The Return of God of War Chapter 1126

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1126

Tyrone, Damien, Meredith, Robert, and the others shared similar beliefs that Levi will take the cowardly route at the very last minute.

In their minds, they were sure that he was going to abandon his family when the time came.

Back then, he was able to get through many obstacles due to great timing and luck.

However, this time, his opponent is Erudia’s top ancient family.

Even the secret that Emma has was useless.

“Father, I’m quite sure Levi will run away. He must have thought that everything was fine, so he must be surprised that you’ve come to monitor him,” Damien chortled.

He, too, felt that Levi would escape.

“We’ll see.”

“Let’s go. We’re meeting with the God of War next.”

With that, Tyrone left with Damien.

Caitlyn and Aaron glared at Levi. “I’m warning you. You’d better not leave Zoey and your baby behind.”

“That’s right. Even if death awaits you, you have to face it yourself. You can’t leave this mess behind for Zoey,” they ordered.

They feared Levi would just leave.

“Don’t worry. While my son doesn’t excel in anything else, he’s a good man. Otherwise, he’d have admitted defeat to the Garrison clan early on,” Emma defended.

Zoey gently touched her belly and muttered, “I trust Levi. No matter how tough things get, he won’t leave the child and me behind.”

They had been together for a long time. As such, Zoey knew Levi well.

She would not be exaggerating if she claimed that Levi would die for her.

She believed in him.

He would not leave her to face the crisis alone.

Aggrieved, Meredith stomped her feet. “Continue to have blind faith in him then. You’ll find out soon enough that he’ll leave you all eventually!”

If they were honest with themselves, they were not shameless enough to speak the words in their heart.

Tyrone had once abandoned his family for his own benefits.

Hence, they felt that Levi would follow in his father’s footsteps.

As the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Moreover, this was a situation of life and death.

As time passed, the thought of Levi running off became stronger in their minds.

However, they dared not say what Tyrone had done.

All they dared to say was their distrust in Levi.

“Grandma, don’t worry. Until the baby is born, Levi won’t take a step away from me. I swear this on my life,” Zoey proudly stated.

Levi moved closer and held her hands tightly. “Zoey, don’t worry. I’ll always be with you.”

Zoey was sure of Levi’s character.

There was nothing more Levi could ask for when he had a wife like this.

He smiled.

There is no way a mere Garrison clan can make me leave her.

Even if the sky collapsed on me, I would not take a step away from her.

“I hope so, but Zoey, I still think you’ll be disappointed.”

Harry still had a look of disbelief on his face.

“All right. Let’s stop talking about this. Levi will never leave me, and I’ll leave it at that.”

Zoey then asked Levi to help her back to the house.

Several days later, Levi received a call from Percy from North Hampton Warzone.

Percy told him Tyrone wanted to meet him.

He even asked Levi if he should reject Tyrone’s request.

“No. I’ll be happy to meet with him. I wonder what they want from me.” Levi responded.

At the front of North Hampton Warzone.

Tyrone and Damien were quietly waiting.

By now, their tens of thousands of escorts had left.

After all, they had put up enough of a show.

“Hello, Mr. Garrison. The God of War has decided to meet you.”

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