The Return of God of War Chapter 1101

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1101

“Why are you guys just… Staring at me? Answer the question!”
Levi rolled his eyes at the crowd.
Everyone remained silent on the surface. Internally, they were exclaiming, however.

Well, it’s because you’re the God of War! How can we not be scared?

“It’s because he… “

Pewter almost exposed Levi’s identity, but Burt reacted in time to halt his statement.

“Ms. Lopez, Mr. Garrison looks too much like our Mr. Tyrone. When we first met, we all thought Sir came!”

“Ah, yes. They look too similar.”

No one could breathe easy in the room.

But Zoey alone accepted Burt’s explanation without further thought. It sounded convincing enough- everyone met Levi for the first time and got intimidated merely because he resembled Tyrone. That was all.

“That makes sense. So, what do you want? I’m all ears.”

Her tone was laced with apprehension- she did not have a good feeling about the party present before her. It felt as if they were up to no good.

Levi simply chuckled and said, “Honey, all they want is a meal with us. There’s no need for so many questions.”

Then, turning to the relevant people, Levi boomed impatiently, “Serve the dishes!”

The meal was practically a time of tribulation for the majority at the table, save for Levi and Zoey. The man was wolfing the food down while his wife picked out the nutritious dishes to keep her baby well-nourished.

Meanwhile, the rest ate in constant trepidation. Many were drenched in cold sweat while their minds wandered everywhere else.

Such was the feeling of eating with a beast that could snap anytime. They felt like they were being scrutinized, and that one wrong move would result in a fatal end.

The simple meal practically halved their lifespans by the time it ended.

“Hmm, the meal was delicious today. I look forward to more in the future,” Levi said as he escorted Zoey out.

The lady was puzzled. This is it? Just a simple meal, and nothing else?

As if reading her mind, Levi pacified, “Honey, don’t overthink it. They really did just want a meal.”

He flashed her a smile.

At that moment, Zoey felt that her concerns were unnecessary.

Perhaps, Tyrone may become lenient one day. After all, they’re still blood-related.

When Levi left, the company practically collapsed in relief simultaneously on their seats, heaving sighs of relief.

The meal was frankly more mentally exhausting than the hellish month of training that just passed.

They almost broke down on the spot.

“This is truly a moment of pride and disaster for the Garrison clan,” Burt commented while sighing.

Right at this moment, a call came from the Garrison family.

Damien’s voice echoed from the line. “Burt, tell me about how everything went! The family is very concerned. I heard that the training camp’s instructor is a very extraordinary guy.”

“Umm, that’s right… “

Burt summarized the happenings to him.

Damien cheered, “Wow! That’s pretty impressive. The family is proud of you guys!”

“And regarding the instructor… he is the God of War!”

It was not the first time Burt announced such a revelation to someone, but the reactions he received were always the same- pure shock.

The dumbfounded Damien fell into a long silence.

When he finally came to his senses, the excitement in his voice could barely be contained. “T-The God of War? You’re all are so lucky! That means you guys are handpicked by the God of War into the Iron Brigade! The Garrison family is very proud! Tyrone will be giving a word of commendation on our next anniversary meeting.”

These juniors are so capable and brought so much pride to the clan, he thought.

Burt was overjoyed by the response. A word of affirmation was always great, but receiving such commendation from Tyrone himself was the highest form of praise in the Garrison clan.

But recalling the ordeal that just occurred, Burt found his spirits dampened almost immediately.

“I have one more thing I wish to say… And hopefully, this can be conveyed to Sir… “

“What happened?” Damien’s curiosity was evidently piqued.

“We just met Levi… “

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