The Return of God of War Chapter 1071-1080

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1071

As Levi gazed at Tyrone in an attempt to size him up, the older man was doing the same with him.
Levi saw immediately that his father was a once-in-a-generation type of warrior.
He was subdued and detached, and an untouchable vibe radiated from his very body.

However, his movements also spoke of someone who was ill-tempered and capricious.

To kill one is a sin, but to kill ten thousand is a heroic feat.

That sentence described Tyrone exactly.

His very face lent him a look of arrogance and self-assurance that made him stand out from the crowd. He had the vibe of someone who was used to standing in the limelight at the applause of everyone.

After all, he was the future patriarch of the most prestigious ancient family in Erudia.

He had been bred for this very purpose.

Tyrone was a good fighter—there was no doubt about that.

Before this, Levi had instructed Phoenix to conduct a thorough investigation into Tyrone’s background.

Levi did not do so early on because he was afraid that the people in Oakland City might catch on; that would have caused him a great deal of trouble.

However, his relationship with Tyrone had been one of the hottest topics in the city of late. Practically everyone already knew about it.

Given that development, if Levi wanted to look up Tyrone in his own capacity, no one would question it.

Tyrone was a cruel tyrant who had no qualms about doing whatever that was needed to get to the top.

He was willing to abandon everything that stood in his way.

Levi had taken a look at Tyrone’s bloody and criminal history.

Indeed, Tyrone was someone who set his sights on big goals.

In the process of investigating him, Levi had discovered Tyrone’s biggest secret—he had paralyzed his own brother in order to become his father’s successor.

In order to ensure the prosperity of their clan, the Garrisons of Oakland City had established an ironclad rule.

It was also the most important one in their book of rules: kill not your own brethren. Those who violated it would be the harshest of punishment.

This rule had been established so that the Garrison clan would unite with each other rather than being divided by petty fights and jealousy.

Hence, the Garrison clan was renowned for their unity, which had seen them through over a thousand years. There had never been an instance of family members killing each other…until now.

This was also why the Garrison clan was so powerful.

However, Tyrone had violated this sacred rule in order to pursue his own selfish interests.

He had very extreme beliefs. To him, love, family ties, and friendships weren’t important.

What was important, however, was the benefits he could reap.

One look at his father was enough for Levi to see him for who he was.

To Tyrone, however, Levi was just an arrogant and reckless troublemaker.

Tyrone had seen his share of this sort of youngsters.

A little taste of achievement was enough to send them into a downward spiral of haughtiness.

In the end, however, their wild ways would be tamed by the harsh reality.

There was nothing wrong with being arrogant, of course, but if one overdid it, the consequences would be extremely dire.

From his observation of Levi, Tyrone could tell that this b*stard son of his wouldn’t last very long in the real world.

Compared to Damien, he was nothing but a small fry.

Damien was every bit as arrogant as Levi was, but at least he had talent and ability.

With the two most powerful ancient families in Erudia backing his every move, Damien’s power was simply unimaginable!

Although the blood of the Garrisons flowed through Levi’s veins as well, he wasn’t suited to be Tyrone’s son at all.

Tyrone would never acknowledge him as one of his own.

If Levi really wanted to become a member of the Garrisons, he had to first prove himself.

Otherwise, in no way would they accept him.

“Did you bring my mother along?” Levi asked.

“Don’t worry, she’s fine. She’s very safe as well—I can give her a video call if you don’t believe me,” Tyrone replied.

Levi asked again, “Alright, then, what are you here for?”

Suddenly, Tyrone smiled and said, “I’m here for a very simple reason—I’m here to meet you. I wanted to see for myself how reckless and foolish the son of Emma Jones is. As expected, my men weren’t exaggerating at all when they described you. You seem to be even more arrogant than I thought.”

Levi grinned. “You aren’t just here to see how reckless and foolish I am, are you? Why don’t you tell me what you’re really here for? Stop beating around the bush.”

Levi refused to believe that heap of rubbish Tyrone was feeding him.

As if!

Tyrone has come here so secretly. Evidently, he doesn’t want anyone to know he is in North Hampton.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1072

Besides, he hasn’t yet made a move to kill Mother.
Therefore, there is only one possible reason for his appearance—he wants to find out for himself if I know his secret.
Levi made up his mind immediately.

His mother had saved herself with that secret.

Tyrone’s expression was rather unnatural. He looked pallid and nervous, and rather hesitant to open his mouth.

