The Return of God of War Chapter 1106

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1106

“Understood. From now on, we’re peril-ridden! No matter how we tried to stop them, there would still be enemies entering Erudia,” Phoenix said with a frown.
After all, if the enemy were indeed coming against Levi, they would not send someone mediocre for sure.
Those sent would definitely be the best of the best!

Hence, everyone’s responsibilities would turn much heavier.

Levi heaved a sigh. “I don’t wish to trouble too many people regarding this, so just arrange my own people for this. Phoenix, please check which team is idle at the moment.”

Phoenix bore a relaxed smile and replied, “Sir, it so happens that the Specter Army has completed their mission.”

“Good, then summon the Specter Army and the Cavalry Regiment. That would do!” Levi commanded.

There were not many people in the Specter Army. In fact, it was made up of only fifty members.

It was a special army established by Levi.

As the name itself implied, they were just like specters, moving elusively on the battlefield.

They often killed without exposing themselves. Like assassins, they attacked the Achilles heel and slew with just one move.

The Specter Army was extremely terrifying.

The most crucial point was that most of their enemies weren’t even aware of the existence of such an army.

Seeing them implied that Death was after you.

The Specter Army under the God of War remained unknown to many people.

Other than Levi, no one even knew what they were like.

Not even Azure Dragon and others.

This army worked directly under the command of Levi.

Even though the existence of the Specter Army was unknown to others, the enemy was aware of the existence of such a troop and they were terrified to the bone.

It was hard to tell when they would be targeted by these specters of the battlefield.

With the Specter Army and the Cavalry Regiment, in addition to his own presence, no one could really lay a hand on Zoey.

Zoey was totally unaware that a photograph had brought such a huge turmoil to the entire world.

Tens of thousands of forces and organizations abroad started to get restless.

Countless of eyes were fixated on her.

Her net worth was also rocketing, reaching a hundred billion…

There were already bounties issued overseas amounting to a hundred million for providing specific information about Zoey alone and another hundred billion for capturing her. In addition, whoever was able to kill Levi would be awarded two hundred billion.

Apart from that, the amount of the bounty kept rising.

Meanwhile, on a small island abroad.

It was the territory of Atlantis.

Atlantis was a member of the Eighteen-Nation Alliance which had been defeated by Levi in the past.

There were a few helicopters on the small island and a luxurious yacht in the dock.

There were also plenty of fully-armed guards standing around.

In a residence on the island, dozens of people were discussing some issues.

There were photos of Zoey and Emma on the screen.

These people present at the residence had all been defeated by Levi. They were from the Eighteen-Nation Alliance and had been subjugated to Levi for almost five years, mortified execrably.

When Zoey’s photo was exposed, they were the most excited party. In fact, they were also the ones who couldn’t wait to be the first to take action.

“We had to get ahead of everyone. If we kill Levi Garrison, the shame we’ve experienced all these years would all be cleared!”

“Mmm, so then, our next step would be to send thirty top fighters to Erudia to capture these two women!”

“Hold on, would thirty of them be sufficient?”

“It should suffice. These top fighters selected this time were enough to rival the top fighters on the Saber Leaderboard of Erudia! With their synergy and our cooperation in the dark, we would definitely succeed!”

“It’s not good enough. I’ll send a hundred well-trained fighters to disturb Levi Garrison beforehand and then we’ll let these thirty men handle him. This way, the probability of winning would be higher.”

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