The Return of God of War Chapter 1091-1100

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1091

Tyrone ordered, “Damien, post an announcement on my behalf: Now, Levi Garrison has nothing to do with the Garrison clan in Oakland City. He is responsible for his own matters. His safety has nothing to do with the Garrison clan.”
What Tyrone meant was clear. After this announcement was posted, the Garrison clan wouldn’t interfere even if Levi were beaten to his death.
Smirking, Tyrone said, “Levi, I don’t think you can last till one year later.”

“Indeed. He gets into trouble too often. Look, he had just offended Martin. He isn’t even in Oakland City yet, but he has already made so many enemies here.”

“He might not even make it to Oakland City, let alone challenge us.”

“The Garrison clan is full of talented people. Levi Garrison is nothing to us.”

None of the Garrisons were afraid of Levi.

After all, there were too many skilled experts in the Garrison clan and working for them.

Right then, the head butler of Garrison clan, Toud Garrison, appeared with a list in his hand.

Chuckling, he handed the list to Tyrone. “Sir, great news for the Garrison clan!”

“Fifty candidates have been chosen to join the Hidden Dragon Soldier King Training Camp at the South Warzone. Six men from the Garrison clan have been selected, while thirteen men from the families affiliated with our clan have been selected. The six men from our clan are in the top ten of the list! They are all future Soldier Kings!”

“I heard the Hidden Dragon Soldier King Training Camp will recommend a few candidates to the Iron Brigade. That’s a tremendous opportunity for our clan!”

Tyrone was delighted after receiving the list.

He was the head of the Garrison clan as of now.

The stronger the younger generation of the Garrison clan was, the brighter their future would be.

“Good. Good job! In the future, the Garrisons will be listed in Erudia’s Saber Leaderboard!” Tyrone guffawed out loud.

“If Levi is capable enough to climb up Saber Leaderboard, the Garrison clan will definitely acknowledge him,” someone scoffed.

Tyrone mocked. “Forget about Erudia’s Saber Leaderboard. If he is qualified enough to enter Hidden Dragon Soldier King Training Camp, he’s showing potential, too!”

After Tyrone’s announcement was posted by Damien, the entire Oakland City was in an uproar.

Previously, Martin and the others held back because they were afraid the Garrison clan would avenge Levi.

Now that the announcement had made things clear, they no longer had to worry.

Martin was excited after hearing the news.

Everyone in Oakland City knew how Levi slapped him previously.

He was so humiliated that the only way out was to kill Levi!

It was only a matter of time before they depart for North Hampton.

Without the disturbance, Levi’s life was peaceful once again.

He accompanied Zoey and took care of his pregnant wife carefully.

Iris was in charge of handling his company.

This decision of his made everyone anxious.

As Morris Group was muzzled, there was no room for development.

Shouldn’t Levi be worried?

Did he forget about the bet?

What will he use to challenge the Garrison clan one year later?

Is he going to grovel at their feet to beg for forgiveness?

By now, Zoey’s belly was showing.

She didn’t want to get mad and affect her baby, so she turned a blind eye to this incident.

One day, Levi received a call from the South Warzone’s Commander-In-Chief, Darton Rogier.

“Sir, we’re going to hold the Hidden Dragon Soldier King Training Camp in South Warzone. From there, we will recommend a few talents to the Iron Brigade. If you’re free, will you come and pick the talents yourself?” asked Darton.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1092

“Okay. I’ll be there.” Levi agreed.
“It’ll be great if you can come and teach them,” implored Darton.
“Sure, Rogier. I’ll be there.”

Darton was excited by his promise.

“This will be the most impressive session of Hidden Dragon Soldier King Training Camp ever! I shall keep it a secret and give the youngsters a surprise!”

Right then, a car had just departed the Garrison clan.

Six young Garrisons were in the car, heading to Hidden Dragon Soldier King Training Camp. Tyrone had just sent them off.

Tyrone and the Garrison clan had high hopes for the six young men.

The young men were arrogant and rebellious.

After all, they were born in the top ancient family in Erudia.

Burt Garrison, the young men’s leader, declared sternly, “This time, we’re representing the Garrison clan. We need to be the top six in the camp!”

“We need to be the six selected ones to join the Iron Brigade. Understand?”

