The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 91-100

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 91
James, Helen, Liam, and Demi had all returned home. Only Sasha wasn’t there because she was busy dealing with company affairs.

Helen’s eyes were swollen and red from all the crying. “How is it possible that Mr. Jones is a con man? 300 million disappeared just like that! Why didn’t you do a proper background investigation?”

James’s face darkened. “Liam, it was you who introduced him to us. Tell me, how are you planning to solve this?”

Feeling embarrassed, Liam replied, “James, I was just thinking about benefiting the family. I didn’t know that he was a con man either!”

Helen furiously yelled, “Since you don’t know about his background, why did you introduce him to us?”

“Mom, don’t be mad at him. He didn’t want this to happen either!” Demi jumped to his defense. “In my opinion, it’s Matthew’s fault that this happened!”

Surprised, Helen asked, “What does this have to do with Matthew?”

“Of course it does!” Demi said angrily. “From the beginning, he has been saying that Mr. Jones is a con man. This means that he had known about Mr. Jones’s identity long ago. However, he didn’t tell us about Mr. Jones’s identity and mocked us instead.”

Helen immediately frowned and said, “Demi, how could you say that? Who said that Matthew didn’t try to tell us Mr. Jones’s identity? He even showed us the evidence. It was Liam who insisted that Mr. Jones was not a con man!”

All of a sudden, Demi didn’t know what to say. After a while, she gritted her teeth and muttered, “Mom, think about how he spoke to us. He was not trying to persuade us, but deliberately provoke us! You and Dad have always been careful when making decisions, but why were you in such a hurry to invest this time? It was because you were provoked by Matthew! If it weren’t for Matthew who kept saying that Mr. Jones was a con man, would we have transferred 300 million out of anger?”

Liam hurriedly nodded. “Demi is right. Matthew is so despicable that he did all of this on purpose. Furthermore, since he knew Mr. Jones was a con man, why didn’t he stop him? It’s obvious that he knew we were being tricked but he chose to let Mr. Jones run away. He really is sinister. All along, he has been planning for our investment to fail and let our family cause such a disaster. Now, Sasha won’t be able to leave him!”

James and Helen frowned. The two of them weren’t particularly assertive people. After hearing what Demi and Liam said, they started to feel suspicious.

Is it possible that this was all Matthew’s evil plan?

With her voice lowered, Helen said, “Demi, this is just your guess. Matthew couldn’t be so evil, right?”

“It’s hard to say!” Liam spoke in a low voice. “James and Helen, even though Matthew looks honest and faithful, he’s completely different on the inside. Just look at how he fools and controls Sasha. She has always been obedient but how many times has she rebelled against you lately? It’s all because Matthew taught her to do so!”

Hearing this, James and Helen thought about the times where Sasha had talked back to them lately.

In the end, James couldn’t hold back his anger and hit the table with his fist. “This b*stard is disgusting! Unless I die, they must get a divorce!”

Helen nodded in agreement. “You’re right, we must get them divorced. I’ll talk to a lawyer later…”

“Helen!” Liam hurriedly waved his hands and said, “Don’t be in such a hurry. Matthew is still useful to us.”

“How so?” Helen was confused.

“Now that we’ve lost 300 million, if the police continue to investigate, it’s either us or Sasha that gets sent to jail!”

James and Helen instantly felt anxious. They didn’t want to go to jail, but they didn’t want their daughter to go to jail either.

“What should we do?” Helen asked worriedly.

With a faint smile, Liam said, “If we let Matthew take the blame, everything will be fine, isn’t it?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 92
James and Helen were both dumbfounded. “Matthew?”

Liam nodded and smiled as he said, “Yes. Cunningham Pharmaceuticals pretty much belongs to our family now so the only people who can transfer company funds are members of our family. Which is why the only person who can take responsibility for this disaster is Matthew.”

Helen frowned because she could understand what Liam was implying.

“Liam, are you saying that we should put the blame on Matthew and let him bear all the punishment?” Helen asked grimly.

Liam nodded with a grin while Demi burst into laughter. “What a great idea!”

Helen immediately shook her head. “That won’t do!”

Hearing this, Demi couldn’t help but feel startled. “Why not?”

Helen glared at her and said, “Demi, that is a very wicked thing to do! We’ve lost 300 million. Do you know how many years he will be sentenced? Matthew didn’t do anything. How could we let him take the blame? My conscience won’t allow me to do so!”

James slowly nodded too. His conscience was telling him that it wasn’t the right thing to do.

A gloomy expression appeared on Liam’s face as he had been planning to use the opportunity to send Matthew to jail. That way, he would be able to control the household.

After giving it some thought, Liam lowered his voice and said, “Helen, I understand what you mean but we have no other choice. We’ve lost 300 million so this matter will definitely be hard to solve. When people start asking questions, who will be the one taking the blame? Either we or Sasha goes to jail. What decision will you make? I don’t want to do such a wicked thing either but we really don’t have any other choice. Are you two really going to let yourselves or Sasha go to jail?”

