The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 81-90

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 81

With that, James and Helen left the office angrily.

Liam glanced at Sasha triumphantly as he snickered and said, “Sasha, after our plans succeed, you’ll finally understand who is the capable one. You’ll thank me for this!”

“James & Helen, don’t be mad at Sasha. I’m sure that it was Matthew who told her those lies!”

“Matthew really is low-life! Not only is he a worthless loser, but he’s despicable enough to not want others to get rich!” Helen said behind gritted teeth. “He must divorce Sasha no matter what!”

“Forget it. Let’s just focus on the project for the time being.” James waved his hand and said, “I’ve looked into the land that Mr. Jones suggested and the location is great. If we manage to purchase it and make it into real estate, the profit will definitely be ten times more than the cost. What do you think?”

However, Helen worriedly mumbled, “But we have to pay 300 million upfront. Isn’t that a little too much?”

James hurriedly said, “Our 300 million is nothing compared to the 1.5 billion that Mr. Jones is willing to pay. What’s more, we’ll be earning more than 3 billion using only 300 million. We’ll be one of the wealthiest families in Eastcliff with that amount of money. By then, even my father will come to beg for our return!”

Hearing this, Helen was excited. After all, they had been humiliated by Eric Cunningham a lot in the past. They had always been planning to take revenge, and now the opportunity finally surfaced! If they really did earn that much profit, they would get wealthy overnight, and when that happened, even Eric Cunningham would have to respect them.

“Did Mr. Jones really invest 1.5 billion?” Helen asked.

“I’ve seen it with my own eyes!” Liam instantly replied. “Mr. Jones already transferred the money into the account. James, you were there too!”

James nodded. “I’ve seen it too. Mr. Jones invested 1.5 billion and we’re only investing 300 million. If we’re not sincere enough, he might not be willing to help us anymore.”

Helen gritted her teeth and said, “In that case, let’s just do it! Now that the company’s official seal is with us, we can transfer the money!”

Liam immediately smiled and said, “You’ve made the right decision! James and Helen, how many great opportunities will we come across in a lifetime? Grabbing this opportunity will not only make Old Master Cunningham beg for our return, but we will also show Sasha what kind of person Matthew really is!”

“You’re right! Once the project succeeds, Sasha will be able see how despicable Matthew is. By then, they will definitely get a divorce!”

There was a gleam in Liam’s eyes. Deep down, he had his own plans. Once Sasha divorces Matthew, does that mean I’ll have a chance? Now that I’ve given the Cunningham family such a great business opportunity, I’ll be the biggest contributor in the house. I might just win Sasha’s favor! When the time comes, I’ll have both Sasha and the company!

The next morning, Matthew received a call from Sasha and found out that James, Helen, and Liam had secretly snuck out. With that, he immediately rushed out of the hospital and prepared to follow them to see where they were going.

However, unexpectedly, as soon as he walked onto a remote pathway, vans appeared on each side of the road and stopped next to him. Fortunately, Matthew dodged in time. Otherwise, those cars would have hit him. Seeing this, Matthew frowned because it was obvious that they were looking for trouble.

Bart got out of one of the vans and with a cold expression on his face, he looked at Matthew and said, “Mr. Larson, we meet again. Thanks to you, I’m jobless now. Do you remember my warning? I said that if I lost my job, you would have to pay for the consequences!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 82

A dozen men got out of the car and surrounded Matthew aggressively.

Matthew immediately frowned and yelled, “Bart, I don’t have time to waste on you right now. Leave and I’ll spare you!”

Hearing this, Bart was infuriated. “Have you lost your mind? Look around you! Do you really think that I need you to spare me? Shouldn’t you be the one begging for mercy? Fck! Chop off this bstard’s legs!”

With that, the men roared and charged toward Matthew. A cold expression appeared on Matthew’s face before he took a step forward and slammed his right elbow into Bart. It was as if Bart was hit by a truck.

He flew backward and crashed into the van behind him. The force was so strong, the windows of the van shattered into pieces. Then, Bart slowly slumped to the ground and it was obvious that he had broken some bones.

Seeing this, the other men were all dumbfounded. Is his punch that strong?

“Kill him!” The leader of the group yelled. “There’s so many of us, there’s no need to be afraid of him!”

