The Return of God of War Chapter 1142

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1142

“We… We are just curious. Why isn’t he here with you?”

“Ms. Lopez, we heard that men of Erudia are especially caring to their wives!”

Given the years of experience in mingling with Keerea’s upper-class elites, the nurses knew when to hold their tongue.

They changed the subject there and then.

“Oh, he must have had some business to deal with. That’s why he couldn’t come!”

Zoey didn’t think much. The nurses reacted simply too quickly and didn’t reveal much of what they actually knew.

They knew Levi couldn’t come because they knew where he was…

Days passed.

Blood King Palace was way stronger than what Erudia had expected.

Fortunately, Levi was in command and could still hold them back.

All he needed was more time.

Two tormenting months went by.

That day, Levi was feeling uneasy. He couldn’t put his mind to anything he was doing.

If everything went as planned, the baby would be due within these two days.

His nerves showed a high probability that Zoey was in labor.

“Zoey, I’ve failed you! I didn’t hold a proper wedding for you. I couldn’t even take care of you when you deliver the baby!” Levi mumbled under his breath.

He understood that it wasn’t a matter of compensation.

In what way could he possibly make it up to her?

He had been perpetually absent during all these important moments.

In what way could he make it up to her?

“Sorry, Zoey!” he said as he clenched his fists.

There was no time for sorrow as he once again battled with Blood King Palace.

At a hospital in Keerea.

Zoey faced another major juncture in her life…

The Lopez and Black families were waiting outside the operation room.

Emma wanted to come too but Zoey said no.


After a nerve-racking long wait, a wail finally broke the silence.

It’s the baby!

At last, the baby’s born!

It’s a girl!

Zoey gave birth to a baby girl.

She was overjoyed with tears.

Levi, while fighting on the battlefield, felt relieved all of a sudden. He charged to the front line and brawled with the elite warriors of Blood King Palace.

“Zoey, what are you gonna name her?” Everyone’s hopeful eyes fell upon Zoey.

“Let’s call her Forlevia Lopez,” she said without any hesitation.

It was obvious that she had already thought it through.

“For-levi-a? Isn’t that…”

Aaron stopped Caitlyn before she could finish her question.

Everyone there knew what that name implied.

They could also tell how much Zoey loved Levi especially these two months in Stellar City. She even sent someone to look for him discreetly when she was heavily pregnant.

Although Zoey had made up her mind, she was still holding on to the fleeting glimpse of hope.

However, the three-month wait had ground that glimpse of hope to bits.

He never came.

It seemed like he was hiding from the Garrison clan.

In less than a month, the bet between them would come due.


Zoey wanted to forget Levi Garrison, once and for all!

She wanted to have no more ties with him!

“Dad, mom, let’s pack up and leave for Erudia! I can’t stay here any longer,” said Zoey.

“But you just gave birth. Your body’s still very weak…” Everyone was concerned.

“Nah, It’s alright! I can handle it!” She was persistent.

Everyone went back to Erudia that night.

Winsor escorted them home. That was his mission, after all.

Zoey insisted on returning to Erudia in a rush as she had something important to deal with.

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