James and Helen glanced at each other before James gritted his teeth and said, “Liam, this happened because of you, so shouldn’t you be the one bearing the responsibility?”

Liam immediately replied, “James, I would take responsibility if I could but I’m not qualified to do so! I’m different from Matthew. He is a live-in son-in-law and part of the Cunningham family. I only married Demi and I’m not a live-in son-in-law. If I told the world that it was I who secretly transferred the company funds, do you think they would believe me?”

All of a sudden, James and Helen were speechless. As Liam had said, he was different from Matthew and couldn’t bear the responsibility.

Looking at their expressions, Liam grabbed the opportunity and hurriedly said, “James and Helen, I know that you two are kind people but we have no other choice. The two of you are of old age. If you go to jail, you won’t be able to handle it. I don’t think you can watch Demi and Sasha go to jail either. If Matthew doesn’t go to jail, who will?”

James and Helen fell into complete silence. After a long while, James muttered, “What… What do you think we should do?”

Liam was overjoyed to hear this and he hurriedly told them his plan.

As soon as Liam walked out of Wayne Group, he was suddenly surrounded by a few cars.

The man leading the group glanced at Matthew and asked, “Are you Matthew? My boss wants to have a chat with you!”

Matthew frowned and asked, “Who’s your boss?”

The man sneered, “You’ll find out once you get there!”

However, Matthew was unbothered and turned to leave.

The man was instantly furious and he yelled, “Didn’t you hear what I said? I asked you to come with me…”

As he spoke, he reached out to grab Matthew’s shoulder. However, Matthew grabbed his arm without turning back and simply twisted his hand, dislocating the man’s wrist.

The man instantly screamed in pain before he roared, “How dare you f*cking hurt me? Men, beat him to death!”

With that, a group of men aggressively rushed over and surrounded Matthew.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 93
Facing this group of men, Matthew didn’t have the slightest fear. Instead, he fought back quickly and soon defeated the whole group. The man who led the group was trampled on by Matthew.

Stepping on his neck, Matthew coldly said, “Go back and tell your boss to not provoke me ever again! Otherwise, you might not be able to return on two feet the next time!”

The man was so frightened, he was shivering in fear.

He thought that it would be a piece of cake for it was a dozen of them against Matthew alone. He didn’t expect Matthew to be so skilled at fighting!

Seeing that Matthew was about to leave, the man hurriedly said, “Wait, if you leave, my boss will capture Sasha…”

Matthew instantly turned around and coldly said, “Take me to see your boss1”

With that, he followed the group of men and got into their car. Soon, the car drove to an abandoned factory in the suburbs. After they entered the factory, they saw a few men standing at the side.

The man standing in front of the group was Niko Rees. He glanced at Matthew and disdainfully said, “Are you the live-in son-in-law of the Cunningham family?”

Matthew frowned and asked, “Who are you? Do we know each other?”

Niko smiled triumphantly and said, “No, we don’t, and I’m not interested in being friends with a loser like you either! Come, I have something for you to sign. You can leave once you finish signing the documents.”

“What documents?”

Niko didn’t reply to him. Instead, he grinned and waved his hand. Soon, a man standing at the side came over with a pile of paperwork and handed them to Matthew.

After taking a glance, Matthew frowned.

These are transfer forms of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. All of these are supposed to be signed by the president but why are they giving it to me?

After a closer look, he noticed that it was a request to transfer 300 million.

Matthew gave it some thought and soon understood what was going on.

Someone is trying to use me to forge a transfer form. If I sign, once the police start investigating, this will be used as evidence that I forged a transfer form. By then, I won’t be able to escape. Without any doubt, this 300 million must be the money the company lost from the fake investment. In short, someone is trying to let me take the blame and bear the consequences of the lost money. It’s not hard to figure out who planned this!

Matthew glanced at Niko and coldly asked, “Are you a friend of Liam’s?”

Niko was momentarily startled but he soon put on a grin and said, “Wow, I couldn’t tell that you were smart. Since you know what’s going on, sign the papers. After you finish signing them, you can leave!”

Matthew sneered, “Do you think that I’ll sign?”

Niko burst into laughter and said, “I think that you’ll definitely sign them! If you sign these papers, Liam will give you one million. 300,000 to save your sister and 700,000 so that your sister can live a peaceful life. If you don’t sign them…”

Niko paused and chuckled before he continued. “Matthew, take a look around. Do you know how many people who disobeyed me that I’ve killed in this place? Are you looking forward to dying here too?”

Matthew smirked in disdain. “Do you think that you’ll be able to kill me?”

Hearing this, Niko couldn’t help but feel infuriated and he roared, “F*ck! I asked you nicely but it seems that it’s not working! Men, beat him up until he’s willing to sign the papers!”