The other men immediately came back to their senses and surrounded Matthew again.

Matthew was not patient. He fought back aggressively and soon knocked all the men onto the ground. Each of them broke at least a few bones and nobody had the energy to stand back up. After dealing with these people, Matthew left without turning back.

However, the fight wasted some time after all. When Matthew arrived at Eastbury, James and Helen were already gone. Worried, Matthew hurriedly pulled out his phone and dialed James’s number.

After two rings, his call was answered and James’s cold voice could be heard. “What’s the matter? Have you finally figured it out? Are you ready to divorce Sasha? Were you attracted by the half a million that we offered in exchange for a divorce?”

“James, are you heading off to meet Mr. Jones again?” Matthew asked anxiously. “Mr. Jones is a con man…”

“Shut your mouth!” James was infuriated. “Matthew, you really are a wretched and shameless man. How can you speak ill of others all day long?!”

Matthew was really agitated. “James, I’m not speaking ill of him! He really is a con man! Don’t be fooled by his lies. His investments are all fake! You must not give him any of your money!”

Furious, James yelled, “B*llshit! Do you know what kind of person Mr. Jones is? Do you know what he is investing in? You know nothing and all you do is speak ill of others behind their backs! You’re the most disgusting man I’ve ever met! Don’t call me again! I feel sick when I hear your voice!”

With that, James directly hung up the phone. When Matthew dialed his number again, nobody picked up. He even tried calling Helen, Liam and Demi, but none of them answered his call either.

Matthew felt helpless. These people are not heeding to my warnings at all.

In the end, Matthew had no choice but to call Stanley and ask him to investigate Mr. Jones.

Meanwhile, at another luxurious villa area in Eastcliff.

As soon as James and the others entered the villa area, Helen exclaimed, “This is where Mr. Jones lives? Oh my, the houses here probably cost more than 10 million!”

Liam chuckled and said, “10 million? That is only the price of an empty house without any renovations! Mr. Jones’ house after renovations is at least worth 30 million!”

Helen was stunned. “He really is a wealthy man! His house costs more than what people make in a few lifetimes!”

Hearing this, Lian smiled. “You don’t have to be envious, James and Helen. After our investment gives us returns, let’s buy a villa at Lakeside Garden!”

Helen excitedly yelled, “Yes, Lakeside Garden! All the fine houses in Eastcliff are there. Old Master Cunningham went there once and was dying to get a house after he returned. Once we start living there… What do you think Old Master Cunningham’s reaction will be?”

James’s eyes immediately lit up. All his life, he had been trying to prove himself. This time, he finally had the opportunity to do so, which was why he was extremely excited too!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 83
After they entered Mr. Jones’s house, James and Helen were once again stunned.

The interior design of the house could only be described as luxurious and they couldn’t stop staring in awe.

James couldn’t help but gasp and say, “Mr. Jones, you truly are a successful businessman. The interior design and style is extraordinary!”

With a smile, Mr. Jones replied, “It’s just a place to stay so I only decorated it simply.”

Hearing this, Liam immediately said, “Mr. Jones has a dozen houses like this in Eastcliff so he doesn’t have time to pay attention to the decorations!”

James and Helen were dumbfounded. A few dozen villas? That would cost a few billion! This guy is a boss!

“Well then, let’s get to business!” Mr. Jones smiled and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham, are you sure you want to invest in my real estate project?”

“Of course!” James hurriedly answered. “Mr. Jones, you have great foresight and being able to do business with you is an honor!”

“Since you’ve already made the decision, let’s get straight to it.” Mr. Jones chuckled. “Here, I’ve already prepared the contract. After you sign the contract and transfer the money to the account, our project can start!”

Hearing this, James hurriedly took the contract and read through it carefully.

After he made sure that there weren’t any problems with the contract, he forged Sasha’s signature and stamped Cunningham Pharmaceuticals’ official seal onto the document.

“Great!” Mr. Jones laughed happily. “President Cunningham, now that we’ve signed the contract, when will I receive the money?”

“I’ve already arranged for it to be transferred today!” James instantly replied. “The finance department is working on it and you’ll be able to receive it soon!”