Finally, he decided to allude delicately to the matter.

Sighing deeply, he asked, “Has your mother ever told you anything about me?”

Levi continued grinning. “Yes, she has.”

“Well, has she ever told you anything that she should’ve kept a secret?”

Tyrone held his breath and gazed intensely at Levi.

Levi smiled. “Of course she has! She has told me all sorts of secrets about you.”

Seeing the damning smile on Levi’s face, Tyrone felt as though he had been struck by lightning. His heart sank a little.

Levi had given him a very vague answer, but he had a nagging suspicion that the young man already knew about his secret.

However, he could not be absolutely certain of that.

What if Emma had told him other secrets about me?

Gritting his teeth, Tyrone asked, “What exactly did she tell you?”

Levi smiled. “Don’t you know your own secrets?”


Tyrone was so nervous that sweat was beading on his brows.

He still couldn’t confirm if Levi knew that dark secret of his.

To kill or not to kill?

That is the question.

Levi suddenly spoke up, his voice sending shivers down Tyrone’s spine. “What? Are you thinking of whether you should kill me?”

Did Levi sense my intention?

“If you wish to kill me, do it! After all, you’ve never hesitated to do something when it comes to achieving your own goals.”

Hearing this, Tyrone became certain that Levi already knew the damning secret he had been hiding for decades.

Now, he was afraid that Levi was going to use this secret against him for the rest of his life. What if he tries to threaten his way into the Garrison family?

This b*stard has no right to enter the Garrison family!

The Garrison family valued their honor over anything else, after all.

“I’ll tell you this, Levi Garrison! Don’t you dare use this to threaten me and force your way into the Garrison family! Even if the clan decides to punish me and my reputation takes a serious hit, I will never let you become one of us.”

Tyrone made a very serious declaration.

He’d much rather have the clan find out about his secret than let this b*stard taint the halls of the Garrison residence with his filth.

There was no way Levi Garrison could become a member of the clan. Not for as long as Tyrone was alive.

Hearing this, Levi burst into laughter.

Coldly, he said, “Do you think I’ll use this secret against you just so I could enter the Garrison family? How ridiculous. Tyrone Garrison, listen to me—I couldn’t care less about a pathetic family like yours. Even if all of you come begging at my door for me to join the clan, I’ll turn you down!”

Tyrone was so angry that he roared, “You—you’re arrogant beyond belief! This is going to be the end of you one day!”

Levi laughed. “You came here to ask me if I know your secret, didn’t you? Well, I know it, of course. But why would I bother to threaten you with it? I couldn’t care less about a small fry like you.”

Tyrone’s breath hitched.

He really wanted to kill Levi on the spot.

However, he was afraid that Levi wasn’t the only person who knew the secret.

For now, he had to find a way to seal Levi and Emma’s mouths.

The expose would not matter anymore after he assumed the position of the patriarch.

“Alright, alright, I believe you! As long as you don’t leak my secret, I promise not to lay a hand on your mother,” Tyrone said.

He would tolerate it for a while longer.

In a few days, he would be the new head of the Garrison family.

After that, Levi would have no leverage over him anymore.

At that time, Tyrone would finally kill him.

Levi smiled coldly. “Let’s move on, then. I still have some things to discuss with you.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1073

“Firstly, release my mother instantly. Secondly, I will personally take revenge on the Garrison clan after my child is born. All of you will regret the sins you have committed against my Mom. Thirdly, I will kill Damien right in front of you!”
After Levi uttered these three threats, Tyrone stared at him in disbelief, feeling utterly stunned.
How outrageous!

He’s simply being too absurd!

How dare he make such arrogant claims?

Kill Damien in front of me?

What a joke!

It is downright laughable!

“I have nothing to say about your first point. However, for your second point, did you say that you want to take revenge on the Garrison clan and make all of us regret it?”

Tyrone was utterly amused.

The Garrison clan is the most powerful ancient family in Erudia, with more than a thousand years of history.

Who has the ability to take avenge on the Garrisons?

A mere youngster in his twenties?

How is it possible that he’s capable enough to do so?

“That’s right. I’ll fulfil my Mom’s wish—that is to declare to all the Garrisons that you aren’t worthy enough for my Mom! I want every one of you to drown in regret. I’ll let my Mom declare to all of you that her son is the conqueror of the world!” announced Levi coldly.

“Hahaha! Just by yourself? Fine, I’ll wait! And you want to kill Damien? It’s impossible,” said Tyrone as he laughed.

