The Return of God of War Chapter 1120

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1120

After Tyrone made sure he would not lose his status as the head of the family anytime soon, he wanted to contribute to the family.

Hence, he wanted to get the God of War to join the Garrison clan.

This was something he had to do, regardless of the price he had to pay.

“The moment we have the God of War on our side, we will have a pair of powerful people in the younger generation of the Garrison clan.”

Tyrone could already imagine the scene.

Naturally, the other one in the pair Tyrone was talking about was Damien.

“Sir, I’ll be honest with you. Damien isn’t worthy yet to be compared with the God of War,” someone pointed out.

“Come now, I know it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but that doesn’t mean you can rain on my parade like that.” Tyrone chuckled.

Meanwhile, Damien’s fists were clenched tight. He had been doing his best to catch up to the God of War, but the latter was too strong.

The fact that he could never catch up to the man caused him despair.

Right then, someone announced, “News from the imperial Meyers family. Tiffany has declared that she won’t marry anyone other than the God of War. She’ll stay single until she dies if she doesn’t get to marry him.”

“Huh? What’s going on?” Tyrone and the others asked.

Damien, who knew almost everything about the God of War, said, “Father, Martin and Tiffany had originally went to deal with Levi, but they ended up encountering the foreign elite fighters. I think they were saved by the God of War!”

“I see. So the girl has seen the God of War’s true face and was impressed by him. I’m sure any woman in Erudia will want to marry him, much less Tiffany,” Tyrone voiced.

“That’s right. The girl of the Meyers family has high expectations. I heard even Damien barely reaches her expectations. Only the God of War can impress the beauty of Oakland City,” one noted.

“Hahaha! I heard Levi is still in love with Tiffany? Did he refuse to destroy the engagement contract?” Tyrone laughed.

Damien nodded. “Yes. But I guess it’s normal for a spirited young man like Levi to yearn for Tiffany. If he did not have a wife, I reckoned he wouldn’t have torn up the contract.”

“But is he any match for her? Now that she’s refusing to marry anyone other than the God of War, he’s nothing but a joke now!” Tyrone scoffed.

“Right. Let’s not waste any more time on this and start finding out who the God of War is. If things don’t work out, we, the Garrison clan, will head to North Hampton to meet him.”

That was what Tyrone had planned.

Nonetheless, he never thought he would go to North Hampton and South Hampton so often in his life.

As news of Tiffany’s declaration spread across Oakland City, a displeased voice could be heard roaring somewhere in said city.

“My brother-in-law will never fall for you. So you best give up now!”

The owner of the voice was none other than Abigail.

She had come to Oakland City.

Yet, she could not avoid the news about Levi.

Even if the bet with the Garrison family had gone unmentioned, she kept hearing news about him defeating the foreign fighters and getting involved with the beautiful Tiffany.

It was as if Levi was haunting her, following her wherever she goes.

Moreover, someone had been courting her recently.

Describing her mood as foul was an understatement.

“It’s so annoying!” Abigail fumed.

On the other hand, there was someone who was thrilled to hear news of Levi.

That person was Benny.

As a good friend of Levi, when he heard about his victory, he was overjoyed. Benny had even sent a congratulatory message to Levi.

“Mr. Quinton, I will come to Oakland City soon. Let’s meet when I’m there,” Levi chuckled.

“Hahaha! All right. I look forward to your visit.”

Both were prominent figures in Erudia, and yet, they acted like ordinary people in their daily lives.

However, whenever they were on the battlefield or in the hospital, they were like Gods walking in the mortal world.

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