go to the back alley.”

“Go to the back alley? I think you really are seeking death!” Mr. Lowe chuckled and said, “Let’s go to the back alley so I can kill you!”

After they arrived at the back alley, Mr. Lowe’s friends directly blocked the exits. It was obvious they were preventing Matthew from escaping.

Mr. Lowe clutched the injury on his head with one hand and pointed a finger at Matthew with the other before he yelled, “Slaughter him!”

The two thugs at the side already pulled out machetes and they shouted as they ran up to Matthew to chop off his head.

However, Matthew didn’t run away. Instead, he stepped forward and punched the two of them in the face.

The two thugs fell to the ground at the same time. Their nose bridges were broken and they were bleeding from their mouths.

The rest of the thugs were shocked because nobody expected Matthew to be so skilled at fighting.

“Kill him!” Mr. Lowe roared angrily.

However, Matthew was one step ahead. He grabbed Mr. Lowe, grasped his neck, and threw his head against the wall next to him.

With just a single blow, Mr. Lowe almost passed out but Matthew didn’t stop there. He smashed his head against the wall one more time.

At first, Mr. Lowe’s friends were planning to rush over but when they saw this, they were stunned. They saw blood all over Mr. Lowe’s face, his nose was flattened and his teeth were almost all gone.

Even though Mr. Lowe and his friends usually acted arrogantly, in reality, they were just a bunch of cowards who only bullied the weak. They had never encountered such a situation before!

Seeing Mr. Lowe fall to the ground with no more fight left in him, those people were so frightened, they shivered in fear. The way they looked at Matthew was as if they were looking at a monster.

When one of the thugs saw Matthew walking toward them, he suddenly yelled, “Let’s all attack him at the same time! There’s so many of us, there’s no need to be afraid of him!”

It was only then did the rest of the group come back to their senses and charge toward Matthew.

All of a sudden, they heard a yell from the end of the alley. “Stop right there!”

Everybody turned around and saw that there was a group of people standing at the end of the alley.

The person leading the group was Stanley Carlson. He respectfully ran up to Matthew and said, “Mr. Larson, are you alright?”

Matthew calmly waved his hand and replied, “I’m fine.”

Hearing this, Stanley let out a sigh of relief. Then, he turned to glare at the group of thugs and bellowed, “F*ck! You thugs are the most annoying kind of people. Chop off all their hands and legs. Better yet, pull out their tendons. Make sure that they can never ride a motorcycle ever again!”

The group of men instantly ran in and started slashing without any hesitation. The young thugs were completely terrified. They always relied on being a large group to behave domineeringly and arrogantly, and they had never met a real villain before.

With Stanley Carlson’s position and status, it wasn’t hard to imagine the amount of skeletons in his closet. Throwing all of the young thugs into the Eastcliff river was easy for him, let alone chopping off their hands and legs. At first, the group of young thugs wanted to fight back but in the end, they all begged for mercy.

A few of them used all their might to kneel on the ground and pleaded. “Sir, we know the mistakes we’ve made. Please show us mercy. We will never do this again…”

“Sir, spare us. We’ll do anything you ask…”

“It’s our fault for not recognizing such a powerful man like you. Please, we beg you. Let us go…”

Everybody ignored them and in the end, the hands and legs of all the thugs were heavily injured.

Just like what Stanley said, these men would never be able to ride a motorcycle in their lives ever again, and neither would they be able to walk. It was very likely that they had to spend the rest of their lives as beggars on the street.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 77

Afterward, Stanley and the others silently walked away while Matthew walked to get Sasha and left.

Before they parted ways, Matthew asked Stanley to help Mr. John pay his wife’s medical fees.

When Matthew lived here in the past, Mr. John treated him well. Now that his wife was hospitalized, he naturally wanted to help.

That night, Sasha asked Matthew how he managed to resolve this incident.

Matthew didn’t tell her about Stanley. Instead, he told her that he had called the police beforehand and those young thugs ran away because they were afraid of the police.

It was only then did Sasha let out a sigh of relief. “Matthew, if you run into a similar situation again, don’t fight fire with fire and just call the police!” she exclaimed.

After they returned home, they saw James and Helen sitting in the living room angrily.

“Dad, Mom…”

Just when Sasha was about to speak, James directly hit the table with his hand and cried out, “You! Go back to your room!”


