The Return of God of War Chapter 1118

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1118

This entire time, Tiffany had been busy treating Martin in a dazed state.

She knew nothing about the significant news of Erudia.

But the moment she heard the mention of the North Hampton battle…

Isn’t that what I’ve experienced first-hand?

Are they saying that the man that was involved in that battle was the God of War?

Levi is actually the God of War?

“He’s the hero that I’ve been yearning for!”

Upon realizing it, Tiffany jumped to her feet. She was delighted and in disbelief at the same time.

Her abnormal action made everyone turned to look at her.

Even Martin shot her a look that was reserved for lunatics.

He’s actually Erudia’s God of War…

We were in an epic fight…

Is this bad luck or good luck?

I can’t tell.

Tiffany finally understood what Levi’s words meant.

He saved them because they were Erudians.

He was the God of War who put the welfare of Erudia and its people in his heart.

Other than admiration and adoration, Tiffany now had respect for Levi too.

The world that Levi was in was a world they could never imagine reaching.

For the country, he was even able to let go of his hatred.

He knew Martin had come to take his life, but he still saved him.

To live in Erudia and be in the protection of the God of War was a blessing.

Tiffany stared out the window as a plethora of feelings settled in her heart.

After returning to Oakland City, no man would pique her interest anymore.

After all, a woman who had seen a lion would never settle for stray dogs.

Knowing that Martin was injured, Tiffany’s grandfather and father, Jordan and Arvin Meyers, came to pick them up.

Even the head of the imperial Preston family, Leland, who was also Martin’s grandfather, came.

“Why are you hurt so badly?”

Everyone panicked upon seeing Martin severely injured state.

“What’s going on? Didn’t you go to take revenge on Levi? Why are you hurt so badly? And what happened to the ten guards I’ve invited from Raysonia? Where are they?” Leland asked anxiously.

Tiffany pursed her lips and muttered, “They’re all… Dead.”

“What? They’re all dead? What happened? Did Levi do this?” Leland questioned.

Leland, Jordan, Arvin all gulped.

If this really is Levi’s doing, he’s a monster!

After all, Martin is ranked second on the Heir Leaderboard.

Tiffany shook her head. “It wasn’t Levi.”

She was telling them the truth; Levi was not the one who did this.

“I knew it. How can Levi possibly do this? If he can defeat the person who was ranked number two of the Heir Leaderboard, the Garrison family would have definitely taken him in.”

Arvin heaved a sigh of relief.

Both Tiffany and Martin, however, fell silent.

If they were honest with themselves, neither of them were in any place to discuss Levi’s prowess.

“We came across the foreign fighters who were there to kill the God of War. They were the ones who killed the guards, and they even injured Martin,” Tiffany informed.

“What? You were involved in that battle? The entire Oakland City is talking about it. The Garrison family has found out the identity of the God of War. They’re now trying to find out which of the Garrison family’s bloodline the God of War is from,” Arvin exclaimed.

Martin’s swollen eye twitched.

He’s from the Garrison clan of Oakland City.

With a conflicted look, Tiffany muttered, “We’ve actually met the God of War. He was the one who saved us. If it weren’t for him, both of us would have been dead by now.”

“What? You saw the God of War?”

“What does he look like?”

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