With me around, who would dare to touch Damien?

“Don’t worry, you can never protect anyone whom I’m determined to kill.”

A murderous glint flashed across Levi’s eyes.

From the moment Damien appeared at his wedding, his fate had been sealed—he would die!

Levi did not throw away the coffin Damien brought to the wedding because he intended it to be meant for him.

“Very well! You’ve got guts. When will it be, specifically? I don’t want to wait too long for you!” asked Tyrone with a cold smirk.

“Around a year after my child is born, I’ll definitely attack the Garrison clan!”

“Fine! I will make a bet with you. One year later, if you can take even one step into the Garrison clan’s residence, I’ll sincerely apologize for what I have done in the past. I will even kneel in front of you and your mother in repentance! There’s only one way to make me repent—by relying on your capabilities. Otherwise, even if you kill me, you will not even find a single shred of remorse within me.”

A one-year pact was hence established between Tyrone and Levi.

In his opinion, regardless of how powerful Levi became, he would never be capable enough to even enter the Garrison clan’s residence.

“Okay. We’re agreed on this.”

Levi nodded.

Smirking coldly, Tyrone said, “If you aren’t capable enough to enter the Garrison clan’s residence, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“Don’t worry. If I’m not capable enough to do that, I’d die willingly!”

“That’s settled, then. I’ll wait for you at the Garrison clan’s residence!”

After Tyrone made the bet, he left North Hampton.

Now, he was no longer worried that Levi would reveal the secret to others.

Through that short conversation, he had already figured out Levi’s temper.

Although he seemed like an impudent man, he was, in reality, an extremely prideful person.

He would never make a huge deal out of Tyrone’s secret.

For a prideful man like him, an act like that was tantamount to humiliation.

Furthermore, Tyron had suggested a one-year pact as part of his strategy to provoke him.

Hence, he was certain that Levi would not reveal his secret at all.

Chuckling coldly, he proudly declared, “This is the sheer difference between me, Damien and him! We never care about these insignificant things. As long as it’s beneficial to us, we will certainly achieve our goal regardless of the methods used. After all, a man of great ambition does not bother about trifles. Levi, you will never achieve anything great! A year later, I will witness the sight of you pathetically groveling in front of the Garrison clan’s residence.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1074

Tyrone was quite accurate in his judgment of people.
Indeed, Levi was an extremely prideful person who would not deign to blackmail Tyrone with his secret.
If he wanted to resolve the matter, he would depend on only his capabilities.

This was the reason why Tyrone made the bet with Levi.

In his opinion, Levi only agreed on the bet because he was too young and impulsive.

Yet, unknown to him, Levi was completely aware of his tricks.

As “a man of his words”, Tyrone released Emma and even spread the news of his bet with Levi around.

Now, everyone in Erudia knew that Levi made a pact with Tyrone.

The Garrison clan of Oakland City became even more famous now.

After all, they openly gave their illegitimate son a chance to challenge them.

This was an unprecedented move!

Logically speaking, any wealthy family would rush to hide such an illegitimate child.

They would often end up killed according to conventions.

However, the Garrison clan of Oakland City went against the norms.

Not only did they acknowledge the presence of an illegitimate child, but they also even gave him a chance to challenge them.

At the same time, they clearly showed how dignified they were as the most powerful ancient family in Erudia.

Tyrone, who established the pact, was praised by many.

Only someone with such dignity and ease like him was the most suitable candidate to lead the clan.

Even the high-ranking elders of the Garrison clan admired how Tyrone dealt with this matter, heaping him with praises.

No one expected that the appearance of Tyrone’s illegitimate child would actually benefit him.

It proved exceptionally helpful to him in rising to the position as the head of the clan.

Even Tyrone did not expect that he could benefit from it.

This proved that seemingly unlucky events might not be completely bad— it all depended on how one dealt with them.

News of Levi’s famous bet with Tyrone spread widely. Soon, all of the elites in the region knew about it.

Although everyone was now familiarized with Levi’s name, they all thought that he was incredibly foolish.

Undoubtedly, he was fighting a futile battle.

What assets did he have to fight the Garrison clan with?

Did he not have an inkling of his chances of success?

A mere youngster actually dared to challenge the most powerful ancient family in Erudia.

It was a widely-known fact that entry to the Garrison clan in Oakland City was strictly controlled.

Only someone who wielded considerable power in the four domains of military, business, politics, and martial arts, would be recognized by the Garrison clan.

