The Return of God of War Chapter 1153

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1153

Just as Jerry made his request, a loud voice boomed across the room like thunder.

Everyone was shocked.

Zoey and Iris were immediately stupefied upon hearing that familiar voice.

Could it be…

No. It can’t be him…

The women trembled involuntarily as they exchanged glances.

With her big, innocent eyes, Forlevia gazed in the direction of the entrance.

At the very moment, a tall, mighty figure emerged.

It was Levi!

At present, the man looked rather worn-out. There was soot on his face, and his clothes were tattered as though he had just escaped the jaws of death.

Still, none of that diminished the murderous energy he now emitted. Everyone’s scalp began to tingle as goosebumps formed on their skin.

Levi had just returned from the battlefield, so he had no time to tidy himself.

He had come over hastily right after enduring the hardships of a long journey.

Edwin and Jerry were stunned upon seeing Levi.

Who is he?

Is he some refugee?

“I’m back, Zoey,” Levi announced.


Zoey was utterly dumbfounded.

She had imagined Levi’s return countless times, even dreaming about it in her sleep.

Yet, the woman was bewildered now that Levi was actually standing right in front of her.

She couldn’t tell if this was reality or just a dream.

Right now, she could only stare at him…

But Levi’s eyes were on the child.

Forlevia stared right back at him.

They looked so similar to each other!

The little girl had his eyes and demeanor.

Everything else about her closely resembled Zoey.

At this moment, an intense feeling of familial love began to surface within Levi.

It was something he had never felt before.

This child was his!

Levi strode over and took the child from the nanny’s arms.

Forlevia was extremely timid and would usually cry if a stranger picked her up.

Yet, when Levi carried her, not only did she not cry, but she even gazed at him with curiosity.

“Daddy… you’re Daddy!” the child suddenly cried out.


Upon hearing the sweet child’s voice, Levi instantly froze and his mind went blank.

He had never experienced being a father.

This little girl in his arms was like the most precious gem he had ever owned―the most important piece of himself.

“Daddy’s back! Daddy’s back!”

Forlevia was a bright child. She had long remembered Levi’s face after frequently seeing Zoey looking at his photos.

Zoey had never mentioned who the man in the photo was, but the child knew that he was her father.

“My little girl!”

Levi held the child in his arms tightly.

Then, he suddenly began to cry.

To think there was such a gentle side to the man who stood on the top of the mountain…

“Hey! What are you up to? Why did you take the child? Give her back!” the nanny frantically yelled at Levi.

Levi responded politely, “Hello, ma’am. I’m the child’s father.”

“Oh, please! The child’s father is long dead! Everyone knows that.”

The nanny clearly wasn’t buying it.

“But I really am her father!” Levi insisted.

“Then do you know her name?” A cold voice suddenly rang out.

Jerry and Edwin walked toward Levi.


Indeed, Levi had no idea.

Phoenix had found out the child’s name long ago, but she never told him.

The little girl didn’t bear his last name anyway.

“Are you here just to cause a scene? I won’t let that happen!”

While speaking, Jerry gave Levi a shove.


Staggering, Levi spewed a mouthful of blood.

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