James then went out to make a call and not long after, Mr. Jones received 300 million in his account! After all, James had long prepared to invest in this project, and he had even changed the company financial manager to Demi. That way, it would be easier to transfer funds and there was no need to notify Sasha.

All he had to do was forge Sasha’s signature and notify Demi.

When Mr. Jones saw the money in his account, he nodded satisfyingly and said, “Great! President Cunningham, it’ll be a pleasure working with you!”

James and Helen were both overjoyed. With a return rate of more than ten times, we will become famous once the project succeeds!

After chatting for a while, James and Helen left.

As soon as they arrived at the company entrance, they saw Matthew waiting anxiously at the doorway.

James instantly yelled angrily, “It’s that b*stard again! Why won’t he leave us alone?!”

Helen said, “Liam, ignore and drive past him. Once our project succeeds, we’ll have nothing to do with him!”

Liam sneered as he drove past Matthew and went straight into the underground parking lot.

Matthew hurriedly rushed over but he was too late.

James, Helen and Liam went upstairs happily. When they arrived at the office, they saw Sasha sitting there, waiting for them.

“You’re finally back!” Sasha anxiously greeted them and asked, “Where have you been? Why didn’t you answer my calls?”

Helen immediately scolded angrily, “Sasha, watch your tone when you speak to your father! Where did we go? Where else could we go? We went out to find business for the company and for the benefit of our family! But look at the way you’re treating us! We’ve ran around the whole day and you don’t even seem to care. Instead, you rushed over and interrogated us!”

Sasha felt helpless. “I’m not interrogating you. I just wanted to tell you that Mr. Jones is a con man!”

“Enough!” James banged his fist on the table and yelled, “If you speak ill of Mr. Jones again, I’ll cut ties with you!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 84
Sasha was so shocked, she stuttered, “Dad, y-you…”

However, Helen interrupted her and said, “It was Matthew who told you, wasn’t it? That b*stard just can’t bear to see us have a good life!

All he does is bad mouth people behind their backs! Who does he think he is? How dare he call Mr. Jones a con man? What qualifications does he have to say that? Does he have any proof? If he has even a little evidence that Mr. Jones is a con man, I’ll believe him.”

Sasha was so angry that her face was flushing red, but there was nothing she could do.

Just then, Matthew entered the office and he was holding a file in his hand. He looked extremely anxious as he asked, “James and Helen, you didn’t invest any money in Mr. Jones’s projects, did you? I just found out that Mr. Jones is really a con man!”

Hearing this, everyone in the room was shocked and James and Helen instantly turned to look at Liam.

Liam was infuriated and he angrily yelled, “Matthew, what do you mean? Why do you say that my friend lied to us? What makes you qualified to call him a con man? Do you have evidence or witnesses? How dare you accuse him without any proof?”

Matthew glared at Liam and threw the file he was holding onto the table while saying coldly, “You want proof? Here, take a good look at it!”

Liam was stunned. “What is that?”

“This is Mr. Jones’s file that is registered at the police station. There is solid evidence that he is a con man and the police are ready to capture him!”

“What?” James and Helen’s expressions immediately changed.

“That’s impossible!” Liam hurriedly yelled. “Where did the file come from?”

Matthew replied, “My friend compiled it for me!”

Liam instantly sneered and asked, “Your friend? Which friend? What does he do? Are you sure that we can believe in the file he gave you? It’s impossible that Mr. Jones is a con man! James and Helen, you’ve seen the money in Mr. Jones’s account and his house with your own eyes. Which con man would have all that?”

James and Helen nodded. “Liam is right. Mr. Jones can’t fake his money and real estate!”

Matthew anxiously shouted, “This file is an internal record from the police station so it can’t be fake!”

Liam scoffed. “Just because you say that it’s from the police station doesn’t mean it really came from the police station. Who knows? You might have just asked someone to help create a fake file!”

James and Helen were also glaring at Matthew with hostility.

However, Sasha stood by Matthew’s side and in a serious tone, she said, “I trust Matthew!”

