The Return of God of War Chapter 1161

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1161

“Fine. But this fight will only happen after I took care of my personal matters,” Levi informed him.

Winsor nodded at that.

In the meantime, everyone else inhaled sharply as they knew this fight was extremely important – both of them were betting on everything they had.

Hence, whoever lost would have unimaginable consequences.

Not only would their fight cause a huge commotion in Erudia, but the rest of the world would also be thrown into an uproar.

Azure Dragon and his group stared at Levi while Zar and the rest stared at Asura, all of their eyes burning with determination.

They all hoped that their boss would win the fight, but they knew that both sides were very powerful.

Thus, at that moment, no one knew what the end result would be.

After they left, Bolgun asked, “Master, how confident are you about winning?”

“I’d say it’s fifty percent,” Winsor said after pondering about it for a moment.

“Huh…” three of them muttered as they drew in a deep breath.

This was the first time they had seen him with such a grim look on his face.

Besides, the answer he had given them was only a “fifty percent.”

Winsor was an extremely confident and arrogant person who wouldn’t even submit to the heavens and earth.

In his eyes, everyone was beneath him.

However, he was actually afraid when it came to Levi.

To be honest, he wasn’t really afraid – he just wasn’t hundred percent sure that if he could win against Levi.

It just showed how strong Levi really was. In fact, he was so strong that even Winsor was being wary of it.

The news of the God of War and Asura’s fight flew through Erudia, then Bayview, and soon it spread across the whole world.

Everybody knew about the battle now, and they knew that this fight was something that could affect the whole world.

If Levi won, the God of War would surely be able to take his game to the next level. With Asura in hand, it would be a huge disadvantage to their enemies.

However, if he lost, he would have to step down from his position and let Asura have it.

Although, this was good news to Tenichi and a few others.

Even though Asura’s combat powers were amazing, Levi was still better in terms of strategy and looking at the bigger picture.

That was why this battle was so important.

“God! This is just too scary. Both of them are about to fight soon!”

Damien was obviously the first person to get news of it.

After all, he was always keeping tabs on the God of War.

“This is a duel of the strongest in Erudia, right? Asura has been waiting for years just to prove that he is the strongest.”

He was already looking forward to it and wanted to witness the fight happen.

“Haha! I’m excited about it too. The God of War has to win! He is part of the Garrison clan after all,” Tyrone exclaimed excitedly.

The news of the fight was still spreading like wildfire, and it grew more and more influential by the minute.

When Zoey heard the news, she was astounded as she had met Asura before.

“Is Asura really as bloodthirsty and cruel like everyone says – like the Demon King? It can’t be, right? He even saved me last year!”

She couldn’t understand the comments people were making about him.

When she met him the last time, she felt that he was a very humane person.

“That can’t be right. They say that Asura is a heartless person, and he’s no different than a robot. It’s just too unbelievable that your incident caught his attention and that he helped you out,” Dale said.

They knew Winsor very well.

He wouldn’t have bothered with an ordinary person’s matter.

“That’s right. It seemed like Asura was purposely protecting Zoey,” Edwin added.


Upon hearing that, Zoey trembled and a look of disbelief crept across her face.

“It can’t be… Unless…”

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