“Yes!” the others replied in the affirmative.

They had always felt a sense of superiority, so there was no way they’d lose to the other weaklings at the camp.

“My dream is to enter the Iron Brigade and be the God of War’s subordinate. If I succeed, that will be a great honor for me and my family!” another young Garrison by the name Klint, exclaimed.

Burt nodded. “Yes, that’s right. I’ll be extremely honored to be the God of War’s subordinate. He’s the idol of every young man in Erudia. Damien is nothing compared to him!”

“Yes. The God of War has always been Damien’s idol. He’s been working hard to reach that height.”

The young men were excited about the upcoming adventure.

Right then, Pewter Garrison changed the topic. “The South that we’re going to include North Hampton. I wonder what Levi Garrison looks like.”

“Ha! I’m curious, too. Let’s take some time off to teach Levi a lesson!” A look of anticipation crossed Klint’s face.

“Sure. Let’s beat him up one day. He’s too arrogant. He even looked down on Damien!”

The other three agreed unanimously.

In a forest deep in the mountains in the South Warzone, fifty trainees were gathered.

The young men present were from various warzones all over Erudia.

They were valuable talents to their teams because of their expertise.

Each of them was arrogant and wild.

There was a possibility that they would even look down on the instructors in the training camp.

Their instructor would need to show his capabilities and convince the young men.

Darton himself showed up to make an announcement. “You’re all Hidden Dragons, the future of Erudia. Your instructor will be arriving soon!” he declared with a chuckle.

Burt asked, “Sir, is our instructor going to be one of the God of Slaughters in the South?”

There were four famous God of Slaughters in the South Warzone.

Before arriving, Burt and the others couldn’t help but wonder who their instructor would be.

They thought it would be one of the Four God of Slaughters.

“No,” said Darton, shaking his head.

“Could it be one of the Eight Combat Heroes?” Burt thought of another possibility.

“No. You’ll know when your instructor arrives.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1093

Everyone’s curiosity was piqued.
However, they didn’t want a nobody to be their instructor.
They wanted someone whom they could trust.

Burt gathered everyone and ridiculed, “Everyone, since the strongest men in the South wouldn’t be our instructor, I don’t think we need to stay.”

Wolfe Leek from Northwest City joined in. “Yes, that’s right. I came here to meet the Four God of Slaughters. If they aren’t here, what would be the point of holding the training camp? Perhaps the instructor won’t be as powerful as me!”

“You’re right. Everyone here is capable. Not anyone can be our instructor!”

“Why don’t we prepare a welcome gift for him tomorrow? If he can’t reach our standards, he can leave right away!” suggested Burt.

Wolfe agreed immediately. “Sure. This is a great idea. Let’s show him how powerful we are!”

“Let’s protest so the South will get us the best instructor available!”

The fifty young men reached a consensus soon enough.

The next day, Darton came to pick Levi up.

“Zoey, can I take him away for a day?” asked Darton with a smile.

Zoey nodded. “Of course you can. Come with me. I need to talk to you.”

Darton trailed behind her curiously.

“Darton, you’re Levi’s best friend, right?” she inquired.

“Zoey, boss and I went through a lot together!” exclaimed Darton.

He wasn’t the only one. The Commander-in-Chiefs of the Nine Warzones and the Four Guardians owed Levi one.

After all, Levi had saved them on the battlefield.

“Do you want to see him in trouble?”

Darton immediately replied, “Of course not. Boss can’t be in trouble!”

“You know about the one-year bet he placed with the Garrison clan, right? The Garrison clan stated four conditions. For now, Levi’s hope is all on his business. But he isn’t working hard at all. I want you to convince Levi to take this seriously. At least he needs to work hard,” implored Zoey.

“Oh? But this is nothing for him!” Darton was shocked as he thought it was something important.

The bet with the Garrison clan?

I can defeat them easily, let alone Levi.

“Huh? Nothing?” Zoey was taken aback.

Why are Levi and his friends reacting the same way?

They don’t even care about the bet!

“Darton, don’t you know the Garrison clan? You know Levi’s situation, right?”

Zoey thought Darton was an ordinary citizen who knew nothing about how powerful the Garrison clan was.

“Don’t worry, Zoey. I’ll advise him to deal with this matter asap.” Finally, Darton realized what she was talking about.