Six muscular men with baseball bats stepped forward and glared at Matthew. Just then, the man who fought with Matthew a moment ago hurriedly walked up to Niko and said, “Niko, don’t… Stop fighting. You can’t defeat this man…”

Niko immediately glared at him and yelled, “B*llshit! He came here alone and there are so many of us! Kill—”

Before he finished his sentence, Matthew already started attacking.

With a leap, he ran toward the man in front of him, quickly clasped his wrist and snatched his baseball bat. Then, he hit him with his elbow and the man directly fell to the ground. Seeing this, the other men behind them ran toward Matthew with their baseball bats raised. Without wasting any time, Matthew swung the baseball bat in his hand and fought back.

He gave each man one hit and they either had broken legs, broken hands, or blood flowing down their foreheads. In just a short time, all of them were knocked to the ground. Niko was completely dumbfounded. He never thought that the Cunningham family’s loser son-in-law would be so skilled at fighting. Before he came back to his senses, Matthew was already standing in front of him with his baseball bat raised.

As for the men who brought Matthew to the abandoned factory, they all shivered in fear as they stood at the side, not daring to make a sound. It was only then did Niko finally understand what his subordinate meant.

There is no defeating this man!

In a deep voice, Matthew asked, “Where is Liam?”

Niko swallowed and looked toward a corner not far away from them.

Matthew frowned and glanced in that direction. “Come out!”

After a moment of silence, Liam walked out of the corner and Demi was right behind him.

Matthew dragged the baseball bat as he walked toward Liam. Seeing this, Liam trembled in fear and staggered back a few steps. Then, Matthew directly ran up to him, raised his hand, and hit him.

Terrified, Liam screamed and put his hands over his head as he kneeled to the ground. In a trembling voice, he said, “Don’t hurt me. I-It was James and Helen’s idea…”

Hearing this, Matthew stopped and with a cold expression, he asked, “This is James and Helen’s idea?”

They want me to take the blame? Do they have a conscience?

Liam let out a sigh of relief and muttered, “Matthew, I know that it is the wrong thing to do but I have no choice. Now that the shareholders know about the matter, we need someone to take responsibility. I’m not part of the Cunningham family so I can’t take on the responsibility, which is why either James and Helen or Demi and Sasha will have to go to jail. Can you bear watching them be jailed? Considering you’re young, James and Helen…”

With a cold expression, Matthew took a deep breath and gritted his teeth as he spoke, “Go home and tell them that nobody is going to jail! I will solve this matter!”

With that, he left. Liam and Demi were still shivering in fear as they were really frightened by Matthew.

After a while, Sasha whispered, “Wh-What should we do now?”

Liam gritted his teeth and there was a sinister gleam in his eyes. “It doesn’t matter whether he signs the forms or not! When the police start asking questions, tell them that it was Matthew who did it. That way, he will never be able to escape!”

Demi nodded obediently. Then, she softly asked, “But he said that he’ll get the money back…”

Liam sneered, “Don’t tell me you believe him? Do you really think he can get the money back?”

Demi was speechless. After all, the money was already transferred to accounts around the world. How would Matthew be able to get them back?

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 94

After Young Master Wayne’s condition stabilized, he was transferred to the city hospital with the best medical facilities.

That afternoon, Mrs. Wayne brought a group of people to visit him and even invited Dr. York to look after Young Master Wayne.

A group of people guarded the entrance while Mrs. Wayne brought Rory to look over her son in the hospital ward.

At that moment, Rory looked delighted. “I asked the doctor and they told me that your son’s medical condition is stable so nothing will happen to him. Mr. Larson was just trying to scare us. We’re already in the hospital so what accident could happen? Besides, with so many people looking after your son, I don’t believe that he’ll be in danger!”

Mrs. Wayne nodded in satisfaction. “Good. I’ll leave everything here to you. I’m going next door to get some rest. Remember, you’re not allowed to make any mistakes! I can’t believe that Mr. Larson dared to curse my son and said that his life would be in danger within the next 24 hours. Once 24 hours have passed and nothing happens to my son, I’ll make sure he pays for this nonsense!”

Rory sneered, “You don’t have to care about liars like Matthew. Once my nephew recovers, I’ll ask my men to set him up and ruin him!”

Mrs. Wayne nodded and said, “You can punish him however you like but you have to be careful that my husband doesn’t find out! He is fooled by Mr. Larson and trusts him a lot. If he finds out that you hurt him, it will be troublesome!”

“Don’t worry. With me on the job, you can be rest assured. As long as he can’t contact Timothy, he’s doomed!”

Hearing this, Mrs. Wayne sneered, “I’ve already blocked Mr. Larson’s number on my husband’s phone. He won’t be able to contact him at all.”

