The Return of God of War Chapter 1157

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1157

Levi’s face was cold as he articulated each word clearly, “Don’t force me!”

He exuded a murderous aura as he spoke.

The people around him felt as though there was a heavyweight pressed on their chests, making it difficult to breathe.

Meredith became furious upon seeing Levi acting like a wild beast. “What? Are you gonna hit me?”

Everyone could feel his intense desire to kill someone, and both Jerry and Edwin fell into a daze that instant.

The man standing before them gave off a vibe of a powerful master.

But that’s not possible!

We knew everything about him. There’s no way he could be a master.

A flash of killing intent flashed through Levi’s eyes as he growled, “I’ll kill whoever that changes my child’s last name! Just know that I don’t make frivolous remarks!”

“How dare you? I will change Evie’s surname whether you like it or not. She’ll be called Forlevia Gott from now on! There, I said it!” Edwin roared, obviously enraged by Levi’s words.

“Mr. Lehman, you’re Zoey’s godbrother. You definitely have the right to change the child’s surname!” Meredith and the others said in an unctuous manner.

“Are you going to kill me?” he provoked as he gave Levi a push.

Meanwhile, Meredith and the others were happy the see the situation unfold.

They knew that Edwin was hot-tempered, and he was capable of terrifying things, so death would be Levi’s only outcome for provoking him.

Once they had gotten rid of him, Zoey would definitely give up completely.

“You’re asking for it!”

At that moment, Levi’s fury was obvious, and he was about to murder someone soon.

He had been living his life in a violent world for a whole year, so he would easily give in to his murderous intent was very irritable.

To put it simply – Levi was just like a gunpowder keg that was highly flammable.

This is outrageous! Who does he think he is – trying to change my daughter’s surname?

Right then, Edwin slowly advanced towards him and sneered, “Come on. Didn’t you say that you’re going to kill me? Make a move, then.”

“Die!” the latter roared.

As he said this, a violent, domineering aura filled the space. How he wished he could kill Edwin on the spot.

At the same moment, a pang of terror washed over Edwin.

Looking at Levi’s face, Edwin felt as though he would actually be killed soon. Hence, his expression changed drastically.

“Levi Garrison!!” a voice suddenly screamed at the most critical moment.

Emma rushed over and blocked Levi’s way. Then, she gave him a slap across his face. “You unfilial son! How dare you come back? What are you doing? Have you gone crazy?”

The latter’s face darkened, but he put on a strong front as he looked at his mother.

He didn’t blame anyone.

Just like many other soldiers, many things were out of their control. Their family and friends couldn’t understand them.

However, some things were secrets that couldn’t be told to anybody, and because of that, their hands were tied.

“Why did you come back? Zoey had already forgotten about you. She’s going to get married to someone else and is about to live a happy life. Are you here to ruin their relationship?” Emma scolded angrily.

In truth, she wasn’t trying to criticize Levi but was actually protecting him.

If he had actually made a move earlier, Edwin would’ve killed him.

That was why she was putting on an act to protect her son.

When Emma slapped him earlier, it may have hurt him physically, but it also hurt her heart to do so.

“Unless I die, I will never let anybody change my daughter’s surname!” Levi insisted.

“Alright then. Let me ask you this, where were you when Evie was born? Where were you when Zoey stood before the Garrison family’s doors, fulfilling her promise? Ask yourself this, do you really have the right to be their husband and father?” Emma asked.

At the same time, Zoey was crying profusely when she said, “You didn’t even give me an explanation!”

“Follow me back to the Garrison family in Oakland City, Zoey. I’ll give you an explanation!” Coldness shone in Levi’s eyes as he spoke.

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