“Okay, you do that. He won’t listen to me. Perhaps he’ll listen to his comrade,” said Zoey.

She hoped Levi’s comrades would be able to convince him.

After all, they looked like ordinary citizens to her.

Darton returned to his vehicle and told Levi all about her concern.

“Boss, when will you inform Zoey of your identity?” he asked.

“When I enter the Garrison clan, I’ll tell her. She’s pregnant now. I can’t afford to make her emotional,” replied Levi.

“Got it. Boss, a few Garrisons are at the training camp.”

Darton recalled Burt and the other young Garrisons.

“Oh? Interesting.” The smirk on Levi’s lips deepened.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1094

“You don’t have to come with me. Let me see how capable the youngsters are,” Levi declared.
“Got it. I’ll ask someone to send you to the training camp.”
Shortly after, Levi arrived at the training camp.

He sat on the back seat, while Gruffin and Windy took the front seats.

They were both in charge of the training camp’s security.

Through the rearview mirror, they could see Levi was sleeping.

“Seriously? Did Chief Rogier appoint him to be the instructor? Look at how young he is!” Windy was astounded.

Gruffin seemed surprised, too. “Yes. I’ve never heard of him. Where is he from? What is Chief Rogier trying to do?”

Windy scorned, “The trainees of the training camp this time are all wayward and capable. As their instructor, he needs to be more powerful than them. But this man is going to humiliate us all!”

Gruffin chuckled. “I heard the youngsters are going to show him who’s boss. Can he take it?”

“I think we’ll be sending him to the hospital later. Chief Rogier made the wrong decision this time!” declared Windy, who was prepared to give Levi a ride back later.

In the training camp, the fifty young men were ready.

However, they were idling lazily around. Some of them were even sitting on the ground, biting on grass casually.

They were all being rude and arrogant as they were all tough nuts in their respective teams.

Unless they met someone more powerful than them, they’d never admit defeat.

“Remember, we’ll give him a hard time,” reminded Burt.

“Don’t worry. If he wants to teach me, he’ll have to talk to my fists first!” mocked Wolfe, who was lying on the ground lazily.

“They are here!”

Clouds of dust wafted in the air, signaling the arrival of the instructor.

Everyone looked in that direction.

When the car came to a stop, Levi was still asleep.

Windy hollered unhappily, “We’re here!”

“I know,” said Levi as his eyes snapped open.

Actually, he was just resting earlier.

Hence, he had overheard Gruffin and Windy’s conversation.

After alighting the car, he followed Windy and Gruffin to the team’s location.

When he saw how lazy the trainees were, a furious glint flashed across his gaze.

How unruly!

As Erudian soldiers, they have to obey the military rules.

They are acting all improper!

We’re in the training camp instead of a kitchen where you can do anything you like!

In the meantime, Gruffin and Windy were delighted.

The capricious young men are going to give this instructor a hard time.

He’s in deep trouble.

When the youngsters saw that their instructor was a young and unfamiliar Levi, they were upset.

Never mind if their instructor wasn’t a famous Mighty General.

There was no way they would accept a young and ordinary man to be their instructor.

What is this?

Is this a joke?

This instructor is worse than we had imagined.

He’s so young.

Is he even capable?

This is an insult!

Gruffin coughed twice. “Everyone, this is your head instructor at Hidden Dragon Soldier King Training Camp. Please give him a warm welcome!”

Alas, after Gruffin’s announcement, everyone ignored him.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1095

They all glared at Levi arrogantly and didn’t move an inch.
Windy reminded them. “Have some respect. He’s your instructor!”
No one responded.

Windy shot Levi a smug smile.

It was as if she was saying, Look! Not everyone can be an instructor.

Levi stood there, saying nothing. Both Windy and Gruffin felt ashamed on his behalf.

At the sight of the lazy young men, Levi was enraged.


They didn’t even have basic respect for their instructor!

They had to respect his position as their instructor no matter what his ability was.

Besides, Darton wouldn’t just assign a nobody to be their instructor.

Suddenly, Levi bellowed, “Stand in your positions!”

His yell shocked everyone.

Wolfe, Burt and the others rose to their feet instinctively.