With a grin, Rory replied, “You sure thought of everything. Hahaha! This time, I’ll make sure Mr. Larson disappears without a trace!”

Just when they were chatting, they suddenly heard a loud bang from outside and the hospital building shook. Before they came back to their senses, the chandelier in the ward fell right onto Young Master Wayne and even buried the hospital bed.

The both of them were completely stunned and didn’t know what was going on.

“Hurry… Hurry…”

Mrs. Wayne was so shocked that she couldn’t finish her sentence.

Rory reacted faster and he hurriedly ran to the doorway and roared, “Come in and save Young Master Wayne! Call the doctors!”

A group of people rushed in and when they saw what happened, they were stunned.

“Why are you still standing there? Hurry up and save my nephew!” Rory yelled anxiously.

With that, everybody came back to their senses and quickly ran over to move the items that were burying Young Master Wayne. Soon, they saw him in the rubble. There was blood all over his body and they couldn’t even tell whether he was still alive. Not long after, doctors arrived at the ward and they were stupefied when they saw the mess. However, they were quick to take action and brought Young Master Wayne to the emergency room. Mrs. Wayne was so terrified, her knees turned to jelly so she needed Rory’s help to chase after them.

“Wh-Why is this happening…” Mrs. Wayne’s voice was shaking.

Rory was in a daze too. Not long after, someone ran over to report the situation. It turned out that a car that was driving on the highway next to the hospital had lost control and crashed into the hospital building.

However, strangely, no one else was hurt and only the ceiling and chandelier of Young Master Wayne’s ward fell.

The ward that Young Master Wayne stayed in was a specialized high-end ward with beautiful, expensive chandeliers. Now that all of that fell on Young Master Wayne, it wasn’t difficult to imagine the injury that had been inflicted!

Stunned, Rory muttered, “Wh-Why would there be such a strange accident?”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Wayne’s expression changed. Matthew was right. My son had an accident just like he said he would. But how did he know that this would happen?

Soon, the doctors walked over.

“Mrs. Wayne, your son is horribly injured and I’m afraid there’s nothing else we can do!”

“What?” Mrs. Wayne was about to lose her mind. “Hurry… tell Dr. York to come over!”

Coincidentally, Dr. York was in the hospital. When he heard the news, he immediately ran into the emergency room. Mrs. Wayne slumped on the bench outside the room and tears were rolling down the cheeks. She only had one son, and if they couldn’t save him, she didn’t want to live any longer.

Dr. York worked hard to save Young Master Wayne and it wasn’t after an hour later did he walk out of the emergency room.

Anxious, Mrs. Wayne asked, “Dr. York, how is my son?”

Dr. York shook his head and sighed. “Young Master Wayne is so badly injured that I could only sustain his life. If you want to save him, I’m afraid you have to ask for Mr. Larson’s help!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 95

Mrs. Wayne lost her balance for a moment. If Dr. York can’t save my son, no one else in Eastcliff can save my son. Do I really have to beg Mr. Larson? After the way I treated him this afternoon, would he still be willing to save my son?

Mrs. Wayne utterly regretted her actions. She thought her son was on the road of recovery so she couldn’t wait to take revenge on Matthew. If she had known that this would happen, she wouldn’t have dared to offend Matthew no matter what.

All of a sudden, Dr. York said, “Mrs. Wayne, I advise that you look for Mr. Larson as soon as possible. If you keep wasting time, I’m afraid that your son will lose his life!”

Hearing this, Mrs. Wayne’s body shivered in fear. What am I supposed to say to Matthew?

Just then, Rory leaned close and said in a low voice, “There’s no need to worry. My friend introduced a skilled doctor to me and I’ve already contacted him. He’s on his way right now!”

Relieved, Mrs. Wayne hurriedly asked, “What skilled doctor? How are his medical skills?”

Rory answered smugly, “His medical skills are much better than Dr. York’s! His name is Dr. Ellis and he’s one of the top doctors in Eastshire. Even Dr. York has to be respectful toward him! Compared to him, a young man like Mr. Larson is nothing!”

A flicker of hope appeared in Mrs. Wayne’s eyes because she had heard of Dr. Ellis before.

“In that case, hurry up and tell him to come over!”

Half an hour later, Timothy arrived at the hospital. After hearing what happened, he was stunned.

“How could this happen? That highway is more than a hundred meters away from this building and there is even a wall between them. How could the driver lose control and crash into the building? Furthermore, nothing else happened to this building except the collapsed ceiling in my son’s ward. I don’t understand.”

Nobody could reply to him because this accident was extremely strange.

Dr. York spoke up and said, “Mr. Wayne, now is not the time to ponder about this. I think you should hurry up and call Mr. Larson to come save your son!”

Hearing this, Timothy instantly came back to his senses. “You’re right. The most important thing is to save my son. I’ll call him this instant!”

