The Return of God of War Chapter 1164

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1164

“Eight years ago, you were but a worm, Indigo. Do you think a stint in prison could turn you into a real dragon?”

“Curtis has always been a living manifestation of your own worst nightmare. An insurmountable juggernaut beyond your reach no matter how much you try. You ought to know better than anyone else that he has only gotten stronger since, so what makes you think going to prison has changed anything for you?”

“Take back what’s rightfully yours, you say? Let me tell you this – The only man fit for me is a stud like Curtis, not a pathetic sinner like you!” Eldora Seres’s words plunged deep into Azure Dragon’s chest like a thousand knives.

To think that Azure Dragon was previously convinced that she was to be his one true love… He had only himself to blame for his own error of judgment.

“You’ve got a nerve hurling threats around here, Indigo. Don’t even think about stepping through our doors. You have been warned!” Ansel then stood himself between Azure Dragon and the entrance.

“What does Grandpa think?” Azure Dragon looked to his grandfather Basil.

There was a hint of fury in Basil’s eyes. “Your uncle’s right. In order to preserve the honor of our family, we can no longer afford to have you here. I will provide you with a sum of money sufficient to last you a lifetime. Take it, and leave Oakland City!”

Azure Dragon then asked of his parents, “Father, Mother. What say you?”


His parents hemmed and hawed but did not utter anything discernible.

It was apparent that they had no say in the matter.

“Leave. From now on, you are no longer a member of the Stuart family!” Basil’s pronouncement was swift and final.

Being treated so harshly by his own family made Azure Dragon’s blood ran cold.

Not only had he done nothing wrong, but he also went to prison for eight years in place of Curtis.

And yet, he was still treated this way.

“Fine. So be it! I shall return tomorrow to stomp Curtis and have all of you begging on your knees!”

With that, Azure Dragon turned to leave.

The curses and mockery of the Stuart family followed him out.

All of them seemed to think him deranged and delusional.

As a matter of fact, Azure Dragon primarily came to the family home to see how the people there would react to him.

If only!

The whole episode would have seen a peaceful resolution if only they knew to be appreciative and receptive towards him.

Instead, they had forced his hand towards adopting a harder stance.

It was in anticipation of situations like this that he had sent Levi away.

If Levi were to get wind of this, he would surely rend them asunder!

This was why he came by to observe the family’s reception first.

To call the verdict a disappointment would be a gross understatement.

There wasn’t any grateful soul amongst the lot of them as all of them unfailingly derided him and shut him out.

His own brother and his fiancée insulted him.

His grandfather and uncle barred him from entry.

While his weak parents stood by and watched.

There was no longer room left for sentimentality.

Hence, he had decided then and there that tomorrow would be the day he would put the Stuart family to the fire and the sword.

Later that night, Levi and Benny amongst others met up and made merry.

The accomplishments of the Octa-Medics were peerless in the medical realm.

The eight of them were yet to encounter any conditions which they were not able to treat.

Just as Frederick Greg’s name came up in their conversations, The Acupuncturist and The Herbalist professed to know him.

According to them, Frederick was a renowned physician from an enduring medical lineage that shared the same roots as theirs.

“Only the ignorant would declare that Erudia’s ancestral medical tradition has been lost. Or perhaps I should say they have not the privilege to learn of these time-honored methods!” The Acupuncturist, Asa Wormwood, sneered.

He had made a valid point.

Many had a tendency to assume much of which they did not have knowledge or lacked direct experience of.

“God of War, seek us out should you ever find yourself in need!”

The few of them said with a smile.

After the group dispersed, Levi and Azure Dragon convened.

“Boss, I’ve decided that I’m going to crush the Stuarts tomorrow!”

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