Liam sneered, “Well, I trust Mr. Jones! James and Helen, you’ve seen how successful Mr. Jones is just now. He solved the problem with the company bank account and is helping us earn a fortune by giving us a chance to enter the real estate industry! Matthew is afraid that Sasha will divorce him after the Cunningham family becomes wealthy so he’s doing everything he can to stop us! He purposely told us lies about Mr. Jones and even humiliated and beat up Mr. Jones in public in order to stop us. This man is despicable and shameless!”

A cold expression appeared on James and Helen’s faces and they looked at Matthew vigilantly.

In a solemn tone, Matthew said, “Liam, watch your mouth! These are real evidence and I can guarantee it with my life!”

Liam immediately rebuked him. “I can also guarantee with my life that Mr. Jones is not a con man!”

Hearing this, Matthew frowned. It seems Liam is determined to go against me today.

Sasha softly said, “Dad, you have to believe in Matthew. He is not the kind of person that would hurt the family’s business. He really is doing the right thing for the family!”

However, James bellowed furiously, “Shut up! I can differentiate a liar and a good person myself. I don’t need you to tell me what to do!”

With that, James left in a huff. With a resentful expression, Helen said, “Sasha, you’re usually really smart but why are you fooled by Matthew? Forget it, I won’t say anything else. Just wait and see. Once our investment starts earning money, you’ll know who is doing the right thing!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 85

After James and Helen left, Liam glanced at Matthew mockingly and said, “Matthew, you guaranteed that the evidence is real with your life, right? I will remember it clearly and you better not forget about it either!”

After Liam finished speaking, he strode away triumphantly.

Matthew frowned hard. James and Helen are too prejudiced against me. It’s really hard for me to convince them.

Sasha sighed and muttered, “It’s obvious that Mr. Jones is a con man but my parents won’t listen to me. What should we do now?”

Matthew thought about it for a moment. “The most important thing right now is to not let your parents touch the company’s funds. That way, even if they fall into Mr. Jones’s trap, they won’t lose a lot!”

“Okay. I’ll pay extra attention to the company’s bank account later.”

Not long after Sasha left, she ran back into the office and sobbed as she said, “Matthew, something bad happened. The company… 300 million is gone from the company’s bank account!”

Matthew was just about to leave but when he heard this, he jumped in fright.

300 million? That’s not a small amount!

“Where did the money go?” Matthew asked anxiously.

“I don’t know! Demi is the one in charge of the company’s finances. She said that she received my orders to transfer the money to a bank account, but I never ordered any transfers. The company’s official seal is not even with me!”

Matthew’s expression turned grim. “I’m sure that it was your parents who ordered the transfer!”

“Why would they need so much money?”

Matthew hurriedly replied, “They must’ve fallen into Mr. Jones’s trap! Let’s go and ask them what’s going on.”

With that, the two of them ran upstairs and rushed into James’s office.

“Dad, 300 million was transferred out of the company’s bank account. Where did you transfer it to?”

Hearing this, James couldn’t help but feel startled. Then, he and Helen exchanged a glance before he said in a serious tone, “So you found out. Well then, I won’t hide it from you anymore. I was the one who transferred the money. I’m working with Mr. Jones and we bought a piece of land to turn into real estate…”

“What?!” Sasha yelled in horror. “You transferred the money to Mr. Jones? Dad, that man is a con man!”

“Stop talking!” James pounded the table with his fist angrily. “Let me say this one more time. Mr. Jones is not a con man. In fact, he is a benefactor to our family.”

“But he is a con man! How long has it been since you met him and how much do you know about him? How could you transfer 300 million to him? Dad, have you lost your mind?”

Helen flew into a rage immediately. “How dare you speak to your father like that?! Your father is doing all of this for you! Do you know the return rate of this investment? More than ten times! We could earn at least 3 billion after investing 300 million into this project! With that amount of money, the Cunningham family will be able to become one of the wealthiest families in Eastcliff. This is a chance for our family to rise! We only have you and Demi as our children. Everything we are doing is for both of your sakes. How could you disappoint your father?”

Sasha was extremely upset. Her parents always gave the excuse that they were doing it for her own good and never thought about her feelings.

In a serious tone, Matthew said, “James and Helen, I guarantee with my life that Mr. Jones is a con man! Hurry up and give me his address. I’ll head over there right now and ask him to return the company’s money. Tell me now or it’ll be too late!”