For the military domain, one must at least be a mighty general in the frontiers.

For the business domain, one must be at least a significant figure in the corporate world.

For the political domain, one must be at least a high-ranking officer.

For the martial arts domain, one must at least be capable enough of attacking the Garrison clan.

As long as one of those four conditions was fulfilled, the person could set foot in the Garrison clan’s residence.

However, this was an incredibly challenging feat.

In everyone’s opinion, Levi only had accumulated some success in the business domain.

However, a measly Morris Group was nothing to the Garrison clan.

He might stand a chance if he expanded his business by ten or twenty folds.

But, how could he do that within a year?

Hence, no one believed that Levi would succeed in challenging the Garrison clan and rely on his own capabilities to enter the clan’s residence.

Yet, never in their wildest dreams would they expect Levi to actually be the weakest in the business domain.

Needless to say, his influence in the military and the political domain was unparalleled.

He was the Erudia’s God of War!

His martial arts strength was undeniably matchless as well.

After all, he had trained himself by fighting in two thousand battles over a span of six years.

In fact, he could conquer almost everything!

As for now, he did not need to act personally.

There were too many skilled experts working for him now.

After Emma returned, she looked at Levi with an indecipherable look. “Levi, you shouldn’t have done it! If you agreed to his bet, it means that you have fallen for his trick. He knows your personality, so he’s using it to constrain you.”

“Mom, it’s going to be fine. It’s true that this is a trap he set up for me. However, he doesn’t know that I’m actually capable enough. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely fulfill your wish!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1075

This was a dream that Emma knew was absolutely impossible.
Yet, she was content to just fantasize about it.
Hence, she named her son Levi, a name that signified harmony and unification. She hoped that he would preside over the world and let the Garrison clan realize their mistake.

“Okay, Levi. I’ll look forward to one year later.”

Emma smiled.

Regardless of what the outcome would be next year, she could still accompany Levi, Zoey, and the soon-to-be-born baby this year.

Life went back on track afterward.

The Lopez family and the Zhao family were extremely unhappy with Levi.

He could have chosen to kneel in forgiveness and remain content as a member of the Garrison clan.

However, he insisted on challenging them.

They were certain that he was crazy.

The Garrison clan of Oakland City also specified the conditions of the challenge for Levi.

In the military domain, he must surpass Hugh Garrison. He was the chief of the Gray Wolf Squad from the North. In fact, the God of War personally bestowed the title upon him.

In the political domain, he must surpass Finnick Garrison, a high-ranking politician of Oakland City.

In the business domain, his corporation must perform better than 5% of Damien’s business. After all, Damien owned countless assets, with the Pinnacle Group alone strong enough to completely trump the Morris Group.

In the martial arts domain, he must be able to defeat Titus Garrison, one of the Garrison clan’s youngest guards who had perfected his martial arts skills.

However, everyone clearly knew that these youngsters, who were used as benchmarks, were not the strongest of the Garrison clan—they were, at the most, considered average in the family.

It was evident how high the standards of entering the Garrison clan were.

If one did not want to rely on background, it was simply too challenging a feat to enter the Garrison clan through capabilities alone.

In fact, for the business domain, the standards were only 5% of Damien’s business.

It was obvious how strong Damien was.

They purposely set the benchmark as 5% of Damien’s business, intending it to be a constant reminder to Levi and Emma.

As quoted from Tyrone and Olivia, if Levi could not even achieve 5% of what Damien could, there was nothing for Emma to be proud of.

Everyone knew that should Levi fail in his challenge, his demise was certain.

“Do your best, Levi. I’m sure that you can achieve it within a year. Iris and I will assist you to develop Morris Group even further!”

When Zoey heard this bet, she gave Levi tremendous encouragement.

Right now, their only hope was Morris Group.

There was not much time left for them—they must accomplish everything within a year!

Otherwise, certain death awaited them.

On the other hand, Levi was overjoyed.

That period of one year was meant for the Garrison clan to have a breather before the battle ahead. It was not the case of the Garrison clan giving him one year to pathetically cling onto his meager chance of survival.

He was waiting for Zoey to give birth to their child.

Otherwise, he would have just attacked the Garrison clan directly.

Hence, Levi felt no sense of urgency.

For the following days, he stayed by Zoey’s side constantly.

Zoey and her child were the most important priority for him.

As for the Morris Group, he left everything in the hands of Iris.

Although Zoey was unhappy about it, she was helpless to do anything.

