The Return of God of War Chapter 1116

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1116

She could not imagine who Levi truly was.

But she was sure that he was definitely not just a bastard.

Tiffany finally had a better understanding of Levi after what she witnessed.

Levi had ignored the Garrison family and even bet against Tyrone not because he was ignorant but because he could; he had the power to challenge the Garrison family.

At that moment, Tiffany could no longer compare Levi to any member of the Garrison family.

She now had to compare Levi with the entire Garrison family.

Damien, the genius of the Garrison family, was once the excellent man she favored.

Now, however, she did not even want to compare him with Levi.

If Damien had been in this battle, he would have died within seconds.

Even I myself would have been dead.

However, this man was undefeatable; his fighting prowess far exceeds the rest.

He even saved me from danger.

With that thought in mind, Tiffany knew the man before her was not as simple as he looked.

After all, he was someone who could make the Garrison clan of the Oakland City remorseful.

“You don’t need to know.”

Levi cast her an indifferent glance.

Looking at his back, Tiffany felt a pang of sadness and hopelessness in her heart.

She realized that no matter how beautiful she was, she could never make Levi interested in her.

In fact, he was worthy to ignore her.

But isn’t he being too apathetic?

Does he really not have any feelings for me?

After all, I’m such a gorgeous lady.

Can’t he even soften his tone when he talks to me?

But… Wait a minute.

He saved me earlier.

Thinking of the way Levi’s hand was on her shoulder, delight filled her heart.

That means he feels something for me.

Otherwise, why would he save me?

I did such a despicable thing. Isn’t it better to kill me?

So why did he save me?

It could only mean that he isn’t completely ignoring me.

“Thank you for saving my life!”

Even after everything had died down, Tiffany was still trembling.

All she wanted earlier was to make Levi regret; she never expected to be involved in a great battle like this.

It felt like hell for her.

“I don’t need your thanks, I just hope that you’ll stop harassing me from now on,” Levi responded without turning around.

Biting down on her lower lip, Tiffany muttered, “Why… Why are you so cold to me? Didn’t you save me earlier?”

Tiffany had come to a simple conclusion—Levi must have saved her because he liked her.

Why else would he save me, but not Martin and the others?

“I did save you, but only because you’re from Erudia. That’s all,” Levi clarified in a frigid tone.

“What about Martin? He’s from Erudia too. And what about his subordinates? Why didn’t you save them?” Tiffany questioned without hesitation.

In a placid tone, Levi replied, “I didn’t save Martin because I know he’ll survive.”

After all, Martin had been training since young; he would survive the punch from the fight earlier.

“As for his subordinates, they’re not from Erudia, so why should I save them?” Levi threw the question back at her.

Tiffany froze.

Levi was right. Martin’s guards were not from Erudia; they were from Raysonia.

“Let me make myself clear. I saved you for no other reasons than because you’re Erudian.”

With that, Levi turned and left.

Tiffany could not react as she stood rooted to the ground.

Nothing had gone according to what she imagined would happen in her trip to North Hampton.

Instead, she had gotten herself into such a fiasco.

This was the first time she saw the true side of Levi.

In the beginning, she thought the only one who could match her was Damien. At the same time, the one she preferred was the legendary God of War.

Now, another person had entered her list—Levi.

But why is he acting so cold toward me?

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