This time, it was Helen who slammed her fist on the table. “Shut your mouth! You’re not allowed to speak ill of Mr. Jones!”

While the people in the office were arguing, an employee just happened to walk past the doorway. After hearing the commotion inside, there was a gleam in his eyes. Then, he snuck into the washroom, pulled out his phone and sent a text.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 86

At the Cunningham residence.

The members of the Cunningham family seemed to be in a bad mood. After the company was acquired, the whole family was kicked out of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

Now that they were only small shareholders of the company, they no longer had the power to do anything they wanted. All of a sudden, Charlie ran into the room excitedly.

“Grandpa, good news!” Charlie yelled in excitement.

“What kind of good news can there be at a time like this?” Jason looked sullen. “Don’t disturb your grandfather from having his rest!”

However, Charlie continued yelling. “Dad, I really have good news! Something bad happened to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals!”

“What?” Everybody immediately sat upright and Eric was delighted. “What happened? Is it something serious?”

Charlie hurriedly replied, “It’ll be enough to send Sasha to prison!”

“Tell me what happened!” Eric was itching to know.

After clearing his throat, Charlie said, “I arranged someone to work in Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and he just sent me a text. He said that James took away Sasha’s official seal and used her name to transfer 300 million out of the company! The money was transferred to a man called Mr. Jones to invest in real estate. However, Mr. Jones is a con man!”

Eric was overjoyed. “I can’t believe it! Hahaha! Even if she is the president of the company, she still has to take responsibility for embezzling the company’s funds. Moreover, it was her family who did it. It’s a big deal! She has to go to jail for at least ten years for this! Come on, let’s go to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. We are still shareholders of the company so we have the right to ask about the company’s funds!”

With that, the Cunningham family got into their cars aggressively and went straight to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile, Matthew received news from Stanley. Stanley managed to find where Mr. Jones was living and sent him the location. However, when he arrived, the house was already empty. Just then, he received a call from Sasha.

“Matthew, we’re in trouble. My grandfather brought the other shareholders of the company to argue…”

Matthew felt his heart skip a beat. The thing he was most worried about had happened.

“Wait for me, I’ll head back immediately!”

With that, he rushed back to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

This time, the security guards didn’t stop Matthew because they were too busy handling the commotion upstairs. As soon as he arrived at the office, he could hear James quarreling with someone in the distance.

“What’s wrong with my actions? I’m Sasha’s father. Sasha is the president of the company so her company belongs to me too. Why can’t I handle the company’s finances? I only transferred 300 million and it’s just an ordinary investment. When the project succeeds, all of you will also have a piece of the 3 billion earnings. You people have no ability to make money. Now that I’m helping you make money, aren’t you supposed to thank me?”

Matthew ran up to them and saw that almost every member of the Cunningham family was there, but they were not the only ones. There were even some minor shareholders gathered together and they were making a scene. Sasha was surrounded by the crowd and her eyes were bloodshot. As the president of the company, it was no doubt that she was the most pressured.

A man suddenly yelled, “James Cunningham, stop talking nonsense! No matter what your relationship is with Sasha Cunningham, you have no right to handle the company’s finances. It is illegal for you to use the company’s funds! Just wait for the police to arrest you!”

James started to panic and he hurriedly replied, “I didn’t take the company’s money!”

“Really?” Eric sneered. “Are you implying that it was Sasha who ordered you to do so? President Cunningham, do you admit this?”

Hearing this, Helen anxiously whispered, “Sasha, help your father. He did it for your own good!”

Sasha’s face instantly turned pale. If I admit it, I would have to take responsibility for the 300 million. As the president, I would need to go to jail if I am found guilty of embezzling 300 million!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 87
Seeing that Sasha wasn’t saying anything, James was infuriated. “Sasha, speak up! I’ve raised you up and treated you well, but this is how you repay me?”

Sasha gritted her teeth and was about to admit it. However, just then, Matthew walked forward and said, “This matter has nothing to do with Sasha!”

Everybody turned to look at him while Eric scoffed, “Oh, if it isn’t the Cunningham family’s useless son-in-law. Are you in charge of protecting Sasha now?”

James got angry out of embarrassment. “Who let this b*stard into the office?! Guards! Where are the security guards? Get him out of here!”

