The Return of God of War Chapter 1152

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1152

The god-like man was back.

Percy and his men had nothing but respect and admiration for him.

This man had done what no one else in the world could do―twice.

Moreover, Blood King Palace had become even more powerful the second time round.

Yet, Levi and his forces had created an absolute miracle.

But instead of heading to Oakland City to receive his accolade, Levi had chosen to return to North Hampton discreetly.

The true hero doesn’t seek adulation, he fights for what is right simply because it’s his nature. Percy couldn’t help but think to himself.

On the same day, the man Dale had arranged to be Zoey’s suitor arrived in North Hampton.

If Zoey were childless, Dale would have definitely chosen for her to marry someone within his own family.

However, the Lehmans were the third most prominent ancient family in Erudia. They still had to watch their reputation.

Still, the man Dale had chosen was an exceptional one.

He was Jerry Gott, the successor of an imperial family in Oakland City.

He ranked third on the Heir Leaderboard.

This man was no wastrel, and he certainly wasn’t a philanderer.

There was not a single negative rumor about him.

Oakland City referred to him as a true gentleman.

That was why he was also known as Saint Jerry.

Jerry didn’t top the Heir Leaderboard, but he was an all-rounder.

Dale had spent a great deal of time deciding on this man.

Furthermore, Jerry was willing to marry Zoey, and he accepted the fact that she had a child.

Marrying a woman who already had a child was a disgrace to imperial families.

But still, Zoey was Dale’s goddaughter.

Hence, the imperial Gott family had no choice but to accept this.

Accompanying Jerry was Dale’s eldest son, Edwin Lehman.

Edwin had a ferociousness akin to a warlord.

He was hot-tempered and extremely capable.

Many in Oakland City feared him.

However, he treasured his god sister dearly.

Many young heirs had coveted Zoey, only to have their limbs broken by Edwin.

That was why no one had dared cross Zoey for the past year.

All her other suitors fled with terror upon hearing that Edwin’s presence.

Jerry was the only man he seemed to approve of.

“You’d better treat my god sister well, Jerry. You’ll be sorry if you don’t!” Edwin threatened.

“I understand, Edwin,” Jerry replied with a nod. “I’m very fond of Ms. Lopez’s talents and abilities.”

Despite saying this, a peculiar glint flashed in his eyes.

The two parties met at the Golden Hotel.

After talking to each other, Jerry seemed extremely pleased with Zoey.

He readily accepted the fact that the woman was once married and already had a child.

“So, what do you think?” asked Edwin.

Jerry nodded. “I’m very impressed. I’d be more than willing to marry you, Ms. Lopez. I’ll take care of you and Evie for life. Everything may seem too sudden right now, but we can always take our time.”

Both Zoey and Iris were taken aback.

He’s that straightforward?

They had thought the man would at least take some time to consider this.

Edwin nodded in satisfaction. “Alright. I’ll take it from here, then. Dad will be thrilled to hear this.”

The Lehman family was in charge of handling everything regarding this matter.

There was no need to listen to any of Zoey’s suggestions.

“Wait! I do have one condition, however,” Jerry suddenly called out.

Even Zoey froze.

She was just about to express her disagreement, but Jerry had beat her to it.

“What is it?” asked Edwin.

“I’d gladly marry Ms. Lopez and care for Evie, but I have just one request, which has something to do with the Gott family’s reputation. Can Evie’s last name be Gott instead? This is all I ask for,” Jerry answered earnestly.

After all, the Gott family was an imperial family. Taking a once-married woman as a wife and having to raise her child was shameful enough for them. What more, the child didn’t even take Gott as her last name.

“Why should my child bear your last name?”

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