“If Zoey’s not pregnant with your child, we’d certainly have forced you to cut off all ties with her!”

Even though the Lopez family and the Black family were upset by this incident, they had no choice but to turn a blind eye.

Soon, it was time for the appointment of the next successor of the Garrison clan.

Tyrone was unanimously voted to become the head of the clan.

In order to maintain the clan’s constant development, the head of the Garrison clan could only keep his position for a term of twenty years.

Tyrone’s age was just right.

At this moment, Tyrone had finally achieved the highest position of the Garrison clan.

“Well, I have to you to thank, Levi!”

He was right.

Previously, there were many respected elders in the family who opposed Tyrone being the patriarch.

However, after his one-year pact with Levi, many people started looking at him in a different light.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1076

It could be said that Levi helped tremendously in letting Tyrone become the head of the clan.
This was the only help he offered as Tyrone’s biological son.
“Hahaha! So this illegitimate bastard can benefit me in this way too, huh?”

Tyron even specially called Levi.

“From this moment onward, I’m the mighty head of the Garrison clan. The secret you know no longer poses any threat to me! You’ve missed the perfect opportunity.”

Tyrone’s voice was filled with arrogance and pride.

“The head of the Garrison clan? Congratulations, then!”

Levi smiled.

“Yeah, that’s right! The most powerful family of Erudia is now completely in my control. I’ve already reached the apex! But don’t you even dare to imagine that I’ll validate your identity. It is impossible! I will never acknowledge you as my child. I only have one son— Damien! So, stop dreaming,” scoffed Tyrone.

A trace of mockery crept into Levi’s smile. “Tyrone, do you know what kind of person you are?”

“What?” asked Tyrone curiously.

“A self-righteous person! You always view things from such a myopic point of view, oblivious to the fact that there are always people stronger than you. Perhaps, you are nothing but a measly ant to others!”

Tyrone could not help but burst into laughter. “Hahaha! I’m a measly ant to others? Do you still not understand who I am now? I’m the patriarch of the most powerful ancient family in Erudia!”

“Okay. Well, there’s not much time left for the Garrison clan now. You should accumulate as much power and social connections as to fight me. Otherwise, when the deadline is up, the Garrison clan will not even stand a chance!”

Levi remembered that this was the second time he had said this to the Garrisons.

They all probably harbored the same attitude towards him— disdain.

“Hahaha! Are you talking about yourself? Everyone in Erudia knows about this bet. It’ll be your death-day by then. Shouldn’t you be thinking about how to extend your pathetic life?”

Indeed, Tyrone was filled with disdain.

No matter what, he believed that Levi would never succeed.

Hence, he posed no threat at all.


Levi burst out laughing loudly.

“You madman!” cursed Tyrone before hanging up the call.

To him, Levi was nothing more than an unreasonable madman.

That was why he dared to keep provoking Tyrone.

There was a saying that ignorant people were more confident than the wise.

Levi was one of such ignorant people.

“Don’t be angry, Dad. One day, this illegitimate bastard will understand what true power means. If he wants to succeed, he can only strive in the business domain. However, I’ll deliberately make things difficult for him. I guarantee that within a year, the Morris Group will worsen,” promised Damien with an assured smile.

He would never give Levi any chances.

Tyrone was satisfied with Damien’s words.

Only by resorting to unscrupulous means could one accomplish great success.

Damien was truly his son.

For the following days, the Morris Group kept facing setbacks in their business development. It was simply too difficult to expand their business.

They had no choice but to remain stuck within North Hampton and South Hampton.

Iris immediately called for a meeting with Zoey and Levi.

“It is most likely the Pinnacle Group who is suppressing us. They severed all possible pathways for us to access the external markets. If this continues, we will remain stagnant. It’ll be impossible for us to expand our business,” Iris explained her thoughts.

Everyone knew that it was the Garrison clan who was suppressing them, so Levi would fail in his challenge.

Zoey bit her lips and glanced at Levi. “Levi, I want to hear your opinion. What do you think we should do?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1077

Unable to think of any solutions, everyone turned their gaze toward Levi.
He smiled and said, “My suggestion is very simple. You should just rest well and not fuss over this. Just let them suppress us! We can just continue with our business as usual.”
As Zoey was still pregnant, Levi did not want any troubles to arise.

All he wanted was to take care of Zoey until their child was born.

Everything else was insignificant in comparison.

However, Zoey interpreted Levi’s attitude in a different manner.