Helen yelled, “Matthew, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to ruin Sasha’s father? Once Sasha admits it, her father wouldn’t need to go to jail. What evil intentions do you have?”

Matthew was furious. “You’re only concerned whether your husband would be imprisoned, but have you ever considered the consequences that Sasha would have to bear? Mr. Jones is a con man and the company was defrauded of 300 million. If Sasha admitted to transferring the money, how many years would she need to stay in jail?”

Helen flared up. “I’ll say this one more time—Mr. Jones is not a con man! Once we solve the problem with the shareholders, the company will definitely receive ten times of profit and we’ll be rich!”

Matthew shook his head and said, “Why are you still daydreaming? What makes you think Mr. Jones is not a con man? Do you know that he is already on the run?!”

“O-On the run?” Helen was stunned. “What are you talking about? Why would Mr. Jones be on the run?”

“I just came back from Mr. Jones’s house and nobody was there!”

Hearing this, James roared, “B*llshit! I’m sure Mr. Jones is busy with something else. Why would he be on the run? Matthew, if you continue to accuse Mr. Jones of such nonsense, I’ll fight you!”

Matthew instantly felt speechless. Why doesn’t he know that he was fooled?

Just then, they heard a commotion outside. Following that, a group of police walked over.

After the leader of the police team understood the situation, he directly looked at James with a solemn expression on his face. “This Mr. Jones that you’re talking about, what does he look like?”

James hurriedly described Mr. Jones’s appearance and the leader immediately frowned. Then, he pulled out his phone and showed him a picture. “Is this the man you’re talking about?”

James glanced at his phone and quickly answered. “Yes, that’s him!”

“I knew it!” The leader’s eyes widened before he sighed and said, “We are still one step late. I never thought that this con man would be capable enough to defraud someone of 300 million!”

“Wh-What?!” James was completely dumbfounded and he stuttered. “H-He is a con man?”

“Yes!” The leader nodded. “He is a con man wanted in Jersey for conning more than 100 million. Not long ago, we received news that he was hiding in Eastcliff. We have been looking for him for a long time and never thought that his plan had already succeeded! 300 million is a huge amount. What were you thinking? Why did you give it to him?”

“I-I…” James was gasping for air as he slowly slumped to the ground.

“Darling! You’re scaring me!” Helen was sobbing as she spoke. “I’m sure that they got the wrong person. How could Mr. Jones be a con man? This man is definitely a fake police!”

Sasha was already pale as she muttered, “Captain Cole has been working in the police force for over twenty years. He is not a fake police officer.”

Hearing this, Helen started to panic. In a trembling voice, she said, “I-Is it possible that he’s talking about someone else? Mr. Jones lives in a high-end villa…”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 88
Captain Cole hurriedly asked, “What villa? We’ll take a look!”

Helen told him the address of the villa and soon, Captain Cole found something. “That villa belongs to a man called Alex. He just rented it out two weeks ago!”

Helen was in shock. “Rent? It doesn’t belong to Mr. Jones?”

“Con men like him would usually rent high-end houses to give people an impression that he is highly capable. It is one of the ways they con people!”

Liam anxiously yelled, “But he had 1.5 billion in his bank account! We saw it with our own eyes!”

Captain Cole replied, “With the current advanced technologies, they can create fake bank accounts and input any amount they want.”

Liam was dumbfounded. In a trembling voice, he asked, “I-Is it possible to get our money back?”

Captain Cole shook his head. “The possibility is really low!”

Anxious, he shouted, “B-But why? We just transferred it to him this morning. It hasn’t even been three hours…”

“They launder money through the internet and can transfer 300 million to bank accounts anywhere in the world in less than an hour. Three hours is enough to completely launder all that money and it is impossible to track it!”

Helen’s knees turned weak and with a thud, she slumped to the ground. Then, in a daze, she mumbled, “How is this happening? Why is this…”

As for James, he was so heartbroken, he spit out a mouthful of blood and fainted. However, Eric and the rest of the Cunningham family looked delighted. After all, this was something they wanted to see most. “Sasha, are you going to admit that you transferred the money, or are you going to watch your parents get sent to jail?”