“Didn’t you hear what I just said?” James screamed at the top of his lungs. “I asked you to go back to your room!”

“Sasha, just go back to your room. Are you trying to give your father a stroke?” Helen said anxiously. “Your father has a heart problem and high blood pressure!”

Seeing James gasping, Sasha didn’t dare to talk back to her parents and could only go back to her room.

Helen then stared at Matthew and asked, “Matthew, what did the Cunningham family do to you? Why do you want to hurt us?”

Matthew hurriedly replied, “When have I ever hurt you?”

“Stop pretending!” Helen roared. “Have you forgotten what you’ve done at the hotel?”

“Mr. Jones did us a huge favor but not only did you not thank him, but you also hit him!”

“Matthew, do you hate to see the Cunningham family flourish? As soon as you see that we have a great opportunity, you feel dissatisfied and want to ruin us, right?”

“If a big shot like Mr. Jones is willing to help us, the Cunningham family will flourish! But you deliberately messed it all up so that we will never have that chance, right?!”

Matthew frowned and replied, “Helen, you’ve been deceived. Mr. Jones is a liar!”

“You’re the liar! Your whole family is made up of a bunch of liars!” Helen screamed. “Matthew, I’ve never met such a despicable man like you in my life. Not only are you upset to see others have a successful life, but you also forcibly frame them. Why are you so shameless? Are you even human? How could you be so despicable?!”

“Mom…” Sasha said through the crack of the door. “It was Mr. Graham who helped us.”

“Close the door!” James grabbed a tea cup from the table and threw it in Sasha’s direction.

Sasha was startled and she quickly closed the door.

Then, James turned to Matthew. “Enough with the b*llshit. Matthew, when are you going to divorce Sasha?!”

Matthew replied, “I will never get a divorce!”

James immediately roared, “You will divorce Sasha no matter what! Don’t think of relying on the Cunningham family anymore! You either directly sign the divorce agreement or I’ll sue you for a divorce. No matter what, you’ll have to get out of this family!”

Sasha’s voice could be heard from inside her room. “I will never divorce Matthew!”

“It’s not up to you to decide!” James shouted.

“Since you don’t want to sign the agreement, we’ll sue you!” Helen said after she slammed her fist on the table. “Leave our house this instant. I never want to see you ever again!”

Sasha anxiously said, “Mom, he is my husband. Why can’t he stay in our house?!”

“Your husband?” Helen sneered. “Well then, why don’t you ask him to buy a house so that you two can move there?”

“Since he’s your husband, why should he stay in my house?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 78

“I…” Sasha was agitated. “I’ll buy a house tomorrow, and Matthew and I will move out!”

“In your dreams!” James continued shouting. “The company’s money belongs to the Cunningham family. Don’t even think about using a penny!”

“Hand me the company’s official seal. From now on, I’ll personally review every penny that the company spends!”

Helen went into Sasha’s room to grab the seal and Sasha hurriedly yelled, “I’m the president of the company! I can’t give you the company seal!”

Hearing this, Helen shouted angrily, “Sasha, are you trying to give your father a heart attack? Do you have to see me and your father enter our graves before you start listening?”

As for James, he ran to the kitchen and came out with a kitchen knife. Then, he pointed it at his wrist. “Hand it to me! If you don’t hand me the seal, I’ll cut my wrist right now!”

Sasha was about to lose her mind and tears streamed down her face. She had no choice but hand the official seal to them. Matthew felt helpless as well. Even though he could be extremely cruel to outsiders, these people were Sasha’s parents so he couldn’t bear to do anything to hurt them.

James hurriedly hid away the company seal like it was treasure. Then, he pointed the kitchen knife at Matthew and yelled, “Leave this instant! Otherwise, I’ll chop you into pieces!”

Sasha was furious. “If he leaves, I leave with him!”

Hearing this, James pointed the knife at his neck. “If you dare take one step out of the house, I’ll immediately kill myself!”

“Don’t do anything stupid!” Sasha said exasperatedly.

James completely ignored her and turned to point at Matthew. “Leave! Get the hell out now!”

Matthew sighed and said, “Sasha, don’t worry, I’ll just sleep at the hospital. Get some rest. I’ll be fine!”

After Matthew left, Sasha burst into tears and yelled angrily, “I hate you both!”