This was the time when Levi should strive hard, stand up to the challenge and solve the problem.

Yet, he had such a pessimistic attitude.

When he was faced with a problem, he was actually backing away and neglecting it.

In fact, he still had a one-year pact with the Garrison clan!

Even if he might not succeed, he should at least have the right attitude.

He should strive till the last moment with his best effort. This was a way for him to prove himself and make the rest acknowledge him.

Even if they lost, they would just admit defeat.

However, this attitude was simply unacceptable!

One year later, how could Levi challenge the Garrison clan?

It would just be a complete joke!

“For this period of time, Zoey’s health is my priority. Everything else is insignificant to me!” said Levi honestly.

Zoey and Iris sighed simultaneously.

Indeed, Levi was backing away when confronted with the powerful Garrison clan.

“I know what you’re afraid of. Don’t worry! I’m not even concerned about the Garrison clan. They should be the ones worried.”

When Zoey heard Levi’s arrogant words, she became angry.

“Levi, I admit that you’re very impressive. There are not many youngsters as capable as you are! However, the Garrison clan is simply too powerful. I think that you should personally visit Oakland City and take a look. After witnessing how powerful the Garrison clan is, you’ll be back on the right track,” suggested Zoey exasperatedly.

“Don’t be angry, Zoey. I’ll do my best in expanding the Morris Group!”

To calm Zoey down, Levi could only put on an act of firm determination.

“That’s more like it! At least you’ve got the right attitude!”

Only then did Zoey stop being angry.

Yet, Levi’s plan was still to leave the Morris group to Iris and the rest to run.

The only reason why he founded this business was to promote the development of the North Hampton region and benefit the citizens.

He would never use it for private reasons, such as going against the Garrison clan.

Furthermore, it would not prove useful at all.

For now, he only had one objective— to take care of Zoey.

Everyone already knew about his famous bet with Tyrone.

Yet, they could all tell that Levi was completely unbothered by it.

It was as if he had resigned to his fate.

“I heard that the Pinnacle Group, which is currently controlled by Damien, is starting to suppress the Morris Group. Looks like Levi has given up!”

“What other solutions are there except to give up? He can only accept his inevitable fate!”

On the flight from Oakland City to North Hampton, everyone was discussing Levi.

Everyone thought that Levi had certainly given up.

After all, his opponent was so powerful that he stood no chance of winning.

A few youngsters in the same flight were currently sitting in the first-class cabin.

There were a total of two women and three men.

From their appearance and demeanor, it was evident that these five youngsters came from elite families with high social statuses.

When they heard the people beside them talking about Levi, they seemed to be extremely interested. In fact, they were all grinning.

They listened to the discussions about Levi for the entire trip.

Soon, the plane arrived at the North Hampton Airport.

The five youngsters alighted the plane.

“I hope that Levi won’t disappoint us. After all, we came all the way to North Hampton!” One of them said.

These youngsters from Oakland City came just for Levi.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1078

“I heard that his child is about to be born.”
“Yeah, how fortunate! If Levi returned to the Garrison clan, Tiffany might have to marry him!”
“Him? How can he be worthy of Tiffany?”

A few of them mocked him.

The five of the youngsters were Carl Mullins, Dominic Coleman, Eden Davie, Taylor Reilly, and Leia Buxton.

They all hailed from powerful families in Oakland City.

Families in Oakland City were split into five categories.

The first category was ancient families like the Garrison clan with more than a thousand years of history.

The second category was the imperial families.

The third category was the royal families.

The fourth category was the prominent families.

Lastly, the fifth category was the other ordinary families.

However, the prominent families of Oakland City were much more powerful than the royal families in South Hampton. After all, as they were in the capital city, they needed to be powerful enough to gain a foothold there.

These five youngsters came from royal families in Oakland City. Yet, their families surpassed even the imperial Garrison family in Haven.

Hence, now that they were at North Hampton, they acted in an extremely arrogant and domineering way, as if they were superior to the others.

After all, they came from a place that was higher in the hierarchy than North Hampton.

The Tiffany they were referring to was actually Tiffany Meyers.

She was the heiress of the imperial Meyers family of Oakland City.

Back then, Tyrone arranged for an engagement with the Meyers in order to appease Emma— one that took place between Levi and Tiffany.

Although Tyrone did not take it seriously and was only lying to Emma, everyone else took his words seriously.

After all, he was a member of the Garrison clan in Oakland City.