“The future Hidden Dragon Soldier Kings? You’re even dreaming of entering the Iron Brigade? Look at you. Who do you think you are? Where is your respect?” Levi scoffed.

His roar had managed to intimidate some of them.

Wolfe wasn’t one of them. He retorted at once. “Look at you. Are you capable enough to be our instructor?”

Burt chimed in. “We’re here to improve our capabilities. We won’t accept some nobody as our instructor!”

Pewter sneered, “That’s right. Respect you? You need to be capable enough to earn our respect.”

Levi flashed a smirk. “You think I’m not capable enough to be your instructor?”

“Of course! You’re only in your thirties, right? How dare you take up the job to be our instructor? Are you even capable?”

“Didn’t you ask around before coming? We’re the top experts in our respective teams all over Erudia. We have no other opponents. Hence, we came here to make a breakthrough.”

The young men expressed their thoughts haughtily.

They were capable enough to be this arrogant.

In the future, they would be leaders of this country, so there was no way they’d allow Levi to instruct them.

Windy and Gruffin were elated at the sight.

Frankly, they despised how cool Levi was.

In this training camp, Levi had to show them how capable he was for them to listen to him obediently.

“Ha! I’m standing right here. You still think I’m not capable enough to be your instructor?” Levi was amused.

“Of course! Our instructor should be one of the Four God of Slaughters, or at least one of the Eight Combat Heroes,” proclaimed Wolfe arrogantly.

Burt looked at him. “Let’s give him something specific. Our instructor shall be someone on Saber Leaderboard!”

The men they talked of earlier were on this Saber Leaderboard.

“Yes, that’s right. You need to be a top fighter in Saber Leaderboard!”

Wolfe looked straight at Levi and inquired, “What is your current ranking on Saber Leaderboard?”

Both Windy and Gruffin burst into laughter.

They knew everyone on Saber Leaderboard.

Obviously, Levi Garrison wasn’t listed on the leaderboard.

Levi shook his head. “I’m not on Saber Leaderboard.”

He and his comrades from Iron Brigade weren’t on Saber Leaderboard to protect their identities.

At his words, everyone burst out laughing.

However, Levi added, “I might not be on the leaderboard, but I’m stronger than all the fighters listed on it!”

The entire place fell silent after Levi spoke.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1096

How arrogant!
I can’t believe he’s this arrogant!
That’s the famous Erudia’s Saber Leaderboard!

All the strongest fighters of Erudia were listed on Saber Leaderboard.

The top one hundred fighters were famous for their fighting abilities.

The ancient families in Erudia were snobbishly proud to have just one of their members listed on Saber Leaderboard.

No one could believe how exaggerated Levi was.

How could he say he’s stronger than all the fighters listed on Saber Leaderboard?

What is Saber Leaderboard to him?

To Burt, Wolfe, and the others, Saber Leaderboard was a sacred existence.

Their only goal was either to join the Iron Brigade or make it to Saber Leaderboard.

To be honest, making it to Saber Leaderboard was harder than joining the Iron Brigade as there were only one hundred spots on the leaderboard.

Windy and Gruffin nearly collapsed in shock.

Only strong fighters like the Four God of Slaughters would make it to Saber Leaderboard.

The Four God of Slaughters were so strong that they emerged unscathed after battling against thirty thousand men. Their enemy ended up losing ten thousand men after the battle.

Hence, they deserved to be on Saber Leaderboard.

But even so, they were in the middle ranks instead of being at the top.

One could imagine how strong and impressive the top ten in the leaderboard would be.

At the mention of their names, other organizations and countries would be terrified.

After all, these fighters were strong enough to take on thousands alone.

Levi had just announced he was stronger than everyone on the leaderboard.

No one in the world dared to disregard Saber Leaderboard.

Even the top ancient family in Erudia, the Garrison clan, dared not say such a thing.

“That’s funny. How dare you say you’re stronger than the fighters listed on Saber Leaderboard?” mocked Wolfe.

“Right. I’ve never heard anyone being this arrogant,” Burt joined in.

Everyone started sneering at Levi.

“The South Commander-In-Chief, Darton Rogier, might be strong, but he is only ranked seventeenth in the leaderboard. How dare you disregard Saber Leaderboard, young man?” said an amused Gruffin.

