The Return of God of War Chapter 1173

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1173

The entire Garcia family was hurting as Conrad was the apple of their eye.

It was excruciating to see him physically reduced to a cripple.

“Grandpa, Dad, let’s not continue to pursue this matter!” Conrad yelled.

“What?” All of them looked at him quizzically as that seemed a little out of character for him.

In the past, Conrad was never one to tolerate even the least amount of aggrievement. He was the sort to wrought vengeance upon the tribe if anyone amongst them so much as looked him the wrong way.

They could not understand this change in his temperament, at least with regard to this episode.

“Will you stop asking and just let it go?” Conrad implored anxiously.


Seeking revenge on the God of War?

Are you f**king insane?

“Your Uncle Tyrone just called to inquire about the situation. He’s very concerned!”

Even the Garrison clan had gotten word of Conrad’s misadventure by now.

Everyone wanted to know who was responsible and throwing down the gauntlet to the ancient families.

Just then, Damien hurried over.

“Who did this to Conrad?”

When Damien saw the sorry state Conrad was in, his face darkened. “Give me a name, and I’ll take care of it!”

Though Conrad was the one who experienced the pain, Damien felt the humiliation for him.

“No, Damien. This is my problem. I’m not saying anything, so stop asking!” Conrad was determined to take the truth to the grave.

Everyone found this behavior of his extremely bizarre.

They just could not figure out what could have broken the spirit of this once proud son of Garcia.

A cold glint flashed across Damien’s eyes. “Have it your way. I’ll go find out for myself!”

What Damien sought was what the ancient families of Oakland City were interested to know as well.

Word of the incident had reached the ears of Dale, as well as Zoey’s.

“Was it that same Conrad?

Zoey remembered that Conrad had herself in his cross-hairs at one point. However, she was fortunate to receive Dale’s timely intervention at that time.

“Right. He was reluctant to name the culprit despite being maimed and also declined to pursue accountability. It was totally unlike him – very strange indeed!” Dale furrowed.

“That reminds me, Zoey, has that Levi contacted you? Didn’t he say he wanted to talk things through?” Edwin asked.

Zoey shook her head. “Not yet.”

After arriving in Oakland City, it seemed as though Levi had vanished into thin air.

“That man is completely unreliable! What manner of an explanation is this? What is he trying to pull?” Edwin raged.

“Master, Jerry Gott is outside seeking an audience with you,” the butler informed.

“Alright. Send him in, quick!”

Dale still looked upon Jerry quite favorably.

At the same time, Martin was going crazy after learning about Curtis’s defeat.

In actuality, Jerry was the real top-ranking scion in the Oakland City’s Heir Leaderboard.

Jerry arrived in the meeting chamber in short order.

He looked pallid and haggard beyond compare, as though he had just recovered from a major illness.

“By the gods, Jerry, what happened to you?” Everyone glared at him in astonishment.


Jerry fell to his knee in front of the master of the house of Lehman.

“Mr. Lehman! I’m here to request the annulment of the engagement between Ms. Lopez and myself!”

Jerry choked up as he reconciled with the fact that he could never challenge the God of War for the hand of Zoey.

“What? Haven’t we already come to an agreement on his issue? Why the sudden change of heart?” Dale was quite astounded.

“Is it because you dislike that Zoey had a child with someone else?” Edwin added.

Jerry shook his head vigorously. “No! It’s nothing of the sort! It’s because I’m unworthy of Ms. Lopez! Please consider my request, Mr. Lehman. I implore of you!”

Dale looked at him angrily. “What is your justification? Explain yourself!”

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