Since he was talking about something as important as marriage, the Meyers took it seriously.

They even specially drafted an engagement contract, which Tyrone and Emma had both signed.

Initially, Tyrone did not think much about it.

Back then, he already knew that the Garrison clan would never allow him to marry Emma.

In other words, her child was not destined to survive.

Hence, the arranged marriage did not matter much.

However, according to the rules, the engagement contract was still in effect even till now.

It could only be considered ineffective only if both parties refused and tore up the contract on the spot.

Due to this engagement contract, Tiffany did not dare to marry anyone even till now.

After all, it had been signed by the Garrison clan.

If Tiffany married someone else, it would mean that she was disrespecting the authority of the Garrison clan.

The Meyers family would be destroyed.

Hence, they had been troubled over this matter for a long time. After all, they did not know the Garrison clan’s stance on it, nor did they dare to ask.

However, Levi’s bet with Tyrone allowed the Meyers to finally know the Garrison clan’s attitude towards Levi.

Hence, they were prepared to call off the engagement and ask Levi to rip the contract on the spot.

As the Meyers family was an imperial family in Oakland City, it was too embarrassing for them to personally end the engagement themselves.

After all, Levi was just an illegitimate bastard.

Hence, they sent some members of the royal families to look for Levi, call off the engagement and tear up the engagement contract on their behalf.

“I really hate Levi Garrison! Because of him, Tiffany doesn’t even dare to date.”

“Yeah! By this time, she should’ve been married and have kids already.”

The five of them lamented furiously.

Leia smiled and said, “After Levi tears up the engagement contract, Tiffany will finally be free!”

“Yeah, Martin has been waiting for Tiffany for many years. Only someone like him is worthy enough for her!”

A look of anticipation crossed Taylor’s face.

Martin was ranked second in the Heir Leaderboard in Oakland City.

The Heir Leaderboard ranked the top heirs, excluding those from the most powerful ancient families, in Oakland city.

They were much more powerful than the Prince Gang in South Hampton.

It could be said that the most powerful youngsters of Oakland City were all listed on the Heir Leaderboard.

The five of them wanted to destroy the engagement contract as soon as possible so that Tiffany could marry Martin.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1079

Soon, Leia and the rest arrived at the Morris Group office building.
Gazing up at the building, Carl scoffed, “To be honest, even the Mullins family can completely destroy the Morris Group.”
“Yeah! Ruining the Morris Group is simply a piece of cake for us.”

“Yet, they still want to challenge the Garrison clan. Isn’t that completely absurd?”

“How can such an insolent and arrogant madman be worthy of Tiffany?”

Everyone mocked coldly.

After witnessing Morris Group’s scale of operations, they were even more certain that Levi’s challenge to the Garrison clan was nothing more than a joke.

Someone like he would never achieve much.

Levi was wondering what he should cook for Zoey tonight when Seth suddenly called him, saying that he had some guests.

Confused, Levi went to the waiting area in the lobby.

He did not recognize the five youngsters at all.

However, judging from their arrogant demeanor, it was obvious that they came from exceptional backgrounds.

“So, you are Levi Garrison?” asked Carl disdainfully.

“That’s me. Who are you?” asked Levi, feeling puzzled.

“We come from Oakland City. We’re here on someone’s behalf to call off your arranged engagement.”

Taylor cut straight to the point.

“An arranged engagement? What’s it got to do with me?”

Levi was completely befuddled by her words.

My child is about to be born, yet someone is telling me that I have an arranged engagement?

Isn’t this absurd?

“That’s right, your arranged engagement! Your biological parents settled an arranged engagement for you before you were even born. Your fiancée is Tiffany Meyers, the most beautiful woman of Oakland City!” explained Leia with a cold smirk.

They thought that Levi was putting on an act.

Emma must have told him already.

Yet, he’s pretending to be ignorant?

How annoying!

“Huh? An arranged engagement? Wait a moment.”

Levi quickly contacted his mother and told her to come over.

Soon, Emma arrived.

“Mom, have you ever arranged an engagement for me?” asked Levi.

Emma was shocked momentarily before nodding. “Yeah, that’s right. Back then, Tyrone formed an engagement between you and a girl from the Meyers family in Oakland City. Her name is Tiffany Meyers! I’ve already forgotten about this. What’s wrong?”

Levi glanced at the five people and said, “They’re here to call off the engagement on behalf of the Meyers.”