However, James and Helen didn’t care. Helen even proudly said, “Sasha, you’ll find out who really cares about you in the future. One day when you understand our intentions, you’ll thank us for everything we did today!”

James waved his hand and said, “Forget it. She’s still an ignorant child and won’t understand our efforts. What’s important is that we have a clear conscience!”

Helen chimed in and said, “You’re right. The most important thing is that we have a clear conscience!”

The next afternoon, James and Helen went to visit Mr. Jones again. With a smile, James said, “Mr. Jones, we’re really sorry for what happened yesterday. I’ve already kicked Matthew out of the house. We have nothing to do with him anymore!”

Helen added, “Mr. Jones, please forget about that despicable man. After he divorces Sasha, we’ll definitely teach him a lesson.”

Mr. Jones looked solemn. He waved his hand and replied, “Enough. You two can leave now.”

Hearing this, James hurriedly said, “No! We’re here to sincerely apologize to you. Just give us one more chance!”

“Give you another chance?” Mr. Jones glared at him and said, “I did you all a favor before because I was hoping to cooperate with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. However, your daughter treated me disrespectfully. Does she even intend to work together with me?”

James smiled and replied, “Mr. Jones, don’t worry. You can have business discussions with me!”

“Will that be the same thing?” Mr. Jones said angrily. “Are you the president of the company?”

James hurriedly explained, “Even though I’m not the president, I’m the one in charge of the company’s matters. Even the company’s official seal is with me! I’m the one who makes the decisions around here!”

Hearing this, a sinister gleam appeared in Mr. Jones’ eyes. There was an unnoticeable sneer on his face as he said, “Well then, it seems that we can have a chat.”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 79

Early in the morning, Matthew walked out of Lakeside Garden, got on his electric bike, and rushed to the hospital.

As soon as he arrived at the hospital entrance, he could see Bart Jenkins anxiously standing in a distance.

“Mr. Larson, you’re here!” Bart hurriedly ran up to Matthew and in a trembling voice, he said, “I’ve waited for you for a long time!”

Matthew had a cold expression on his face. After all, Bart shamed and made things difficult for Sasha before. There was no way Matthew would treat him nicely.

Bart was panicking. “Mr. Larson, about the previous matter… I know that I made a mistake… Please help me. Mr. Graham fired me. Not only that, he even issued an announcement to prevent other banks from hiring me. Mr. Larson, I’ve worked in banks all my life. At this age, it’s impossible for me to work in another industry. If I lose my job, I’m doomed.”

It was only then did Matthew realize what had happened and he couldn’t help but snicker. Patrick Graham sure does make sure the problem ceases to exist.

“All I can say is that you shouldn’t have crossed me!”

With that, Matthew walked straight into the hospital.

“Mr. Larson!” Bart hurriedly chased after Matthew and handed him a card. “There is one million in this card. Please help me put in a good word with Mr. Graham…”

Matthew glanced at him and snickered. “Do you think that I need your money?”

Bart seemed embarrassed. “Mr. Larson, please help me…”

“You should have thought about it before sabotaging my wife.” Matthew said coldly. “If Mr. Graham wasn’t my friend, what would have happened to her? When you made things difficult for her, have you ever thought about how helpless she would feel?”

Bart turned pale and through gritted teeth, he said, “Matthew, the reason I came to ask for your help is because I don’t want to fight you, but don’t be arrogant! Let me put it straight. I have to be careful of Mr. Graham if I work in the bank. However, if I don’t work inthe bank, I don’t have to care about what Mr. Graham thinks. I may not be able to beat Mr. Graham but killing you will be a piece of cake! Are you sure you want to go to such extreme lengths?”

Matthew chuckled and asked, “Bart, are you threatening me?”

Bart replied, “That’s right! I am threatening you!”

Matthew sneered, “Let me give you some advice. Even though you lost your job, you still got to keep your life. However, if you continue making a scene, you might lose your life too!”

“Who the f*ck are you trying to scare?!” Bart was completely infuriated. “Mr. Larson, if I don’t get to return to the bank by today, I’ll make sure that you won’t get to see tomorrow’s daylight!”

“I’ll be waiting for you!”

With that, Matthew strode into the hospital.

There was a sinister gleam in Bart’s eyes as he pulled out his phone. “Scott, proceed with the plan that I told you yesterday!”