“Are you doing this on purpose? You have a death wish!”

“If you continue insulting Saber Leaderboard, we’ll teach you a lesson!”

All it took was one word from Levi to infuriate everyone.

Some were about to take action, but Wolfe stopped their actions.

“Okay. Since you claim to be stronger than everyone on Saber Leaderboard, we need you to prove it. We won’t ask you to be the strongest. As long as you get ranked, we’ll listen to you!” Wolfe suggested with a chuckle.

He wanted to humiliate Levi by asking the latter to show his capabilities.

That was because he was certain Levi would be proven a liar soon.

“Yes, prove it to us! Otherwise, we won’t let you leave in one piece!”

“We won’t allow you to disregard Saber Leaderboard!”

Everyone else chimed in, glaring at Levi resentfully.

Windy and Gruffin were watching the entire debacle with smirks on their faces.

Your act will be exposed once you take action.

Ha! Serves you right for being so boastful!

“What now? You’re scared? You shouldn’t brag that much.”

“If you refuse to change, we’ll help you. You won’t dare to brag after we teach you a lesson.”

“I was contemplating on how to show you I’m stronger than all the fighters in Saber Leaderboard. After all, you’re all weaklings.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1097

Levi was gazing at them seriously.
The young men were strong, but they were no match for him.
Even after defeating them, he couldn’t prove he was stronger than the fighters on Saber Leaderboard.

Alas, Levi’s words only served to infuriate the wayward fellows.

We’re weaklings?

Is he joking?

“We’re weaklings? Fine! I’ll give you a chance to prove yourself. If you can defeat us, we’ll listen to you!” declared Burt.

Wolfe chimed in. “Me, too! I, Wolfe Leek, would only succumb to those who are stronger than me. Nothing else will make me succumb!”

The young men would only listen to those who were stronger than them.

“Look carefully.”

Suddenly, Levi raised his right leg and stomped on the ground forcefully.


A huge tremor sounded from the ground as if an earthquake had just happened.

Instantly, everyone stumbled in dizziness from the sudden tremor. If they weren’t stable enough, they would’ve toppled to the ground.

Their eyes were about to pop out when they saw cracks forming on the ground.

Cracks started appearing beneath their feet. If they moved an inch, they’d fall into the crevice.

They stared at Levi, absolutely stupefied.

What was that?

What class is he in?

His stomp created a giant earthquake!

Look, the cracks are forming up to hundreds of meters away. Is he still human?

No one knew whether he was stronger than the fighters on Saber Leaderboard, but they were about to go crazy.

If that kick of his had landed on anyone here, that person would be dead by now.

His stomp had created a giant earthquake. It was a spectacular sight!

Wolfe, Burt, Windy and the others were dumbfounded.

They belatedly realized Darton wouldn’t have sent a nobody to be the instructor.

“If any of you are unwilling to submit, you’re welcome to battle with me!” Levi announced.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

At his words, everyone hurriedly got into line.

Wolfe jumped to his feet and straightened his back.

Levi’s actions had impressed the crowd.

“Stand in line! Let me introduce myself. I’m your instructor!”

“First lesson, respect. No matter how strong and capable you are, you need to abide by the rules. You must respect your instructor as he will be teaching you!”

“Besides, the higher-ups aren’t fools. Would they assign a nobody to be your instructor?”

“Hence, be humble and have respect for others. That’s basic manners.”

Levi himself was a God of War.

However, he remained humble in front of Benny Quinton and the others and gave them the utmost respect.

“Understood!” roared Wolfe and the others.

“I’ll only proceed with the other lessons after you learn this!” said Levi.

“Sir, can you tell us who you are? We don’t know of your existence in Erudia!” yelled Burt.

They knew everyone on Saber Leaderboard and all the strongest fighters in Erudia.

As part of the Garrison clan, it was easy for them to gain this information.

“Yes, Sir. Please tell us who you are!” the others implored.

“Your instructor is none other than the God of War!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1098

Darton appeared and declared.
“G-God of War?” Burt repeated soullessly.
“What? The God of War?”

At the mention of the familiar but distant title, Wolfe thought he was dreaming.

Windy and Gruffin froze in their tracks, utterly stunned.

“That’s right. He is Erudia’s God of War!” said Darton sternly.

