The Return of God of War Chapter 1151

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1151

Iris chuckled upon hearing that. “That’s not your daddy, Evie! It’d be great if he were, though!”

Zoey sighed. “Let’s not joke about the God of War, Iris. He’s no ordinary human. He’s a god.”

“Oh, wasn’t Evie’s first word ‘daddy’? You really worked hard on that.”

Iris remembered how Zoey had taught the child to say ‘daddy’ first instead of ‘mommy’.

That was why Forlevia’s very first word was ‘daddy’.

Iris gazed at Zoey sternly. “Zoey, I know you still love Levi, but you have to accept how things are now. Even if he’s still alive, he probably won’t come back. Who knows, he might have even followed his dad’s footsteps and found himself another wife. It’s not impossible.”


Zoey’s heart sank.

There was certainly a possibility.

This was what Tyrone did, after all.

It wasn’t unusual if his son did the same.

“You’ve been shouldering everything on your own. The burden’s just too heavy! You’re still young, so I suggest you find another man to walk the path with you for the rest of your life. Evie needs a father too,” Iris said earnestly.

Zoey disagreed. “Let’s not talk about this anymore, Iris. Besides, I have a child now. Who would ever want me?”

Iris was amused. “Oh, please, Zoey. Don’t you have lots of men chasing after you? They don’t care if you have Evie! Who would say no to you anyway, considering who you are right now? You’re not lacking in any aspect!”

Suddenly, Zoey recalled how her godfather, Dale, wanted to get her married.

The man treated her and Forlevia so well that Zoey didn’t know how to turn this matter down.

“Mr. Lehman likes you a lot, Zoey, so he’ll definitely find you a good husband. Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll be happy. The guy he’s picked out will be here in North Hampton tomorrow. Why don’t you give it a thought after meeting him?” Iris smiled.

Zoey let out a sigh. “I guess I’ll do that.”

However, she had no other intention on this.

All she wanted was to fulfill her godfather’s wishes.

“Yeah, I know you’ll be pleased with him. Do it for Evie! Besides, Ms. Jones has agreed to it too, hasn’t she?”

Emma knew about this too, and she had given her consent.

The next day, Percy Convington suddenly led his subordinates to one of North Hampton’s remote entrances. There was no traffic here; instead, it was an area with steep terrains that were difficult to maneuver. Tourists were usually prohibited from coming here.

As the men stood in two straight lines, Percy paced back and forth as though waiting for someone.

Finally, the sound of engine rumbling began to surface half an hour later.

Soon, war vehicles began to make their way over.

The first few bore flags that danced in the wind.

Apart from the flag of Erudia, there were also flags with the words ‘God of War’ on them.

A mighty presence emerged.

Percy and his subordinates immediately saluted.

“The Iron Brigade has returned! The God of War has returned!” Percy shouted.

The soldiers standing in rows began to shout too.

Levi and his team were back.

They were Erudia’s invincible troop!

The pride of the country!

The very souls of Erudia’s army!

Not only had they defeated Blood King Palace for the second time, but they had miraculously done so in just half the estimated time needed.

The vehicles stopped.

A window rolled down, revealing Levi’s face.

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