After Matthew returned to his office, he quickly sent a message to Stanley and asked him to arrange some men to protect Sasha.

Matthew was not afraid of Bart’s threats at all. He was just worried that Bart would hurt Sasha but with Stanley’s men secretly protecting her, he was sure that she would be safe.

When noon came, Matthew arrived at the lobby of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and met Sasha. Her eyes were slightly swollen and it was obvious she didn’t sleep well last night.

Seeing this, Matthew chuckled and asked, “Did you miss me so much that you couldn’t sleep?”

Sasha instantly blushed and punched Matthew in the chest. “I didn’t miss you at all! I slept late because I was watching tv!”

Hearing this, Matthew burst into laughter.

After a while, Sasha leaned close to Matthew and whispered, “Matthew, why don’t I buy a house so that we can move out?”

“There’s no need!” Matthew said softly. “I’ve already prepared a place for us to live.”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 80

“You’ve prepared a place to stay?” Sasha was momentarily started. Then, she chuckled and said, “Matthew, stop joking around. I’m talking about serious matters right now!”

Matthew hurriedly replied, “I’m not joking around. I’ve really found a villa for us to stay!”

Hearing this, Sasha burst into laughter. “A villa? Why don’t you go all out and say that it’s a lakeside villa in Lakeside Garden!”

“You’re right! It is a lakeside villa!”

“Okay, say what you want. I’ll just pretend to believe you!” Sasha replied with a chuckle before she brushed it off.

My grandpa wouldn’t even dare to dream of living in a lakeside villa, let alone Matthew owning one.

That noon, the two of them ate lunch at Shanghai Nights restaurant. Mr. Moses personally went downstairs to greet them and brought them to the best VIP room upstairs.

At the same time, Mr. Moses even upgraded Sasha’s ordinary membership card to the diamond card, which was only second to the premium supreme membership card.

Naturally, Sasha was overjoyed because she loved eating at Shanghai Nights.

“Matthew, it seems that my parents are still in contact with Mr. Jones,” Sasha said worriedly.

Matthew frowned and asked, “What are they planning?”

Sasha shook her head. “I don’t know. They are pretty mysterious. Liam even came to the office several times this morning to brag about it. He said that he had done something amazing that would benefit the Cunningham family and that Cunningham Pharmaceuticals would become an estate tycoon soon.”

Matthew felt his heart skip a beat. “An estate tycoon? Are they planning to expand the family business into the real estate industry?”

“I don’t know either. I asked my parents but they won’t tell me anything!”

“Well, it’s best to be careful. Mr. Jones is a liar so he might trick your parents. I’ll look into it later.”

After they finished lunch, Sasha returned to the company. She saw James, Helen, and Liam discussing something in the office and they looked excited. However, as soon as Sasha entered the room, they immediately stopped their discussion.

“Dad, Mom, what were you talking about?” Sasha was suspicious.

“Nothing! We were just drinking some tea!” James replied calmly.

Hearing this, Sasha asked, “Are you still keeping touch with Mr. Jones? Dad, Mom, I’m warning you, Mr. Jones is a liar!”

“Sasha, watch your mouth!” James scolded. “Mr. Jones has done us a huge favor. How could you bad mouth him like that?”

Sasha hurriedly said, “What favor? It was Old Mrs. Graham and her family who helped us solve the problem with the bank!”

Liam snorted and muttered, “In your dreams! Sasha, do you really think that Matthew’s friend could have helped us solve such a big problem? Do you know what kind of a person Bart is? He is a powerful big shot. Other than an equally powerful man like Mr. Jones, who else could solve that problem?”

Helen nodded vigorously and said, “Liam’s right. You’ve been with Matthew for three years, so you should know what kind of person he is. It’s impossible that he is friends with powerful people. Matthew used to only be a loser and a coward, but now he’s getting worse. He brags, frames others, gets envious, and talks about people behind their backs. I’ve never met a man more vile than he is!”

Anxious, Sasha yelled, “Mom, Matthew is telling the truth! Don’t be fooled by Mr. Jones!”

“Shut up!” James slammed his fist on the table and roared. “Is that what Matthew told you? Go and tell him that he has nothing to do with the Cunningham family anymore. There’s no need for him to interfere with our business! Even if we are fooled and deceived, it has nothing to do with him!”

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