However, Mrs. Wayne hurriedly held his arm and said, “Darling, there is no need to ask for his help. I’ve already contacted a skilled doctor and he’s on his way now.”

Mr. Wayned frowned and asked, “Which doctor has better medical skills than Mr. Larson? Were you fooled by someone?”

Just when Mrs. Wayne was about to speak, they suddenly heard a cold voice from the other end of the hallway.

“Mr. Wayne, are you calling me a fraud?”

Mr. Wayne turned around and saw Dr. Ellis striding toward him.

“Dr. Ellis!”

Mr. Wayne immediately jumped in surprise and hurriedly waved his hands. “Dr. Ellis, I didn’t know that you were coming. I apologize for my disrespectful words just now!”

With an arrogant look on his face, Dr. Ellis muttered, “Mr. Wayne, if you don’t believe in my skills, just tell me and I’ll leave now.”

Mr. Wayne said apologetically at once, “It is our honor that you agreed to come here. Of course we trust you!”

Mrs. Wayne also said apologetically, “Dr. Ellis, you have the best medical skills in Eastshire. If we don’t believe in you, then nobody else in this country can save my son! Dr. Ellis, please forgive my husband. He was tricked by that liar, Mr. Larson, so he is more vigilant than usual.”

However, Mr. Wayne was irritated by her words and hurriedly said, “Who said that Mr. Larson is a liar?”

“Isn’t he?” Mrs. Wayne sneered. “Well then, compared to Dr. Ellis, who do you think has better medical skills?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 96

“I…” Mr. Wayne was suddenly at a loss for words. In fact, he actually felt that Matthew had better skills but he couldn’t say that in front of Dr. Ellis.

With a triumphant look on her face, Mrs. Wayne said, “Darling, I personally asked Dr. Ellis to come over. You don’t have to worry because Dr. Ellis is definitely more skillful than Mr. Larson! Our son will be fine!”

With that, Dr. Ellis entered the emergency room and everybody else waited outside anxiously. After trying to rescue Young Master Wayne for two hours, Dr. Ellis came out looking exhausted.

“Dr. Ellis, how is my son?” Mrs. Wayne asked worriedly.

Dr. Ellis let out a sigh and said, “Your son is so heavily injured that even the Gods won’t be able to save him!”

“What?!” Mrs. Wayne directly fell to the ground. He was her only hope. If even Dr. Ellis couldn’t save her son, she didn’t know what else she could do.

As for Timothy, he was completely pale. Just then, Dr. York walked over and softly said, “Mr. Wayne, why don’t you give Mr. Larson a call? He might have a way to save your son!”

A flicker of hope appeared in Timothy’s eyes. He’s right. There’s a chance that Matthew may know how to save my son!

“Why should he call Mr. Larson?!” Mrs. Wayne roared in anger. “Even Dr. Ellis can’t save my son. How could he possibly have the skills to save him? Do you all think that he has better medical skills than Dr. Ellis?”

Dr. York didn’t know what to say. Dr. Ellis was famous and powerful in the medical world so he had to be careful with his words.

Unexpectedly, Dr. Ellis suddenly leaned close and excitedly said, “Are you talking about Matthew Larson, that young man?”

Everyone was stunned. Then, Timothy curiously asked, “Dr. Ellis, do you know him?”

Dr. Ellis nodded vigorously and replied, “I’ve met Matthew Larson and he has impeccable skills! However, I’m not sure whether he’s the person that you are talking about!”

Timothy and Dr. York glanced at each other. Highly skilled? It must be the same person!

Timothy immediately described Matthew’s appearance and Dr. Ellis looked excited. “It is him! He’s the man that I’m talking about!”

Hearing this, Mrs. Wayne started to panic. In a trembling voice, she asked, “Dr. Ellis, you’ve… You’ve met the Larson guy before?”

“Stop being so rude!” Dr. Ellis angrily scolded. “How dare you treat Mr. Larson so disrespectfully!”

“I…” Mrs. Wayne was embarrassed and she hurriedly lowered her voice to ask, “Have you met Mr. Larson before?”

With a look of admiration, Dr. Ellis replied, “I was lucky to have met him once!”

“Compared to him, your medical skills…”

“There is a huge difference!” In a serious tone, Dr. Ellis said, “Compared to Mr. Larson, my medical skills are nothing. If there’s anyone who could save your son in this country, it’s him!”

“What?!” Mrs. Wayne was stunned.

Why does Dr. Ellis admire Matthew Larson so much? Is his medical skills really that advanced?!

Dr. York hurriedly said, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and contact Dr. Larson right now!”

Hearing this, Timothy immediately pulled out his phone. Just when he was about to dial Matthew’s number, Mrs. Wayne grabbed his arm.

“What are you doing?!” Timothy yelled anxiously. “Who else are you going to ask for help? Didn’t you hear what Dr. Ellis just said? Other than Mr. Larson, nobody else can save our son!”