That got everyone silent once again.

Darton had confirmed it himself. Levi was indeed the God of War.

They felt goosebumps all over.

No wonder we’ve never heard of this young man.

Turns out he’s the God of War!

No wonder he disregarded Saber Leaderboard.

He is stronger than all the fighters listed on Saber Leaderboard, because the leaderboard was formed by his subordinates.

“Greetings, God of War!” everyone echoed in unison.

After the initial shock, came their surprise.

No one had expected that the God of War would be an instructor in the Hidden Dragon Soldier King Training Camp.

At this point, they regretted treating him badly earlier.

They lowered their heads and dared not look at Levi.

It was a memorable lesson.

They would remember to treat others with respect from now on.

“Look up. Stand in line!” commanded Levi.

“I’ll only continue with the rest of the lessons after you’ve learned how to be respectful,” he announced.

“I heard a few young men from the Garrison clan in Oakland City are here. Show yourselves.”

Burt and the others stood out arrogantly.

Looks like our family is so powerful that even God of War notices us.

“Mm, not bad. The Garrison clan of Oakland City has many talents!” Levi nodded in approval.

He might have a grudge against the Garrison clan, but he had to admit they were powerful enough to produce talented fighters for Erudia.

That was enough for him.

Hence, Levi wouldn’t spare his efforts to teach them.

To him, they weren’t part of the Garrison clan. They were the future fighters of Erudia.

He wouldn’t treat them differently because of his grudge with the Garrison clan.

“Next, I’ll teach you a training method. You’ll be practicing this for the next month. When the time’s up, I’ll come for an inspection.”

Levi proceeded to teach them a special training method.

Everyone was excited and astounded. They had no idea such a method existed.

No wonder God of War is so powerful. It’s because of this special training method!

“Sir, won’t you be here every day?” Wolfe asked.

He wanted to see the God of War every day.

“You need at least a year to master this training method. It’ll be enough to occupy your time for a month,” explained Levi.

“Understood. We’ll do our best. We won’t let you down!” everyone promised.

“Good. I’ll be here a month later to choose a few candidates for the Iron Brigade!” Levi nodded approvingly.

Burt finally plucked up the courage to ask. “Sir, is your surname Garrison?”

Every other Garrison immediately glanced at him nervously.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1099

Previously, the Garrison clan had suspected that the God of War was a Garrison.
Even if he weren’t part of the main Garrison clan in Oakland City, he would be from a branch of the Garrison clan.
Since the God of War’s identity was highly classified, it had to be a secret at all costs.

The Garrison clan couldn’t find out anything.

However, Tyrone was certain the God of War was a Garrison.

“Mm, you’re right.” Levi inclined his head.


Burt and the other Garrisons heaved a sigh of relief. They were proud of the fact that Levi was a Garrison.

After Levi departed, they threw themselves into training.

Darton was pleased with their efforts. He knew they’d improve tremendously after a month.

Meanwhile, in Oakland City.

Martin was planning to return to North Hampton immediately to take revenge on Levi, but everyone had found out about the broken engagement.

Hence, people flocked to the Meyers family in hopes of an arranged marriage.

Martin had to be on guard, so he couldn’t leave.

Soon, one month went by in the blink of an eye.

Morris Group was going nowhere, so both Iris and Zoey were anxious.

Alas, Levi was unfazed.

He was currently at the training camp to inspect the trainees’ progress.

For the past month, Burt and the others had trained vehemently. There was visible improvement.

“Mmm, not bad. Satisfactory, at least.” Levi nodded.

Well, they are still weak.

When Kirin trained the Beasts, the results were so much better.

In the end, Levi chose five men to enter the Iron Brigade.

Besides Wolfe, the other four were from the Garrison clan.

Levi couldn’t be bothered about their status as long as they were capable enough.

Thus, Hidden Dragon Soldier King Training Camp came to a fulfilling end.

Burt and the others were thrilled.

Besides getting into the top ten, four of them were selected to join Iron Brigade.

The first thing they did after getting out of camp was to inform their clan about their results.

“Wait up! I have an idea. We’re near North Hampton. Why don’t we meet Levi Garrison?” Pewter suggested.

“Sure, I can’t wait to see him!” Klint returned eagerly.