Hearing this, Sasha’s face went pale. As she looked at her miserable parents, she felt her heart ache. After a while, Sasha gritted her teeth and raised her voice. “About this incident, I…”

Before Sasha finished her sentence, Matthew suddenly interrupted her. “It’s just 300 million. We’ll get it back. It’s not like it’s difficult!”

“Get it back?” Eric sneered. “How are you going to get it back?”

Matthew replied, “Give me three days. I’ll get all of the money back!”

Eric frowned and asked, “Why should I give you time?”

Matthew ignored him and turned to the other shareholders. “Everyone, the reason you invested in our company is to make money, not fight with others. What good will it do if the Cunningham family is sent to jail and we lose 300 million? I promise you that I will get back the 300 million in three days. Not only that, the Cunningham family will be forking out an extra 100 million to add into this year’s dividend as compensation!”

The shareholders glanced at each other. In the end, they nodded at the same time and said, “Fine, we’ll give you one day!”

Hearing this, Eric was anxious. “How could you compromise? They should go to jail for this!”

However, everybody ignored him. After all, these people were just protecting their interests and had no hatred against Sasha. In the end, Eric and his family had no one’s support and they had no choice but to give up protesting.

Later on, James and Helen were sent to the hospital. Sasha sat on the sofa and she was shivering in fear. At the end of the day, she was just a woman and she had never encountered situations like these before!

“Matthew, what are we supposed to do?” Sasha asked in a trembling voice. “300 million is a gigantic sum. How are we going to get back all that money?”

“Don’t worry, just leave it all to me!” Matthew gently patted Sasha’s head. “As long as I’m here, there’s nothing you have to be afraid of!”

Tears welled up in Sasha’s eyes because she was glad that Matthew was by her side at such a crucial time. However, the question was, could they really overcome such a big challenge?

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 89

Getting back the 300 million from Mr. Jones was definitely impossible, which was why Matthew had to think of other ways to raise the money.

At that moment, there were three people that Matthew knew who could easily come up with 300 million: Billy Newman, Timothy Wayne, and Stanley Carlson!

Even though Patrick Graham was a capable man, it didn’t mean that he was wealthy. However, he was undeniably more powerful than the others! In the end, Matthew chose to seek help from Timothy.

With that, he went to Timothy’s company, but before he went upstairs to Timothy’s office, he frowned. Even though the company building was under the blazing sun, there was an indescribable eeriness.

The knowledge that Matthew inherited from Christopher Larson not only included medical skills, but also Feng Shui.

During his last meeting with Timothy, he already had a feeling that something was wrong.

His son had been in a terrible car accident but Matthew had an intuition that it was not that simple.

However, Matthew didn’t have a close relationship with Timothy and Mrs. Wayne had a bad attitude, so he didn’t want to interfere with their business.

This time, in order to raise 300 million, Matthew had no choice but to visit Timothy.

After he entered the Wayne Group, he registered at the front desk and sat down to wait.

Not long after, he saw the girl from the front desk lead a group of security guards over.

The leader of the group was a fair and chubby security guard called Rory. When he saw Matthew, there was a hostile gleam in his eyes as if he was looking at an enemy. He was Mrs. Wayne’s cousin and the security captain.

After Mrs. Wayne returned from meeting Matthew a few days ago, she complained to Rory about the way Matthew humiliated her. He remembered it and was looking for an opportunity to teach Matthew a lesson to avenge his cousin.

Unexpectedly, Matthew came to the company by himself.

“Stand up! Who allowed you to sit here?!” Rory yelled angrily.

With a frown, Matthew asked, “Aren’t sofas in the lobby prepared for people to sit in?”

“Yes it is, but was it prepared for you?”

“What do you mean?” Matthew asked as he glared at him coldly. This security guard is clearly here to create trouble.

Rory snorted. “Are you Matthew Larson?”

Matthew didn’t reply to him.

“Are you deaf?! Can’t you hear that I asked you a question?”

Matthew didn’t want to waste time with him so he waved his hand and said, “I don’t want to talk to you. Ask Timothy Wayne to get down here!”

“You impudent man!” he roared. “Who f*cking gave you the courage to call President Wayne by his full name?!”

Matthew was irritated so he asked, “What do you want?”