Mrs. Wayne looked ashamed and sobbed as she said, “Darling, I-I made a mistake…”

Surprised, Timothy asked, “What did you do?”

With her head lowered, Mrs. Wayne told him everything that happened that afternoon.

After Timothy finished listening, he was shocked and furious. He instantly slapped Mrs. Wayne across the face and roared, “You imbecile! Look at what you’ve done! If Mr. Larson isn’t willing to save our son, you’ll pay for this with your life!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 97
Mr. Wayne tried his best to suppress his anger before he called Matthew. Then, he repeatedly apologized and begged Matthew to save his son. Matthew didn’t hate Timothy so he directly rushed to the hospital. As soon as Timothy saw Matthew, he rushed over and bowed at him.

“Mr. Larson, I sincerely apologize for everything that my wife has done to you. I didn’t know that you were looking for me and had no idea that she had the audacity to treat you rudely. It’s my fault. Mr. Larson, please forgive me!”

As Timothy spoke, he glared at his wife. Mrs. Wayne trembled in fear and ran up to Matthew before kneeling down. “Mr. Larson, I’m sorry. Please forgive me and save… Save my son…”

Meanwhile, a man dragged Rory, who was covered in blood and on his last breath, toward them. After Timothy finished calling Matthew, he had asked his subordinates to drag Rory out for a beating as a way of apologizing to Matthew.

Matthew glanced at them and calmly said, “Mr. Wayne, there is no need to be so troublesome. This time, I’m going to charge you medical fees!”

Hearing this, Timothy immediately let out a sigh of relief. He was not worried about money at all. All along, he was just afraid that Matthew wouldn’t be willing to save his son. “Mr. Larson, just name your price. I will not reject you!”

Matthew grinned and said, “Mr. Wayne, I’m afraid you’ll find it hard to accept the price that I’m about to propose.”

Timothy was bewildered. I have a fortune worth nearly 10 billion so what price would I find hard to accept?

“Mr. Larson, feel free to name your price!”

Matthew nodded and slowly muttered, “300 million!”

“Three what?” Mrs. Wayne immediately screamed in shock. “300 million?! Are you trying to rob us?!”

Even Timothy was dumbfounded. 300 million? Who would dare ask for such high medical fees? Is Matthew so greedy for money that he has gone mad?

Matthew replied, “300 million will not only save your son. I will save your whole family!”

Mrs. Wayne immediately stepped forward and screamed at him like a madwoman. “What do you mean by saving the whole family? Are you cursing all of us? Who do you think you are? How dare you ask for 300 million?! Do you know how much 300 million is? How can you be so shameless?!”

Timothy’s face darkened and he scolded her angrily. “Shut your mouth!”

“I…” Mrs. Wayne wanted to continue speaking but Timothy gave her another slap across the face. With that, she immediately kept quiet.

After taking a deep breath, Timothy gritted his teeth and muttered, “Mr. Larson, I can pay you 300 million. However, you must save my son!”

Matthew glanced at him and softly said, “I know that you are displeased but soon, you’ll find out that 300 million is worth it!”

After he finished speaking, he walked straight to the emergency room.

Dr. Ellis was standing at the doorway and he looked at Matthew admiringly. “Mr. Larson, it’s an honor to meet you!”

Matthew nodded in reply but Dr. Ellis looked really excited, as if he was overjoyed to be recognized.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Wayne leaned close to her husband and gritted her teeth as she said, “Darling, are you really planning to give him that amount of money? It’s 300 million we’re talking about. Has he gone mad? Which doctor would ask for such expensive medical fees?”

Dr. York sighed and shook his head too. “It is important for doctors to have both great medical skills and morals. If he is doing this for monetary benefit, no matter how highly skilled he is, it would be hard for me to respect him!”

Timothy clenched his teeth and said nothing. Deep down, he was displeased that Matthew had asked for such a huge sum.

In less than five minutes, Matthew came out of the emergency room.

“Find a surgeon to clean and sew his wounds, and he’ll be fine.”

Timothy was shocked and he exclaimed, “But you were only in there for a few minutes!”

Dr. Ellis and Dr. York hurriedly entered the emergency room. After a while, both of them came back out and Dr. Ellis couldn’t help but praise him. “Mr. Larson, you really are a legend!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 98
Dr. York nodded and said, “Young Master Wayne is fine now.”

Timothy immediately let out a sigh of relief but Mrs. Wayne was infuriated. “You’re asking 300 million for five minutes of your time?

Matthew Larson, can you even accept this amount of money on your conscience?! Darling, there’s no need to pay him so much. In my opinion, paying him 100,000 is more than enough!”

“Zip your mouth!” Timothy scolded angrily. “Since Mr. Larson already saved our son, we have to pay the price that we promised! I never once went back on my word in my life!”

