The Return of God of War Chapter 1103

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1103

Emma was visibly disappointed upon the news of the handover.
Nevertheless, she never hoped that Levi would be the next in line.
All she wanted was for his skills to be acknowledged by the Garrison family.

Her dejection was in full view of Zoey. She comforted, “Mother, it’s fine. We don’t have to compare ourselves with others. Let’s just live our own lives peacefully.”

Comparisons usually yielded nothing but a new sense of inferiority- especially if one was comparing themselves to the people of the Garrison clan. Zoey knew better to just focus on one’s everyday life.

Her words seemed to have an effect on Emma.

Perking up a little, the lady acknowledged Zoey’s wise words, “That’s true, we’re leading pretty happy lives right now. Let’s just continue this way!”

Changing the topic, Zoey took the chance to ask for a group photo together.

The lady had taken an interest in documenting her everyday life and the changes that were happening. She had taken many photos as commemoration already.

“Levi, join in the photo too!” shouted Zoey.

If the lady asked, rejection was the last thing the man would do. Levi jogged over and joined the photo.

Zoey took a few snapshots and decided to upload the photos on her overseas social media account. All she wanted was to boast about her blissful family of four a little.

Otherwise, she usually did not have the habit to share her life online. Even if she did post, it would be on her overseas account, so that none of her close friends and relatives would see could see her updates.

This seemingly harmless decision to post today resulted in a global uproar.

Within ten minutes, the photos reached over ten million shares online.

And the numbers only grew and grew.

At this rate, the number of views would easily reach over a billion in just less than an hour.

The reason behind the ongoing virality was simple- Levi was in the photo.

In Erudia, all information about Levi was kept strictly confidential.

If a photo of him was uploaded within Erudia, it would automatically be censored.

But the same confidentiality did not exist out there.

As a result, when Zoey uploaded the photos, the outside world immediately recognized Levi.

News of his photos spread like wildfire, and it was not long before an international commotion erupted.

In particular, hundreds of countries and the underground organizations were in a frenzy over their new discovery- the almighty God of War had a pregnant wife.

It was shocking news to the whole world.

Levi was a walking legend ever since he suppressed the Eighteen-Nation Alliance.

The God of War was unanimously considered by hundreds of nations to be the worst nightmare ever to exist.

In fact, there was a saying that went, “As long as the God of War is present, Erudia cannot be attacked.” In other words, as long as Levi was still alive, Erudia would remain impenetrable. The foreign powers could do nothing but cowering in fear of his ever-present wrath.

As a result, other nations hated him and countless people wanted him dead.

“Countless” was not an exaggeration- someone once did a tabulation and estimated that over ten million people wanted him to perish.

As a result, it was no surprise that Levi ranked top on the international hitlist with a bounty of hundreds of billions on his head.

While the bounty was extremely attractive, no one managed to complete it thus far. The reason was obvious- Levi had no weak points.

He was already used to assassination attempts. In fact, he was practically a target of an assassination every living second due to the sheer number of people interested in the prize money.

There were also many people who spent years trying to dig out his weaknesses, but all their attempts were to no avail.

In conclusion, Levi was simply too strong, too almighty. He truly lived up to his title as the God of War.

There’s no way to kill him!

But everything changed on this day because of some photographs.

The all-powerful God of War had an Achilles’ heel- his pregnant wife.

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