The Return of God of War Chapter 1132

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1132

It didn’t take long before Zoey and her group arrived at the South City.

They raced toward the Warzone compound.

Although the place was run-down, Zoey knew that this place was Levi’s base camp.

Levi’s secrets were hidden here.

His best friends all lived here before.

However, when Zoey and the group arrived, there was not a single person in the Warzone compound.

Even the dogs that used to run around the place were gone.

Based on the settled dust and cobwebs, the place had been unoccupied for a long time.

Zoey could only stare blankly at the sight before her, feeling lost and helpless.

Levi’s not here…

Zoey could not imagine where would he be.

Just then, Emma received news from South Hampton.

As expected, Levi was not in South Hampton as well.

This proved that Levi had indeed disappeared.

Zoey’s vision went dark and she collapsed onto the floor.

“Zoey!” everyone rushed to her side.

When Zoey woke up, she was already on a hospital bed.

“Zoey, hang in there. Please take care of yourself!” Emma held onto her hands and sobbed.

“Stop faking it! You’re just like your son! Leave my sweetie alone!” Caitlyn raged and tried to separate them.

“Mom, stop it! You can’t blame it on her! She has nothing to do with this.” Zoey tried to mediate the rising tension.

“This is all Levi’s fault! He’s an animal! Not only did he abandoned Zoey, but he also left his own mother!” Meredith fumed.

Levi’s sudden disappearance stirred up intense turmoil between the Lopez and Black families.

His disappearance coincided with the timing when Tyrone made the threat.

All circumstances suggested the irresistible conclusion that Levi was scared away by the Garrison clan.

“He’s a coward! A hypocrite! How could he call himself a man!”

“Does Levi not feel any shame? He abandoned his own mother, wife, and unborn child! What an animal!”

“I’m ashamed to even know him! He’s not worthy to be a man, a husband nor a father!”

Logan and the others condemned Levi relentlessly.

Sylas tried to defend Levi, “He must be away because of some urgent matters, he’ll definitely be back!”

She knew Levi’s actual identity and guessed that he was probably summoned to handle some urgent matters.

At that, Zoey’s eyes showed signs of hope. “She’s right, that must be it! I believe he will not abandon me!”

“Zoey, why are you so stubborn? He even deleted his contact number…”

“He’s never coming back! Back then, he was capable enough to solve his problems. However, it’s different this time. The Garrison clan wants him dead, he can only run away!”

Meredith and the others tried to dash Zoey’s hope.

Nonetheless, Zoey was adamant. “No, I don’t care what all of you are saying. My gut tells me that Levi will return very soon! I believe in him, he will not abandon me!”

“Return? That’s impossible! If he wants to return, he wouldn’t have left quietly nor delete his contact number!”

Zoey smiled. “Mom, Dad, dare to make a bet with me then?”

“What are we betting on?” Aaron asked.

“We’ll bet if Levi will return within one month’s time. If he does return, all of you must apologize to him!” Zoey proposed confidently.

“Alright!” Aaron agreed.

“If he doesn’t return, I will believe that he abandoned me!” Zoey placed the bet based on her trust in Levi.

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