Matthew smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I never go back on my word either. Timothy, saving your son was easy, but saving you will be difficult!”

“Me?” Timothy was surprised. “Mr. Larson, I’m not ill at all. What’s there to save?”

“You’re not ill?” Matthew scoffed. “Pull up your shirt.”

Doubtful, Timothy pulled up his shirt and revealed his stomach. All of a sudden, Matthew poked him at seven different acupuncture points. In an instant, Timothy’s face turned red and he was gasping for air.

“What are you doing?!” Mrs. Wayne screamed in panic.

Matthew coldly said, “Look at his stomach!”

Everybody turned to look and watched as Timothy’s stomach slowly shrunk inward. Gradually, the outline of a face appeared. It had a nose, eyes, and a mouth, and it looked extremely creepy.

“W-What is that?” Mrs. Wayne yelled in horror.

The others were also stunned. None of them had seen such a thing before. Dr. Ellis leaned close and exclaimed, “I-Is this the legendary facial sore?”

“Facial sore?” Dr. York’s expression changed. “Isn’t that just a legend? Does something like that really exist?”

Dr. Ellis nodded and said, “My master mentioned it to me before and facial sores indeed exist. However, this disease is extremely rare, and most people don’t get it. Countless doctors have never seen this kind of disease in their entire lives. Even my master’s master had only seen it once—that’s why I know about them! However, this facial sore is not fully formed yet. Once its eyes are opened, Timothy will die!”

“What?!” Mrs. Wayne screamed. “I-Is this really a disease?”

“Yes!” Dr. Ellis nodded.

Mrs. Wayne worriedly asked, “Then… c-can it be cured?”

Dr. Ellis replied, “Yes, by taking medicine.”

“What medicine?”

“I’m not sure,” Dr. Ellis replied. “The medicine is not for Mr. Wayne, but for that face. No one knows what the facial sore is afraid of so the only way to cure it is to feed it with all sorts of medicines. If it doesn’t eat a certain type of medicine, it means that the medicine is its nemesis. Once we find out what medicine it is, Mr. Wayne will be cured after the facial sore is force fed with it!”

Mrs. Wayne let out a sigh of relief. “Well, that’s easy. Hurry up and go buy all kinds of medicine and feed it! Matthew, who are you trying to scare?! It’s an illness that can be easily cured. How dare you ask for 300 million? Do you have a conscience?”

Matthew scoffed and said nothing.

“You can’t do that!” Dr. Ellis hurriedly waved his hands.

“Why not?” Mrs. Wayne asked in surprise.

Dr. Ellis sighed and replied, “The treatment I mentioned only refers to facial sores that grow on other parts of the body. However, if you have facial sores on your stomach, this method won’t work.”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 99

Shocked, Mrs. Wayne asked, “What’s the difference?”

Dr. Ellis replied, “Of course it’s different! As the saying goes, there is some poison in medicine. Eating so much medicine would definitely poison the body.

If facial sores grew on arms or legs, it wouldn’t matter much. However, Mr. Wayne’s facial sore is growing on his stomach, where all our internal organs are. I’m afraid before Mr. Wayne’s facial sore is cured, his internal organs will rot first.”

Hearing this, Mrs. Wayne was at a loss. “Then… How do we cure it?”

Dr. Ellis turned to Matthew and asked, “Mr. Larson, do you have any ideas?”

Matthew glanced at Mrs. Wayne and asked, “How much are you willing to pay to save your husband?”

“I’d pay anything!”

Mrs. Wayne blurted out without hesitation.

Timothy Wayne was the pillar of the family. As long as he stayed alive, he could earn multiple 300 million. If Timothy died, their family would be doomed, and the rest of the Wayne family would immediately seize his power.

If Mrs. Wayne and Young Master Wayne were left alone, how could they oppose the Wayne family?

“Are you willing to pay 300 million?” Matthew asked.

Without any hesitation, Mrs. Wayne replied, “Yes! Mr. Larson, please, I beg you! Please save my husband!”

Dr. York and others that were standing at the side also nodded silently because they knew that Timothy Wayne’s life was worth more than 300 million. Looking at Timothy’s sore, Matthew pulled out his silver needle bag.

“Mr. Larson, can facial sores be treated with acupuncture?” Dr. Ellis shouted in surprise.

Matthew shook his head and replied, “Facial sores don’t need to be treated.”

“Don’t need to be treated?” Everyone was shocked.

Why is there not a need to treat this deadly illness?

Matthew explained, “Facial sores are not necessarily bad. On the contrary, it might be a good thing!”

Stunned, Dr. York asked, “How is that possible? Didn’t you just say that this illness was deadly?”

With a smile, Matthew replied, “From a certain perspective, it can be said that he will be reborn, just like a new life arriving in this world after being conceived in the human body. Facial sores will absorb the nutrient essence of the body.