The rest agreed to the suggestion.

Their confidence had gone up significantly after getting stronger.

“Sure. We’ll meet Levi, then inform our clan about the results.” Burt assented.

Zoey’s belly was growing larger by the day.

She had to be extra careful even when she was walking around.

However, she was worried about Levi’s nonchalance.

We have less than one year left. How could he challenge the Garrison clan with what he had?

She was deep in thought when her phone started ringing.

Someone from the Garrison clan in Oakland City wanted to treat Levi to a meal.

Shocked, Zoey immediately went to Levi.

She was afraid it might be a trap.

After all, this was the Garrison clan.

“Why not? If they’re treating us, we’ll be there,” replied Levi.

“Well,” Zoey sighed. “An ignorant person like you knows no fear, huh?”

Why isn’t Levi afraid of the Garrison clan?

Doesn’t he know how powerful the Garrison clan is?

Even I know how dangerous they are. Why is Levi still clueless?

In the meantime, Burt and the others were waiting in the restaurant.

“Levi agreed to come just like that? How brave of him!” scoffed Klint.

“He’s afraid of nothing. He isn’t even afraid of the Garrison clan.”

Burt narrowed his eyes menacingly. “Let’s show him who’s in power later.”

“Can’t wait!”

Everyone was anticipating Levi’s arrival.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1100

Soon, voices were heard from the hallway.
A woman stepped into the room.
Burt and the rest were stunned by how pretty she was.

If she weren’t pregnant, her beauty would be comparable to Tiffany.

This was the first time they had seen someone as gorgeous as Tiffany.

“Are you Zoey Lopez?” Burt was the first to snap back to reality.

“Yes, I am,” replied Zoey with a nod.

“What a pity.” Burt and the rest shook their heads.

What did the bastard do to deserve such a gorgeous wife?

“By the way, where is Levi?” asked Klint.

“I’m here!” A voice bellowed outside the room.


The six Garrisons thought the voice sounded familiar.

“Eh? That voice certainly rings a bell.”

They exchanged glances.

We’ve never met Levi. Why does his voice sound familiar?

Then, Levi walked into the room.

The moment Levi appeared, Burt and the other Garrisons froze in confusion. Their expressions paled instantly.

None of them knew Levi Garrison was the God of War.

They had just met Levi this morning.

Now, they were meeting him again under different circumstances.

It was a mind-blowing sight.

Right then, realization dawned on them.

No wonder the God of War is a Garrison. He should’ve been a part of the Garrison clan in Oakland City.

Why is Levi bold enough to go against the Garrison clan in Oakland City and place a bet with Tyrone?

Why did Levi despise the Garrison clan and everything else? This is the reason.

Never in their wildest dream did they expect Levi, the bastard of their family, to be the legend of Erudia.

Zoey sensed the change in their reactions after Levi’s arrival.

They seem to be terrified of Levi.

What is going on?

A minute ago, they were arrogant and snobby.

Why did they become so petrified all of a sudden?

Is Levi that scary?

Or is there something I don’t know?

“Sir—No, Mr. Garrison,” Burt corrected himself immediately.

They could address him as “Sir” in the training camp, but Levi’s identity was a secret outside of camp.

Indeed, Burt and the other Garrisons were shaking in fear.

If they weren’t sitting down, they would’ve fallen to their knees in fright.

Did we just try to cower the God of War into submission again? For the second time?

Alas, their plan had failed from the very start.

Levi was surprised to see the young lads, too.

Oh? Did they try to cower me into submission again?

“Is this meant to be a trap?” inquired Levi.

“N-No. Of course it isn’t a trap. We want to treat Mr. Garrison and Ms. Lopez to a meal. That’s all!” Burt hurriedly explained after regaining his composure in time.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead.

The others immediately welcomed Levi and Zoey warmly. “Have a seat!”

Zoey was flummoxed at how respectful they were.

Huh? What is going on?

I thought the Garrison clan is at odds with Levi?

Why are they being so polite?

When she arrived earlier, she instantly realized that this was a trap.

But everything changed after Levi showed up.

She couldn’t believe her eyes.

After taking a seat, Zoey spoke. “Be honest with me. Why are you terrified after seeing him?”

Burt and the others whipped their heads to look at Levi.

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