The Return of God of War Chapter 1148

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1148

“Things would’ve turned out this way sooner or later, Emma! Why did you even try to fight it in the first place?” Tyrone smirked.

Emma had knelt before the entrance of the Garrison family home while she was pregnant back then.

I wouldn’t have done that if I knew this day would come.


Tyrone’s eyes flashed coldly with not a single trace of mercy in them.


One of the Garrison family’s top fighters began to swing his blade.



Yet, the blade broke all of a sudden, and its owner was sent flying by a mysterious force.

“Who did this? Who dares behave like this in front of the Garrisons?” Damien bellowed.

“It was me!”

A figure wearing a demon mask slowly emerged.

“Who are you?” Tyrone demanded, frowning.

No one could tell who this man was.

After all, Erudia had deliberately kept this masked man’s identity a secret after he had been defeated by Levi. On top of that, he had been assigned to silently return to Oakland City in advance.

That was why Tyrone was in the dark too.

However, Damien was well aware of this man’s identity.

He knew everything about the God of War, including the latter’s enemies.

That was why he was no stranger to Asura.

From just one look, Damien immediately knew this man was Winsor Campbell!

“The Garrisons—the top clan in Erudia—enjoys picking on women and children?” Winsor scoffed.

Despite being violent by nature, he wasn’t completely heartless.

The man had come for two reasons.

One, to perform his duty of protecting Zoey and Emma.

Two, because he couldn’t tolerate the Garrisons’ deed.

“Levi was the one who made the bet with you, so you should be looking for him instead! What are you doing picking on two women? Are you that incapable of searching for him? These two women are under my care today,” declared Winsor.

Just as Tyrone was about to fly into a rage, Damien hurriedly told him Winsor’s identity.

“Huh? It’s him?”

Tyrone was astounded.

“That’s right. He was relocated to Oakland City after some issues, but I never thought he’d show up because of this bet. We can’t afford to get into a fight with him. He’d do anything once he loses his mind!

Damien trembled as he spoke.

“Fine. The Garrisons will show you mercy just this once. We shall not punish women, but Levi will have to pay for his own sins! You are indeed a gracious woman, Zoey Lopez, but Levi doesn’t deserve you.”

Thanks to Winsor’s interference, Tyrone had no choice but to let Emma off.

“I heard that Asura is absolutely cold-hearted, merciless, and violent. Why is he backing Zoey up?”

Damien was extremely perplexed.

“I’m guessing it’s because he’s been touched by her actions. She really is a remarkable woman, after all!”

Olivia couldn’t help but look up to Zoey.

On this day, Zoey’s name spread far and wide across Oakland City.

Everyone expressed their admiration at the mention of her.

This incident became the talk of the town.

Zoey and Emma hurriedly went up to Asura. “Thank you for your help. May I know who you—”

Asura cut them off. “You don’t need to know who I am, nor do you need to thank me.”

He gazed deep into Zoey’s eyes and remarked coldly, “You are indeed worthy of Levi.”

Then, he left right after saying something this unusual.


The crowd was bewildered.

Isn’t it about whether or not Levi is worthy of Zoey?

Why did he say that instead?

Was he mistaken?

Even Zoey and Emma found it strange.

Even so, they didn’t think too much about it and left with the child.

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