The Return of God of War Chapter 1139

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1139

Levi was at the end of his rope when the Blood King Palace came back with another wave of attack. All of the soldiers had to focus energy on it because they were facing an enemy that was too powerful.

“Charge forward on my command!” Levi gave his command, his voice loud and clear.

Chuff! Chuff! Chuff!

Just then, a Dragonite Helicopter landed on the ice sheet. A few Dragonites hopped out of the helicopter and immediately ran toward Levi. The next moment, they were all kneeling on one knee in front of him. “Greetings God of War! Please hold fire as we are here with urgent news!”

“What is it?” Levi’s heart skipped a beat.

The others were just as confused. Did the Dragonites travel all the way from Oakland City to bring them another bad news?

One of the Dragonites smiled and asked, “God of War, are you worried about your family’s safety?”

Levi nodded. “Yes, I’m very worried about them. Those previously defeated by me will definitely target my family once I leave their side.”

The Dragonite slowly explained to him, “Don’t worry, God of War. The government has taken notice of your concern as well. The re-emergence of the Blood King Palace is a part of the conspiracy of Tenichi, Raysonia’s military strategist. He did all this to send you away from Erudia so that he could seize the opportunity to capture your family and threaten you with them.”

Levi was surprised and overjoyed. The government is aware of Tenichi’s conspiracy, which means Mother and Zoey are safe now!

With a smile, the Dragonite reassured them, “All soldiers that are fighting for the country, you need not worry for your family. Erudia will be your strongest backup!”

Thousands of millions of soldiers were touched by the reassurance. It was inevitable that, as a soldier, they might be required to choose between their beloved country and dearest family. Luckily, they were born in Erudia — a country whose government would protect their family while they were at the frontlines, defending the nation.

“God of War, your wife and family have headed to Keerea…”

Levi’s heart sank. Zoey has really gone overseas… I guess she hates me to the core now…

He asked softly, “Are they safe?”

“Tenichi has sent at least ten thousand elites to the Stellar International Airport. They will attack as soon as your wife arrives at the airport.” In a sudden change of tone, the Dragonites gave him reassuring news. “But you need not worry because we have sent someone else to protect your family. Tenichi no longer poses a threat to their safety.”

“Who did you send?” Levi asked curiously.

“Winsor Campbell.”

“Him?” Levi drew in a sharp breath, and his expression changed upon the mention of that name.

Winsor Campbell was his one and only competitor in the whole of Erudia. Back then, when he defeated the Eighteen-Nation Alliance of God class fighters, Winsor’s achievements were only second to his.

He was crowned as the God of War, while Winsor received the title of Asura.

Winsor was a cold-blooded and merciless man. Just like what his title Asura connoted, he seemed to be a living embodiment of destruction.

Back then, he had received as much acclamation as well as criticisms for his act of annihilating the war captives. Later, for some reason, the military decided to transfer him to Oakland City.

He couldn’t become someone like Levi because of his bloodthirsty nature, but he was undeniable a worthy opponent second only to the latter in terms of his combat skill and prowess in war.

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