The Return of God of War Chapter 1128

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1128

Levi stood up straight and saluted.

He gazed at the two Dragonites, “What’s the order?”

“The God of War is to lead your warriors, including the Five Great Wars Regiment, Calvary Regiment, Specter Army, Beasts, and Dragon Legion, and head to North Base One! This order is extremely urgent and requires immediate action. Any form of disobedience will entail military punishment!” the Dragonites enunciated the order clearly.

The Dragonites had issued an irrevocable order.

Levi retrieved the order and glanced through it. As expected, it was an order of the highest level.

Even someone of his status must comply with the order.

“What happened?” Levi asked calmly.

“God of War, do you remember the Blood King Palace?” the Dragonites asked.

“Of course. I eradicated them three years ago! They are a formidable force to be reckoned with. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that the threat of the Blood King Palace is even greater than a whole country!” Levi replied.

The Blood King Palace was once an organization in the Western Dark World. It consisted of thousands of elite warriors.

They were a bunch of lunatics, exceptionally specialized at assassination and sabotage.

They were vicious and merciless, without any regard to the consequences of their actions.

They frequently massacred cities of people.

An enemy as such was terrifying.

After all, it was a group of lunatics that ranged in the thousands.

Back then, the Blood King Palace was the most feared and dangerous organization in the Western Dark World.

In fact, it wasn’t just other organizations that were afraid of them, even strong countries were also terrified of them.

The threat from the Blood King Palace was just too overwhelming.

The fact they would strike at unexpected times to take revenge loomed over the Blood King Palace’s enemies.

Those years, the Blood King Palace reigned unchallenged and their ferocity outranked even Levi himself.

Truth be told, Levi even opined that the threat posed by the Blood King Palace significantly exceeds that of the Eighteen-Nation Alliance.

“Could it be that the Blood King Palace has return?” Levi shakenly asked.

“Yes, that is correct! The Blood King Palace is back! Last night, they launched several attacks on North Base One and we suffered severe casualties! According to intelligence, the forces of the Blood King Palace are far stronger than three years ago!” the Dragonites nervously answered.

“How is that possible? I eradicated them during our last encounter three years ago!” Levi was puzzled.

It must be a calculated scheme.

Someone must be behind all of this.

Unbeknownst to him, Levi had actually guessed it correctly.

The person who orchestrated all these was someone who knows about his weakness. And although they have failed once, that doesn’t mean that they would just let Levi off the hook.

That person was none other than Tenichi, the military strategist of Raysonia.

He was the one who lured the Blood King Palace out of hiding…

The fear of the Blood King Palace was deeply rooted in many hearts and the gang of lunatics was not something an ordinary commoner could deal with.

At the moment, only the God of War had what it takes to face them head-on and came out on top.

No one else had been successful before.

Even for Levi, it took him a whole year to successfully complete what he thought was the eradication of the Blood King Palace.

Therefore, when the Blood King Palace resurfaces, Erudia would surely order the God of War to personally confront him.

With that plan in mind, Tenichi was sure that Levi would be transferred away.

As expected.

When the Blood King Palace showed up, Erudia immediately thought of Levi.

An urgent order to eradicate the Blood King Palace once more was immediately delivered and conveyed to Levi.

“God of War, we’re afraid we cannot provide an answer to your question. Rumors have it that it is the surviving minions of the Blood King Palace who hid for nearly four years!”

“God of War, it’s best if you head out now! There’s no time to lose!” the Dragonites pestered him further.

Levi took a deep breath and roared, “Order the Azure Dragon to rejoin us immediately! We’ll be heading to war!”

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