Emma slapped her forehead in realization. “Oh my, I’ve completely forgotten about this. Regardless of what happened, this engagement is still in effect. Aren’t we holding Tiffany back? As she’s bound by the engagement, she probably can’t even marry yet. I’m sorry, everyone. This is my fault!”

However, Leia and the rest scoffed at Emma’s apology. “You’ve finally realized that it’s your fault? Do you have any idea how many years Tiffany has wasted because of you? Till now, she doesn’t even dare to marry or even date someone!”

“You ruined half of her life! Someone like you will certainly face karma. You deserve a horrendous death!”

“Yeah, you sabotaged her. If it weren’t for you, there wouldn’t have been this engagement. You probably don’t want to call it off, right? Do you still want him to marry Tiffany? We know your objectives. You still want to be part of the Garrison clan, right?”

The five of them started to hurl accusations at Emma, which infuriated Levi.

“Damn it! Tyrone’s the one responsible for the engagement. Why didn’t you look for him instead?”

Levi’s words rendered everyone speechless.

Naturally, no one would dare to look for Tyrone.

“What’s it got to do with Mr. Garrison? It’s all your Mom’s fault! Call off the engagement immediately and tear up the engagement contract in front of us.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1080

Even though everyone was well aware that Tyrone agreed to establish this arranged marriage, and that Emma had nothing to do with it, they all pushed the blame on her.
Intimidated by power, none of them dared to drag Tyrone into this.
Everything was Emma’s fault.

As she spoke, Leia passed the engagement contract to Levi and ordered him to tear it apart.

The rest whipped out their phones to film it.

Sighing, Emma said, “Levi, just tear it. We are indebted to Tiffany, so we should give her back her freedom.”

“Yeah, this is the proper attitude of repentance! We won’t blame you for wasting so much of Tiffany’s time. Rip the contract now and don’t pester Tiffany anymore,” instructed Taylor arrogantly.

“Tear it up! Why aren’t you moving? Tear it now! We still have to return,” urged the rest when they saw Levi standing there motionlessly.

To their surprise, Levi crumpled the contract into a ball and shoved it into his pocket.

Everyone was stunned.

What is he planning to do?

“Levi, what are you doing?” yelled Leia angrily.

Even Emma was confused.

“Listen up! I’ll safeguard the engagement contract for now. I’m fine with calling off the engagement and tearing the contract up. However, you should tell Tiffany to come personally. Who are all of you? How dare you criticize my Mom like that? Rather, you should directly find Tyrone and call off the engagement!” said Levi sternly as he glared at the rest.

If they spoke in a more courteous manner, he would just tear the contract up.

Yet, since they dared to scold his Mom, he would not agree to their request.

It was not so simple to make him tear the contract!


Everyone glared at Levi Garrison resentfully.

“How dare you?” yelled Taylor.

“Get lost! If you want me to tear up the contract, tell Tiffany to come personally. Anyone else will not count,” ordered Levi furiously.

“You… You just don’t want to call off the engagement, right? That’s why you deliberately snatched the contract away. You want Tiffany to marry you, right?”

“You shameless bastard! You aren’t worthy enough for Tiffany. She’s the most beautiful woman of Oakland City and the heiress of the imperial Meyers family. What right do you have to do this?”

“Yeah, you even have a pregnant wife! Even Martin, who has a crush on Tiffany, can kill you so easily.”

Everyone bellowed in fury.

“Haha! The more you act like this, the more reluctant I will be to destroy the contract. The only condition is that Tiffany comes personally. Seth, send the guests away!” instructed Levi.

Seth instantly chased the five people out of the Morris Group.

Although they were furious, they were well aware they no longer had any authority outside their turf.

“I’m sure that Levi is trying to use Tiffany. Even if he doesn’t want to marry her, he will use the engagement to extort money from the Meyers!” analyzed Leia.

“What should we do now?” asked the others.

“Should we quickly inform Tiffany and the Meyers family? Let them decide!” suggested Taylor.

At that moment, Eden’s phone rang.

“It’s a call from Martin! He’s been paying attention to our progress in calling off the engagement.”

Eden picked up the call.

“Martin, something bad happened. Levi doesn’t want to call off the engagement and he even snatched the contract away. He demands Tiffany to personally come and call it off.”

Eden relayed everything to Martin, who instantly became mad with fury.

“This is outrageous! You guys, continue staying at North Hampton for the time being. Tiffany and I will personally come to settle this issue!” ordered Martin coldly.

Everyone was overjoyed to hear that.

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