If it isn’t dealt with, the facial sore will absorb all of the body’s nutrients, and the body will slowly die. However, if you successfully lead the nutrients back to the body, the body will be nourished.

To put it simply, for Mr. Wayne’s facial sore situation, if I can direct the nutrients back to the body, Mr. Wayne’s physical condition will be ten years younger!”

“What?!” Everyone exclaimed in surprise and were dumbfounded.

Ten years younger? This is what many people dream of!

Even though Timothy was feeling extremely uncomfortable, he felt better when he heard this.

If I can be ten years younger, I’m willing to pay 30 billion, let alone 300 million!

Mrs. Wayne said excitedly, “Mr. Larson, hurry up and save my husband!”

With that, Matthew pulled out his silver needles. With a serious expression, he suddenly inserted three needles into Timothy’s chest. Then, he inserted seven needles into acupuncture points on his legs.

He kept his hands busy and in less than five minutes, 36 silver needles were inserted into Timothy’s body. The 36 acupuncture points corresponded to the 36 Tiangang, where the body’s Yang energy was the most abundant.

The facial sore’s expression instantly turned distorted, as if it was suffocating. Meanwhile, Timothy looked more relaxed. He seemed to be competing with this facial sore for living space.

The more the facial sore suffered, the more Timothy was relieved of pain. After about half an hour, the facial sore’s expression turned more and more grim and it looked horrifying.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 100

“Mr. Larson, is he cured?” Dr. Ellis carefully asked.

“No.” Matthew shook his head and replied, “This is just the start. I want to force this facial sore back into the internal organs.”

Dr. Ellis felt surprised. “Why does it need to be forced back there?”

Matthew glanced at Timothy and said, “He already has signs of liver cirrhosis, and he has severe kidney deficiency, persistent gastritis and had gastric perforation.

His heart is not in good condition and I estimate that he’ll need a stent in two years. If I can force the facial sore to release its essence in his organs, he will be cured of all his diseases!”

Dr. Ellis turned to look at Dr. York for confirmation. After all, Dr. York was Timothy’s personal doctor so Dr. York knew his medical conditions best.

Dr. York exclaimed in astonishment. “Mr. Larson, you’re absolutely right!”

Dr. Ellis couldn’t help but feel amazed. Even his master couldn’t tell a person’s medical condition just at a glance. After another ten minutes, the facial sore seemed to finally be unable to bear the pain and slowly shrunk backward.

“It really shrunk back!” Mrs. Wayne was overjoyed. “Mr. Larson, is he cured now?”

“Not yet!” Matthew replied as he shook his head.

“What?” Mrs. Wayne was stunned.

Not long after, they saw Timothy’s stomach move before the facial sore appeared again. However, this time, Timothy’s stomach was bloated, as if the facial sore wanted to push through his stomach. It struggled desperately and its mouth was wide open. Even though the facial sore couldn’t make any sound, everyone had a feeling that it was screaming and they were terrified.

As for Matthew, he calmly looked at the facial sore. The facial sore continued to struggle for three times before it completely went silent. Seeing this, Matthew started to take action and stuffed a mini Rejuvenating Pill into Timothy’s mouth.

Then, he grabbed Timothy’s neck with his right hand and lifted him up while his left hand grabbed something that looked like weeds from his pocket and stuffed them into Timothy’s mouth. After that, he covered Timothy’s nose and mouth and forced him to swallow it all.

Timothy felt so suffocated that his eyes rolled, and it was only then Matthew threw him to the ground. Timothy rolled and struggled desperately on the ground as he roared like a beast, as if he was in a lot of pain.

“Mr. Larson, is… my husband…” Mrs. Wayne panicked.

“Don’t worry, it’s almost done!”

After eight minutes of pain and torture, Timothy slowly recovered his breath.

Seeing this, Matthew nodded and said, “He’s cured!”

Timothy stood up slowly, feeling an indescribable comfort. The old illnesses that had bothered him for many years were all gone.

Ignoring everyone else, Timothy directly kneeled on the ground. In a trembling voice, he said, “Mr. Larson, thank you for helping me be reborn!”

Not only did Matthew save his life, but he also made him ten years younger. This was a huge favor! As for Dr. Ellis and Dr. York, they couldn’t help but feel amazed and they admired Matthew even more.

He really is a highly skilled doctor!

Matthew replied, “Mr. Wayne, there is no need to be so polite. I’m only doing what I’m paid to do.”

Mr. Wayne immediately said, “I’ll make sure that you receive 500 million in your bank account within the next 12 hours.”

Hearing this, Matthew shook his head and said, “There’s no need to give me so much money. 300 million is enough. Besides, my work is not done so I can’t take your money yet.”

“What?” Timothy was shocked. “Not done yet? But I feel fine. Is my illness not fully cured yet?”

Matthew shook his head and replied, “Your illness is cured but your family’s problems are not fully solved yet!”

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