The Return of God of War Chapter 1104

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1104

For the longest time, it was impossible to find any information about Levi. His family background and the people associated with him were all wiped clean from Erudia’s database.
When people heard that Levi was an orphan, their despair only increased as that meant that they had no elderly parents to threaten him with.
As a result, there was no other way to defeat the invincible God than to become stronger than him.

However, now that Zoey’s photographs exposed that Levi had a mother and a pregnant wife, everyone knew his fatal weaknesses.

The old saying now no longer stood. The rest of the nation finally found the opening to bring down Erudia.

Erudia’s God of War, whose existence was the bane of hundreds of nations, had a line of weakness that everyone could not wait to exploit.

Amongst those people, the Eighteen-Nation Alliance, in particular, were in hysteria. Their long-awaited opportunity for revenge had finally come.

Another group of people who were equally riled up was those eyeing the incredible bounty.

The appeal only increased when the bounty reward shot up by tens of billions in a blink of an eye due to the contribution of multiple well-to-do individuals.

These contributors hoped to eliminate Levi as quickly and as mercilessly as possible.

Levi’s existence had compromised too many people’s interests.

Knowing that he had countless existing enemies who were blood-thirsty enough to take him down, they increased the bounty prize money to accelerate the momentum to take him out.

In other words, it was called striking the iron while it was hot.

In summary, the world was cheering for Levi’s imminent death. The Eighteen-Nation Alliance was looking forward to the day when Erudia would fall into their hands. The other foreign forces were also interested in partaking in this attack. Many others could not wait for their own personal gains that would follow Levi’s demise too.

Meanwhile, Zoey remained oblivious to the global commotion that her photos had ignited.

In conclusion, a revolution would happen the moment Levi fell.

That alone was a testament to the God of War’s menace all this while. He might be just an individual, but he was capable of intimidating the entire world.

No one dared to lay a finger on Erudia because of him.

When Zoey finally checked her account, she almost flung her phone on the ground out of shock.

“O-Oh my, what on earth is happening? Huh? Why are there billions of likes, along with tens of thousands of shares and comments?”

She could not believe her eyes. Am I hallucinating? Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

A post on her account would typically garner at most about a hundred likes.

Why were her recent photos gaining so much traction?

Out of disbelief, she recounted the engagement numbers. Eventually, she concluded that her eyes were indeed well and functioning.

These engagement numbers probably broke some records on the platform, she thought.

What is happening?

Zoey double-checked the post once again, but the bizarre reality proved not to be a dream.

Amidst her confusion, there was one thing she could be certain about- these numbers had nothing to do with her or Emma. After all, the older lady was confined for almost thirty years.

That left her with Levi as the prime suspect for stirring up this commotion. The likes, comments, and shares could not have been for anyone else, she believed.

Does Levi hold so much influence overseas?

She rubbed her eyes and checked the numbers again.

Nothing changed from before.

“Oh right, there are many comments. Let me check them.”

Opening the comments section, one comment caught her eye.

“The God of War of Erudia?” she muttered to herself.

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