“Do you know what kind of a person President Wayne is? He’s not someone that you can meet anytime!” Rory said coldly. “Leave. President Wayne is not seeing any guests today!”

Matthew frowned and asked, “Are you saying that you can speak on Timothy’s behalf?”

Another security guard immediately said, “Our caption is President Wayne’s brother-in-law. Of course he’s qualified to speak on President Wayne’s behalf!”

Matthew suddenly realized what was going on and his expression turned cold. “I’m warning you, ask Timothy to come and meet me right this instant! You won’t be able to afford the consequences of delaying official business!”

“Who the f*ck are you trying to threaten?! Let me get this straight. As long as I’m here, you’ll never get to meet my brother-in-law. Unless, you kneel down and beg right now until my cousin is willing to forgive you. Maybe by then, I’ll let you meet President Wayne!”

“Forget it! I don’t want to waste my time on you!” Matthew waved his hand and pulled out his phone. “I’ll call Timothy myself!”

“Call him? Take away his phone!” Rory shouted furiously.

A few security guards immediately rushed over but they didn’t take away his phone. Instead, they raised their batons and aimed them at Matthew’s head.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 90
With a cold expression, Matthew raised his legs and kicked one of the security guards while punching with both hands. In just a few seconds, the group of security guards fell to the ground.

Rory was dumbfounded. They always relied on being a large group when they bullied others and had never lost before.

However, they just lost an eight-to-one fight. How is this possible?

“ How dare you beat people up here…” Rory’s voice was trembling as he spoke. “Do you know that you’re at Wayne Group…”

Matthew couldn’t be bothered about him and directly pulled out his phone to dial Timothy’s number. However, nobody answered the phone.

Matthew thought that it was strange. He had made a few calls on the way to Wayne Group and nobody answered. Why is Timothy not answering my calls?

Just then, Mrs. Wayne walked over with a group of people.

With a grim expression, she asked, “Mr. Larson, what are you doing here? How dare you come to my office to make a nuisance? Do you really think that we are easy targets?”

“I have important business to discuss with Timothy. Tell him to come and see me now!”

Mrs. Wayne was irritated. “Do you think that my husband is your subordinate that you can just order around? Nobody in Eastcliff dares to talk to my husband like that! Who do you think you are? Is he supposed to come down just because you said so?”

With a frown, Matthew coldly asked, “Mrs. Wayne, are you burning bridges now that your son is no longer in danger?”

Mrs. Wayne immediately rebuked him. “Burning bridges? Mr. Larson, how can you say that? You saved my son so we gave you a VIP card that is worth over a million. However, it seems like you are unsatisfied and came here again to ask for something else in return. Even beggars are not as greedy and shameless as you!”

Feeling extremely furious, Mrs. Wayned waved her hand and ordered, “You are not qualified to stand in front of me. Guards, get him out of my sight!”

Several study men instantly surrounded Matthew. It was obvious that these men were skilled fighters and even their temples were bulging. The man leading the group sneered, “Leave on your own or we’ll throw you out of the building!”

Matthew coldly muttered, “Mrs. Wayne, I’m here to help you. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“She asked you to leave! Who allowed you to speak?!” The leader was infuriated and he suddenly punched Matthew in his chest.

However, Matthew casually grabbed his wrist and twisted it hard. With a loud crack, the man’s arm was dislocated. The other men were all shocked and they quickly surrounded and attacked Matthew at the same time. These men were stronger but they were still no match for Matthew. Soon, they all fell to the ground, thereafter Mrs. Wayne’s eyes widened in fear. These are all my personal bodyguards and they usually don’t have any problems fighting large groups, but now they are all defeated by Matthew. What kind of monster is he?

“You! How dare you fight in my company?” Mrs. Wayne was furious. “Hurry up and call the police!”

Matthew frowned in frustration. Too tired to waste time, he coldly said, “Mrs. Wayne, let me be honest. Your son is not fully recovered yet. In less than 24 hours, something bad will happen to your son. When that happens, if you want to ask for my help, it won’t be easy!”

With that, Matthew turned and left.

Mrs. Wayne froze momentarily before she yelled angrily, “Mr. Larson, how dare you curse my son?! My son is in the hospital right now and is under tight supervision. It’s impossible that anything bad could happen to him!”

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